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Reviewed: 09/22/10

This is how a horror game should be


Welcome to one of the most true horror games out there. The game is called Amnesia The Dark Descent and was developed by a Swedish company called Frictional Games. The game is a first person survival horror. Amnesia was made in about three years time by a team no bigger than five people. Yes I know, that is impressive. It came out just recently and for a horror fan like myself it was a blast. Mind you that this game is will be played by a select number of people because of the enormous fear that it can produce. Well, is it any good? Let's find that out now shall we?


Like I mentioned this is a first person survival horror game. You don't see them very much except for games like F.E.A.R for example. In the game you control the character from your perspective. Everything is in realtime and even the cut-scenes are from your perspective. This feature alone let's you suck right into the game. It will take you in and before you know it you have the thrill of your life. Well at least that's what I make of it when I started this game. In most games you have the ability to control weapons. Well... in this game you don't. The only assistance you get is an oil lamp, some matches and if prefered the hints the game gives you. No guns or knives. No nothing like that. Also a nice and fearsome feature is your insanity. As you make your progress through the game you have to keep an eye on your sanity. If a monster gets close or you stay in the dark for too long, your character gets insane. This can be solved by fire up some candles in the hallways or rooms. This all might sound a bit boring but trust me its nothing like that. It is what drives the gameplay and for you to start doubting your own sanity. The game also features some nice puzzles. The puzzles don't reinvent the wheel but are still well done.


The story of Amnesia takes place in England. Brennenburg Castle. You are Daniel and as you start the game your memory is gone. You have no clue where or who you are. It is your task to travel with Daniel through the mysterious castle and uncover his memories. I will go no further in details of the story for it will spoil to much. But I can tell you this. It does not involve heroes or tough guys. No it is a story that has not been told too often and a nice one at that.


Okay, so the game is not by the standards of today's looks. But it still looks great considering this was made by a small game company and not the biggest budget. It does not take a powerhouse computer to run this game so mostly everyone can play it with no problems. Most part of the game takes place in dark areas or with some dim lighting effect's. The effects when your vision is blurred are nicely done. The sound is one of the games greatest aspects. The soundtrack ranges from ambient tunes to haunting sound effects like moaning or wind breezes. Or you hear footsteps and then suddenly some cockroaches are under your feet. The way this is done is truly remarkable and did I tell you that you have the best effect when wearing headphones? Play this game in the dark, alone and wear headphones. You will then know what the team behind this game wants you to experience. Sound effects and tunes to make your skin crawl.


the time you will be spending with Amnesia depends on how good you are with overcoming your fear and off course the puzzles in this game. Overcoming your fear you say? Yes overcoming the fear you will no doubt get when you play this game. In one section of the game the fear may take you over but you will have to find that out for yourself. If you are not good with these type of games you will probably not complete the game. But if you are up for the challenge then the game can be completed under 10 hours. If you are slow ( or scared ) 12 hours or so. You can replay the game if you want but thrill seekers like me one time will do. Playing the game over and over makes it less scarier than before.


At least try the demo. You will be amazed. But in my opinion buy this game right now! If you are in for a true horror game buy it by all means. It has been years for games as these to come out and the guys at Frictional Games know how to make true genre games. You can get it at their own site or on steam. For not so much money you can get the best game off the horror genre in years.

This game deserves a 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Amnesia: The Dark Descent (US, 09/08/10)

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