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"Inner Circle = Cash Grab"

Welcome to the world of mean looking metal giants, stumbling around the country side like drunken transients.

This is an action packed, violence personified, battle simulator that's almost impossible to master (unless you have plastic). In game battles are loud and action packed yet even with the full encompassed violence there is a distinct disconnect as you leave the battle field and are thrown back to your mech bay. There is no chat room or house guild to congregate for post battle discussion. There is no way to choose a battle or players. This is the ground floor of development hell. To be given greatness in short increments balanced by credit card purchases is almost enough to make you log off, but then the clanging of far off battles soon beckons you back for another round. You do have your choice of assault: skirmish, conquest, yet choose wisely as mech configuration should be preemptively done for specific battle scenarios.

The ever changing tides of updating game mechanics is the Ebb and flow and Ebb again of MechWarrior online. These aren't Updates creating a more encompassing game. These update are just tweaking of game mechanics. Piranha doesn't seem to be focusing on completing a full functioning MechWarrior universe, complete with all houses and gal axial conquest. They don't wish to encourage a coming together of houses. MechWarrior is a promise not yet fulfilled, yet a tempting one, designed to keep you coming back (with credit card) for more. As you find comfort in a mech build that you have grinded away on there is soon to be an update capsizing your skills in that mech making you (you guessed it) purchase another mech that would be better suited to the update. Do you like using LRM? If you use it too often you will receive an update and your target lock will be drastically reduced.

There are some upsides to the game.

The battles are action packed! and the mechs are very responsive and you can really notice tactical changes you make in the mechbay.

It looks absolutely beautiful.The scenery details are almost mesmerizing. From the small vehicles abandoned to flee the impending battle to a frozen metropolis abandoned when a sun burned out. Battlefield graphics are awe inspiring. The planets are stunning and the game effects from whirling dust devils to rushing blizzards, and the sounds are the best a mech game has ever had.

The Mech bay allows full customization for both hardware and skill set. The name of the game is Customization; unfortunately, some Hardware comes with a hefty price tag but can be earned by grinding it out for in game earnings.

If you decide you aren't going to spend any money on the game, somehow the grind gets even more tedious. I'm not saying that they would program an update to either force you out or motivate you to purchase a bundle (some are over 100 bucks) What I mean is, this game model, in its very core, is design for consumerism on ever level. Right now the level is mechs weapons. If the game was truly developed into a true house MMORPG it would be done so that other parts of the game would also come with a price tag. After buying a mech I couldn't enjoy a game that I had to pay in order to be able to compete on. Piranha has all the skills needed to pull this off but know this. MechWarrior and its brand is more than a product. It was created by real gamers during the age of the dice player. That means this game almost has a soul. I hope piranha decides not to program the soul out of MechWarrior.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 04/15/14

Game Release: MechWarrior Online (US, 09/17/13)

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