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    Walkthrough by kimkallstrom19

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 10/20/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Machinarium Walkthrough
    Version 1.01
    Last Updated: October 20 2009
    Version Updates
    1.01 - 20/10/09 - Miscellaneous edits.
    1.00 - 16/10/09 - First full Machinarium walkthrough.
    Table of Contents
       I. Foreword
      II. Walkthrough
          - The Dumps
          - Guard Post
          - Mine Cart Entrance
          - The Incinerator
          - The Prison Cell
          - Guard Room
          - Observatory Room
          - Jail Cells
          - Tower Base (Right)
          - Tower Base (Left)
          - Tower Base (Right)
          - City (Lower Area)
          - Town Circle
          - Bridge
          - City (Lower Area)
          - Guard Post
          - Tavern
          - City (Lower Area)
          - Tavern
          - Town Circle
          - Reservoir Room
          - Tower Wall
          - Kitchen
          - Tower Wall
          - Roof
          - Greenhouse
          - Broken Bridge
          - City Circle
          - Bridge
          - Arcade
          - Elevator Room
          - Hallway
          - Chamber
          - Under the Tavern
          - Outside the Tower
     III. Version Updates
    I. Foreword
    Machinarium created by Amanita Design
    The latest text version of this walkthrough is always available from: 
    The permalink for this text walkthrough is: 
    Try not to use this walkthrough unless you are really stuck. Most of the 
    puzzles in Machinarium are logical, and can be solved if given a little 
    You can also access the handy hint feature in the game by clicking on the hint 
    book at the top right corner of the screen (not the light bulb). You will have 
    to reach the end of a scrolling shooter level to reveal puzzle solutions for 
    the room you are in.
    These two web sites have all the illustrations that can be unlocked by playing 
    the mini-game for every area in Machinarium: 
    II. Walkthrough
    The Dumps
    Click on the overturned bathtub twice, then click on the metal body of our 
    robot friend twice to make it fall to the ground, landing just next to his 
    head. Now click on his head to attach it to the body.
    You're missing an arm and a leg, but you can still extend Josef's body upwards 
    by holding the left mouse button while the cursor is over him, then pulling 
    him upwards. Do that, and grab the toy on your left (Josef's right). You can 
    click on the passing rat for a hint to this puzzle.
    The toy should now be in your inventory. Move your mouse cursor towards the 
    top of the screen to display it, then left-click the toy and give it to the 
    rat when it is resting just next to you. The rat will proceed to retrieve your 
    Walk slightly further to the right and stand next to the thread. Click on it 
    to retrieve a string. Then grab the magnet on your left, and combine both 
    items inside your inventory.
    Now proceed further towards the right and left-click on the upright piece of 
    metal to bend it with your leg. Take the magnet on a string out of your 
    inventory, then use it on the same metal rod to retrieve your arm and swing 
    towards the right side of the screen. Proceed right into the next area.
    Guard Post
    Watch the cutscene. Once you have control over Josef, walk towards the striped 
    cones (with white and red stripes). Left-click on it a couple of times until 
    you have both the cone with a broken tip and the pail of blue paint 
    Stand next to the bucket of white paint, and dip the cone inside your 
    inventory into it to turn the cone entirely white. Now click on the pail of 
    blue paint inside your inventory and pour the contents into the bucket of 
    white paint. Dip the white cone in your inventory into the bucket of light 
    blue paint.
    Stand next to the street light. Hover your mouse cursor around it until the 
    cursor turns into an arrow pointing upwards. Left-click on it twice to climb 
    two steps. Now click on the last step at the bottom (the one you are not 
    standing on) to add it to your inventory. Place it inside the hole just above 
    Josef's head to create a new step. Climb upwards, and repeat the same process 
    one more time to climb higher. Keep climbing until you can't go up any further 
    (You will be standing on top of the highest step). Extend yourself and grab 
    the light bulb to add it to your inventory.
    Combine both the light bulb and blue cone together to create a hat that looks 
    very similar to what the guards are wearing. Place the hat on top of Josef's 
    head, then walk slightly to the right (stand just next to the pulley). Extend 
    yourself and grab the pulley to call for the guard. The guard will lower the 
    drawbridge for you to cross.
    Mine Cart Entrance
    Walk right and stand next to the small tower. Shrink yourself and click on 
    the small box just underneath the tower to display a set of two knobs. Set it 
    to 2A to move the pipe, then climb the stairs on your left.
    There is a small piece of metal hook just underneath the lever, so left-click 
    on it to add the hook to your inventory. Now place the hook on the rails (the 
    long piece of metal) at the top part of the stairs. This will allow you to 
    pull the lever by left-clicking on the lower part of the rails when you are 
    standing at the bottom of the stairs.
    Extend yourself upwards while you are standing next to the lever, then click 
    on the long pipe (when the mouse cursor turns into an arrow pointing upwards) 
    to grab it. Now climb towards the right until you are just next to the yellow 
    object. Click on it to add it to your inventory.
    Take the yellow object out of your inventory and place it on the tracks. Now 
    click on the long piece of steel from the bottom of the stairs to pull the 
    lever and call for a cart, then quickly click on the yellow item on the tracks 
    to make the mine cart spill its contents at the base of the tower. If the mine 
    cart doesn't rest against the tower after this, repeat the same steps again 
    until it does.
    Click on the wheels on the mine cart to remove them. You will place it on the 
    tracks. Click on the wheels again, then pull the lever with the long metal rod 
    from the bottom of the stairs to call for another cart. You will be pushed 
    into the next room.
    The Incinerator
    Click on the button which is blinking red to open the panel on the right. 
    Move towards the door on the right until you are standing next to it. There 
    is a piece of metal hanging beside the door, so left-click on it to add the 
    item to your inventory.
    Walk towards the panel and examine it to find three sliders. Pull the first 
    and third sliders all the way down, and push the second slider all the way up. 
    Now press the red button, put yourself back into your normal position (you 
    need to do this to reach the mine cart in time), quickly run to the mine cart 
    and enter it. If you time everything right, you will be carried upwards by the 
    pinching device. Before you are transported anywhere, click on the platform at 
    the top left corner of the room to jump towards it.
    Now use the piece of metal inside your inventory with the brown box at the top 
    platform to unlock it. Click on the box again to open it and reveal a set of 
    wires inside. Left-click on the top half of the wires on the left to switch 
    the red and black wires, so that the pinching device will go clockwise instead 
    of the usual counter-clockwise direction.
    Jump back down and press the big red button at the side of the panel to 
    activate the pinching device once more, then move quickly towards the mine 
    cart and enter it. This time you'll be moved very close to the huge pipe on 
    the right. Left-click on it to jump into the pipe and proceed to the next 
    The Prison Cell
    Talk to the prisoner and he will ask for a smoke. Move right and grab the 
    green fungus growing out of the pipe to add it to your inventory. Click on the 
    pipe twice, and a piece of it will fall off. Left-click on the valve to add it 
    to your inventory.
    Now move closer to the toilet bowl and take the toilet paper. Extend yourself 
    and place the green fungus in your inventory on the lamp to heat it up. Now 
    combine both the burnt leaves and the toilet paper to create a homemade 
    cigarette. Give it to the prisoner and he will lend you a helping hand.
    There is a hole in the wall, so move towards it and lower yourself into a 
    position where you can insert your arm into the hole. Click on the arm in your 
    inventory, then on the hole so that you can extend your reach. There are two 
    holes on the left wall in the middle room, left-click on the upper hole to 
    reach into another room. You will find a cupboard in this room, so left-click 
    on it to grab the cupboard. Click on the cupboard a couple times more to shake 
    the broom off the top, then click on the broom to grab it.
    Now that you have both the broom and the valve, combine them both and use it 
    on the manhole cover to open it. Jump in, and proceed right into the next 
    Guard Room
    Keep crawling right until you are under another manhole in this room. Use the 
    broom to open the manhole cover.
    When the guard is tilting his chair backwards, click on it to push him down to 
    the floor. Quickly grab the pellets from the plate on the table, and throw it 
    on the floor just behind the chair (under the switches with the red lights). 
    If you can't do all of these in one attempt, you can also wait for him to grab 
    more pellets from the board, sit back on the chair and tilt it again. You 
    should also grab the key from his belt while he is collecting pellets from the 
    Now tilt his chair and when he is at the board collecting more pellets, climb 
    out of the hole in the ground and walk towards the switch. Use the key on the 
    left switch, and the prisoners from the middle jail room will attempt to run 
    away when the guard is collecting pellets off the board. He will then slip on 
    the pellets that you place on the floor, then run back into the room to chase 
    after the two prisoners.
    Once the room is clear, climb out of the hole and proceed upstairs. Open the 
    door into the next room.
    Observatory Room
    Only two things to do here: climb upstairs and look into the telescope, then 
    flick the switch which is just next to the door upstairs to turn off the 
    lights. You will notice that the clock is glowing. Note down the time 
    indicated (4:45), then head back to the Guard Room. Climb down the stairs and 
    proceed left to the jail cells.
    Jail Cells
    Enter the middle jail cell and extend yourself upwards. There is a plunger at 
    the top of the screen, grab that. Exit the cell and proceed further left. 
    Click on the keypad and input the time from the clock in the observatory room 
    (4:45). Once you've keyed in the correct time, press the red button and the 
    door to the first cell on the left will slide open. Hop into the cell and 
    solve the puzzle on the cupboard to open it. The starting positions are 
    assigned at random, but the solution is basically to turn the sides 
    continuously until a triangle is formed in the middle using the green dots. 
    Once you've opened the cupboard, you will receive a gun with a rope in it. 
    Head back to the observatory room and use the other exit to enter the city.
    Tower Base (Right)
    Move to the right side of the two red crates, then click on them (hand icon, 
    and not an arrow pointing upwards) to push them towards the left. Push again 
    and keep doing it until you end up in the next area, and you can't push them 
    towards the left anymore.
    Tower Base (Left)
    Talk to the robot holding the umbrella, and you will ask for the umbrella from 
    him. He will ask for your help to find his pet, which can be found in the 
    previous area (Tower Base, right). There is a red switch box just beside him, 
    click on it to examine the buttons inside. The objective here is to swap 
    button locations to activate the magnet just above the two red crates, simply 
    by switching their positions one button at a time. Instructions can be found 
    scribbled on the left side, and you can reset button positions by clicking on 
    the red button on the right. Let's just say that the first three buttons with 
    arrows pointing downwards are numbered 1, 2, and 3, the empty area is 4, and 
    the buttons with arrow pointing upwards are 5, 6 and 7. 
    Here's the solution: 3, 5, 6, 4, 2, 1, 3, 5, 7, 6, 4, 2, 3, 5, 4
    1  V     1  V     1  V     1  V     1  V     1  V     1        1  ^     1  ^
    2  V     2  V     2  V     2  V     2  V     2        2  V     2  V     2  V
    3  V     3        3  ^     3  ^     3  ^     3  ^     3  ^     3        3  ^
    4        4  V     4  V     4  V     4        4  V     4  V     4  V     4  V
    5  ^     5  ^     5        5  ^     5  ^     5  ^     5  ^     5  ^     5  
    6  ^     6  ^     6  ^     6        6  V     6  V     6  V     6  V     6  V
    7  ^     7  ^     7  ^     7  ^     7  ^     7  ^     7  ^     7  ^     7  ^
    1  ^     1  ^     1  ^     1  ^     1  ^     1  ^     1  ^
    2  V     2  V     2  V     2        2  ^     2  ^     2  ^
    3  ^     3  ^     3  ^     3  ^     3        3  ^     3  ^
    4  V     4  V     4        4  V     4  V     4  V     4
    5  ^     5  ^     5  ^     5  ^     5  ^     5        5  V
    6  V     6        6  V     6  V     6  V     6  V     6  V
    7        7  V     7  V     7  V     7  V     7  V     7  V
    Once you've activated the magnet, simply pull the lever down to attract one of 
    the crates to the magnet. Then push the bottom red crate right, all the way 
    back to where it came from.
    Tower Base (Right)
    Climb up the red crate and extend yourself to reach the ladder. Use the ladder 
    to climb to the top. You will be presented with a set of controls for the buoy 
    in the pool. There are four buttons on the right to press. The two buttons on 
    the side controls the direction in which the buoy should travel, and the green 
    button at the top sends the buoy to the direction shown on the black screen. 
    The red button causes the buoy to squirt oil. The objective is to squirt some 
    oil on the pet's side so that it would come out of hiding behind the oil cans. 
    Basically just keep turning the green arrow on the black screen using both 
    side buttons until it is pointing to the southeast corner, then click on the 
    green button to send it there. Then click on the oil button to squirt some 
    oil, and climb back down to the base of the tower.
    You should have the plunger and gun (both acquired from the Jail Cells), so 
    combine these two items and use it on the pet to bring him over. With the pet 
    inside your inventory, head to the left and return the pet to its rightful 
    owner. You will receive the umbrella as a show of kindness, so use it to 
    proceed past the area to your left (originally inaccessible due to water). 
    Keep walking on until you reach the city.
    City (Lower Area)
    There are three musicians here. Keep going up until you've reached the Town 
    Town Circle
    There's a crank at the bottom of the screen, just underneath the fountain and 
    the small pool. Walk there and grab the crank. Talk to the robot sitting under 
    the huge clock face. He will tell you that he is waiting for the clock to 
    strike, and also mentions something about an infinity symbol. There's a hole 
    in the building with the clock face, just next to the large entrance door. 
    Examine the note just right above this hole to find out what numbers and 
    symbols the clock hands should point at. Use the crank with the hole and turn 
    it until the correct hands are showing. The bell will chime, and the robot you 
    just spoke to will enter the building. There is a third note at the location 
    where he was sitting at, so examine that note. Turn the crank until the hands 
    are at the correct locations, and the guard on the upper right side of the 
    screen will leave his post. Climb upstairs and enter his post, then grab the 
    loudspeakers hanging on the wires. Now go back down and talk to the robot on 
    the wheelchair to gain an oil can. After that, use the stairs going up (on the 
    left side of the screen).
    Climb up the ladder and pull the power cord to interrupt the robot who is hard 
    at work. You will fall to the ground, so quickly pull the red cable before the 
    repair robot restores power to his tool. Now move slightly to the left and 
    stand next to the pole with the robot bird. Click on the base of the pole to 
    open a small compartment, then try to shuffle the tiles around until one of 
    them falls to the ground. The bird will snatch it, so move a little further to 
    the left and the bird will rest on the wires. Now what you do is extend and 
    shrink yourself continuously at a steady pace, so that the bird will mimic you 
    and cause stress to the wire. The wire will break soon after, and the bird 
    will plummet to the ground. You can collect the tile which it took from you, 
    and attempt the power puzzle again. But before doing that, you should grab the 
    end of the wire and tie it to the bridge.
    What you need to do here is to form a line from the bottom half of the puzzle, 
    which continues all the way until it reaches the red wire at the top. 
    The solution to the puzzle should look something like this: 
    x         x    |    x         x
    x         x ^ /  ---x-------  x
    x         x ||   |  x      |  x
    x         x   \  ---x---   |  x
    x         x    |    x  |   |  x
    x |    |  x    |    x  |   |  x
    x |    |  x    -----x---   |  x
    x ---  ---x-----    x      |  x
    x   |     x     \---x-------  x
    x   |     x         x         x
    x   |     x         x         x
    x   |     x         x         x
    x   ------x-----  ^ x         x
    x         x    |  | x         x
    x         x    |    x         x
    Once you've rearranged the puzzle to look like the diagram above, simply place 
    the missing tile at the top left part of the screen and the bridge will be 
    electrified continuously. Close the compartment, walk right and climb up the 
    ladder. Grab the cat's tail and it will run towards the bridge, only to be 
    electrocuted by the power coming from the wire. Open the compartment again and 
    disable the connection by removing a tile or sliding one out of place. Close 
    the compartment and grab the cat. Head back to the lower area of the city.
    City (Lower Area)
    Walk towards the musician with the big pipe. Put the cat inside the pipe to 
    clear the rat hiding inside. The pipe player can now play his instrument. Once 
    the cutscene is over, head into the doorway just behind the three musicians. 
    You will arrive in a familiar location.
    Guard Post
    Use the empty oil can on the floor to retrieve some oil. Once that's done, 
    return to the previous screen and enter the bar with a neon sign on it.
    Walk towards the right and sit on the chair opposite of the brooding robot. 
    Play a game with him. The objective here is to make a straight line with five 
    of your pieces before your opponent does, simply by taking turns placing one 
    piece at a time. Here's a video link showing an easy way to beat your 
    opponent in the five-in-a-row puzzle: 
    Beat him at the game, and you can collect five bolts strewn around the tavern. 
    You should also collect the flypaper that's hanging from the shelf before 
    leaving this screen (you will need to extend yourself to grab it). Head back 
    City (Lower Area)
    Give all five bolts to the musician playing the trumpet, and he will be able 
    to play his instrument again. The angry tenant in the apartment just above 
    will throw her potted plant at the group of musicians, and you can collect the 
    plant in the aftermath of the event. To get a drum for the drummer, first move 
    towards the container with the green goo at the bottom right of the screen. 
    Use the flypaper in your inventory on the container to catch some flies, then 
    head back inside the tavern.
    Use the flies on the bartender to distract him, then move the oil drum 
    outside. The drummer will now play his new instrument, and the tenant in the 
    apartment will throw her radio set at the group of musicians. Grab the broken 
    radio set and head back up to the Town Circle.
    Town Circle
    Give the oil can to the robot in the wheelchair. After a short sequence, he 
    will return it to you and request for sunflower oil. Take the oil can and open 
    the manhole cover (which can now be accessed after the robot in the wheelchair 
    moved back). Enter it.
    Reservoir Room
    Talk to the robot shaped like a spanner and it will ask for a new radio set 
    from you. Combine the broken radio set (from City, Lower Area) and the 
    loudspeaker (Town Circle, guard post) together, then place the repaired radio 
    set on the table. Click on him again to ask him for help in removing the cap 
    from the tank, and after a short cutscene you will receive a red-coloured 
    valve in your inventory.
    Walk towards the drawer on the right and open it. You will find a book inside. 
    Flip to the last page, and you will find a second valve. Now walk toward the 
    maze of pipes and examine it. The objective here is to stop water from being 
    pumped up to the fountain above, so just place the three valves in this 
    x x o o o o
    o x o   o o
    Now that you've drained the pool in the town circle, head back up and jump 
    into the empty pool. Once inside, open the door which blocks the pipe and 
    enter it.
    Tower Wall
    You will appear on the other side of the pipe. What you need to do here is 
    press the red button on the wall to go downwards, then look through the window 
    on the wall to find your beloved on the other side.
    A short cutscene will play, and after you regain control just open the 
    cupboard and retrieve the corn cob inside. Pick up the pot and place it on the 
    floor, then put the corn cob on the stove to heat it up. On the outside, the 
    corn will knock the piece of metal off the chimney. Give the metal rod to your 
    partner inside by selecting it from your inventory, then left-clicking on the 
    While the pot is still on the ground, climb it and use the metal rod from your 
    inventory on the frozen casing at the top of the screen to open it. Then use 
    the rod again to retrieve the frozen tube inside. Climb back down, and put the 
    pot back on the stove. Take the frozen tube out of your inventory and place it 
    inside the pot to unfreeze it. Use the tube with the pipe next to the door to 
    siphon out oil for Josef.
    Tower Wall
    Back outside, there's a red clutch that you can pull to start the elevator's 
    engine (located on the opposite side of the fuel tank). Do that, then examine 
    the panel on the right. You need to switch the places of the coloured dial as 
    instructed at the bottom of the panel. 
    From:           To: 
    G   -   G       R   -   R
    -       -       -       -
    R   -   R       G   -   G
    Once you get it right, a level will appear at the bottom of the panel. Push it 
    up (cursor showing an arrow pointing up) to travel upwards.
    Wake the sleeping ventilation robot. The puzzles here are simple to solve, 
    (usually it is just about guessing what a combination of two items will 
    become), but the objective here is to get it wrong so that the machine will 
    blow his fan away. Once that happens, climb into the hole that appears to 
    enter the next area.
    Open the two drawers to get two sets of slides. There's a panel next to the 
    desk, click on it for the next puzzle.
    S: starting position
    X: red block
    Puzzle 1
    S - - - -
    - - - - -
    - - - - -     
    - - - - -
    - - - - -
    Click on the S position to make it turn green. You can now go in a clockwise 
    or counterclockwise direction to solve the puzzle, by lighting up all tiles in 
    the 5 x 5 area one column or row at a time.
    Puzzle 2
    - - - - -
    - - - X -
    - - - - -
    - - - - -
    - - - S X
    Starting from S: 
    L, U, R, D, L, U, R, D, R
    Puzzle 3
    - - - - -
    - - - - -
    - - X - X
    - - - - S
    - - - - -
    D, L, U, R, D, L, D, R, U
    Puzzle 4 
    - - - - -
    - X S X -
    - - - - -
    - X X - X
    - - - - X
    D, L, D, R, U, R, U, L, D
    Puzzle 5
    - - - - X
    - S - - -
    - - - X -
    X - - - -
    - - X - -
    U, L, D, R, U, R, D, R, D, L, U, L, D, L
    Puzzle 6
    - - X X X
    - - - - -
    - S - - -
    - - - - -
    X X - - -
    D, L, U, R, D, R, D, L, U, R, D
    Once you've solved everything, move towards the contraption that looks like 
    some sort a beam device (the left one) and push it all the way to the right. 
    You will find a piece of stick holding the man-eating plant up. Take the 
    stick, then move towards the panel with the puzzles that you've just solved. 
    Examine it, and press the left button which is blinking red to activate the 
    sun ray beam device.
    Now head upstairs and use the stick on one of the pods of the man-eating 
    plant. This will prevent it from biting your arm off. You will find a 
    magnifying glass inside. Head back downstairs, and push the beam device to the 
    left twice (point at the empty pot). Move closer to the pot, then put the 
    green plant you've been holding for a while now into it.
    Walk towards the right side of the projection device, extend yourself and slot 
    the magnifying glass into the holder in front of the projector. Now move 
    towards the left side of the projector and place one of the slides into it. Go 
    to the control panel with the 5 x 5 puzzles, and press both buttons to 
    activate the beam device and the projector. The sunflower plant will grow, and 
    you will see some pictures projected on the white screen. If the screen shows 
    plants instead of animals, just swap the slides for the one with animals and 
    insects (you will have to remove the existing one in the projector first).
    Use the controller attached to the projection device to view the slides. Keep 
    going until you see an insect with eight red dots on it's wings. Leave it as 
    it is, and move towards the door. There's a small panel next to it, so examine 
    that. To open the door, simply turn the correct lights on as indicated by the 
    picture of the same insect on the projector.
    x   \   /   x
      o  \ /  o
    o   x | x   o
      x   |   x
    o   x | x   o
      o   |   o
    x   (   )   x
      pull this
    Once you've matched the panel with the picture on the projector, pull the 
    lever at the bottom of the panel to open the door. Before you leave the 
    greenhouse, move towards the sunflower plant and shake some seeds off the 
    flower by left-clicking on it. Now head outside.
    Broken Bridge
    There's a yellow pressing machine next to the door, so put your sunflower 
    seeds in it. Take the small flight of stairs down, move right and put your oil 
    can just underneath the small pipe. Head back up and work the lever up and 
    down to create sunflower oil. Once that's done, take the stairs down again and 
    pick up the oil can. The can should have some yellowish liquid in it now.
    Move towards the right and talk to the huge guard. He will ask you to find 
    some batteries for him. There's not much you can do here to help just yet, so 
    use the pipe extending downwards (just to the right of him) to slide 
    downwards. Once you're at the bottom, let go of the pipe and use the stairs to 
    enter the city again. Proceed to the City Circle.
    City Circle
    Give the sunflower oil to the robot with the wheelchair, and he will shed his 
    bandage and give you an arcade pass as a token of his appreciation for your 
    help. Take the bandage with you as well, and head to the bridge where you 
    caught the cat from. (left exit in this area)
    Walk towards the arcade entrance, and insert the arcade pass into the slot to 
    open the door. Enter inside.
    Walk towards the power machine (the one with a cycle) and ride it to power up 
    the arcade machines. You can use the lever on the left side of the machine to 
    select which machine to channel power to, although machine no. 3 is broken and 
    will not work not matter how much power you put into it. Get machine no. 1 and 
    2 started, then play both machine to earn one coin from each.
    The first machine requires you to score a thousand points in a Space Invaders-
    type game, while the second machine will only produce a coin if you solve all 
    five levels in the puzzle. Here are the solution to the levels: 
    S: Starting point, blue dot
    R: Big red container
    r: Small red container
    W: Big white container
    w: small white container
    Level 1
    S - R
    - r -
    D, R, U, R, R
    Level 2
    S - W
    - R -
    r - -
    R, D, L, U, R, R, D, D, L, U, U, L, D, R, U, L, D, D, R, R, U, U, L, D, R, R 
    Level 3
    - W -
    r S R
    - W -
    D, R, U, U, D, L, L, D, R, U, U, L, D, R, D, L, U, R, R, D, L, U, L, U, R, D, 
    D, R, U, U, D, R
    Level 4
    - - R -
    - w r S
    U, L, L, L, R, R, D, R, U, L, L, D, R, U, L, L, D, R, U, R, D, L, U, R, R, D, 
    L, U, L, D, L, U, R, R, R, D, U, L, L, L, D, R, U, R, D, L, L, U, R, R, R, R
    Level 5
    - - - W -
    - R W S r
    U, R, D, L, U, L, L, D, L, U, R, R, R, D, R, U, L, L, L, L, D, R, U, R, R, R, 
    D, L, U, L, L, D, L, U, R, D, R, U, R, R, L, L, D, L, U, L, D, R, U, R, R, D, 
    L, U, R, R, D, L, U, L, D, R, R, U, L, L, L, D, R, R, R, R
    With the two coins in hand, head back to the town circle and use the coins in 
    the yellow battery vending machine. You will end up with two batteries in your 
    inventory. Use the bandage to tie both batteries up, then jump into the 
    fountain pool again. Use the same route to reach the huge guard standing 
    outside the tower (the area with the broken bridge). You have to refill the 
    elevator engine again and go through the greenhouse. Don't forget to pull the 
    rope that starts the engine once it has enough fuel in it.
    Elevator Room
    Give the batteries to the guard so that he can power up his bunny. After a 
    short cutscene, and he will move aside so that you can press the call button 
    for the elevator. Once it arrives, enter it and you will find yourself inside 
    a very posh elevator interior with red carpet.
    Left-click on the ground for the plant and you will spill some dirt on the 
    carpet. A small vacuum cleaning robot will appear from the left and stop right 
    in front of you, so grab it before it scurries back behind the wall. If you 
    fail this the first time, just grab more dirt and scatter them over the floor. 
    Once caught, it will drop something tiny on the ground which you should pick 
    Walk to the elevator controls and examine it. Put the bulb you acquired from 
    the vacuum cleaning robot into the empty slot at the top right corner of the 
    diagram (trying to push it into the bottom left corner won't work). The diagram 
    should look something like this: 
      2   3
    4   o   5
      6   7
    To find out how to reach the second floor, simply extend yourself in the same 
    spot while you are not looking at the controls, then click on the leaf to move 
    it aside and find an extra scribbled pattern on the wall. Note this down and 
    start creating a similar pattern with the elevator controls.
    Start drawing from 1, then 6, 3, 2, 7 and back to one again. Exit the elevator 
    to find yourself standing in a hallway.
    Walk all the way to the left and pull the lever downwards. Keep doing this 
    until the vacuum machine disappears into the next room. Follow the vacuum 
    machine into the next room, which is a rather large washroom. Stand on top of 
    the vacuum machine, extend yourself, and grab the scissors. Now walk back to 
    the previous room.
    Use the lever again to bring the vacuum machine back into the hallway, and 
    position it just right underneath the lights. Walk towards the electricity 
    switch box near the entrance to the washroom, and left-click on it to turn 
    the power off. Now climb the vacuum machine and cut the rope attached to the 
    lights using your scissors. Climb back down and place the lights you just 
    acquired on the back of the machine. Turn the power back on and use the lever 
    to move the machine into the washroom.
    In the washroom, grab the light and place it on the bowl. Return to the 
    hallway and and push the lever up to make a large hole in the washroom. Enter 
    the washroom and left-click on the toilet paper to use it. You will jump into 
    the hole, so left-click on the bomb attached to the wall to swing to it.
    This part might be tricky, so just take out all five fuses at the bottom 
    (with the alphabets A, B, C, D and E). Now you need to figure out how to 
    rearrange the fuse, so just follow the wire from top to bottom and place the 
    fuses in their currect positions to stop the countdown (The answer from left 
    to right is D, B, E, A, C).
    Now that you've disarmed the bomb, return back to the hallway and use the 
    large flight of stairs to enter a new room.
    You can watch a flashback sequence if you click on the robot with a giant 
    head. Once that's over, head to the left and click on the metal cabinet with 
    a red button on it. This set of puzzles require getting the green ball 
    bearings to the green zone. Illustrated solutions to both puzzles can be 
    found here: 
    Once you've solved both puzzles, a compartment will open. Grab the power cord 
    inside it, then use it on the robot with the big metal head. This is where the 
    arcade mini-game section begins, and you will have to destroy thirty-three bad 
    robots using your gun to win.
    The key to the room with a gun is located (from your starting place) 
    E, E, E, S, W, W, W, N, S (round the bend). Retrace your steps 
    (N, S, E, E, E, N, W, W) to retrieve the gun. Now search for the thirty-three 
    red robots and eliminate them. Some robots require two shots to kill, and you 
    can restore your health by collecting the blue dots scattered around the maze.
    Once you've completed the rescue mission, the robot with a giant head will 
    hand the final bulb for the elevator to you. Return to the elevator and use it 
    on the control panel. Now form an eight-pointed star to reach the lowest level 
    that the elevator can take you. Exit the elevator.
    Under the Tavern
    Walk towards the right and grab the makeshift sledgehammer. Smash the glass 
    pane on your right (and not the lock) to reveal a key. Take the key and enter 
    the elevator again. On the right side of the elevator room, there is a small 
    panel with a keyhole in it. Walk towards it and use the key to open the panel. 
    Grab the canister inside the compartment, then exit the elevator.
    Stand next to the sledgehammer and use the canister on the lock to freeze it. 
    Then use the sledgehammer to break the lock. You will save your girlfriend 
    robot and bring her back to the chamber room. Use the door on the right to 
    go out.
    Outside the Tower
    There is a strange device on the left side of the tower, so examine the 
    contraption to reveal two numbers written on it. You can use these numbers 
    (7.0, 108) to listen to the tune being played by the yellow machine inside 
    the chamber room. The objective here is to mimic the tune using the keys at 
    the bottom of the device, so that a ladder to the ship will appear. From left 
    to right, the keys to press in sequence are 1, 4, 2, 3, 5, 2, 3. Once you've 
    done that, quickly get your partner to turn the valve next to the ladder and 
    prevent it from disappearing back into the wall. Now climb the ladder and 
    you've won the game.

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