What do your stats actually do?

  1. Ok, so the function of the "vitality" and "vigor" stats are pretty clear. But other things are not so clear. Can you help me out? Only specific and informative answers please, no hunches!

    * Suppose you have 5% chance of inflicting all of the critical effects (bleeding, incineration, stun, freezing, knockdown, poisoning). Can multiple effects apply to the same enemy? What is the actual likelihood of a particular effect going off? How do enemies' resistances come into play? Does the effect apply to all enemies that take damage, or only the primary target? I'm asking because, depending on the answer, the critical effect mutagens and potions seem pretty overpowered.

    * What does your armor level do, exactly? I don't think there is a chance to hit in the witcher, so does it work like damage reduction for physical attacks? If so, how does it stack with the damage reduction mod?

    * What does sign intensity do, exactly?

    * The benefit of the last 5 alchemical skills seems to be to get mutagen slots, mostly. Because I don't think I was ever poisoned in the game. Or is there some real benefit to all the bonuses that apply when poisoned?

    * Does the damage boost from the mutagen of power apply to sign damage? Similarly, do the bonuses from mutagen of critical effect apply to the signs?

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Accepted Answer

  1. Many, but not all, of these questions can be answered by pressing C to access the character screen, then selecting 'Abilities'. You can then find a detailed screen under 'attributes' (really really small print!) showing Geralt's statistics.

    1) Multiple critical effects cannot apply to the same enemy simultaneously.

    2) To see the exact critical % chance, equip your weapon of choice and go to the Abilities screen as above. Percentages for each effect are shown on the lower left.

    3) Enemies can have substantial resistances to critical effects. This particularly applies to late game human opponents on hard difficulty.

    4) It is possible to inflict critical effects on multiple enemies with a single attack, for example using fully upgraded Aard or Igni signs or an appropriate weapon and the Whirl ability.

    5) Armor in the witcher 2 equals damage reduction. If Geralt has 15 armor and an attack hits for 25 damage, Geralt suffers only 10 points of damage. An attack that inflicts less damage than the victim's armor rating is shown as inflicting "minimal damage" in the combat log.

    6) Sign intensity is trickier- some, but not all, of the relevant info is shown on the attributes screen. Sign intensity does seem to benefit all signs, for example it extends Quen's duration.

    7) These bonuses apply when you fill the toxicity gauge by consuming potions. I believe you need at least 90% toxicity to get the full benefit (needs confirmation).

    8) Power mutagens do not affect sign damage. There is another mutagen (concentration) that provides a small bonus to sign damage. I think Critical effects mutagens *do* affect signs but am not 100% sure.

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  1. I'm fairly certain that by "poisoned" they're talking about toxicity - as in when you have potions active.

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