Why won't the hookers "render their services?"

  1. I just got off the boat after escaping from prison, and am in the first free-roaming town at the beginning of Chapter 1. Just like the original Witcher, there are prostitutes here, and, since I like playing as a bada**, my Geralt would like to partake. However, unlike the earlier game, talking to them only yields a "hey", or no response at all. Others who are playing this game have evidently been able to purchase "services" from them, so why can't my Geralt?

    User Info: arb456

    arb456 - 5 years ago


  1. At the inn, go downstairs to the main room where you fist-fight and play dice. In the far corner next to the bar there is a door. Beyond that door you can find some ladies entertaining their customers. Some of them are willing providers of any services you may require.

    User Info: chris_c300

    chris_c300 - 5 years ago 0 0

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