What is the best strategy for getting fame?

  1. Is there any other fame cheat code?Or any tips on how to lvl up in fame fast?

    User Info: Mustang2398

    Mustang2398 - 7 years ago


  1. If you're lazy you can just cheat your way up the Fame Ranks by doing either of the following

    1. You can give yourself fame by pressing Ctrl+Shift+~(tilde, the button above the tab key), and then typing "Fame" (without the quotes) to give yourself 1k fame each time. (EASY)


    2. By pressing the cheat console key combo (Ctrl, Shift, Tilde) and typing "Gold" (again no quotes) to give yourself 500K gold each time and then just pay the bard who will then give you the next rank in fame. (WAAAAY EASIER THIS WAY)

    Other than that? Do it the honest way by grinding for your FAME by doing A LOT of quests AND I MEAN A LOT. Whatever way you do it, it's your choice.

    User Info: MrBoots007

    MrBoots007 - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. Hold CTRL+SHIFT+~. Then type Legendary foe cannibal. Identify that with the scrolls, and sell. Repeat until enough money to sweettalk your way to unattainability.

    User Info: x9hp

    x9hp - 6 years ago 0 0
  3. I have cheated my way all the way to Unattainable and have accumulated over a trillion dollars . Getting into the (Item file) is tricky but easy, once you do it . There ,you can change values of anything and make it worth $100000000 if you want to . Talk about making money fast ,this is the only way . To do it
    Right click on the game and when the window comes up . Right click on properties . Then right click on (find target) .Open the items folder on this page and then when that is open , Open the ( en-US) folder .
    After that , you will see the (Items folder) I open the items folder with (Notepad) . Once into the folder .At the top of the screen you will have a drop down menu with Edit . Go down the list till you se (find) Type in what you want to find and it will locate it for you. Then just change the (value) that you want and at the top make sure you click on (save) Make sure that you copy the (item file) and paste it on your desktop.That is just in case you make a mistake . This way you can delete the orginal one that you changed and copy and paste the one on your desktop back into the items folder .Once you get the hang of it , you will be changing all kinds of stuff . My Spears are( Legendary Terminal Calculations) with attack damage 0f 400,000 and attack speed of 15,000,000 My experience level is 327,305,406,858 and my next level is 32,874,347,008 . Take your time and you will get it.

    User Info: wnight1

    wnight1 - 6 years ago 0 0
  4. Wnight1 is right

    User Info: Ashoka456463

    Ashoka456463 - 6 years ago 0 0

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