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    FAQ/Walkthrough by horror_spooky

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    Originating as a new IP called Black Lotus, then becoming True Crime: Hong 
    Kong, and now known as Sleeping Dogs, this new open world game from publisher 
    Square Enix displays the seedy underbelly of the Chinese criminal underworld.
    Sleeping Dogs
    Written by Dalton "Horror Spooky" Cooper
    Copyright 2012
    1. Introduction and Controls
    2. Walkthrough
    Mission 1
    Mission 2
    Mission 3: Vendor Extortion
    Mission 4: Night Market Chase
    Mission 5: Stick Up and Delivery
    Mission 6: Mini Bus Racket
    Mission 7: Amanda
    Mission 8: Club Bam Bam
    Mission 9: Listening In
    Mission 10: Chain of Evidence
    Mission 11: Payback
    Mission 12: Uncle Po
    Mission 13: Bride to Be
    Mission 14: The Wedding
    Mission 15: Mrs. Chu's Revenge
    Mission 16: Meet the New Boss
    Mission 17: Loose Ends
    Mission 18: Final Kill
    Mission 19: Initiation
    Mission 20: Dockyard Heist
    Mission 21: Intensive Care
    Mission 22: Important Visitor
    Mission 23: Fast Girls
    Mission 24: Bad Luck
    Mission 25: Conflicted Loyalties
    Mission 26: The Funeral
    Mission 27: Civil Discord
    Mission 28: Buried Alive
    Mission 29: The Election
    Mission 30: Big Smile Lee
    3. Cases
    ---CASE 1---
    Popstar Lead 1
    Popstar Lead 2
    Drug Bust
    Popstar Lead 3
    ---CASE 2---
    Hotshot Lead 1
    Hotshot Lead 2
    Hotshot Lead 3: Race
    Hotshot Lead 4
    ---CASE 3---
    Serial Killer Lead 1
    Serial Killer Lead 2
    Serial Killer Lead 3
    ---CASE 4---
    Kidnapper Lead 1
    Kidnapper Lead 2
    Kidnapper Lead 3
    4. Conclusion
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    1. Introduction and Controls
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Wei Shen is an undercover cop that is tasked with infiltrating the organized 
    crime syndicate in Hong Kong, China. However, Shen has a personal stake in the 
    goings-on, and the result is an exciting crime drama.
    LT - Aim Weapon
    LB - Cover
    Left analog stick - Movement/Cycle objectives
    D-pad - Equip/Stow/Drop Weapon (hold)
    Select - Map
    Start - Pause
    Right analog stick - Rotate Camera/Target Switch
    RT - Shoot/Throw Melee Weapon
    RB - Reload/Pick Up/Equip Weapon
    Y - Counter/Social/Use Prop/Enter Vehicle
    X - Light Strike/Heavy Strike (hold)
    B - Grab/Pick up character off ground (hold)
    A - Vault/Sprint (hold)
    The mission structure in Sleeping Dogs is somewhat unique. The main storyline 
    missions appear on the mini-map as green. The police cases appear blue. The 
    side-missions appear yellow, and random enemy encounters will appear red. There
    will be other icons on the mini-map throughout the game that will be either 
    green or blue depending on if they involve working with the police or not.
    The way this guide is set up is that the missions are presented first, and then
    the Cases. This is done for simplicity's sake so that you can find whatever 
    mission or case you're having problems with a bit easier. Use the Ctrl+F 
    functionality to find whichever mission or case that you need help with or 
    want to read about.
    There will be times while progressing through the main story missions that 
    they will stop appearing. When this happens, complete the Cases on your map to 
    further the story.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    2. Walkthrough
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    Following the scenes, you will have to follow Naz. Hold the A button down and 
    follow him through the area. Tap A when you come across an obstacle to 
    automatically traverse it. Naz is the dude with the big green objective marker 
    floating above his head. Keep following him until a short scene plays.
    After the scene, resume chasing Naz down. Hold the A button to keep sprinting, 
    and follow through him through the area. Basically, just tilt the left analog 
    stick forward hold A, and then tap A whenever there is a gap that needs to be 
    jumped across or a door that needs knocked down.
    First you have to follow Jackie to the next area.
    This mission will teach you about combat. First you need to execute a basic 
    combo. To do this, tap the X button four times in a row in quick succession. 
    Then you need to do a combo with a heavy strike at the end. Hit the X button 
    three or four times, and on the third or fourth strike, hold the X button to 
    use a heavy strike combo.
    With that taken care of, the game will then teach you about grappling. The next
    wave of enemies will block all your strikes, so you have to grapple them in 
    order to beat them. Press B to grab an enemy, and then you have a couple of 
    different options. You can hold RT and drive them into a wall or table or 
    whatever, or you can mash on X and beat the hell out of them that. You can also
    take them down if you hold down the X button.
    With all of the enemies defeated, the bigger guy will hop over the counter and 
    fight you. Grab him with B and then drag him to the counter, which will be 
    flashing red. The game then teaches you about environmental attacks. Press B 
    again near the counter as it flashes to use the environmental attack to end 
    the fights.
    Watch the scenes, and afterward you will be hazed. Basically, just watch for 
    the guys to flash red and then press Y to counter their attack. Keep doing this
    until the timer runs out. You can also counter and then fight back with strikes
    if you'd like, but all you have to do is survive the timer.
    Your next mission is to extort money from vendors. Follow Jackie through the 
    night market and then approach the electronic vendor. Press Y to extort money 
    from him. Afterwards, you are free to run around the night market and purchase 
    goods if you'd like, or you can continue the mission.
    The next step in the mission to extort the watch vendor. Use your mini-map. 
    Notice the yellow icon? That represents a vendor. Approach the vendor and press
    Y to extort him. He will refuse, and then an enemy with a read icon above their
    head will try to defend the guy. Grab this guy and then dispatch of him in any 
    manner. I simply walked him over to the nearby telephone booth and used an 
    environmental attack to get rid of him. When the guard is defeated, press Y at 
    the vendor again to get the money.
    The next vendor is a produce vendor, and he has a few of Dogeyes's men to 
    protect him when you try to extort money from him. Beat them all up and then 
    extort the money again. Then move on to the next vendor. This guy is a butcher 
    that is being beat up by Dogeyes men. Fight them all off and then speak with 
    the guy afterward to extort him.
    Start heading back to Winston. As you near the objective marker, a cut-scene 
    will interrupt you and Jackie's walk.
    Before you can continue to the next mission, you have to complete a favor for 
    the nearby vendor. Speak with them and then take their money to the restaurant 
    shown on the mini-map. You will be hassled by Dogeyes's men, so take them out. 
    The game will suggest that you use a variety of attacks, so do as the game 
    When they're defeated, deliver the cash to the person behind the cash register 
    at the restaurant.
    Speak with Winston by going up the stairs of the restaurant that you just did a
    favor for. After speaking with Winston, head back out to the Night Market and 
    find the dude that you're supposed to hunt down. He'll make a break for it, so 
    chase him through the streets in the same manner as you fled from the cops at 
    the beginning of the game.
    Keep chasing him until a group of thugs cut you off. Defeat all of the thugs. 
    When there is one left, the game will make you defeat him using an 
    environmental attack. Grapple him and then drag him to the dumpster that is 
    glowing red. Press B again to initiate the attack, which also drops the 
    dumpster lid.
    Climb on top of the lid and then continue chasing him. On the roof, you will 
    have more thugs to fight. Take them all out. You can throw them onto the glass 
    on the roof to take them out easy, and you can also throw them over the 
    When all the thugs have been defeated, the guy you were chasing will attack 
    with a knife. Wait for him to flash red, then press Y, then mash on the X 
    button to deal damage. Do this a couple of times and he will be defeated and a 
    cut-scene will play.
    After leaving your apartment, the first thing that you need to do is get your 
    bike from the parking garage across the street. Speak to the attendant behind 
    the glass to do this. Once you have your bike, drive to the green objective 
    marker on your map. This marks your primary objective.
    Once you get there, there will be a fight, and the enemies will have weapons 
    such as knives and a pipe. Defeat all the enemies and then watch the scene. 
    You will then be inside a white van. Follow the cars with the red markers above
    them. Drive to the side of them and press X to ram them off the road. Fight 
    your way up to the lead car and then ram it off the road.
    When it's destroyed, you will be in another fight. Complete the fight and then 
    you will be back inside the van. Then drive the van to the next objective 
    marker and park in the green light to complete the mission.
    Go to the mission objective to start driving the bus. Drive the bus to the 
    first destination then complete the fight. Then drive to the second 
    destination. A rival bus driver will speed by. Drive close to them and blare 
    the horn until they pull over and give up their passengers.
    Now your goal is to drive the passengers to the next bus stop. Enemy vehicles 
    will ambush you, so be sure to ram them off the road. Once they're out of the 
    way, you can safely deliver the passengers.
    Outside your apartment, you will find Amanda, an American tourist looking for a
    martial arts dojo. Speak to her and then go to the parking garage to get your 
    bike. Then drive through the city to the first destination. Stop and listen to 
    them talk and then drive to the next area and park in the alley as designated 
    by the green objective marker.
    After the scene, you will be in the dojo. You have to prove your worth against 
    the students. Hold the left trigger to lock on to the master, and then use 
    strikes to the left, down, and right to hit the students. Do this twice and 
    then you will have to use a leg sweep against a student a bunch of times in a 
    row. To perform a leg sweep, press X once and then hold X.
    Following this, all you need to do is defeat the students. Beat them up until 
    they are all defeated.
    Go to Club Bam Bam. Before you can enter the establishment, you will have to 
    persuade the bouncer to let you into the club. Wait for a button to flash on 
    the screen, and then tap that button to convince him to let you inside. Push 
    open the doors, and then make your way to the VIP section. Speak to the bouncer
    blocking the VIP section and persuade him to let you in.
    Before he can let you in, though, you'll need to speak with the hostess. You 
    can find her walking around on the dance floor. Look for the woman with the 
    yellow dialogue icon above her head and speak with her. She will agree to take 
    you to the VIP karaoke area. Follow her to the machine and then interact with 
    the machine.
    You have to do a karaoke mini-game. To do the mini-game, use the left analog 
    stick to move the cursor on the three different planes when the musical notes 
    appear, just like they would in a game like SingStar. The notes can be at the 
    top of the chart, the bottom, or the middle. Successfully complete the 
    mini-game, and then you are able to go upstairs and speak with Benny.
    Thugs will stop you from speaking with Benny, with one 
    having you in a Full Nelson. Press X to kick away the other enemy, then mash on
    the Y button to escape from the hold so take them out. One thing that you can 
    do to deal a lot of damage is use the nearby fish tanks for environmental 
    attacks. You can also pick up the fish that come out of the tank to use as a 
    surprisingly powerful weapon. Wipe out the thugs upstairs and then move 
    downstairs to the dance floor and take out the remaining thugs.
    When all the thugs have been defeated, you now have to go to the bathroom where
    Benny is hiding out. There are more thugs in here to fight, so defeat them in 
    the typical fashion. However, there is one particular enemy in the bathroom 
    that is more powerful than the others. He has a black suit on, and whenever you
    try to grapple him, he will simply pick you up and slam you on the ground, 
    then try to stomp you. If he does this, be quick to press B to avoid the stomp.
    The trick to him is to beat him up until he grabs you himself. Then you need to
    mash on the Y button to break out, which will leave him open to a combo of 
    attacks. Defeat him and the remaining thugs, which will trigger a cut-scene 
    that will conclude the mission.
    Speak with Winston at the Golden Koi restaurant. Then head to the electronic 
    shop as designated on the mini-map. Speak with the woman at the store to get 
    the bug. Once you head outside, you will be robbed. Chase down the thief 
    through the city using sprint. Remember to tap A whenever any obstacles get in 
    the way to traverse them quickly. Catch up with the thief and take back your 
    Call Raymond once you've gotten your bug back. Then head to the roof of the 
    restaurant. Approach the window and wait for the people in the room to leave. 
    Then tap Y repeatedly to open the window and hop into the restaurant. Then 
    approach the vent and spin the left analog stick in a circle to remove the 
    screws from the vent.
    This will then kick off a mini-game. You need to first use the left analog 
    stick to move the cursor around the frequency until it starts blinking green, 
    making noises, and filling the meter at the top of the screen. Hold it at the 
    correct position until the meter fills, and then do the same with the right 
    analog stick. Once this is accomplished, you'll have to use both sticks at 
    once. Keep in mind that this section of the mission is timed.
    After planting the bug, approach the door. You'll now have to pick the lock. 
    Using the left analog stick, push up the first slider until it turns green. 
    Then move the left analog stick to the left to move to the next slider. Push it
    up to just the right position that it turns green, then tilt the left analog 
    stick to the left and finish off the lock. You can now exit the building, which
    will complete the mission.
    Tiffany will call you. Answer the phone and then meet up with her to receive a 
    gun. Then call Raymond. Meet Raymond at the designated meeting place to learn 
    how to use the gun. You will be asked to shoot a few blocks of concrete rubble.
    Aim the weapon by pulling the left trigger and then pull RT to fire at the 
    You will then be asked to shoot the fusebox on the wall. Do this. Then take 
    cover behind the couch as instructed by tapping LB. You will be asked to shoot 
    the red targets. Shoot the people as you are told to by Raymond until the game 
    teaches you about the slow-motion mechanic.
    Slow-motion is activated when hopping over cover. Hold LT when hopping over 
    obstacles and cover to put the game into a slow-motion mode. You'll have to 
    take out multiple enemies in slow-motion in order to satisfy the requirements. 
    Then shoot out the areas around the room as told to by Raymond, including the 
    TV and pipe.
    When the weapon tutorial is complete, you'll have to escape the police. Just 
    out run them on the motorcycle and the mission will be over.
    Get in Conroy's SUV as instructed. Then follow the Water Street Boys' van all 
    the way to the manufacturing plant. Get out of the van and hop up to the gate 
    of the plant and stand in the green objective marker until a scene plays.
    Beat up all of the enemies inside of the plant. When they're all defeated, 
    approach the shutter and tap Y to open it. Continue to take out the enemies 
    by fighting them, and then as you move deeper into the plant, there will be 
    enemies with guns. You'll automatically equip a pistol.
    Try to stay behind cover as you take out the guys on the bottom floor. If they 
    start to exit their own cover, use Vault Shooting for a good opportunity to 
    take them out. Aim high, but don't get caught out of cover for too long. When 
    all these enemies are dead, start moving to the stairs. There will be two 
    enemies there, but they are standing next to an explosive canister. Fire at 
    the canister to blow it up and kill the two of them.
    Make your way up the stairs. There will be enemies across the way that have 
    good cover, and you don't really have much cover to go with besides the thin 
    metal sheeting on the railing. Take the enemies out from your position. Try to 
    shoot the red canisters to blow up the thugs if they get close. Fight your 
    way across and once you kill everyone, follow the objective marker through the 
    door to find Siu Wah.
    Siu Wah will make a run for it, so chase him through the plant. Hold the sprint
    button and backtrack all the way to the start of the planet. Siu Wah will run 
    out of breath near the furnace, so grab him when he does. You'll now have him 
    as a hostage. Move slowly toward the entrance of the plant and kill any thugs 
    that show up. You need to kill them quickly, because if they happen to kill Siu
    Wah, then the mission ends.
    Once you reach the front of the plant, the cops show up an explosion allows Siu
    Wah to escape in a cop car. You will automatically get control of a police 
    motorcycle. You need to step on the gas very quickly and drive as fast as 
    possible to chase down Siu Wah, as he is also driving extremely fast. There is 
    basically one right turn you need to worry about, and otherwise, it's just a 
    straight shot, so don't worry about letting off the gas. It's very easy to 
    lose Siu Wah and then lose the mission.
    Get very close to the back of the squad car that Siu Wah stole. When you're 
    practically touching the back bumper, hold down on the A button. Then when the 
    arrow turns green, press A again. This will cause you to hijack the vehicle and
    retake Siu Wah as a hostage.
    Escape the cops. Do this by ramming the police cruisers that are pursuing you 
    until their cars are destroyed. Then drive all the way back to the bus depot 
    and pull into the garage to drop Siu Wah off.
    Get in the car with Winston. Then drive him to Uncle Po's apartment building. 
    Following the scene, run across the street and then get in the car parked along
    the sidewalk. Drive to the impound lot and speak with Roland. After that, drive
    to Patsy Wing.
    Patsy will drive away and multiple cars will follow her to protect her. You 
    need to take these cars out, and there's a variety of ways to do this. You can 
    ram them off the road, or you can shoot the drivers/tires of the cars to put 
    them out of commission. To shoot out of your car, hold LB. Then you have to 
    press RB to shoot. The game goes into slow motion when this happens to make it 
    Be sure to keep top speed as to not lose Patsy. Take out her guard cars, and 
    then catch up with her. You now have to get in her car, which can be an extreme
    pain. To accomplish this, take out one of the tires. Ram into her car 
    repeatedly. Her car will not be destroyed, so don't worry about that. Just ram 
    into her a lot and try to get her car stopped. If you manage to get to the 
    side of her car or in front of it, or if you're a really good aim, you can take
    out the driver as well. However, be sure to remember that the driver is on the 
    OPPOSITE side of the car as it would be in the United States.
    When the driver is out of commission or you manage to steal the car, drive 
    around for a bit until you are instructed to take the car to the dropoff. Go 
    to the designated garage and then park the vehicle inside.
    Pick up Peggy and drive her car to the first destination, which is a wedding 
    shop. After the scene, start driving to the next objective. Winston will send 
    you a text saying that someone is taking the cake that is supposed to be in his
    wedding with Peggy.
    Drive to the bakery. If you arrive in time, the van will still be there. When 
    it leaves, chase it down. You need to get really close to the back of the van, 
    and then hold A. Press A again when the arrow turns green, and you will jump 
    out and grab onto the van. Shimmy along the van to the driver's side and then 
    hijack the van. Keep in mind that you will have to press Y periodically to 
    grab back onto the van.
    Once you have the van hijacked, drive it back to the bakery and park it. Then 
    get back in the car with Peggy. Drive to the temple and then park where you are
    instructed. Jump on the nearby bamboo scaffolding to reach the back door of 
    the temple. Go inside this door to get monk robes.
    Move to the next objective marker. Monks will stop you and question you. When 
    they do, the Y button will flash on the screen. Tap it to pass their questions 
    and then continue moving to the objective. Once you reach the objective, the 
    Black Orchids that Peggy wants for the wedding, press Y to collect them.
    Unfortunately, the monks will realize what has happened and now attack. Fight 
    your way back to the car, one monk at a time. Don't bother trying to grapple 
    with the monks as they will almost always counter it. Instead, focus on counter
    attacks by attacking immediately after countering a move from a monk.
    Back in the car, drive Peggy back home.
    Before you can go to the wedding, you need to get a tuxedo. There is such a
    clothing store in Central where you have a tuxedo reserved for the wedding, so
    go pick it up. Then drive over to the wedding and watch the cut-scenes. When
    they get over, rush back to the building where the wedding is taking place.
    Climb up on the scaffolding and then get a running start to jump through the
    open window.
    Inside, move down the stairs and through the doors. You’ll come across a door
    that is flashing, so press Y to kick it open. You’ll then have to do battle
    with the catering staff, but it’s not a tough fight. You can use the chandelier
    to take one of them out in an especially gruesome manner if you so wish.
    When the thugs upstairs have been defeated, go downstairs to fight three more,
    and be wary that one of them has a knife. Defeat them, then grab the knife.
    Kick open the next set of flashing double doors, and quickly kill the guy in
    the red shirt closest to the door. Hold RB to pick up his gun and then quickly
    get behind cover before you are killed.
    From cover, take out all the other enemies in the room. Once they are all dead,
    move to the end of the room to find Winston. Following the scene, kick open the
    next set of doors and then follow the objective marker to a balcony. Kill all
    the enemies on the balcony, then jump down to the lower floor and take out all
    the enemies down here. If you need a new weapon, don’t be afraid to grab one
    from the ground.
    Once all the enemies on the ground floor are defeated, there should be one guy
    left in a side-room that has a hostage. To take care of him, vault over cover
    to go into slow-motion and shoot him in the head to free the hostage. With all
    of them dead, go outside to find Uncle Po.
    You’ll automatically have a pistol now, and Uncle Po’s health meter will occupy
    the left side of the screen. Hold A to walk faster while carrying Uncle Po.
    Enemies will show up and try to kill you and Uncle Po, so be sure to kill them
    before they have a chance. If you keep an eye on your mini-map, you will be
    able to know where these guys are coming from as soon as they spawn by the
    red icons on your map.
    Fight your way to the hospital. There will be plenty of guys to shoot, but the
    path is straight forward. Don’t bother with cover much, just shoot as quickly
    as possible and aim for the head. Using cover with Uncle Po is virtually
    impossible anyway. If you are in need of a reload, waste some ammo so that
    Wei automatically reloads the weapon. Once the hospital is in your sites,
    sprint across the street and into the green objective marker.
    Speak with Mrs. Chu at the restaurant. Then use your phone tracking device to 
    find Ratface's location. Drive out there, and listen to his conversation with 
    the woman. When she drives away, start looking for Ratface at the docks. You 
    will get into a few fights with thugs, but just keep fighting your way through 
    these guys until they start pulling guns.
    At this point, you need to get a gun yourself. Blast your way through them to 
    the warehouse area as Ratface starts to flee. Do NOT shoot Ratface. Instead, 
    shoot all the thugs in the area. They will be hiding behind boxes as well as 
    the car in the room. Use vault cover slow-mo to take them out a bit easier.
    As you near the exit of the warehouse, Ratface will run away again. He is 
    running to his getaway car, so you have to be quick at this part. You need to 
    take out the enemies blocking the way as you sprint toward Ratface's location 
    on your mini-map, marked by the green shield. If it takes you more than 20 
    seconds to take out the thugs, ignore them and just run to Ratface.
    Ratface will get away in a car, but Wei hops on a motorcycle. Speed up to catch
    up with Ratface and his protect. Kill the people shooting at you in the cars, 
    and also take out the enemies with the motorcycles. When all his help is dead, 
    action hijack Ratface's car. Drive him back to the restaurant and Winston's 
    momma so she can have her revenge.
    Ponytail will enter the club, a chat will ensue, and then after the scene, go 
    through the door. Kill the thug with a woman hostage, and then kill the two 
    other enemies upstairs. Then take cover on the railing and take out all the 
    other enemies that are below. Wait a second for another wave of enemies to 
    come, and then kill them as well.
    After that, jump down the stairs. Aim your weapon at the entrance. If you need 
    to, pick up another weapon off the ground. Then kill all the rest of the 
    enemies as they flood into the room. When they're dead, exit the club through 
    the entrance.
    Outside, you will automatically take cover behind a car. Kill the thugs that 
    are across the street, and the ones that pull up in cars. Two cars should pull 
    up and attack, so be ready for them. When they're all dead, Jackie will drive 
    the getaway car with Wei providing weapon support.
    You can use LT or LB to aim and RT or RB to fire. Basically just shoot any 
    vehicle that you see at this point. The enemies will be in cars and 
    motorcycles. Motorcyclists are easy to take out, but the cars are a bit 
    tougher and can have up to three enemies shooting you at once. When cars get 
    too close for comfort, just spray the hell out of the windows and you're likely
    to take out most if not all of the threat.
    A car crash will happen and Ponytail will start running away. Chase him down 
    by holding the sprint button. Follow him through the crowds of people and over 
    the fences. If you are too slow, the mission will end, so keep on him. He will 
    then tackle you, which will result in a hand-to-hand fight. Beat him up like a 
    normal thug, except be sure to counter all his attacks as his attacks hurt 
    much more than a normal thug, and he also has more health.
    With Ponytail defeated, the cops will show up. Sprint away from the cops and 
    run outside to the street. A limo will be pulled up, and the people inside 
    want you to get in. Approach the back door of the limo and press Y to enter.
    Jackie will send you a text about being ripped off by the 18K's. Drive to 
    Jackie's position. He'll tell you that the 18K's didn't pay him the $200,000 
    that they owed him and instead gave him a motorcycle. Get on the motorcycle and
    then drive to the docks to meet up with Naz.
    Naz will instruct his men to kill you as he tries to escape. Follow him on the 
    motorcycle through the dock area. Ignore the foot soldiers, as they will not be
    able to shoot enough to even kill you as long as you're going fast enough on 
    the bike. Instead shoot the enemies on motorcycles, as they pose the real 
    As you continue to follow Naz, he will yell "CLOSE THE GATE!" When you hear 
    that, try to hug the right side of the screen. The gate will close well before 
    you get to it, but there is a ramp to the right of the gate that you can use 
    to launch yourself over it anyway.
    On the other side of the gate, aim your gun at the large tank that is glowing 
    red. Shoot it to blow it up, and then a cut-scene will play. Following the 
    scene, Wei will have taken Naz hostage. With Naz hostage, kill all the enemies 
    that show up in cars. Then go over to one of the cars and press B to stuff 
    Naz into the trunk. Get in the driver's seat and start driving away.
    Of course, Naz's people will try to kill you, so shoot out of the window and 
    kill them as they near you in their cars. There will also be a large truck with
    a few shooters in the back, but once you take out the shooters in the back, it 
    is no problem at all. When the enemies are dead, drive to the police HQ and 
    park the car in the garage to hand Naz the naughty informant back over to the 
    Go to the restaurant and speak with Mrs. Chu. Then drive out to Dogeyes. When 
    he sees you, he will bail into a boat and speed off in the water. Wei will get 
    in a boat as well. Boat controls are the same as driving controls. Just speed 
    ahead and try not to let Dogeyes get too fard. Ramp on any ramps you see to 
    help avoid obstacles.
    After falling off the boat, you have to fight your way through a few groups of 
    thugs as you chase after Dogeyes. Just beat the hell out of the thugs and chase
    Dogeyes through the area. After you've taken out a chunk of his enforcers, 
    Dogeyes will retreat into the freezer.
    Get into the freezer room. A big guy will grab Wei from behind and put him in 
    a headlock. Escape the hold by kicking anyone that's close away and then 
    mashing on the Y button. Defeat all the thugs. Don't bother grappling with the 
    big guy because he will counter all of your grapples. The other thugs can be 
    defeated very easily by throwing them onto the upright swordfish heads that are
    lying around or hanging them on the big hooks hanging from the ceilin.
    With all these enemies defeated, Dogeyes will attack with a butcher knife. Take
    him out as well, and be ready to dodge his knife attacks. Once he's been beaten
    up sufficiently, hold B to pick him up. Exit the freezer and drag Dogeyes to 
    the outside area.
    A car driven by Duke will already be there waiting. Approach the trunk and 
    press B to throw Dogeyes into the trunk. Get into the car with Duke and let him
    drive back to the restaurant. It doesn't take long for Dogeyes's enforcers to 
    show up in cars and motorcycles and such.
    You are supposed to keep them off your guys's backs by killing the occupants of
    the cars and the motorcycles. Don't even let up on the trigger. If there is 
    ever a calm moment, use that moment to waste your ammo so that Wei reloads the 
    gun, and you don't get caught reloading when two or more cars are firing at 
    you from multiple angles.
    When the enemies have been taken care of, Duke will resume driving to the 
    restaurant. Upon arriving at the restaurant, exit the car and then approach the
    trunk. Tap Y to get Dogeyes out of the trunk and Duke will speed away.
    Go to the hospital to talk to Uncle Po and the Red Poles. Watch the scene, and 
    then call Jackie. Pick him up at the massage parlor. You can choose to get a 
    massage to boost your stats before leaving if you'd like. Otherwise, just exit 
    the massage parlor.
    With Jackie, drive to Yung. Beat up his thugs, and watch out for the ones with 
    weapons and a big guy that will be able to block all your grapples. When they 
    are defeated, focus your attention on Yung. Beat the hell out of him until he 
    is in the fetal position on the ground. Hold B to pick him up and then watch 
    the following scene.
    After that is over with, get with Jackie in another car and drive it to the 
    temple and watch the next scene.
    When no more green shields appear on your map, in your "primary objectives" 
    box, it will tell you to call Jackie. Do this by pulling out your phone using 
    the d-pad. Then go to contacts, and then make the call to Jackie. After 
    speaking with him, head tO Jackie's place in a car, and then drive to the area 
    that he wants you to drive to.
    When it's night time, follow Jackie out of the car and into the dockyard. The 
    two of you will have disguises, but as you move through the dockyard to the 
    next objective marker, it is likely guards and other people will stop and ask 
    you questions. When they do this, the game will slow down a bit, and you will 
    have to tap Y quickly to avoid being detected by them.
    Make your way to the designated door. Pick the lock just as you did before, by 
    moving the knocks up with the right analog stick until they turn green, then 
    moving to the left with the left analog stick to continue picking the rest of 
    the lock. Once the lock is successfully picked, head inside. Approach the 
    desk and press RB to pick up the saw.
    Run through the dockyard to meet up with Jackie. A few 18K's will be hanging 
    around, and they have brought three trucks, with one of the trucks containing 
    the diamonds and jewelry stolen from the U.S. as Jackie described. Run over and
    take out the thugs using the saw. Then approach one of the three trucks and 
    saw through the lock on the back.
    The first truck you look in will be a dud. More thugs will swarm you, so take 
    them out using the saw. Then go to another truck and saw through the back of 
    that one. This will be the right truck, but then Jackie will get pulled into 
    the truck and kidnapped!
    Wei will automatically get on a motorcycle during the next chase. Chase down 
    the truck on the motorcycle until you are close enough to perform an action 
    hijack. Shimmy around the side of the truck to reach one of the doors to 
    complete the hijack, but be prepared to complete the QTE if Wei almost falls 
    off so he can regain his grip.
    Once the truck has been successfully hijacked, it will be left in the middle of
    the road on fire. Leave it and hijack a different car. Wait for Jackie to get 
    in and then drive to the alley that he wants. Walk away, and watch as the cops 
    swarm down and bust Jackie!
    Go to the designated area, and then go to the hospital. After arriving at the 
    hospital, Wei will automatically take cover. An 18K will have his back to you, 
    so quickly run up behind him and grapple him to take his gun. Shoot him, take 
    cover, and then kill all the enemies in the area.
    Go through the doors to the back of the hospital and fight your way to the 
    elevator. Ride the elevator up. The power will go out, so approach the elevator
    doors and tap Y repeatedly to force them open. Out in this hall, there will be 
    plenty more enemies to kill. Kill them all. I recommend picking up a machinegun
    up here because the enemies will mainly have those, so you will be able to 
    run along their dead bodies to recover your ammo. A few enemies will also have 
    shotguns, so take them out before they get too close.
    Since there is a lot of cover in this area of the hospital, you can use your 
    vault move to go into slow motion and clean house very easily. There are also 
    side rooms that you can go through in order to flank the enemies, so if you 
    feel pinned down, sprint to one of these and try to take them by surprise. Once
    they're all dead, go to Uncle Po's room.
    Uncle Po is on life support and you have to quickly hack a computer to restore 
    power to the hospital. Sprint to the designated room and then hack into the 
    computer by guessing the four digit code. Once that is done, head back out into
    the halls and get with Ricky. He will point out where the enemies are coming 
    from, so take cover with him and kill them as they come.
    Once the first wave is dead, they will come from the other side of the hall. 
    Take cover there and kill them as they come in. Then turn around and kill them 
    on the other side again. Once all the enemies are dead, the cops will arrive 
    on the scene and Wei and Ricky will instinctively bail.
    Wei will automatically become the driver and Ricky will fire out the window. 
    You are free to shoot out the window at the cops as well if you'd like, but all
    you need to do is escape them. Speed away from the hospital as fast as you can,
    and if any cops get close, press X to ram them. There will be cops shooting 
    out their window at you as well, so ram them quickly to avoid taking too much 
    damage with the car.
    As you start getting away from the cops, more police vehicles further down the 
    road will show up. As soon as you see them, ram them to quickly put them out of
    commission and make them a non-factor. Upon successfully evading the police, 
    drop Ricky off a couple blocks away from his home, then drive to one of your 
    apartments and sleep.
    Pick up the American celebrity and then drive his car to the club. Enter the 
    club and then speak with the Russian woman on the dance floor. Take her to the 
    VIP lounge to hang out with your guest, then return to the dance floor. Speak 
    to the two Asian women and then they will make their own way to the VIP lounge.
    Speak with the fourth woman you're told to speak to, and press Y to "fast talk"
    the dude that tries to get in your way. She will also go to the VIP lounge, so 
    follow her there.
    Take a seat and listen to the conversation. Then approach the karaoke machine 
    and pick any of the songs. Play the song. The harder songs will now be 
    available if you want a challenge. These songs are more difficult because the 
    bars require more precision. At any rate, complete the karaoke song 
    Then equip your phone and take a picture of the celeb partying with the girls. 
    This will result in a photo montage. Once that is over, follow him up the 
    stairs and out of the club. Outside, a few thugs will show up. Beat them all 
    up and then get back in the car and drop him off.
    Pick up the girls from their shopping and start driving them home. However, 
    they decide they want to street race, so drive to the car rally. Watch the 
    scene, and then complete the race. Luckily for you, the car Wei is driving is 
    extremely fast, and winning this race is a breeze.
    After the race, the police show up. Quickly get back into the car and then 
    get rid of the cops. If the car has taken a lot of damage during the race, try 
    to outrun the cops instead of smashing them off the road. Once they've been 
    lost, drive the girls back home.
    Speak with Broken Nose and then go meet up with Old Salty Crab. Drive his car 
    to the gated community. Approach the intercom and interact with it to get 
    through the first gate. Then run down the street until you come across another 
    closed gate. To the right of the gate should be a small clearing. Run through 
    here to find another closed gate, but you can climb the concrete next to it to 
    get to the other side.
    On the other side, approach the closed gate and press Y to kick it open to let 
    Old Salty Crab through. Then continue making your way to the house. A guard may
    stop you, so press Y when it flashes on the screen to persuade him to leave 
    you alone. When you get to the house, pick the lock to enter.
    Inside the house, your goal is to mess with stuff. First you have to break 
    four of the big vases that are around the room. To do this, just run into them.
    After that, you need to steal his good luck charm, which is a statue that was 
    stolen from the dojo. Hack the doors protecting it and then take the statue.
    The next things you have to do include changing the hands on the clock and 
    shifting the piano to point into a different action by mashing on Y. When all 
    of this is done, a guard will check to see if anyone's home. Hide behind the 
    couch by taking cover with LB and wait for him to go away. Once he leaves, 
    exit the house.
    Old Salty Crab will notice a security camera. Climb your way to the security 
    camera box and then hack it. With the camera hacked, work your way down the 
    hilly gated community until you see a guard car. Get in the guard car and drive
    out out of the community. Take Old Salty Crab to his car and leave.
    Go to the apartment building of Ricky's girlfriend. Speak with the doorman. He 
    won't permit you entry, so run around the block and use the scaffolding. Climb 
    up it and work your way to the apartment's window. There will be a guy up here 
    that will try to fight you. You can choose to fight him or run away.
    Once inside the apartment, approach the computer. Hack into the computer to 
    start downloading the files onto a USB memory stick. Then go to the kitchen and
    approach the island counter. Take off the vent and start planting the bug. 
    During the third synchronization segment, Ricky and his girl will arrive home 
    and you will have a minute to finish planting the bug. Once the bug is planted,
    screw the vent back on and quickly run upstairs to hide.
    Upstairs, wait for Ricky to go out to the balcony to have a smoke. Then 
    approach the dresser and plant a camera there. Then slowly make your way down 
    the stairs. Ricky will be on the phone, but try not to make much noise. When he
    has his back to you, make it to the computer and take the USB memory stick out 
    of it.
    Wait for Ricky to walk away. Then go out to the balcony and jump off of it. 
    Don't worry; Wei won't die from the fall. Pendrew will have texted you at some 
    point during the mission asking you to meet him, so go meet him at that 
    location and watch the scene.
    Following this, drive to your apartment building in Central. Use your computer 
    to access the files stolen from Ricky's girl's computer.
    Raymond will call to tell that Jackie is being released from jail. Drive to the
    jail to pick Jackie up. It's time for Uncle Po's funeral, so drive to the 
    store to get suits for you and Jackie. Speak to the clerk inside of the store 
    to get the suits.
    Drive to the cemetary and watch the cut-scene. After the scene, get ready for a
    firefight. Kill all the enemies at the initial area of the cemetary, then run 
    forward and take cover. From this height, you have the advantage, so kill all 
    the enemies below before vaulting over cover and then running forward to the 
    next railing.
    Keep doing this as you continue down and out of the cemetary. Keep killing the 
    enemies until the only one left is one with a grenade launcher that you can't 
    see. Flank him by going to the right and finding a broken piece of wall. Go 
    down here, and then follow this slope until you find the man with the grenade 
    launcher at the edge of the river. Kill him and then grab his grenade launcher.
    Take cover and start shooting the enemies from this position with the grenade 
    launcher. You can switch between grenades and regular fire by clicking the 
    right stick. Once these enemies are all dead, run out to the parking lot and 
    continue to kill the 18K. Use the grenade launcher's grenades as much as 
    possible, and you shouldn't have to worry about running out either since it 
    comes with so many.
    Conroy will message Wei about a problem.
    Drive to the conflict. It seems that Big Smile Lee is going to force the other 
    Red Poles to vote for him with war. Your guys will be fighting his guys, so 
    join the fight and take out the first wave of enemies. After that, they will 
    be replaced by a second wave of enemies. Defeat them as well and get into a 
    Start driving and Mrs. Chu will send you a text asking for help as they are 
    now attacking the Golden Koi! Drive there quickly, as there is a timer. Once 
    you arrive on the scene, kill all the enemies in the street. Then run into the 
    restaurant. Take cover by the restaurant window, and shoot out the window to 
    kill wave after wave after wave of enemies.
    When they're all dead, run to the back of the restaurant. After a short scene, 
    Wei will be in the back part of the restaurant. Kill all the enemies that are 
    here, and then follow Conroy to the roof. On the roof, Conroy will give Wei a 
    grenade launcher.
    Use the grenade launcher to kill all the enemies that appear to protect your 
    guys. The enemies will keep coming in from the right, and your people will be 
    on the left, marked with green shields, with enemies marked with red shields. 
    Keep killing them until the timer runs out, and then drive to Ricky's 
    Cops will come after you as you're driving. Ram into them to get rid of them 
    or outrun them, and then continue driving to Ricky's apartment with Conroy.
    Go meet with Raymond at the docks. Then go to the location of the people that 
    have revealed that Jackie is buried alive. Beat them all up, and then their 
    leader Horseface will fight you. Beat Horseface to the point that he is on the 
    ground. Pick him up by holding B.
    Drag Horseface over to the table saw and press B. This will cause Wei to 
    interrogate him using the saw. After the interrogation is over, head back out 
    to the street and then trace the Zi Wai's phone call. Once you have pinpointed 
    his location, go confront him.
    Zi Wai will escape on a motorcycle with his buddies. Chase them down. Either 
    pass them or knock them off their bikes. Eventually, Zi Wai will ditch the 
    bike and run through a store. Chase him through the store, and then beat up all
    the guys that attack you in the ambush.
    Once they're all defeated, Zi Wai will attack you with a knife. Defeat him and 
    then pick up his phone and read the text to find out that Jackie has been 
    buried at Magazine Island. Call Old Salty Crab and ask him for the necessary 
    supplies to rescue Jackie.
    Meet Old Salty Crab at the beach in Kennedy Town. He will have procured a 
    machinegun for you as well as a speedboat. Get in the speedboat and start 
    driving toward Magazine Island. Kill the other boats that try to attack you. It
    is very likely cops will show up as well, but just ignore them and focus on the
    18K in the boats that are trying to kill you.
    Once all the 18K have been defeated, drive the boat onto the beach on Magazine 
    Island. Wei will automatically find Jackie. After he's rescued, drive the boat 
    back to the docks and let Jackie get out. Go back to your apartment and crash.
    Jackie will send you a text, so go to the location that he describes. Once you 
    arrive, you will find Jackie hanging from the ceiling with his intestines 
    hanging out. Gross. Wei will get attacked from behind and taken captive. Watch 
    the scenes once he awakens to get a load of Mr. Tong.
    After the scenes, Wei will escape from the chair. Tilt the left analog stick 
    toward the tipped over toolbox until Wei gets to the saw. Wiggle the left 
    analog stick back and forth to cut the ties around Wei's hands. Then rotate 
    the left analog stick to get the ties off of Wei's feet. An thug will punch 
    Wei in the face and take him down immediately, so be ready to press a button 
    to get the advantage.
    With that thug defeated, run over to the one in the next room that is using 
    the toilet and press B to drown him in his own piss. Move on through the next 
    door to find a whole room of enemies. Take them all out and then kick open the 
    makeshift door to the roof. Defeat all the enemies here, and then work your 
    way around the building using the scaffolding. The scaffolding will break, so 
    tap A to have Wei pull himself up, then sprint up the next set of scaffolding 
    that is right in front him.
    Up here, defeat the enemies, then move forward until you see an enemy with a 
    shotgun. Take cover, and then line Wei up with him. Vault over to take him 
    out and get his shotgun. Click the right stick to turn the flashlight off and 
    then move into the building. Kill the enemies as they come through the 
    darkness. They will have their flashlights on, so it will be easy to see where 
    they are at, especially in the dark.
    Slaughter your way through the building using the shotgun. When the shotgun 
    starts running out of ammo, trade it for one of the machineguns dropped by the 
    Triads and continue to kill your way through this building. Once you reach a 
    slightly-filled pool, be ready to kill enemies that will be above you on the 
    scaffolding, as well as a couple of waves that will come through the place, and
    one dude that is down in the pool for some reason.
    Continue. You will end up in a sauna with two enforcers. These guys are tough 
    and have a lot of health, but if you manage to stun them, you can use the 
    environmental kills to take them out pretty easily. Focus on the bigger guy 
    first, and then take out the smaller dude.
    Mr. Tong will show up after that, brandishing a big knife. And I mean, a BIG 
    knife. Lock on to Mr. Tong by pulling LT and then start walking backwards, 
    away from him. If he flashes red, then press Y to counter his attack and then 
    lay into him with a flurry of strikes. However, also move backwards from him 
    while he swings because there are times when he swings and Wei cannot counter 
    the attack. When this happens, you have two counter opportunities by hitting B,
    then A as they flash on the screen, but you have to be extremely fast, and the 
    chances are if you fail, you will die. If you backpedal the entire time, Wei 
    should be just out of Mr. Tong's reach.
    Keep beating on Tong until his health meter around his feet is on the last bar.
    It's at this point that you should focus entirely on countering his attacks 
    because it's only by countering his attack can you defeat him. Wei will stab 
    Mr. Tong through the stomach with his own knife, take the knife for himself, 
    find out where Big Smile Lee is, and then exit the building into the rainy 
    Murder Mr. Tong's guards that are protecting his car with the big ass knife. 
    Then take Mr. Tong's car and drive it to the compound that Big Smile Lee lives.
    Park the car and then break into the compound through the door. Kill all of 
    Big Smile Lee's thugs and work your way through the compound until you find an 
    armed guard.
    Kill him and then trade the knife for the gun. Take cover, and then start 
    pushing your way through the compound, killing all of the guards that you see 
    in the process.
    This will go on for a while until you get to a restaurant. Inside this area, 
    kill the guards, and then push your way to the back. Ponytail will be back 
    here. He takes more bullets than the usual guards, so dump a clip or two into 
    him and then focus on wiping out the rest of the guards back here.
    Go through the door that Ponytail was guarding. Big Smile Lee will shoot you in
    the arm with a shotgun, but then it jams and he flees. Chase him out the 
    window. Wei will be extremely sluggish at first, but then his normal speed will
    pick up and you can resume sprinting and climbing things in your pursuit of 
    Big Smile Lee.
    Big Smile Lee will get on a speedboat and drive out into the water. Run off the
    dock and press A when prompted to jump onto the back of the speedboat. Big 
    Smile Lee will then purposely crash the speedboat into an oil tanker, resulting
    in a healthy explosion. You then have to fight Big Smile Lee on a flaming 
    Wei is severely injured at this point, and his attacks are slow and weak. X 
    will result in a wide swing, and you can still grapple with B if you'd like. 
    Big Smile Lee is in much better shape. Focus on countering his attacks. Counter
    an attack, then hit him with a solid punch. Try to sneak in another one or two 
    if you think you can.
    As you beat up on Big Smile Lee, eventually Wei will get on top of him, and 
    you will be able to mash on X to deliver multiple strikes to his face. Beat the
    hell out of Big Smile Lee until the X disappears, and then pick him up. Drag 
    him to the ice chipper and throw him in to defeat him.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    3. Cases
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    ---CASE 1---
    Popstar Lead 1
    Go to Ming. Speak with him, and then head to Popstar. Speak with Popstar and 
    then go to the deadbeats that have his money. Beat them up until you have the 
    money, and then return to Popstar. Speak with Popstar again, and then the cops 
    will show up.
    To evade the first cop, press melee attacks and then sprint away. A squad car 
    will follow you, so you can't outrun them. Get into another vehicle and then 
    ram the cop car until it is destroyed to lose them. Then hold up on your d-pad 
    to make the call and return to Ming with the drugs to complete the first part 
    of this case.
    Popstar Lead 2
    Go to the area as designated on your mini-map and beat up all the thugs in the 
    area. Then approach the fusebox on the wall and interact with it. This is how 
    you hack into the security camera. You need to guess the four digit number to 
    hack. Keep trying different combinations. If the number is green, that means it
    is the right number in the proper position. If the number has an orange circle 
    around it, that means that it is the correct number, but it is in the wrong 
    place. And if the number has a red square around it, that means that the number
    isn't part of the code. Once you've hacked the cameras, return to your 
    In your apartment, approach your computer. Go to the North Point security 
    cameras and then aim the camera at the supplier. He's the guy in the black 
    shirt with the brief case. Tag him and watch his arrest. When it's over, use 
    the d-pad to pull up your cell phone and call Teng.
    Drug Bust
    These are side-missions for the Cop storyline during the first lead, and are 
    generally found in North Point. In order to continue to Popstar Lead 3, you are
    required to complete one of these. It doesn't matter which one, but the game 
    will probably mark one with a big blue shield as it would a core mission for 
    the Cop missions.
    Popstar Lead 3
    Go to the Chicken Van as designated on the mini-map. Park behind it and then 
    hop into the driver's seat. Wait for Popstar to show up and drive away, and 
    then follow him. You have to "obey the rules of the road" so that Popstar 
    doesn't become suspicious. Avoid crashing or honking or any of that nonsense, 
    but you don't have to stop at traffic lights or stay on the right side of the 
    When Popstar arrives, jump on the roof and then take cover on the roof. Pull 
    out your cellphone by pushing up on the d-pad. Then pull on LT to equip the 
    phone's camera. Take a picture of Popstar and all the drug dealers as Popstar 
    collects the product. Get off the roof, and then take another picture from the 
    ground as instructed by the game.
    Follow Popstar on foot to the next location. A guard will be blocking the way, 
    but convince him to let you pass by pressing the right button as it pops up on 
    the screen. Go to the next roof and then wait for Popstar to pull out a gun. 
    Take a picture of him when he has the gun out.
    Call Teng. Get back into the chicken van and drive all the way back to the 
    police headquarters and park the van in the garage.
    ---CASE 2---
    Hotshot Lead 1
    Teng will call you about another case that needs your attention. Go back to the
    police HQ. Watch the scenes, and then when exiting the HQ, pull up your cell 
    phone to send a text to Jackie. Jackie will then text back and tell you to call
    Ace to get into the street-racing scene.
    Call Ace. Don't leave the police HQ just yet; there will be a very fast car 
    parked right near the HQ for your use in the race. Take the car to the race and
    then complete the race. Winning first place isn't required, but if you'd like 
    to come in first, use the vehicle ramming techniques to get rid of the 
    Hotshot Lead 2
    Head to the City Van as designated on the mini-map. Once inside the van, drive 
    it to Hotshot. Watch the conversation, and then approach the back of Hotshot's 
    car. You have to stand a little bit away from the rear bumper to get this to 
    work, but once you're in position, tap Y to start planting the bug.
    This is just like the bug planting mini-game from before, except you don't have
    to unscrew any vents. Once the bug is planted, hurry back to the van. Wait for 
    Hotshot to leave, and then follow him, but don't attract his attention. Wait 
    for him to pick his friend up, and then continue following him until their 
    conversation is over. Call Teng, take the van to the designated area, and that 
    is that.
    Hotshot Lead 3: Race
    To keep the game moving, you will have to complete another race. The race will 
    be marked by a big blue shield on the map, just as a normal lead would. Don't 
    worry about going to the race wtih a fast car; as soon as you initiate the 
    race, you will be shown a list of the vehicles you currently own, which will 
    include the fast car used in the first race of this case.
    Hotshot Lead 4
    Go to the blue shield to meet with Ace. However, you will discover that Ace is
    not there. You then have to trace Ace’s cell phone signal. Use the display that
    pops up on the screen to help you. Wei is represented by the white arrow, and
    the destination is the dot in the middle of the screen. Try to get there.
    Once you are on the dot, you have to decide which area has the highest signal.
    The top option is the correct one. Now you have to figure out which little
    green dude on the map is on all of the radio tower radars. Just cycle through
    the different towers by tapping X, and watch the flashing green characters.
    Look for one that never disappears, then put the cursor over it and hold A to
    trace the signal.
    Drive out to the new designated area before Ace’s girlfriend dies. Go down the
    stairs and you’ll find her laying next to the wreckage of Ace’s car. Speak
    with her, then move back up the stairs. Pull out your phone and take a picture
    of the wreckage. Then call Teng. After the conversation, send a text to Hotshot
    to challenge him to a race.
    You’ll need a fast car for this. You can use the car that you used at the
    beginning of the case if you want. At any rate, get a fast car and then meet
    with Hotshot. Race him through the streets, and try to stay fairly close to
    him. He will move at alarmingly fast speeds, so expect to full behind a lot
    more than once.
    Once you pass through the police barricade, your new goal is to disable
    Hotshot’s car without killing him. This is done by catching up to him and
    ramming the car with X and also just running head-on into it. Once his hood
    catches on fire, his car will be done for.
    With that settled, you now have to escape from the police. You can smash their
    squad cars as they pursue you, or you can just outrun them.
    ---CASE 3---
    Serial Killer Lead 1
    After visiting police HQ and speaking with Teng, you will be put on another 
    case. Drive to the parked police van and then get a disguise from the back of 
    the van. Dressed as a member of the bomb squad, approach the police officer and
    press Y to persuade him to leave the area. You'll have to tap Y again when it 
    flashes on the screen to be successful here.
    Then go to the building where they are keeping the victims of the serial killer
    so far. Pull out your phone using the d-pad and then use the camera function to
    take a photo of the body that is flashing red. Then examine each of the dead 
    bodies. Once that's done, return the costume to the police van and make a call 
    to Teng.
    Serial Killer Lead 2
    It's time to visit the hospital. Before entering the premises, approach the 
    back of the nearby ambulance to get into a doctor disguise. Then enter the 
    hospital and work your way to the back. A nurse will ask who the hell you are, 
    but tap Y when it flashes on the screen that you are just a normal doctor just 
    trying to do your job.
    When that's taken care of, approach the computer at the desk. Hack into the 
    computer using the same method of hacking into security cameras by guessing 
    the four digit code. Once that is taken care of, you are timed. You have to 
    complete a few things before a certain doctor arrives back at his office.
    Sprint down the hall and enter the dude's office. Quickly walk over to the 
    vent on his wall. Unscrew the vent by turning the left analog stick counter-
    clockwise, and plant the bug. Once the bug is calibrated, screw the vent back 
    on by turning the left analog stick clockwise. Righty tighty, lefty loosey, 
    With that taken care of, approach the wall safe. You now have to break into his
    safe. To do this, you have to turn the knob clockwise, then counter-clockwise, 
    then clockwise again and find the right number. A way to do this quickly is to 
    just spin it fast and watch for the number that turns green, and then work 
    your way back to that number slow enough so that you can successfully stop on 
    the right number.
    After obtaining the contents from the safe, leave the hospital. Teng will call 
    Wei, so listen to the conversation. Return the disguise back to the ambulance 
    to close the lead.
    Serial Killer Lead 3
    Call Teng whenever you wish to initiate the third part of the case. Your friend
    Calvin is danger of getting his kidney stolen, so drive quickly to his house. 
    You have about eight minutes to get there, and no matter where you are on the 
    map, that is really plenty of time. Once you arrive, you will witness Calvin 
    being kidnapped.
    Follow the car and get close enough to perform an action hijack. With the 
    vehicle stolen, you have to maintain enough speed so that Calvin doesn't get 
    out of the trunk and finds out that you are a cop. Drive to the parking garage 
    as designated, park the car, and then exit the vehicle, leaving Calvin in the 
    Call Teng and report in. Listen to the conversation, and then that is another 
    case closed.
    ---CASE 4---
    Go to the police HQ to start this case. Then go to the club and speak with the 
    witness. Then drive out to the apartment. Break into the apartment by picking 
    the lock and then start searching for evidence.
    First check the desk for evidence. You'll find nothing. Then go to the fridge. 
    Press Y to examine the note attached to it. Pull out your phonea nd take a 
    picture of the note, then call Teng. Teng will call you back with more info.
    Go to the suit store and get a suit. Then go to the docks and hijack a boat. 
    Drive the boat out to the gambling barge. The game says you can dock the boat 
    by holding B, but you can just jump out and climb onto the barge if that is 
    easier for you.
    On the barge, speak to the door man. He should just let you in because of your 
    fancy suit. Inside, speak to the hostess, and she will lead you to Lai. Speak 
    with Lai and challenge him to a game of Poker Mahjong.
    The rules of Poker Mahjong are basically the same as regular poker, except you 
    can see your opponent's hand as well. You don't have to win anything, but you 
    need to have at least $500 of betting money before you can do this part of the 
    mission. If you don't have any betting money at this point in the game, I am 
    flabbergasted, but you can do side jobs to raise the cash.
    Play three hands of poker mahjong in a row. After winning/losing three times, 
    you will then have the chance to bet Ilyana. Now, the game tells you to lose 
    the next hand on purpose, but I discovered that it really doesn't matter if 
    you win or lose. Exit the barge and return to shore.
    Meet up with Illyana near the docks. Then walk her over to Lai. Lai will take 
    her on his boat. Quickly pull out your phone and snap a picture of Lai's boat 
    before they get away. Hop on the motorcycle that she brought and speed to the 
    different vantage points as designated by the blue objective markers.
    This part is timed, so be fast, but be careful not to fall into the ocean. 
    The third checkpoint is placed right next to this dock and it is very easy to 
    speed right off and fall in the water, which will result in a failed mission. 
    Keep following the vantage points until you are told to wait. Sit tight.
    Steal a boat and then go to the last GPS location of Ilyana. Once there, hop 
    out of your boat and swim inside the nearby cave. After a short scene, you will
    be able to see a bunch of women behind a cage in the next room. Before 
    attempting to free them, search the area for weapons. There is a lockbox with a
    knife in it, and guns lying around as well. I recommend picking up the guns.
    When you're ready, go to the cage and pick the lock. Enemies will start pouring
    into the area. Take cover and then kill them all from cover. When everyone is 
    dead, pick the lock and free the women.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    4. Conclusion
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I hope this guide helped you beat Sleeping Dogs for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC!
    If you want to check out all my other stuff, try here:
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