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    Walkthrough by dark52

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              ,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,
            ,'___        _  _''''_,,_'''|       ,,,
           |   |  /\ |  |_ |_   / \|_  ( --  ,,|   '''''''|
          .|   | /--\|_ |_  _|  \_/|    |  ''  |          |'''''',
         \ \    ,',,'''',,,,|,,,,,,',,, |       ,',,,,'','  ,;;,,,,,'
       / ,'\,'''\       ,,,,    , ,,, |,,,  ,'' __ ___   __  _____  __     ,-
      /',,, ','\       /    /,',''   \ \ '',   \  /\  / / / \   ,,\\\ \   //
     /     /\    \     /   // / \,'', \ \   '',,|| | |-/ /  |  /_    \ \ //
     |   /  |      \  /   /|  \     / | | |',    | |  ,, \  |   _|    \  /
      \  /  |  \    \/    | \  ',,,,' / / |   \  | / |  \ \ /  \__//   \ |
      \,'   |  |\      /| |  ',     ,'/____\   \ |'---   --'-------   /__|
       | /  |  | \    / |  \   '''''  ,,''', \''/       ,'''', ,,   ____ ,,,,,,
        '   |  |  \  /  |   \ ,''' / / ,'''\ | |  ..'''  ,'| | |  \ \  /|      \
            |  |   ,'  /    / \    | |  '',  | |  //''  , '' | | ,  \|| |  |'\  \
           /   |        \  /   \   |  ',    \| |   , / / ',  | | |\   | |  |  | |
          /     \        ''    |   |.''/ )  )/  ''' // /  /  \/  \ \  | |  |  | |
         /      /              |   || ',' ,'/______/'''   ''''',,,  \ | /  |,/  /
         ',   ,'               |   | ',,,'                           \| /______/
           ','                 |   |
                               /   \
                              /     \
                              ',  ,'              _______
                                \/  _____            |
                                      |  |    _      |     '  _  |
                                      |  |/| |_|     |  |/ | | | |
                                      |  | | |_      |  |  | |/| |
                               ___                                     _
                              |                                       /
                  _       _|  |__      _   _         '  _        _   |
                 | | |/| | |  |    \/ |_| |  | | -|- | | | |/|  | | ---
                 |/| | | |/|  |___ /\ |_  |_ |/\  |/ | |_| | |  |_|  /
        ____                            _______                     /
       /                                   |                     __/
      |  ___         |_          _ |       |  |       _   _   _        _   _   _|
      |   |  | | \ | | | |/ | | \  |/|     |  |/| |/ |_| |_| | | |  | | | | | | |
       \__|  |/\  \| |/  |  |/\ _\ | |     |  | | |  |_  |_  |/  |/\| |_| |_| |/|
          |       /                                          |
      /__/   ,___/                                           |


    Welcome to my guide for the fourth chapter of Tales of Monkey Island. The Walkthrough should be able to guide you straight through from the start to the end. I do skip a lot of content that is irrelevant to the progress of the game but you will probably want to explore every option.

    There is also a section, 'Just The Clicks', with a streamlined guide to what you need to do if you only need a little push towards the solution that you're stuck on. Hopefully it's spoiler free.

    As far as I am aware all versions of the game will be identical, this was written using the PC version from Telltale Games themselves.

    The Trial

    The game opens on Flotsam Island, after a brief dialogue with the Marquis the trial of Guybrush Threepwood begins. First off you'll need to go through the dialogues until you get given the briefs. You can tackle the cases in any order you like, but the only one you can win right now is that of Killick Hardtack and the case of the ruined X.

    To call a witness you need to talk to Judge Grindstump and select the Call a witness... option. From there you'll see a list of all the witnesses, call Bailiff Hardtack. Walk up to him in the witness stand and talk to him, keep pestering him about lying about the X, he'll crack and confess.

    That's all you can do for the moment, to leave talk to the Judge again and ask for a recess. You'll be stuck in the jail now, the way out is fairly simple. Ask Hardtack if you can see your lawyer and then choose any of the dialogue options.

    Go and talk to D'Oro in the prison next door, ask what he's in for and then ask him to stop testifying against you. Then suggest a glass eye as his bribe. He'll specify that he wants a Pox coloured eye, then you can leave.

    Stan's Courtroom Souvenir Emporium is now where the Keelhauler Gazette used to be, talk to Stan at his stall. Ask about what he's selling and then inspect the magnetic beard game. Pick up the discarded toy.

    Next stop, Club 41. Unlike in the first chapter you can actually go inside. Click on the sign behind the bar on the left, you'll be given a line of Blood Island Volcano Shots for free. You'll now have a single shot left and five empty glasses. Use one of the empty glasses on the skull candle on the table nearby. All done in here.

    It's off to the other end of the docks now, click on the glassblower's door. Ask Crimpdigit to make you an eye for D'Oro. Next use any of your glasses of liquid on the Leg Lamp outside the shop, he'll let you take it as it's damaged.

    Head up to the Marquis de Singe's house. Here you'll want to collect a sample of the Weird Oozing Fluid that's found to the right, and to free Jacques from his cage - use your hook to unlock it.

    Finally head down to the end of the docks where Hemlock McGee and his cat Miss Prettywhiskers are. Use the iron-leaking magnetic beard toy on the bowl of catfood to fill Miss Barfywhiskers with iron filings.

    Go back to the courtroom, to get inside talk to Hardtack and ask to return. The first witness we'll call is Bosun Kathryn Krebbs. Before you can destroy her case you'll need to prepare the Leg Lamp to match the pattern and colouring of her burn. First use the red cup of mysterious caustic fluid from De Singe's to change the burn shape to that of a skull and crossbones. Then to change the colour to purple you need to use it with the blue cup of hot wax that you collected in Club 41.

    Present the evidence to her to get the case thrown out.

    Your next witness to call is Hemlock McGee. Simply use your magnetic monkey on the paralysed cat.

    We still need to give D'Oro the Pox coloured eye, to get a matching colour you need to enrage the Judge. Simply object and he'll go into a pox rage. Use the eye on him to get a snapshot. You can't give D'Oro the eye whilst you're still in court so ask for a recess, escape from the jail again and then give D'Oro the eye.

    Head back into court and call D'Oro as your final witness. Present the map that he gave you and it's all over.

    Or not. Plead not guilty (or guilty, it doesn't matter) and then claim that the Pox isn't your fault.

    The Summons

    Talk to Bosun Krebbs and flirt with her to gain the attentions of Morgan and Elaine. They'll jump over towards you and knock some sugar off the chandelier. Pick up the sack of sugar from the table and then go over to the Judge. Ask for a drink and the ladies will jump back to the bar, Kathryn will leave the bathroom and an icky puddle will appear. Click on it to get a recipe stuck to the bottom of your shoe, click it to pick it up.

    Wander over to Kathryn again and resume flirting with her. Morgan and Elaine will again jump over away from the bar. Talk to W.P. again and ask for a Tri- Island Tuna Colada that you picked up from your shoe. This will distract him and allow you to put the summons on the dart board.

    Talk to Elaine & Morgan and encourage Elaine.

    Ask for a moment and then go over to the evidence table. Pick up La Esponja Grande.

    The Feast

    Talk to the Voodoo Lady in her prison cell and she'll give you a map. Unfold it by clicking on the top and bottom. It'll give you some hints as to what you need to do if you click on the pictures of the senses. Once you've read it fold it back up, but fold the corners in first and then the top and bottom. Click off into the void to put it down.

    Go to the left and the far end of the docks, you should see the Marquis running off into the Jungle. Ignore him for the moment and go to his house. Use your hook to unlock the backroom and gather a bag full of limbs. There are various clues around this room that will help with completing the feast but nothing else to pick up.

    Exit the building and enter the Jungle. Go to the Creepy Shack at the north of the island. Use your Leg-Shaped Lamp on the moths to collect them up. Go to the Jungle Entrance and follow your map to the well. That should be west from the start and then north at the crossroads.

    Use the sack of sugar on the well and then dip a severed leg into it. Take this to the Altar (north at the entrance) and put it on there. Return to the altar and you'll see a trail of fireflies heading off to the west. Follow it. Continue west at the crossroads and then north at the well.

    The trail will lead off into the grass, click on it to follow them to the Jungle Beast! Use your lamp on the beast to stop if from snapping. Grab the Lion's Paw.

    Fold the map into the first formation and head to the Red Idol. Once there refold the map into the second position and the exit will now go to the ?.

    Head back to the entrance and follow the map all the way to the Red Idol. That's north at the entrance, east at the altar, east at the block, south at the Purple Idol, and north at the Green Idol. When you're at the Red Idol open up your map again. Unfold the bottom and then the bottom left corner. Refold the bottom and you should see that the Red Idol is attached only to a ?, there'll also be a rumbling sound but that happens whenever you change the map if you're in the Jungle at the time.

    Follow that path to that ? and you'll find a chest. Use your hook on it to unlock it and find some tarot cards inside.

    Time to visit Stan again. Show him the Lamp and the Moths will be attracted by his sign. Ask him about his new items, particularly that LeChuck doll. Pick up Stan's Jacket and then we're off to Club 41. The sign at the righthand end of the bar has been uncovered and the Fugu Jolokia Challenge has been set.

    Ask the Judge about it and the glass case will be removed. Instead of doing anything about it, leave and go back to De Singe's. Use the Auto-Trepanation Helmet on the ceiling and then press the left button. Without clicking on anything other than the exit, leave and run down to Club 41. Enter and then use your hook on the pepper. If you managed to get here with your tongue still numb then you'll be given the pepper.

    Now to put it all together in the correct order, don't worry the game doesn't actually let you do it wrong. Combine Stan's Jacket with the sponge first, then the Lion's Paw, the pepper, and the tarot cards. To shock it you will need to wander about on the green carpet near the exit a little until it becomes a static charged carpet. Attempt to leave and you'll be given a shock much stronger than normal.

    Exit the club.

    The Belch

    Attempt to throw the sponge into the wind device. Unfortunately it'll bounce off and De Singe will catch it. Next use your sack of sugar on the bucket of water, and then your pepper on the Marquis.

    Talk to the Marquis and encourage Elaine. To finally finish it, throw La Esponje Grande into the Wind Control Device.

    Just The Clicks


    1. Call Hardtack as a witness.
    2. Say that he's lying three times.


    1. Call for a recess.
    2. Ask to see your lawyer.
    3. Go to Club 41.
    4. Get a line of Volcano Shots.
    5. Use an empty glass on Skull Candle.
    6. Go to the Glassblower shop.
    7. Use Volcano Shot on Leg Lamp.
    8. Go to De Singe's house.
    9. Use an empty glass on Oozing Fluid.
    10. Return to court.
    11. Call Krebbs as a witness.
    12. Use Caustic Fluid on the Leg Lamp.
    13. Use Wax on the Leg Lamp.
    14. Present Leg Lamp to witness.


    1. Call for a recess.
    2. Ask to see your lawyer.
    3. Talk to Stan outside the Keelhauler.
    4. Ask about what he's selling.
    5. Ask about the magnetic game.
    6. Pick up the game.
    7. Use the game on bowl on the docks.
    8. Use hook on cage by De Singe's.
    9. Return to court.
    10. Call Hemlock as a witness.
    11. Use monkey on cat.


    1. Call for a recess.
    2. Ask to see your lawyer.
    3. Talk to D'Oro in prison.
    4. Ask why he's testifying.
    5. Go to the Glassblower shop.
    6. Click on the door.
    7. Ask for an eye.
    8. Return to court.
    9. Talk to Judge and object.
    10. Use eye on enraged Judge.
    11. Call for a recess.
    12. Ask to see your lawyer.
    13. Give D'Oro the eye.
    14. Return to court.
    15. Call D'Oro as a witness.
    16. Present map to witness.


    1. Talk to Krebbs.
    2. Flirt.
    3. Ask for any drink from WP.
    4. Click on puddle.
    5. Click on note on shoe.
    6. Flirt with Krebbs.
    7. Ask WP to make recipe from shoe.
    8. Use summons with dart board.
    9. Talk to the girls and encourage Elaine.

    First Course

    1. Go to Creepy Shack in the Jungle.
    2. Use Leg Lamp on Moths.
    3. Show Leg Lamp to Stan.
    4. Ask about merchandise.
    5. Ask about LeChuck doll.
    6. Pick up rag.
    7. Use rag with sponge.

    Second Course

    1. Go to Club 41.
    2. Pick up sugar from table.
    3. Go to De Singe's.
    4. Use hook on backroom door.
    5. Go to the well in the Jungle.
    6. Use sugar on well.
    7. Use limbs on well.
    8. Go to alter in the Jungle.
    9. Use limb on altar.
    10. Go back to altar.
    11. Go west.
    12. Go west.
    13. Go north.
    14. Click on trail.
    15. Use Lamp with Beast.
    16. Pick up Paw.
    17. Use paw with sponge.

    Third Course

    1. Go to Club 41.
    2. Ask about challenge.
    3. Go to De Singe's.
    4. Use helmet.
    5. Press left button.
    6. Go to Club 41.
    7. Use hook on pepper.
    8. Use pepper with sponge.

    Fourth Course

    1. Look at map.
    2. Unfold top.
    3. Unfold bottom.
    4. Fold top left.
    5. Fold top right.
    6. Fold bottom left.
    7. Fold bottom right.
    8. Fold top.
    9. Fold bottom.
    10. Go to Jungle.
    11. Go north at the entrance.
    12. Go east at the altar.
    13. Go east at the stone block.
    14. Go south at the Purple Idol.
    15. Go north at the Green Idol.
    16. Look at map.
    17. Unfold bottom.
    18. Unfold bottom left.
    19. Fold bottom.
    20. Go south.
    21. Use hook on chest.
    22. Use cards with sponge.

    Fifth Course

    1. Go to Club 41.
    2. Walk back and forth on carpet near entrance.
    3. Exit Club 41.

    Sixth Course

    1. Exit Club 41.
    2. Throw sponge in device.
    3. Use sugar on bucket.
    4. Use pepper on De Singe.
    5. Talk to De Singe.
    6. Encourage Elaine.
    7. Throw sponge in device.
    What combination do I need to use to disprove Krebbs?
    The correct liquids to match the Purple Skull pattern are the blue wax from in Club 41 and the red oozing liquid from De Singe's.
    What about the other liquids? Do they do anything?
    Nope. You don't even need to collect them and they all vanish anyway.
    How do I get a red eye for D'Oro?
    The only person who'll stay enraged for long enough is the Judge. Make him angry and use the eye on him.
    What do the other recipes do?
    They just make some extra drinks to have instead of Grog, nothing more.
    How can I find the beast?
    You get some limbs from De Singe's place (use a hook for the lock) and some sugar from Club 41. Pour the sugar into the Jungle Well and then dip a leg in. Put that leg on the altar and then follow the path.
    The sixth sense? This map makes no sense!
    The key to the map is realising that the jungle layout changes when you change the folds. You need to get to the ? but to do so you need to first go to the only joining part - the red Idol. To get there you need to fold all of the corners in - the ? should not even appear on the map at the moment. When you're there you can refold the map to join with the ? by unfolding the bottom left corner and the only path will lead you to your prize.
    Where do I get a shock from?
    Static will build up in the carpet in Club 41 if you walk about on it. Try to leave and the shock will be much stronger than usual.


    v1.2 - 31/01/10
    Added a picture of the jungle map.
    v1.1 - 03/12/09
    Trying out new GameFAQs format.
    v1.0 - 01/11/09
    Walkthrough completed.


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