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    The Secrets of "Lair of the Leviathan" (Continued)

    References to the Monkey Island Series

    As usual, we present the Monkey Island references, starting with...

    The Secret of Monkey Island

    1. Guybrush tries telling Morgan, "Look behind you..." but she says she's heard that one before, unaware that a gunpowder barrel has rolled out of the mast and fallen onto her. This traces back to when Guybrush tried warning the Monkey Island Cannibals about the three-headed monkey near them, but because he used the trick he had learned too many times, the Cannibals would say, "Ha! We're not going to fall for that old trick AGAIN!" and lock him up.

    2. De Cava calls Guybrush "Señor Liebrush", a reference to a running gag when people would often pronounce Guybrush's name wrong, starting in Secret.

    3. Also, Guybrush realizes that he left his own wedding ring "with my other hand". This traces back to when, after Elaine got kidnapped by LeChuck, our hero tried to go into her mansion on Mêlée Island but was stopped by a guard who asked him for reservations in the appointments for looting her mansion, and our hero then realized, "I must have left them with my other pair of pants!" That quote would soon become a running gag in the other Monkey Island games that followed.

    4. When De Cava asks Guybrush and Morgan where they met on their first date, one of the choices is "The circus!" This could be a reference to the Fantastic Flying Fettucini Brothers Circus that our hero went to in order to obtain more pieces of eight in Secret.

    5. "What say you, digested SCUMM TM?" - A reference to the use of the word "scumm" first used as one of the ingredients in grog in Secret and now used as a running gag in the series ever since.

    6. In the cutscene with Elaine and LeChuck, the latter says, "There's something about the open ocean that makes a man feel alive," and the former says to him, "I would imagine that simply having a pulse is a bit of an upgrade for you." This kinda traces back to when LeChuck was a ghost and told Bob, "It's days like this that makes you glad to be dead," in the Caverns of Meat on Monkey Island.

    7. When Guybrush asks Bugeye about Fisheyes Alabaster, Bugeye tells a brief story about him. Of course, this is the shortened version of the extended backstory of Fisheyes that would have been a callback to when Guybrush would ask one of the pirates about LeChuck back in Secret, and the pirate would tell a story about him, sometimes with Guybrush making some comic interruptions. This became a running gag throughout the series.

    8. When Guybrush only learns the "Stinky, Lazy-eyed Meanie" expression from Bugeye the first time in a Pirate Face-Off and loses, he has to learn new facial expressions from other people and objects. This is kinda similar to way back in Secret, when Guybrush only learned a few starter insults from Captain Smirk in the Insult Swordfight practice at the Big Body Pirate Gym, and had to learn many more insults and counter-insults from the pirates he fought in order to move on and face Carla the Swordfighter.

    9. De Cava and some of his crew members call Guybrush "Threepwuss" (Bugeye), "Threepwillow" (De Cava), and "Cheapwhistle" (Moose and later De Cava), another nod to the pronunciation running gag since Secret. Even Murray calls him "Creepwood"!

    10. When Guybrush is beaten by Bugeye's... well... Bugeye move, he can ask Bugeye, "Would you trade your vote for a fine leather jacket?" This is a reference to the "fine leather jacket" catchphrase that has been a running gag since Secret.

    11. "I was a bit of a monkey's ass." - This isn't the first time that profanity is used, as it was used in Secret when the Mêlée Island Storekeeper said, "I didn't get to be eighty-three by being a jackass!"

    12. Morgan tells De Cava that Guybrush can hold his breath for ten minutes, a running gag that has occurred since Secret.

    13. Guybrush talks underwater while looking around at objects, as his lips are clearly seen moving as he talks. This is a visual gag that has been seen throughout the series since Secret, which was originally because of technical restrictions but has since become standard.

    14. The name of De Cava's ship, the Howler Monkey, has a similar simian name as Guybrush's ship, the Sea Monkey, that he had bought on his journey to Monkey Island to save Elaine back in Secret.

    15. Guybrush catches the flopping fish on a sandbag, which kinda traces back to when he caught the red herring from the pier near the Scumm Bar on Mêlée Island back in Secret.

    16. If you look at Guybrush's profile, it sometimes reads that his "turn-on" is "Grog XD". Grog XD is a part of a recursive Internet meme/joke which is based on the long list of the ingredients found in Grog in Secret (in that joke, one Argentinian news channel believed the list to be genuine).

    17. Guybrush profile sometimes says that his expertise is "Ghost pirate removal", which is a reference to how he got rid of LeChuck and his ghostly minions with root beer in Secret.

    18. Guybrush can ask Bugeye who had the Tongue of the Manatee, either by kind questions or by threats, after which Bugeye gives in easily. This traces back to when our hero did the same thing to the Head of a Navigator for the eyeball necklace in the Caverns of Meat, but the head didn't give it up so easily unlike Bugeye.

    19. If Guybrush talks to Morgan and asks what to do after getting a male manatee to stand its ground, he thinks of an idea that he could "teach him the courting dance of the Monkey Island TM cannibals!" This is a reference to when our hero got caught stealing bananas from the camp of the Monkey Island Cannibals and had to escape from them by exiting through the hole in the floor of their hut until he could appease them in order for them to help him find Elaine.

    20. Also, Guybrush asks Morgan if she would "consider a career with [Flotsam Island's] chamber of commerce". This is now the second island that has a chamber of commerce; the first was in Mêlée Island, when the chamber of commerce was paid for the establishment of the Legendary Lost Treasure of Mêlée Island.

    21. If Guybrush the Voodoo Lady asks De Singe if he knows the secret of Monkey Island, De Singe will describe it as "zat worthless rock on top of all zat lava" and add that its wildlife "is quite cheeky". Of course, "all zat lava" refers to the Caverns of Meat, and the "cheeky" wildlife refers to the monkeys in Secret.

    22. We discover that De Cava had built his ship, the Howler Monkey, out of rubber trees, which is a reference to how Guybrush got saved from certain death off a cliff by the rubber trees of Monkey Island.

    Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

    1. Coronado De Cava mentions that he freed himself from the Phatt City Jail "by bribing the guard for his bootlace, stringing him up with a pulley fashioned from a stale scone and then growing out my toenails over the course of a year in order to carefully carve them into a lock picking kit". This, of course, is a reference to the jail in Phatt Island in MI2:LCR. Also Guybrush mentions that De Cava didn't try the "tempt-the-guard-dog-with-the-bone trick", (which he says is for "amateurs"), another reference to how our Mighty Pirate TM hero escaped from the Phatt City Jail as an "amateur"! :D

    2. De Cava asks Guybrush if the Voodoo Lady has ever made him a voodoo doll, and our hero denies it. Actually, to tell you the truth, she DID make Guybrush a voodoo doll, but it was only because he needed it to get rid of Largo LaGrande in MI2:LCR.

    3. De Cava drops the two cages down on both Guybrush and Morgan for interrogation. This looks similar to when our hero tried to get the jail key for Wally B. Feed in LeChuck's Fortress when a cage suddenly landed on Guybrush in MI2:LCR.

    4. In one cutscene on Guybrush's former ship, Elaine calls the human LeChuck "Chucky". This traces back to when Guybrush took off LeChuck's mask near the end of MI2:LCR, revealing the human face of his "long-lost creepy brother Chuckie"! Weird!

    5. Guybrush can talk to the skeletal Santino near the counter, just like he talked to the skeleton of his fellow prisoner in Phatt City Jail.

    6. If you examine Murray in the inventory, he will talk about teaming up to sail the manatee to Booty Island "and sack the harbor in a storm of blubber!" Booty Island is one of the islands in the Tri-Island Area, of which Elaine was governor; and in MI2:LCR she moved to Booty to get away from her then-boyfriend Guybrush.

    7. When Guybrush finds the torture manual, he says, "Somebody should really return this to their local library." This could, of course, refer to the Phatt City Library in MI2:LCR.

    8. When De Cava puts down the monocular on the file trunk, Guybrush takes it and places the Fisheye of the Manatee in it before giving it back. This traces back to when our hero would grab the monocle of Wally B. Feed as soon as it was set down on the table and make some good use for it in finding the map pieces before handing it back to Wally in MI2:LCR.

    9. "Can't run a man through with cold ankles, that's what my Pa always said." - This is a reference to Guybrush's dad, who, along with his mother, came to give our hero some advice in the form of a song, in a dream he had back in MI2:LCR.

    10. De Cava mentions that the manatee lax is made of special ingredients, among them the "Booty Breakfast Bran Flakes". This is another reference to Booty Island.

    11. The song that plays when Guybrush makes a dive into the Manatee Mating Grounds for the first time is "Captain Kate's Boat Dive", a piece that was played when our hero dove for the wreck of the Mad Monkey back in MI2:LCR.

    12. If Guybrush looks at the remains of the Sea Creatures, he says, "Giant manatees gobble 'em like cheese squigglies." This is a reference to the cheese squigglies that our hero used in order to trap a pet rat belonging to the Men of Low Moral Fiber in MI2:LCR.

    13. If Guybrush remains underwater after ten minutes are up, he will say, "Uh oh. I know I can hold my breath underwater for 10 minutes... I gotta run!" and scramble back up to the surface. This is a running gag that has been thankfully used since LeChuck's Revenge, where if our hero remained underwater after ten minutes, he would swim back up to the surface for air, after which he could dive underwater to try again as many times as he wanted.

    14. If you look in Guybrush's profile in De Cava's trunk, it sometimes mentions that his greatest fear is "Vichyssoise". Vichyssoise is the soup that our hero had ruined so that he could get the cook's job on Scabb Island in MI2:LCR. Also, Guybrush's profile will sometimes say his greatest fear is the "beards of the undead", which is a reference to when he had picked up LeChuck's ghostly beard before showing it to Largo LaGrande, who then snatched it from him so he could resurrect LeChuck as a zombie.

    15. Sometimes Guybrush's profile will say that his expertise is "Voodoo doll assembly". If you remember, Guybrush had created the voodoo dolls for Largo LaGrande (with help from the Voodoo Lady) and LeChuck back in MI2:LCR.

    16. And sometimes Guybrush's profile will say that his underthings are "Boxers". This refers to some scenes where Guybrush's boxers were exposed back in MI2:LCR.

    17. While in the Voodoo Lady's body, Guybrush can ask De Singe, "Do you have any secrets you'd like to share? Perhaps concerning Monkey Island?" This traces back to when Guybrush, while chained up with Wally over an acid pit in LeChuck's fortress, could ask LeChuck, "What is the secret of Monkey Island?" to which the villain could respond with, "All will be revealed in a few moments."

    18. Guybrush the Voodoo Lady can give De Singe the voodoo wedgie in order to make him hand over the manatee language book. This kinda traces back to when our hero had to use a wedgie on LeChuck and rip off his underwear in order to make a LeChuck voodoo doll and stop him for good in the Dinky Island tunnels.

    19. If the female manatee says, "I'm not going to let some lummox buy my love with clever words," Guybrush can choose either "How much is it?" or "Do you accept traveler's cheques?". The latter is a reference to MI2:LCR, when our hero got robbed by Largo LaGrande and said with a sigh, "Maybe I should've gotten those traveler's checks."

    20. "I can't just leave Morgan behind. Besides, I'd have to come right back up in 10 minutes." - Another reference to Guybrush's resurfacing after 10 minutes in MI2:LCR.

    The Curse of Monkey Island

    1. While Guybrush searches his pockets for the Pyrite Parrot of Petaluma, the inventory box opens up. This traces back to when Captain Blondebeard would search our hero's pockets for his gold tooth and the inventory box would open up in the Mega-Monkey Version of Curse.

    2. Also, Elaine's wedding ring, formerly known as the Goodsoup Family Diamond ring from Curse, is back in this game.

    3. "Down with the man, and all of that." - This kinda traces back to when Mort the Gravedigger buried Guybrush alive in a common crypt in Blood Island and said, "Rest in peace, and all that," before leaving.

    4. Murray, the Demonic Talking Skull of Curse, is back! And he is once again stowed as an item in Guybrush's inventory, where you can even talk to him and even show him to a few people for fun, just like in Curse! Oh yeah, and Guybrush can even make jokes about what it's like to be just a skull too.

    5. Also, if you examine Murray, he will talk about teaming up to take over the Caribbean together. This is the same plot that Guybrush pondered about but decided to ignore back in Curse.

    6. Almost forgot: before releasing Murray from the chest, Guybrush can look at the festive skulls a few times and say, "Murray?", another reference to the demonic talking skull.

    7. If you try to use the Blade of Dragotta on Santino while Moose is not distracted, and Moose asks Guybrush what he is doing, one of the choices is, "I was going to give Santino a quick shave." This could be a reference to the shaving trick part, one of the barbershop techniques in the Barbery Coast back in Curse.

    8. When Guybrush tells Bugeye that he will never break "Except in the face of porcelain... or tickle torture," this traces back to when our hero looked at the porcelain pitcher in the cabin of The Sea Cucumber and expressed disgust for it. Bill Tiller, lead artist on Curse, has revealed that the "porcelain" thing is "just a joke". Guybrush's fear of porcelain might have stemmed from the time that he used a porcelain vase to hit Sheriff Fester Shinetop in The Secret of Monkey Island.

    9. "I don't care if you're the Queen of Swaziland or the Ghost Pirate LeChuck." - The latter part traces back to when Guybrush could introduce himself to King André under his own name or other aliases, like "LeChuck", in Skull Island while on the search for the Goodsoup Family Diamond; but no matter which other aliases our hero chose, André would know his name anyway by calling him "Mister Threepwood".

    10. Guybrush can shoot the stationary cannon on the Screaming Narwhal for fun, just like when he could fire the cannon in the fortress on Plunder Island, after which he would shout, "Fun!" back in Curse.

    11. If you look at Guybrush's profile in De Cava's trunk, it sometimes says that his greatest fear is "Porcelain", a reference to the aforementioned "porcelain" joke in Curse.

    12. "Sometimes they break easy, like delicate Fabergé Eggs." - This kinda traces back to when Guybrush found most of the items while inside the snake on the cliff atop Danjer Cove in Plunder Island, among them the Fabergé Egg.

    13. If Guybrush shows either the 6,000 doubloons or the Jeweled Crown of Queen Archipelago to Murray and asks if he can be bribed, Murray responds with, "Only with your head on a pike! Muahaha, yes, pike, muahaha." This traces back to when our hero first met him outside the Death Starfish, when Murray said, "...the forces of darkness will applaud me as I STRIDE through the gates of hell carrying your head on a pike!", before Guybrush responded with "'Stride?'", and the skull reluctantly answered back, "Alright then, 'ROLL! ROLL through the gates of hell.' Must you take the fun out of everything?"

    14. This isn't the first time that Guybrush plays with tarot cards. The first time was in Curse, when our hero played poker with King André and his assistant Cruff and was dealt with a weak hand with which he would be unable to win, but he had to deal the five Death tarot cards that he then placed on the table in order to win the Goodsoup Family Diamond from the Smuggler's Cave.

    15. After the credits end, there is a short little epilogue that plays at the Screaming Narwhal. Curse did exactly that, by playing the nice little epilogue after the game and the end credits have finished up.

    16. "Mmmmm, ah, feeling right as rain now, Captain! As refreshed as my days as a cabaña boy in Borneo!" - Winslow isn't the only one, as there was another Cabaña Boy at the Brimstone Beach Club in Plunder Island.

    Escape from Monkey Island

    1. When Guybrush tells De Cava that he is already married to Elaine, he suddenly discovers that he left the ring with his Poxed hand Morgan has taken from him. This is a reference to our hero's ring that he had worn back in Escape.

    2. Before releasing Murray from the chest, Guybrush can look at the festive skulls a few times and say, "Murray?" This traces back to Escape, where he had an option of asking "Murray?" upon examining different skulls, none of which were actually Murray.

    3. After Murray is reunited with Santino's skeleton, Guybrush can talk to him, and the skull will comment about life being great in the Brotherhood. This also traces back to Escape, when Murray would comment on his job as a bouncer on Planet Threepwood (a parody of the Planet Hollywood chain of restaurants) that would finance his evil schemes if our hero talked to him.

    4. "I was a bit of a monkey's ass." - This isn't the first time that Guybrush has cussed a bit. The first was in Escape, when he told Herman Toothrot, "How do I get off this [bleeping] island?", which was a form of symbol swearing.

    5. Morgan mentions that she speaks "a little monkey". This kinda traces back to when Guybrush met Jojo Jr., a little monkey whose father died of neglect and starvation on Monkey Island; and when Jojo was burying his father near the Giant Monkey Head, he was affected by its strange Voodoo Magic that gave him an immense understanding of the world around him, as well the ability to talk.

    Tales of Monkey Island

    Chapter 1: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal

    1. Remember when the Voodoo Lady told Guybrush to search for Coronado De Cava back in Chapter 1? Well, it seems that our hero has found whom he's looking for all along! And that explorer has aged quite a bit! And we learn what happened to De Cava since we heard the Voodoo Lady's story back in said chapter.

    2. Also, the locket that the Voodoo Lady had given to Guybrush back in Chapter 1 is back, and it's got some strange powers of possession that we've never seen before!

    3. Guybrush tells De Cava about his mission to find him back in Chapter 1, even though the Voodoo Lady warns our hero not to mention her, La Esponja Grande, or the locket.

    4. Guybrush tries showing De Cava his wedding ring, only to show him his hook hand instead. This traces back to when our hero would show LeChuck the wedding ring in his left hand as proof that the former and Elaine are married back in Chapter 1.

    5. If Guybrush looks at Morgan's sword, he will say, "I have such fond memories of that blade held to my throat," a reference to what happened at the very end of Chapter 1, which has been carried over to Chapter 2. Also, when he wakes up Morgan, he says to her, "That'll teach you to take a legendary pirate at swordpoint," another reference to said Chapter 1 ending.

    6. Winslow is now infected by the Pox of LeChuck, which has been around since the beginning of Chapter 1! Also, he is now in Stage Two of the Pox, which is now bizarre, since the only other pirates we saw in this stage in Chapter 1 are Gaffer Crimpdigit and Hemlock McGee.

    7. Guybrush discusses the Pox of LeChuck to Morgan and its events from Chapter 1.

    8. When Guybrush finishes speaking with Morgan for the first time, we get a cutscene with Elaine, the human LeChuck, and the Monkeys of Montevideo on our hero's previous ship. This is the first time that we see the monkeys since Chapter 1, and we know how they are doing.

    9. Also, in Chapter 1, LeChuck indicated there were the Thirteen Monkeys of Montevideo. Here, in this chapter, he now says it's "dozens" of the Monkeys of Montevideo! Strange!

    10. The Marquis De Singe of Chapter 1 is back, still toying around with Guybrush's Poxed hand, and still in that silly accent of his!

    11. "Ah! It's dark in here! And why does it smell like rotten marmalade?" - This can, of course, refer to when Guybrush slipped and fell on bacon grease while attempting to climb up the Screaming Narwhal via plank.

    12. If Guybrush says he'll give Noogie his "prize pocket protector" and Noogie politely refuses, the former will ask, "Uh... sextant do anything for ya?" This could be a reference to one of his autographed sextants, which he mentioned in Chapter 1 and had repeated as a running gag from time to time.

    13. If the Guybrush picture is examined, we learn that Guybrush had saved the village of Kaflu from a lava slide while he was constructing the cutlass. The cutlass, of course, refers to the Cursed Cutlass of Kaflu, which he had finished up to Chapter 1.

    14. When Guybrush asks Murray for admittance into the Brotherhood, all Murray can say is, "Okay, okay... sure thing, Creepwood." This traces back to when Guybrush's Pox-infected hand tried slapping Davey Nipperkin, who responded with, "Say! Just listen to me prattling on, while you stand there all wet and confused and whatnot. SO, what's your story, Creepwood?"

    15. We learn a bit more about why De Cava is off on a search for La Esponja Grande since we last heard the Voodoo Lady's tale in Chapter 1. Also, when Guybrush asks him, "Couldn't you have just bought her flowers or a custom shrunken head rack?", this is a reference to the shrunken heads that our hero had seen in her shack in said chapter.

    16. When Guybrush demands a vote from Bugeye, he suddenly drops down and feels a transformation as he goes into a Poxed rage. This is now the fourth, and hopefully final, time that he had become Pox-enraged before, as the first two times are in Chapter 1, and the third time was in the next chapter following the first one. Oh, and after he returns to normal, the signs of the Pox grow on his neck, as he is getting very close to Stage Two! This can't be good.

    17. If Guybrush talks to Murray at the Screaming Narwhal, Murray will say he'll never talk, and Morgan will follow with, "The skull is right. This information won't come easy." This is one of the cryptic words that the Voodoo Lady would mumble if Guybrush showed her Morgan's file back in Chapter 1.

    18. Guybrush can ask Morgan how to get back to Flotsam Island, another reference to the island back in Chapter 1.

    19. If you have De Cava possess the Voodoo Lady, he will say that he had the "magnificent daydream" of being back in her house. This, of course, refers to her shack back on Flotsam Island where Guybrush met her back in Chapter 1.

    20. While Guybrush is in the Voodoo Lady's body back on Flotsam, s/he can look around at items, like the shrunken head rack (which is like "sitting under a mistletoe"), the parrot perch (where our hero first met the Pyrite Parrot of Petaluma), and the Legendary All-Seeing Eye of Yemalla (which he now refers to as the "Legendary Paperweight of Yemalla"), all of which our hero saw back in Chapter 1.

    21. When De Singe refuses to give the manatee language book to Guybrush the Voodoo Lady, s/he can choose, "Is everyone from your country so unhelpful?" This could be a reference to De Singe's troubled past story back in Chapter 1. Also, his disbelief in voodoo is back since said chapter.

    22. After so much talk about La Esponja Grande in Chapters 1 and 2, the legendary sponge is finally here... except it's much smaller. And it has the power to heal Guybrush of the Pox of LeChuck too! :)

    23. If Guybrush tries using La Esponja Grande in the cannon of the Screaming Narwhal, he will say that he "didn't seize the Screaming Narwhal, sacrifice a trio of legendary sea creatures, and help a couple of giant manatees find love for nothing!" The first part is a reference to the seizure of the ship back in Chapter 1.

    24. It's so weird that Morgan pronounces the word "Caribbean" as "cuh-RIH-bee-an" instead of "CA-ri-BEE-an" like everyone else does. This kinda traces back to when everyone pronounced the Marquis De Singe's name as "deh sanj" (De Singe himself, and later Joaquin D'Oro in the next chapter), "day sahnj" (Hemlock McGee and the Voodoo Lady), or "deh sihnj" (Guybrush and Morgan) in both Chapters 1 and 2.

    Chapter 2: The Siege of Spinner Cay

    1. In the intro, while recapping the events of Chapter 2, the Voodoo Lady holds up each tarot card and sets it on the table, just like she did in said chapter when telling the events of Chapter 1. Also, the "Disease" card of Chapter 2 is back!

    2. After the tarot card scene, the intro opens up with Guybrush and the entire Screaming Narwhal getting swallowed up by the Giant Manatee... which is the exact same scenario that occured at the very end of the previous chapter! :o

    3. The Sea Creatures from Chapter 2 are mentioned here, but here, they're called "seahorses" or "sea-ponies" instead! That's odd!

    4. Guybrush realizes that he left his ring "with my other hand", a reference to when Morgan cut off his Poxed hand that had the ring before running off with it back in the previous chapter.

    5. We find out what happened to the Pyrite Parrot of Petaluma since we last saw it in the previous chapter.

    6. The hook and the Fisheye of the Manatee have carried over from the previous chapter, along with Elaine's wedding ring.

    7. Winslow is now in Stage Two of the Pox of LeChuck, which is now bizarre, since the only other pirates we saw in this stage in the previous chapter are Murkel Trenchfoot, Killick Hardtack, and the Spoon Isle Trio.

    8. "You know, you can't just go through life cutting throats and de-hand-itating people." - Another reference to when Morgan had cut off Guybrush's hand in Chapter 2.

    9. When Guybrush finishes speaking with Morgan for the first time, we get a cutscene with Elaine, the human LeChuck, and the Monkeys of Montevideo. And it seems that Elaine's Pox is getting worse and bordering on Stage Two since Chapter 2. Uh oh...

    10. Also, LeChuck's happy theme from the previous chapter is back... for a short time anyway.

    11. "Note to self -- keep Bugeye away from the Spinner Cay Sea-Pony shelter." - Another reference to the Spinner Cay of the previous chapter.

    12. Guybrush discovers the head of the Legendary Sea Creature, which Bugeye has apparently left near the Screaming Narwhal as a warning not to cross the Brotherhood. This head definitely belongs to said creature of Chapter 2.

    13. After Guybrush returns from his Poxed rage, the signs of the Pox grow on his neck, as he is getting very close to Stage Two as his wife. He could also end up like Hardtack, Trenchfoot, and the Spoon Isle Trio of Chapter Two! Yikes!

    14. "Are you still whining over that little scratch I gave you back on the Narwhal?" - A reference to when Morgan cut off Guybrush's Poxed hand in the previous chapter.

    15. While in the ocean, Guybrush can look at the skeletal remains of the Legendary Sea Creatures, another reference to these beasts in the previous chapter.

    16. If Guybrush looks at the mainmast of the Screaming Narwhal, Morgan will become disgruntled. This is a reference to when he had examined the mainmast one too many times just to anger her during their swordfight.

    17. Morgan's theme from the previous chapter is back when Guybrush talks to her. Pretty sweet. :)

    18. "Taking a break from playing around with my -- ahem, with the hand of Threepwood, hmm?" - This is a reference to Guybrush's Poxed hand, which Morgan had cut off and shown to De Singe.

    19. "I've crossed seas, survived an island siege, thwarted countless enemies (seven, give or take)..." - This is a reference to Guybrush's adventures from Flotsam to the Jerkbait Islands in the previous chapter, and the seven enemies he had faced were: Morgan LeFlay, Killick Hardtack and Murkel Trenchfoot, the Spoon Isle Trio, and Captain McGillicutty.

    20. If Guybrush tries using La Esponja Grande in the cannon of the Screaming Narwhal, he will say that he "didn't seize the Screaming Narwhal, sacrifice a trio of legendary sea creatures, and help a couple of giant manatees find love for nothing!" The second part refers to the very end of the previous chapter.

    21. Once again, the rubber tree mast of the Screaming Narwhal acts as a refelctive shield against the Howler Monkey's cannon blast, just like it did against McGillicutty's cannon blast back in the previous chapter.

    22. De Cava's and Bugeye's shouts of "MANATEEEEE!!!" as the Giant Manatee approaches to devour the entire Howler Monkey are the same as when Guybrush shouted out "MANATEEEEE!!!" as said manatee appoached to devour the entire Screaming Narwhal both at the very end of the previous chapter and at the very beginning of this next chapter!

    23. As the credits are ending, Murray gets himself locked in the treasure chest in the Manatee Mating Grounds before a crab approaches and pushes it, just like it to the treasure chest that once had the Pyrite Parrot in Brillig Island in the previous chapter! :)

    Bugs and Glitches

    After Guybrush loses the first Pirate Face-Off, if you climb back up to the mouth, sometimes the Seahorse Head cutscene may play instead of De Cava's mug cutscene, and it could even play twice after you joined the Brotherhood. Very rare, but strange.

    If you gave the Fisheye Monocle back to De Cava, it sometimes vanishes, and he keeps putting them down as if he were Wally B. Feed or something. Weird!

    After making De Cava drink the yellow bile, if you walk by the coin mountain in the belly of the manatee, you get the cutscene of the pirate speeding down and the bile level lowering! Strange again!

    Sometimes, after Guybrush wins the Pirate Face-Off with Bugeye, his body turns gray. Reloading the game helps fix the "gray Guybrush" issue.

    If Guybrush remains underwater, sometimes the "surfacing" back up won't happen. If the glitch happens, you may have to do some task underwater before you can automatically surface after the time is up.

    If you browse through the crew profiles and save the game before quitting, the next time you get back in the game, you'll get stuck in the crew profile views and won't be able to continue! The only way to fix it is to walk around, hit the trigger to walk down the stairs, then hit the plank and swim down. After that, jump back up and everything will be fixed.

    If you don't get the Guybrush picture if you exit the manatee twice (even after you get the Tonuge of the Manatee), you could get stuck for good and may not be able to continue!

    Sometimes if you return to the Screaming Narwhal from the Manatee Mating Grounds, the sea music is still playing over the Narwhal music! Going back underwater helps to fix the bug. Sometimes the sea music STILL plays after you get La Esponja Grande, but fortunately the bug will fix itself after the cutscene is over.

    And there was a bug that had Guybrush get a strange gray color when he gets La Esponja Grande, up to when he exits the Manatee Mating Grounds for the last time. This is thankfully fixed in a later update.

    Picture Differences

    As far as I can tell, there are quite some different pictures in the beta version of this game that never made it into the final version. They are:

    1. In one picture, we get a close-up of De Cava OUTSIDE of the mucus camp. In the final version of the game, it doesn't happen, and Guybrush talks to him ONLY INSIDE the camp.

    2. In another picture, we get a close-up of Murray looking at us in a stern manner on top of the gold coin pile. In the final version, however, we meet him INSIDE a treasure chest, not on the gold pile.

    3. And in yet another picture, Guybrush seems to be holding a picture of Sister Agnes in front of Noogie while in his "stinky, cross-eyed geezer" pose. In the final version, Guybrush doesn't have the picture in his hand while in that pose, and the picture remains in Noogie's profile.

    And I guess that's it. If there are still some differences that I may have missed, please e-mail me, okay?

    The Untold (Back)Story of Fisheyes Alabaster

    In the current Chapter 3, when Guybrush spoke with Bugeye, he could have Bugeye tell him a bit of a story about Fisheyes Alabaster once our hero saw his portrait. For those of you who have played this chapter and think you know something about Fisheyes Alabaster, well, to quote Al Jolson in the 1927 film The Jazz Singer: "You ain't heard nothin' yet!"

    If you listen to the developer commentary on Chapter 3 on the PC DVD version of Tales of Monkey Island, there is an interview with Telltale's game developer Sean Vanaman, and in that interview he says that at one time there was a "giant backstory" written for Fisheyes Alabaster that was edited from the game by Joe Pinney and the folks at Telltale Games, possibly due to time constraints, because they didn't want to make that backstory a bit gruesome. It was then suggested that the guys would post it somewhere in the DVD, but evidently, it was never posted.

    For months after ToMI was finished, many Monkey Island fans had been requesting and waiting and hoping for the extended backstory on Fisheyes to be placed onto the Telltale Games website. And now, with the earlier script version that Vanaman had saved for so long, it is finally here: posted on the Telltale Games Forums on October 5, 2010, it is now available on this website, at

    Here's the full text on the backstory, with kudos to Sean Vanaman! BTW, it's got many spelling and grammar tweaks that I've since corrected, but otherwise, I hope you enjoyed it! :)

    The Fisheyes Alabaster Backstory

    ["Tell me about Fisheyes Alabaster."]

    GUYBRUSH: Fisheyes Alabaster, renowned philosopher or spooky old man who lived at the end of the lane?

    BUGEYE: You have no idea what you're talking about.

    GUYBRUSH: Enlighten me.

    BUGEYE: Fisheyes Alabaster began life as I did, full of ambition and with a taste for adventure. It wasn't until he joined the crew of Orville the Red did he learn the folly of such naivete. *1.

    GUYBRUSH: That guys with colors for last names are battier than the East Indian cricket team? *2.

    BUGEYE: No. That being at the whims of another man is the fastest way to death and despair.

    GUYBRUSH: Ah, of course.

    BUGEYE: He paid a much higher price than any of us ever will for that lesson. Orville, a renowned but egomaniacal explorer, was after the fabled Maíz de la Vida, [*3.] deep in the jungles of Malaria Island, and their ship was attacked by pirates in Cholera Cove. *4.

    GUYBRUSH: If I had a piece of eight for every time something bad happened to me in Cholera Cove...

    BUGEYE: Orville hid in his quarters while his crew was decimated by the ambush. Fisheyes was manning a six-pounder [*5.] when it exploded, the shock rupturing his ocular nerves. His eyes rolled to the side of his head and that's where they were to stay for the rest of his life.

    GUYBRUSH: [shocked] But think of the peripheral vision... *6.

    BUGEYE: His disfigurement cost him everything - his wife, his dog and his potential monocle-modeling career. But instead of giving up, he shared his experience with foolhardy adventurers who would have become victims without his teachings. "Never join the crew of an explorer! He'll feed ya to the fishes for some chintzy dinner service!" he said. He was the first to find honor in mutineering, and we soldier on in his memory.

    [If you had repeated "Tell me about Fisheyes Alabaster" again...]

    GUYBRUSH: What happened to Fisheyes Alabaster, again?

    BUGEYE: [repeats] Fisheyes was manning a six-pounder when it exploded, the shock rupturing his ocular nerves. His eyes rolled to the side of his head and that's where they were to stay for the rest of his life.

    GUYBRUSH: And he went on to develop a kinship with geckos? [*7.] Eating flies and living in the forest, happily ever after?

    BUGEYE: [stern] No.



    1. The name of Orville the Red has a few meanings. Firstly, his first name is of Old French origin and it means "gold town"; and it was invented by Fanny Burney for a character in her 18th-century novel Evelina. And secondly, Orville the Red is a spoof on a 10th-century person called Erik Thorvaldsson, a.k.a. Erik the Red (c. 950 - c. 1003), who "is remembered in medieval and Icelandic saga sources as having founded the first Nordic settlement in Greenland. ... The appellation "the Red" most likely refers to his hair color. Leif Ericson, the famous Icelandic explorer, was Erik's son." Not to mention that Leif was also the first European to land in North America (excluding Greenland), nearly 500 years before Christopher Columbus did! Sweet!

    2. "That guys with colors for last names are battier than the East Indian cricket team?" - Cricket is the most popular sport in India, which is played by many people in open spaces throughout the country, though it is not the nation's official national sport (a distinction held by field hockey). The entire history of cricket in India and the sub-continent as a whole is based on the existence and development of the British Raj via the East India Company, and it kind of originated when cricket was played at Cambay near Baroda in 1721. Also, cricket is a game played outdoors with bats and a ball between two teams of eleven, popular in England and many Commonwealth countries.

    3. The name of "Maíz de la Vida" is the Spanish term for "Corn of Life".

    4. The names of Malaria Island and Cholera Cove are named after diseases. The first one, "malaria", is a disease "spread by a mosquito, in which a protozoan, Plasmodium, multiplies in blood every few days"; and the second one, "cholera", is "any of several acute infectious diseases of humans and domestic animals, caused by the Vibrio cholerae bacterium through ingestion of contaminated water or food, usually marked by severe gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, and dehydration". These names can be quite deadly!

    5. A six-pounder denotes a gun that fired a projectile of approximately six pounds. The 6-pounder started off with a QF 6 pounder Hotchkiss, a light 57 mm naval gun and coast defense gun of the late 19th century used by many countries, and adapted for use in the early British tanks in World War I.

    6. In neuroanatomy, "peripheral" is "a part of or located in the peripheral nervous system".

    7. A gecko is "any lizard of the family Gekkonidae. They are small, carnivorous, mostly nocturnal animals with large eyes and adhesive toes enabling them to climb on vertical surfaces." Also, Guybrush may be referring to some spoof on The Frog Prince, a fairy tale best known through the Grimm Brothers' written version in which a spoiled princess reluctantly befriends a frog (possibly meeting him after dropping a gold ball into his pond), who magically transforms into a handsome prince.

    Guybrush's Mysterious Profile

    While you're on the Screaming Narhwal on the Manatee Mating Grounds, you can look at Guybrush's profile in De Cava's file trunk. Notice, however, that our hero's profile changes each time you repeatedly look at it. Here's a list of his expertises, turn-ons, greatest fears and underthings, which is incomplete as of yet, so if you've got more, please e-mail me, okay?

    Name: Guybrush Threepwood

    Expertise: "Ghost pirate removal" or "Voodoo doll assembly" or "Monkey-tamer and thrill-seeker" or "Mighty piracy"

    Turn-On: "Elaine. (Captain's note: Who??)" or "My wife, of course" or "Assertive women" or "Grog XD"

    Greatest Fear: "Beards of the undead" or "Not in control of my own actions" or "Porcelain" or "Vichyssoise"

    Underthings: "Commando" or "Whitey-tighties" or "Boxers"

    Version History

    Version 1.0:

    5/6 - Game Script and Intro started.
    5/8 - Intro completed; story started.
    5/16 - Story and Credits completed; Script Miscellany started.
    5/17 - Formatted Game Script FAQ completed.

    Version 1.1:

    9/26-9/28 - Fixed a lot of tweaks here and there, added accented marks,
    corrected the name of the "Shivress" tarot card, renamed "Crew Member" as
    "Crew Leader", and also corrected a few words a bit. Also made the game
    apply to the PC, Wiiware, Mac, and PS3 versions.

    Version 2.0:

    November 2011-10/10/2012 - Finally! After nearly a YEAR of delays and
    setbacks, I've done the first "major" revision for the entire guide! I
    reorganized and expanded a lot of dialogue. Added a script terminology for
    the dialogue options and made the "TM" bold instead of italics. Also created
    a "Secrets" section for ToMI Chapter 3 with sources from all over the
    Web, including Urban Dictionary,, Wiktionary, Telltale
    Games, and, of course, Also fixed some spelling, grammar and
    punctuation tweaks and misspellings of words, added the "Picture Differences"
    section, and added "The Untold (Back)Story of Fisheyes Alabaster. And the
    game is now applicable to the iOS ports, including iPhone and iPad. Sweet!
    If there's anything else I've missed, please e-mail me via new e-mail address
    of "" instead of "" (because I changed it), alright?


    My thanks go out to: First and foremost, my Uncle Dave, who first fascinated me with his computer skills and ability to play The Secret of Monkey Island when I was little. Without him my creation of this script would not have been possible. Thanks go also to Wikipedia, for helping me find out more about the TSoMI game that spawned a franchise with other Monkey Island games, including the episodic Tales of Monkey Island and its release dates; GameZebo, for keeping up to date with Tales of Monkey Island and its chapters, with a walkthrough for each chapter; my YouTube fans xAeternax, Blackadder125, Geekmeister450, namretsbol, OreWaUsopp, Promindful, thizked and Trigent for helping me out on the game by saving and loading it onto YouTube in video clips; LucasArts and Telltale Games for making yet another good game; GameFAQs, for hosting the guide and being a great resource on the Internet; and finally, to dark52, HRahman, VioletKIRA and all the other in-depth FAQ writers and game script writers for a good deal of inspiration for this formatted FAQ! You guys are the best!


    Copyright © 2010-2012 by Deborah L. Kearns. This scripted document is intended ONLY for private home use and may not be reproduced through electronic or commercial means without the consent of the author (Deborah L. Kearns). It cannot be hosted, edited, or distributed for profit and may not be given away as an add-in/gift to bought items, and it should not be claimed as your own. All rights are reserved to respected parties, even those not explicitly stated herein. Thank you for reading this, and thank you for respecting FAQ authors.