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    FAQ by LongBowMan

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    Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri FAQ
    Version 1.1
    By LongBowMan
    The latest version of this FAQ will always be available at
    CHAPTER 1 - Game Information
    CHAPTER 2 - The Situation
    CHAPTER 3 - Faction Profiles
    CHAPTER 4 - Conquest Tips
    CHAPTER 5 - Secret Projects
    CHAPTER 6 - Alpha Centauri Related Links
    CHAPTER 7 - FAQ History
    CHAPTER 8 - Disclaimer
    Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri (also called Alpha Centauri or SMAC) is a
    turn based strategy game, set on an alien planet, orbiting Alpha 
    Centauri. You are the leader of one of seven factions (see Chapter 3)
    and using warfare, diplomacy, scientific reasearch, wealth or a
    combination of all of them, you must take over the planet. Sid Meier's
    Alpha Centauri was produced by and is copyrighted by Firaxis Games.
    This FAQ is completely unofficial and is in no way affiliated with 
    Firaxis Games or Electronic Arts.
    The year is 2100, you have just completed a 40 year trip to the
    nearest star (other than the Sun) from Earth. Just before you land
    on Planet (the world you are about to colonize) there is a
    malfunction in the reactor core of the space ship you are on (the
    U.N. Starship Unity), The crew splits into seven factions, one of
    which you are the leader of. Then, you and your faction crash land
    on Planet with the task of either destroying all the other factions,
    making them swear a pact to serve you, make them unite behind you
    as their supreme leader, or reaching the next stage of evolution
    (ascending to trancendence). You start with one base and one unit
    and you are up against an uncharted alien world teeming with worms
    that lay eggs in your skull while you are still conscience, locusts that
    attack your base for no apparent reason, fungus that always seems to
    grow exactly where you don't want it to, and... well, just stop reading
    and start playing!
    The Believers are lead by Sister Miriam Godwinson. They are very
    aggressive but also very arrogant. They believe that planet is their
    promised land and they despise factions that concentrate on 
    discovering new technologies. They are a good faction to use if you
    want to win the game by conquering all other factions, but are poor
    if you want to win by ascending to trancendence because they do not
    accumulate any reasearch points until 2110 and may not use the 
    knowledge value in social engineering.
    [] +25% attack bonus
    [] +1 Probe
    [] -1 Planet
    [] -2 Reaserch
    [] Conquer, Explore
    [] Encourage Fundamental politics
    [] Discourage Knowledge values
    The Gaians are generally a peaceful faction, lead by Lady Deirdre Skye.
    They are a good faction to use if you want to win by diplomacy or by
    ascending to transcenance. However, they are easily upset if you use 
    Free Market economics or if you damage the planet in any way (e.g.
    by building thermal boreholes or echelon mirrors). Because they are so
    freedom-loving, commiting atrocities against them will probably make
    them despise your faction forever.
    [] +2 Efficiency
    [] +1 Planet
    [] +1 Nutrients in Xenofungus Squares
    [] -1 Morale
    [] -1 Police
    [] Explore
    [] Encourage Green economics
    [] Discourage Free Market economics
    The hive are an extremely left-wing faction, ruled by Chairman Yang.
    They are an all-round good faction, they get a free perimeter defense 
    at each base and have rapid population growth. Because of their left-
    wing status, they will eventually turn on any democratic faction such 
    as the Peacekeepers. The Hive are probably the most leanient faction
    on atrocities.
    [] +1 Growth
    [] +1 Industry
    [] -1 Economy
    [] Build, Conquer
    [] Encourage Police State politics
    [] Discourage Democracy politics
    The Morganites, governed by CEO Nwabudeke Morgan, are (in my opinion)
    the most difficult faction to use. They concentrate on obtaining wealth
    and they start with 100 extra energy credits, however, they have a very
    poor military and need a Hab Complex before a base can exceed a pop-
    ulation of 4. If you want to win by accumlating wealth and generally
    buying other factions bases, they are a reasonably good faction to use.
    But to do this you will have to keep diplomacy with  aggressive factions
    such as the Believers and Spartans very good.
    [] +1 Economy
    [] -1 Support
    [] Build
    [] Encourage Free Market economics
    [] Discourage Planned economics
    Don't be fooled by their name, the Peacekeepers, under Brother Lal,
    will get quite aggressive if you violate the U.N. Charter which they hold
    so preciously. If you want to win by Diplomacy, this faction is superb!
    They receive double votes in elections for Planetary Governor and Supreme
    Leader, they may exceed Hab Complex population restrictions by 2
    (allowing you to get even more votes!) and they also get an extra talent
    for every four citizens. The Peacekeepers may not use Police State politics.
    [] -1 Efficiency
    [] Discover, Explore
    [] Encourage Democracy politics
    [] Discourage Police State politics
    My personal favourite faction, the Spartans are militaristically superior
    to all other factions. Lead by Colonel Santaigo, the Spartans concentrate
    on using superior training and technology to threaten the other factions
    into doing what they want. Spartan prototypes do not cost extra minerals
    even without a skunkworks.
    [] +2 Morale
    [] +1 Police
    [] -1 Industry
    [] Conquer, Discover
    [] Encourage Power values
    [] Discourage Wealth values
    Concentrating solely on discovering new technologies, the University gets
    a free Network Node at each base and gets +2 Research.  The University,
    because of it's lack of ethics, gets one extra drone for each four citizens.
    It may not use Fundamentalist values and is very susceptable to probe teams.
    [] +2 Reasearch
    [] -2 Probe
    [] Discover
    [] Encourage Knowledge values
    [] Discourage Fundamentalist politics
    CHAPTER 4 - Conquest Tips
    Here are some things that make conquest a lot easier:
    [] If you are not in vendetta with the faction you want to conquer, buy, or
    trade a base from them which is in an area where they have a lot of other
    bases. Then, move lots of your forces into this base, then pronounce vendetta
    and invasion should be easy.
    [] Use a combination of choppers and locusts of Chiron. First, attack a base
    with the chopper (choppers are fairly strong and get lots of moves per turn),
    then, when you have destroyed all enemy forces in their base, move in with
    the locusts of Chiron. This will work on both land and sea bases.
    [] If your faction is far bigger than the faction you want to destroy, but you
    either do not want a war, or do not have a large enough military to invade,
    simply buy as many of the faction you want to destroy's bases as you can.
    Do this until the faction has only about 3 bases left, then prononuce vendetta,
    after a few turns the they will try and bribe you into pledging blood truce. Do
    not do this, it is because they are losing. Eventually, they will become 
    submissive and say they will sign a pact to serve them. This is a very good
    idea because the faction is by now too small to bother you, but you still get
    energy credits from commerce.
    Secret projects aren't really that secret. You can find out what they do in
    the datalinks. Some of them are very, very important, such as The Cloning
    Vats and The Weather Paradigm.  Anyway here is a list of the secret projects
    in order of how important I think they are:
    PROJECT NAME (Importance, 10 being vital, 1 being pointless)
    The Cloning Vats (10)
    The Weather Paradigm (9)
    Citizens' Defense Force (9)
    Hunter-Seeker Algorith (8)
    Maritime Control Center (8)
    Planetary Transit System (8)
    Telepathic Martix (8)
    Planetary Datalinks (8)
    Self-Aware Colony (8)
    Universal Translator (7)
    Ascestic Virtues (7)
    Cyborg Factory (7)
    Dream Twister (7)
    Clinical Immortality (7)
    Space Elevator (7)
    Singularity Enductor (7)
    Human Genome Project (7)
    Living Refinery (7)
    Command Nexus (7)
    Ascent to Transcendance (7)
    Voice of Planet (6)
    Xenoempathy Dome (6)
    Theory of Everything (6)
    Supercollider (6)
    Neural Amplifier (6)
    Pholus Mutagen (6)
    Network Backbone (5)
    Virtual World (5)
    Nano Factory (4)
    Longetivity Vaccine (3)
    Merchant Exchange (3)
    Empath Guild (2)
    Official Alpha Centauri Site
    Top 50 Alpha Centauri Sites
    Top 50 Alpha Centauri Sites Home Page
    Version 1.0
    23 May 1999
    Original Version: Game Information, The Situation, Faction Profiles.
    Version 1.1
    26 May 1999
    Alpha Centauri Related Links
    Conquest Tips
    Secret Projects
    Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri is produced and copyrighted by Firaxis Games.
    This FAQ is completely unofficial is in no way affiliated with Firaxis
    Games or Electronic Arts.
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    Note: If you can't save this file without making the secret project table
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