How much bigger are the maps on pc?

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    thenoobynoober - 5 years ago

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  1. My brother owns one for ps3 while I own one for the PC. Let me tell you, PC all the way or not at all. PS3 version is only like 60% of the PC maps. In one map, PC has a large open field next to buildings and has 5 points altogether. PS3 only has 3 points on the same map and the large open field is off-limits. Usually you would see 4-7 tanks duke it out in that area on the PC but on the ps3 I believe I've only seen 1 for each team. |PC maps are just bigger and the videos you saw during beta are PC vids. My bro played my PC version first and when he bought it for the PS3 he said he was hugely disappointed.

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    jsant010 - 5 years ago 3 1


  1. Well the Battlefield series has always been known to support 64 players on a single map on the PC and because you really can't fly aircraft on a small map, 2142 has some huge maps that really urked me when vehicles were turned off and had to walk across Highway Tampa lol I can't tell you for sure because GS is still sending my copy in the mail

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  2. Battlefield 3 scales the size of the map to the number of players (on PC, there are two modes, "Conquest" and "Conquest Large" that change map sizes). That said, they haven't cut the map sizes in half for console, just "compacted" them a little, moved things closer together, more choke points, etc. If you have a choice I'd definitely get the game on PC - 64 players makes a huge difference - but it's pretty fun with 24 too.

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