How many Turbine points can you get?

  1. I noticed that after you get 400 Favor points you get the Drow race, but that still leaves the Warforged and the other 2 classes at about 800 points a piece to get. Are you actually able to acquire near 2400 points in game without spending any real currency? How long would that take?

    User Info: Kyotain

    Kyotain - 7 years ago

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  1. The Drow is unlocked at 400 favor .. For that specific server you get 400 favor on a single character. You can unlock Drow for all servers by VIP status or by buying Drow from the Turbine Store.

    Warforged and Monk can only be bought with Turbine Points (TP).

    You can unlock Favored Soul without Turbine Points for a particular server with favor .. but its somewhere around 2500 favor on a single character.

    There is this great guide on Favor and Free to Play mechanics on the ddo forum.

    you can only aquire 916 favor on any given character from F2P quests without buying any added content. Extra TP through favor is awarded for your first character on a server reaching specific favor marks. This follow link will illustrate this point better than I can.

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  1. From how much I've played so far, you are able to attain 25 Turbine points for every 100 favour you accrue. This carries on between characters, so if you max out a character, you can keep getting more turbine points by making a new one, even if you delete the old.

    User Info: dopey_power

    dopey_power - 7 years ago 0 1

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