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    FAQ/Walkthrough by pprincess

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    Chapter 3--Roche's Path (Continued)

    Pacta Sunt Servanta

    Talk to the Count who is right next door to Kimbolt. Afterward, you're to hunt down some tough guys. Find them, and you've have to choose whether to defend them from Kimbolt's men or let them be killed. You'll probably want to defend them or else you won't hear their information. Make sure you kill the huntsmen before they kill the tough guys. The guys will tell what they know to constable Natalis. You can choose to turn in Kimbolt now if you're convinced of his guilt, or choose to investigate Maravel also by tracking down the mage carrying his letters.

    The Messenger

    Talk to Aldrich in the Temerian camp. He'll take you to a spot to wait. You'll have to defeat soldiers to get to the mage and he'll get away through two doors. But he'll be hiding behind a third door on the left. If you miss the door, you'll fail the quest because he gets away. You'll have to fight him to get his scrolls. He'll cast damaging fire signs on the ground and teleport to new positions. So much for the barrier over the city preventing high magic...You'll have to watch where he teleports and either use Yrdens or lay physical traps on those spots. Once you have traps at all the spots he'll get caught in one and be unable to cast. At that point he'll take out his sword and you can Yrden him again and take him down. Loot his corpse for a scroll and a trap diagram. Read the scroll to find out what Maravel is doing.

    You now have two letters and a witness to serve as evidence. Go see Natalis. With your evidence, you can turn in either one of the two men, or turn in both. But if you turn in both, Natalis will make his own decision and he'll decide in his own best interest. So you might as well just go with your own conscience.


    The remaining quests are all story and another fork in the road is at hand. If you have any side quests above that you haven't finished yet, do them now. If you are close to gaining a level, you might want to visit the nekker tunnels or the sewers and kill some monsters. Stores will still be available after choosing one of the story arcs, so you can wait a little too if you can't decide to sell everything.

    Big Sell-Off

    The game has an achievement for holding 10,000 orens. If you've done everything up to now and have a healthy supply of traps, bombs and potions, then there isn't anything you'll want to buy once you have the gear described above in this chapter. Can you get 10,000 orens by selling off everything you have? You can make a save and try it: you can always reload your save and get everything back whether or not you pop the achievement. You can also keep the money after your sell-off and buy books in the shops to round out your journal.

    For Temeria! or Where is Triss Merigold?

    Roche has asked that you help him rescue the children, and Triss needs help too. You can't do both right now, and the choice of which you decide to do will have an effect on everybody in the story. Everything that has happened has given you a lot of information to consider. And, you have your feelings about Triss to think about, as well as knowing what involvements Roche and Triss have. How you feel about resolving things for Temeria may also play a part, along with your still foggy memory. Make a separate save if you want to go back and play both choices, or you can read ahead before you decide. I'll try and keep spoilers at a minimum but some will be unavoidable.

    For Temeria!

    Meet Roche in the sewers. His location is underground near the musician in the square. You'll see a big hole in the ground, walk around to it and then you can go down into a tunnel. When you reach the other side, you'll battle some soldiers. Fight them off. They are weak to Fire. Enter the doorway above the hole where emerged from the tunnel. Lots more soldiers and eventually the mage assistant. He is another teleporting mage, but you'll have to catch him with an Aard this time to knock him down so he can't cast his teleporting spell.

    Head down the stairs with the green mist. Anais is enclosed by a barrier. Enter the door opposite for a scene. Then you need to decide what to do with Anais. You can hand her over to the King as promised, or give her to the Temerians. If you decide to give her to the Temerians, you'll need to fight off the King's soldiers on the way out. Make your decision.

    Where is Triss Merigold?

    If you decide to rescue Triss instead of helping Roche, talk to Shilard near the harpy spawning spot. Use some potions before you talk to him. The Nilfgardian Camp is a bloodbath. Use Aard to knock the soldiers down. The city gate will be locked, so you'll have to find a corridor near the prison exit and fight your way back into the city square area. When defeat Matsen at the square, loot his body for the cell key. Head down to the cells and free Triss. She'll explain what the mages are planning. Then you'll split up to leave the area and Triss will meet you at the summit.

    A Summit of Mages

    Once you start the Summit, you won't be able to leave the city, so make sure you've done everything. You should be at level 34 or around that. Then head to the Summit entrance. Meditate and use potions before going in. The scenes will play out depending upon your choices in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3.

    Boss Fight

    Follow the path up to the tower. You should be able to meditate on the path and use potions. Also suggested is use Falka's Blood Oil on your sword. As your run up the stairs, the boss will take out parts of the stairs, and the windows to get at you. Take out your sword and keep it out so you can roll. You'll die if you fall through the stairs or from fire blasts. Just roll up the stairs for a cutscene and another choice. There is an achievement for not removing the crystal but you do get a game over, and there is also an achievement for removing it.

    Climb up the rock walls to get to a platform. Use Quen and just keep on the roll. You can get in hits between dodging, and it's easier if you wait until the monster lands partway on the platform.

    In Iorveth's path you'll get access to a dagger for this part, but on Roche's path you get two choices of what to do next.

    Meet up with Roche to head to the end of the game. I won't spoil the rest. Be sure to watch after the credits are done.

    Story Spacer

    This space is put here to separate Roche's Path from Iorveth's Path so that players who skip ahead to play Iorveth's Path aren't confronted with the end of Roche's. I've tried to avoid detailing big spoilers just above to minimize this. Most guides follow the ending of a game with technical game information, so no matter what game guide you use, you risk reading about parts of the game you haven't seen yet.

    Assassins of Kings

    I'm taking this back a little to the first opportunity you have to gain Iorveth's trust and to favor him rather than Roche. At this point you have everything done except to meet up with Letho and Iorveth in the elven ruins. Use potions and Brown Oil before climbing up the last step

    Choice: Iorveth's Sword

    Give Iorveth the sword: he will break free and escape, and place the non-humans in Flotsam in peril.

    Refuse Iorveth the sword: Iorveth will be captured, and you'll be a hero in Flotsam.

    Your decision determines what happens in Flotsam next. The choices are looming to side with non-humans or humans, and this decision is the first one you have to make. If you want to take Iorveth's side, then give him back his sword, otherwise if you are siding with Roche, don't give it back. But it's not that black and white because non-humans are at peril in Flotsam if Iorveth gets away with his sword.


    Letho hits hard, but you only need to work his health bar down halfway. Letho is using Quen too, so make sure you have it on, and roll to use strong attacks from behind. You can use Aard on him to knock him back. Pick up your sword when the battle is done, and look around for a sack of goodies that Letho leaves behind, and a chest with orens and some daggers.

    If you gave Iorveth his sword back, then he'll speak with you after the fight. If you didn't, then Roche will talk to you instead. Stop in Lobinden if you need to sell anything before heading back into Flotsam.

    Where is Triss Merigold?

    Iorveth getting away has led to a riot in Flotsam. Depending upon whether you've been friendly with Loredo, the guards will hassle you while getting in the city, or they will let you pass. Once in, you can choose to save a dwarf from the mobs and use Axii progress for the Conjuror ability. Inside the Inn, you can save a couple more elves with Axii, either a persuade or intimidate option. Talk to Dandelion and follow him outside. You can save another group of dwarves with Axii options again. Then head to Sile's quarters.

    Search Sile's quarters and talk to the ladies next door. Use a Cat potion and follow the trail until you find Cedric. If you gave Iorveth his sword back, you won't find any Squirrels to fight along the way, so no chance for another Dhu Bledd attachment for now. After finding Cedric you can get armor and boots from him to sell or increase your weight load until you get to a shop. You can sell items in Lobinden before moving on.

    You can choose to meet with both Roche and Iorveth before choosing. Just pick "I need to do something" before making your final choice to go with one or the other. When you choose Iorveth, "At a Crossroads: Vernon Roche" will show as a failed quest whether you talk to him or not.

    The Floating Prison

    Meet up with Iorveth and he suggests you attending a meeting of the Scoia'tael. Catch up with the group by following the mini-map arrow. Follow them along the paths defeating guards as you go. Eventually you'll reach the prison ship.

    Here you can throw bombs at the guards while the other elves basically tank for you.

    You'll get a choice eventually to rescue a few elven girls from the townspeople, or go after Loredo. Loredo is the more lucrative of the two options, for you can get an Elaine Bledd armor attachment fighting him. Rescuing the elven girls gains more trust with Iorveth, however. You'll need to defeat a few guards on your own and then go into the burning tower. Use the ladder to climb up. Click on each girl and do the QTE to untie them.

    If you decide to go after Loredo instead, he's in the town square. He has a large heavy weapon which makes him slow to hit, but if he hits you, it's instant death. You'll have to be quick if you want to grab loot from him.

    On the ship, Iorveth will tell you about meeting up with Roche. You'll have to play as Iorveth as he relates the story, but the fight isn't too hard.

    Prelude to War:Aedirn

    You'll start out playing as Prince Stennis, a member of the group you'll soon be joining. Walk to the meeting. You can say any of the responses but the result is the same. The choices are interesting to see Stennis' point of view. King Henselt is an easy story-based fight as Stennis has no powers of his own.

    As Geralt approaches the area, wraiths will spawn. Kill a few of these around Saskia and then two draugirs will spawn. They drop draugir fragments, you might want one of these. Focus on the draugir further down the hill away from Saskia. Use Aard to knock it back, a few good hits and a cutscene will finish it off, giving you a chance to loot it. You can reload if you don't get one, but I got it twice from that draugir on reloads so it should be a very good chance. If you don't get one here, you can get another further ahead.

    Once both draugirs are dead, an owl appears. Stay within the orange circle near the owl to protect you from the hordes of wraiths. You'll be dead quickly by stepping out. When the barrier changes from orange to green, a draugir will spawn. Keep it within the barrier. If you're close to knocking it outside the barrier, step back closer to the middle so it stays inside. Use Yrden or Aard to gain an advantage. If the draugir dies within the green barrier, you can grab the loot bag quickly if one drops. The barrier will then change back to orange and you can continue following the owl. There will be 2 more opportunities to fight draugirs within the green barrier, just keep a watch out.

    Vergen--The War Council

    You'll be shown a room in the inn where you can store and retrieve goods from a chest. The innkeeper also offers storage. Burdon plays dice and arm wrestles. You won't get anything good from dice with him, he has fictional prizes that don't appear in your inventory. Take a walk around town.


    Mysterious Merchant: walkway, weapons, armor, runes.

    Thorak: runes, crafting items, harpy traps
    Haggard: weapon crafting, harpy traps
    Mael: armor
    Spark: junk food
    Felicia Cori: books, formulas, surgical tools
    Mottle: herbs. East of the gate outside town, depends on Chapter 1.

    Vergen is a confusing maze of houses and paths. Pick up the side quests from the notice board in front of the Inn. You'll be able to find the weapon crafter Haggard and a couple of other sellers. Loot some of the houses for orens, books and other items. Make sure you find Philippa's house now before moving on so you can loot her house, it will be unavailable soon. I found a Dhu Bledd armor attachment in a chest along the paths.

    The Castle is where the meeting is taking place. You won't be able to access the armor shop until the meeting is over, so might as well get it done with.

    After the meeting, head down the paths til you meet up with a gathering of dwarves and a cutscene. They will then open the gates which will allow you access to the elf Mael for armor crafting. He has the Draug Armor diagram, which is pricey at around 1300 orens. You'll have the draugir armor fragment already for the Draug armor, but the Draug fragment isn't available until near the end of the chapter. If you are going for the 10,000 orens achievement, you might want to skip anything that costs money and see if you can find free armor along the way.

    Visit the human camp just below the armor seller. You'll find an Elaine Bledd armor attachment in a crate.

    The area around Vergen is a series of gullies and paths with a few open areas. It looks daunting, but really isn't that much to explore. So we can make progress on a number of quests all at the same time. Most of the side quests in Chapter 2 can be completed in any order, some will require advancing parts of the story a little. I will attempt to shorten the process as much as possible, but you might want to explore your way along to complete everything and only look at the walkthrough if you get stuck.

    Subterranean Life/Hey, Work's on in the Mines

    Meet Zoltan at the Inn for a drink. Ask about the item you need for Saskia's cure. Everyone agrees to help you find it in a mine nearby. Meditate and prepare at least 1 Grapeshot bomb, and as many Dancing Star bombs as you can make. Follow the dwarves to talk to Cecil and then head into the mine.

    You'll meet rotfiends, a new enemy that explodes as they die, causing damage if you don't roll away quickly. Keep your potions up, and use Dancing Star bombs, these will burn a whole group of rotfiends. As Geralt notes, there are nests that need destroying. The game tells you to use "beehives" to take out barricades, and the beehives are Grapeshot bombs. There are 3 nests total in the mine at the edges of the paths.

    Explore the mine thoroughly. Light the hanging cauldrons to see better. You can use a Cat potion, but going slowly and using the cauldrons works just as well. You'll find keys along the way. Pick your loot carefully, it's easy to get full up in here and you'll be constantly having to drop stuff which is annoying, and you can always come back in here later to gather more loot if you want.

    There is a storehouse with a locked door in the far southwest of the map. The key for this is on the other side of the map, on the bottom path next to the one that has the quest marker. You'll find a lot of traps down that path to get the key, so be careful. The storehouse contains a treasure chest with the Robust Sword of Dol Balthanna, which has a base damage of 28-34, and Poison +8%. Depending upon the runes you used on your Jagged Blade, this could be a damage upgrade, but it doesn't have the Bleeding stat which is so useful against humans. To make it better, you'll have to use Ysgith Runes to get the Bleeding stats on it. These are pricey to buy, but you can also buy the diagram to make the runes. If you're a miser, just keep using the Jagged Blade.

    The final path with the quest marker has a Bullvore monster at the end, along with a handful of rotfiends. Roll away from everything further into the room. The Bullvore should go straight for the dwarves, let them tank the Bullvore while you deal with the rotfiends. Chuck a Dancing Star or two over toward the Bullvore and rotfiends near the dwarves, this should do quite a bit of damage on everything. Loot the area when you are done, and take the Immortelle for the story. Blow up the last nest in this room which will finish the side quest for Cecil. When you head back to the doorway, you'll have the choice to leave the mine. Find Cecil for your reward. You may also be told that Philippa is back home now.

    The mine trip should have given you anywhere from 4-10 pieces of silver which can be used to make traps for the Harpy Contract quest. A total of 7 is needed.

    Tunnel of the Founders

    We can get a great sword searching for an underground tunnel beneath Vergen. If you did Roche's Path already you would have been in this catacomb before the Battle of Vergen, however the same door is not accessible and you need to find a way in within the city. The door is in the same area as Inn, but to the east of the Inn and past the crane with pulleys. You'll fight nekkers, rotfiends and another bullvore in the Catacombs. The room with the bullvore has a Blood Sword.

    Blood Sword--3 Rune slots

    Damage 34-38
    Incineration +10%
    Bleeding 50%

    Add a Moon Rune for Signs +4 and another Fire Rune if you want, or spend the money to make or buy Ysgith, Sun Runes to add even more damage.

    The Harpy Contract

    We need to get 7 harpy traps to destroy the harpy nests. You can buy these outright from Haggard or Thorak for 700 orens, or you can buy the trap diagram for 60 orens or so, and make the traps. It's cheaper to make the traps. But the traps take 1 piece of silver each and to make 7 with the diagram will cost around 130 orens assuming you have found all the ingredients. Each one takes 1 piece of silver. The quest reward is only 200 orens. If you're doing the miser achievement, skip this one.

    Head out of the town gate, and turn left where you see the Scoia'tael keeping watch north of town. If you saved the female elves in Flotsam from the burning tower, you'll see one of them here. She has some herbs to sell and you can trade with her. She'll offer to sleep with you as a reward for saving her life, and you can do that for a lovely cutscene. When done, she'll give you a key. You can unlock a couple of the doors nearby. Otherwise, the doors will be open, and you can walk through to the area above the quarry.

    Visit the house in the quarry area. This will start another subquest which we can tackle at the same time we get rid of the harpies.

    A Sackful of Fluff

    The man in the quarry house will ask you to bring him 12 harpy feathers. You will already have these from the trek to the trolls, unless you sold them. If so, just run outside and fight a few more harpies. The man will pay you for the 12, and offer more money for a lot more feathers. Ask him for a lot more money, and use Persuade to triple your fee. You'll need to get 60 feathers now to fulfill the contract.

    Head down to the quarry. Lots of harpies. You'll get at least half the amount needed just from killing on your way down. Run back up and around out of the area and then return shortly to respawn the harpies. When you have the required amount, turn them in for the reward. The man will ask for more. You can turn him down or agree, but it's only 8 more feathers (may be random) and you'll probably have them already. The man tells you to come back later.

    Now we can get rid of 4 harpy nests in the quarry area. Just go to the first wooden platform on your way down into the quarry. Make sure harpies are coming up towards you, then set a trap on the platform. Make sure you have the quest showing on the minimap which will count the nests. Don't lay another trap until you see each one counted. Total of 4 in the quarry.

    The other 3 nests are in an area we need to open by progressing the story a little further.

    Mystic River Part 2

    Looking at the map, you'll see a wooden ship on the southwest part of the map. Let's head there. On the way you'll meet up with a Troll. His wife is missing. He also has some information on Triss. If you're after the Trollslayer achievement, you can kill him, but you can also offer to find his wife for him. Head to the wooden ship now. Inside you'll pick up 2 Vran armor attachments. Don't use these, you will need them for a suit of the best armor in the game in Chapter 3.

    Now turn back and go straight to an open field area. You'll kill a few harpies here. Continuing further ahead, you'll meet up with Adam Pangratt and some Kaedweni soldiers who are trying to kill the female troll. You can help them kill the troll if you're going for the trollslayer achievement, or you can ask that they spare the troll. Either way will result in getting Triss' bandana. Sparing the troll will mean fighting the soldiers. They will surrender after you've killed a few of them. You can talk them into turning themselves in to Cecil Burdon in Vergen. If you decide to help the soldiers kill the troll, they agree to help the town at the upcoming battle.

    If you spare the female troll, she'll give you a Troll Horn. Talk her into going back to her husband. After a cutscene, you'll receive Triss' bandana which will continue the "Where is Triss Merigold?" quest and come in handy with helping Saskia.

    With Triss' bandana, you can go see Philippa who is back at home. Or continue with other quests.

    With Flickering Heart/The Eternal Battle--Death Symbolized

    Lifting the curse from the battlefield requires finding a number of items for a ritual. One of them is the Dun Standard. We can get this now and a silver sword upgrade for free. The next trip out of town can get us some progress on a couple of quests all at once.

    Talk to the elf outside the inn by the door. He mentions the burned village outside the city gate and asks you to investigate. Agree to do it and then head inside the inn.

    Optional: Find Skallon Burdon in the Inn. Ask him about places of power. He'll mention a catacomb east of the city. Save, and then play him at dice poker. He's not part of the dice poker quest, but he has an item we might want for this quest. You'll have to win twice or so for him to give you a Dun Cloak as a reward. Once you win it, he refuses to play you any longer, but that's fine because you got the main item from him already. You can still get the Dun Standard if you don't want to bother getting the Cloak.

    Now head out of town to the Burned Village and examine it for a smell of sulphur. Then it's time to investigate the catacombs. Head back to town and buy Surgical Tools from Felicia Cori. She's standing near the armor crafter.

    You should have the surgical tools and the Dun Cloak if you took the time to get it. To reach the catacombs, look at the map and you'll see a big tunnel type drawing in the upper left side of the town that seems to head upward. Go through the doors there which will exit to another part of the forest and a couple of lakes. You might meet up with a group of bounty hunters who want to turn you in for a reward, so just fight them off. Continue heading east. More bandits and harpies along the way that are pretty tough, but back up and just deal with one at a time. Search around for an entrance to a catacomb. Your medallion will make a sound when you're close.

    In here are a lot of tombs you can raid. You'll see some bricked up walls that can be opened with the Aard sign. Uncover all the bodies lying in the tombs. Some will spawn wraiths, so keep your potions active and be prepared. The bodies will sometimes have loot. One important thing to look for is the Fate silver sword. It's an upgrade from the one you made in Flotsam. You'll also find pieces of silver on some of the bodies.

    Almost all the bodies are long dead. There is a fresh body, however, in the third room along the right walkway, behind a bricked wall. It will have a lit candle next to it. Examine the body. First choose to look at the arms. If you have the Surgical Tools, you'll automatically remove a Metal Fragment which will show up in your Quest Items. Turn the body over, and find a journal underneath. Time to talk to Dandelion about all this.

    Before you leave, find the Dun Standard. You'll need to find the Dun regiment tomb which will be the walkway directly out the door from the fresh body tomb. Walk across, head down the steps, and use Aard on the back wall in this room

    Behind the bricked wall you'll find a specter named Ekhart Hanessa, the holder of the Dun Standard.

    Your two choices are to say you are with the Dun Banner or to just kill the spirit. You can talk your way out of a fight if you say you're with the Dun Banner, and are able to answer questions correctly. If you have the Dun Cloak with you, you can make a mistake and be given another chance.

    Correct answers: 1. That it's wrong; 2. Menno Coehourn; 3. Menno died at Brenna; 4. Seltkirk and Vandergrift are the commanders, and 5. Bigerhorn is the kidnapper. You'll get the Standard if you've answered the questions correctly, or if you defeat the specter and loot his corpse.

    You can choose to leave the Dun Cloak on the table in the tomb. Head back to town or explore the area outside the catacombs. There is a dead body around the little lake where you found the bandits. The body has a book to loot called "The Conjunction of Spheres."

    Head back to the Inn and talk to Dandelion about his poetry journal. Ask him to meet you at the burned village. Set your wait time to midnight first. Dandelion will start a song and you'll have to pick the best lyrics. Clues are in his journal if you've read it.

    "If our bodies..." and end with "...a morsel upon which to dine."

    You have a choice to go with the Succubus, or walk over to Geralt. Do either, but you'll want to have Geralt talk to the Succubus to find out what's going on with the dead men. You can choose to kill her and end the quest, or follow up on her story. There is a way to do both. For now agree to check her story.

    Head back to Ele'yas the elf and accuse him of lying. Then look for Iorveth who is hiding in one of the houses along with other Scoia'tael. If you've investigated the town you'll remember the house is up next to the tunnel where you go to the catacombs. Talk to Iorveth and offer the metal shard as proof about Ele'yas.

    Now go back to the burned village. Meditate and use potions before you get there because you can't use any in the village. You'll be attacked upon entering the village. Use your steel sword. You may also spawn a couple of wraiths afterward. Save your game before you head down the ladder.

    Getting all Items from the Succubus

    Credit to MertensCW on the GameFAQs forum for discovering this. Head down the ladder but DON'T go into the room. From the doorway, throw a bomb at the Succubus and wait for her to come out in the little hallway. Make sure you don't enter the room, try and get her out of the doorway completely and defeat her. Use Quen on yourself and then switch to Aard to knock her back out of her Quen barrier. Defeat her and you can loot her body for her Succubus's Wand, a Diamond Dust diagram and a couple other goodies. The wand not a great weapon and has no rune slots, but has Incineration +10%.

    Now enter the room, and a cutscene will start as if this last battle never happened. You can choose to sleep with the Succubus and she has a few more goodies including a set of armor.

    Thyssen's Armor--Base Stats

    Weight 21 Armor+15

    Reduction of damage from magic 2%
    Resistance to Incineration, Bleeding, Poisoning +27%
    Bomb Damage Multiplier +50%

    Head back to town and add enhancements to your armor. Do not spend your Vran attachments!! Save them for Chapter 3. I suggest saving the Dhu Bledd Signs +5 you may have found in Vergen, it's hard to replace it on Iorveth's path because you won't be fighting many elves. Go ahead and use the Elaine Bledd now though, since we're saving the Vrans for the best armor in Chapter 3.

    Poker Face: Vergen

    Ask the Innkeeper to play dice to start this quest. He'll direct you to two weaker players who are located in the Blacksmith Apprentice house. Follow the mini map to get there. As before, save and reload your game if you don't win. Always bet the max. Defeat the two players in there, and then beat the Innkeeper.

    Useless Trivia

    The man talking to the innkeeper about the "woman who fell from the sky" is voiced by the same actor who voiced Sebastian in Bioware's Dragon Age II.

    Now you need to beat Cecil Burdon. If he isn't home, set your wait time to night and he'll arrive or be in bed. The final foe is Haggard the blacksmith apprentice. You can ask for money or an alternate item if you win. He'll give you a red, blue or yellow meteorite ore. You probably have several of these already. If you take the money, depending upon the amount of the bets it works out to around 300 orens.

    Bring It On: Vergen

    Arm Wrestling mini quest at the Inn. Beat Sheldon Skaggs, Yarpin Zigrin, and Skalen Burdon. Skalen will mention another opponent to look for later in the game.

    If you're having trouble with the arm wrestling, you can turn off the Difficult QTE default without changing the game difficulty. Just uncheck it in the Options menu.

    One on One: Vergen

    Fist Fighting in the Inn. The final challenger is Silgart. He'll be happy if you lose to him, otherwise he'll threaten you. Either way, you can complete or lose the quest and you'll be seeing him again.

    Hunting Magic

    Talk to Philippa at her house. The front door is guarded by two elves, you'll have to go around and up to the right to another door up high. Ask her ONLY about a magical artifact. Don't take any of the other conversation points for now: doing so moves forward too many quests at one time.

    Go to Cecil's house and ask him about a magic artifact. He'll mention a place of power outside town. He'll also give you a map. The direction is back toward the tombs where you unwrapped the bodies.So, head to the long tunnel at the top of the town map and out the east side of the town. Meditate and use potions and walk to the water.

    Cross the middle of the lake inlet along the shallow part, where stones stick out of the water. At the other side, turn right immediately to go up an incline. At the top you'll see a break where you have to jump twice. There will be a LOT of harpies. Jump up to the tower and take the dream crystal sitting in the nest.

    Return to Philippa with the stone, and then go talk to Cecil. Talk him into opening the quarry. This will give you the Queen Harpy Contract quest automatically at the same time. It's not on the notice board.

    The Queen Harpy Contract/Harpy Contract/Hunting Magic

    These quests must all be completed together. If you've done the first part of the Harpy Contract, you've done 4 nests already, leaving 3 remaining. If you haven't started the regular Harpy Contract, you'll need 7 harpy traps.

    Head to the quarry west of town. You'll be able to open the door now at the bottom. Kill a couple of harpies and then walk through the cave until you are outside on a ledge. Make sure you switch your active quest to The Harpy Contract so you can see the number change when a nest blows up. Place the last 3 harpy traps one at a time. Climb up to the next ledge if you have to in order to get more harpies. With 3 traps you should be able to complete The Harpy Contract assuming you've done the previous 4 in the quarry.

    Continue along the ledges, and you can loot a couple sets of Kaedweni armor. It's the same as the Thysson but without the bomb augment. If you didn't get the Thysson earlier this set will be fine with enhancements.

    You'll see a cutscene with a harpy placing a crystal in a stone projector, and then you'll see a dream. Run around the caves and gather a total of 5 Crystalised Dreams. One is back near where you entered the caves, the others are in the same area as the projector. Harpies will spawn when you acquire each one. Go back to the projector and prepare yourself with potions/oils before you take out the Letho's Dream crystal. When you do so, the Queen Harpy will arrive with minions.

    Back yourself into one of the narrow passages so only one harpy can attack you at a time. Use Quen and Aard to push them down. Loot the Queen's body for the Harpy Sword. It's not a bad sword but if you have the Blood Sword from the underground catacomb in Vergen nothing else will top that. The Queen Harpy Contract will show as completed and you can claim a reward.

    View all 5 dreams. The Dragon Dream and Baltimore's Dream are the important ones. We'll give the Dragon's Dream to Philippa and the Baltimore's Dream will start a new quest.

    On your way out of the quarry, stop by the house at the top for a funny scene and to complete A Sackful of Fluff. You'll get a trophy as a reward. Head back to town now and claim your other rewards from Cecil.

    Below Cecil's house is Igor Vivaldi. With Persuasion you can borrow money from him.

    Baltimore's Nightmare

    Find Baltimore's house in Vergen, it's near the rune smiths not far from the mines. Talk to the rune smith Thorak about the house, and then ask to see it. Inside, you'll see a breakable wall. Retrieve Baltimore's Directions and a key. Read the directions. Back outside, Thorak asks if you found anything. It's up to you whether you tell him you found something. If you say you did, Thorak will ask you to bring him any of the master's notes you might find. You can get a really good sword later if you keep the notes to yourself.

    The clues in the directions point to a path: first the burned well in the burnt village, then the archway around the corner below, then the statue of the deity further ahead. All this leads you to the quarry. You might have found a chest when searching around the quarry, the key you obtained will now open it. Inside you'll find a runic key.

    Reading the remaining clues will refer to somebody having drowned. This suggests the shipwreck. Head to the shipwreck and search for a door. You will need to clear the vines using IGNI to find the door.

    If you informed Thorak about finding the directions, he'll appear behind you to make you an offer. He'll offer to give you 100 orens and everything in the room except for Baltimore's Notes which he wants to take himself. If you agree to this, the quest will end and you'll obtain a Hunter's Armor diagram and some runes. If you react suspiciously to the offer, Thorak will kill you.

    If you kept the directions to yourself back in Vergen, Thorak will simply attack you after you loot the place. The three dwarves are tough, but are weak to fire and to traps. Loot Thorak's body for the key to his house and red, blue and yellow meteorites, and a beaver cap.

    Head back to town and inform Cecil of your findings for a reward. He'll give you 60 orens and, best of all, the rare Gwyhyr steel sword. This is an awesome sword even without any runes on it! Best of all, you got paid to acquire this sword rather than paying out.


    Damage 30-40, 3 Rune slots
    Vitality +20
    Damage Reduction on block +30%
    Stun +8%
    Bleeding +20%

    You should have received Moon, Earth and Fire runes on the quest. The Moon rune will add Sign Damage +4.

    With Thorak's key, go to his house nearby in the rune-crafting area. Loot the house for a yellow meteorite sword diagram and Olcan's Receipt: reading it shows an order for a chalice. Outside, Bernard is the new rune smith and he has wares to offer.

    Side Quests Complete

    We've now completed all the major side quests for Chapter 2--Iorveth's Path. The remaining are plot-related. If you want to earn more money playing dice, arm wrestling etc. this is a good time to do it before moving on with the remainder of the story.

    Where is Triss Merigold? Part II

    Go to Philippa's house and tell her about the dragon's dream crystal. Then talk to her again about Triss and give her the bandanna. She'll need time to investigate.

    Royal Blood

    If you visited the Prince after the War Council, he refused you the blood sample. This is a chance to either get it or find another route.

    Outside, the peasants are in revolt. Check out the situation at the Castle of Feathers. You'll be given a chance to talk to 3 parties about the accusations before being required to give a verdict. You can also declare the prince guilty immediately to end the quest. The conversations will give a chance at subquests and we'll get more experience if we investigate. Talk to only one party to start with, the peasants are a good choice.

    Peasants: talk to them about the servant who poured the wine. They will encourage you to find the servant. Do this first before talking to anyone else.

    -The Walls Have Ears

    Follow the arrow to find the peasant. You'll get to use a Persuade or Intimidate to get information. After this, find Cecil Burdon. He'll mark your map for the priest's house. Inside the house, you'll find Olcan's notes.

    Return to the Castle. If you want to talk to the Prince, you can try persuading the guards to let you in. If you're successful. the prince will try to bribe you and will refuse a blood sample. Talk to the Prince only if you have done Baltimore's Nightmare already AND have been to Thorak's house to get the chalice receipt.

    Dwarven crafters: talk to these 3 guys near the castle entrance about the chalice. You'll get the quest Suspect: Thorak. If you've already done Baltimore's Nightmare, and you got the receipt from Thorak's house, you'll successfully complete Suspect: Thorak. If you haven't done these yet, if you've talked to the prince too then this conversation will be #3 and you'll be forced to complete Royal Blood without completing Suspect: Thorak.

    If you didn't talk to the prince, then the dwarves can be #2 and you'll have a chance to finish Baltimore's Nightmare as long as you don't talk to anybody else. If you've finished Baltimore's Nightmare, but haven't been back to Thorak's house, you can still go there and get the chalice receipt.

    The prince will give a speech and you have a chance to choose. If you declare the prince guilty, he'll be killed. If you choose "not enough evidence" and present the findings of the receipt and priest, the prince will go to trial.

    Either way will complete the quest and you'll get Dwarven Gauntlets as a reward. I gained 5 levels from the doing the quest as above with all the subquests complete. I didn't talk to the prince, I had the receipt and the notes and just talking to the Peasants and then the Dwarves automatically moved the quest forward. I guess having all the possible evidence meant the quest moved on before I got a third conversation. It could be that Cecil Burdon counts as a conversation too. One thing to try if you really want to talk to the prince might be to get the house location from Cecil and find the house. Then reload the game before talking to Cecil and because you already know where the house is, you can go there without talking to Cecil first.

    Where is Triss Merigold?/Royal Blood

    Philippa has a lead on Triss, and a plan is hatched to cross the mist in search of her and a royal blood sample from Henselt. Go through all the conversation topics with Philippa now, and you'll get the chance to talk to Cynthia finally. If you've obtained the Wild Hunt notes from the catacombs earlier, you can discuss them with her.

    The Eternal Mist

    Head out of town via the large gate and through the burned village. Further down the hill is the entrance to the mist. Use potions and oils before going in. Philippa will meet you and then turn into her owl form. As you did early on in the chapter, follow her owl closely. She will stop a couple of times for you to fight draugirs and a few wraiths. You'll have to clear everything out of the green circle to proceed.

    When you reach the other side, head up the hill. You'll meet an old friend who will tell you how to get into the Kaedweni Camp. There are two routes. Before you go, you can do some exploring in the area.

    Check your map and you can see blue and red tents on the left. The blue tents are the Blue Stripes. You can loot the main tent. The red brothel tents are governed by Madame Carole. You can pay for a girl if you want. The Madame's tent conceals a way into the camp. But it will cost you..a lot..around 746 orens to bribe her to let you use the entrance. The main advantage is that the entrance is close, and you'll reach your goal right away. The other route available to you is free, but will be a bit of a hike. Both routes lead to the same goal. Both will involve fighting undead nekkers or rotfiends and a bullvore, at minimum.

    You can also explore the gullies around the camp before deciding. To the far east along the beach path you can find a burned wagon wheel shrine. This is where Sabrina was killed, the sorcerer who made the curse and created the mist. You'll meet a few drowners on the beach. Further inland from the beach is another path that leads to a house near the shore. Check out the Kaedweni soldier along the far part of the beach for a couple of armor pieces.

    Behind the house is a graveyard, you can read the stones. The house holds nothing interesting. If you use Aard on the barrels outside the house, you'll see a hidden trap door. This is the door that leads to a quest item called "Malgret's Notes" which opens up a quest in Chapter 3 where you can redo your talent points or get one of the best weapons in the game.

    Malgret's Notes

    The PC version allows players to descend the trap door to obtain Malgret's Notes in both Roche's Path and Iorveth's Path. The door is locked, however, in the Xbox Enhanced Edition.

    As of this writing, no way has been found to unlock that door on Iorveth's Path. There may be a way to get a key inside the Kaedweni Camp. I tried everything to open the door otherwise, like reading the gravestones in a certain order, reloading etc. Hopefully somebody can find a way to open this door, because otherwise Iorveth's Path is missing one of the best quests in Chapter 3. There is no real reason it should be locked out. Iorveth's Path does have better weapons and armor in Chapter 2 than Roche's Path, maybe that's the trade-off. If a key can be found in the Kaedweni Camp, there is time to revisit Malgret's House before heading back to Vergen.

    Somebody needs to find that key!!

    Heading back to the camp area, it's time to go east and explore if you want. This is the direction to go if you want the "free" route, rather than paying Madame Carole. Follow the wooden spiked fence all the way to the east until it ends. There is a path into the gullies there. Along the way you'll defeat rotfiends and see dead bodies. These are soldiers whose bodies are "food" to the rotfiends. They are a side quest in Roche's Path. If you burn the bodies, then the rotfiends stop spawning. This works here too in Iorveth's Path.

    Exploring around the east will take you to an area with endrega monsters. Following it to the end will lead to a small round pool surrounded by cliffs, and marked at the entrance with Sabrina's shrine. The far pool of water will have a skeleton in the water where you can loot the Arbitrator sword. It's inferior to your Gwyhyr sword, but something to sell.

    Another path will take you to a house surrounded by candles. A "Visionary" lives there. You can loot his notes. He is a follower of Sabrina the dead sorceress. He is part of a side quest on Roche's path, yet you can have most of the same conversations with him. Down on the beach here is a chest with a few orens.

    After you're done exploring, either head back to the brothel if you want to pay Madame Carole to use the tunnels into the Kaedweni Camp or stay to the east to sneak through the Kaedweni Camp to the underground tunnel. There is a Black Ops achievement to sneaking through the camp.

    Sneak through the Camp

    This is an easier option if you've done Roche's path already because you'll know the camp well and recognize where you are. You'll be sneaking through the canteen area to start. Just watch out and pass the canteen notice board on the left. Oddly you can grab the contract side quests but they won't appear in your inventory. The door is straight across. After the notice board, duck behind the tents along the left and head out the wooden door straight ahead.

    Once through this door, take an immediate left to enter another wooden door. This will be a hidden area with wooden walls with "Wanted" posters. You're safe here for the moment so make a save. Around the corner is a door to the upper part of the camp. You'll see a group of guards. Wait until their backs are turned and they are walking away from you. Then enter and go left right away behind the line of tents.

    Further ahead will be one soldier who will walk between the tents, just pause to avoid him. You'll hear shouting at an arena fight far on your right. Just stay behind the line of tents.

    Eventually you'll see a cook with a boiling kettle over the fire. He will see you and you'll have to be quick to get over to him. You'll need to mash the A button to use Axii on him to put him to sleep. Then sneak between the two tents on your right, but duck around to the other side of the last one near the wood wall. A handful of guards will come in the wood door that you need to use as an exit. Stay between the tent and the wall in the dark. Use the door as soon as they are far enough away.

    Immediately you'll see a guard peeing on your right. You can stun him if you're quick with the X button, or just run down the hill on the left and stay close to the rocks so you aren't seen. Sneak along the wall in the grass and trees to the tunnel entrance.


    Both Madame Carole's path and the camp route lead to the same tunnels. You'll fight a bullvore if you explore the south part of the tunnels. Explore the entire tunnel system. At one exit along the south, you can jump across and fight a golem. Behind his body will be crates to loot and you'll find the Armor of Ban Ard. It's a decent set, but won't be quite as good as what you have on already.

    Armor of Ban Ard

    Weight 20 Armor +18

    Vitality +50
    Magic Damage protection +2%
    Resistance to Incineration, Poison, Bleeding +26%

    By the time you get out of the tunnels you'll be well over weighted. If you are on an easier difficulty, you can probably get away with the weight if you are trying for the Miser trophy. Otherwise, you won't be able to take everything.

    Exit the tunnel on the beach and a guard will intercept you. You can try a Charm on the guard to avoid having your weapons taken, but it will probably fail.

    You'll end up in a fight eventually no matter what conversational choices you use.

    Boss: Nilfgardian Soldiers and Mage

    Use the Aard sign on both the soldiers and the mage to stop their attacks, it's about the only thing that will work on that mage. The spells will do quite a bit of damage on you unless you knock that mage down. Let your friends tank the soldiers and you focus on the mage if possible. The battle with the mage will end with a cutscene. BE QUICK WITH THE A BUTTON to loot the mage's corpse when the cutscene ends. You can get the Armor of Loc Muinne off the mage. It's the only way to get this armor.

    Armor of Loc Muinne

    Weight 22 Armor +20

    3 enhancement slots
    Vitality +20
    Magic Damage Resistance +10%
    Resistance to Incineration, Bleeding, Poison +21%
    Vigor Regeneration during Combat +10%

    After the battle, choose to raid the camp. The large tent holds some notes and other items. Now it's time to get some Royal Blood

    Royal Blood

    Roche will distract the guards. Fortunately if you are weighed down, it won't affect the camp sneaking here. Immediately inside the wood door, duck to the right and hide behind the barrels. Stay there until Roche leads all the soldiers out the door behind you. Move behind the tents to the right until you come to another group of barrels. You'll have the option to use the Aard sign to create a distraction. Go around the left of this tent and in the door to meet up with King Henselt. Pretty much any response will get you the blood sample. He'll give you safe passage out of the camp too.

    You can still visit the brothel again if you want some fun. Alas, there is no shop available anywhere. You might be able to drop a loot bag with your overweight items and come back for it if you want to explore. This would be a time to return to the house with the trap door for Malgret's Notes if any key can be found in the camp. Otherwise, head back down into the mist and take the route back to Vergen in the same way you did to get to the camp. You'll fight a couple of times along the way, and a few wraiths on the way out as well.

    Head up to Vergen and sell off your loot. Finish up any side quests you want to complete. We're getting close to a point of no return on Chapter 2.

    A Matter of Life and Death

    Talk to Philippa in her house. Give the items for Saskia's cure, and talk to Saskia to get the Commander's Sword for the curse ritual. You'll get the Negotiator silver sword and an Aedernian Special Forces Cockade, an armor +2 attachment from Philippa. The Negotiator can't hold a candle to the Blood Sword, even by adding 2 Ysgith runes, but the Freeze damage is kinda fun. When Freeze works, the enemy will be shattered with the next hit.

    Negotiator Silver Sword

    Weight 7 Damage 19-25

    2 rune slots
    Vitality +30
    Freeze +20%
    Bleeding +20%

    Finish up any outstanding side quests. You should have only the following in your journal: The Eternal Battle, A Score to Settle, The Assassins of Kings, Returning Memories. Only "The Eternal Battle" remains as a Chapter 2 event, the others are overarching plots that will continue in Chapter 3.

    Store any gear and crafting items you won't be using and get your weight down as far as you can. There will be no shopping available and the Inn will no longer be available for storage after The Eternal Battle.

    When you are ready, head out of town back to the mist.

    The Eternal Battle

    Before heading in to the mist, craft up a supply of potions. They won't be useful in this battle, any that you use will be dispelled. But you'll want a full supply for events after the battle. I recommend wearing armor with as high defense as you can, and pieces with as high a magic defense as you can put together. Have some form of Vitality Regen on your silver sword or at least one armor piece.

    Follow the arrow out of town into the mist. You won't have access to your powers here and potions will wear off before you can use them.

    First you must defeat the standard bearer which is a large draugir. The next section will involve informing the commander by making a run through flying arrows. You'll notice wooden cover spots located along the route. Use these for cover and wait for enemy fire arrows. Run to the next cover spot immediately after the arrows are shot. The last barrier will be set on fire, so make a dash from it at the end.

    Next, you will take possession of Seltkirk. Defeat the soldiers and make your way down the path to the barricade. Use your sword to destroy the barricade. Fight the draugir, it only needs to be taken down halfway if you can push it into the fire. You'll return to yourself. Put Quen in your active spell slot and use it.

    Boss: The Draug Commander Vandergrift

    This is a difficult boss, and hard to hit because of the shield he carries. However, he's pretty weak to your hits, so it's a matter of timing them because when you do land one, it will take off quite a bit of health. Use X strong attack, there is no point in using the A button, you want to hit hard when you connect. Magic other than Quen won't work on this boss.

    The Draug's left side holding the shield is his strong point. It can be challenging to roll away from him, stay on the roll if you can. There is a very large rock on the side of the path, you can kite the Draug around and around the rock. If you kite him in a counterclockwise direction, this will keep his shield closest to the rock, and his sword on the outside, which is his weak side. Kite and do a roll outward and back to land at his side. If you have some gear with Vitality Regen, the kiting around the rock will give you time to recover a little.

    The Draug will command his forces to use arrows and fire rock bombs on you. You'll have to hide from these. The large rock works well for the arrows, but the fire bombs will hit you. You'll get a bit of a warning, however, for a red column will target you first. Just try and run away from the targeting, and hide as you can. Then go back to kiting the Draug around the rock. You should get the loot off him automatically as he dies.

    Possible Draug Loot: Draug Armor fragment (guaranteed), Draug Trophy, Magic Wrap, colored meteorites, Draug Essence, Draug claws. You'll equip the trophy automatically, and it's awesome with +55 Vitality and +5 armor.

    The last part of the ritual has you assume the role of a priest trying to get to soldiers away from the fire bombs by the sorceress. Utilize cover spots while making the run, but as before you'll get targeted with the red column, so just keep on the move and run toward the green mist.