How do I get the quest, A Score to Settle?

  1. How do I get this quest?

    User Info: grouchyoldman

    grouchyoldman - 5 years ago


  1. It is a fist fight triggered quest. First, you have to make "the champion quest" in chapter 1. u have to enter the inn at flotsam and go to underground chamber to a room before the brothel room. there u will find crowd watching two man fighting. talk to one of them then u will be offered for a fight. U must win straight till the last opponent or so. then a man came out offering be your promotor to fight in another place. see this man in midnight outside inn.. and talk. accept what his offer, then he will bring you to the garrison and u will fight there. notice, whatever happen. u must beat all the challenger.. and then when u do so at fist fight in next chapter... "A Score to Settle" quest will occur... just like befor. all u have to do is beat all the challenger... if u certain of your winning, i suggest U bet All In. it easy money source

    User Info: D4rm4w4n

    D4rm4w4n - 4 years ago 0 0

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