Where can I find Red Sea Cucumber?

  1. According to both of the guides I found for this, this fish can only be found in Fire 3. But all I can find there are Swimmies, and Fire Fish. It said that what I get depends on where on the map I cast my rod. But I tried everywhere. But I never got a single Red Sea Cucumber. (BTW, I only went after the larger fish. And the few times I hooked the small fish, it was always a Swimmy).

    User Info: Thundercross

    Thundercross - 6 years ago

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  1. I got plenty of them on fire 6.. yes, the boss level..
    i cast the rod from the entrance bridge to the east..
    you would probably need to obtain the secret treasure from "familiar forest" stage 2 first as it will give you the highest level of rod you can get in the game.

    red sea cucumber is small fish (so look at the silhouette for small fish, big fish are usually boiled octopus), and you would know when you hit on one. the bar moves a little bit faster (compared to if you hit a tin), but moves much slower (compared to if you hit fire fish), and the impact bar is quite large as well..
    red sea cucumber, as far as i can remember, isn't that common. you would probably catch around 10 fish before you hit on one, but it's definitely not as rare as "sperm whale"..
    i think i got around 5 red sea cucumbers in a time span of 11min ish.
    keep fishing and you'll land on one..

    i don't know if i'm explaining it properly, anyhow, try fire 6 with the super rod from forest 2..

    User Info: g3p3nk

    g3p3nk - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. You can also catch them with the Old Man Rod, which you can get from fishing.
    g3p3nk is right though, you can catch them on Fire6.

    User Info: aetherspoon

    aetherspoon - 6 years ago 0 0

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