How do I solve (gargoyle puzzle)?

  1. In final chaper at loc muine, there is a quest on notice board; "gargoyle problems". It is a sequence matching puzle type.including 4 rune symbols with 3 line phrase as a key. i really frustrated for other two. However i manage to solve the third one. I open the chest and reward me a sword diagram: cerum.
    The key phrase are :
    three mice field
    dancing in circle
    grains like a stars

    I thank you for the help

    User Info: D4rm4w4n

    D4rm4w4n - 5 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    the first gargoyle puzzle is on the way back when u want go into loc muine. where u been greeted by 4 gargoyle monsters. this control room is downstairs on the center of the place. u will open iron bar door into it. where u see a chest covered by redish rune light and four rune symbols scattered allover. the hint is on the table, consist of three phrase. it is said the second ruin sequence. though i never met the first. i notice only 3 puzzle required to finish this "gargoyle problem". I deciphered this first,.. so there only 2 more to go...

    i think there is some similarity about the phrase and the symbols.. the thing is each puzzle created by different mages, and when u compare to the same 4 different symbols it star to frustating me.

    i suggest u buy a lot of book. for more information. and i believe it opens some certain side quest.. :-)

    User Info: D4rm4w4n

    D4rm4w4n - 5 years ago

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