• Console Codes

    Press Ctrl+Shift+~ This will bring up the Cheat Console, which will appear as a question mark on the lower left third of the screen. Once it's open, just start typing some of the codes below, and you'll see the text appear next to the question mark. Once you've entered the desired cheat (only one at a time), just hit enter to execute the command.

    FameAdds 1000 fame points to your character
    GoldAdds 500,000 Gold
    ExperienceAdds 5000 experience points to your character
    Bloodallows the game to display red blood (normally, you see star particles instead)
    Ascend "#"Ascends a "#" of levels (remove quotes and replace # with the number of levels to ascend)
    DiscoverallCompletely reveals the current dungeon level.
    Fountain of WellnessCreates a fountain that will replenish both your health and your mana
    Fountain of HealthCreates a fountain that will replenish your health
    Fountain of ManaCreates a fountain that will replenish your mana
    Fountain of StaminaCreates a fountain that will replenish your stamina
    Shrine of LearningCreates a Shrine that will randomly give either positive or negative effects to a character's stats
    Fate StatueCreates a statue that, when activated, will either give a unique monster, or 2 random gems
    DumpmapCreates a text description of the current map to a maze.txt file, which can be found in the game's installation folder.
    Magic AnvilCreates an Anvil that will randomly imbue either a positive or negative magical effect on an item
    Descend "#"Descends a "#" of levels (remove quotes and replace # with the number of levels to descend)
    Levelup"0#"Gives you one experience level; after typing the cheat, press 0 and any number you like to level up by that much.
    godInfinite Health
    Levelup "#"Input the number of levels you want to raise, and you will go up that many levels...Don't make the number too high or you could crash the game
    NobloodReplaces red blood with star particles (this is the default)
    HealRestores all of your health
    Large ChestSummons a large chest with nothing in it
    [Creature Name]Summons the given creature.
    [Item Name]Summons the given item name.

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