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    Realms of Arkania 
    Techniques and Tips From A Veteran
    This guide is provided as a tool for new 
    players to the Realms of Arkania series. 
    Veterans can also benefit from the tips. 
    I noticed there wasn’t a lot of guides out 
    there that touched upon what skills to use, 
    what the stats really do, and what spells 
    are truly useful. This isn’t a walkthrough; 
    this is a guide to character building and 
    general tips from a pro who has beaten the 
    game many times. I hope that this guide will 
    be useful for you the player. You can agree
    or disagree, I'm just trying to help out.
    PS: My personal favorite game was Star Trail
    out of the three. 
    You can reach me at www.IssaSoft.com.
    You may reproduce this document as will as 
    long as you keep my website in it and don’t 
    change anything.
    ~~~ 50 General Tips (Yes I know its a lot, but 
    its helpful so read it!) ~~~
    1) Carry more than one weapon for each person 
    in case they break.
    2) Carry a couple pairs of boots (only if you 
    are playing Realms of Arkania 2).
    3) There are some magical weapons like the weapons
    Antherion and Mages wand that have a plus modifier
    to hit; this is very useful against enemies 
    that are resistant to weapons (like water 
    4) Set up guards when sleeping to prevent an 
    ambush or your stuff being stolen.
    5) The front most person is your leader, they 
    must have good navigation skills, perception, 
    street knowledge and survival. This will 
    help to disarm traps, find hidden walls 
    or collapsing ceilings, and to avoid falling 
    down cliffs when outside. Make sure they have 
    the right status!
    6) The best way to make money is by pick 
    pocketing or selling herbs. Don’t waste your
     time with acrobatics or instruments.
    7) Winter coats are an easy way to increase 
    defense, put them on everybody instead of 
    robes and just ignore the sweating 
    party members when outside. It adds weight
    but I found the extra defense is worth it.
    8) You can revive your guys at the temples 
    by praying but its best to just reload if 
    anybody dies. Try TSA.
    9) Use the Inns, they are a cheap way to
    fully recover your party, especially for 
    magic users.
    10) Take advantage of poison, if you can 
    afford it, carry some around and use it 
    on your weapons, even ammo. 
    It can add a lot of damage. Don't bother
    with fear, why do you want the monsters
    to run away?
    11) Carry around a lot of whirlweed, 
    they stack and heal 10 points each time.
    12) Carry around some super magic potions
    for your mages to easily fill up their 
    astral points when needed.
    13) Each member should have its strengths;
    if you plan ahead you can have a very strong
    and able party to adventure 
    with. For example, one person to pick locks
    one person to haggle, one person to cure 
    disease, one person to navigate, etc.
    14) If you have a mage make sure you charge 
    their wands!
    15) Make sure every person has a sleeping bag; 
    it’ll help prevent colds and heal better 
    during resting.
    16) Carry a whetstone with you to sharpen 
    your weapons to prevent them from breaking,
    and always repair any damaged 
    ones when necessary. In Realms of Arkania
    3 using it once with a character and the
    whole group uses it; in Realms 
    of Arkania 2 you must do it for 
    each character.
    17) In battle, send two guys for each enemy,
    remember, everybody can parry only once per
    round (except some large monsters), 
    which means the second attack and third or 
    fourth will always hit. This works against
    you too!
    18) When saving, make incremental points.
    For example, in dungeons, use 3 save points
    called Dungeon1, Dungeon2, and Dungeon3. 
    Same goes for Outside areas and Town.
    19) Some items you definitely should be
    carrying around are: Shovels (2), rope (if
    you don’t have a Mage), Torch with Tinderbox. 
    I have found no use for a hammer.
    20) A high armor rating decreases damage 
    taken by enemies.
    21) There are some jewelry around and rings
    that can increase magic resistance, always
    try to use them. 
    Some are totally useless though.
    22) You should always play in Advanced mode
    so you can choose where to put your stats.
    23) In Realms of Arkania 2, always have one
    or two guys searching for food, and have your
    best herb person 
    searching for herbs.
    24) A lot of items in the game are useless,
    so either just drop them, don’t pick them up,
    or sell them 
    (a great sell are elixirs). If you don’t know
    just keep it, you don’t want to get stuck!
    25) You can find walkthroughs for the games
    online, even maps. Try Google.
    26) Doing stuff like finding hidden walls,
    digging dirt to get through a path, gives exp.
    27) The first time you encounter monster
    you get more exp for it.
    28) Use a keychain to hold keys - it saves
    29) If you have extra money buy tons of 
    magic potions for your wizards.
    31) When you have extra cash, try out every
    temple and pray. Donate about 10D first
    though and save 
    just in case. Sometimes you get permanent
    32) In battles stay away from the line 
    of site from those mages/archers. Keep 
    your weak guys hiding 
    behind your stronger guys.
    33) I've noticed the room type doesn't 
    make a different, just get the cheapest
    room there is.
    34) If one of your guys is diseased,
    heal them IMMEDIATELY! Otherwise it'll
    increase and they'll die.
    35) In autobattle battle, press ESC if
    its starting to go downhill.
    36) Spend all your money if you have at
    least 100D (you want 100D just in case 
    of quests). You don't 
    need money, so don't try to save it, just
    spend it on stuff, especially poison and 
    magic potions.
    38) Stack items if you can. For example,
    if two characters have herbs of the same 
    kind, merge them so 
    you save item space
    39) Archers are awesome. Although they 
    only do little damage, they can kill 
    enemies from afar without 
    getting hurt. I usually keep two of them. 
    I find this is especially useful for
    Realms of Arkania 3 where 
    you cannot reach some monsters.
    40) Try to keep multiple weapons in case
    some break. Also, its good for archers
    in case they get surrounded 
    or run out of bullets.
    41) Autobattle can give mixed results.
    If you lose just reload and try again.
    42) Fulminictus is great for the last kill.
    If you have a good wizard, it will always
    hit, and it only 
    costs a few mp for a kill because the monster
    has only a few mp left.
    43) Sleeping can restore lost attributes.
     For example, if you're guys are dirty 
    and lost charisma, 
    sleep for a few days and they'll restore
    they're stats.
    44) When prompted to enter a number, you 
    can enter a large number that will default
    to the maximum. 
    For example, when casting Ignifaxus, if
    the maximum is 8, you can click 11 and 
    it'll default to 8, saves 
    time instead of clicking up 7 times when
    default is 1. Try it and it'll make sense
    45) Send in a warrior by themselves if you
    need to fight a large group, they have 
    tons of armor and 
    can last longer
    46) Star trail - girls can keep shirts
    in lowan. so keep their clothes!
    47) Star trail - get water skin before
    turning wheel in dwarf dungeon
    48) Don't run out of food or water! 
    49) Make sure you use weapons that the
    character is optimized to use. For
    example, if the character 
    has good polearm skills, get polearm
    50) If one of your guys is weak, flee
    from the battle. This will protect 
    them while your other guys 
    finish off the enemies. You can always
    regroup after the batte.
    ~~~ Stats - Main ~~~
    Courage = Used for battles, high courage
    will mean a better fighter and the 
    character will not run away. 
    It will also increase your attack and 
    increase your magic rating. (You want 
    this to be 13 for everybody). 
    Trust me, its worth it for the magic
    Wisdom = Used to cast spells, the higher
    it is the better your spells do. Also a 
    high wisdom will 
    increase your magic rating. (You want 
    this to be 13 for magic users.)
    Charisma = I have not seen any use for 
    this through the game; I find its best 
    to make this your 
    lowest value and lower it to the lowest
    possible. It supposedly makes you
    better when talking to 
    others but I haven’t seen any noticeable
    affects when it’s not high. (An 8 is 
    just fine).
    Intuition = Another useless skill. 
    Make this a low value as well. Players
    guide says it affects 
    spells however I haven’t noticed. 
    (An 8 is just fine)
    Dexterity = Used to cast spells, the 
    higher it is the better your spells 
    do and the better they 
    will hit. (You want this to be 13 
    for magic users, 8 is fine for fighters)
    Agility = Used for battles, the higher
    it is the better you do in battle 
    and hit. (You want this
    to be 13 for everybody). It makes
    them attack better and dodge better.
    Strength = Only used to carry items.
    The higher the more you can carry 
    and more movement points 
    you can potentially have, however,
    as the game progresses and if you 
    play right, you can do without 
    high numbers for every character. 
    (You want this to be 13 for fighters,
    10-13 for others). Find a 
    strength belt for each character 
    and add +5 easily. Strength gives 
    more movement points. If you 
    have magic users this is great 
    because it costs 5 to cast a spell 
    - They can move a few steps then cast.
    Note: For fighters, max out your 
    Courage first, then Agility. For 
    magic users, max out your Wisdom
    first, then Dexterity. Anything 
    left over put it in Strength.
    ~~~ Stats – Attributes ~~~
    Superstition = Used to raise magic 
    rating and lessens effects of spells.
    (You want this to be 2 
    for everybody). This is definitely 
    a attribute you want to decrease 
    every time you level up until 
    its reached its lowest point.
    Arachnophobia / Claustrophobia /Avarice
    / Curiosity / Violent Temper = 
    These really don’t mean much, 
    just keep them around 5 for every 
    character, no higher. If a character
    has a higher value than 5 it 
    may cause problems, for example,
    they might want to steal something,
    or they might get scared in 
    tight corners, or they might attack
    somebody for no reason, or they might
    touch something they 
    aren’t suppose too. But I find that 
    the consequences for high values in
    these stats don’t matter 
    much, and in some cases the game makes
    one of your characters do something 
    even if its low.
    Necrophobia = I find that its good to
    keep this low, it protects against
    undead, and there’s plenty 
    of them in the game. (Good to keep 2-4
    for every character, 5 is pushing it).
    If they are afraid 
    they will run away - dont want
    that do we? 
    ~~~ Weapons ~~~
    Unarmed = Always put a point in this 
    for all characters (except mages they
    have a pole arm that 
    never breaks, and archers since they 
    should never use a close range weapon).
    You want to make 
    sure they can fight if you happen to
    lose your weapon!
    Other Weapons = Always put a point in
    the weapon you want to focus on, 
    edged and swords are best
    since they do the most damage. Use 
    missiles for bow users. Also, make 
    sure a bow user can fall 
    back on a weapon if they run out of
    ammo (up to you, if you keep track
    of ammo you should never 
    have this problem).
    Swords = I love swords. So if you cant
    decide, I'd say this is the average
    weapon to have. It 
    has good protection and damage.
    Use what the character already has!
    If the character already has 
    a 5 in a weapon, but -5 
    in another, then try to use
    the weapon type that has a 5.
    Why waste 10 levels to get 
    the -5 to a
    5? For example, dwarves must
    always use axes.
    Note: It’s best to focus each 
    character in one type of weapon,
    and it depends on the class.
    Usually pick the best weapon 
    they can yield. For example, 
    for the warrior it’s a Goupillon, 
    so focus on Edged Weapons for
    a warrior. For mages it’s 
    obvious, use Polearms. Throwing
    are absolutely useless!
    ~~~ Skills ~~~
    Climb = You need to be able to 
    climb, so get everybody high on 
    this, around 6 is a good time to 
    stop. However, if the person has
    a lot of weight make this higher.
    For example, fighters with a 
    lot of weight need to have it higher.
    Swim = Every person should have a 
    6 in swim, otherwise they will drown.
    The more weight the person
    will carry the higher this should
    be, heck, maxing it out can be 
    good to avoid drowning all together. 
    In realms of Arkania 3, you wont
    be able to escape the water dungeon
    with items unless you have a high swim.
    Physical Control = All your fighters
    (and possible everybody else) should
    have high values. Helps to
    prevent fumbles in battle.
    Stealth = Good for the lead character
    in case you need to not make any noise,
    for example, when 
    following somebody.
    Self Control = Useful in combat to 
    prevent your guys from running away,
    again 6 is good. Make it 
    higher for fighters. I have not 
    noticed a huge difference if its 
    low though.
    Hide = Good for the lead character
    in case the party needs to hide.
    Danger Sense / Perception = A must 
    have for the lead person, helps them
    spot danger; they are 
    both good to have. I give all my 
    character high perception, why, 
    because then they can all
    help out finding traps and other
    Haggle = Get one person with a 
    very high haggle rating, it will 
    help when buying and selling
    for discounts. It’s not uncommon 
    to achieve 50% discounts. The person 
    with haggle should 
    have good charisma too.
    Streetwise = Good for the lead person
    when navigating town. Although 
    I haven’t seen much 
    consequences when it’s low.
    Track = Use to track guys, can be 
    useful at times, make the lead guy 
    have it.
    Orientation = A must have for the 
    lead guy, helps them know where 
    they are going in dungeons. 
    Again, not too many consequences 
    when it’s low. I found in Realms 
    of Arkania 1, low orientation 
    prevents you from using the map
    Herb Lore = Use for the disease person,
    helps them find herbs and know how 
    to use them. 
    The higher the better.
    Survival = Again, use for the 
    lead person, helps your party out,
    although there are not too 
    many consequences if it’s low.
    Tactics = A must have for everybody,
    makes your guys a better fighter in battle.
    Arcane Lore = A must have for magic 
    users, makes your magic users better.
    Tongues / Ancient Tongues = Keep one 
    guy with a high value in this so you 
    can read everything. 
    You don't really need to read 
    everything but its fun to be able too.
    Alchemy / Read and Write = Use it 
    if you want to make potions, I find 
    this useless but its 
    fun sometimes.
    Treat Poison = Use only if you don’t
    have a mage that can cast cure 
    poison with the cure poison 
    spell. Its very rare to be poisoned,
    and most of the time its because 
    of a fumble with your own
    poisoned weapon, so I don't use this.
    Treat Disease = Keep one person high
    on disease, and a backup person
    (in case the diseased person 
    is diseased). Druids, Warlocks,
    and Green Elves are great for this. 
    Treat Wounds = Very useful to heal your
    guys, use this or use items, up to you.
    This is an easy 
    way to heal but remember can only be used
    every 24 hours, and if you use it you cant
    treat disease
    until 24 hours have passed either,
    so it can be good or bad for you.
    Locks = Keep one guy updated on locks, 
    the higher the better, but you only
    need one guy.
    Pickpocket = A must if you want
    free money, keep one guy upgrading. 
    Don’t use anything else like 
    instrument or cheat or acrobats,
    pickpocket can get you 10D each 
    time or more.
    Note: If I didn’t mention a skill 
    it’s because I found it’s totally
    useless and waste of a point.
     (Yes you can disagree, this 
    is my opinion) 
    ~~~ Spells ~~~
    Domination = Useful for the rare
    case that your guy is controlled
    and you want to undo the control.
    Illusion = You will need this in
    the game so get one guy with it.
    (At least 5)
    Somnigravis = Excellent spell to
    take down any foe! Makes them
    fall asleep for a little while.
    Evil eye = Very cool spell, turns
    an enemy against the rest for 
    some time, useful in groups. 
    It helps those outnumbered
    battles greatly.
    Confusion = Another cool spell
    that lets you confuse the enemy
    into attacking others for a 
    short while.
    Skeletraius = Revives a dead 
    enemy to help you, useful if 
    you are outnumbered.
    Heptagon = Summons a very strong
    demon guy to help you (Be careful
    they can turn against you!)
    Blood and Furor = Summons this
    lesser demon guy to help you, 
    he’s weak but can help as cannon
    fodder (Be careful, they can
    turn against you!)
    Conjure Elemental = Summons a
    powerful fire elemental. Again,
    they turn against you after
    a while.
    Foramen = Good spell to unlock
    anything, even when pickpockets
    wont work.
    Transversalis = Lets you teleport
    just about anywhere, so useful
    in caves! I find that in Realms 
    of Arkania 3 if you don’t have 
    this you cannot beat the game,
    as its buggy and you need to 
    go through 
    places. I have also found that
    if you're MP is low, this spell
    will never work.
    Pure and clear = Cures poison,
    get one person on this.
    Balm of Roond = Good for mages
    because they can heal with 
    little magic, also useful in 
    when things get bad. (You need 
    to be right next to the guy 
    to use this spell)
    Astral Theft = Lets you steal
    magic points from other magic users.
    Penetrating = Lets you see a radius
    around you, cool if want to see
    everything on the map. 
    You can then teleport to the 
    new area.
    Camouflage / Eagle Wolf = Lets 
    you turn into something else, 
    useful for when you encounter 
    where individuals don’t like 
    members of your party (for 
    example Elves).
    Lightning = Get this spell! Blinds
    any enemy and stops them from 
    acting. Works on every enemy!
    Darkness Power = Lets you make a
    double of yourself to fight. 
    Good in case you're outnumbered.
    Iron Rust = Destroys an enemy’s 
    weapon. Useful against tough 
    knights and such, but remember you
    won’t get the item if you 
    destroy it after battle!
    Fulminictus = Great spell that 
    does great damage, however, 
    every point of damage takes away one
    Astral Point, so can be costly.
    Ignifaxus = Simply the best 
    spell in the game, get every 
    magic user on this. Each level you gain
    makes this more powerful. 
    No weapon or spell can do more 
    damage, 50+ and it wont cost much magic.
    Banish Spirits = You will 
    need this once or twice. 
    (No more than 0 in this)
    Melt Solid = You may need this
    in the game so get one person
    able to use it. (No more than 0 in this)
    Note: If I didn’t mention a spell
    it’s because I found it’s totally 
    useless and waste of a point.

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