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    Score Attack Mode FAQ by xxcalvaxx

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/16/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Calamity Trigger
    Score Attack Mode Begginer's Survival Guide
    by xxcalvaxx
    Ver 1.1 //   07/15/09
    Version History
    Ver 0.5 ---- Initial version.
    Ver 0.8 ---- Grammar fixes and new tips for Basics, 
                 Litchi, Ragna and new sites where the guide can be found.
    Ver 1.0 ---- Minor fixes, new tip for Hakumen, added 
                 Secret technique of the ancient dragon scroll bearing panda.
    Ver 1.1 ---- New tip for Ragna, Warning and minor fixes.
    C1.-Bang Shishigami[BAN]
    C3.-Iron Tager[TAG]
    C4.-Carl Clover[CAR]
    C5.-Noel Vermillion[NOE]
    C7.-Litchi Faye-Ling[LIT]
    C8.-Jin Kisaragi[KIS]
    C9.-Unlimited Rachel[RAC]
    C10.-Unlimited Hakumen[HAK]
    C11.-Unlimited v-13[V13]
    C12.-Unlimited Ragna[RAG]
    C13.-Secret technique of the ancient dragon scroll bearing panda.
    c14.-Warning! Warning!
    D-Final words and Contact info.
    This is a very simple and short guide for those in desperate need to finish the
    Score Attack Mode, which is without a doubt the hardest AI challenge BlazBlue
    can offer.
    Ps3 users might have noticed the trophy awarded for finishing Score Attack is
    is a GOLD one, it might look easy at first but you'll find the hard way it is
    one of the hardest trophy/achievement in BlazBlue.
    This guide will provide strategies fighter by fighter so the pain you will feel
    is equal to giving birth instead of being burned in the fiery lakes of hell.
    Here is a brief list of things you need to know/do before starting Score Attack
    1.- Score attack is not an easy "look how high I scored!" mode, it's PAIN.
    2.- The dificulty for this mode is WAY WAY WAY  higher than Hell difficulty.
    3.- Changing the dificulty in the options menu DOES NOT affect Score Attack.
    4.- Remember the hard setting in Mortal Kombat 2?, where you had to use 
        Subzero and trick the AI into the same technique over and over so you had
        a chance to win?, this is HARDER, no technique will "lock" the AI.
    5.- Try to have a soft surface near to throw the controller if going berserk.
    6.- Choose Jin Kisaragi.
    This guide will use Jin, he has projectile attacks which are really useful 
    and the tools that will allow us to defeat everyone else, Musou Senshouzan,
    known as Crystal strike too, is one quarter circle backwards + C and Sekkajin
    known as Snow Flower Storm, which is done by taping C like a madman.
    Jin's distortion drive Touga Hyoujin is also critical, it will save your ass 
    many, many times, do it with easy specials, LEFT on right stick.
    Counter-Assault, press forward + A + B while blocking, this move uses 50% heat
    but allows you to break a combo and start one yourself, advanced move which 
    will make the last 2 fights a tad easier.
    Finally, Barrier Burst, press A,B,C,D at the same time, LEARN this move, it's
    the most important move to master if you want to survive the last fights.
    I know many of you can beat Score attack with other characters but Jin is by
    far the easiest one for new and/or frustrated players, believe me.
    I'll explain along the way, it's the best way to learn, let's begin.
    D// FIGHTS
    This smelly ninja(said by many characters in the game, not me) is a bastard.
    His Burning Heat drive can and will counter most close quarters attacks but
    he can't counter all of Sekkajin strikes, very easy to defeat while being
    * Spam Senshouzan whenever you can, he will almost always get hit, dumb ninja.
    * After Senshouzan, Sekkajin right away until the attack finishes
      by itself, even if he blocks or counters, he will get hit at the end.
    * Don't try to hit him with any other moves while close, he will likely
      use Burning Heat to counter, deal major damage AND gain a seal for
      Fu Rin Ka Zan all of which are bad news.
    * If he runs towards you, quickly guard down as he will most likely use his 
      Opportunity! attack and throw you to the floor where he will do more damage.
    * Try not to jump too much towards him, instead, tease him with  projectiles
      (quarter circle forward + A, you can use B or C but A is the fastest) if he
      dodges it,jump towards him and hit him with a C slash followed by Senshouzan.
    * If he uses  Steel Rain (the umbrella distortion drive) quickly Senshouzan 
      towards him for a free hit that will also interrupt the drive
    * Use Touga distortion drive from medium range, it will connect and stun him, 
      if you are not very far away, QUICKLY Senshouzan him for more damage.
    C2- vs TAOKAKA
    Tao likes to bounce all over the screen like the mad cat she is.
    She only stops by the floor once in a while, it gets so annoying after a
    while that you just wish she received bad news, had a heart attack and 
    droped dead, medium hard to hard depending on your skill.
    * Try not to use Senshouzan while she is very far  and in the air, chances
      are it won't hit and will let you open to her cheap, spamming claws.
    * If caught in said claws, use barrier burst ONLY if you are below 50% health.
      Barrier burst is your last defense and many times will be the difference 
      between starting Score Attack all over so don't waste it too early.
    * Use  a ground Senshouzan while as far away from Tao as posible, this time it 
      will work as she most likely be intercetepd while traveling
    * As always, Sekkajin away after a Senshouzan (blocked or not), ground 
      Senshouzan attacks will hit most of the time if Tao is not jumping
    * Try freezing her with your drive after she does a diagonal dash.
    * If you see the chance and Tao is jumping from very far away towards you,
      use Hiyoku Getsumei (ice arrows or "absolute zero") distortion drive,
      it will connect, deal a lot of damage and sent the cat away, ready for a
    * Finally, when available and in medium range (not too close so that Tao 
      interrupts it) use Touga distortion drive to seal the deal.
    * When you have 25% heat, use an air Hishouken, version D, this should hit her
      since she is all over the screen.
    This guy is a beast, get close to him and you are done for.
    Very easy when dealt appropiately.
    * Rule #1.- You don't get close to Tager unless Tager forcefully gets close
      to you first.
    * Spam Hishouken (ice sword projectile), for some reason Tager always gets hit.
    * Sporadicaly use Hishouken in air, use the C version which is the one that
      travels straight, since Tager is so tall it will hit him most of the time.
    * If you see Tager do a slow move and you are far away, Senshouzan him and dash
      away from him quickly, Sekkajin him if you have lots of HP only.
    * Tager's "piledriver" is avoidable like a throw, if you're skilled at throw
      escapes, ignore rule #1 and Senshouzan him but be very, very careful.
    Carl's a pushover, you would have to play really bad to lose to him.
    Walk in the park.
    * Senshouzan him right away, Nirvana (his puppet) most likely take the hit, 
      keep hitting both with Sekkajin afterwards, rinse and repeat
    * Both Carl and Nirvana take a lot of damage from Sekkajin, when Nirvana is
      broken, hit Carl with everything you got, he should have very low hp by then
    Cute gunslinger Noel is pretty easy too, just stay away from her and use your
    ranged attacks to finish her quickly.
    * Stay away from Noel most of the time, use sporadic Senshouzan and Sekkajin
      combos, try not to spam Senshouzan this time, wait a little between them.
    * After a Sekkajin always dash away from her.
    * Her revolver combos deal HUGE damage, use barrier burst if below 50% health,
      try not losing any rounds, the mere preasure it puts on you is enough to 
      hinder your skills.
    * Hishouken her from far away and she will most likely jump with
      bad timing, jump and freeze her, then Senshouzan and after she recovers
      use Touga distortion.
    With Arakune, there is so much crap going on screen that it's hard to remain
    calm, do not attack randomly and you should be okay.
    Medium-Very hard.
    * Air is Arakune's domain, don't jump, it's not necessary and it will place you
      in harms way.
    * Spam Hishouken but this time use the C version, this slow projectile will
      avoid Arakune's many "dissapearing" dashes and make contact.
    * Spam Senshouzan when far away, Sekkajin after.
    * If you get hit (you will) with Aracune's Zero Vector curse, remain calm,
      pressing buttons a la Taokaka to try to hit Arakune won't work most 
      the time.
    * If cursed and near, use Sekkajin or a single C slash, other choices include
       a sweep with C or a quick Hishouken.
    * If cursed and far away, guard when the first insect arrives, Senshouzan
      inmediately and try jumping towards him with a C slash, this will hit him
      most of the time, 
    * If cursed and you have the heat, Touga distortion to get rid of the curse and
      deal damage to Arakune.
    One of the hardest fights in Score attack, if you're not careful Litchi will
    sweep the floor with you, ending a good Score Attack attempt in the wink of an
    Very hard-Hell
    * Never Senshouzan Litchi WHILE SHE HAS HER ROD, she will counter with her 
      Tsubame Gaeshi, which is a move that stops you cold, deals good damage and
      leaves you close enough to her so she can take all of your hp with chaotic
      Three Dragon attacks served with a dish of unavoidable rod attacks.
    * Wait until Litchi drops her rod and if you are in mid range, Senshouzan away
      followed by the classic, Sekkajin.
    * Never try to Senshouzan Litchi from far, she will always counter your move
      with her air throw which has crazy priority.
    * As soon as you have 50 heat, dash away from her and use Touga distortion only
      if she is the ground and not too far away, if she calls her rod and jumps
      towards you, use the ice arrows distortion, timing is required but the reward
      is huge.
    * Try to guard down most of the time, most of her Three Dragon combos begin 
      with a weak low attack that is pretty fast, so try to be ahead of her.
    * Hishouken only advisable from very far and use the A version.
    * NEVER let Litchi corner you, you're as good as dead if that happens, she will
      use her rod attacks to hit you from behind while you're recovering, barrier
      burst right away when she corners you, if you already used barrier burst, use
      counter-assault, if not available, use Fubuuki ( anti-air attack, done by
      pressing forward, forward-down, forward) with A version.
    Too bad he isn't a spammer, otherwise this fight would be more hard, Jin has
    2 main "patterns" (not really) that can be countered for and easy fight
    * Jin's first pattern is when he counters most of your Senshouzan with Fubuuki,
      an anti air attack that has a couple frames of invincibility allowing him
      to avoid the attack and counter, does medium damage.
    * When you see Jin use this pattern stop Senshouzan and spam Hishouken, after
      a few, Jin will not longer use Fubuki, Senshouzan again, this time for big
    * Jin's second pattern is when he goes Hishouken crazy on you, he will use 
      it many times, different speeds with a mix of air and ground Hishoukens.
    * Don't Senshouzan, you will only receive free damage if you do,since they do
      little chip damage, block a few then jump, dash and then freeze him or hit
      him with a C slah followed by Sekkajinm, rinse and repeat.
    * If timed right, you can Senshouzan over Jin's Hishouken  and still reach
      his head, this deals counter damage, which is higher, making the fight easier 
      but requieres good timing skills.
    This version of Rachel is either really easy or incredibly hard, depends on how
    well you've mastered the past fights and your timing skills.
    * Inmeadiately after the round starts, Senshouzan away, if you don't she will 
      throw a lighting rod proyectile, effectively reducing your fighting space.
      It doesn't matter if you get hit, the important thing is to keep her ocuppied
      from throwing Tiny Lobelias (the name of the projectile).
    * Spam Senshouzan and Sekkajin, if she blocks all of Sekkajin strikes, do a low
      C slash, this will always hit but use it only a few times, it carries the
      risk of getting shocked by Rachel's cat-chair and is followed by a ton of
      lighting attacks.
    * If Rachel uses her George XIII attack, it becomes way harder, Unlimited 
      Rachel's George doesn't receive damage from normal attacks, you must use
      a Touga Distortion as soon as possible to get rid of the damn frog, otherwise
      you'll be needing to dodge lighting, frogs, lobelias, hovering pumpkins all
      that while avoiding Rachel's attacks and Sylpheed pushes.
    * If Rachels hits you with more than 3 lightings use barrier burst, the damage
      is incredibly high but leaves her vulnerable to combos while casting the 
    * NEVER WALK through Rachel's lighting rods, instead Senshouzan to get past
      them quickly, if she activates lighting you should be safe from damage,
      freezing-Senshouzan-Sekkajin-ing her.
    C10.-Unlimited Hakumen
    Hakumen.., hits incredibly hard, his 4 or 5 hit combos deal >50% 
    damage, his attacks stun longer, he has an absurd long reach and is a damage
    sponge, the worst part?, he is a puppy compared to the last two bosses.
    * Do NOT use Sekkajin before Hakumen's health is 30% or less, Hakumen will 
      more often than not counter and deal high damage in return.
    * When Hakumen's health is 30%, you can use Sekkajin as the reward is greater
      than the risk.
    * Spam air Hishouken, B version, Hakumen just loves to jump and get hit by it,
      you can also spam ground Hishouken version A.
    * Never Senshouzan Hakumen when he has 4 of more megatamas, he will counter
      with his Distortion move, dealing tons of damage.
    * If Hakumen uses Judgement: Squall, use barrier (if available) and DO NOT
      let go of the guard yet, Hakumen always follows with a dash and the Lotus 
      kicks attack, after the squall, this combo can take 100% of your hp so 
    * Hakumen can be thrown easily, don't doubt trying it when in close quarters.
    * Try dealing individual slashes, combos don't work that well on him due to his
      counter drive.
    * Whenever Hakumen hits you with Lotus, BARRIER BURST A.S.A.P, this combo
      will take AT LEAST half of your hp, so it must be stopped.
    * Your best shot, whenever you have 25% heat, use an air Hishouken, version D
      this one launches 3 ice swords that deal good damage and freeze longer,hope
      that Hakumen throws himself at one and continue with your attacks.
    * Run around the screen for briefs intervals, Hakumen will follow you around
      wasting magatamas while doing his moves trying to reach you, if Hakumen
      has no megatams he's useless.
    C11.-UNLIMITED V-13
    *After all I played Socre Attack so many times to get this guide*
    *You can skip this and scroll lower to the guide*
    *Thanks for your understanding*
    Where to begin, how about V-13 has all the flaws that made japanese videogame
    developement so obsolete over the last few years, thus making western 
    development rise to the top position?.
    The thing is, japanese designers ARE AFRAID OF CHANGE, they have been making
    the same type of games for almost 30 years and people  finally
    got tired of it.
    JRPGS?, most of them are seen now as relics of the past, Square, the once king
    of RPGS has been forced to milking Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XI being 
    played by less than 150,000 players while World of Warcraft has 14+ million, 
    The Last Remnant, Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean 4, all rpgs from square 
    failed miserably, the highest rated is Star Ocean 4 with a mediocre 7.2, thing
    is, people got tired of clichè skinny spikey hair pansies with swords bigger 
    than them and without any social skills or interest in women (Squall, Cloud.)
    That's why the new rpgs from Bethesda and Bioware are graded so high,
    I'll take Fallout 3 over any and all square rpgs after Final Fantasy X.
    Japanese fighting games, oh crap, they ALWAYS have to have the cheapest bosses
    around, bosses that can't be beaten with skills but with repetition of 
    certain moves and the japanese still haven't learned the lesson, Seth, 
    every single boss in KOF, Rugal, Goenitz, Orochi, Zero, Original Zero, etc.
    Every single japanese fighting boss has to have the following:
    1.-A friggin attack that travels and covers the whole screen forcing you to
       block taking chip damage and making any movemente useless.
    2.-Multi hit attacks, not only do they do huge damage, they have to hit a ton
       of times to irritate the player, angry players don't perform well.
    3.-They have to be CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP, dodge an attack?, here comes 
       another, you need to spam a single technique to beat them, your skills are
       worth crap here, it's about finding an AI hole and exploiting it.
    Sadly, v-13 probably is the only flaw in the great game that is BlazBlue
    Well v-13 is the hardest of all the characters, she is incredibly cheap, her
    attacks are hard to dodge, her distortion moves have almost no recovery time,
    allowing her to continue hiting you for a LONG time, such distortion drives
    cover the whole screen, they hit from above while she throws projectiles that
    hit low so you're gonna get hit anyway, deals tons of damage and she can hit
    you from anywhere in the screen with minimum effort.
    * Spam Senshouzan, hopefully you will hit her more than she hits you.
    * If she hits you with his sword drive, stop doing whatever you were doing and
      block for as long as she keeps at it.
    * Whenever she uses her distortion drive block high using barrier, when she 
      throws the low projectile, take it like a man, there is a small chance
      that if v-13 slows a bit you can jump backwards while blocking, thus 
      blocking the swords and jumping the projectile, however the chance is slim to
    * Stay as close as you can to her, so her summoned swords can't reach you,
      however, you're a sitting duck in front of her so be careful.
    * Another way to take the least damage when v-13 uses her sword distortion 
      drive is to wait until the last moment and use barrier burst, however you
      are now defenseles to her combos so choose wisely.
    * If low on health try to stay at mid range until your heat meater reaches 50,
      then Touga distortion from far away and hope she doesn't interrupt it with
      summoned swords.
    * If able, use air Hishouken version D when heat is 25, follow up with
    * Good luck, you'll need it.
    While not as hard as v-13, Ragna is still as hard they get without being CHEAP.
    * Stay as far as you can from Ragna, time your Hishoukens, version A, so they
      hit him while he comes at you with Gauntlet Hades or Inferno Divider.
    * Time your freezing ability to hit him while he is on his way down from an 
      Inferno Divider, follow up with a throw and then Senshouzan.
    * Never try to jump over him without a using a high jump, Ragna will just 
      use his drive and hit you for medium damage, the factor here is the amount
      Ragna heals, since he is always in Blood Kain mode.
    * At all costs, avoid his drive attacks, it's double damage, your hp goes
      down and his goes up, your succes deppends on avoiding said attacks.
    * Try to hold out as long as you can, use distortion drives from far when 
      Ragna comes at you, be patient, this will be a long, hard fight.
    * Never Senshouzan when Ragna has 50 or more heat, he will counter with
      Carnage Scissors dealing a ton of damage to you and healing himself for
      almost the same ton, one Carnage Scissors is enough to seal the battle.
    * If Ragna is at 50 or more heat, stick to air and ground Hishoukens, don't
      lose the timing, one mistake can cost you the round.
    * Use Sekkajin only when Ragna is recovering from an attack.
    * Barrier Burst if  he is using any combo that uses his drive when your health
      is 75% or lower or Ragnas health is below 20%, don't miss the chance to 
      finish him if he has low health, take the risk, go all out, fortune favors 
      the brave.
    * Try to save your heat for distortion drives.
    * Play defensively, never attack until he attacks first, except for Hishoukens.
    * If enough heat is available, use counter-assault on Ragna's attacks, before
      his drive attacks occur, however, saving heat for distortion drives
      is top priority.
    * Never use attacks at random, Ragna will punish every single one of them.
    * Even more good luck.
    * This technique is brought to us by Joe Dyer, GT: And Josh, al credit goes to 
       "Do a C version of the icecar(Senshouzan) and hit, Ragna will fall down 
       and instantly get up. If timed right you can do an icecar, take a step 
       forward, and then repeat,  I was able to this about 5 times in a row until 
       he broke a grab, at which point I just icecared again."
      This technique works wonders and while Ragna certainly will break it 
      eventually, the damage/input return is HUGE, you might want to spam
      this technique at the beginning of each round.
    c13.- Secret technique of the ancient dragon scroll bearing panda.
    While i was busy finding strategies to beat the AI with honor i completely
    forgot about how useless that is and how cheating rocks.
    All credit goes to Herum656 for the tip, which should be pretty obvious by now.
    1.-Go to options and set VS rounds needed to win to 1.
    2.-Fire up a second controller.
    3.-Just before you're about to lose on score attack press start on the second
       controller, this will take you against the new challenger
    4.-Since it's only 1 round shouldn't take long, use this round to increase your
       rapid cancel and counter-assault count towards their respective thophies.
    5.-After you win you will continue where you left on score attack, thus making
       game over a thing of the past, just be sure to press start before losing,
       don't get too relaxed just yet.
    This trick actually turns things around, making the fight with v-13 rely on 
    you being patient rather than really lucky.
    c13.-********************* WARNING, WARNING WARNING****************************
    I've received a few emails in which people tell me that they're not receiving
    the Leonidas Gold trophy after beating score mode, I asked a few questions and
    found the reason:
    Every single person(all 6 of them hehe) that emailed me with this inquiry 
    had TURNED OFF THE CONSOLE IN ANGER when they didn't get the trophy when the
    credits rolled.
    Thanks for your attention.
    Department of  World of Warcraft Rage Control, Blazeblue Divition.
    I want to thank Arksys games for making such a kick ass game, keeping 2D as the
    king of fighting games and giving Street Fighter 4 a worthy contender.
    Any sugestions, tips, corrections or strategies are welcome, you can reach me
    at calvaalberto@hotmail.com
    This guide can be found only in the following sites:
    Please let me know if you see it in another place.
    Copyright 2009 Alberto Calva.

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