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"Another great game from a great man."

Sid Meier has created some of the greatest games to date for us. He has given us classics like Civilization I and Civilization II. Alpha Centauri is no exception. He provides us with another classic game where you must develop a civilization or in this game a faction and lead a peaceful or warmonger attitude over your diplomacy.

Story- 9/10- You are a leader of one the seven factions that were created after Captain Garland's assassination aboard the UN Starship Unity. You mutinied the ship and each one of the factions escaped with a colony and landed on a planet in the Alpha Centauri system. You must lead your factions to success in the system.

Graphics- 9/10- This game is graphically superior to any other game that has been created by Sid Meier. The aliens in the game look like aliens and the bases look like bases. Units are a little sketchy but they are an improvement over Civilization II. The terrain in the game varies at points but looks good. The menu sub screens are wonderfully designed and look very nice as well. Overall, at the time this game was released there was no strategy game with better graphics.

Sound- 7/10- The sound is probably the worst element of the game. The sound of the battles sounds actually sounds like a real battle. Sound effects in the game, overall, are very nice. The only downside of the sound is the music. The background music in the game is nice though. On the downside though, there is only two different different themes in the game, and the music can be very repetitive.

Gameplay- 10/10- The gameplay in the game is extremely nice though. The control in the game is very nice. Its smooth and is easy to figure out. Difficulty in the game varies on how you applied it to your settings. If you've played Civilization, the game would probably be easy for you and you'd probably want to raise your settings. If your new to Sid Meier's strategy games, this game can be very difficult. Alpha Centauri isn't that fun in the beginning. As the game progresses, as you discover other factions, and wage war or remain peaceful with the other factions, it grows fun. But the game can get boring at the end as you have a lot of units and it takes a while to move them all.

Replay Value- 8/10- After the game is over, there are other factions to try. But the game is so long you might not want to try it again.

Buy/Rent- BUY- This game is worth a good chunk money your likely to dish out for it.

- Very nice and smooth Graphics
- Excellent Gameplay.
- Nice Sound Effects.
- Can keep you occupied for hours.

- The background music repeats.
- The game is very long.

Overall- 9/10- This game is another Sid Meier classic and will be a favorite for a long time to come.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/15/02, Updated 07/26/03

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