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    Race/Class Guide by DannyAIC

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    Warning:  You may use this file for your own personal use, but to 
    claim that you wrote it...well just kind of sad that that's your life, 
    and you want recognition so badly that you have to steal FAQs from 
    other people and claim it as your own.  Anyhoo.... 
    This FAQ is designed for people who want ideas on party creation and a 
    usefulness breakdown of each character. The choice of race for each class is 
    purely my own opinion. 
    Also, the first two parts of this guide does not take into account transferring 
    your characters to other games! It's only meant to recommend for this one. Ok, 
    here goes:
    There are 6 Races in Gateway to the Savage Frontier.  I will go through each 
    one with a fine toothed comb, and we will decide if we have a deal or no deal.
    Rating: A
    Recommended Classes:  Any except Fighter.  (See note in fighter below)
    Humans do not get a cap on the levels they can attain in Gateway to the savage
    Frontier, and they can choose any class.  This is wonderful, since many races 
    have caps on the classes they choose.  The Adventurer's journal has a table for 
    it so I'm not going to get into detail here on it. They also get the highest 
    strength modifier that fighter types can attain! This means a human paladin or 
    ranger can start with a great THAC0 score.  The only problem with the
    human is that he cannot multi class.  There's something called human dual 
    classing but quite frankly I found that to be quite useless and would only
    bother with single classes in these games.  
    Rating: D
    Recommended Classes:  Magic-user/Thief, Cleric/Magic User,
    Well Elves get an extra point to dexterity.  This is good to get their 
    armor class down an extra point more than most other characters. If I remember 
    correctly as well they have a slight resistance to magic spells. They can also 
    choose any class except paladin which means they can multi class very well.
    But, and this is a BIG but, if they die......you're screwed.  Elves cannot be 
    brought back from the dead. If you don't save extremely frequently, this can be 
    very frustrating. In my opinion their abilities do not justify the risk you take
    making an elf character.
    Rating: B-
    Recommended Classes:  Fighter, Fighter/Thief
    Dwarves are stocky little dudes.  Next to humans, they get the highest strength 
    modifier available to fighter types. Also, they are resistant to poison and 
    when attacking large enemies like hill giants they get bonuses to hit. They 
    get an extra point to constitution as well.  What's so bad about them?  Well
    First off they get a -2 to charisma (and since I'm still not sure what that 
    does, doesn't make a difference) but more importantly a -1 to dexterity. This 
    means a slighter higher AC (higher = worse). Also, they can only choose 2 
    classes, Fighter or thief. I'll let you figure out which one to choose....
    Rating: C
    Recommended Classes: Fighter, Thief, Fighter/Thief
    Gnome are almost exactly like dwarves.  They have better dexterity than 
    Dwarves, but less constitution than they do.  Pretty much all other important 
    stats between the two are the same. The gnome has a slightly less strength 
    modifier than a dwarf, but not enough to make a huge difference to THAC0. If
    you want a fighter type with less hit points but a slightly better AC, (at 
    least compared to dwarves) then take a gnome.  I personally like the dwarf 
    Rating:  F (Is there a rating lower than F?)
    Recommended Classes:  None
    I'll get straight to the point.  -1 to Strength for males, (meaning no 
    strength modifiers for fighter types) -4 for females (Are you serious???).  
    They get one bonus point to constitution.  Yipee. Add in the fact that they 
    can only be Thieves or Fighters, and you have an absolutely useless race.  
    Rating:  A
    Recommended Classes: Magic-User/Thief, Cleric/Magic-User, Cleric/Ranger, 
    Cleric/Fighter, Fighter/Magic-User
    And here we come to my favorite race. I'll start with the cons this time.
    Which is that females gets a -1 to strength.  Ok now let's go with the 
    pros. DIVERSITY.  A half Elf can be any class except paladin, which means 
    they are the best choice for multi-classing.  They get a better strength 
    modifier for fighter types than elves, (though not as good as dwarves or 
    Humans). Still, it's not enough to make a big difference to THAC0.  And more 
    importantly, UNLIKE their elf counterparts, they CAN be raised from the dead.  
    Why would anyone take an elf over a half elf??? Not sure.....
    PART II:  Classes
    In this game, every class is important to success. I'm not gonna rate the 
    class, but I will let you know which classes can be mixed with which etc.
    Races Allowed:  Human
    Can Mulitclass with: N/A
    Paladins are excellent fighters. They also have protection from evil '10
    constantly, which means any evil characters attacking them are less 
    effective. This is just great.  They can't travel with any evil characters 
    though, and they must be Lawful/Good aligned.  That's a small price to pay 
    for their abilities. Take one.
    Races Allowed: Human, Elf, Half-Elf
    Can Multiclass with: Cleric
    Ranger too are excellent fighters. They get a bonus when attacking large 
    enemies like hill giants and such.  They must be of good alignment however, 
    and they can only multiclass with clerics. Their experience requirements are 
    a little higher though, so you may not want to multi class with them anyway.  
    Races Allowed:  All
    Can Multiclass with: Cleric, Magic-User, Thief
    The fighter is your standard fighter. He has no special abilities like the 
    Ranger or Paladin.  So why bother then? First of all, he has less expereince 
    requirements than either of those classes.  Second, in this game he's able to 
    attain higher levels than the paladin. And third, if you take a dwarf fighter, 
    the extra constitution gives him higher hit points, but also allows him to get 
    bonuses to THAC0 when fighting larger enemies, thereby making him a mini 
    (mini???? GET IT??? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA) ranger with less experience requirements 
    and similar abilities.
    Races Allowed: All
    Can multiclass with: Fighter, Magic-User
    I honestly have no idea if taking a thief makes any kind of difference in this 
    game but everyone seems to say so so I guess they do.  Thieves can use any 
    weapon and they can backstab, which means if they attack from the opposite 
    direction of the last attack, they can do heavy damage.  This is interesting in 
    combination with a fighter.  By himself however, the thief is not impressive. 
    He can only wear leather armor, and no shields. Multi class him with a magic 
    user or a fighter.
    Races allowed: Human, Elf, Half-Elf
    Can Multiclass with: Ranger, Fighter, Magic-User
    Definitely need one or two of these guys.  Cure light wounds gets more 
    impressive as they get higher in levels, and they are decent fighters to boot. 
    They are able to use all armors except plate and they can use shields too. They 
    can only use crushing weapons though (Maces, staff sling), and they don't get 
    as many hp as fighter types.  They can use all the cleric spells, my favorite 
    being Hold Person.  (SO INCREDIBLY USEFUL) Prayer too. Also, if they are 
    aligned to good, they can turn undead.   
    Races allowed: Human, Elf, Half-Elf
    Can Multiclass with: Fighter, Thief, Cleric
    If you don't take two of these, take at least one. Without a magic user 
    in your party, you may as well just put down the game, or at least be ready 
    for some VERY frustrating battles. These will be your guys for area of effect 
    spells. Stinking Cloud, Sleep, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, all spells that any 
    adventurer will find extremely useful. For me personally however, I tend to 
    multiclass these guys for a couple of reasons. First of they can use no armor 
    or shields. Not as big of a deal as my next point, considering you wanna keep 
    em away from the fray anyway.  Second point is that when they run out of 
    spells, they are utterly useless. You'll just continue to press end when it 
    comes to their turn in battle. If you multi-class with a thief, you can 
    shoot arrows from the back with none the wiser. If you multiclass with a 
    cleric, you get the better armor and weapons of the cleric, plus the ability 
    to use all spells. Also, since clerics max their armor out at banded mail, 
    they'll have better movement than a multi-class with a fighter. A fighter I 
    don't recommend because you're gonna want them on the front line, which 
    means if they get hit they lose any spell they were casting.  Kind of 
    defeats the purpose.  
    PART III:  Party Creration
    I'm gonna give you some sample parties with an explanation of why I think 
    they're good, or bad.
    Party 1:  
    Recommended Party by Adventurer's Journal
    1 Human Paladin
    1 Half-Elf Ranger
    1 Dwarf Fighter/Thief
    2 Human Clerics
    1 Elf Magic User
    This is a pretty good party for beginners. It packs in all the necessary 
    classes and they will go up in level reasonably fast. This is pretty much 
    as balanced and vanilla as you're going to get. The elf magic user in my 
    opinion is quite unneccesary as is the half elf Ranger.  Due to racial 
    constrictions, if you're ever gonna take a single class, the human is the 
    best race to take (with the exception of the fighter.) Everyone here should 
    be human except obviously the Fighter/Thief.  Otherwise, it's not a bad 
    party. I myself like to pack in a little more heat.
    Party 2:  My recommended Party 1
    1 Human Paladin
    1 Human Ranger
    1 Dwarf fighter 
    1 Human Cleric
    1 Half-Elf Cleric/Magic-User
    1 Half Elf Magic User/Thief
    You have your three Fighter types, two Clerics, two mages, and your staple 
    thief. The mages will advance slowly due to multiclassing but you don't 
    really NEED the level 3 Mage spells until much later in the game when you 
    have enough experience for them. Your dwarf fighter will have lots of HP, 
    and you'll find your human cleric can jump in as a fourth mini fighter.  
    You can keep the two magic users in the back firing off staff slings and 
    bows when not casting spells.  
    Party 3:  My recommended Party 2
    1 Human Paladin
    1 Human Ranger
    1 Dwarf Fighter/Thief
    1 Human cleric
    1 Half-Elf Cleric/Magic-User
    1 Human Magic-User
    I actually like the first party better for a couple of reasons.  
    Fighter/Thieves tend to have much less hit points than pure fighters, 
    meaning keeping them on the front line where they belong can be a liability. 
    You'll find them being rendered unconcious (or worse, killed) more often 
    than you're gonna like. Also, while your single class magic user may level 
    quicker then if he were multiclassed, he's gonna be quite useless when he's 
    not casting spells.  Darts don't do much damage.  But if you want a pure 
    magic user, this is a good option for a party.  
    Party 4: Long term party 1 (Transferring to Treasures of the 
    savage frontier)
    1 Human Paladin
    1 Human Ranger 
    1 Dwarf Fighter/Thief
    2 Human Clerics
    1 Human Magic-User
    This is a spin-off of the first party.  In fact it's the same party except 
    almost everyone is a human, due to the racial constrictions.  It's pretty 
    vanilla, but you'll want your guys to achieve as high of a level as they can.  
    A spinoff of this party is this one:
    Party 5: Long term party 2 (Transferring to Treasures of the savage frontier)
    1 Human Paladin
    1 Human Ranger 
    2 Human Clerics
    1 Elf Magic-User/Thief
    1 Human Magic-User
    I know, I know, I said never take an elf.  Well in this case, I would.  Elves 
    have a higher racial limitation for magic-users than Half-Elves do. I actually
    like this party better than the previous one.  The extra magic User will make
    fights a lot easier. The two clerics can be enough of a tank that you can do 
    without a third fighter type.  
    Hope you enjoyed this!  Any further questions, email me at DannyAIC@aol.com. 

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