Why does it run so slowly?

  1. Why do i get constantly 5fps at the RECOMMENDED SETTINGS.
    I tested my system at CAN YOU RUN IT? And it said i have better specs than the minimal.
    My specs:
    Intel core 2 duo P9700 2.80GHz 4,0GB ram,
    I have hybrid SLI and i use nividia geforce 9100M G and nvidia geforce 9600M GS

    I have 102.5 GB free disk space.
    I recently fragmented my HDD.

    Please, help me!

    User Info: yorick80

    yorick80 - 6 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    with ATI's Crossfire if you combine two different model cards both operate at the lower card's values. so if nVidia's the same, by running SLI 9100 & 9600 your turning your 9600 into a second 9100.
    on my single Radeon 4890 I get between 25-40 FPS, mostly round 30. got about 10 FPS til I turned off UberSampling. also cut down shadow quality and light-sourced shadows to medium, helped a lil bit more. didn't notice much difference in graphics or FPS with SSAO on or off so I just leave it off. texture size at large. turned off blur effects and have everything else all the way up.
    I've seen a couple sites posting how no one is getting good consistent FPS on this game and that there is an update for Witcher 2 coming out soon that smooths graphics and changes a few menu options for the better, we can hope it's not BS.

    User Info: elessarGObonzo

    elessarGObonzo - 6 years ago

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  1. I think u cant combine 2 different graphic cards on SLI
    maybe it runs on a single one

    and get latest drivers

    User Info: Claw_gr

    Claw_gr - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. Claw_gr

    Hybrid SLI combines my 2 graphic cards, no?

    And if i update my drivers, i can't use Hybrid SLI anymore, which results in not being able to play ANY game.

    But, if i update my drivers. Should i get from 5FPS to like.... 40FPS. Seems very unlikely.

    User Info: yorick80

    yorick80 - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. There's been a lot of problems with sli-setups. the latest drivers would fix that. you might be better off with just the 9600 (disabling the second one) tho. and laptops are not the best for gaming. the witcher 2 is probably one the most gpu intensive games out there, so mobile chips might not be powerful enough.

    User Info: Znirmik

    Znirmik - 6 years ago 0 0
  3. This game was built using a brand new computer setup, so as to last a bit longer with new hardware coming out. That being said, some of the graphic options are rather intensive. "Uber" Sampling setting....sheesh.....

    TaiChiMaster89 posted a rather well-off post on GameFAQs here (www.gamefaqs.com/boards/975399-the-witcher-2-assassins-of-kings/59163248) which breaks down all the different settings and has some pretty good recommendations.

    Elsewhere in various forums on various sites, a lot of people also discovered that uninstalling the Nvidia 3D drivers that get installed with the driver patches (even the betas) off Nvidia's site, helps a LOT to relieve some of the graphic lag (Read: ONLY uninstall the 3D drivers, obviously...your computer will hate you if you uninstall the non-3D drivers.) The gurus over on the Witcher sites also recommend installing the new Nvidia drivers (275.27 or thereabout) which are in the Beta driver list (dated May 17, 2011) for this game. All you poor ATI card users, you have my sympathies if you cannot get the game running well enough.

    I myself run off a laptop and have already finished this game once, adjusting the "recommended" settings a bit (down and up). That link I mentioned above is pretty keen for explaining things, since the developers didn't bother to put any sort of popup tooltip or explanation on the settings.

    User Info: bishoparts

    bishoparts - 6 years ago 0 0
  4. The 9600 is a rather old and underpowered graphics chipset, I know because I have one in my laptop. Even after updating drivers I wouldn't expect the witcher 2 to run at anything more than 10 FPS on low. Sadly the only way you could enjoy playing this game is to upgrade and I would recommend a desktop.

    User Info: xwing210

    xwing210 - 6 years ago 0 0

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