Where do I find Dun Banner's Standard and Vandergrift's sword in Ch2 Element of Battle quest?

  1. Im in Ch2 and Ive done some quests, and I got the element of battle quest, it tells me to get Dun Banner's Standard and Vandergrift's sword for Phillipia, where do I find them? how do I complete this quest and what other artifacts do I have to get and where are they?

    User Info: Inudrake

    Inudrake - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I know where you will find Dun Banner's Standard. From vergen you have to go the western gate. Instead of passing through it take the stairs on your right. Work your way round until you find Ioverth and a few squirrels. Continue past those then exit vergen through a wooden door. Go through the next wooden door. You will now be outside. Follow the path to the lake where you will be ambushed by some bounty hunters. Dispatch the bounty hunters and continue round the side of the lake. Keep going until you reach a fork in the road. There you will be attacked by 2 knights (I believe one will drop some nice armor). Go through a stone archway and continue. Take the first right you can and you should enter a catacombs. Then from there take a left then left again across a bridge. into the room you see and then right into the next room. Inside this room will be a wall which you can collapse using your aard sign. collapse the wall and enter. I can't remember exactly what happens but have a look around and u will see the ghost. You can try to convince him you fought alongside him and his allegiance (the name escapes me) or you can kill him. He will drop the the standard when you kill him.

    Also in these catacombs is the corpse you need to examine for 'With Flickering Heart' if you have that quest too it should lead you there.

    As for vandergrift's sword you do not need to worry about that for now. Other items will suffice.

    Sorry this is all I can really remember but I hope it helps you.

    Good luck!

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    Lew15em - 6 years ago 0 0

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