How do I beat The Kayran?

  1. Hey. So I've gotten to the point while fighting the Kayran where I've cut off basically all of it's arms/legs or whatever you want to call them. Now I'm at this part where I have to right click while the kayran is sweeping its leg at me to jump onto the leg, and then I have to spam left-click to kill it or something?

    Now here's my issue, and I don't know whether this is just me or if it's the game. I'm clicking as fast as I possibly can, yet even when the yellow bar APPEARS TO BE FULL my guy still gets thrown off the tentacle and the attack does no damage.

    So I'm wondering, is this a problem with the game, or am I just not doing right?

    Also is there a different way to kill the kayran once you've chopped off all of it's legs? or do you pretty much HAVE to ride it's last tentacle and spam left-click until it works?


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    mds84 - 6 years ago

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  1. Oh. I get what you meant. Once you have finished with the left clicking, The kayran will start the movement to throw you off, and "Space" appears on your screen. You just have to press space bar. So... Just mash it and you'll probably get it.

    User Info: Keaze_

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  1. Basically, there are three stages or steps in this fight:
    1. Use the Yrden Sign to trap the tentacles with the red 'bulbs' and hack them into pieces.
    2. Play 'ride the tentacle' once.
    3. After all the rubble is in the way/has been knocked down by the beast, find the only one that can be used as a ramp by Geralt. (and, well, use it)
    -> Win :)

    User Info: SuddenSacrifice

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  2. I've had a similar problem. At first I was cutting the left tentacles, then moving to the right ones, and was having trouble. I tried the reverse (starting from the right), and everything went really well. You might want to try that. I didn't have any trouble with the left clicking though.

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  3. Try setting ur graphics to low. i was stuck there forever until i did that. guess my vid card couldnt handle the graphics and was lagging.

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  4. There is a good 'walkthrough' on YouTube:

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  5. The setpiece with the mouse clicking bar is not intended to do any damage to the kayran. Once the bar disappears stop clicking, there will be another button prompt (this time for the spacebar), hit it and the stone structure beside the kayran will fall on it. Once you regain control of geralt, immediately run up the length of stone that fell on the kayran. Run all the way up and you win, just like that.

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  6. After I slash all the tentacle, the kayran always swept me with the tentacle and must left click on the mouse more and more. There is no spacebar button appear. How can I finish this.

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  7. Preparations:
    1) Mongoose, Virga, and Swallow potions
    2) Having footwork 1 and quen's first upgrade is helpful but not required

    Fight, phase 1:
    1) The Kayran has six tentacles. The two on the far left and two more on the far right side have orange orbs that are vulnerable. Stay to the sides of the Kayran as the middle two tentacles can't be hurt.
    2) When the fight begins, immediately run to a side. Cast Ydren on the ground. The Kayran will raise a tentacle to strike, roll to the side when you see this.
    3) If done correctly Ydren will trap and hold the tentacle. Go to town on it with strong attacks to cut it off.

    Cutscene: Removing three of the four vulnerable tentacles starts a QTE. Geralt must evade and then stab one of the Kayran's tentacles. You must press the appropriate key repeatedly to stab while riding the tentacle; you'll see a bar filling up onscreen similar to when you wound the ballista in the prologue.

    End phase: *Immediately* after regaining control of Geralt, run to the left side of the screen. In the front left corner is a ramp. Run up the ramp, avoiding the tentacles. Reaching the top of the ramp ends the fight.

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