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    FAQ/Walkthrough by iceman546

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/07/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    (_) (_)`\____)`\__,_)`\__,_)(___)   (_____)(_)
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    By Iceman
    Table of Contents
    2.Version History
    4.General Tips
         5.1.First In
         5.2.Breaking Bagram
         5.3.Running With Wolves...
         5.4.Dorothy's Bitch
         5.5.Belly of the Beast
         5.6. Gunfighters
         5.7.Friends From Afar
         5.9.Neptune's Nest
         5.10.Rescue the Rescuers
    7.Legal Stuff
    8.Special Thanks
    9.Contact Information
    Right, Howdy all! This is my third guide now. I haven't wrote a
    guide for about a year as I’ve been busy working, but I am back so don't
    worry :D
    In the latest Medal of Honor we move away from the usual combat of WWII and
    take on the challenge of the modern day war in Afghanistan. Through out the
    campaign there are four playable characters. Rabbit, who is the games chief
    character, with whom about half the missions are played with, while the other
    half are alternated between a Delta Force sniper specialist Duece, an Army
    Ranger Dante Adams and an Apache gunner called Brad Hawkins. In my opinion
    this game is a mix of Call of Duty and Battlefield so if you like either of
    these games, and if you don't then I don't think you should own a games console
    to be honest, then this game is a must buy.
    I wrote this guide whilst playing through on hard difficulty. While the
    guide was written on this difficulty it is not primarily for this difficulty.
    While there may be a few changes between certain bits of the game depending
    on difficulty, in general this guide can be used for any of the three
    Any way enough of my rambling. You guys want to read the guide don't you,
    not hear me going on. Just one more thing. If you like this guide I'd
    appreciate it if you just click that little link at the top to recommend it to
    other readers. Thanks guys. Hope you enjoy!
    2.Version History
    Guide started  - 20 October 2010
    Guide Finished - 6 November 2010
    Version        - 1.00
    The controls for this game are pretty much the same as Call of Duty but I'll
    give you all a quick recap anyway:D.
    A           - Jump
    B           - Crouch/Prone(Hold)
    X           - Reload/ Interact
    Y           - Change Weapon/Pistol(Double tap)
    LS          - Move
    RS          - Look/Aim
    RT          - Fire Weapon
    RB          - Grenade
    LT          - Iron Sights
    LB          - Lean (hold direction)
    RS click    - Melee
    LS click    - Sprint
    D-Pad Down  - Optics/Nightvision/Thermal
    D-Pad Left  - Nothing
    D-Pad Right - Change fire type
    D-Pad Up    - HUD Display
    Back        - Nothing in Single Player
    Start       - Pause
    4.General Tips
    Right as I said I wrote this guide whilst playing through on the hard
    difficulty so if your doing the same these tips should be followed and even if
    your playing through on a different difficulty these simple tips should
    probably be followed.
    1. Cover! Yes I know it sounds obvious but you'd be surprised with the amount
       of people who think they are better than the game and can just run through
       the game like Rambo sticking knives in people. Trust me cover will be your
       saviour especially on harder difficulties.
    2. Request ammo off of  teammates. This is a pretty cool thing you can do in
       Medal of Honor. If your running low on ammo just go up to a teammate and
       press the interact button (X). So you have no excuses for running out of
    3. Always replace a poor weapon with a better weapon. There are a couple of
       places in the game were you have the option to do this. Say as your on a
       mission were you think you could do with a sniper rifle but don't have one
       swap out your primary weapon for said sniper rifle if you come across one.
    5.1.First In
    Right well after we manage to get out of that little tricky moment, thanks to
    some pretty awesome driving by Voodoo, we finally get to take control of
    character number 1 in this game 'Rabbit'. When you are finally given control
    of Rabbit head out of the doorway and up the ally. Take some cover behind the
    two dustbins and wait for the two guys to run out ahead of you. Pop these two
    and head through the gap where they were. Take some cover behind the burnt out
    truck on your right and waste the three guys in the courtyard and the guy in
    the house on your right. Take cover in this building and wait for the enemy to
    appear on the balcony in front of you. Take them all out then follow Voodoo to
    the roll up door. Let him do his thing then follow him inside. Follow Voodoo
    through the building and head through the door outside at the far end of
    the building. Run up the ally and you'll be kind of reunited with Mother and
    Preacher. Take cover next to Voodoo and pick off the guys in the courtyard.
    Once their dead a couple of goons will appear up on the balcony as well so
    probably best to own these guys to. Once you've got everyone you'll get the
    message of Objective Complete so you can relax a bit.
    Next head up to the door that Voodoo is at and kick it in ( press X). Quickly
    dispatch of the solo guy and look left at the fuse box. Melee it to kill the
    lights. Press down on the D-Pad to activate your Nightvision then head through
    the door Voodoo was at. Go down the corridor and take out the three guys in the
    room (piece of piss as they cant see you) and then head into the kitchen area.
    Through the kitchen area you'll enter a room with four guys in. For some
    reason these guys can see you so best to take a bit of cover and pick them
    off. Head up the stairs at the far end and proceed along the corridor. Melee
    the guy in the corridor and head left. Kick the door down and take out the two
    guys hiding in there. You can turn your Nightvision off now, no need for it
    anymore :D. Follow Voodoo along the balconies and take out the solitary goon
    in the room at the end. Head through the door on the left of this room and
    then up the stairs on the right. Continue along the floor and take cover in
    the doorway. Pick off the three guys outside then head over to the door on
    your right. Follow Voodoo along the rooftops and you'll finally get reunited
    with Mother and Preacher for real this time.
    This bit can be quiet hard on hard difficulty but as long as you do as the game
    suggests you shouldn’t have to many problems. Head down the hill with your now
    four man strong team. take cover behind the crates. When Mother and Preacher
    laying covering fire down sprint with Voodoo to your right and head up the
    wooden stairs. When you get to the top of the stairs look left and take out
    the guy on the rooftop. Continue forwards to activate the mini cut scene of you
    falling through the roof. I don’t know if this just happened for me or if it is
    a glitch in the game but if you don’t take the guy out and continue to where
    fall through the roof the roof doesn’t get his by the RPG and you cant jump back
    over the little ledge to kill the guy. Duno if it just happened with me or not
    though :S.
    Anyway on with the game. After your little fall head out of the doorway Voodoo
    so kindly kicks down for you and head down the steps and outside again. Guess
    what? More enemies. Take cover next to Voodoo and lob a few grenades up there.
    Pick off any remaining enemies and head up the steps on your right. Follow
    Voodoo and along the rooftops again until you reach a wall which everyone
    else can climb up but not you? What are you gona do? Never fear though as
    Medal of Honor has the awesome ability of 'Buddy Boost'. Such a sweet name
    for a game which focuses on killing as many Taliban as possible. Anyway after
    Voodoo gives you a 'buddy boost' follow your team into the building and
    through the door. Head down the steps and take cover behind the shack next to
    Mother I would suggest. Pan right and take out the guys on the balcony. Next
    look left and take out the guy on that balcony and the four or five guys on
    the ground. Once their all dead move up and take cover net to Voodoo this
    time. Take out the goons hiding behind the wall the head through the gates
    with the rest of your team. Slowly proceed towards the door and when it opens
    take out the two guys camping there. Follow your team through the house until
    you come to a door which is slightly ajar. Do what your told and kick the door
    down and watch the mini cut scene (which is pretty brutal!).
    Once you've watched the mini scene head towards the red door where the rest of
    your team is waiting. Follow Mother and drop down the ledge then follow the
    rest of your team along the alleyways. Keep following them until you encounter
    yet more goons. I suggest taking cover on the staircase on your left as it
    gives you a good shooting position to see everyone. I think there is about
    five or six guys here to pop so do just that then slowly head up to the area
    they were in, picking off any stragglers. Head up the steps at the far end and
    drop down the ledge. Follow Mother and the team and wait patiently with them.
    After you get a little help to blow the doors on the fort head through the
    gates and take cover behind the burning truck. Take out the two guys on the
    ground the make a quick dash for the tent on your front right. Turn left and
    take out the guy over there then make a dash for the door he was standing
    outside of. Take cover behind the crates facing the door and wait for the two
    goons to run out. Take them both out then head through the door in question.
    Quickly run through the cave, not forgetting to take out the guy who trys to
    rush you and get a buddy boost from Mother. Take cover in the window area and
    pick off the guys beneath you. Once you've picked off all of them head over to
    the MG nest and take the MG gunner out. Once he's dead Preacher and Voodoo
    will move up into the courtyard and it is your job to take everyone out for
    them pretty much :D. Best bet is to take out the guys in the windows first I
    found as they cause the most damage. Once you've taken them both out start
    picking off the guys on the ground. There’s a couple behind the truck and about
    three of them behind the crates on the trucks left. Once you've taken these
    guys out several more will run out of the building in front of you so pop
    these guys as well. Once you get the call of "building is secure" from Voodoo
    then head over your left.
    You thought it was over then? No chance my friends!. Take some cover next to
    Mother and start taking the guys who are streaming out of the barn out.
    Same tactics as before here. Take the two guys out in the window opposite you
    first then start on the guys on the ground. Once you take out the first wave a
    second wave, if you can call three people a wave, will come out of the barn and
    building on your left so take these guys out as well. Once everyone is dead
    you'll get the welcome message of Objective Complete again to ease your
    worries. Do a 180 and head down the stairs, into the courtyard you were just
    shooting up. Follow the team into the barn and pick up some grenades out of
    the crate on your left. Head up to the door in front of you and wait for
    Preacher to open the door. Head outside and follow the team. When you see a
    goon in front of you stick some lead in him and take cover behind the crates he
    was at. There are about five guys here two of them in quite good cover behind
    the truck just outside the building so I'd suggest taking these two out first
    and the rest should be a walk in the park. Head over to the door on the right
    of the building once their all dead and wait with Mother. When he's done
    rambbeling on kick the door down and quickly kill the guy running away from
    you. Take cover in the doorway and start picking people off. Once you've
    killed about three of them more guys will run out of the door. Pick them off
    then run up the left hand side and into the room at the end. Knife the guy in
    here then finish off any survivors. Once everyone is dead follow your team
    outside and through the buildings. Finally you’ll come to a door and the
    Objective clear last building flashes up. Bit obvious what's I here then aint
    it?.Kick the door down and you enter the awesome, obviously stolen from
    Modern Warfare2's Breach and Clear Special Op mission, slow mo mode. Steady
    your aim and pop the guy who’s holding the prisoner. Wooo first mission done:D.
    5.2.Breaking Bagram
    Right this mission starts off with you in a car, which unfortunately you cant
    drive:(. Your job is to take out anyone on the right hand side of the car you
    see so best thing we get on with it aye?. Shoot your windscreen out as it
    makes this mission easier and wait for some goons to appear on your right
    Take them all out and wait until the cars roll on up. Just keep that trigger
    finger pressed down and keep shooting. Don't worry to mush about ammo, just
    worry about taking these guys out. Once you lay some fire into the first car
    you'll cut through next to a warehouse and rejoin the battle with two cars to
    deal with. Same idea here, just keep on firing until they leave you alone.
    Once you've dealt with these guys you'll cut through a field and be thrown
    into a full-scale battle. Luckily for you you are at an advantage as you sit
    behind a mounted machine gun XD. Unlimited ammo so go nuts my friends. Shoot the
    gas cylinders (the big red things) to whip a few guys out and then make sure
    to take out the car which arrives as well. Once you've taken the car out you'll
    get driven away but at least you get to stay on the machine gun :D even if
    there is nothing to kill :(.
    New Objective, Destroy Enemy Mortar Crews. When your chauffer decides to stop
    driving you around for a bit you'll automatically be booted off the machine
    gun :(. Take some cover in the building in front of you and start picking off
    the guys in front of you. Take some cover behind the bricks on your right and
    switch to your long ranged weapon. A nice line of guys start running out of
    the building just in front of you so start popping my friends. I think there’s
    about seven or eight of them so once most of them are dead jump down into the
    trench on your right and keep following it up the right hand side. Once you
    reach the door way the cry of "RPG" will go up and you have a nice view of him
    :). Zoom in and pop his head off(not literally of course) and proceed into the
    building. Wait for your team to catch you up and follow them through the
    doorway. Quite a few guys here, no more Mr nice easy first mission. Take the
    two out just in front of you the run up to the wall they were at. Quickly turn
    left and take out the guy in front of you then the guy up on the ledge who’s
    spraying bullets like he just don't care. By now your team should have moved
    up to join you so things get a bit easier. Take out the other guy who runs up
    onto the roof then the two guys on the ground to your left. The shout of
    "clear" will give you the heads up you've killed everyone. Head up the stairs
    and through the rooms to get Eyes on the Front Gate.
    Heres were we get to use the SOFLAM for the first time :D. Head to were the
    little emblem for it is and you'll automatically whip this badboy out. Zoom
    in on the gate and hold right trigger to mark the gate as a target. Wait a
    few seconds and watch the gate go up in smoke XD. Now mark a target on the
    tank which joins the party and follow the same procedure. Nothing is more
    satisfying than a giant fireball would you not agree? Once you've destroyed
    both targets follow Mother down the ledge and take out the four guys in front
    of you. Head forwards and take out the two other guys on the other side of the
    area. Head up the stairs on your left and gun down the two remaining guys.
    Stay up on the rooftop your on and pick off the three guys in the first mortar
    position. Once their all dead your free to head on down the ramp and take
    cover behind the bricks by Voodoo. First things first take out the guy with
    the RPG. He's on the top floor of the building on your far left. Once he's
    done with start taking out the guys on the ground. There’s two on your left and
    about three or four in front of you. Take them all out and then proceed up the
    steps on the left of the building in front of you. Quickly rush the last guy in
    there and knife him and wait for your team to catch you up. This bits fairly
    easy as you have a good vantage point to take out the next two mortar crews.
    Stick with your ranged weapon and take out the three guys on your far left
    first. Once their all dead look to your right and down and take out the three
    guys down there as well. Easy right?
    Drop down the ledge and wait for Preacher to open the gate for you (what a
    gent). Head through the gap and proceed towards the final mortar position.
    Follow the path around the graveyard and look to your left. Final mortar
    position? Indeed it is. Take some cover behind the red wing and pick off the
    four guys in the mortar crew. Final mortar position destroyed. Follow your team
    down to the mortar pit and take cover behind the sandbags. First take out the
    guy in the plane on your high right then deal with the two guys in front of
    you on the ground. Move around to the right hand side of the mortar pit and
    you should be able to see the top of the snipers head on your high left. One
    shot, bang, dead, happy days. Proceed forwards with your team until you
    encounter some more dam enemies. Take cover in the plane on your left and
    start the usual procedure of picking them off one by one. Make your way
    forwards, plane by plane, until three guys run at you from the right. Take
    at least one of them out and then lob a grenade into the reddish plane body in
    front of you, there a guy in there. Once you've dealt with these two run into
    that plane and take out the two guys on your right. Run up to the right hand
    wall of the graveyard and take cover in the plane here. There will be 6-8
    in front of you now, just underneath the MG gunner so usual procedure of
    picking them off and a couple of grenades to dispose of them. Once there all
    dead head into the building in front of you and take cover next to your team.
    A couple of guys will run across the catwalk in front of you so kill them and
    then focus on the guys on the ground. Once there also dead a car with a gunner
    on the back will smash through the back of the warehouse. Stay in your cover
    and go for the headshot to kill him. Clean up any looses ends and head up the
    stairs onto the catwalk. Two guys run out here so melee, knife, shoot, grenade
    , what ever floats your boat them and head through the room they came from.
    In this room, on your left, there’s a grenade box so stock up on these bad boys
    and wait for your team to open the door for you. Head down the stairs and
    outside. Take cover behind the tank on your left and take out the guys on your
    left first. There is a little gas canister next to the tank at the far end
    here which creates a little explosion which is pretty helpful. There is
    probably about 8-10 guys here just on the left hand side so do the usual by
    picking them off. Once no more goons are coming up the left hand side start
    on the MG gunner. Going for the headshot is the best way to deal with him so
    I would suggest this is your approach. Once you’ve downed him keep your gun
    trained on the MG as another guy will try and sneak up to it (cheeky bastard)!
    See that little red thing next to the MG? Why don't we try shooting that this
    time to see what happens. Bye-bye Mr MG man :D. Clean up any guys who are left
    and regroup with the team outside the hangers. Head inside the first one and
    turn left. Head up these steps and pick off the two guys down the other end of
    the walkway. Next kill the two guys on the bottom floor and finally the two
    guys on the top floor. Once you've taken them all out head down the catwalk
    and into the room where Mother is. Shoot the fire extinguisher in-between the
    two guys on the catwalk in the next room then look low left and take out the
    four guys down near the plane. Once there all dead had down the were they were
    and regroup with your team again. Let Preacher get the door once again (so
    polite!) and head on out.
    OK, we’re nearly there on this one. Just gota take out about a dozen
    snipers and a couple of RPG's XD. Make a quick dash across the open and up
    the steps in front of you. Best bet is to take cover next to Voodoo I found
    and take the RPG's out first. I think there is three of them, not to sure:S.
    Just keep laying bullets into them until they can't take no more. Once the
    RPG guys are dealt with its time to take out the snipers. I found working from
    one direction the best bet here e.g left to right. One at a time is my advice
    here as well. The AI are quite helpful here so you probably wont have to deal
    with them all by urself. Once you see smoke appearing in front of you it's
    time to get your ass out of there and head towards that tower. Do as your
    told and kick the door down to the tower. Immediately look left and take out the
    twos guys in front of you. Head forwards and into the corridor. O crap! MG!
    Take cover behind anything in the corridor and unload a clip in his direction.
    Once he's dead form up with your team outside the red door on your right. Let
    your team do all the work here. Just follow them through the first floor and
    up the stairs. When you reach the second floor head over the makeshift ramp
    right in front of you and take cover next to Mother. Not many guys to deal
    with here so just do your thing and pick them off. Once their all dead follow
    your team to the wooden door on your left. It's your turn again to kick it
    down so do just this and quickly take out the two guys in the room. Move
    forwards and deal with the two guys in the next room. Once their all done with
    follow the team and watch the awesome mini scene of Voodoo embedding an axe in
    someone’s head. Sweet! Follow this barbaric creature into the next room and
    then proceed by yourself up to the top of the tower.
    This bit is fun, there’s no getting around this fact. Were back in the world of
    SOFLAM and we get to destroy pretty much whatever we want :D. Start off by
    spraying some GAU-8 fire among those little bastards down there and then
    launch some Hellfire missiles towards them. By now there should be some trucks
    approaching you from your right. Keep your Hellfire missiles selected and lock
    onto the two trucks. Once their destroyed pan far left and you should see two
    more trucks. Same procedure. One Hellfire missile for each. Once their
    destroyed you'll now have access to the GBU-24 which is a 2000 lb laser guided
    bomb. Sounds pretty sweet to me! Select this bad boy and look up to your right
    again. There will be three tanks heading down that hill so launch a couple of
    GBU-24's at them. Worth noting here that with this weapon, when your
    controlling the missile in the air the lock-on doesn’t follow the target so you
    have to moved the bomb onto the actual target not the cross hairs if that
    makes sense?:S.Anyway on with the show. Once you've destroyed the three tanks
    look left again and destroy the two trucks. If you land a GBU-24 right in the
    middle of them you should destroy them both and get the achievement The
    Sledgehammer. Now you'll have access to yet another weapon. The MK-84 which is
    just an unguided version on the bomb. Pretty useless in my opinion. Anyway
    stay looking left and destroy the tank there then pan right and destroy the
    two trucks and tank. Keep looking left and destroy the three remaining tanks.
    Mission two complete. :D
    Day 1
    5.3.Running with Wolves...
    Right now we finally get our teeth into the main storyline of the game. Here
    we take control of Deuce for the first time, which is pretty cool as it mixes
    things up a bit. And this is also one of my favourite missions in the game
    because I love stealth missions and this my friends is one of them :D.
    The mission starts with you on a quad bike following Dusty. All you have to do
    is following him as he waits for you (so polite the people in this game). Follow
    Dusty until he tells you to brake and turn your headlights off. Let the
    trucks ahead of you pass and then continue on your merry way :). Keep on his
    tail until you reach a small town. Park up next to him and you'll
    automatically dismount your quad. Follow Dusty up to the cliff and zoom over
    to Panther and Vegas with your sniper rifle. As they make their way down the
    cliff you'll be asked to pick off the guy in the watch tower. Do just this so
    they can continue. Follow Dusty along the cliff tops and into the compound. Let
    him deal with the guard and enter the room on your right. Follow Dusty out of
    this room and take your pick of one of the guards in front of you. Dusty will
    deal with the other. Continue forwards and enter the room on your left. Head
    to the window and put a sniper round in the guard in the towers head. Same
    treatment for the guy in the other tower. No need to waste ammo here. Just sit
    in your little room and let everyone else deal with the guys who run out of
    the buildings. Once their all dead head out of your room and turn left, going
    through the gates. Regroup with the rest of your team in the little hut in
    front of you and listen to the mini scene. Once everyone is done arguing
    follow Dusty back to your quad.
    Hop back on your quad and follow Dusty through the rough terrain. After a
    couple of sharp turns and a couple of big ass jumps you reach a cliff edge
    and be told to whip out the Barrett. Zoom right in and look towards the fire.
    There should be a guard standing here. Steady your aim and send a bullet
    towards him. Next a guy will come out of the building just above the fire.
    Same process. Bullet, skull, dead. Now switch to thermal (D-Pad down) and
    pan far left. You will be able to see the white dots of some goon’s feet. Wait
    a couple of seconds until he is at the far left of the tower and you will get
    a better shot at him. Pop him down. Finally a guy will start running up the
    steps of the tower. I don't know if you have to kill him quickly or not but
    for the purpose of me not knowing I'll say yes. As soon as he gets onto the
    steps of the tower aim a little ahead of him and fire. A hit anywhere will
    kill him so just aim to get a hit. With that lot dealt with its back to
    quading through Afghanistan, so lets get back to following Dusty. Park up next
    to Dusty again and continue on foot.
    Follow Dusty into the town and around to the first truck. Wait next to him!
    Don't go running in there. Wait with Dusty until the guys move on, away from
    the truck. When they finally leave take out the guy opposite you in the
    doorway and let Dusty mark the truck. Once he's marked the truck follow him
    along the balcony and take cover in the shadows. Wait for the goons to pass
    then sneak over the room opposite you. Take out one of the guards and make
    your way dead ahead. Dusty will jump up onto the roof and spot for you while
    you go and mark the second truck. Head to your right ( Dusty will kill the guy
    in the ally) and head to the right hand side of the truck. Plant a beacon on
    the truck and wait by the side of it. When the two guards appear take one of
    them out. Head over to Dusty and get a buddy boost (haven't had one for a
    while!). Right the third and final truck is a bit of a lone wolf bit. Wait for
    the two guards beneath you to pass then make a sprint for the room directly
    opposite you. Once inside stick a knife in the back of the guard and head out
    the other door. Sneak up to the truck and plant the final beacon. Head back
    into the room you came from and wait by the doorway. When the guard enters
    blade him as well and wait in the doorway for the two guards to pass again.
    Once they've passed head over to Dusty for another Buddy Boost. Jump down the
    ledge and head into the room on your right with Dusty. Through this room you
    will come back outside and their will be 6-7 guard here: two in front of you,
    two on your right, one or two on your left and one on the balcony. This is the
    least stealthy part of the mission really so just open up when your ready and
    make sure their all dead. Once you've killed them all head up the steps on the
    left and let Dusty knife the guard in front of you. Continue along the balcony
    and take out the three guys down below you. Hop down the ledge and follow
    Dusty through the door in front of you. Follow him around, let him give you
    another Buddy Boost and head back to the Quads.
    Follow Dusty through the gates in front of you and stick on his tail on your
    quad. There are a couple of chances here to get the achievement Dropping Duece.
    All you have to do is just go of one of the cliff edges pretty much to get it.
    Keep following Dusty until you regroup with Panther and Vegas. Mission three
    complete :D.
    5.4.Dorothy's Bitch
    Right lets rejoin our friend Rabbit and see what he's up to shall we :D.
    Follow your boys up the mountain side until you come to a small opening were
    you can see three guys. Change your fire rate (D-Pad right) and take either of
    the guys out yourself, your team will deal with the rest of them. Continue
    forwards and wait next to Mother for the patrol to pass. Head down the slope
    and stay with your team. Follow them around the mountain until you come to
    a scout camp. Get into position and take a couple of them out yourself. Once
    there all dead jump down to the fire. Head up the hill and continue along the
    cliff until you see a slope on your right. Head up here and start popping at
    the bad guys on the opposite cliff. Once you've got most of them head over to
    the cliff they were on. Keep your distance and take out the remaining goons.
    Make your way up the right hand side of the cliff and take out the guys next
    to the AA gun. When their all dead go up to the gun and plant a charge on it.
    Get to a safe distance and detonate the explosive. After this look to your
    right and get a Buddy Boost up the ledge then continue along the cliff face.
    Keep going until Voodoo and Preacher break off form you and take up position
    next to Mother.
    Time for another helping of out friend SOFLAM :D. Mark the rear struck with
    your SOFLAM and wait for the fireworks. After the show follow Mother around
    cliff to regroup with Voodoo and Preacher. Keep with Mother to get the best
    position for the next battle. When Voodoo opens fire that’s your go mark so
    start unleashing some ammo towards those pesky Taliban. Once you've dealt with
    these guys head towards the small building on your right hand side. Take the
    guy on the roof of it out and head inside. From here you have a good view of
    the guys running down the hill so take them out one by one. Make sure you take
    the guy in the shadows on your left out first though! Go to the window and take
    out the remaining enemies until your told it's clear. Once that’s done
    continue up the hill and wait for Mother to make a little ramp for you to go up
    the ledge. Your told to take point here so head forwards through the burning
    building yourself. Jump over the ledge and..... O no! AK to the head. Now
    that’s gota hurt! Thank christ for the hero that is Mother tho! After Mother
    "saves your ass" as he likes to put it make your way in order round the
    burning buildings. Continue up the cliff until you reach a door. Kick it in
    and continue on your way. When you enter the cave turn on your old Nightvision
    and take point again. Take out the guy who’s dieing on the floor and exit the
    cave. You can turn Nightvision off again now. Listen to the audio scene, then
    jump down and take cover next to Mother. Theres a nice little camp for us to
    destroy now :D. On you everyone starts firing so when your ready take the
    first shot. Stay in cover and lob some grenades down at their position. A
    couple of guys run down at you from your left so just watch out for them
    as well here. Advance forwards when you can and keep picking them off until
    their all done with. Follow your team through the camp and watch your air
    support destroy another AA gun.
    Yet another go with the old SOFLAM here. There are five targets you need to
    destroy here. Don't worry there is no time limit or ammo limit so you can
    afford to take your time. This time you have at your disposal the AC130 M120
    Howitzer which is pretty much a missile. You also have AC130 L/60 Bofers
    Canon which is as it suggests a cannon type weapon and you also have the
    AC130 GAU-12/U equalizer which is a powerful machine gun. Best bet here is
    to go with the M120 as it destroys everything in a pretty large radius. Just
    lock this beast onto the five targets. If you lose were the targets are just
    press up on the D-Pad to be shown were the targets are. Once there all
    destroyed head over to Voodoo and follow him around the mountain side. Head
    into another cave and make your way through it. use Nightvision again if you
    need to. Once you get to the other side do a 180 turn and head up the slope.
    Once you reach the top take out the two guys on the cliff and the two guys who
    run down from your top left. Then go and grab the rocket launcher and fire a
    rocket into the ammo cache which is at your high right side. If you don't do
    this bit quick enough the air support ship will get destroyed and you will
    fail the mission. Congrats! Mission four complete :D
    5.5.Belly of the Beast
    Fancy playing as a new character? Well I got good news for ya folks :D. After
    having the s**t blown out of us in the opening cut scene to this mission we get
    introduced to our new character SPC. Dante Adams. It's nearly a very brief
    meeting as well what with all those RPGs and bullets flying around but it
    wouldn't be much of a game if one of the chief characters got killed in the
    first ten seconds would it? XD
    Right on with the mission. No other way to describe the start of this mission
    I’m afraid other than its a hell hole. You've got scores of enemies on your
    left hand side which although you don't have to kill them are a pain in the
    ass! Just follow Cpl. Hernandez as close as possible and you should be aright.
    Don't bother killing any of the enemies on your left unless your bored or
    want to die. Just hug the wall on your left and everything will be gravy baby.
    Once you get out of the main firefight you'll come to a little fallen tree :(.
    Hop over this and continue on foot with your squad until you meet the good
    old Taliban again high up on the cliffs. Start popping shots off at them
    until their all dead. Keep moving up slowly and taking out the guys on the
    ground as well. This bit can be quite hard because the dust makes it difficult
    to see anything more than twenty yards away but stick with it and eventually
    you will be triumphant :D. Make sure you keep checking the cliff on your left
    as guys keep appearing there and they as their hard to see will more often
    than not own you. Finally you will get the shout from Hernandez to move up and
    flank right. Chase after Hernandez and take some cover behind the rock in
    front of him. Three guys will run down from your left and hide behind the
    rocks there. Wait for them to come out of cover and pick them off one by one.
    Move forwards with your team and take cover next to them. There should be two
    guys on your left and one on your right. Take them all out and continue
    forwards with your team. Four guys will appear on the cliff in front of you.
    Priority number one here is to take out the RPG guy and then finish the rest
    of them off. Once you've disposed of them all head on forwards towards the
    village. You cant sprint or anything here so just roll with the game and wait
    until you come to the village, passing the rather ominous sign of a destroyed
    Russian tank on your way.
    When you hit the village take some cover behind the wall and take out the guys
    who start running out of the buildings. Slowly make your way into the village
    rush the guy in the left hand room. From this room you have a good spot to take
    out the two guys behind the sandbags. Lean out from the doorway and take out
    the guy next to wall then go round the corner, look high left and take out the
    guy on the mound. Wait for your team by the door and let them blow it and take
    out the guys inside. No point in killing when you don't have to is there. Head
    through the building in front of you and take out the guys outside. Continue
    up the hill and take out the four guys in front of you who are taking cover
    behind the rocks. Run up to where they were and go into the first room on your
    left. From in here you have a good view of enemies on your right and straight
    in front of you. Take out all the enemies on your right first then concentrate
    on the ones in front of you. Once their all dead head out to your right and
    kill any survivors. Once it's clear follow your guys through the village
    until you come to a door to a hut. Wait for Hernandez to kick it in and
    listen to the audio exchange inside the hut about weapons and ammo. Pick up
    some grenades out of the box and head out of the door after your team. Crouch
    down next to Ybarra and Patterson and listen to another in game audio scene.
    Right your job here is to pretty much unload everything you have into the MG
    up the far end of where you are now crouched. Hop over the rocks after your
    team and take some cover behind the first rock on your left. Take out the guys
    in the middle of the path and then unload on the MG until your team moves up.
    Don't move up with them! Stay back behind the rock your behind and pick off
    as many enemies as you can. Once the MG is manned again start the same routine
    again. Lean out form behind the rock and unload on the MG again. Once your
    team moves up again a guy will appear behind them on the roof of the building
    to your right. Take him out and then go into cover and reload. Once again
    repeat the same procedure again on the MG and this time Patterson will throw
    down some smoke and through some phosphorous smoke down on the MG nest. Now all
    you have to do is keep suppressed fire on the MG from your position and wait
    for the Air Support to arrive and destroy the MG Nest ( and it's worth waiting
    for as it's a pretty awesome explosion) :D.
    Once the MG is destroyed follow your team around the MG nest and towards the
    burning village. Hop over the wall and jump down the ledge. Follow your team
    through the village and out the other side. Run down and take some cover next
    to your boys. More enemies will appear up on the cliff in front of you. Once
    again visibility is poor because of the dust and sun glare but pick the three
    guys off like a real trooper anyway :D. Once their dead continue down the
    valley until a couple of goons appear ahead of you. Take the two out in the
    distance first then take the guy behind the tank out. Once again continue on
    foot down the valley to where the two guys you just killed were. First things
    first take the guys on the cliff to your right out as they will cause you the
    most trouble. After you’ve killed them the guys on the ground should retreat
    so continue on your way. Take out the two guys who pop up in front if you and
    head in that direction. A guy will appear up on the cliff above you on your
    right and chuck a grenade your way (how kind). Pick him off then shoot the two
    guys who are retreating in the back up on the cliff. Keep heading down the
    Wadi and hop over the fallen tree in front of you. Finally, follow the slope
    down towards the small hut with the rusty door. Approach the hut and watch
    the cut scene of you being blown in the air like a rag doll.
    This bit is probably the hardest bit in the game in my opinion. Start off by
    staying in cover behind the wall and picking off anyone you can see up in the
    cliffs. Keep firing until your told to make a run to the house on your left
    hand side. When your told, just sprint over there and take cover next to your
    team next to the windows. Pop up and start unleashing hell towards the guys in
    the cliffs until some noob fires an RPG right at you. This will blow the
    front of the building away so fall back and take cover behind the right hand
    wall of the house. Keep leaning out of cover and popping guys off until
    another RPG is fired at you which totally destroys the front of the house. The
    cover you are in is fine for the time being so no need to move at the moment.
    From this position look up to your high left and you should see a few guys
    running down the slope towards you. Make sure you take these guys out early as
    they will sneak up behind you if you don't and you'll be being shot at from
    all directions. Keep taking out the guys on the left and when you have a
    chance take the guys on the right out. After a while yet another RPG will be
    fired at you and destroy the left hand side of the house. Stay where you are
    and look out through the little window above you. Yes there pretty much a
    whole army running at you now so reload that gun of yours and start spraying
    at them. Next you'll be told there are guys up high on your right so pan right
    and pop a couple of rounds up at them. Now is when the shit starts to get
    serious! A truck rigged with explosives crashes straight into the front of the
    building your camped in and pretty much destroys the whole building. Head out
    the back of this building and start taking the guys in front of you out. Most
    of the enemies come from the right here (I said most not all!) so make that
    direction your priority while still checking behind you occasionally. Pretty
    soon a couple of RPG's will be fired into the right hand side of your building
    so try and take these guys out as quick as possible. Now a load of goons come
    from both sides and with no decent cover this is what makes this mission hard.
    Make left your priority first and then once you've killed two or three guys
    on this side go right and take out a couple of guys over here. Guess what?
    Another RPG has your name on so dodge out the way of that and wait for the
    dust to settle. Get right up behind the back of the house now as there is no
    roof or walls left of the building so your open to fire were ever you stand.
    Crouch right behind the wall and take out any guys you can see from here. A
    couple of goons will still try and rush you from the right so make sure you
    pay special attention to the right. After a while you'll here the words "we
    are out of ammo". Whoop! This is your lucky day because just when it seems like
    all hope is lost two bad ass Apaches appear to save your ass. What a
    coincidence aye? Anyway congratulations! You just completed the hardest part
    in the game and the fifth mission of Medal of Honor:D.
    Right it's time to meet our final new character in the game. CPT Brad "Hawk"
    Hawkins (nice obvious nickname:P). This mission is actually really fun as it's
    pretty much a shoot everything you see mission. Your helicopter has a 30mm
    machine gun, hydra rockets and a the hellfire missile which is pretty
    sweet to be honest.
    Anyway the mission starts by a quick tutorial of how to use the machine gun
    and the hydra rockets (it's not rocket science is it, excuse the really bad
    joke there). Once you've mastered the basics you will enter a little zoomed
    in mode were your weapons are disabled. Watch what those dam Taliban are up
    to and then mark the them with your Hellfire missile (hold LB). Let go of LB
    to send your missile on its way and watch the resulting fireworks. Next pan
    right and follow the same procedure on the second mortar unit. Finally swing
    round to the right and destroy the third and final mortar position with the
    same technique. Watch a couple of trucks drive away and you will enter back
    into the more normal view we are happier with. Let the radio guys say what
    they gota say and keep yourself amused by shooting random things until you
    come to a small wooden bridge entering a town. Fire some Hydras at the bridge
    to take out the trucks and continue on your way into the village. A mix of
    the machine guns and the hydras is good here. Take out anything you see that
    moves is the best advice here. As you come back around over the village a
    big group of guys will come out of a building down the end armed with RPG's.
    Hydra them into next week and continue your circling of the town. Take out
    the three guys on the hill top on your left and come back around for another
    attack on the town. Just keep shooting at the guys on the ground and make sure
    you take the guys who run out of the building on your right out. From this
    position look to your top left and you should see a two story building. Fire
    to sets of hydras into the middle of this building to move on from this town.
    Once you've listened to the radio exchange continue on your way until you
    enter the TADS mode again. See those guys in your TADS view? Guess were their
    about to go? You guessed it. Follow your ally helicopter and take out the guys
    you pass on the ground. Next use your Hellfire missile to take out the small
    group of guys on the mountain side. Keep heading onwards and pop off another
    Hellfire missile at the next group of guys you see. After a couple of RPG
    doges you will reach a little base the Taliban have set up in the mountains.
    Take out the guy with the RPG first here then clean up any mess left behind.
    Just keep firing your hydras and you should take out most of them. Head around
    the mountain side and take out the guys making a run for it. Pop of another
    Hellfire missile at the next RPG guy and take out any remaining squirters. All
    that's left to do here is fire yet another Hellfire missile and take out the
    mortar position in the cliff side and then once again clean up any remaining
    guys in the base.
    The only problem I have with this mission is that you spend so much time just
    flying around and listening to the guys ramble on over the radio. Once again
    listen to what your guys have to say over the radio (yawn) then head over the
    mountain top until you get hit by an RPG. Start unleashing some bullets and
    rockets in that direction until you can use your Hellfire again. Do just this
    and continue taking out the guys on the ground. Fire some Hydras at the truck
    when it appears and take out the mortar position just to the right of it. Keep
    flying around taking guys out until Mr Hellfire is available again. Launch him
    towards the AA gun and come around for another pass. Launch another Hellfire
    and said AA gun will go up in a puff of smoke :D. Whoop mission six complete :D
    5.7.Friends from Afar
    Right, were back with our favourite Special Forces Sniper Duece in this
    mission. God I love sniper missions :D.
    Right it's kind of hard to explain were the first three guys are here but I’ll
    try my best. Once everyone is done talking follow your HUD marker. It should
    say 900 metres or something like that. Once you are looking in this area find
    a small waterfall coming down from the mountains. Look to the left of this
    waterfall and Dusty should say something like "good, zoom in". Bingo! Zoom in
    as far as you can and you should see the first guy. Take out the guy with the
    binoculars first (you can hold LT to steady your aim). Once you've taken him
    out take out the guy just behind him before he runs and takes cover behind the
    rocks. After you've popped this guy look ever so slightly to your right (near
    the camp) and you should see the third guy. Same treatment for him as well.
    Now you'll have an enemy sniper trying to end your life considebrly. Can't
    have that can we now. Follow the road out of the camp to the right and you
    should see his muzzle flash when he pops a shot at you. End him before s**t
    get's hectic and then listen to what Dusty has to say.
    Next follow your HUD again to your far left. You should see a number of guys
    holed up in a make shift camp. Pop some sniper shots over at them until they
    all drop. Now we've got another sniper to deal with. Look to the right of the
    camp and pan up a little. You should see the glint of his weapon. Take him
    down and await your instructions off of Dusty. Next follow your HUD again and
    you should lock onto an enemy mortar position. Waste the two guys who are
    camped up in it and then take out the third guy who runs up and trys to
    become a hero. What is it with these snipers?! We got another one to deal with
    guys. Pan left this time and look for him in the long grass in-between the
    trees. Look for the scope flash again and you should find him. Once you've got
    him locked in out a bullet in his skull and listen to the interchange between
    Panther and Dusty. Once their done some fool will trip your claymore on your
    left so you'll automatically come out of your sniper :(. Just stay pronned
    where you are and start taking out the guys running at you from the left. There
    should be about 10-12 of them. Once your final claymore is tripped Dusty will
    suggest you retreat to higher ground. I would follow his advice so follow him
    up the path behind you. Take cover behind the rocks and start popping shots at
    the guys running up the hill at you. Should be about six or seven of them.
    Once you've dealt with them all follow Dusty around the mountain side until
    you reach a small clearing. Wait and then follow Dusty up the path on your
    left. Once all the enemies are in the clearing grab your sniper rifle and on
    Dusty go take out the guy with the RPG straight in front of you. Finish off
    the rest of the guys in the clearing and then follow Dusty down to were they
    were. Continue along the mountain, ducking under a few trees, until you come
    to a small cliff edge. Its time for Mr Sniper Rifle again guys :D.
    Take out the guy who is crouched down behind the wall first then take out the
    guy to the right of him. Pan left and pop the third guy on the ground then
    look high left into the small watch tower and take out the final guy. Come out
    of your Sniper view and follow Dusty up the mountain side and listen to yet
    another lengthy audio exchange  between Dusty, Panther and Mother. Continue up
    the mountain until you come to another ridge overlooking Mother and Preacher
    in a firefight. Whack out that bad ass Sniper Rifle again and switch to your
    thermal optics. Take out all the guys on the lower ledge of the mountain first
    and then take out the guys a bit higher up. Once you've killed them all a few
    guys will run across the mountain side on your high right. Their easy to spot
    in thermal mode so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding anyone here. Next
    take out the RPG guys higher up on the mountains on your right. Once you've
    killed them finish off anyone who is still alive and wait for Mother and co.
    to jump over the ridge and out of sight. Mission seven complete :D.
    This mission is carried on straight from the last one just with our dear
    friend Rabbit instead. Start off by letting the cut scene do its thing and fall
    back from the incoming Taliban. Once you take control start taking the guys up
    the slope out. Watch out for grenades as well as you'll meet quite a few here
    :D. It's not to hard this bit, just shoot, crouch, shoot... you get the
    message. Once you've popped the first lot off a bunch of guys will run down
    from your left. Same thing for these guys as well. Just keep taking guys out
    until you get told to fall back on the smoke grenade. Once Mother throws
    that bad boy down do a 180 and sprint down the hill as fast as you can.
    Follow Mother and take cover in the destroyed house just in front of you.
    Take out the guys who run down the hill at you then pan right and take finish
    the guys  up on the ridge (take the guy with the RPG out first:D). Once you've
    taken a load out you'll see the wonder of a Chinook flying towards you. Home
    time? Don't be silly!. Still follow your team through the little valley and
    watch Mr Chinook spray his load everywhere! Once he's done you'll be told that
    the LZ is to hot so guess were gona have to kill some more Taliban then aren’t
    Head through the building the Chinook just destroyed and take some cover next
    to your team. Start picking the guys off until you get control of the SOFLAM
    once again (love this thing). Mark the building you just came through and wait
    for it to be reduced to rubble. Right can anyone tell me how the hell anyone
    could survive that explosion! Anyhow after the building gets mauled a bunch of
    guys will run out from it's direction so same thing, gun, shoot bad guy die.
    Sure you all know the drill by now :D. This mission really is about survival
    so do just that and gun down as many of the guys as you can. After a while
    some smoke will get chucked down again so now is your time to make a run for
    it. Turn around and get a good old buddy boost from your friend before you
    take a little tumble over the wall.
    After the amusing dialogue follow your team through the mini valley and take
    cover in yet another destroyed house. Look down and there will be a small town
    crawling with bad guys. Lock and load and start spraying them down. Once their
    dealt with head into the town and follow your team through. Once your through
    here you'll stumble across another mini settlement so take some cover near
    your guys and start shooting. Stick to the right of the slope and start
    making your way down with your team. Watch out in the first building on your
    right as there is normally a guy waiting in the shadows for you. Keep heading
    down the slope and take out anyone you see. After a while you'll see that
    beautiful Chinook again :D so make a sprint for it. Don't worry to much about
    killing people once you see the Chinook, you can deal with them in a minute :).
    Once you reach the Chinook, hop on the tail gun and start laying down fire to
    assist Voodoo and Preacher. Keep taking guys out until their told that your
    gona find a new landing zone. Take out all the guys who are streaming out of
    the village, and trust me there allot! After a while some noob will pop a RPG
    right at you, and there is feck all you can do about it, so take the hit and
    you'll start to lose altitude. End of mission :) but no Voodoo or Preacher:(.
    Day 2
    5.9.Neptune's Net
    OK, now things get serious! Last couple of missions and there pretty awesome
    if I’m being honest :D. We play as Rabbit still so lets get on with it shall
    we :).
    After you make a heroic leap from your burning chopper after it gets hit by
    an RPG watch the cinematic of said chopper making a hard landing. Once you
    take control you will only have a knife to defend yourself with :(. First
    things first, you need to meet up with Mother so follow the path in front of
    you until you come to a dead end. Look to your left and there will be a small
    gap in some rocks with a couple of guys on the other side. Prone, and sneak up
    behind the guy in front of you. Give his throat a little slash and you'll
    jump down, now armed with a silenced pistol as well. Keep following the path
    and take out the guy on your right. Probably best to pick his gun up now
    but don't use it yet. This mission is about stealth at the moment. Go to the
    top of the slope and silently kill the two guys down there in whatever way
    you decide. Once their dead look left and you'll see a small path against the
    cliff. Head over this and up the slope. Mother will tell you there is a patrol
    heading your way and to not engage so bets to follow his advice. Head straight
    over the path at the top of the slope and take cover up on the ledge. Wait for
    the patrol to pass and head down the way they came. Keep following the path
    until you slide down a slope and take cover next to another patrol. Things
    could go tits up here but the hero that is Mother is on hand as he runs in
    guns down the four goons :). Once he's dealt with these guys you get your
    weapon back, which is silenced as well. Follow Mother up the slope until you
    reach an enemy camp. Stay next to Mother up on the slope and don't shoot
    anyone until he says so. Let him knife the guy who comes up on your left.
    Once he's killed him stay next to him and start picking the guys off. I would
    suggest taking the three guys you can see on the ground out first with clean
    headshots. Then take out the two guys up on ledge at the other end of the camp
    ,once again with headshots. Then head to the right of mother and you should
    see two guys on the opposite ledge to you and one guy on the ground. If all
    this is done in stealth it makes it sooooo much easier! Once you've popped
    them all follow Mother through the valley.
    When you hit a dead end grab a buddy boost with him continue on your way.
    Prone under the rocks you come to take cover next to Mother to let those
    dam Chechnya’s pass. Once their gone follow Mother and you'll come to a fork
    in the path. Time to split up! Go left and take cover behind the rock
    overlooking the bridge. Wait for the main party to pass and take out the
    straggler who stays behind having a leak on the bridge. Head under the bridge
    and reunite yourself with Mother. Take out the two guys in front of you and
    carry on. Three more guys now! Two on the ground, one up on the ledge to your
    right. Take out the two guys on the ground and Mother should deal with the guy
    on the ledge. If not just pop them all and be done with it :). Right time to
    split up again :(. Mother heads on up to the cliff so turn around, put your
    optics on, and go prone. Head through the cave in front of you.
    Right stealth is no more! It's time for some good old night time shoot out.
    Once that flair goes up get to cover instantly as you will get destroyed
    otherwise! I would suggest taking cover behind the rock on your right. Once
    here spin around and look up the slope to your left. Start taking out the guys
    who run down here then sneak out from your cover and take out the guy behind
    the rock in front of you on your left. Slowly advance up the slope on your
    left and take out the guy at the top. At the top of the slope there are three
    guys. One to your hard left, one down the far end behind the crates and one in
    the cave on your left. Own them all and wait for Mother to catch up with you.
    Right this bit can be a bit tricky as there isn't really any good cover I
    found :S. Best bet is to go down next to Mother probably. Anyways, start off
    by taking out the guys opposite you on the left, then start to concentrate on
    all the others. There will be four guys on your right as well so don't forget
    about them. There are allot of guys here so just keep picking them all off
    whilst leaning out of cover. Keep picking one off on the right then one on the
    left otherwise three or four guys will start laying into you and you'll be
    dead in no time. Make guys with RPG's your priority as well as one hit = dead.
    Finally you will get the wonderful message of Objective Complete and you can
    After that firefight you get a breather of having a casual stroll through the
    Afghan mountains with your good pal Mother. Follow him along the slope and you
    will come to a cliff edge were there is a burning chopper. Remember were we've
    this before? Anyways grab a buddy boost and enter the little encampment.
    Are we gona be reunited with Voodoo and Preacher yet? Lets find out. Enter the
    building with Mother. Answer to my own question = no :(. After the cinematic
    exchange with Mother tho you will get ambushed by a bunch of goons :D. Sounds
    stupid but the only place to take cover here is to prone behind the toolbox
    on the floor:S. Prone down here and wait for the RPG to rip the building apart
    so you can make a break for it. Well you could if you weren’t crippled! Let
    Mother save your ass for like the millionth time in this game and start
    picking people off with your pistol whilst he is dragging you. Quite fun this
    bit I thought :D. After you get dragged to safety you will be able to stand
    but things don't get any easier. Stagger towards Mother and your Objective
    is simply to avoid being shot. You'll get caught in a few RPG blasts but
    don't worry, your made of strong stuff. Head to the end of the ledge and wait
    for Mother. Time for a leap of faith I feel! Let Mother go first then make
    the jump yourself. Dead? Who knows.... Mission 9 complete :D.
    5.10.Rescue the Rescuers
    Last mission. Here we go! If you haven't been watching the cut scenes so far
    then please just watch this last one cause it's pretty dam funny!
    Anyway on with the show as they say. Mission starts the same way as most.
    Chopper gets hit by RPG. Emergency landing is needed. No change in this one.
    When you take control of Dante Adams, with whom we play the last mission with
    you will be on the good old minigun :D. Lay down some fire on the coming
    enemies. Not to hard as you have a minigun:D. There’s a weird achievement for
    shooting down 5 tress here as well so do that whilst your hear if you want!
    After a while an RPG will smash into you and you'll be thrown off the gun:(.
    Time to head out on foot my friends. Head out the chopper, past the pile of
    bodies at the door(nasty) and take cover behind the rocks. Pick off the guys
    on your right and follow CPL. Hernandez when he makes a break for it. Take
    cover next to him and start taking the guys out in front of you. Wait until
    your told you have "eagles in the air" then take cover behind the rock on
    your right. SOFLAM time again guys! Mark the machine gunner nest with it then
    go back to cover. You can just wait the 30 seconds in cover if you want or you
    can pick off some enemies. Up to you. Anyway once the place gets bombed down
    your free to move up. Follow your team around the path until you under fire
    from yet more enemies. Take cover with your team and dispatch of them. Keep
    heading forwards and take out the guys up on the mountain. Finish of the two
    guys on the ground then head towards the bunker. SOFLAM again people :D. Mark
    the bunker and wait in cover for the fireworks. Once the area has been whipped
    out head up to the bunker and watch Hernandez take one in the arm. Guess were
    were going now? Yep, straight into that cave were our friend got shot from.
    Why would we not go in there! You and Sgt. Patterson get the honor of this
    adventure so head in after him.
    Take out the two guys who try running away and take out the guy who is on your
    left. Head up the slope and take out the goons in the next opening. Follow
    Patterson through the cave, might as well throw on your optics, until you
    enter a storage area. Bang! Flair whilst using your optics = blindness. Turn
    Nightvision off and take cover behind the crates on your right. Grenades work
    quite well here I found. Chuck a couple over the boxes at the goons and pick
    off any survivors. Once their all dealt with head through the clearing and
    take out the three guys down the bottom of the slope. Follow Patterson
    through the cave until you see gun fire down the far end. Wait for Patterson
    to lead the way and out through the dust and smoke comes... Voodoo and
    Preacher! Happy days! Two rescued, two more to go.
    Head out of the cave and pick up the Dragunov SVD on the floor just before the
    ledge. I'd swap it for your M1014 personally. Head down the mountain with
    your new friends until you enter a small encampment. Lock and load and start
    killing. There are quite a few guys here so move with caution. Once you've
    taken the guys in this area out head to your left and wait for a stream of
    guys to run down the mountain side. Snipe em, gun em, do whatever you want
    just make sure you kill em! Stay next to Preacher and take them all out at
    your own leisurely pace. There’s about three waves of them here so you could
    say there is a lot of them. Once you've taken everyone you can see out make
    your way down to the base of the slope and look left. Head through the gap in
    the rocks and take out the guys hiding behind the crates in front of you.
    Three or four guys will come from your right so take them out first then run
    up to the crates and take cover behind them. Take out the two guys on the
    slope on your left first then head up here. Still loads of guys around but
    up here there are crates you can take cover behind. Kill all the guys on
    this little ledge and keep heading forwards. Probably around 10-15 guys in
    just this little bit so usually tactics for big gun fights. Cover! Keep
    killing and moving until you've cleared out the whole area. You'll hear the
    shouts of "clear" when you’ve killed them all.
    Right grab your last buddy boost of the game :( and head down the mountain
    side with your team. After a while guess what? More enemies! Take out the guys
    on your left first the guys in front of you. If you have any sniper ammo
    left take out the two guys with RPG's on the opposite mountain as their a pain
    in the ass! Ok were nearly there my friends! Stick with Patterson and make
    your way up the slope on your left. Make sure you take out the machine
    gunner first as he'll put the most holes in you! Take cover behind the
    rocks and start picking guys off. Once again if you have sniper ammo left use
    it! A guy will keep spawning on the machine gun so make sure you take him out
    regularly to. If you don't move forwards I think enemies just keep spawning so
    make sure you move forward from cover to cover. When you get to the last rock
    Preacher and Patterson will start discussing air support. Seriously just stay
    in cover while they speak. Keep your head down and wait for the big bang!
    Once the dust has settled follow your boys through the cave in front of you.
    You can tell were near the end now as the heroic music is going down :D. Head
    through the cave and kick the final door of the game down.
    Game Complete!:D:D:D
    All in all I think Medal of Honor is an awesome game. The graphics in some of
    the cut scenes are unreal at times, the game play is also very goo in my
    opinion. I think the storyline, of how all the characters interact and the main
    story in itself its amazing. The only weakness I feel this game has is the
    Multiplayer but hey that’s not what I wrote this guide for. I hope you all
    enjoyed playing this game as much as I did :D.
    7.Legal Stuff
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright
    8.Contact Information
    If you need to contact me for whatever reason then my email is:
    Feedback is always welcolm as is any additional help anyone might need. Please
    address the email as Medal of Honor, or something similar as I will probably
    mistake it for spam.
    9.Special Thanks
    From a personal point of view I would like to say a thankyou to all the
    servicemen and women serving for all countries around the world. Alot of them
    don't get the praise they should.
    On a brighter note I would like to say thankyou to:
    Danger Close
    And all of you for reading my guide:D.
    I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have had writting it. Like I said
    if you like it please do reccomend it to other useres. On the other hand if
    you think its a waste of internet space then let me know and I'll
    politelly tell yo to **** off :D. Nah, negative feedback is welcolm of
    course. Things can always be improved.
    Copyright Me 2010

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