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    Script (Continued)

    End Credits



    Joe Pinney



    Jake Rodkin


    Sean Vanaman


    Dave Bogan



    Derek Sakai


    Dan Connors
    Kevin Bruner
    Brett Tosti

    MURRAY: [looking at Dan Connors' name in the "Executive Producers" section] Dan Connors!? Hahahaa! You have a worse haircut than I do!


    Jonathan Sgro


    Randy Tudor


    David Bogan


    Daniel Farjam Herrera
    Eric Parsons


    Kim Lyons
    Brian Gillies

    MURRAY: [looks at Eric's name in the "Lead Choreographers" section] Eric Parsons? All dressed up and no place to go...


    Mark Darin
    Mike Stemmle


    Joe Pinney
    Sean Vanaman
    Dave Grossman
    Brendan Ferguson
    Jake Rodkin
    Will Armstrong
    Mark Darin
    Mike Stemmle


    Dave Grossman


    Ron Gilbert


    Matt Hansen

    MURRAY: [looks at Dave's name in the "Director of Design" section] Grossman!? That guy, again!?


    Tulley Rafferty


    Jeff Sarre
    Jessica Lozano
    Derek Sakai

    MURRAY: [looks at the "Animation" section] Animation? I need no animation. I LIVE!


    Yoko Ballard
    Tim Reardon
    Pat Gillette
    Jason Porter
    Ryan Gong
    Ryan Hood


    Nick Herman
    Greg Killion
    Scott Melzer
    Dennis Lenart
    David Gantz
    Jake Rodkin


    Ryan Jones


    Jason Findley


    Jonathon Banks

    MURRAY: How many numbskulls does it take to make one of these, anyway?


    Derek Sakai
    Matt Hansen


    Jonathan Sgro
    Smith Roberts
    Michael Perretta


    Jake Rodkin
    Ryan Jones


    Joe Pinney

    MURRAY: [looks at Joe's name in the "Additional Writing" section] Ahh, Joe Pinney! The man who taught me everything I know... Everything I know about EVIL! Muwahahahaa!


    Cesar Bittar


    Will Armstrong


    Alex Cannon
    Jeremy Acs
    Nick Mastroianni
    Seher Basak
    Trent Burg
    Shaun Finney


    Michael Land


    John Marsden

    MURRAY: [looks at the "Testing" section] Aha, the testers. Sitting in a dark room with lava lamps, and they think it's heaven.


    Jared Emerson-Johnson


    "Bay Area Sound, Inc."
    Julian Kwasneski
    Jory Prum


    Meg Crowel


    Jared Emerson-Johnson
    Julian Kwasneski

    MURRAY: [looks down at the "Sound Design" section] Sound? I don't wanna hear it. [looks at Damian's name in the "Audio Implementation" section next] Damian, are you really a lumberjack, or do you just like the plaid shirts?


    Damian Kastbauer


    Joel Dreskin
    Chris Schmidt
    Jacob DiGennaro


    Andre Govberg
    Mike Watson


    Jake Rodkin

    MURRAY: [looks up at the "Marketing and Public Relations" section...] Marketing? [Ha,] Ha! I sell myself. [...and at Jake's name in the "Web Design" section] Jake, go talk to somebody who cares.


    David Eggers


    Eric Eberhardt


    Cesar Bittar
    Matt Hansen
    Emily Morganti
    John "Seg" Seggerson


    Stan Shambaugh


    John "Seg" Seggerson


    Will Armstrong
    Bonnie Sheehan
    David Eggers


    Andre Blanadet
    Rhoda Gravador-Kao
    Greg Koll
    Lindsay Speth


    James Lamorticelli


    Mark Barbolak

    MURRAY: [impatient] Will it never end?


    Liz Cermak
    Nikki Harper


    Mary Jo Tamimi
    Lena Tamimi
    Ellen T. Kephart
    Jennifer Neff
    Jason Seeba
    Jamie Seeba
    Travis Grathwell
    Katherine Brugman
    Megan Davies
    Michael Wilk
    Mark "First Mate Monkey Alarm" Maloney
    Kristi "Dread Pirate Marzipan" Maloney
    Ben Malisow
    Frank Cifaldi
    Emily Morganti

    MURRAY: [looks at the entire "Playtesting" section] Oh, the playtesters! All that pizza, and no idea what kind of meat it was.


    Moose [Muszalski] - Adam Harrington
    Elaine [Marley-Threepwood] - Alexandra Boyd
    Voodoo Lady - Allison Ewing
    Bugeye - Andrew Chaikin [a.k.a. Kid Beyond]
    [Coronado] De Cava - Andrew Chaikin
    Murray - Denny Delk
    Guybrush [Threepwood] - Dominic Armato
    [Marquis] De Singe - Jared Emerson-Johnson
    LeChuck - Kevin Blackton
    Morgan [LeFlay] - Nikki Rapp
    Noogie - Owen Thomas
    [Reginald Van] Winslow - Roger Jackson

    MURRAY: [looks at his own name next to voice actor Denny Delk in the "Cast" section and is shocked] Wh[o]a - that's a filthy lie! [gets angry at this] This is my own voice!


    Kevin Bruner
    Jonathan Sgro
    Graham McDermott
    Carlo Morgantini
    Randy Tudor
    Ben Ingram
    Andy Vella
    Robert Oates

    MURRAY: [looks at Kevin's name in the "Created With the Telltale Tool" section...] Kevin Bruner. He's been around forever. Go away, old man! [...and at Randy's name in the same section] Randy Tudor, I will end you!

    Portions Copyright

    Firelight Technologies

    Portions Copyright

    © 2002 Jean-Marc Valin


    SDI Media


    Denise & Alexis Tosti
    Elisa Tudor
    Nick, Justice & Liberty Tudor
    Gwendolyn, Owen & Luke Sgro
    Nicohl Bogan
    Ellen Bogan
    Harmony, Stephen & Claire Sakai
    Faranak Farjamrad Herrera
    David & Cherie Herrera
    Cristina Herrera & Gustavo De Lafore
    Hassan & Zahra Farjamrad
    Bobby Farjamrad & Sahba Motallebi
    Ikumi Sato
    Geoff Evans
    Mindy Shambaugh
    James Spafford
    Marek Bronstring
    Sue & Alex Lozano
    Victor Kao
    John Lyons
    Jen & Noah Sarre
    Susan, Rich & Nick Rodkin
    Edward & Karen Seggerson
    Carolyn & Jason Bronkema
    Jim & Cathy Armstrong
    Jake Armstrong & Laura White
    Erin Ashe
    Christina Darin
    The Otters
    Jason Ellis
    xAdam Darin
    Mike "Data" Moylan
    Anna Embree
    Joel DeYoung

    MURRAY: [looks at all the names in the "Special Thanks" section] Oh, like all these people had something to do with it.

    [SPECIAL THANKS, cont.]

    Hothead Games
    Molly Moloney
    Rick & Ruth Jones
    Roger, Sandi & Andrew Hansen
    Elias & Nyria Bittar
    Marco Castellanos
    Marius Fietzek
    David, for a clean workplace
    Alexa Eurich
    You (yes, you)


    Darrell Rodriquez
    Craig Derrick
    Jeff Sangalli
    Adam Bormann
    David Nottingham


    Max the Dog, Tess, Belle, Cornnut, Kitty, Stumpy, Kaya,
    Inky, Squiggle, Tobie, Patches, Holly, Yoshi, Fu, Buddha,
    Nick Charles Koll, Nitro T1, Eero, Misfit, Karma, Beau,
    Fritz, Brady, Indiva, Satindica, Mocha, Chai, Becky, Gomez,
    Brendan Q. Ferguson

    MURRAY: Boooring...


    Lia Farjam Herrera
    Jackson John Lyons
    Cooper Anthony Lyons

    © 2009 Telltale, Inc.

    All rights reserved

    Script Miscellany

    In case you may know, there is a list of the miscellaneous dialogue scripting that is not shown in either the Intro or the Story sub-sections of the Script because of the random questions that a person asks in each one of the two question minigames, so it's kind of random which question is asked first when the minigame starts. To make this easier, I've decided to put the minigames into sub-sub-sections of this miscellany to make it easier to read for those who have played or beaten Chapter 3. In each of the two sub-sub-sections below I've included choices that the player must make, along with the responses to the answers the player makes correctly, as well as the responses to the wrong answers the player makes. Please be cautioned, as there are spoilers ahead!

    Intro: De Cava's Questions

    During the Intro, Guybrush and Morgan are captured by Coronado De Cava, who has to question them further in order to make Guybrush prove that he is not married to the Voodoo Lady. According to De Cava, Morgan has already passed the test about knowing every single detail about Guybrush's life, and Guybrush must do the same about Morgan in order to prove that they are honeymooners. When De Cava asks one of the three out of six questions in a row, there are a few options: "Choose an answer," "Hear question again," "Remember Morgan's tattoo," "Remember Morgan's sword," "Remember Morgan's list," "Remember Morgan's first mumble," or "Remember Morgan's second mumble." If you choose to hear the question again:

    GUYBRUSH: Could you repeat that? [De Cava repeats the same question.]

    If you choose to remember five of Morgan's things, flashbacks will occur at the time when Guybrush is instructed by Winslow to perform first aid on her when he stumbles onto bits and details about her personal life. If you choose an answer but say, "Wait, let me think...":

    GUYBRUSH: Just onnnnne second...

    There's a list of possible answers: "Gustavo?", "Dante Dragotta?", "Guybrush Threepwood?", "Hipolito?", "Toro?", "Noonie?", "Gomez?", "Jugbender?" and "Gideon?" If you choose an answer and guess it wrong:

    MORGAN: Close!

    DE CAVA: Silencio! Wrong! [The "wrong" buzzer sounds.] Failure! You know nothing of this woman! She is an imposter!

    MORGAN: [in shock] WHOA!

    DE CAVA: Prepare to be digested! [He pushes the lever, and the cages start to drop, but...]

    GUYBRUSH: [in quick explanation] Nonono! Let me try again! [The cages stop in the nick of time.]

    DE CAVA: Why should I?

    MORGAN: Because you want to be SURE you're not killing innocent tourists!

    DE CAVA: [in agreement] Hmm. I suppose you are right. Plus, this is more excitement than I have had in years. Fine, again. [pulls the lever again]

    GUYBRUSH: [to Morgan] Nice one. [The cages move back up and De Cava repeats the same first series of three of the six questions.]

    If you guess the answer wrong again:

    MORGAN: [disgusted] Ugh, come on!

    DE CAVA: Failure again! [The buzzer sounds again, and De Cava reaches for the lever.] Vaya con Dios! [text error puts in a small "d" in "Dios"]

    GUYBRUSH: [interrupts] WHOA! De Cava, no! [Uh,] Give me another shot!

    DE CAVA: Why should I?

    GUYBRUSH: I was just confused! All this manatee breath is getting to me.

    DE CAVA: Oh, all right. [He then repeats the same first series of three of the six questions.]


    MORGAN: [rolls her eyes] Fail.

    GUYBRUSH: You're not doing me any favors. [The same "Try again" conversation repeats again, and De Cava goes back to "Question number one" again.]

    Anyway, here is the list of answers to De Cava's six questions and the responses that Morgan gets for every correct answer Guybrush makes (thanks to xAeternax, thizked and Trigent for these responses):

    De Cava's Questions


    Q. She is quite a skilled fighter. Who trained her in the ways of
    A. Dante Dragotta! [No response from Morgan]


    Q. She recently purchased a ship. This vessel is known as "The Knave
    of... blank."
    A. Toro! [MORGAN: (smiles at Guybrush) Nice!]


    Q. She was recently affected by the death of someone very close to her.
    Uncle... what?
    A. Jugbender! [MORGAN: But... how?]


    Q. What was the name of her favorite pet?
    A. Gomez! [MORGAN: No way! GUYBRUSH: Impressive, eh?]


    Q. What was the name of her first love?
    A. Gustavo! [MORGAN: What? How did you...? (Guybrush just


    Q. Who is her greatest idol? [GUYBRUSH: Ha, that's an easy one.]
    A. Guybrush Threepwood! [MORGAN: IDOL is a strong word...]

    The Taming of the Leviathan

    In this underwater minigame, Guybrush has to help get the two troubled manatees together with the help of the Tongue of the Manatee and the understanding and learning of the manatee language (which I will put in paretheses for translation). But this is not as easy as it sounds, as the female manatee, i.e., the Leviathan, must ask a series of a few questions to try to trouble Guybrush and the Giant Manatee, and your goal is to answer them by the correct categories and the answers in each category in order to make her move forward and away from her cave. When she asks a question for the first time:

    GUYBRUSH: [in his own speech] That would be bad.

    If you can't find any answer to the female manatee's question a few times:

    GUYBRUSH: [in his own speech] I guess she's only got these shlubs for entertainment.

    If you get a wrong category or answer on the very first question she asks:

    FEMALE MANATEE: (You're bold, I'll give you that. But that made no sense at all.) [She edges back and asks a question again.]

    If you select a wrong category or answer after the female manatee has come forward:

    FEMALE MANATEE: [angry] (That made no sense.) [She edges back and asks a question again.]

    If you make too many wrong categories or answers:

    FEMALE MANATEE: [angry] (Enough nonsense. You have exactly three seconds before I tug out your trachea with my tusks!)

    GIANT MANATEE: [frightened] (Ahhh! Move it, little buddy!) [They swim away from the female manatee's snaps and head back to the other side again.]

    GUYBRUSH: [in his own speech] That could've gone better. [He returns to the Giant Manatee with the Tongue of the Manatee and holds it to his mouth again.] (Hello, I am very pleased to meet you.)

    GIANT MANATEE: (Hey, Plankton.)

    GUYBRUSH: (May I help you?)

    GIANT MANATEE: [nods] (Yes! Please, can we give it another try? I swam all this way... I just want one measly date.)

    GUYBRUSH: (This is satisfactory.)

    GIANT MANATEE: (That's what I'm saying. Let's go, little buddy.) [He follows Guybrush to the cave mouth before they stop.] (Um... hi.) [The female manatee's growls are heard and she appears again.]

    FEMALE MANATEE: [furious] (You've returned?!? Prepare to meet Poseidon!)

    GIANT MANATEE: [tries explaining] (No! Wait! Give me another chance!) [She accepts his offer and asks the questions again.]

    If you make too many wrong categories or answers again:

    FEMALE MANATEE: [furious] (Enough! I'm finished with you!) [Guybrush and the Giant Manatee run away from her to the other side again, where Guybrush stops.]

    GUYBRUSH: [in his own speech] Not my finest wooing. [He then returns to talk to the manatee again and after some encouragement they go to the female manatee, who asks questions again.]

    Anyway, here's a list of dialogues in the Tongue of the Manatee Travel Edition, some of which can be possible choices, which I will put in both bold and italics.

    1. Courtesy:
      1. Hello, I am very pleased to meet you.
      2. May I help you?
      3. I'm sorry, I don't understand. [12.]
      4. Please repeat that. [13.]
      5. This is satisfactory.
      6. No, thank you. [1a.]
    2. Getting Around:
      1. Please call me a taxi.
      2. Where is the bus station.
      3. Do you have a map? [10.]
      4. I'd like to visit the theater.
      5. I'd like to visit the aquarium. [4a.]
      6. I'd like to visit the library.
    3. Money & Customs:
      1. How much is it? [2a.]
      2. Do you accept traveler's cheques? [2b.]
      3. Does that include tax?
      4. I have nothing to declare. [7.]
      5. This is for my personal medical use.
      6. You really don't want me to remove my shoes.
    4. Hotels & Restaurants:
      1. I would like a room for three nights. [4b.]
      2. The television does not work. [8.]
      3. Please connect me with room service.
      4. The meal was excellent. [11.]
      5. No spicy food, please.
      6. I prefer it hot and spicy. [9.]
    5. Emergencies:
      1. I've lost my watch. [3.]
      2. I've been kidnapped. [6a.]
      3. Stop, thief! [6b.]
      4. Where is the bathroom? [5.]
      5. Is that blood or ketchup? [1b.]
      6. Do you know the Heimlich maneuver?

    Anyway, here's a list of the answers to the female manatee's thirteen questions and the responses she gets for every answer Guybrush makes. Please note that some questions have two categories or answers, and I got most, but not all, of her responses she gets (again, thanks to xAeternax, Blackadder125, Promindful, thizked and Trigent for these responses), so if you have anymore of the remaining responses to the answers of the remaining questions, please e-mail me, okay?

    The Leviathan's Questions

    1. Q. You dare to disturb me! Would you like me to dye the ocean depths with your blood? A1. Courtesy - "No, thank you." [FEMALE MANATEE: (Hmm. Polite in the face of certain doom. Interesting.)]


    A2. Emergencies - "Is that blood or ketchup?" [FEMALE MANATEE: (Oh, a funny guy, hm? We'll see about that.)]

    2. Q. I'm not going to let some lummox buy my love with clever words. A1. Money & Customs - "How much is it?" [FEMALE MANATEE: (Heh. More than you can afford.)]


    A2. Money & Customs - "Do you accept traveler's cheques?" [FEMALE MANATEE: (Haha, touché, sir.)]

    3. Q. Why should I give you the time of day? A. Emergencies - "I've lost my watch." [FEMALE MANATEE: (Ha, there is something endearing about a man without a sense of time.)]

    4. Q. Let's say I let you keep your pathetic life and I take a swim with you, where will we go? A1. Getting Around - "I'd like to visit the aquarium." [FEMALE MANATEE: (Hmm. It's been so long since I've paddled the open ocean. That might actually be nice.)]


    A2. Hotels & Restaurants - "I would like a room for three nights." [FEMALE MANATEE: (What do you take me for? Some sort of flotsam floozy?)]

    5. Q. You're not nervous, are you? A. Emergencies - "Where is the bathroom?"

    6. Q. You think your words can sway me. What will you say when I rip off your head for my collection? A1. Emergencies - "I've been kidnapped." [FEMALE MANATEE: (I would say so! You're not as dull as you look.)]


    A2. Emergencies - "Stop, thief!" [FEMALE MANATEE: (Haha, that's a new one.)]

    7. Q. I can't stand you insecure males! I don't want anyone with a lot of baggage. A. Money & Customs - "I have nothing to declare." [FEMALE MANATEE: (That is such a relief to hear. So many manatees float up to my cave and before I know it they're in a heap of tears and I've gone and disemboweled them.)]

    8. Q. All of you male manatees are imbeciles. Why do I even bother? A. Hotels & Restaurants - "The television does not work." [FEMALE MANATEE: (You're right. Entertainment. Life would be boring without you. But it is so painful WITH you...)]

    9. Q. This mating ground is as dead as my victims. You males are a bunch of cold fish. A. Hotels & Restaurants - "I prefer it hot and spicy." [FEMALE MANATEE: (Mmm. I like your style.)]

    10. Q. Watch where you swim. Nobody knows the way to my heart. A. Getting Around - "Do you have a map?" [FEMALE MANATEE: (So straightforward... I like your assertiveness.)]

    11. Q. You know what I'll say after I devour your bloody heart!? A. Hotels & Restaurants - "The meal was excellent." [FEMALE MANATEE: (Hahaha, yes, something quite like that.)]

    12. Q. You think you're clever, don't you? You should know that I detest know-it-alls. A. Courtesy - "I'm sorry, I don't understand."

    13. Q. What are you, a glutton for punishment? Haven't you had enough? A. Courtesy - "Please repeat that."

    The Secrets of "Lair of the Leviathan"

    Here's another list of the secrets of ToMI Chapter 3, with trivia, references and Easter eggs and sources from all over the Web that I thought I'd like to share with you. I hope these will give enjoyment to those of you who have played the game. :D

    Trivia and References

    Tarot cards in this game: Lovers, Lothario, Shivress, Mouth. The "Disease" card from the previous chapter also returns (see References to the Monkey Island Series).

    In the intro, the Voodoo Lady makes a reference to a trust quote spoken by German folklorist Walter Anderson (Oct. 10, 1885 - Aug. 23, 1962): "We're never so vulnerable than when we trust someone - but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy."

    We now learn that Coronado De Cava is back (see References to the Monkey Island Series)! And boy, has he aged quite a bit! We also discover that the Voodoo Lady's locket now has the voodoo power of spirit possession on the press of a button, something we've never seen before. This possession could be very useful later on in the final chapter! :)

    "Mi Dio!" - Shouldn't that be "Dios mío!", a Spanish term for an expression of shock or surprise, which is equivalent to English expressions like "My God!" or "Oh my God!"?

    We now discover that Winslow is trained in naval first aid, which has some techniques like checking the wrist for a pulse, removing any weapons or other material from the victim, and elevating the feet.

    "Boots. Presumably made for walking." - This one is a reference to the 1966 song "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" by Nancy Sinatra, a song whose chorus goes: "These boots are made for walkin', / And this is what they'll do. / And one of these days these boots / Are gonna walk all over you." The song was most recently covered by Jessica Simpson in 2005 for the film soundtrack of The Dukes of Hazzard, and its music video has garnered a lot of controversy, mostly because of its iconic scene in which she washes her car only in her bikini, dubbed as "the sexy car wash scene".

    We also discover a bit more of Morgan's life story, such as described in her "Gus" tattoo and the hunter's ledger (Gustavo and the Knave of Toro), her mumbles (Jugbender and Gomez), and her sword (Morgan's mentor Dante Dragotta).

    May I remind you that Dante Dragotta's first name is of Spanish, Italian, and Latin origin that means "lasting, enduring"; and it is also named after Durante "Dante" delgi Alighieri (c. 1265 - Sept. 14, 1321), a poet known for writing the monumental epic poem called Divine Comedy between 1308 and 1321. Also, the first name of Prince Hipolito de Toro is an obvious misspelling of Ippolito, which is a Spanish variant of "Hippolyte", whose name of French and Greek origin means "stampeding horses"; and the name of the place "Toro" is derived from the Spanish word meaning "bull". The first name of Gideon Gimpleg is of Hebrew origin, which means "feller of trees; powerful warrior". And the name of Morgan's first love, Gustavo, is a Spanish variant of Gustave, whose name of Scandinavian origin means "royal staff; staff of the gods".

    Morgan's pet, Gomez, is named after one of the Telltale Pets in the end credits of the game, and his name is a common Portuguese and old Galican surame, derived from the Visigothic word guma, which means "man".

    Winslow suggests that our heroes find "smelling salts". Smelling salts are "ammonium carbonate, sometimes with added perfume, that is sniffed as a mild stimulant and to relieve fainting".

    When Guybrush is searching his pockets for the Pyrite Parrot of Petaluma, he finds that it "must've been jostled out of my pockets and washed away during ingestion," indicating that it's "gone forever". According to Sean Vanaman, it was his way of shaking his fist at Mike Stemmle and Mark Darin for passing it along to him and Joe Pinney and into this chapter, which was more like a "pyrite albatross" for some friendly infighting, so Sean had to write "the most throwaway line I could, indicating that it was 'GONE FOREVER' to really stick it to Mike and Mark."

    "Upsy-daisy, mon adversaire." - The French word "adversaire" is both a masculine and feminine noun, which means "adversary" or "opponent"; but Guybrush uses the word "mon" as a masculine noun for "my" when it should be "ma", which is a feminine noun.

    "I guess we call this the good pirate/bad pirate routine." - This is a parody of "good guy/bad guy routine", which is "a negotiation strategy in which one member of a sales team makes an attractive offer to the prospect (good guy) and another member discusses the difficulty in making such an attractive offer (bad guy)"; in which the objective of the strategy is to get the prospect to accept the good guy's proposal.

    Guybrush tells De Cava that he is a "one-woman man". This could be a reference to the song "I'm a One-Woman Man", co-written by country music artist Johnny Horton and Tillman Franks and released as a single in 1956. This song would later be covered by another country music artist, George Jones, in November 1988.

    When De Cava asks Guybrush and Morgan how they first met, other choices besides "We met through work!" are "Spelunking!" and "Pilates!" Spelunking is "the practice or hobby of exploring underground caverns", and Pilates is a physical fitness system and a body conditioning routine that helps build flexibility and long, lean muscles, strength and endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips, and back; this fitness system was developed in the 20th century by German physical-culturist Joseph Pilates (Dec. 9, 1880 - Oct. 9, 1967).

    Also, when De Cava asks Guybrush and Morgan where they went on their first date, other choices besides "We went sailing" are "The Sunken Discotheques of Popgowatu" and "The circus!" (again, see References to the Monkey Island Series) Even though the former choice mislabels the place as "Pogowatu", this could be the same place that Guybrush mentioned in his memoirs on the PC DVD box cover of this game, except that the place had the "sunken smelters". Also, a "discotheque" is "a nightclub where dancing takes place".

    "Now let's get down to brass barnacles." - This is a spoof on the idiom "Let's get down to brass tacks", which means "to start talking about the most important or basic facts of a situation".

    We have discovered that Morgan had answered questions about Guybrush while both our heroes were caged.

    At one time when you get one answer to De Cava's question wrong, Morgan will roll her eyes and say, "Fail." This (along with De Cava's shout of "Failure!" if you guess his answer wrong) is a reference to the "FAIL" meme from the 1998 Neo Geo video game Blazing Star (a sequel to the 1995 video game Pulstar), rendered famous not only for the anime and CGI cutscenes and pseudo-3D prerendered sprites, but also for the frequent Engrish voice samples and captions. Most notably, if you didn't beat one boss in one stage within a few minutes, a "Game Over" message would appear that says, "You fail it! Your skill is not enough, see you next time, bye-bye!", thus birthing the popular Internet meme. Also, in 2003, according to Urban Dictionary's contributor, the word "fail" is also used as an interjection for "when one disapproves of something".

    On any other time you guess one answer wrong, De Cava will say, "Vaya con Dios!" (albeit with a small "d" instead of a capital "D") before getting interrupted again. "Vaya con Dios", a Spanish phrase that literally means "Go with God", is also a phrase that means "Godspeed" (an expression of good will when addressing someone, typically someone about to go on a journey or a daring endeavor). In other words, it sounds like De Cava is saying to Guybrush and Morgan, "I wish you both Godspeed" in an attempt to annihilate them.

    "What's next? A stool sample?" - In case you didn't know, a "stool sample" or "stool test" involves the collection and analysis of fecal matter to diagnose the presence or absence of a medical condition. Pretty gross, if you ask me. :P

    "Are you counting your mood swings as members?" - A "mood swing" is "a rapid and extreme changing in mood, from excessively happy to desperately miserable".

    Guybrush asks if De Cava was forced to eat his own crew members. This is a reference to Lord Byron's (Jan. 22, 1788 - Apr. 19, 1824) poem Don Juan (written from 1818-1824 and based on the legend of Don Juan), in which the heroes are stranded at sea and are forced to eat some of their crew members.

    Guybrush asks if the manatee is a eunuch. A eunuch is a term for "a castrated human male", that is, a guy with his... let's just say... "balls" removed. Squicky! :P

    "What say you, digested SCUMM TM?" - This is yet another reference to the Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion, the game engine used by the majority of LucasArts' TM adventure games. See References to the Monkey Island Series for more info.

    Speaking of that, when Bugeye says, "What say you, digetsted SCUMM TM?", you can choose one of the four topics as follows:

    1. "You talkin' to me?" - This is a reference to Travis Bickle's (Robert De Niro) quote from the 1976 Martin Scorsese film Taxi Driver; in the mirror scene when Bickle looks at himself, he imagines a confrontation that would give him a chance to draw his gun and says: "You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talking... you talking to me? Well, I'm the only one here. Who the f*** do you think you're talking to? Oh yeah? OK."

    2. "Hey, who you calling SCUMM TM, Geppetto?" - This "Geppetto" line is a reference to the woodcarver Mister Geppetto, who created a marionette named Pinocchio and was swallowed by The Terrible Dogfish in Carlo Collodi's novel The Adventures of Pinocchio, written from 1881-1883, first as a serial, and then as a children's novel.

    3. "I'm sorry, we must have taken a wrong turn at Alcatraz." - This one has two references: (1) as a parody of the phrase "I KNEW I shoulda made that left toin (turn) at Albukoikie (Albuquerque)," first originated and spoken by Bugs Bunny in the 1945 Merrie Melodies cartoon Herr Meets Hare, released shortly before the collapse of the Third Reich; and (2) as a reference to Alcatraz Island, located at the San Francisco Bay, often refered to as "The Rock" and developed with facilities for a lighthouse, a military fortification, a military prison (1868), and a federal prison from 1933 until 1963. In 1972 Alcatraz became a national recreation area and received designation as a National Historic Landmark in 1986.

    4. "Watch the name-calling, Flapjack." - The name "Flapjack" is a reference to a pancake, that is, a thin cake fried in a pan or on a griddle in oil or butter.

    Moose says that the belly of the manatee has "all the ichor you can stomach". Ichor is a reference to "the liquid that in Greek Mythology was said to flow in place of blood in the veins of the gods"; it can also be any bloodlike fluid or "a watery, fetid discharge from a sore". Pretty gross, don't you think? :P

    "United we stand! Together we party." - This is a parody of the phrase "United we stand, divided we fall," used in mottos, from nations and states to songs, and attributed to Aesop, both directly in his fable "The Four Oxen and the Lion" and indirectly in "The Bundle of Sticks". The basic concept of the phrase is that unless the people are united, it is easier to destroy them.

    "It's our own little slice of heaven." - This is an idiom that means that people will compare earthly experiences that evokes the same feelings to a kind of "heaven on earth", that is, joyful experiences.

    "Feel free to stay, but please, don't rock the manatee." - This is a pun on "Don't rock the boat," which means, "Don't cause any disturbances, don't try to change anything, don't do anything drastic, keep things as they are, stay normal and calm, or don't make anyone upset."

    During her plan for ambush, Morgan calls Moose "Johnny Cirrhosis". This is a pun on "cirrhosis", a chronic disease of the liver caused by damage from toxins (including alcohol), metabolic problems, hepatitis, or nutritional deprivation, and characterized by an increase of fibrous tissue and the destruction of liver cells.

    "Go relace your corset or shine your pauldron or what have you." - A pauldron is a component of plate armor that protects the shoulder, which is what Morgan is currently wearing.

    "Is there a substantial amount of lead in your drink?" - This could be a reference to the lead (a soft, malleable poor metal in the atomic number 82 of the Periodic Table of Elements) in products, such as drinking water, soil, paint, and even baby toys (in 2007), which can lead to lead poisoning, a medical condition caused by increased levels of the heavy metal lead in the body and which can be toxic or even fatal to children if exposed, inhaled or swallowed.

    We discover that Moose has been serving and drinking ichor since three years ago, when he first discovered it in the belly of the manatee. He even has a funnel called Jumbo Jimbo too!

    It's kinda odd that the name of Moose is derived from the phrase for the "largest member of the deer family (Alces alces), of which the male has very large, pamlate antlers. There is also the name of "Noogie", which is derived from a term for "an act of putting a person in a headlock and rubbing one's knuckles on the other person's head, often a playful gesture of affection when done lightly". Also, a "noogie" is called a "Monkey Scrub".

    Guybrush says he's applying to "the Oligarchical Society of the Alpaca Farm" as a safety. An alpaca is a "sheeplike" animal of the Andes, and actually "a South American member of the camel family, Camelidae (order Artiodactyla), of mammals; its Latin name is Vicugna pacos. It is closely related to the llama, guanaco, and vicuña, which are referred to collectively as lamoids." Also, the word "oligarchical" is "of or pertaining to oligarchy", which is "a government run by only a few, often the wealthy."

    When Bugeye asks Guybrush if he can call a vote, our hero can say, "Yes! I'm a shoe in." This is an alternative spelling for "shoo-in", and it refers to "a candidate or contestant generally agreed upon as the presumptive winner; somebody who is well-liked or widely agreed upon".

    Also, Bugeye calls Guybrush "Goldilocks", referring to the antagonist of The Story of the Three Bears, a fairy tale first recorded in narrative form by British author and poet Robert Southey, and first published anonymously in a volume of his writings in 1837; except that in Southey's version, this "Goldilocks" was referred to as an old woman rather than the pretty young girl we now know.

    This is now the first time that we see Guybrush use his hook hand as a lockpick for a locked chest or door. This hook will soon come in hand-y later on! :D

    "La mort est tuée..." - Albeit without the "é" accent, this phrase is French and, when translated, it means "Death is killed." This can be a spooky foreshadowing for De Singe's motivation and, later, an important theme from Guybrush's perspective.

    We didn't even know that Santino loves bugs as creatures of the island, including spiders! And that is all according to Moose. :)

    When Guybrush says he will propose a toast for a special occasion, the following five special occasions come up:

    1. Diwali, known as the "festival of lights", is a festival celebrated between mid-October and mid-December for different reasons. For Hindus, Diwali is one of the most important festivals of the year and is celebrated in families by performing traditional activities together in their homes. For Jains, Diwali marks the attainment of moksha or nirvana by Mahavira in 527 BCE. Whatever the reason, Diwali is an official holiday in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname, Malaysia, Singapore, and Fiji.

    2. "Pirate history month" is a parody of "Black History Month", which is an annual observance in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom for remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. It is celebrated annually in the United States and Canada in February and the United Kingdom in October. Also, "Black History Month had its beginnings in 1926 in the United States, when historian Carter G. Woodson and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History announced the second week of February to be "Negro History Week". This week was chosen because it marked the birthday of both Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass."

    3. "Fruit Tuesday" is slightly unknown, although there are other Tuesdays called Black Tuesday (referring to Tuesday, October 29, 1929, which was the part of the great Stock Market Crash of 1929, and the Tuesday after Black Thursday); Patch Tuesday (the second Tuesday of every month when Microsoft releases patches for their products, the day that some system administrators call "Black Tuesday"); Shrove Tuesday (a.k.a. Mardi Gras, which precedes the first day of Lent in the Christian calendar); and Super Tuesday (the day many American states hold their presidential primary elections).

    4. "Día de los muertos" is a Spanish term for "Day of the Dead", a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures, which focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. The holiday takes place on October 30, in connection with the Catholic holidays of All Saints' Day (November 1) and All Souls' Day (November 2); traditions connected with the holiday include building private altars honoring the deceased using sugar skulls, marigolds, and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed and visiting graves with these as gifts along with the possessions of the deceased. Speaking of which, October 30, 2009, would be the day that the following chapter, The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood, was released, on the Day of the Dead, and marking the event that a few major characters would die! Creepy!

    5. "Take your daughter to work day" is pretty close to "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day", which is "an educational program in the USA that revolves around parents taking their children to work for one day. It is the successor to Take Our Daughters To Work Day, which was expanded to include boys in 2003, and occurs on the fourth Thursday of April every year; the program itself was founded by Gloria Steinem and the Ms. Foundation for Women in 1993.

    6. Also, after Guybrush slices Santino's head while Moose is distracted, our hero can use Murray on Santino and mention to Moose that it's "Hug An Otter Day", which, so far does not exist... not that I know of it.

    If Guybrush tries using the bar tap while Moose is not distracted, the latter will say, "Party foul." A "party foul" is "any act committed that has a negative consequence" or "any act that's considered inappropriate in a group party setting".

    When Guybrush asks Noogie if he'll do the nerd a favor, one of the choices is "I'll give you my prize pocket protector!" A "pocket protector" is "a sheath, usually of plastic, designed to fit in a shirt pocket and hold pens and other small implements, preventing them from tearing or staining the shirt"; this tool was invented during World War II by Hurley Smith while he was working in Buffalo, New York, in the 1940s. Another competing claim for the invention is "from Long Island plastics magnate Gerson Strassberg around 1952. Strassberg was working on plastic sleeves for bankbooks. One day he placed one that he was working on into his shirt pocket while he took a phone call. When he noticed it there, he realized it would make a great product."

    We discover that according to the law of Brotherhood, the members are no longer allowed to use the word "hazing" but call the rituals "enhanced initiation techniques". Weird.

    "I'll never break. Except in the face of porcelain... or tickle torture." - A "tickle torture" is the use of tickling to abuse, dominate, humiliate or even "prank" someone; the victim laughs even if he or she finds the experience unpleasant because the laughter is an innate reflex rather than social conditioning.

    "I don't care if you're the Queen of Swaziland or the Ghost Pirate LeChuck." - In case you may not know, Swaziland is "a landlocked country in Southern Africa, bordered to the north, south and west by South Africa, and to the east by Mozambique; the nation is named after 19th century king Mswati II.

    If the Guybrush picture is examined, we discover that Guybrush had saved the village of Kaflu from a lava slide while he was constructing the cutlass, something that we had never heard before (concerning that we only learned of the construction of the cutlass from his memoirs on the PC DVD box cover of the game).

    If Guybrush tries using the "ARRR!" on Murray, we discover that in the past, Murray could turn people to stone "with a smirk" and make their blood boil "with a scowl"! Weird and creepy!

    "Dangerous stuff, that is, makes my eyes go wilder than a frothing Pomeranian." - A "Pomeranian" refers to "a breed of small, sturdy toy dogs in the spitz family".

    If Guybrush looks at the manatee uvula, we discover that manatee uvulas are delicacies in some cultures. This is kind of a reference to when weird foods like dog meat in Korea, escargots (snails) in France, and huitlacoche (corn grains infected with corn smut) in Mexico are kind of delicacies in many foreign lands. This looks kinda squicky to us. :P

    "I've always lived by the rule: do unto others' uvulas as you would have done to yours." - This is a parody of the Golden Rule uttered by Jesus Christ himself, namely, "Do to others as you would have them do to you." This can be found in Matthew 7:12 and Luke 6:31 in the Bible.

    We now discover that if you give one manatee throat grub to De Cava, he will tell us that we need 99,999 more of them. Since grubs can only be produced and carried only one at a time, this task can be VERY gargantuan and it would take only months, or maybe years! The game even has specialized dialogue for some of the steps (the "halfway there" dialogue, the "100 more to go" dialogue, and the "100,000 grubs" dialogue)! However, you can use some sort of cheat code to actually get the 100,000th grub you need, but after all the collecting of the 100,000 grubs, the game will skip ahead to where you would have been by solving it the intended way (with all the items, like the seahorse head, carried over to your inventory, and the other characters treating you as if you did). Here's the video for the completion of the "100,000 grubs" task by YouTube user Kraentz in the link shown here:

    "Why do you want La Esponja Gordo again?" - This is the first time that Guybrush has incorrectly used the Spanish adjective for the sponge in the masculine when the Spanish word for "sponge" is a feminine noun. The proper adjective for the sponge would have been "gorda", since both "gordo" and "gorda" are Spanish for "fat".

    If Guybrush tries showing Murray the mug of bile, the latter will say, "Ha, I wasn't born yesterday." This is an idiom that means that a person is not stupid or naive or is more experienced than expected.

    If Guybrush looks at the painting after clearing it, he'll say, "I bet old Fisheyes was a hit with the bearded ladies." A "bearded lady" is a woman with a visible beard, and it is stated that bearded ladies "have long been a phenomenon of legend, curiosity, ridicule, and more recently a political statement and fashion statement." It is also stated in Wikipedia that "A relatively small number of women are able to grow enough facial hair to have a distinct beard. In some cases, female beard growth is the result of a hormonal imbalance (usually androgen excess), or a rare genetic disorder known as hypertrichosis. Sometimes it is caused by use of anabolic steroids. Cultural pressure leads most to remove it, as it may be viewed as a social stigma. Notable exceptions were the famous (and usually fake) bearded women of the circus sideshows of the 19th and early 20th centuries, before so-called freak shows became unpopular." The most notable of bearded ladies are: Helena Antonia, Jane Barnell, Annie Jones, Jennifer Miller, Julia Pastrana, and St. Wilgefortis.

    After Guybrush has cleared away the junk in the odd protuberance with the bile, he goes to the iron monkey to get the torture manual. An "iron monkey" is a parody of an iron maiden, which is "a medieval torture device consisting of a chamber lined with spikes which encloses upon and impales the victim inside". Also, he called the torture manual "Modern Torture Made Easy", which is a parody of the "Made Easy" series of philosophy books.

    If you show the torture manual itself to Murray, we discover that Murray wrote the torture manual when he was alive. Weird.

    "The first step in drawing and quartering your victim is..." - To "draw and quarter" is "to execute a person by tying each limb to an animal and driving them in different directions".

    Winslow tells Guybrush that he had found a seahorse head in Guybrush's bed of the Screaming Narwhal while our hero was away. This is a reference to when Jack Woltz wakes up to find the severed head of his prized race horse Khartoum in his bed in Francis Ford Coppola's 1972 film adaptation of Mario Puzo's 1969 novel The Godfather. Also, Guybrush shouts out, "Seabiscuit!!!" on discovering an actual sea biscuit near the seahorse's head; this is possibly a reference to the movie Seabiscuit, which is based on the famous American race horse.

    When Guybrush examines the seahorse head, he comments, "Giant manatees snack on these things like crackers. Man, if somebody made little fish-shaped snack crackers for people, they'd be sitting on a goldmine." This, of course, is a reference to the Goldfish snack crackers manufactured by Pepperidge Farm, a division of the Campbell Soup Company, which originated in Germany and introduced to the U.S. in 1962 by Pepperidge Farm founder Margaret Rudkin; and though the plain was called "original", the actual original first flavor was cheddar, the highest-selling flavor of Goldfish. Since then, Goldfish has come in all different flavors, especially the "Flavor-Blasted" ones. Sweet! :)

    "I've got more faces than the Pope's got noses." - The "Pope" thing could be a double reference: 1. to the current Pope, Benedict XVI, whose papacy began on April 19, 2005, and was still around at the time of the game's release (his reign still continues to this day); and 2. if The Curse of Monkey Island takes place in 1687, the year that's possibly on the verb coin, the popes would likely have been from Blessed Innocent XI (reigned from Sept. 21, 1676 to August 11-12, 1689) to Alexander VIII (reigned from Oct. 6, 1689 to Feb. 1, 1691) up to Innocent XII (reigned from Jul. 12, 1691 to Sept. 27, 1700), who would have been at the time this game takes place.

    One of the facial expressions in the Pirate Face-Off is the Gomer, which is actually a mistake on "GOMER", an acronym that stands for "Get Out of My ER"; this term was popularized by the 1978 novel The House of God by Stephen Bergman, and it stands for "an undesirable patient or a patient who does not need medical care".

    Guybrush calls Bugeye the "Ombudsman of Unoriginality", while the latter calls the former "short stack". An "ombudsman" is "an official who investigates complaints", while a "short stack" is a player who is in possession of a small amount of chips relative to the stakes.

    So that is why Bugeye got that name: he uses the ultimate pirate face called "the Bugeye", in which he sucks one eyeball into its socket and pops it out of his mouth! That's... just... pretty gross, if you ask me. :P

    When Guybrush is beaten by Bugeye's... well... Bugeye move, he can ask Bugeye, "Would you trade your vote for a fine leather jacket?" Again, this is a mention of the series' running gag from the 1989 LucasArts TM game Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure.

    When Guybrush demands a vote from Bugeye, he suddenly drops down and feels a transformation as he goes into a Poxed rage. This is a nod to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's The Incredible Hulk (which first appeared in May 1962), when Dr. Bruce Banner gets accidentally exposed to the blast of a test detonation of a gamma bomb he invented, and he would get so angry or endangered that he would drop down and transform into the Hulk. (Lee has said that the Hulk's creation was inspired by a combination of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Frankenstein, BTW. :D )

    This is kinda weird that Moose calls the Pox of LeChuck the "ferocious green demon face", unaware of the deadly toll the Pox is taking on Guybrush.

    "Hey! You said if I beat you in a pirate face-off I'd be in like Flynn." - "In like Flynn" is a slang phrase that means "having completed a goal or gained access as desired"; and in addition, the phrase is sometimes used to describe success in sexual seduction, and its folk etymology often asserts the phrase has sexual origins. This term is believed to refer to movie star Errol Flynn, who had a reputation for womanizing, consumption of alcohol and brawling; others say it emerged as war slang during World War II; while etymologist Eric Partridge presents evidence that it refers to Edward J. Flynn, a New York City political boss who became a campaign manager for the Democratic party during Franklin Delano Roosevelt's presidency.

    "We'll be out of here in two shakes of a pirate's booty." - This is a parody of the idiom "in two shakes of a lamb's tail", which means "in a very short time; very quickly".

    When Bugeye says, "Breaking the trust of the Brotherhood has only one consequence," the choices less obvious than "death" are as follows:

    1. "Expulsion?" - Expulsion is the art of expelling or the state of being expelled.

    2. "One hundred demerits?" - A "demerit" is "a quality of being inadequate; a fault; a disadvantage"; and also "a mark given for bad conduct to a person attending an educational institution or serving in the army.

    3. "An embarrassing facial tattoo?" - A "tattoo" is a form of body modification, made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment; tattooing has been practiced for centuries in many cultures spread throughout the world, particularly those found in Asia and Japan, where the Ainu traditionally had facial tattoos.

    4. "A double fine?" - Although this one is explained by Guybrush in-universe, it's actually a reference to Double Fine Productions, an American video game developer founded in San Francisco in July 2000 by Tim Schafer after his departure from LucasArts; the name "Double Fine" is a play on the Golden Gate Bridge being a "double fine zone" as Schafer drove from place to place around the Bay Area to meet with possible publishers for Psychonauts.

    If you wait around during the Brotherhood chase, you get to hear the following quotes from a few members as follows:

    MURRAY: Faster, minions! Kill! Kill! [a spoof on the title of the 1965 cult film Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, starring Haji, Lori Williams, and the late great Tura Santana (R.I.P.)]

    MOOSE: Turn and fight, coward!

    MURRAY: Smite him! Smite him!!

    BUGEYE: Kill the betrayer!

    NOOGIE: Ooh, I could just crush him! [?]

    MURRAY: Make him suffer!

    BUGEYE: Get 'im!

    MOOSE: I'm gonna crush ya!

    NOOGIE: I was going to sew you a sash! [at least that's what I'm guessing]

    Also, you can see some funny background events if you wait a while: in the background, Noogie suddenly stops the chase while raising this wooden sword in the air before collapsing, and Guybrush runs and passes through him before he gets up and rejoins the chase. And in the foreground, while the guys are chasing Guybrush, Morgan plays her pretend puppet thing with her hands and her mouth; she also mouths out something in a mockery. I don't know about this, but it's just so funny and interesting! :D

    "I'm fourteen steps ahead of you, mijo." - "Mijo" is a Spanish contraction of mi hijo ("my son"), but it could also mean "darling" or "friend".

    "Hold onto your pantalones!" - This is a parody of the idiom "hold on to your hat", which is an expression warning someone of a big surprise, while "pantalones" is Spanish for "trousers".

    "Now, if only my loyal crew was worth a piece of eight." - This is a spoof on "worth every penny", which means "completely worthwhile".

    We now discover that Santino was in life a swordsman, bullfighter, pastry chef and unrivaled skin diver. Also, we discover that Guybrush had developed his extraordinary breath-holding skills back in college, something that we never heard before in other Monkey Island games. :)

    When Guybrush reads the La Esponja Grande sign, he says, "The Ancient Voodoo Artifact Preservation Society Welcomes You To: La Esponja Grande! Please stay on the path," although the sign itself says, "Welcome to La Esponja Grande. Ancient Voodoo Artifact Preservation Society. Please stay on the path." Strange.

    "Heh, I think this is the manatee we rode in on!" - This is a parody of the idiom "and the horse you rode in on", which is an intenisfier aimed at someone who is full of themselves and unwelcome to boot. In other words... let's just say, "Screw you and the horse you rode in on!"

    When Guybrush opens the treasure chest near the Manatee Mating Grounds, he finds the jeweled crown of Queen Archipelago. This is derived from the word "archipelago", which is "a group of islands".

    When Guybrush mentions the presence of a "Horrible... teeth... gnashing... ferocious... leviathan", Morgan thinks that the "leviathan" may refer to a "Giant Squid", "megalodon", or "devil whale", when Guybrush answers with neither of them. A "leviathan" is a biblical term for a "large sea monster which guards the gates of hell at the bottom of the sea", while a "megalodon" is "any of a group of extinct sharks from the Oligocene to the Pleistocene epochs. Also, the "devil whale" could refer to "a huge giant whale many sailors thought was an island. The whale wakes up, and takes the ship and sailors for a snack." Creepy.

    De Cava tells Guybrush that the female manatee must be tamed, which is no easy task. This whole plot is kind of a reference to William Shakespeare's 1590s play The Taming of the Shrew, in which Hortensio and Gremio are eager to marry Bianca Minola, only to be told by her father Baptista that her older sister, Katherina, the "shrew" who is bad-tempered and headstrong, must be tamed before they can move on to marrying Bianca. This play later became the bases of Cole Porter's 1948 play Kiss Me, Kate and its 1967 film adaptation featuring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton; the 1999 film Ten Things I Hate About You; and the 2003 film Deliver Us from Eva.

    "Sort of put all your eggs in one basket, huh?" - This idiom means that if you try to accomplish one task, you end up risking everything on a single opportunity that could go wrong.

    We discover that De Cava at one time spent three months fabricating a giant manatee suitor to be piloted by fifteen other crew members, all well-learned in the ways of bestial romance, in order to lure the female manatee out of her cave, but they were all crushed to death during a trial run. Very squicky! :P And that's not all: we again discover that Santino was the only one who learned the manatee language from the Marquis De Singe, using the manatee language book and the Tongue of the Manatee, the latter of which De Cava had planned to market to tourists once the Esponja Grande quest was completed. :o

    We notice that there is a close friendship bondage between Guybrush and Morgan during their conversation about the manatee. So sweet. :)

    De Cava tells Guybrush that he's working on "Plan B". A "plan B" is "an alternative solution adopted when one's original plan does not succeed". Little do we know that the "plan B" may come in handy later on in this chapter! :)

    "Well then, Cyrano, learn to understand their language and find the Tongue of the Manatee." - This "Cyrano" thing could be a reference to Hercule-Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac (Mar. 6, 1619 - Jul. 28, 1655), a French dramatist and duelist whose life is remembered for works of fiction, including the 1897 play by Edmond Rostand.

    "What was that about the Manatee Tongus Maximus?" - Though this is kinda fake Latin, the actual Latin phrase should be "Lingua Maxima", since it's the Latin feminine for "the greatest tongue".

    If Guybrush looks into Moose's profile, we now discover that Moose has a last name of Muszalski. This is probably named after the last name of Aaron Muszalski, one of the art technicians of LucasArts.

    "Please, who had the Tongue of the Manatee? Pretty please? With a kumquat on top?" - This one of the interrogations is a parody of "pretty please with sugar on top". Also, a kumquat is a small orange citrus-like fruit which is native to Asia.

    Also, "I have ways of making you talk" is another interrogation that is often used by the leader of a faction to assure a defiant captive that they can get the information they want by less than normal means. And again, Guybrush has the use of the words "Tibetan tickle torture"; see the paragraph way up above.

    "Sometimes they break easy, like delicate Fabergé Eggs." - A Fabergé Egg is any one of the thousands of jeweled eggs made by the House of Fabergé from 1885 to 1917. Most were miniature eggs that were popular gifts at Easter and worn on a neck chain either singly or in groups. The most famous of these eggs were the larger ones made for Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II, often referred to as the "Imperial" Fabergé Eggs.

    "See what you get for being a stick-in-the-mud?" - As you may know, a "stick-in-the-mud" is "a person unwilling to participate in activities; a curmudgeon or party pooper".

    "I'm deceptively principled! Unlike you, Benedict Arnold." - This is a reference to Benedict Arnold (Jan. 14, 1741 - Jun. 14, 1801), a Connecticut-born general during the American Revolutionary War who, according to Wikipedia, "originally fought for the American Continental Army but defected to the British Army. While a general on the American side, he obtained command of the fort at West Point, New York, and plotted to surrender it to the British forces. After the plot was exposed in September 1780, he was commissioned into the British Army as a brigadier general."

    Noogie has a fear of Sister Agnes, whose name is, ironically, derived from the Greek origin meaning "pure, holy". The saint by the name of "Agnes" has an emblem of a lamb, hence the Latin word for "lamb" is "agnus".

    "You'll have to kill me! And I'm already dead..." - This is a reference to Charles Manson's quote, "You want to kill me? Ha! I'm already dead, have been all my life," in the most famous Tate-LaBianca murder trial on November 20, 1970.

    We now discover that Morgan doesn't understand manatee, though she does "speak a little monkey".

    Guybrush makes some correct points on what a "milliner" is. What it actually describes in full detail is that a milliner is "a person who is involved in the manufacture, design, or sale of hats for women". So... pretty close. :)

    Wow! We never actually saw Guybrush cut off someone's head before... but he is doing this for play in order to knock Murray off of Santino's skeletal body, just like he did to the actual Santino's skull.

    We now discover that Jumbo Jimbo, the ichor funnel, is the Tongue of the Manatee, which is a Travel Edition if you pick it up.

    "There's nothing interesting up there now. Just a whole lotta tongue." - This is probably a parody of Led Zeppelin's 1969 song "Whole Lotta Love".

    If you look at the bongos, we now discover that Guybrush once did a bongo stint as a beat poet.

    Right before Guybrush pours the manatee lax into the bile pool, he says, "Just a dab'll do ya." This is a reference to the slogan "A little dab'll do ya", which was used in Brylcreem, "a brand of hair styling products for men. The first Brylcreem product was a pomade created in 1928 by County Chemicals at the Chemico Works in Bradford Street, Birmingham, England. The pomade is an emulsion of water and mineral oil stabilised with beeswax." The lyrics for the Brylcreem jingle go like this:

    Bryl-creem, a little dab'll do ya.
    Use more, only if you dare.
    But watch out,
    The gals will all pursue ya--
    They'll love to put their fingers through your hair.
    Bryl-creem, a little dab'll do ya,
    Bryl-creem, you'll look so debonair.
    Bryl-creem, the gals will all pursue ya,
    They'll love to RUN their fingers through your hair.

    "Ah, I think she'd rather chat with someone her own size!" - This is a parody of the idiom "pick on someone your own size", said to those who bully small people.

    If you have the Voodoo Lady possess Guybrush, she will wonder if she has "leapt into the decrepit shell of a sailor suffering starvation or the torpid corpse of a malnourished deckhand" before the possession wears off. This is pretty foreshadowing, if you ask me.

    It's kinda odd that when one character gets possessed, like De Cava being possessed by the Voodoo Lady, or the Voodoo Lady being possessed by Guybrush, we notice that the voice the possessed speaks now belongs to the possessor, yet in the subtitles, the text color belonging to the possessed remains the same as it was before the character got possessed! Strange!

    Also, if you wait around for up to a minute or so, Guybrush the Voodoo Lady will jiggle his/her earrings and even play with his/her breasts, which is VERY creepy and a bit disturbing! :P

    "It's a cocktail napkin with the words 'jujumama' and 'sesame.' Oooooh, cryptic!" - Both are references to JujuMama LLC, a worldwide love coaching conglomerate and online Love Academy co-founded by Howard University student Carl Stevens and his wife Kenya K. Stevens (a love expert, life coach, and best-selling author) in 2005; and to "Open Sesame", a magical phrase used to open the mouth of a cave in which forty thieves have hidden a treasure in the story of "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" in the 18th century novel One Thousand and One Nights by French author Antoine Galland.

    If De Singe asks Guybrush the Voodoo Lady if s/he's alright, you can choose, "Actually, I may have really swallowed some bile earlier..." This is definitely a callback to when our hero would show Murray the actual torture manual, and Murray would ask, "Does it scorch your insides, Threepwood? Does it fill you with painful sadness? And gas?" and Guybrush would respond with, "Eh, something does, but I think I swallowed some bile earlier."

    Guybrush the Voodoo Lady can ask De Singe, "What are the odds of a guy like you, and a girl like me..." This is a parody of/reference to the 1994 film Dumb & Dumber, when Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) asks Mary Swanson (Lauren Holly), though goofily, "What do you think the chances are of a guy like you and a girl like me... ending up together?" and she would respond that they are not good "like one out of a million", and he would pause before responding with, "So you're telling me there's a chance... YEAH!"

    "Listen, Baguette-for-Brains, I'm warning you." - As you may know, a baguette is "a variety of bread that is long and narrow in shape".

    This is kinda weird that the Giant Manatee calls Guybrush a "plankton". A "plankton" is "a generic term for all the organisms that float in the sea", while a single organism is known as a "plankter", which is what the manatee should have called Guybrush, though.

    "Time to take La Esponja Pequeño to Elaine!" - This is now the second time that Guybrush has incorrectly used the Spanish adjective for the sponge in the masculine when the Spanish word for it is feminine. Again, the proper adjective for the sponge should have been "pequeña", since both the word and "pequeño" are Spanish for "small".

    Uh-oh! It seems that both Bugeye and Moose (and the headless Santino) have rejoined De Cava's crew due to Bugeye's "philosophical breakthrough" and "plan B"! :o

    This is the second time that both Guybrush and Morgan are caged, and this time these cages are made of petrified wood!

    "Hand over the sponge or the manatees will forever mate over your corpse!" - Sounds like a bit of creepy foreshadowing... maybe.

    "It won't matter if De Cava sinks us to the bottom of the Caribbean!" - Now THIS is a weird thing that Morgan pronounces the word "Caribbean" as "cuh-RIH-bee-an" instead of "CA-ri-BEE-an" like everyone else does.

    If Guybrush talks to De Cava, the latter will say that La Esponja Grande floats in water, which is kinda odd, since it was hidden in an underwater cave in the Manatee Mating Grounds. Also, I think De Cava has made a reference to the Archimedes principle: that "when you put something in water some water gets displaced. That's why the water level rises. If the weight of the amount of water that gets displaced weighs more than the object, the object will float. If you had a super absorbent sponge that absorbed more water than it displaced, the sponge would sink."

    Also, if you ask Bugeye where Noogie is, we learn that Noogie refused to readjust to crew life or "give up on Democracy" and that he "went to a quiet farm upstate". Of course, this is typically recognized as a lie that is used by adults to avoid reporting the death of a pet; so that could mean... that Noogie... has been murdered by the crew members and disposed of elsewhere. Awww... Poor Noogie. :'(

    "He's resorted to hurling detritus, sir!" - In biology, a "detritus" is "organic waste material from decomposing dead plants or animals".

    We see the Giant Manatee's "mouth cam" as the manatee approaches to swallow up De Cava and his crew in the Howler Monkey. This pays a brilliant homage to the Jaws film series that began in 1975, though the actual use of mouth cam was in the sequel itself in 1978.

    Yow! After a beautiful sunset and a heartwarming moment, Morgan betrays Guybrush by knocking him out unconscious! This can't be good.

    During the credits, Murray babbles on and on and makes fun of the names in the sections of the credits, especially his own name in the "Cast" section. This is a reference to Mike Nelson and his robot crew who snark at the end credits at the end of the 1996 film Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie, which is based on Joel Hodgson's TV series that ran for 11 years, from 1988 to 1999.

    Speaking of the "Cast" section, Andrew Chaikin's monicker, Kid Beyond, has reverted back to his own original name in this chapter and the remaining two chapters afterward. According to Jake Rodkin, Chaikin asked that Telltale Games start crediting him as "Kid Beyond", the stage name that he uses, since he was a lead vocalist for a band he worked with in the '90s. His stage name appeared in the end credits for the previous chapter, The Siege of Spinner Cay, but reverted back for the remainder of Tales afterward. His name reverting back "was a mistake by whoever wrote the credits files for those episodes." All was forgiven, as Chaikin's stage name continued appearing in future games published by Telltale Games, and still does to this day.

    "Mmmmm, ah, feeling right as rain now, Captain! As refreshed as my days as a cabaña boy in Borneo!" - This is a reference to Borneo, the third-largest island in the world, located north of Java, Indonesia, at the geographic center of Maritime Southeast Asia.

    Oh dear! Now Morgan has knocked both Guybrush AND Winslow out unconscious! What will be the fate of our hero once he is brought back to De Singe? You'll have to find out soon enough in Chapter 4. But let me warn you... in the next chapter, someone is gonna die. And make that three, or four, or even FIVE certain "someone's"! Let's just hope the Chapter 4 title is not true! :o