Crafting Diagrams Quality?

  1. Ok so i noticed that every time i open the trade window with a crafting vendor, the diagrams he sells change their quiality for example:
    Light Leather Armor:
    +7 Armor
    +10-20 Poison Resistance(Varies Randomly)
    +10-20 Bleeding Resistance(Varies Randomly)

    So basically i opened and closed the trade window over and over again until the diagram I wanted was +20 on both Poison and Bleeding. However when i purchased it, it entered my inventory as +19 instead of +20 and when i crafted the item, it only was +17.

    Is this completely random or is there some explanation or rules about this??

    User Info: Zero_Strife

    Zero_Strife - 6 years ago


  1. I've found a randomness through out all 3 Chapters I've played. I think that hint of random will always be there. It doesn't help, but it based on experience with crafting (I craft a LOT).

    User Info: Zeyr-Karna

    Zeyr-Karna - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. Most item statistics have some degree of randomness. This applies to some items found and obtained as quest rewards as well as to crafting. Note that certain items (for example the Operator's Staff) always have the same stats.

    For armor this randomness affects resistances as you noticed. Note that these resistances are not a huge deal in terms of gameplay, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Damage reduction, which is what really matters, is always the same for a given set of armor.

    For weapons this randomness affects critical effect %s, which is more significant. If you really want to min-max, make a save before picking the item up, receiving it as a quest reward, or having a craftsman craft it and reload until you get the version you want. Note that for crafting, this randomness applies EACH time the item is crafted (in other words it is item-specific, not diagram-specific).

    User Info: blue_devil_99

    blue_devil_99 - 6 years ago 0 0

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