where can i fined a Tongue of a troll ?

  1. Where can i find a troll and ripe out its tongue ??

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    Idin_azimi - 6 years ago

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  1. In Chapter 1 (where you need it for the quest) you can get a tongue by killing the troll (in Troll Trouble) or by playing dice poker with Sendler and winning the troll's head from his wall. The latter option is only available if you haven't played him before, and if you've already spoken to the troll and identified the head on the wall.

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  1. Well, in Chapter 2 you meet two trolls while doing the main quest. I'm sure if you kill them you can get their tongues.

    User Info: imb0r3d

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  2. There are three quest-related trolls, one under a bridge in Chapter 1 (part of the Troll Trouble sidequest) and two you encounter on the Vergen side of the mists in Chapter 2. Killing any of these trolls will net you a Troll Tongue.

    If you want to get a tongue without killing any of the quest-related trolls, there is also a troll on the Kaedwani side of the mist, on the far right side of the area after you exit the army camp. From the camp exit, hang a right, pass the brothel tents and go all the way to the cliff, then hang a left, pass a group of soldiers who will usually be fighting wraiths or rotfiends, and look for a passage through the cliffs on your right. A single troll spawns in an area down this passage- he is not related to any quests or to the Troll-related steam achievements, so you can kill him for his tongue with no repercussions.

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  3. You can also just buy it off of a vendor. I believe Cedric in Chapter 1 has one.

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  4. 1.Play dice with Sendler and win the troll's head from his wall
    2.Buy Tongue of a troll from Cedric (Elf on look-out)

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