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"A cool and addictive strategy game"

Recently, real-time strategy games have been very popular. But remember before them, when there were more turn based strategy games? Neither do I, but Alpha Centauri is an excellent turn based game. Let's see why...

In this game, you are on an alien planet, trying to colonize, build a society, and just plain survive. You can play as one of seven different factions, each with their own goals and ideals. Each faction also has different strengths and weaknesses, to add to the game play variety. You build bases, research technology, and eventually battle it out with the other factions. A very fun game.

GRAPHICS (8): There are two aspects of the graphics I'd like to discuss here. First, the in-game graphics are not the strong point of this game. The world is in 3/4 view. The colors are a bit dim, and the units are out of proportion. (The units are bigger than the bases!) There is also a lack of animation (It IS turn based, you know. Not real-time) aside from moving units and the occasional battle explosions.

Now for the ''movie'' graphics. They are a whole lot better than the in-game graphics! Movies play at different points in the game, such as when you complete special projects. Almost TV quality.

MUSIC (4): What music? I hardly hear any music! There IS background music, just hard to hear. But you wouldn't want to hear it, anyway...

SOUND (8): Now that's better. There are some great voice-overs, and many different ones, too. Of course, if you can't hear them, the words are usually right there with them.

GAMEPLAY (10): Here is where the game excels. You build bases and units, explore, discover, deal with other factions, try not to get caught in the middle of a war, battle mind worms, battle other factions, battle mind worms and other factions at the same time, defend your territory, make money (energy credits), build secret projects... *takes deep breath* ... mine for minerals, go to space, launch missiles, call political meetings... You get the point.

CONTROL (10): Easy, user-friendly. Use the number pad to move units, use the mouse to select options.

REPLAYABILITY (10+): You WILL keep coming back to this game. Seven factions, 6 difficulty levels, 4 ways to win. And you get complete customization options, too. Make your own worlds, levels, and scenarios.

WILL I LIKE THIS GAME?: If you like strategy, you'll love this game.

So, if you are looking for a good strategy game, this one is definitely worth getting.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/04/00, Updated 04/25/01

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