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    FAQ by onebucdad

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     | |\/| || | | |/ __|| __|/ _ \| '__|| | | |
     | |  | || |_| |\__ \| |_|  __/| |   | |_| |
     |_|  |_| \__, ||___/ \__|\___||_|    \__, |
               __/ |                       __/ |
              |___/                       |___/
       _____                    ______  _  _
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     | |     / _` |/ __| / _ \ |  __|  | || | / _ \/ __|
     | |____| (_| |\__ \|  __/ | |     | || ||  __/\__ \
      \_____|\__,_||___/ \___| |_|     |_||_| \___||___/
      ______  ______  ______  ______  ______  ______  ______
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     | |  | || || '__|/ _ \ | | |_ || '__|/ _ \\ \ / // _ \
     | |__| || || |  |  __/ | |__| || |  | (_) |\ V /|  __/
     |_____/ |_||_|   \___|  \_____||_|   \___/  \_/  \___|
    Information about the Guide
    Written By: OneBucDad
    Created: 12/07/2009
    Updated: 12/13/2009
    Created Using: Notepad/MS-Word
    Version: 2.00
    Percent Complete: 100%
    Note From The Author
    This is only my second FAQ, so please be understanding as I know my formatting
    may not be as good as some of the others I have seen.  However I think I have
    done a pretty good job with this one.  I definitely think it is an improvement
    over my previous endeavor.  However, please feel free to let me know if you
    disagree, or have any suggestions to improve this one. If you wish to contact
    me, my email address is onebucdad@gmail.com.
    First off let me start by saying that this walkthrough will be as detailed as
    I can make it.  I intend to have good direction and instruction and I hope to,
    in the near future, put image files in to show how certain puzzles are
    My previous walkthrough was for the predecessor to this game, Mystery Case
    Files: Return to Ravenhurst.  It can be found here on GameFaqs.com as well.
    Notes About This Game
    This is the walkthrough for the Collector's Edition game.  The Collector's
    Edition was released for members of Big Fish Games on the day before
    Thanksgiving (11/25/2009) for $19.99.  The standard edition was released on
    12/12/2009 for $6.99.
    The Collector's Edition includes:
    * Early access for Game Club Members
    * Additional gameplay and levels
    * Integrated Strategy Guide
    * New challenges and achievements system
    * Behind the scenes artwork and videos
    Above taken from http://www.mysterycasefiles.com/games/diregrove
    This is the 6th edition of Mystery Case Files for the PC (this excludes "Agent
    X" for cell phones and "MillionHeir" for the Nintendo DS).  The current
    versions to this point are as follows:
    1. Mystery Case Files: Huntsville
    2. Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate
    3. Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects
    4. Mystery Case Files: Ravenhurst
    5. Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhurst
    6. Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove Collector's Edition
    The people that are involved in this version of the story are:
    * You - The Master Detective
    * Alison Sterling - The Archaeologist
    * Susan
    * Jack
    * Matt
    * The Icy Queen - The Villain
    Table of Contents
    I.   Legal Notice
    II.  Game Notes & General Tips
    III. Starting the Game
    	1.  Abandoned Car
    	2.  Wooded Pathway from Abandoned Car
    	3.  Dire Grove Bed & Breakfast (Hotel)
    	4.  Hotel: Front Desk
    	5.  Hotel: Lobby
    	6.  Hotel: Upstairs Hallway
    	7.  Hotel: Honeymoon Suite
    	8.  Hotel: Nautical Room
    	9.  Hotel: Front Desk
    	10. Hotel: Generator Shed
    	11. Hotel: Garage
    	12. Hotel: Bathroom
    	13. Hotel: Garage
    	14. Hotel: Bathroom
    	15. Hotel: Manager's Office
    	16. Boathouse
    	17. Hotel: Lobby
    	18. Hotel: Honeymoon Suite
    	19. Hotel: Tree House
    	20. Hotel: Library
    	21. Hotel: Manager's Office
    	22. Hotel: Garage
    	23. Hotel: Nautical Room
    	24. Boathouse
    	25. Fishing Shanty
    	26. Hotel: Floral Room
    	27. Hotel: Trash Dumpster
    	28. Graveyard
    	29. Wolf's Tree
    	30. Covered Bridge
    	31. Ye Ole Mill Grocery Store
    	32. Wooded Pathway from Abandoned Car
    	33. Hotel: Trash Dumpster
    	34. Wolf's Tree
    	35. Frozen River
    	36. Hunting Lodge
    	37. Hunter Relic Puzzle
    	38. Dire Grove Historical Heritage Museum
    	39. Museum: Blacksmith Exhibit Relic Puzzle
    	40. Museum: Upstairs Hallway
    	41. Museum: Office
    	42. Hotel: Generator Shed
    	43. Hotel: Lobby
    	44. Farm House Barn
    	45. Farm House
    	46. Farm House Barn
    	47. Farm House
    	48. Farm House Barn
    	49. Farm House: Back Room
    	50. Farmer Relic Puzzle
    	51. Ye Ole Mill Grocery Store
    	52. Vending Machine
    	53. Hotel: Generator Shed
    	54. Hotel: Manager's Office Basement
    	55. Graveyard
    	56. Hunting Lodge
    	57. Wolf's Tree
    	58. Ye Ole Mill Grocery Store: Bonus Room
    	59. Hotel: Manager's Office Basement
    	60. Ye Ole Mill Grocery Store: Bonus Room
    	61. Farm House: Back Room
    	62. Hotel: Nautical Room
    	63. Hotel: Floral Room
    	64. Bridge to Celtic Ruins
    	65. Archaeologist's Tent
    	66. Hotel: Front Porch
    	67. Celtic Ruins
    	68. Farm House
    	69. Celtic Ruins
    	70. Celtic Ruins Crypt
    IV.  Appendix
    	A. Inventory Item Locations/Uses
    	B. Video Locations
    	c. Morphing Objects Locations
    	D. Achievement List
    	E. Tape Transcriptions
    	F. Locations & Descriptions
    	G. Puzzle Solutions
    I. Legal Notice
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    II. Game Notes & General Tips
    * 100 % Completion can be achieved if you follow everything within this guide.
    * Morphing Objects are found through out the game.  As you are exploring, you
    may notice an item appear out of nowhere or an object change from one item to
    another.  These are called morphing objects and you must collect 50 of them to
    earn an achievement.  See Morphing Objects Guide in the Appendix  below for
    more information.
    * There is no time limit like in previous games.
    * If you see sparkling anywhere in the game, this is an area that needs to be
    explored further.  Multiple sparkling indicates an H.O.G. (hidden object game).
    * If you get stuck or can't seem to go any further, go back and search every
    room.  Look for more sparkles.  Sometimes completing something in one area
    opens up more stuff in other areas.
    * If you cannot solve a particular puzzle you may bypass it by clicking on skip
    puzzle over the Crime Computer.  This will complete the puzzle for you, but you
    cannot come back to it later. Note: The only exception to this rule is the
    Celtic Ruins Puzzle, you must complete this on your own, but with this guide,
    it will be no problem.  Note: Skipping puzzle will prevent you from getting the
    "Look Ma, No Hands" achievement, which in turn will mean not getting 100%
    * If you are in a H.O.G. and cannot find a particular item, click on your hint
    above the Crime Computer and it will circle the area the item can be found in.
    Once you do this, you will have to wait for some time to pass before using it
    again.  Note: Using hint will prevent you from getting the "Eagle Eye"
    achievement, which in turn will mean not getting 100% completion.
    * Penalties are assessed if you click on several wrongs items in a row.  The
    screen will freeze and you won't be able to continue for a few moments.  You
    should avoid this if you are trying to get 100% complete.  Note: Freezing will
    prevent you from getting the "Perfect Intuition" achievement, which in turn
    will mean not getting 100% completion.
    * Not everything that can be clicked on will be required to complete the game.
    There are several things in the game that are there for fun or to carry the
    story-line along.  However some things will be added to the Case File
    automatically if you miss getting the clue, but complete that particular job
    * Video Cassette Tapes (referred to as tapes from here on) can be found
    throughout the game.  These can be reviewed on your Crime Computer.  I
    recommend doing this in between stages of the game.  This will keep your
    inventory to a minimum.
    III. Starting the Game
    Once you start the game, you will be in your "Case File."  This is where all of
    your clues will be collected and stored for future reference.  Read what is
    written on the page and refer back to it often.  To access it at any time,
    click in the bottom left hand corner.  The page number is in the center of the
    book at the bottom of the page.  There are arrows on either side of the page
    number that can be used to turn the pages.
    Once you have read it, click close.
    1. Abandoned Car
    As you walk up to the car, you will notice that the trunk is locked. Take note
    of the characters on the license plate.  Go to the open car door and into the
    vehicle.  There are several things that you can click on in the car, but only a
    few are important.  First, click on the video camera.  This will move you to a
    short cut scene.  Your Crime Computer in this MCF game consists of video
    cassette tapes.  Through out your time in the game, you will come across these
    tapes, pick them up and they will go into your inventory. Go to the Crime
    Computer and click on the tape in the inventory and it will play for you.  This
    process is important and you will see why later in the game, so make sure you
    are observant and pick them up when you can.  Next you will see the note from
    the video laying on the seat.  Click on it to add it to your inventory.
    Finally, note the glove box, there is a combination lock on it.  The
    combination is the first four digits of the license plate of the vehicle
    (creative huh?).  Enter JXH2 and push the button above to open the glove box.
    Click on the key ring to add it to your inventory.  Click on the gear shift.
    This is your first morphing object (MO 3.a).  Exit the vehicle and go to the
    trunk.  Now use the car keys from your inventory and open the trunk.  This is
    your first HOG.  The reward is a carjack.  There is an MO (3.b) Above and to
    the right of the car.  It is a street sign.  Head up the walking path on the
    left that says closed.
    2. Wooded Pathway from Abandoned Car
    Note the pile of wood on the right hand side.  You will be coming back here
    later.  Continue up the path to the Dire Grove Hotel.
    3. Dire Grove Bed & Breakfast (Hotel)
    In front of the fountain is your first video that you must pick up and add to
    your inventory. On the roof of the hotel, click on the chimney (MO 10.a).
    Click on front doors.  Click on the ID tag on the ground, right hand side, in
    front of the steps.  There is a thermometer on the right hand column, but there
    is nothing to be done with it now, so we will come back to that later. Click on
    the lion's head above the thermometer (MO 10.b).  Enter the front doors.
    4. Hotel: Front Desk
    Note that there is a Manager's Office door on the right hand side.  It is
    locked and you cannot get into it at this time.  There is a ledger on the
    counter you can look at if you want, but it is not necessary.  On the left hand
    column of the Front Desk, click on the sign (MO 11.a).  Do the HOG.  The reward
    is a room key.  Go down the hallway and enter the Lobby area.
    5. Hotel: Lobby
    The Lobby area consists of two views, but it is the same room. Click left for
    the left hand side of room and click right for right hand side where the stairs
    are located.  Let's go to the left first.  Click on the portrait to the left of
    the fireplace (MO 13.a).  Do HOG for reward of hammer.  Click on the newspaper
    clipping that is sitting on the sleeping bag.  Click on the monitor of the
    laptop for some images.  Click right to head to the right side of the room.
    Click on the book on the red chair.  Click on the note on the stairs.  Click on
    the picture on the table just to the right of the stairs (MO 13.b).  Head up
    the stairs.
    6. Hotel: Upstairs Hallway
    At the top of the stairs is a HOG game.  However, before you do the HOG, click
    on the portrait on the wall to your right (MO 15.a).  Do the HOG which nets you
    a snow shovel. Head down the right hand side of the hallway.  Ignore the
    bathroom for now.  On the right hand side of the hallway there is another tape.
    The Honeymoon Suite is the first room on the left.  Outside the door, there is
    a glass on a tray, click on it (MO 15.b).
    7. Hotel: Honeymoon Suite
    Do HOG which will net you a mattress.  Go across the hall to the Nautical Room.
    Use the Room Key you collected earlier to open the door.
    8. Hotel: Nautical Room
    Click on the wall lamp on the left hand side of the bed (MO 17.a).  Click on
    the stack of books on the bottom of the bookshelf (MO 17.b).  There is another
    tape under the bed.  On the chest at the end of the bed is a puzzle.
    Complete/skip the puzzle to get instructions on operating a generator.  This
    will be added to the case file.  As you exit the room, notice the table outside
    the door.  Click on the pitcher (15.c).  Head back downstairs to the front
    9. Hotel: Front Desk
    There is another HOG here which nets you some nails.  Head outside and go past
    the Tree House to the backside of the Dire Grove Hotel.
    10. Hotel: Generator Shed
    Here you can see a fountain covered with snow and the generator for which you
    just obtained the instructions.  However you cannot operate the generator just
    yet, because as you will note, there is no spark plug.  We will come back to
    this later.  For now, use the snow shovel in front of the fountain to reveal
    the garage door opener.  Let's head over to the garage now.
    11. Hotel: Garage
    Click on the tire leaning against the right hand side of the Garage (MO 7.a).
    Use the Garage Door Opener gain access.  Inside the garage, you will notice a
    hook on the left hand side of the screen that is hanging by a piece of chain.
    If you hit this piece of chain a couple of times, it will knock down the gear
    shaped object that is hanging over the HOG.  Click to add it to the inventory.
    Click on the sign above the car which will have either "Kerosene" or "Gasoline"
    on it (7.b).  Do the HOG, which nets a sledge hammer.  Now let's head back into
    the Dire Grove Hotel and go upstairs to the bathroom.
    12. Hotel: Bathroom
    Click on the bar of soap hanging off the side of the tub (14.a).  Use the
    sledge hammer in the middle of the tile floor.  It may take several hits, but
    the floor will cave in and water will start spraying everywhere.  We have to
    get the water turned off.  Head back out to the garage.
    13. Hotel: Garage
    Do HOG again which will net you a crowbar.  Just outside of the garage, you may
    have already noticed a manhole cover.  Use the crowbar to pry it open.  It may
    take several tries.  Once it is open, place the gear like object which is
    really the wrench key and click on it several times to turn off the water
    supply to the Dire Grove Hotel.  Head back to the Bathroom again.
    14. Hotel: Bathroom
    Drop the mattress into the hole in the floor you created.  You may have to
    click on the mattress a couple of times to force it through the boards.  Then
    go through the hole and you will end up in the Manager's Office.
    15. Hotel: Manager's Office
    Use the crowbar to pry the picture off the far wall.  This will reveal a hidden
    wall safe.  You do not have the combination so this is useless right now.  Do
    HOG which nets an Iron Key. Click on the stack of books sitting on the desk.
    (MO 12.a).  Head back out to the garage and go past it on the left hand side.
    On the walkway you will see another tape.  Continue on towards the Boathouse.
    16. Boathouse
    Click on the antlers above the Boathouse doors (MO 2.a).  Use the key from the
    Manager's Office to gain entrance.  Do HOG to get a plank.  Take the plank back
    to the Tree House in front of the Dire Grove Hotel and nail it in place using
    the nails and hammer. Go up the Tree House and you find that there is a note
    hanging on a branch which is just out of reach.  If only I had a saw.  Head
    back to the Lobby of the Dire Grove Hotel.
    17. Hotel: Lobby
    Do HOG game to get a cell phone charger.  Take the charger up to the Nautical
    Room and plug it into the wall outlet on the far wall.  Go across the hall to
    the Honeymoon Suite.
    18. Hotel: Honeymoon Suite
    Click on the snowglobe that is sitting on the fireplace mantle, below the
    portrait (16.a).  Do the HOG to get a saw.  Head back out to the Tree House and
    climb up.
    19. Hotel: Tree House
    Use the saw about halfway out on the branch.  Click several times and the
    branch will fall.  Head down and collect the note.  Go back inside the Dire
    Grove Hotel and head to the Library.
    20. Hotel: Library
    The library is the next door down from the Honeymoon Suite on the left hand
    side of the hallway.  Click on the portrait to the left hand side of the door
    (15.e).  There is a table to the right of the door under the window.  Click on
    the vase sitting on the table (MO 15.d).  Enter the Library.  Click on the
    pillow on the right hand side of the sofa (MO 18.a).  Browse through the books
    on the bookshelves and then attach the note you just collect to the piece that
    is already on the mirror.  This is the combination to the wall safe in the
    Manager's Office so take note of the digits because it is different every time.
    Head there now.
    21. Hotel: Manager's Office
    Enter the combination and remove the toolbox key.  The HOG will get you a
    lighter.  This will be important later.  Head out to garage again.
    22. Hotel: Garage
    There is a box on the shelf.  Use the key you just got to open box.  This will
    get you a pair of wire cutters.  Head to the Nautical Room.
    23. Hotel: Nautical Room
    Use the wire cutters to cut through the ropes holding the oars to the wall
    above the bed.  Head out to the Boathouse that is behind the Garage.
    24. Boathouse
    Place the oars into the rowboat.  Do the HOG which will give you an urn.  Take
    the boat through the doors towards the Fishing Shanty.  On the ice on the left
    is a Golden Key.  Head to the Fishing Shanty, which is the location of a Runic
    Relic Puzzle, and open the door.
    25. Fishing Shanty
    Complete/skip the puzzle to get a Runic Relic. Head to the Rose Room of the
    Dire Grove Hotel.  Use Golden Key to gain entrance.
    26. Hotel: Floral Room
    There is a tape on the floor next to the bed.  There is a suitcase that is on
    the bed, but it is locked and we don't have the combination yet.  We will come
    back to this later.  Click on the design of the pillow on the right hand side
    of the bed (MO 19.a).  Go out the window to the trash dumpster.
    27. Hotel: Trash Dumpster
    Complete the HOG to get rope for the Covered Bridge.  Go through the gate into
    the Graveyard.
    28. Graveyard
    Note that hand comes through a grate and there is a coin there.
    We cannot get that now.  We will come back here later.  Click on the first
    letter of the tombstone on the left side of the screen (HART/FART MO 8.a).
    Click on Wolf's Tree towards back of Graveyard.
    29. Wolf's Tree
    An angry wolf comes out that blocks any further progress here.  We come back
    here later, for now, head to the Covered Bridge on the left hand side of the
    front of the Dire Grove Hotel.
    30. Covered Bridge
    Click on the sign above the Covered Bridge (MO 4.a).  Use the rope to get
    through to the other side.  Here you will note that there is a downed wire
    blocking the passed to the left.  Click on the sign on the left hand side (MO
    5.a).  Pick up your next tape and take right side path.  This will lead you to
    a village with the Dire Grove Historical Heritage Museum and the Ye Ole Mill
    Grocery Store.  Head to the Grocery Store.
    31. Ye Ole Mill Grocery Store
    Note that on the right hand side of the door to the Grocery Store is a vending
    machine.  We cannot do anything with this for now.  Click on the symbol that is
    on the store sign (MO 9.a).  Click on the broken window to head into the store.
    Complete HOG to get the Ice Pick.  Pick up your next tape.  Click on the feed
    sack in the middle of the screen (MO 9.b).  Go to the back of the store. Click
    on the file cabinet drawer and get the diary.  Click on the door under the
    microwave to get the ax.  Go down into the basement and use carjack under grate
    to get snow shoes.  Click on the piece of wood sitting on the shelf (MO 9.c).
    Complete HOG to get a piece of frozen meat.  Head back up and put the piece of
    frozen into the microwave and turn it on.  Then take the piece of meat back out
    of the microwave.  Head back to the pathway from the Dire Grove Hotel to the
    abandoned car.
    32. Wooded Pathway from Abandoned Car
    Use the ax to cut some firewood.  Head back up to the Dire Grove Hotel and into
    the Alison's Room and out the window to the dumpster.
    33. Hotel: Trash Dumpster
    Complete the HOG to get a can of de-icer.  Head through the Graveyard to the
    Wolf's Tree.
    34. Wolf's Tree
    Give the piece of cooked to the wolf by clicking on the tree hole with it.
    This will please the wolf and he will grant you passage.  Take the path on the
    left.  This will take you to the river.
    35. Frozen River
    Next to the water is a feather that is buried in ice.  Use the Ice Pick to
    collect the feather and head back to the tree with the wolf and take the path
    that leads to the right.  This will lead you to the Hunting Lodge.
    36. Hunting Lodge
    Pick up your next tape and enter the lodge.  Click on the animal head that is
    hung on the left side of the fireplace (MO 20.a).  Complete the HOG to get bolt
    cutters.  Use the Ice Pick on the door handle to get to the Hunter Relic
    37. Hunter Relic Puzzle
    Complete/skip the puzzle to get the Hunter Relic.  Head back into town to the
    Dire Grove Historical Heritage Museum.
    38. Dire Grove Historical Heritage Museum
    Click on the chimney (MO 21.a).  Click on the symbol on the sign (MO 21.b).
    Use the bolt cutters to cut the lock and gain entry.  Collect your tape on the
    right hand side.  Head through the door on the left and complete HOG on counter
    to get a coin.  Click on the card, sitting on the bookshelf, above the red book
    MO 21.d).  Head back to the main part of the museum.  On the left hand side of
    the room you can see two glass fronted display areas.  Click on the bust above
    the cases (MO 21.c).  Use the hammer to break the cover over the fire
    extinguisher.  Click on the extinguisher to collect it.  Head back to the main
    part of the Museum.  Click on the stairs at the back.  Note the empty display
    case on the left side of the stairs.  Click on the portrait above and left of
    it (MO 21.f).    There is an intercom box on the right hand side of the stairs,
    click on it and complete/skip to gain access to the locked Blacksmith's Exhibit
    39. Museum: Blacksmith's Exhibit Relic Puzzle
    Pick up the tape lying on the floor.  Click on the ball atop the middle velvet
    rope holder (21.e).  Click on the puzzle and complete/skip it to get a Relic
    Piece. Go back out into the main part of the museum and head up the stairs.
    40. Museum: Upstairs Hallway
    Complete the HOG on the display case to get an Ice Scraper.  Click on the snowy
    foot print (MO 21.g). Go down the hall and into the upstairs room of the
    41. Museum: Office
    Click on the note on the floor. This is interesting it says that if we put a
    rabbits head into the microwave of the Grocery Store, we can get a Golden
    Felix.  We'll store that away for later. Click on the book on the desk.  Click
    on the lamp on the right hand side of the desk (MO 21.h).  Complete HOG to get
    a coin.  Head out the window and onto the ledge.  Use the Ice Scraper to clear
    off the ledge.  Click on the breaker box to open the door.  Complete/skip
    puzzle to shut off the electricity to the downed power line.  Head back out
    into the hallway and complete HOG to get a pair of tongs. Head back to the Dire
    Grove Hotel.
    42. Hotel: Generator Shed
    Use the hammer and hit the rabbit head 10 times to knock it off. Collect the
    rabbit head and head to the Lobby Room.
    43. Hotel: Lobby
    Place the firewood you just collected into the fireplace.  Use the light you
    collected earlier to start a fire.  Put out the fire with the fire extinguisher
    you collected from the Museum.  Place the ashes from the fireplace into the urn
    you got from the Boathouse. Now head to back to town and take the left bath
    that was blocked by the downed power line (which is no longer a problem because
    we turned the electricity to it off).  This will lead to the Barn.
    44. Farm House Barn
    Click on the Barn chimney (MO 1.a).  Click on the branch/antenna on the right
    hand side of the screen (MO 1.b).  The Barn doors are sealed.  We will have to
    come back later.  Go to the Farm House on the right side of the barn.
    45. Farm House
    Click on the Farm House chimney (MO 6.a).  Enter the Farm House and complete
    the HOG to get a Silver Key.  This is the key to get into the barn, let's go
    back there now.
    46. Farm House Barn
    Use the De-icer to clear the keyhole on the barn door.  Then use the Silver Key
    to gain entry into the barn.  Click on the beam/column to the left of the
    ladder (MO 1.c).  Climb the ladder to the loft and complete the HOG to get a
    beam.  Go back up to the Farm House.
    47. Farm House
    Complete the HOG to get another coin.  Click on the container in the upper
    right hand corner (MO 6.b).  Place beam on the floor to get across the floor
    and head down the hallway into the back room.  Note the hole in the floor
    boards.  It says we need light to be able to see into the hole.  We will have
    to come back here later. Note that there is a hole in the ceiling.  We cannot
    get to it yet. Click on the drawer that is under the window to collect a
    wrench.  Click on the glass sitting on the table (MO 6.d).  Head back outside
    of the Farm House and click on the mower.  Remove the spark plug from the mower
    using the wrench.  Head back to the barn.
    48. Farm House Barn
    Click on the ladder to add it to your inventory and head back into the Farm
    House and go to the back room.
    49. Farm House: Back Room
    Collect the next tape that has appeared.  Place the ladder under the hole in
    the ceiling and climb it.  This is the location of your next Relic Puzzle.
    50. Farmer Relic Puzzle
    Click on the branch/knife sitting in lower right hand corner (MO 6.d).
    Complete/skip relic puzzle to get another Relic Piece. Head back down the path
    that leaves the Farm and get the tape that is across from the "Farm for Sale"
    51. Ye Ole Mill Grocery Store
    Complete the HOG to get kerosene. Head down into the Grocery Store Basement.
    Complete HOG to get Uber Glue.
    52. Vending Machine
    Head outside of the Grocery Store and click on the vending machine. Place all
    three coins into the coin slot and pull on the handle underneath the sunflower
    seeds. (This is the only thing you purchase for the worth of the coins).
    53. Hotel: Generator Shed
    Now go over to the area behind the Dire Grove Hotel. Click on the generator.
    Now we have to use the instructions for the generator that you collected
    Once you have collected the spark plug from the mower outside the Farm House,
    you can now power up the generator.  To do this you must follow the order of
    these directions exactly or else it will not work.
    1.  Place spark plug on tubing.
    2.  AC switch - click green button.
    3.  Flip power switch to the up position.
    4.  Push the primer button four times.
    5.  Pull the throttle lever two times.
    6.  Pull ignition cord three times.
    This should start the generator.  There is now power going to the basement of
    the Manager's Office.
    54. Hotel: Manager's Office Basement
    On the left hand side there is a shelf.  Click on the grouping of bottles and
    select the bottle marked "salt."  Use your wire cutters and snip a piece of
    hose from the bottom of the garden hose. Click on the blow torch at the bottom
    of the bookcase.  Use the Uber Glue over the hole in the tubing.  Now attach
    the piece of hose you just cut to repair the hole.  Now you have a blow torch.
    Click on the crate at the bottom of the stairs (MO 12.b).
    55. Graveyard
    Now is the time to collect the coin from grate in the Graveyard. Use the tongs
    to reach it.  Now go to the Hunting Lodge.
    56. Hunting Lodge
    Pour the kerosene into the lamp to collect it and add it to your inventory.
    Complete the HOG to get a bag of chips.  Head back to the Wolf's Tree.
    57. Wolf's Tree
    Give the bag of chips to the wolf and an available HOG will appear. Complete
    the HOG to get another Golden Felix Fish.
    58. Ye Ole Mill Grocery Store: Bonus Room
    Place the rabbit head in the microwave and turn it on.  Complete the HOG to get
    another Golden Felix Fish.  Click on the rug in the center of the room to
    remove it.  Click on the trapdoor.  Place both of the Golden Felix Fish on the
    door to gain entry.  Go down into the room.  Collect the box of soap suds on
    the floor.  There is an achievement map here which will tell you the number of
    morphing objects you have collected in what areas and how many you have left to
    collect.  See Morphing Object Guide for locations. In the back corner there is
    a barrel with a puzzle on it. To complete the puzzle, you have to turn the
    rings to make words. I have done this several times and every time the answer
    for the word left to right read "MURDER * AVENGE."  This will open the barrel
    and you can click inside.  Here are clues to the next MCF game. Note on the
    right hand side of the screen, there is an old telephone. There is nothing you
    can do with it now, because there is no receiver at this time.
    59. Hotel: Manager's Office Basement
    Click on the door of the washing machine.  Put the box of soap suds into the
    machine close the door and start the machine.  This will trigger an HOG.
    Complete the HOG to get the missing phone receiver.
    60. Ye Ole Mill Grocery Store: Bonus Room
    Head back to the bonus room under the trap door in the Grocery Store.  Place
    the phone receiver onto the phone wires and now the telephone will work.
    Upon completing the game, there is a riddle/puzzle.  Here are the clues:
    PresidentsAddress=President's Address (1600)
    sqrt(9)=the square root of 9 (3)
    YardsInMile=The number of yards in a mile (1760)
    yearTheKingLeftBuilding=The year the King left the building (1977)
    pacmanGhosts=The Number of PacMan ghosts (4)  decimal(101011101011)=Decimal
    translation of binary number 101011101011 (2795)
    felixAddress=Felix's Address (333)
    californiaPolicePenalCodeMurder=California Police Penal Code for Murder (187)
    columbusSailedTheOcceanBlue=Year Columbus Sailed to America(1492)
    lettersRachaelRayMiddleName=Letters in Rachael Ray's middle name ( 8 )
    spaceNeedleHeightFeet=Height of the Space Needle in feet (605)
    shaqShoeSize=Shaq's shoe size (23)
    alisonsAreaCode=Alison's area code (206)
    atomicNumberSilicon=The atomic number of Silicon (14)
    1600*3+1760+1977-4+2795*333-187+1492*8-605+23-206/14 = 2156246
    If you enter this phone number in the telephone, you get this message:
    "Well, hello again detective, nice of you to drop by. I would have stuck around
    for a chat but the weather seems to have taken a turn for the worse. Feel free
    to make yourself at home, but I wouldn't dally if I were you. The man with the
    inky bird has been very busy in the dark. There is something he would like to
    show you. Clicky, clicky detective. I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise."
    61. Farm House: Back Room
    Head to the Farm House Back Room.  Click on the hole in the floor boards.  Use
    the lantern to see inside the hole.  A cell phone appears.  Click on it to add
    it to your inventory.
    62. Hotel: Nautical Room
    Head back to the Dire Grove Hotel and up to the Nautical Room.  Place the newly
    acquired cell phone onto the charger.  Now you will have to complete/skip the
    cell phone puzzle.  Once the puzzle is completed, the cell phone will display a
    phone number.  The last four digits of this phone number is the combination for
    the suitcase in the Floral Room.  This number has been different every time I
    have played the game so take note of what it is.
    63. Hotel: Floral Room
    Head over to the Floral Room.  Open the suitcase by using the last four digits
    of the cell phone puzzle as the combination.  Click on the piece of paper.  You
    now have an Ancient Runes Translation Guide which will be added to your case
    file for future perusal.
    64. Bridge to Celtic Ruins
    Head back to the Farm House.  On the left hand side of the house is a bridge
    that has been previously blocked because it was covered in ice.  Click on the
    sign Ruins/Runes (MO 23.a).  Use the blow torch on the bridge and it will melt
    all the ice.  Now you can head across it.
    65. Archaeologist's Tent
    Click on the tent stake on bottom right side (MO 24.a).  Go into the tent and
    place the reel to reel tape you collected earlier on the player.  The player
    can be found on the table on the right.  Click play to add the information to
    the case file.  Click on the boots under the cot (MO 24.b).  Click on the bowl
    that is sitting on the table on the left hand side of the screen (MO 24.c).
    Complete the HOG to get a glass vial.
    66. Hotel: Front Porch
    Head back to the front porch of the Dire Grove Hotel.  On the right hand
    column, is a thermometer, click on it.  Use your hammer to break the
    thermometer.  Use the glass vial just acquired to collect a sample of the
    mercury which is dripping from the thermometer.
    67. Celtic Ruins
    To gain access to the Celtic Ruins, you must solvve a puzzle. This is the only
    puzzle that you cannot use the hint for. To solve the puzzle, you need to have
    collect all or most of the video tapes scattered through out the game.  If you
    have been following this guide, you have collected them all.  If you have not
    been following this guide, check appendix for listing of where to find them
    all.  Click on the crime computer and make sure you have placed all of the
    video tapes from your inventory into the Crime Computer.  If you look at the
    display screen of all video screen shots, you will see a relic in each of the
    four columns.  The placement of the Runic Artifact in the Crime Computer is the
    placement it needs to be in to solve the puzzle.  Simply use the spacers
    provided to elevate the artifact where it is needed to be placed.  It is
    different every time you play the game so it is important to collect the videos
    as you see them.  You don't need to have all of them (unless you want them for
    achievement purposes) to solve the puzzle, process of elimination will work
    just fine.
    Head over to the Celtic Ruins.  Collect the tape on the bottom right hand side
    of the screen.  Now if you click on the piece of stone that is exposed, you
    will get a puzzle. This is the entrance to the Celtic Ruins.  You cannot skip
    this puzzle.  It must be completed.  Don't worry though, if you have followed
    this guide and collected all of the tapes, it will be easy.
    Open your Crime Computer.  Remember that each of the relics you have collected
    is represented by different shapes.  There is a square, circle, and two
    triangles.  On the Crime Computer screen are 16 different squares.  These
    represent the 16 different placements in the puzzle. The relic shapes have been
    placed on the screen in a gray scale color.  All you have to do for the puzzle
    is place the relics in the exact position as they are on your Crime Computer
    screen. Use the spacer stones that are on either side of the puzzle to elevate
    your relics as necessary.  If you have completed it correctly, it will open up
    a door into an icy crypt.  If you have made a mistake, click on the circle
    below the puzzle and start over.  The solution is different every time and that
    is why it is important to collect as many tapes as possible.
    Once you have opened the entrance, head down inside.  You see a light at the
    end of the tunnel, but you cannot climb down.  You need a ladder.  Head back to
    the Farm House and collect the ladder that you used earlier.
    68. Farm House
    That ladder is gone. It appears that Alison has awoken, for she is no longer
    there.  Maybe she took the ladder with her.
    69. Celtic Ruins
    Head back down into the Celtic Ruins and you will find that the ladder is in
    place.  Climb down.  Here you will see four people, "The Farmer, The Hunter,
    The Fisherman, and the Blacksmith."  They will each drop their relic puzzle,
    which is a key of some sort, into the hole. This will open up a portal, but it
    requires the fifth element . . . you.
    If you are attempting 100% Completion or all Achievements, this is the time to
    go back through and make sure that you have collected everything.  Check the
    map in the Bonus Room, to make sure you collected all of the morphing objects.
    At this point you should have 49/50 (check case achievements on your home
    screen to find out).
    If you have everything, click on the center of the portal to go to the final
    70. Celtic Ruins Crypt
    In the center of the crypt lay the remains of the Banshee.  In the upper right
    hand corner is a skull.  Click on it, this is your last Morphing Object. You
    should now have 50/50 and completed that achievement.
    Now you stand before five different puzzles.  Each puzzle, if you click on it
    has a riddle.  The solution to the riddle is an object in your inventory
    (excluding the snow shoes).  Now if you reference your Ancient Runes
    Translation Guide, you can fill in the missing letters to spell out the answer
    to the riddle.  Then a piece of stone will rise with a cut-out of the item in
    your inventory which matches the answer to the riddle.  Place the item in the
    cut-out and you are done. Move on to the next riddle.  The answers to all five
    puzzles, from left to right, are: Feather - Seeds - Salt - Ashes - Mercury
    Feather - found using Ice Pick by river.
    Seeds - sunflower seeds purchased from vending machine.
    Salt - salt collected from basement in Manager's Office.
    Ashes - collected from fireplace in Lobby Room in urn.
    Mercury - collected thermometer in glass vial.
    IV. Appendix
    A. Inventory Items
    Acetylene Torch
    Location: Manager's Office Basement
    Purpose: Clear ice off Celtic Ruins Bridge.
    Location: Ye Ole Mill Grocery Store, in cabinet under microwave.
    Purpose: chop up wood for fire in Dire Grove Hotel Lobby.
    Bolt Cutters
    Location: Hunting Lodge, HOG reward.
    Purpose: cut chain locking Museum.
    Car Keys
    Location: found in glove box of car.
    Purpose: Used to open trunk of car which gives you the carjack.
    Location: Abandoned car, in trunk, HOG reward.
    Purpose: get snow shoes from under grate in basement of Grocery Store.
    Cell Phone
    Location: Farm House, under boards in back room.
    Purpose: Placed on charger in Nautical Room. Then you complete puzzle.
    The last four digits of the phone number displayed is the combination for the
    suitcase in Alison's Room.
    Cell Phone Charger
    Location: Dire Grove Hotel Lobby, HOG reward.
    Purpose: plugged into wall socket in Nautical Room.
    Location 1: Dire Grove Historical Heritage Museum, in the Gift Shop, HOG
    Location 2: Farm House, HOG reward.
    Location 3: Graveyard, in grate where hand comes out.
    Purpose: used in vending machine, next to Grocery Store to get sunflower seeds.
    Location: found in garage.
    Purpose 1: used to open manhole cover where water shut off valve is located.
    Purpose 2: Used to remove picture in Manager's Office to reveal hidden safe.
    Lock De-icer
    Location: Dumpster, outside Floral Bedroom, HOG reward.
    Purpose: De-ice Barn door so silver key can open it.
    Fallen Beam
    Location: Farm House Barn Loft, HOG reward
    Purpose: used to cover floor in Farm House so you can walk across.
    Location: found by river, must use Ice Pick to get it.
    Purpose: used to complete Celtic Ruins puzzle.
    Film Reel
    Location: Dire Grove Historical Heritage Museum, Upstairs Room, HOG reward.
    Purpose: activate reel player in tent, in front of Celtic Ruins.
    Fire Extinguisher
    Location: Dire Grove Historical Heritage Museum, in between display cases.
    Purpose: put out the fire in the fireplace of Lobby Room.
    Location: walkway from car at beginning of game use ax to cut it up.
    Frozen Meat
    Location: Ye Ole Mill Grocery Store Basement, HOG reward.
    Purpose: given to wolf in Wolf's Tree to gain access to pathway.
    Garage Door Opener
    Location: Backside of Dire Grove Hotel, at foot of fountain.
    Purpose: open garage door.
    Glass vial
    Location: Archeologist's Tent, HOG reward.
    Purpose: collect mercury from thermometer on porch of Dire Grove Hotel.
    Golden Key
    Location: on ice, outside Boathouse on way to Fishing Shanty.
    Purpose: opens door to Floral Bedroom in Dire Grove Hotel.
    Location: Dire Grove Hotel Lobby, HOG reward.
    Purpose 1: break rabbit head off fountain behind Dire Grove Hotel.
    Purpose 2: break glass to get fire extinguisher in Museum.
    Purpose 3: nail board to tree in front of Dire Grove Hotel.
    Purpose 4: break thermometer to fill glass vial with mercury.
    Hose Piece
    Location: Manager's Office Basement
    Purpose: patch tubing on acetylene torch.
    Ice Pick
    Location: Ye Ole Mill Grocery Store
    Purpose 1: get feather by river
    Purpose 2: break door handle in Hunting Lodge.
    Ice Scraper:
    Location: Museum, upstairs hallway, display case HOG reward.
    Purpose: scrape ice off window ledge outside Museum.
    Iron Key
    Location: Manager's Office, HOG reward.
    Purpose: used to open doors to the Boathouse.
    Location: Ye Ole Mill Grocery Store, HOG reward.
    Purpose: fuel lamp found in Hunting Lodge
    Key to Toolbox
    Location: Manager's Office, inside hidden wall safe.
    Purpose: open toolbox on shelf in Garage.
    Location: Farm House Barn.
    Purpose 1: get into loft in Barn.
    Purpose 2: Used to get to Relic Puzzle in Farm House loft.
    Purpose 3: Used to get down into Celtic Ruins to beat game.
    Location: Manager's Office, HOG reward.
    Purpose: light firewood in fireplace of Lobby Room.
    Location: Honeymoon Suite, HOG reward.
    Purpose: Used to break fall through bathroom floor into the Manager's Office.
    Metal Tongs
    Location: Museum, upstairs, HOG reward.
    Purpose: used to get coin out of grating on way to Graveyard.
    Location: Front Desk, HOG reward.
    Purpose: used to nail plank to tree.
    Location: sawed off tree branch in front of Dire Grove Hotel.
    Purpose: placed on mirror in Library to get combination to wall safe in
    Manager's office.
    Location: Nautical Room, over bed.
    Purpose: rowboat in Boathouse.
    Potato Chips (This is a bonus item only found in Collector's Edition)
    Location: Hunting Lodge, HOG reward.
    Purpose: given to wolf for bonus HOG that gets you one of two golden
    Felix Fishes.
    Rabbit head
    Location: Backside of Dire Grove Hotel, top of fountain.
    Purpose: placed in microwave in Grocery Store to reveal bonus HOG.
    The reward is a Golden Felix Fish.
    Location: Dumpster outside Floral Bedroom window, HOG reward.
    Purpose: Get over floor cave in of Covered Bridge.
    Room Key
    Location: Front Desk, HOG reward.
    Purpose: Used to open Nautical Room.
    Location: Honeymoon Suite, HOG reward.
    Purpose: saw tree branch off in front of Dire Grove Hotel to retrieve note.
    Silver Key
    Location: Farm House, HOG reward.
    Purpose: open Barn door after using the De-icer to uncover the lock.
    Sledge Hammer
    Location: Garage, HOG reward.
    Purpose: used to break bathroom floor to get into Manager's Office.
    Small Board
    Location: Boathouse, HOG reward
    Purpose: Nailed to tree in front of Dire Grove Hotel to get note.
    Location: Ye Ole Mill Grocery Store, inside grate.
    Purpose: must have these to visit Celtic Ruins.
    Snow Shovel
    Location: Top of Dire Grove Hotel Stairs, HOG reward.
    Purpose: clear snow around the fountain out behind Dire Grove Hotel.
    Soap Suds (This is a bonus item only found in Collector's Edition)
    Location: Bonus Room, under rug in Grocery Store.
    Purpose: to run washing machine in basement of Manager's Office.  By doing
    this, a bonus HOG appears with will get the receiver to the phone in the Bonus
    Room under the Grocery Store.
    Spark Plug
    Location: mower outside Farm House.
    Purpose: start Generator running behind Dire Grove Hotel.
    Uber Glue
    Location: Ye Ole Mill Grocery Store Basement, HOG reward.
    Purpose: repair tubing of acetylene torch
    Location: Boathouse, HOG reward.
    Purpose: collect ashes from fire in Lobby Room.
    Location: hanging in garage.
    Purpose: turn off water to Bathroom.
    Video Tapes
    Location: various see Video Tape Location Guide for listing
    Purpose: get clues to solve Celtic Ruins Puzzle.
    Video Cassette Recorder/Player
    Location: abandoned car
    Purpose: must have to make Crime Computer work.
    Wire Cutters
    Location: Garage, in toolbox.
    Purpose 1: cut rope on oars in Nautical Room.
    Purpose 2: cut hose in basement of Manager's Office.
    Location: Farm House, in drawer, under window.
    Purpose: remove spark plug from the lawn mower outside Farm House.
    B. Video Locations
    Location 01: Inside Abandoned Care, on seat.
    Location 02: Wooded path, leading away from Abandoned Car.
    Location 03: Hotel: Outside, lower-left by fountain.
    Location 04: Hotel Hallway, outside Nautical Room door.
    Location 05: Hotel: Nautical Room, floor under bed.
    Location 06: Wooded path, leading to Boathouse.
    Location 07: Hotel: Floral Bedroom, foot of bed.
    Location 08: Downed Power Line, right hand side.
    Location 09: Ye Ole Mill Grocery Store.
    Location 10: Hunting Lodge, outside by door.
    Location 11: Dire Grove Historical Heritage Museum, inside, right hand side.
    Location 12: Dire Grove Historical Heritage Museum, Blacksmith's Exhibit.
    Location 13: Pathway to Farm House across from "Farm For Sale" sign.
    Location 14: Farm House, Living Room, floor left hand side.
    Location 15: Outside Celtic Ruins entrance, right hand side.
    Location 16: Celtic Ruins Tunnel, just inside, right of where cross is.
    C. Morphing Objects Locations
    1.  Barn
    	a. Chimney outside of the Barn.
    	b. Outside Barn the branch in the upper right hand corner.
    	c. Inside Barn the wood beam lower left hand corner.
    2.  Boathouse
    	a. Antlers, above Boathouse doors.
    3.  Abandoned Car
    	a. Gear shift, in Abandoned Car.
    	b. Sign, above right hand side, Abandoned Car.
    4.  Covered Bridge
    	a. Sign, above Covered Bridge.
    5.  Crossroads at downed wire
    	a. Sign, left hand lower corner, Crossroads.
    6.  Farmhouse
    	a. Chimney on Farmhouse.
    	b. Container, upper right hand side inside Farmhouse.
    	c. Glass, table in Farmhouse.
    	d. Stick, lower right hand corner, Farmhouse Loft.
    7.  Garage
    	a. Tire, right hand side, leaning against Garage.
    	b. Sign, inside Garage, as either "Gasoline" or "Kerosene."
    8.  Graveyard
    	a. Tombstone first letter, left hand side in Graveyard.
    9.  Ye Ole Mill Grocery Store
    	a. Symbol, on Grocery Store sign.
    	b. Feed sack, inside Grocery Store.
    	c. Wood, upper left hand side of the shelf, Grocery Store Basement.
    10. Hotel: Outside
    	a. Chimney, roof, outside Hotel.
    	b. Carving, right hand column, Hotel entrance.
    11. Hotel: Front Desk
    	a. Sign, upper left hand side, Front Desk.
    12. Hotel: Manager's Office
    	a. Books, on top of desk, Manager's Office.
    	b. Crate, lower right hand corner, Manager's Office Basement.
    13. Hotel: Lobby Room
    	a. Picture, above left of fireplace, Lobby Room.
    	b. Picture, table next to stairs, Lobby Room.
    14. Hotel: Bathroom
    	a. Bar of soap, next to bathtub, Hotel Bathroom.
    15. Hotel: Upstairs Hallway
    	a. Painting, right hand side wall, upstairs hallway of Hotel.
    	b. Glass, on tray, outside Honeymoon Suite.
    	c. Pitcher, on table, outside Nautical Room.
    	d. Vase, on table by window, end of hallway in Hotel.
    	e. Picture, left hand side, outside Library.
    16. Hotel: Honeymoon Suite
    	a. Snowglobe, under painting above fireplace, Honeymoon Suite.
    17. Hotel: Nautical Room
    	a. Wall lamp, upper left hand side, Nautical Room.
    	b. Books, lower right shelf of bookcase, Nautical Room.
    18. Hotel: Library
    	a. Pillow, on right hand side of sofa, Library.
    19. Hotel: Floral Room
    	a. Pillow, right side of bed, Floral Room.
    20. Hunting Lodge
    	a. Animal head, left hand side of fireplace, Hunting Lodge.
    21. Dire Grove Historical Heritage Museum
    	a. Chimney, outside roof, Museum.
    	b. Symbol on sign, outside of Museum.
    	c. Bust, upper left hand corner above display cases, Museum.
    	d. Card, above red book, on shelf, Museum Gift Shop.
    	e. Velvet rope pole-top, lower right by ropes, Blacksmith Exhibit.
    	f. Picture, left above case, foot of stairs in Museum.
    	g. Snowy Footprint, lower left, upstairs hallway of Museum
    	h. Lamp, right hand side of desk, Museum Office.
    22. Celtic Ruins
    	a. Inside Celtic Ruins in upper right hand corner.
    23. Frozen Bridge to Tent and Ruins
    	a. Sign, Runes/Ruins.
    24. Archaeologist's Tent
    	a. Stake, end of right side rope tie, Tent.
    	b. Boots, center, inside Tent.
    	c. Bowl, on left hand side table, inside Tent.
    D. Achievements List
    The following is a list of possible achievements you can complete during the
    course of the game:
    a. He's the Fisherman- Locate the first student.
    b. She's the Hunter- Locate the second student.
    c. He's the Blacksmith- Locate the third student.
    d. She's the Farmer- Locate the fourth student.
    e. Case Closed- Complete your investigation of the events at Dire Grove.
    f. Eagle Eye- Finish all Hidden Object scenes without using a hint.
    g. Look Ma, No Hands!- Solve all puzzles without skipping a single one.
    h. Perfect Intuition- Finish all Hidden Object scenes without freezing.
    i. A Little Chilly- Complete your investigation in less than 6 hours.
    j. Find Felix One- Locate first Golden Felix.
    k. Find Felix Two- Locate second Golden Felix.
    l. Documentarian- Locate and view all tapes left behind by the students.
    m. Change Is Good- Locate all 50 mysterious, morphing objects.
    n. Tour the Office- Relax with a nice drive through the Big Fish Games office.
    E. Tape Transcripts
    Tape 1
    Alison: The Celtic legend of Dire Grove has been passed down for centuries,
    from generation to generation. Considered by most a fairy tale, it was told by
    campfires or as a bedtime story. Again and again it was told, until like most
    ancient accounts, it bore less resemblance to any factual occurrence and slowly
    became a superstition. And that is how it remains for over 2,000 years until
    today. However absurd it may sound, it is my contention that an artifact
    unearthed two days ago in the United Kingdom is evidence that the legend of
    Dire Grove is in fact very real. Judging by today's turnout, I will assume I am
    the only one that understands this to be true.
    Tape 2
    Alison: I hate packing. It makes me nervous. I always think I'm gonna forget
    Susan: OK, so you really think there's truth to this legend?
    Alison: Well, it is the source of my dissertation. This relic that they found
    is the missing link. You're gonna believe me when we get to Dire Grove.
    Susan: Got a big enough suitcase? Make sure you lock it, you don't want anyone
    making off with your undies. Don't forget the combination.
    Alison: Oh, I set it to the last four digits of my phone number so it's easy to
    remember. Oh, man. Do you think the boys are gonna behave?
    Susan: It's only for a couple of days, how much trouble can they get into?
    Besides, they can carry our stuff.
    Alison: Speaking of stuff: flashlights.
    Susan: Oh, check.
    Alison: Sleeping bags?
    Susan: Check.
    Alison: Oh, it's Matt. Should I tell the guys we just pick them up a couple
    hours before the flight?
    Susan: Sounds good.
    Alison: Done. Dire Grove, here we come!
    Tape 3
    Jack: We just took off on our way to Dire Grove, and don't tell Susan I
    borrowed the camera! This is tricky.
    Jack: So which wagon's ours?
    Matt: The guy said number six.
    Jack: There it is. What's with all the paparazzi?
    Alison: Hey, no messing around. This isn't a pleasure cruise.
    Tape 4
    Susan: So, where to first?
    Alison: The relic was found by a bed and breakfast, but it's closed for the
    season. So, we're gonna go camping. Can somebody find it on the map?
    Jack: Sure.
    Matt: So how long are we gonna be roughing it?
    Alison: One or two days. The forecast said it's in the 50's, so it shouldn't be
    that bad.
    Susan: Hey Al, tell your fans a little bit about what you're doing.
    Alison: We are gonna go look at some Celtic Ruins and then I'm gonna talk to
    the museum director about the relic that was found at Dire Grove.
    Jack: Here is Dire Grove. Nothing too ominous about that, eh governor?
    Tape 5
    Alison: Dire Grove, here it is. I think it's just up that trail.
    Matt: Why is it snowing?
    Susan: It's freezing, and we didn't pack for this kind of weather.
    Matt: Isn't it supposed to be in the 50's?
    Alison: I don't know. It's exciting though, isn't it? Come on.
    Jack: Looks like we're in the right place.
    Matt: "Dire Grove: closed for the season". Seems deserted.
    Alison: Come on you guys, this is gonna be fun.
    Tape 6
    Jack: Should we just break in?
    Alison: I don't know about that.
    Matt: Is it even locked?
    *whispering noises*
    Tape 7
    Matt: What are you doing?
    Susan: Just leaving a note in the guest book.
    Jack: "The legend is real". When are you going to fill us in on this legend
    Tape 8
    Matt: We can all this way. When are you going to tell us about this mysterious
    Alison: Well, it just so happens that I have my slides from my lecture right
    here. So, roughly 2,000 years ago on this very spot, lived an ancient
    civilization called the Celts. What is now Dire Grove was once the settlement
    of Gaelin.
    Jack: Should we be taking notes?
    Alison: Four counts: a hunter, a blacksmith, a farmer, and a fisherman: all
    gathered in Gaelin and successfully contacted their deceased ancestors by
    performing the ceremony with these four magical objects. Unfortunately, a gate
    was opened between the warm grain land of the living and the icy void of the
    dead. Not knowing how to close the gates, the Celts watched in horror as the
    icy land of the dead crept into their world. They realized if they didn't know
    the ice, it would overtake the whole earth, so they had to close the gate. They
    abducted this young woman and thrust her, like a sacrifice, into the portal. It
    worked. The ice receded; the earth was green and warm. The Celts collected
    those magic objects and hid them in difference places so that they would never
    be united again.
    Matt: And what happened to the girl?
    Alison: Well, some people call her the Banshee; other people call her the Ice
    Lady. Supposedly she waits for the discovery of the relics so that she can come
    back and turn the earth to ice, so that we may all feel her pain.
    Susan: A few days ago, archaeologists unearthed a relic near Dire Grove that
    Matt: You believe it's one of the four devices used to open a gate to another
    Alison: Right.
    Tape 9
    Matt: So if they found the first relic, do you think the other three are buried
    around here somewhere?
    Alison: That's my guess. The carvings that were found on the relic that was
    found represent the blacksmith: fire. The Celts place great reverence in the
    four natural elements of earth, air, fire, water. It just makes sense that the
    other relics would represent the other elements. Remember who opened the
    portal? Farmer: earth, fisherman: water...
    Susan: So if the relics came together again, you're saying the portal would
    reopen and release the soul of the woman trapped thousands of years ago?
    Alison: Yes, but unfortunately it would also freeze the entire world in the
    Jack: And there'd be no turning back.
    Alison: I suppose. I mean, that's how the story's been told for thousands of
    years. Although, the Celts do believe in this mysterious fifth element, which
    would trump the other four.
    Susan: What was it?
    Alison: Roughly translated, it's known as the "silver soul". There's not a
    whole lot known about it. It's thought to be highly magical by the Celtic
    elders, the Druids. Anyway, if an object representing the fifth element was in
    some way combined with the other four, it would lock the portal forever.
    Matt: Let's hope we don't have to find out.
    Tape 10
    Jack: I can't sleep I'm so cold. Are you freezing?
    Susan: It's gotta be twenty below in here. Looks like the fire's out.
    Alison: Where's Matt?
    Jack: His sleeping bag is cold. Maybe he went to the bathroom.
    *whispering voices*
    Alison: Matt? Matt?
    Susan: Matt!
    Alison: Hey Matt? Matt, come on, this isn't funny.
    Susan: I'm gonna go help her.
    Tape 11
    Alison: Matt? Hey Matt come on this isn't funny.
    Jack: I'm freezing.
    Alison: Maybe we should look outside.
    Jack: Hey, check it out. Foot prints.
    Alison: Matt!
    Jack: Dude, where are you?
    Alison: Matt, it's too cold to be playing out here.
    Jack: Look, more footprints.
    Alison: Looks like somebody's been digging holes.
    Jack: More holes over here.
    Alison: Matt? Matt... Matt...?
    Jack: Dude, what are you digging for?
    Tape 12
    Alison: We need to go get help.
    Susan: We can't just leave him here!
    Jack: I'll go with her. Will you be OK?
    Susan: Yeah, just hurry.
    Jack: OK, I'll get help. Just stay here, OK? Just watch him.
    Alison: Jack, I'm really scared. I think he's gone totally off.
    Jack: Hey, it's gonna be OK. I promise, OK? We're gonna get out of this.
    Alison: What's wrong?
    Jack: The car, it's too cold or something, it won't start!
    Alison: Come on Come on...
    Jack: I'm trying, I'm trying.
    *whispering noise*
    Jack: Did you hear that?
    Alison: Hear what? You're totally freaking me out, stop!
    Jack: She's calling my name.
    Alison: Jack, look, you need to get the car started! Stop!
    *Jack freaks out, Alison screams*
    Tape 13
    Alison: Susan! Susan-- Where's Matt?
    Susan: He wouldn't stop digging, and I got too cold. It's getting worse out
    there. Where's Ja--
    Alison: Jack's... gone.
    Susan: What? To get help?
    Alison: No, he freaked out and he ran into the woods. OK, we need to start a
    fire right now before we freeze to death.
    Susan: No, we need to get help.
    Alison: No, it's too cold. We need to start a fire right now. What's that?
    Susan: I found them behind the desk while I was looking for matches. If we're
    gonna stay here, that's fine, but keep this with you.
    Alison: Stop. I am worried about the guys too, but we have to start a fire. I
    don't know what else to do. There's something out there.
    Tape 14
    Susan (via walkie-talkie): Alison, can you hear me? Hello?
    Alison: Susan? Where did you go?
    Susan: I don't... Help!
    Alison: Come back to the room!
    Susan: She's got me. *screams*
    Alison: This is a distress call to anyone who finds this tape. The legend is
    real. I came here with my friends Susan, Jack,and Matt, and she took all of
    them. I knew this was gonna happen. It's getting really cold. I can feel the
    ice moving under...
    Susan: Help!
    Alison: Susan, are you there?
    *whispering voices*
    Alison: Susan? Ahh!
    Tape 15
    Alison: Susan, is that you? Susan? I'm scattering these tapes to increase our
    chances of being found. The legend is real. This is not a stunt. I'm a graduate
    student. My name's Alison Sterling and I come from Strayer University. Susan?
    Is that you? Susan, is that you? Leave me alone, leave me alone! No!
    Tape 16
    Alison: Come on, start! Come on start, please! Oh {unintelligible} I'm so
    worried. I don't know what to do. "If you find this note, please help, the
    legend is real. She is real . . ." Whatever you do, don't . . . {screams}
    F. Locations & Descriptions
    Abandoned Car
    This is where the game starts.  You come upon an abandoned car and find your
    first video tape and your first HOG.
    Dire Grove Hotel
    There is a wooded pathway that leads away from the Abandoned Car.  At the end
    of it, in a clearing, is a quaint hotel.  This is where are large portion ofthe
    game takes place.  In this guide, it is often referred to as just "Hotel."
    Manager's Office
    Inside the Dire Grove Hotel, on the right when you first walk in, is the Hotel
    Manager's Office.  Inside it is a hidden wall safe, and the entrance that leads
    to Hotel Basement.
    Front Desk
    Within the hotel entrance is the Front Desk.  Here you will find a couple of
    HOGs, but nothing of use otherwise.
    Hotel Lobby
    The hotel Lobby is at the end of the hallway found just to the left of the
    Front Desk.  It is actually made up of two screens, but is one continuous room.
    On the left hand side of the Lobby is the fireplace as well as the backpack
    which will house a couple of HOGs during the game.
    Hotel Bathroom
    The Hotel Bathroom can be found at the top of the stairs and just to the left.
    This is where you will actually break through the floor to gain entrance into
    the Manager's Office below.
    Honeymoon Suite
    When you are standing in the upstairs hallway of the Dire Grove Hotel, this
    room is the first room on the left.  I named it.  It just seemed appropriate
    what with all the red coloring and the ready bottle of champagne.
    Nautical Room
    This is the first door on the right in the upstairs hallway of the Dire Grove
    Hotel.  It houses a footlocker puzzle, the oars for the boat in the Boathouse,
    where the cell phone charger is plugged in.  There is a tape inside the room.
    There is also a tape outside the door too.
    Hotel Library
    This is the second door on the left in the upstairs hallway of Hotel.  This is
    where you get the combination to the hidden wall safe that is in the Manager's
    Floral Bedroom
    This is the second door on the right hand side of the upstairs hallway of the
    Hotel.  This is where Alison's suitcase is located.  The window also has a
    rudimentary rope made of a knotted bed sheet that leads to the Hunting Lodge
    and Frozen River by way of the Wolf's Tree pathway.
    This is found just outside of the Floral Room Window of the Hotel.  It has a
    couple of HOGs.
    This is just past the Dumpster and can also be reached from the Floral Room
    window in the Hotel.  When you first come into the Graveyard, a hand reaches
    out for you from behind a grate.  This is where one of the Vending Machine
    coins is located.
    Wolf's Tree
    The Wolf's Tree is located at the back of the Graveyard and can be reached by
    going out the window of the Floral Room in the Hotel.  You have to pay him with
    a piece of meat before he will allow safe passage.
    Frozen River
    The Frozen River is at the end of the left hand path at the Wolf's Tree.  This
    area can be reached by going out the window of the Floral Room in the Hotel.
    This is where the feather is buried in the ice.
    Hunting Lodge
    The Hunting Lodge is at the end of the right hand path at the Wolf's Tree.
    This area can be reached by going out the window of the Floral Room in the
    Hotel.  This is where you find "The Hunter."  It also houses the lamp that
    requires kerosene and there are several HOGS as well.  This is also where you
    will pick up the bag of chips for the Bonus Room access.
    Covered Bridge
    The Covered Bridge is located to the left of the Hotel.  You will need a rope
    to get across it.  This bridge leads to the Farmhouse, The Celtic Ruins, The
    Dire Grove Historical Heritage Museum, and the Ye Ole Mill Grocery Store.
    This is the area where the downed power line blocks the path to the left, which
    leads to the Barn, Farmhouse, Archaeologist's Tent, and Celtic Ruins.  The
    right path is accessible and it leads to the Grocery Store and Museum.
    Ye Ole Mill General Store
    If you take the right hand path at the Crossroads, it will lead you here.  In
    the Back Room there is a trapdoor to the Bonus Room (for the Collector's
    Edition) as well as a doorway that leads down to the basement.  The basement is
    where you will find the meat for the Wolf.
    Bonus Room
    The Bonus Room is a feature for the Collector's Edition only.  It is located
    beneath the trapdoor in the back room of the Grocery Store.  It contains Soap
    Suds for the washing machine in the Hotel Basement.  It also has clues about
    the next MCF game as well as an Achievement Board to let you know the number of
    found/missing objects for each area.  There is also a telephone that needs
    repairing.  You can dial a phone number on it for a special message.
    Vending Machine
    The Vending Machine is located outside of the Grocery Store.  It takes 3 of the
    coins you have been collecting.  This is where you purchase the sunflower
    Dire Grove Historical Heritage Museum
    The Museum is located just past the Grocery Store.  You have to have the bolt
    cutters to gain entrance to it.  Inside is where "The Blacksmith" is located.
    It is also where you have to go to shut off power to the downed power line.
    There are also several HOGs there.
    This is at the end of the wooded pathway from the left fork of the Crossroads.
    This is where you get the ladder from.
    The Farmhouse is set just behind the Barn and this where "The Farmer" is
    located.  This is also where you get the wrench for the mower, the cell phone
    for the charger, and several HOGs to boot.
    Lawn Mower
    The lawn mower can be found just outside of the Farmhouse on the left.
    Archaeologist's Tent
    The Tent is just behind the Barn and Farmhouse.  You have to cross a frozen
    bridge to get there.  This is where the player for the tape reel is located.
    This is also where you will find the glass vial.
    Celtic Ruins
    The Ruins are set behind the Tent.  You have to complete the Relic Puzzle to
    gain entrance to the Ruins.  You will need to get the ladder from the Farmhouse
    to get down into the Ruins once the entrance has been opened.
    Tree House
    The Tree House is located just outside of the Hotel.  It is on the right.  In
    order to climb the tree, you first have to collect nails from the Front Desk
    HOG and then the Small Plank from the Boathouse.  This is where you get the
    other half of the note that is on the mirror in the Library.  In order to get
    the note, you have to saw the branch holding it off, the saw is in the
    Honeymoon Suite HOG.
    The garage is found outside of the Hotel and just to the right of the Tree
    House.  It has the valve to turn the water, as well as a couple of HOGs.
    Water Shut-off Valve
    This can be found in the Garage hanging from the ceiling.  You have to swing
    the hook to get it.  There is also a toolbox on the shelf that holds the Wire
    The Boathouse can be found if you take the path to the left of the Garage.  You
    have to get the key to open it up first.  This is where you will collect the
    Urn.  It is also where the rowboat is that will take you to the Ice Lake and
    Fishing Shack, but first you have to cut the oars loose from the Nautical Room
    (use the wire cutters).
    Ice Lake
    To reach the Ice Lake, you must use the rowboat (with oars from the Nautical
    Room) and row out the door.  Here you will find the key to the Floral Room as
    well as the Fishing Shack.
    Fishing Shack
    To reach the Fishing Shack, you must first get the oars and the rowboat from
    the Boathouse and row across the Ice Lake.  This is where "The Fisherman" is
    G. Puzzle Solutions
    Nautical Room Footlocker - Clocks Hands Puzzle
    Author: BigFishGamesTips
    Posted: 11/25/2009
    Nautical Room - Cell Phone Puzzle
    Author: BigFishGamesTips
    Posted: 11/27/2009
    Dire Grove Historical Heritage Museum - Intercom Puzzle
    Author: BigFishGamesTips
    Posted: 11/27/2009
    Celtic Ruins Entrance Puzzle
    Author: BigFishGamesTips
    Posted: 11/27/2009
    Author: BigFishGamesTips
    Posted: 11/27/2009
    Hunter's Relic Puzzle
    Author: BigFishGamesTips
    Posted: 11/27/2009
    Blacksmith's Relic Puzzle
    Author: BigFishGamesTips
    Posted: 11/27/2009
    Farmer's Relic Puzzle
    Author: BigFishGamesTips
    Posted: 11/27/2009
    Fisherman's Relic Puzzle Solution
    Author: BigFishGamesTips
    Posted: 11/27/2009
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