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    FAQ/Walkthrough by pprincess

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    Defeat the Guards

    Head back downstairs. Where you first entered the mansion, the locked door can now be opened to another room full of guards. Outside, you'll have to fight off a number of guards, but they are very weak to IGNI, the fire sign. For some reason I had to kill a "training dummy" before the battle ended.

    Roche tells you of a mess he just got into. The flashback will require you to play as him in a brief battle which isn't hard, but all you can do is swing your blade. Roche cannot roll so be careful.

    Chapter 2 Roche's Path--Prelude to War: Kaedwen

    Kings are being slain everywhere, but politics still prevails where kings remain alive. Walk to the negotiation following the map.

    Regardless of the dialogue choices, you'll end up in a fight with the dragonslayer, which isn't too difficult. After the cutscenes, Geralt will help defeat wraiths and a couple of large Draugirs. You can get the Draug armor fragment and Draug essence in the loot: you can reload this battle to try and get one. It makes a good armor if you can afford the diagram for it. You'll have to put your sword away in order to grab the loot bag, and may be easier to get it from the draugir close to the fire. Put away your sword and wait for the loot bag to appear.

    Eventually, a mage creates a barrier to help the king return to town. Stay within the barrier and just fight as necessary when the barrier turns green. If you leave the barrier, you'll die quickly.

    At the military camp, follow Zyvik to meet with the King. First stop is the quartermaster's shop, where you can stop if you need to sell anything. You can stop at the canteen and pick up 3 quests on the notice board. Talk to the two men next to the notice board to pick up a new poker dice quest. The tent across from the notice board is a hospital, and you can buy potion stuff. There is nothing in this shop right now that's "new" since Flotsam/Lobinden.

    Zyvik leaves you at the gate to the King, but you can walk around first if want. In this part of the camp, you'll find a chest with orens and a steel mail armor reinforcement. You'll also witness a couple of soldiers harassing another soldier. Talk to the soldier a couple of times, and agree to fight the specters to start Little Sisters quest.

    Kaedweni Camp Shops

    Quartermaster: located in the lower camp. Crafting, sells armor diagrams.

    Isidor Kay: dwarf, located next to the hospital tent. Sells traps, lures, Grapeshot.
    Master Myron: hospital tent across from canteen. Alchemy formulas, herbs.
    Raymond Gessler: dwarf, Innkeeper tent outside camp. Junk food, storage.
    Sambor: Bookseller, next to Innkeeper Raymond.
    Mysterious Merchant: up a little hill next to brothel. Great items, expensive.
    Relic Seller: Canteen, later in the chapter. Herbs.

    Enter the King's Camp. You can receive a Conjurer Bonus from talking to emperor's ambassodor Shilard at the back of the King's portion of the camp, if you choose to Intimidate him. Two of the tents have books to loot and one has some better boots and pants for free.

    Talking to Dethmold reveals the extent of the mission here in in the Kaedweni Camp. Sell off the loot you've acquired around the camp.


    Head outside the camp walls to the Brothel. Raymond Gessler is a dwarf in front of a colorful tent near the brothel tents. You can persuade him to give you a discount but all he has is Junk. He is the person maintaining Storage so ask him if you need to store anything.

    Next to Raymond is the bookseller Sambor.

    Find a Sword

    You can find a free steel sword to replace the Jagged Blade by following the wood spikes to the east of the camp (left as you exit). At the end of the spike wall is a trail. You'll meet up with some soldiers and other monsters, so potion up. Follow the gully all the way to the end until you see cliffs surrounding a round pool of water. Loot the dead body in the water for the Arbitrator Sword.

    Little Sisters

    While you're at the brothel, you can talk to Liva for the next portion of this quest. Then head west to either to the Cemetery or the hut by the cliff. The hut holds nothing of interest, but outside near the hut walls are some barrels you can destroy with Aard to reveal a trap door.

    Below are three totems that must be lit in the correct order, otherwise a wraith will arise. The order may be random: the one that worked for me is the one by the barrel laying on its side, then the one next to the crates, and finally the one between the entrance and the floor grate. Pick up Malgret's notes in the secret room.

    Then head back outside and check the Cemetery behind the house and read each of the gravestones. Go to the beach, meditate and advance the Wait Time to after dusk.

    You have several choices here. You can kill the wraiths, and then return to Mavrick for your reward to complete the quest. Or, you can go talk to Mavrick to check into this story further.

    We've already seen the Cemetery, so head back to the King's camp and talk to Dethmold first and see if he can make sense of the notes you picked up. After he deciphers them, you have a chance to sell them to him. If you keep them, you will have the chance for a very difficult side quest fight in Chapter 3. If you want a more minimal side quest run, go ahead and sell them.

    Head back to Mavrick. If you've killed the wraiths, you can collect your reward. If you are checking on the story, then you'll have 3 dialogue choices. The first choice gives you a bit more of the story, but you may have to pass a persuade to move further if you don't have the notes. The second choice is just to ask him to help you kill the specters/wraiths, which is a safe choice if he agrees, and the choice you'll get if your persuade works. The third is to tell him his sisters think he's a murderer, but he will go the beach alone to deal with the problem like he did in the first place, and the quest will fail since Mavrick didn't do too well by himself the first time. So, the conversation should result in going back to the beach together.

    Go to the beach where you met the wraiths, and set your Wait time to close to midnight. Meditate again to take some potions, just in case. Mavrick will meet you at the end of the path just before the beach.

    Once there, you can choose to hand over Mavrick to the wraiths or tell him to admit he's guilty. This will result in a battle with a Bullvore which will get you the Mahakaman Sihil sword diagram, but the quest will fail. If you support Mavrick's side, you'll only battle the 3 wraiths, hear a bit more about the story, and complete the quest. The sword diagram is a good sword but not as good as a free one you can get looting a skeleton outside the camp. Watch out for Drowners in the area when you leave.

    The Rotfiend Contract

    This quest is available from the notice board outside the canteen. All it involves is getting rid of the Rotfiends just outside the camp. To do this, you have to burn 9 dead soldier bodies in the Battlefield so the Rotfiends have nothing to eat. Be careful fighting them, they explode after you kill them, knocking you back and causing poisoned damage. Most of the dead bodies you need to burn are easy to find just running around close to the camp walls. Three are hidden in an alcove you can find by facing the camp walls, and then following the wooden spike wall all the way to the far right of the camp.

    In looking for bodies, you may come across a troll in a ravine further south from where those last 3 dead bodies were. Kill him to add to the trollslayer achievement number. Harpies can be found in some of the ravines. They can drop Madness Mutagen which is a rare drop, and also a Harpy Trophy.

    You might run into a mage named Emerson and a few mercs who want to bring you in for a bounty. You'll end up having to kill them. Emerson is a mage who can cast Quen on himself. If you use Aard you can knock him on his back to stop this. If you're fighting close to a cliff edge where the cursed green mist lies, you might knock Emerson into the mist, and be unable to loot his corpse. I was unable to kill him without knocking him into the mist, so I might try to go back later if I can after lifting the curse to see what the loot bag holds.

    Talk to Proximo in the sword fighting pit near the King's camp for your Rotfiend reward.

    Poker Face: Kaedweni Camp

    Time for more dice. The first two grunts are near the canteen in the lower camp. As usual, save, bet the max and just reload if you lose. Next up is Zyvik: the mini map will point you to his current location. After you beat him, ask him about a Battle, you'll need to do this for the main mission anyway. Get his hat from him during the conversation, it's the first item of Faith needed to lift the curse and will point you to the Dun Standard and a sword you'll need to find later.

    Find Madam Carole in the brothel tent to play her. After beating her, it's Lasota in the crafting tent in the lower camp. He'll offer you coin or "something else" when you beat him. You'll get a choice of diagrams which all make different leathers, not armor pieces. So, the studded leather gives a studded leather diagram, tempered gives hardened leather, and leather armor just gives a diagram to make leather. If you choose orens you get 205 which is the cost of the the hardened diagram if you buy it instead. These diagrams were all available in Flotsam earlier. Not the best reward, unfortunately.

    Against the Blue Stripes

    This is the Fist Fighting portion of Chapter 2. Head to the Blue Stripes tents and go past them down to the beach. If you want to save between fights, pick "Another Time." After you finish off the last opponent, Burton will arrive to fight you, the guy you were warned about in Chapter 1. This starts the quest "A Score to Settle" which you can't finish until Chapter 3.

    Bring It On: Kaedweni Camp

    Arm Wrestling time. The first two opponents are by the hospital tent in the lower camp near the door. Beat them, and then challenge the blacksmith forging a sword just on the side of the quartermaster's tent. The final opponent is Adam Pangratt in the King's upper camp by the first tent. Use the other conversation points with Adam first before you fight him and then make your save.

    If you're having trouble with these fights, you can change the difficulty of Quick Time Events without changing the game difficulty in Options: Gameplay. Just uncheck Difficult QTEs.

    Conspiracy Theory Part 1--Choice

    The final sidequest in Chapter 2--Roche's Path is connected to the main story Conspiracy Theory, to find the conspirators and the square coin. The sidequest "Ave Henselt!" is the sword tournament but we can only get this by taking one of two paths to get the square coin.

    A. The Butcher of Cidaris. This quest in your journal will lead to the sword tournament quest "Ave Henselt!" Going this path will get you the square coin and clues to find the conspirators. It will also give you a chance to romance Ves.

    B. In Cervisia Veritas. This quest is a fetch quest to find the drunk Odrin everybody is yelling for in the lower camp. It's a non-fighting quest. You'll get the square coin and end up in the same place as the Butcher quest with a couple of small variations.

    Both paths lead the same end, but you don't have to do both because the story portion will move on with either. If you are playing on a lower difficulty, try the Butcher and the tournament. In Cervisia is a good choice for higher difficulties to minimize fighting. You have to do Butcher if you want to romance Ves. Otherwise, you can do both quests too if you want.

    The Butcher of Cidaris--Part 1

    Talk to Manfred in the canteen tent and offer to help him. Sven is outside the tent swinging his sword. Convince him that fighting 2 on 2 is a good idea. Tell him to practice and leave for now. Complete In Cervisia Veritas next if you want to get that done also.

    In Cervisia Veritas

    Talk to one of the drunks stumbling around who will ask you to find Odrin. Go into the lower camp past the arena, and out the door to the north. This will lead to the beach. Odrin is passed out near a step. Carry him to the door. You may have to bribe the guards to let him in. Next you have to carry him past his drunk friends. The first one is just inside the door past the guards.

    The goal is to get him to the canteen. You will have to pick him up a couple of times when he falls. Inside the lower camp walk Odrin past his drunk friend just past Isidor the dwarf merchant and the two guys you arm wrestled. Then walk to the canteen and just past it is the third drunk friend, so walk up to him. Finally, head into the canteen with everybody for a drink. You can get a square coin with using these prompts "Everyone fears Henselt" and "I need some information."

    The Butcher of Cidaris--Part II

    Letande Avet is in the tent near the exit door where the dwarf merchant Isidor is located. Challenge him to a fight and then return to Sven. Meditate and use potions to prepare. Put Yrden in your active spell slot.

    Sven can die in this battle, and his father is still grateful you tried, even if Sven doesn't make it. To keep Sven alive, you'll have to juggle the two foes if one is beating on Sven. Attack whichever one is on Sven, who will then switch to the other foe. If you can shock Sven's active foe with Yrden, Sven may continue hitting for a bit without switching. Continue using Yrden on the foe Sven is attacking until you can kill of one of them, which will make the fight much easier. Of the two, Petal seems to be the more difficult to wear down. Loot the sword to sell off one or both enemies. Exit to talk to Manfred just outside the arena. He'll keep his promise to give you information and you'll get a square coin, completing the quest.

    Ave Henselt!

    Run around near Proximo after the Butcher fight, and he'll approach you about a tournament fighting the knights. Beef up on potions. The fights are easy if you can back the opponent against a wall and then place Yrdens in front of him. He'll have to walk into the trap to get away from the wall to reach you. You can keep the opponent locked in Yrden and use strong slashes to finish him. The last opponent is far tougher than the others so make sure to roll and not get hit until you can place an effective Yrden and go in for the finish. Winning the tournament gives the Gladiator achievement. Talk with Ves when you're done: with the correct choices you can earn the Heartbreaker achievement.

    This finishes the side quests for Chapter 2. The remaining journal items are related to the main story.

    Conspiracy Theory--continued

    We need to follow up on the square coins. Both coingivers mentioned talking to a Whistling Wendy at the brothel. Two ways to go about this:


    Talk to Dethmold about the conspiracy: he will offer to send soldiers with you to investigate Wendy. This is a good choice on higher difficulties to get help.

    Check out Wendy alone: you can get a bigger reward from Dethmold for solving the conspiracy yourself. If you are trying for the Miser achievement (10,000 orens), then take this option.

    Make a save in case you want to go back and change your choice.

    Talk to Madame Carole and tell her you're interested in a girl, and show the square coin. You can then choose Whistling Wendy. Although the other girls have such interesting names you might want to check out the others first. Otherwise, talk to Wendy and choose "I want your smile to par the gates of paradise." She'll open the trap door you've probably noticed inside the tent. Use some potions before descending.

    Mini Boss: Traut

    The fighting is close quarters so it's easy to get surrounded. Use Yrden to stun foes, and stay on the roll. Try and take out Traut immediately before getting to far into the room, the others will descend upon you quickly. If you're having trouble, load an earlier save and go talk to Dethmold to get some soldiers to accompany you.

    Loot the area to find a note and a key. The opposite door won't open yet. You should have the Seltkirk Armor, a key, and a note. You may have also got a pair of Superb Kaedweni Jackboots as a drop which is a good upgrade. You can wear the Seltkirk and even upgrade it if you like. It's a cool looking piece, but the stats on it are quite a bit lower than what you have already. So much for "invincible."

    The other door will take you outside next to the Mysterious Merchant. If you haven't looked at his shop yet, check out his wares. He has the Armor of Ban Ard which has +16 armor, but the other stats are a little lower than your Kayran piece.

    Talk to Dandelion in the upper soldier camp, and then to Dethmold. Press for the reward if you did the previous battle yourself. Talk to him more about the curse and do all his conversation points if you haven't done it yet.

    Blood Curse and Lost Lambs

    You have probably picked up this quest from Zyvik if you talked to him outside the camp. Set your journal to Lost Lambs and head toward the fist fighting area on the beach. It will change to Blood Curse when you reach the beach. Take some potions and follow the arrow on your mini map. Use Aard on the drowners to push them back.

    Examine the circle and use all dialogue options. Be sure to get a nail from the site. You can choose to give it to the soldiers or keep it. As long as you bring the soldiers back safely, either choice is okay. The drowners have some good loot, including orens, I got 32 orens from just one of them. Make sure you pick up the loot bags. The drowners may be continuous on higher difficulties. You can walk out the soldiers, and then return to pick up the loot bags without respawn.

    Find Zyvik to collect your reward for the soldiers. Ask him about the nail and the vendor. You can now also talk to the elf prisoner in the camp. Get information from him about how he was captured and why.

    The Path to Vision

    Head to the canteen and talk to the soldiers further ahead from the door outside near the cliffs. Then talk to the relic seller inside the canteen. Go outside of the camp now to the Battlefield area and take some potions. Follow the arrow on the map, and help some soldiers defeat a few rotfiends. Then go on to visit the Visionary.

    Approach the area slowly or you'll be overwhelmed by harpies. You can enter the candle circle to gain some safety, or you can use the circle to dodge in and out to defeat the mobs. They will respawn when you leave the circle, so if you want to try for some good mutagens, it's a nice opportunity. Also, harpy feathers sell for 225 apiece. There is a treasure chest on the beach with a few orens and white myrtle petals.

    Talk to the Visionary. You choose not to give him the coin from the soldiers. He'll refuse to give information unless you bribe him or agree to be one of his followers.

    If you choose to become a convert, he'll give you a potion and ask you to perform a ritual at Sabrina's shrine at midnight. You're to drink the potion and remember everything you see, in order to report back. Make your choice and loot his hut for his notes. You'll get two sets of notes if you chose to be a convert, the first one is missing for now. Read them to find out who the Visionary is.

    Follow the arrow on the mini map to find the shrine. Set your Wait time to after dusk. Click A to take the potion, and again hit A to start it. Afterward, look around you to find Visionary Notes 1 and read them.

    Return to the Visionary and expect Harpies when you get close. You can choose any answer about what you saw, but the truthful one will be the correct one. Ask about the spear user. Then return to camp and find the seller in the canteen.

    You can use either a Persuade or Intimidate to find out where the spear is, and the nail you found earlier will help with the Intimidate. Now speak with Dethmold. Mention the spear and also that you need magic powder. You'll receive an amulet and Zireael's Armor, which you can enhance and it will be much better than the Kayran in armor and stats, but a 20 point drop in Vitality. Still, it's free and overall an improvement.

    Try and upgrade your silver sword to one of the robust meteorite swords before you go, either the Red, Blue or Yellow version. Diagrams can be bought from the quartermaster, or you can buy the swords outright from the Mysterious Merchant.

    The Blood Curse--continued

    Follow the arrow south of the camp. When you hit the fog, the object will be to get through it to Vergen, using the mini map. Use defensive potions. There will be tons of respawning enemies, you can't kill them all and they will surround you and kill you quickly as you've seen. You'll just have to run. If you run straight you'll eventually see a fire barrier. The other side of it is somewhat safe, enemies won't spawn there, and they will be slowly damaged by the fire. However, they still will go past it to reach you. If you need a spot to regenerate some health, it will work. But the path is to the right of the fire, run up that hill and around to the left which will take you out of the fog.

    First you'll talk to the Scoia'tael and then to two dwarves. I don't think you can choose to fight the Scoia'tael and expect to survive once you get in town. Don't follow the dwarves immediately to the next objective. Run around the area and pick up loot. One chest will hold another Elaine Bledd armor attachment. There is an elf girl who will talk to you and you can sell off what you don't want to keep.

    The mini map shows the 3 items you will need for The Blood Curse. We can tackle these in any order. It's easier to change your active quest to the one you want to work on next.

    Death Symbolized--Dun Banner

    Follow the arrow up the ruined outskirts of Vergen. At the top of the stairs you will find a house you can loot for a Blue Meteorite Ore. The other door leads to the catacombs.

    Outside, spend some time collecting herbs, it's been awhile since Flotsam. Cross the water and you may run into bandits, or harpies. The harpies are a bit tougher than the ones we've seen so far.

    Enter the catacombs, and use the power sites to activate your medallion for extra protection. If you search any of the corpses in the tombs, you may spawn a wraith. These trigger a new journal entry and are harder than the ones back at the insane asylum. Eventually you'll find a bricked up wall that you need to take out with Aard.

    Your two choices are to say you are with the Dun Banner or to just kill the spirit. You can talk your way out of a fight if you answer the questions correctly: that it's wrong, Menno Coehourn, Menno died at Brenna, Seltkirk and Vandergrift are the commanders, and Bigerhorn is the kidnapper. If you have Zyvik's hat, you can make a mistake and get another chance to answer. Otherwise, you'll have to fight the spirit who is a tough fight. I used Aard II and it knocked him down, and Yrden works also.

    Either way, you can leave the hat on the empty table or keep it. When you exit the catacombs, you may run into more harpies and possible some drowners on your way back to Vergen.

    Hatred Symbolized

    Now that we have the Seltkirk's armor and Dun Banner, we need to get the sword that Zoltan promised. To get to the location, head back outside Vergen and past the Scoia'tael you first saw when you got to town. Go back down the hill and around to the left taking the left fork to reach a door.

    The tunnels are full of nekkers (surprise) and rotfiends. There is a bullvore monster on the far south east of the map in a circle area. There are lots of mining spots, you can really stock up on silver. I also got a blood sword in the bullvore area, a silver sword which topped by far what I made in the camp. Another, even bigger bullvore, is in the large area in the middle of the map just before the quest marker. This one will drop a guaranteed Draugir armor fragment.

    A corpse can be looted for a key which seems to just open a locked door further back. Otherwise, move forward and meet with Zoltan and Saskia. The conversation will get you the sword and a clue on the spearhead.

    The Spear of Destiny

    Get the spearhead in a dice poker game. Skalen says he has more stuff that he will give if you win. I tried again and won "The sword of the Princess Xenthia," but nothing appeared in my inventory, so I'm guessing that you can play him again for money but further "loot" isn't real.

    The Blood Curse--continued

    It's time to head back to the Kaedweni camp. We have everything we need for the ritual except the amulet that King Henselt has and won't give up until the appointed time. I was hoping I could beat up the Scoia'tael on the way out of town for another Dhu Bledd attachment, but they won't attack if you have your sword out.

    Heading back through the mist is a little easier this time because the camp is straight ahead. Run straight ahead to the edge near the camp and the green mist will appear then.

    Where is Triss Merigold?

    You can stop off at the shops in the lower camp if you need to buy or sell anything. Otherwise, head up through the King's camp area and out the door in back. Loot the one tent there for several items, including a story item for later.

    The Blood Curse--continued

    Nothing else to do now except meet with the King. You'll be transported to the execution site automatically, so do any meditation before you talk to the King. He'll want to go at once, but you'll need the magic powder from Dethmold. If you have it, you will be transported to the site. Otherwise, you'll have to go talk to him first. You also need to read the book Dethmold gives you with the head drawing.

    If you are doing this and don't want hints, choose Examine the Pyre. This will take you to another menu of choices where you can have the King "light up" each spot so you can memorize each of the spots. Geralt will say "Hmm" as he is thinking.

    Write down the name of the spots and their locations. How can you make a drawing of the dots in Dethmold's Grimoire page? You can see the King's starting position on the left at the Pixie Ring. Using the lighted spots, have the king walk from spot to spot. When you think you have a solution, use the "Back" choice to get the previous menu. This first menu will have the king walk and pour the powder according to your direction. If you get it wrong, Geralt will say he has to start over.

    Otherwise, if you simply want the solution, read further below. In this case, you don't need to pick Examine the Pyre nor light up the spots. Just use the first menu and tell the King where the powder will go.

    The King starts out at the Pixie Ring, so from here he needs to go:

    Sour Milk

    Raven Corpse
    Scorched Tree
    Goat Skull
    Black Candles
    Petrified Bread
    Pixie Ring

    Save before you head down the hill and meditate to use some potions. Run down and find a circle marker where you hit A to cast IGNI.

    Protect the King from the wraiths which will mostly stay to one side. Use the green ring to your advantage and let them get burned and thrown back and focus on the ones that manage to come in all the way. Save your Yrden spell for the ones that get too close.

    Head back to the camp, watch out for drowners in the water as you go. Meditate, use potions and save before joining the King.

    Mini-Boss: Assassins

    These are difficult foes and the tents don't make things easy. Stay on the roll and use Yrden or Quen. Backstabbing is the only way you'll do damage without getting killed. You will gain the Swordsman +4 Sword damage ability from the fight.

    Afterward, more information can be gained about these assassins via the one you killed, so Dethmold suggests a necromancy ritual. You'll need to have the Gadwell potion to do this, so buy the formula from Master Myron if you don't have it. Then go to the hospital tent.

    You'll have to play along with the vision which is linear. The only real tricky part is avoiding traps in the tunnel. If you hit a trap you'll break out of the vision. You can go back into it again. Just follow the guy ahead of you, and take only a step or two at a time. If you turn the camera over your head looking down, it's easier to see the black traps.

    After the vision, follow the arrow on the mini map to the hideout. Follow the path exactly as you did in the vision. You'll have to defeat a golem in the hideout. Talk to the man on the ground afterward, and loot the room.

    Then finish up any sidequests you have outstanding. If you've followed this guide so far, you shouldn't have anything else left to do.


    You must finish up any quests inside the Kaedweni Camp, and use any shops inside the camp. Outside, the Mysterious Merchant will still be available for a little while, and storage via a chest is available at the Innkeeper's spot. If you are still hoping to make the Draugir Armor, make sure you buy the diagram, but you won't be able to finish it up until much later if you don't have the ingredients now. A better armor will be available in Chapter 3 so it's not crucial.

    Talk to Dethmold twice when you're ready.

    Follow the arrow into the mist. You won't have access to your powers here. First you must defeat the standard bearer which is a large draug. The next section will involve informing the commander and making a run through enemy arrows. You'll notice wooden cover spots located along the route. Use these for cover and wait for enemy fire arrows. Run to the next cover spot after the arrows are shot. The last barrier will be set on fire, so make a dash from it at the end.

    Next, you will take possession of another of the relic's owners. Defeat the soldiers and make your way down the path to the barricade. Use your sword to destroy the barricade. Fight the draugir, it only needs to be taken down halfway. You'll return to yourself. Put Quen in your active spell slot and use it.

    Boss: The Draug Commander

    This is a difficult boss, and hard to hit because of the shield he carries. However, he's pretty weak to your hits, so it's a matter of timing them because when you do land one, it will take off quite a bit of health. Use X strong attack, there is no point in using the A button, you want to hit hard when you connect.

    The Draug's left side holding the shield is his strong point. It can be challenging to roll away from him, so if you try to roll, do so toward the sword hand to try and get in a hit from the side. It's better to run than to roll. There is a very large rock on the side of the path, you can kite the Draug around and around the rock. If you kite him in a counterclockwise direction, this will keep his shield closest to the rock, and his sword on the outside, which is his weak side. Kite and do a roll outward and back to land at his side.

    The Draug will command his forces to use arrows and fire rock bombs on you. You'll have to hide from these. The large rock works well for the arrows, but the fire bombs will hit you. You'll get a bit of a warning, however, for a red column will target you first. Just try and run away from the targeting, and hide as you can. Then go back to kiting the Draug around the rock. You should get the loot off him as he dies.

    The last part of the ritual has you assume the role of a priest trying to get to soldiers away from the fire bombs by the sorceress. Utilize cover spots while making the run, but like before you'll get targeted with the red column, so just keep on the move and run toward the green mist.

    The Conspiracy Theory--continued

    When you finish with the ritual, you'll be outside the camp walls. There is access to your storage chest and the Mysterious Merchant, but you can't return to the camp right now. You'll have to meet the conspirators at the Little Sisters hut. Then head back to the camp area.

    Mini-bosses: Soldiers. These are some tough guys, and they hit hard. Yrden doesn't seem to affect them much, so use Quen and try and isolate one at a time. Try using Aard to push one away from the group. I pushed one all the way up to the brothel, and he stopped fighting and walked back to the blue tents before he would fight again. The loot bags glitched and I couldn't pick them up.

    A few more soldiers await inside the camp. These aren't as difficult as the ones we fought at the Blue Stripes camp. Visit the canteen to find out what is going on there.

    The Siege of Vergen

    Head back down the west side of the map outside the camp. Check your map for a wrecked ship location that we couldn't reach before. Head there now and meet up with a troll. You can spare the troll or kill it. If you've killed the other troll earlier in the chapter outside the camp to the east, and the one near Lobinden, and want the trollslayer achievement, then just kill this one. Otherwise you can talk to it and let it go. More importantly, loot the ship for the Vren armor attachment to advance The Mystic River quest. This will make one of the best armors in the game.

    Further up is a clearing where you can do some harpy killing. Feathers are so lucrative it's hard to turn down. Avoid arrows shooting the harpies coming from Kaedweni soldiers farther below.

    Check your map and work back down to the next quest point shield. Soldiers will be fighting another troll. Take out the soldiers. The troll will be grateful you helped, and will ask about his wife back by the ship. If you killed her and admit it, he will attack you. Killing him will give the Trollslayer achievement finally. Otherwise, if you spared both trolls, then you will avoid another fight here. Lots of soldiers around, so watch out.

    Eventually you'll arrive at the catacombs where you met Zoltan earlier. Inside are more Kaedweni mercs fighting undead. Head to where you met Zoltan earlier.

    Boss: Mage and Tough Guy

    You'll have to dodge Dethmold's spells while taking out Pangrett. Aard is the best to use on both of them because it will knock them back. Otherwise, Dethmold will create a barrier around himself that protects him from sword damage. Try to hit him with Aard when his barrier wears off to knock him down and prevent him from putting up the barrier again. When he's down, you can damage him with the sword.

    When you emerge in Vergen, you'll meet up with Zoltan. He'll ask for your help with Iorveth, or you can find Sile first. If you want to do both, find Iorveth first. Enter the red door on your left and head up the stairs. Roche points to a bridge. After the cutscene where he falls off, head upstairs and around to the right. Help the elves on the walkway fight off a couple of soldiers and then head into the building past them. Fight off a couple more soldiers and loot the place. One of the rooms will have a book "The Viziman Uprising." Check all the rooms, head up the stairs and help Iorveth and his men defeat a couple of Kaedweni soldiers. Speak to him briefly and then head back outside and across the walkway.

    You'll meet up with a big golem, don't forget to switch swords to your silver and put Quen on your bar. Redo your potions if need be. The golem hits hard but is bulky, so dodge and hit from the side. Keep Quen on. You may get a Naeve Seidhe rare silver sword drop when you kill him.

    Make a save before you move on further! Another choice is coming up.

    Head inside the house and defeat the soldiers. After a cutscene you'll have a choice to make. If you stop Roche, you'll get the Reasons of State achievement. You can choose to kill the captive or not, and it will affect the story down the road.

    For Temeria!

    Instead of following Roche when you reach the city, let him go ahead and turn right down a path. You'll fight a couple of arachas. At the end of the path your medallion will glow. Pick up the Deithwen sword from the pile of rubble. This is a great upgrade to whatever you are using for your Silver Sword, +25% damage to large monsters and gargoyles. You might notice a cave along the side of this path as well.

    By now you're probably getting desperate for an Inn or a shop to sell some of the stuff you've collected. Drop leather/cloth/twine if you must to get your weight under the limit. Head into the city now. All is not safe yet so meditate and use potions.

    The city is a bit of a maze. To reach the shop closest to the entrance, you'll have to head to the right on the map. Alas you'll run into some bounty hunters, including a mage. You'll have to fight your way through. Climbing the ruins you may run into more harpies. If you can reach the center area the first shop is an herb/diagram seller so you can dump anything you want to sell.

    A Score to Settle

    Before you can even get to meet Roche, you'll run into someone else who wants you dead. Burton's back and you'll have to fist fight him. Beating him ends the fist fighting portion of Chapter 3.

    For Temeria! continued

    Talk to Roche just a bit further ahead, but don't agree to meet with him yet. Choose "I need to do something first" and he'll agree to meet you at the Redenian Camp. Time to find the shops, the Inn and some side quests. Talk to the pretty bookseller nearby.


    Felicia Cori: books, herb/oil formulas, crafting diagrams herbs. Main square.

    Bras of Ban Ard: crafting, armor/weapon diagrams. Stands by the Inn.
    Marcus: potion/oil formulas, herbs. Near tower on map.
    Incredible Lockhart: crafting, diagrams, herbs, books. Main Square.
    Earso: traps and bombs, near the Inn

    After checking out the shops and the Inn notice board, it's time for side quests. First we'll focus on the ones that give the best armor and weapons.

    The Gargoyle Contract

    You can talk to Ban Ard about gargoyles. You'll need to kill gargoyles and destroy their source, which is various magical seals in the city. Equip the Deithwen Sword you found outside the city. It does 25% more damage to gargoyles and +25% to large monsters.

    Locations for the seals are in the "corners" of the circle of the city, so northeast, northwest, southwest. The seal combinations may be random, I'll post what worked for me. Potion up and stay potioned as you run around. Talgar Winter traps are brilliant with gargoyles. You can freeze them with a trap and then one sword hit will shatter them.

    There are two locations left and right of the entrance to the city. Your amulet will detect the magic, use the location to get your regen bonus on.

    Left of the city entrance: 5 gargoyles will jump on you from above. Defeat them for gargoyle knowledge. Downstairs will be a combination of orange runes with one in front of a treasure chest. The combination sort of matches the upper left rune as a pattern: it's upper left, lower left, front of chest, and right of the door. You'll get a diagram for Elder Blood Boots and an Encrypted Manuscript.

    Right of the city entrance: Small room north east on the map along/near the outer circle heading downstairs. A Golem guards a treasure chest. Defeat the golem. You can use magic or traps from the doorway and he can't get through, or just dodge and roll. You will need the distinguish the runes in the room in the correct order to get at the chest. The order is shown on a piece of paper near the back wall, but the pattern is just counterclockwise from the door, just start on the right and extinguish around the room. The chest holds a diagram for Elder Blood Gauntlets, which include a maximum weight increase of +15. Stop at Ban Ard and make these before moving on.


    This is located in the northwest side of the circle surrounding the city. It looks like a large house type building. Go in and then follow the curve to the north. You'll find a small room and be attacked by 4 gargoyles. These are pretty tough. If you leave the room, they will disappear, but leave if you need to heal up or use potions, and then go back in. Head down the stairs when you are done. Seal pattern as you enter the doorway: upper right, upper left, lower left, lower right. You'll get Elder Blood Trousers diagram, so stop by Ban Ard and have him make these for you.

    Go to Ban Ard for your reward and the Pest Control Achievement. Have him make the rest of the Blood armor pieces and ask him about the manuscript you found.

    An Encrypted Manuscript

    Ban Ard needs some ingredients to break the seal on the manuscript you found. Queen Endrega Pheromones, Warrior Nekker Blood, Bullovore Brain, Harpy Egg or Rotfiend Tongue. If you have these ingredients, they will be in your quest items section. Ban Ard will give you the diagram for the Caerme sword.

    If you don't have all the ingredients and still want the sword, you must get the ingredients and finish the sword before attending the summit. You probably have Warrior Nekker Blood because it goes into your quest items, and Bullovore Brain you got recently in Chapter 2, unless you sold it. Harpy Egg is a lucky drop, but otherwise with all the Rotfiends you fought, it's likely you have more than one tongue. The Queen Endrega Pheromones are an item you got in Chapter 1, but you can get another one by doing a side quest shortly.

    Caerme Sword--Steel

    Damage 50-55
    Vitality Regen +2
    Oils +4

    Ysgith runes will add to the damage as well as adding Bleeding, and you can throw on a Fire rune too if you want.

    Vran/Ysgith Armors

    Head to the sewers. On your map, in the upper center portion you can see a tower-like pillar structure. The stairs to the sewers is just to the RIGHT of the tower, near the Mighty Zuma. Take some potions and head down. You'll kill a few rotfiends which is good if you still need a tongue, and possibly see a mysterious guardian Wisp. Bring up the map and look for the corner room at the very top of the map, which is just a right turn from where you came in. Loot the chest next to the dead body in the room for Ysgith Armor and the Vran Armor Diagram. You'll also find a diagram for the Armor of Ys, which isn't as good as the Vran but if you sold the ingredients you need for the Vran, then the Ys is another alternative.

    You can either wear the Ysgith Armor and enhance it, or use it as a crafting component to make the Vran armor. If you are doing a Magic path, you'll want to keep the Ysgith intact and enhance it. If you are doing more of a Swordsmanship path, you'll probably want to make the Vran. Compare the stats, check the enhancements you have stored away, and decide for yourself.

    Ysgith Armor--Base Stats

    Weight 20 Armor +26
    Reduction of Damage from Magic +50%
    Resistance to Incineration, Bleeding, Poison +60%
    Vigor Regeneration during Combat +15%
    Damage Bonus on Signs +8

    Vran Armor--Base Stats

    Weight 22 Armor +30
    Vitality +40
    Reduction of Damage from Magic +20%
    Resistance to Incineration, Bleeding, Poison +70%
    Vitality Regeneration +2

    Best Enhancements--pick any 3.

    Vran Armor Attachment Vitality +15, Resistance to Bleeding 5%
    Elaine Bledd Vitality +15, Armor +1
    Dhu Bledd +4 or +5 Sign Damage, Armor +1
    Magic Wrap +3 Sign Damage, Armor +2
    Dwarven Enhancement Vitality +10 or +15, Armor +2
    Runic Armor Enhancement Sign Damage +2, Armor +1 (Poker Face reward)

    Crafting the Vran will complete the Mystic River quest. If you sold or didn't get the Vran armor enhancement you need to make the armor, you can probably buy another one from Ban Ard. It's a random shop item. If you need Studded Leather, you can buy the diagram from the Herb Seller in the courtyard and then have Ban Ard make the leathers. Hardened leathers for the diagram can either be bought or got as a rare drop off the re-spawning harpies on the east side of the city. If you want the Runic enhancement, complete Poker Face in Chapter 3 before using the last slot on your armor and take an enhancement as your reward.

    From a Bygone Era

    This sidequest will give you the chance to either reset your talent points or get you the best weapon in the game, if you're not playing on Dark Difficulty when you can get better stuff yet. To do this quest, you MUST have the Malget Necromancy notes and have not sold them to Dethmold nor anybody else in Chapter 2. If you've already been to the sewers, then just find Ban Ard and ask him to decipher the notes. If you haven't been in the sewers you need to go there first and talk to a guardian called Wisp, and then get your notes deciphered.

    Prepare Talgar Winter Traps, Red Haze, Dancing Star and Samum Bombs, Gadwell/Swallow potions.

    Go back to the sewers and find the Wisp again. You will need to give it the right passcode words to proceed: ZI, Uddu-ya Ia Ia, Gat, Exa, Nibbet Kanpa, Gat, Uddu-ZI. Go through the new door.

    This room has a statue puzzle you must solve. Stand in the center and count the statues starting from your left. The correct order is 1, 6, 2, 1. Meditate and use potions and oils before you move on. Equip the Deithwen Sword. Proceed to the next room when you're ready.

    Here you will meet the Operator. He will talk to you and give you two choices. If you say you are ready to accept the artifact, he will give you the opportunity to reset your Talent Points. If you take this option, there will be no fight and you're done.

    IMPORTANT: If you plan to use mutagens, make sure you've achieved the ability to do so and have assigned all your mutagens BEFORE resetting your skills. You will then be able to keep your mutagen bonuses even without putting a point into Impregnation. This might be a bug in the game.

    If you say you aren't the Chosen One, you will get to fight for a weapon drop.

    Boss: Operator

    The Deithwen sword has a 25% bonus against large monsters and gargoyles, making it ideal for this battle. Extinguish the torches around the room and the Operator won't be able to summon gargoyles. He is impenetrable while gargoyles are present. You may also be able to avoid his fireball spam with a Dancing Star bomb hit.

    You can set Talgar Winter traps by the pillars and lead gargoyles into them. If the freeze works, one hit will kill them. Red Haze bombs will confuse the gargoyles and they will start attacking each other. The Operator may start attacking them instead if the gargoyles attack him, but this is tricky to pull off. Samum bombs can stun gargoyles.

    If all else fails, try and hide a bit between gargoyles for your regen potions to work. If the Operator stops attacking you while you are hiding, you might also be able to save mid-battle.

    Loot the Operator's body for the Operator's Staff. It's more like mace/club type weapon which you probably haven't used much in the game. But the stats on it include 40-60 damage range, 80% Incineration, 10% Freeze. He also drops a Vran Armor Attachment, Magic Wrap and Dragon Scales.

    The Dragon Scales can be used to create the Kingslayer Trousers on Dark Difficulty, and also the Zerrikanterment Silver Sword. You can buy the sword diagram from Ban Ard. The sword isn't as good as a hitting weapon as it is for the +10 Sign Damage bonus if you are doing a Magic specialty. But if you want these items, craft them now before moving on. If you sold the notes earlier and couldn't do this quest, you can get Dragon Scales from a chest in Philippa Eilert's house across from where Ban Ard is standing after you talk to King Ranovid.

    Bring It On: Loc Muinne

    The arm wrestling portion of Chapter 3 only involves playing 1 guy. That would be the Mighty Numa near the sewers entrance. Play him once and you'll see that the fatigue bar is impossibly small. Accuse him of cheating. You'll get an Intimidate option to find out how he's cheating. If you are successful, you can play him again and the bar will be easy. If you can't Intimidate him, talk to Marcus the seller standing next to Numa. You can buy the Anabolic Steroids potion. Consume it and then you'll be on a level with Numa and can beat him this way. He'll give you a crafting diagram for trousers, but they aren't as good as what you have on already.

    Poker Face: Loc Muinne

    Start the poker quest by finding the room of players near the front gate area. First we'll need to beat the two elves. Then beat the Sorcerer and the apprentice in the room. Finally, beat Incredible Lockhart the bookseller in the main square. When you beat him you can take orens, a Magic Wrap diagram for the design, 1 fire rune and 1 earth rune as the runes reward, or 1 Runic Armor enhancement which has Armor +1 and Sign Damage +2.

    This ends the regular group of side quests, but there are few others if you have the Enhanced Edition of the Xbox version, or if you bought DLC for the game. One of these extra quests will give you a chance to get Queen Endrega Pheromones if you still want the Caerme sword. To trigger these extra side quests, let's move on just a little with the story.

    For Temeria--continued

    Talk to Roche and go meet with King Radovid now. The conversation will vary a little depending upon whether you killed King Henselt or not. When you are done, you'll have two main story quests to choose from, but let's put off that decision for now in order to pursue the extra DLC/Enhanced Edition side quests. These will begin automatically when you leave King Radovid's camp.

    Crown Witness (Xbox Enhanced Edition or DLC)

    Agree to escort Brigida to the river. You can delay a little if you need to sell off loot first or to do something else, but hopefully you've done everything up to this point except maybe finishing the Caerme sword which we'll be able to do after this quest.

    The first part of the quest consists of linear paths. When you reach the forest, you'll start running into bandits. You can see them in advance and set traps if you wish to draw them toward you, or use bombs. Brigida will fight with you and has a health bar so you need to watch out if she is being attacked and focus on helping her so she doesn't die.When you reach the sunny forest, bring up your map to check the quest marker where you are to go. You have a choice of taking Brigida to the river and choosing to stay afterward and explore, or avoid the quest marker keep her in the party to help you.

    Endrega cocoons are located in the south east section of the map, and you'll have to defeat a large group of bandits to get to the nests OR if you need to kill nekkers for Warrior Nekker blood, enter the underground tunnel on the east side of the map. It will exit at the cocoons. You know what to do: take out the cocoons for the queen to arrive. You can set traps before taking out the last cocoon, the Queen and a couple of warriors will appear back in the area where the bandits were, not near the cocoons so set traps and draw them back to the nests.

    After you're done you can choose to stay in the forest or return to the city immediately. I suggest staying to see if you got any drop off the mage. I reloaded a few times and got a wire rope ladder, but I did get a Silver Ore and orens off the other bandits, so I'm sure that mage drops something else. You'll have to run back to the city, but it's not that far.

    Once you return to the city, if you needed to gather items for the Caerme sword, go to Ban Ard and have him decipher the manuscript so you can finish up the sword and equip it. Then continue with this quest. You'll have a choice to make.

    After reading the letter, you can go talk to Baron Kimbolt in the Temerian Camp. If you haven't been here yet, it's the middle door when you enter the city. You can decide to accuse him to the constable, which will end the quest, or do some more detective work, which will lead to more experience and give you more about the story. Kimbolt will of course deny he had anything to do with the caravan. Talk to his scribe who is drunk, and then raid the bookcases, and a nearby report on Baroness La Vallett.

    You'll get some items from the bookcases near the scribe which you can use to test the paper. If you want to figure out the tests yourself, you have 8 pages of scribe's notes to work out the procedure. If the scribe's notes turn blue in your test, you have it right. Otherwise, here it is:

    1. Add burnt lime.

    2. Add water.
    3. Add cormorant guano.
    4. Heat the flask, capture the vapors, and douse them with water.

    Tell the Baron your results. When he asks you for a favor, you can agree or turn him down. Agree to it in order to find out what everybody's agenda is. Before you get too far, however, one of Count Maravel's servants stops you with a message to visit him which changes the mission, so just go with it. You'll get a trophy to wear from the quest.