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    FAQ/Walkthrough by oldschool312

    Version: 0.99 | Updated: 07/12/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide


    Welcome to the Transformers War for Cybertron guide. The guide is based on the normal difficulty setting played on the Playstation 3. If you are using the Xbox 360 version of the game the guide should work as well. The primary difference being any mention of particular button presses will be inaccurate (there is no Square button on a 360 controller). In this guide, you will find a description of how I made it through each level of the game. You will also find descriptions of the characters, weapons, collectibles, and trophies for War for Cyberton. Enjoy a what is too often a rarity, a great game based upon a great licensed property.

    Version History

    • Version 0.60
      • Submitted 6-27-2010
      • Missions complete except for the final Autobot one
      • Early Decepticon levels need more formating
      • Character tables done
    • Version 0.70
      • Submitted 7-01-2010
      • Finished final Autobot level
      • Added Trophy list (tips soon)
      • Added weapons and abilities list for single player
    • Version 0.90
      • Submitted 7-4-2010
      • Added objectives for Dark Energon and Fuel of War
      • Decepticon Emblems listed
      • Autobot Emblems listed
      • Multiplayer classes, weapons, upgrades, abilities added
      • Multplayer challenges started
    • Version 0.99
      • Submitted 7-11-2010
      • Added majority of challenges
      • Still need to make it to Prime Mode


    TriangleSwap Weapons
    CircleThrow Grenade, Detach Turret, Descend (Jet)
    XJump, Ascend (Jet)
    SquareReload, Interact
    R1Fire Weapon
    R2Energon Ability, Special Vehicle Move
    L1Fine Aim, Boost (Vehicle)
    L2Cooldown Ability
    Left StickMovement
    Right StickCamera


    • Use cover where available
    • Always pick up a secondary weapon
    • If a scoped weapon is nearby it usually comes in very handy
    • Be aware of your surroundings: Know where the health and ammo is located during the big battles
    • Do not be afraid to transform especially during the flight missions (endless ammo)


    • Neutron Assault Rifle
      • A rapid fire assault rifle with moderate spread
    • Photon Rifle
      • A scoped, semi-automatic rifle that fires a three bullet burst
    • Ion Blaster
      • A rapid fire SMG
    • Energon Battle Pistol
      • Semi-auto heavy pistol with 5x scope
    • Null Ray
      • A powerful sniper rifle with a 10x scope
    • EMP Shotgun
      • A close-quarters semi-automatic shotgun
    • Scatter Blaster
      • A fully automatic shotgun
    • Fusion Cannon
      • Fires a rapid lightning blast with a large amage radius
    • Magma Frag Launcher
      • Fires sticky grenades that can be detonated by pressing L1
    • X12 Scrapmaker
      • Full auto mini-gun. Hold R1 to spin up for maximum fire rate.
    • Thermo Rocket Launcher
      • Rocket launcher with vehicle lock-on capabilities. Train your reticule on a vehicle briefly to obtain a lock-on.
    • Plasma Cannon
      • Hold R1 to charge before firing - the longer it is charged the powerful the blast
    • Energon Repair Ray
      • Short-range, lock-on beam weapon that heals teammates and damages enemies. When equipped you are able to see your allies' current health.


    Abilities come in two varieties Energon and Cooldown. The difference being that Energon abilities are rechargeable with Energon shards while Cooldown abilities are available at all times after a small cooldown period.

    Energon Abilities

    • Whirlwind
      • Gives the ability to do a whirlwind melee attack
    • Shockwave
      • Pushes enemies back and casues damage
    • Drain
      • Siphons health from enemies
    • Spawn Rocket Sentry
      • Spawns an automated Rocket Sentry
    • Spawn MG Sentry
      • Spawns a sentry, which can see cloaked enemies
    • Omega Missile
      • Remote controlled mini-nuke
    • Warcry
      • Area of effect buffs armor and damage output

    Cooldown Abilities

    • Dash
      • Quickly dash in any direction
    • Barrier
      • Deploys an energon shield barrier
    • Hover
      • Gives ability to hover in the air and increases weapon damage
    • Cloaking
      • Become nearly invisible on the battlefield


    DecepticonClassPrimary WeaponSecondary WeaponPrimary AbilitySecondary Ability
    MegatronLeaderFusion CannonIn Game Pick UpDrainHover
    BrawlSoldierNeutron Assault RifleIn Game Pick UpWhirlwindDash
    BarricadeScoutNeutron Assault RifleIn Game Pick UpShockwaveBarrier
    StarscreamSoldierNull RayScatter BlasterShockwaveHover
    SkywarpScoutScatter BlasterIn Game Pick UpWhirlwindCloaking
    ThundercrackerScientistNeutron Assault RifleEnergon Repair RaySpawn SentryDash
    SoundwaveScientistNeutron Assault RifleEnergon Repair RaySpawn SentryBarrier
    BreakdownScoutScatter BlasterIn Game Pick UpShockwaveDash


    AutobotClassPrimary WeaponSecondary WeaponPrimary AbilitySecondary Ability
    OptimusLeaderIon BlasterIn Game Pick UpWarcryDash
    BumblebeeScoutEnergon Battle PistolIn Game Pick UpShockwaveDash
    RatchetScientistNeutron Assault RifleEnergon Repair RaySpawn SentryBarrier
    SideswipeSoldierNeutron Assault RifleIn Game Pick UpWhirlwindDash
    IronhideSoldierScatter BlasterIn Game Pick UpWhirlwindDash
    WarpathSoldierNeutron Assault RifleIn Game Pick UpShockwaveBarrier
    Air RaidScoutScatter BlasterIn Game Pick UpWhirlwindCloaking
    JetfireScientistNeutron Assault RifleEnergon Repair RaySpawn SentryHover
    SilverboltScoutPhoton Burst RifleIn Game Pick UpShockwaveBarrier


    There is a seperate Decepticon and Autobot campaign. Chapter 1 begins the Decepticon campaign, which streches though chapter 5. The Autobot portion of the game begins at Chapter 6. In a stroke of genius the developers allow us to start where we like. If you want to start with the first chapter and play the game to its end do so. Or if you prefer to jump in as the Autobots, load chapter 6 and play to the end. Then you can play the Decepticon part of the game and it practically acts as a prequel to the events viewed in the Autobot chapters.

    Megatron and his Decepticons infiltrate a research station orbiting Cybertron, in search of a powerful energy source known as Dark Energon.

    Objective: Escape the crash site

    Three Decepticons are available for the mission: Megatron, Brawl, and Barricade. Starscream is in command of the defense of the energy source. Does anyone else foresee a possible problem with this? When the ship finally crashes exit and follow your Decepticon brothers up the rubble ahead. The ship will explode and when you are back in control the space station's defenses will engage. Destroy the turrets behind where the Starscream hologram apppeared. Use the arms of the hologram device as cover as you shoot the four turrets on the wall. When they are destroyed press down on the D-pad to turn your attention to the door where Decepticon reinforcements are entering.

    Objective: Secure the station

    Move through the door and up the next hall. Here the Decepticons will encounter sentry guns lining each side of the hall. Use the central columns as cover and shoot each of the mounted guns to clear the path. Use the console next to the door to gain entry into the next room. View Starscream's troops rushing to your location by looking through the window. A quick cinematic shows their charge in. Target and destroy each of the defenders. Move up the ramp and listen as Megatron has figured out that an ambush lies ahead. The plan is to ambush the ambush by activating the console to move a block to gain access around the door. Upon performing the task more of the space station's guards appear. Take them out then jump to their previous location. Avoid the intermittent fire from the thrusters ahead and climb the next ramp. At the top Megatron can pick up a secondary weapon, the Magma Frag Launcher.

    Objective: Meet Soundwave at the forward base

    Interact with the console to the left then try the new weapon on the guards below. When the local guards are destroyed a door will open revealing more bots to destroy. Take them out and move through the door. Listen as Starscream communicates through another hologram. Brawl is less than impressed to say the least.

    At the top of the next ramp more guards will appear. Shoot them down and melee anyone that gets close. Watch for a turret on the ceiling of the next hall then defeat the couple of guards that enter from an adjacent hall on the left. Move through the next door and use the quickest way to get down, jump off the bridge. Mount one of the turrets and prepare for a large wave of guards. Shoot them down with the turret if easier you can even detach the turret to carry an extra weapon with 300 rounds of ammo. Once the guards are destroyed, go through the "door" their entance created. Make a right at the next intersection and shoot some more guards. If you are still carrying the turret I do not believe you can make the jump to the broken bridge. Reach the higher platform an destroy any bots that remain. Megatron will rejoin his Decepticon troops in the hall ahead. It is kind of fun to destroy all the captive guards as you proceed. Use melee attacks though because we do not want to waste ammo on capture opposition. You know what lets show some compassion and leave them, well one of them alive. This way the survivor can warn all others not to oppose Lord Megatron. Activate the console at the end of the hall to raise the lift.

    Objective: Secure the station schematics

    As the lift rises, look at and listen to Jetfire's plea. Soundwave is at the top. Watch the ensuing cinematic. When it is over grab some grenades sitting to the left of the door and exit. Beside the first Decepticon on the right you can find an EMP shotgun that may come in handy or you can keep the Magma Frag Launcher. Ride the lift at the end of the hall to the next level. Two guards will be fighting a couple of Decepticons. Defeat them and take a left. The battle in this hall will be fierce. Pick off the forward guards while ducking behind cover when necessary. At the end of the hall there will be turrets on the wall and numerous guards. Hold your grenades until you approach the end of the hall. Use them to thin the crowd and stay behind the cover of one of the large blocks. Interact with the console to open the next door.

    Clear the room then interact with the console on the platform with the ramp to create a bridge to the other side. When the bridge forms more guards will attack from behind the door ahead. Take them out then make the first left. Near the end of the hall look for a box that will house a new weapon the Neutron Assault Rifle. When the next door opens be prepared for an attack. Defeat the two guards at ground level and enter. Now two more will come down from the balcony above defeat them and interact with the central console. You have found the holomap. It is sent to Soundwave and Starscream then speaks over the communication system. Guards will enter from doors on the higher level. Shoot them dead as they approach. Defend the area using the balcony for cover. Also if ammo becomes scarce it can be replinished on either side of the room under the balcony.

    Objective: Infiltrate the manufacturing area to proceed

    Approach the door ahead only to have a Brute Transformer bust through. This enemy comes with a protective shield. He will also attack with a radial ground pound in addition to the standard attacks. He has a pack on his back that you should aim for as he attacks your Decepticon commrades. When his back is exposed toss a grenade, fire a gun, or melee the shining pack. Go through the door the Brute busted and in the next hall shoot the source of the electric current on the sides of the wall. Make a left only to find a guard shooting at you from a distance. Activate the console to the left to create a bridge and fire at him while crossing. Shoot the faulty exhaust vent then jump inside.

    Avoid the bursts of flame that shoot through the floor and proceed to the fan. Shoot the blades with your weapon to safely move by the fan. Ahead will be a bridge with a fan underneath. Shoot the fan blades and jump into the opening created. Steer towards the center as you fall because there will be two more fans that need shot before reaching the bottom. At each fan bridge look around for ammo and health if needed.

    Objective: Find and secure Dark Energon

    Run up the ramp ahead and grab the sniper rifle. Guards will spawn on the balcony ahead. Snipe them and proceed. The next room contains another Brute. The fight works the same but this time the space is a little tighter. Target the box on his back to destroy him. Exit via the Brute's entrance and go left. Time your travel carefully in order to avoid the individual spikes crashing down from the ceiling. Interact with the next console to create a bridge to an elevator. Ride it up as Megatron reveals some of his arrogant plan. A brief cinematic shows some guards flying in. Shoot them down while remaining near the cover of the large blocks near the entrance. When they are eliminated the Decepticons view the destruction ahead. Move up the ramp on the left and cross the bridge to the right. Look for a console and interact with it. A mechanical arm will move and fall. This causes more flying guards to spawn. If you look to the left while standing near the console you should be able to see an Autobot emblem on a platform near the ceiling in the corner.

    Drop to the ground and run up the fallen arm. Jump into the fallen beam and use it to reach the sea of scrap metal ahead. Jump from broken platform to broken platform defeating all the enemies that appear in the process. At the entrance to the desired destination there will be a turret on either side of the door. Destroy them from a far and enter. The room will fill with guards. This will include one Brute and several "snipers" on the balconies. Stay close to the beginning and shoot from cover. Once many of the supporting cast is gone take out the Brute and clear the remainder. Jump to the platforms on the left and go through the next door. Leap from platform to platform defeating the flying guards and any ground troops encountered. Once back inside move down the hall and drop through the hole in the floor. At the turn where the hall is broken defeat the flying guard the interact with the console to the right.

    The door opens and the floor begins to split apart. Keep from falling into space and look towards the right wall for an Autobot emblem to shoot. Go through the door for a cinematic that has Starscream appear in person (so to speak). Starscream orders his minions to hold of the Decepticons while he tries to destroy the remnants of the Dark Energon. Move to the left and shoot out the turrets that protect the ground below. Do not focus too much on them and lose sight of the actual guards though. Follow the only path available in an attempt to stop Starscream. There will be lots of turrets and guards to deal with. As you enter the room with Starscream a large gaurd will approach from each side. They are wielding large machine gun. Concentrate fire on one then focus on the other without actually entering the room. Once they are both dead grab on of their guns and proceed to shoot everything that moves as a large wave of guards rush in. If you run out of ammo just grab the other dropped machine gun. Once the enemy numbers have dwindled a red marker appears over the central structure. Shoot it to break the containment field. A cinematic shows, much to Starscream's suprise, Megatron coming into direct contact with Dark Energon and surviviing.

    Objective: Destroy the Dark Energon containment

    Once Megatron exits move to the back side of the containment field and "Interact" near the purple marker. The guards down the hall will be destroyed. Move down the hall and "Interact" again at the door. The cinematic that ends the mission has Jetfire exiting to warn the Autobots and Starscream turning to help the Decepticons.

    Megatron commands his newest recruit, Starscream, to activate the long dormant Energon Bridge on Cybertron. Once activated, he will create more Dark Energon to fuel his war.

    Objective: Find the hidden underground entrance

    Fly by the waterfall and locate the doorway to the left. An Autobot drone is inside. It is best to avoid the drone so as to prevent detection. You know what that is the coward's way out. Blast away and destroy the drone. Fly forward and shoot down a couple more drones before a gate opens for the Decepticons to land. Take flight again at the end of the hall and fly up to the next corridor. At the end open the door to find an enemy detection barrier on the other side. Look at the floor, you should see a red glowing pipe leading to the distance. Transform to flight mode (saves ammo) and blast the red glowing orb at the end of the hall to disarm the barrier. At the next barrier enter flight mode again and look for an opening in the corrdor on the right. Fly around the secret passage and look for the power source toward the upper left.

    A hologram of Zeta Prime is ahead. He is telling the Autobots to expect a Decepticon attack and to shoot them at first sight. Open fire at the Autobots and destroy them all. Another barrier blocks the path ahead. Fly up to near the ceiling and look for a gate to destroy. On the other side of the gate is the power source for the barrier. At the end of the hall we are attacked by more Autobot scrap. Defeat them and jump across the gap only to face more enemies. Once the Autobot are dead use the console to open the door. More Autobots are on the other side. Defeat a couple and they will seal the door as the Decepticons enter. Look along the wall on the right for an opening drop into it for a way around the door. Fly over the crude energon because touching it will result in damage to your health. Ahead avoid the blasts of steam by waiting for them to subside or flying under/over them.

    Fly through the waterfall and be ready. You will soon encounter the next group of enemies at the door way. First destroy the turrets on either side of the door then focus on the Autobots on the ground. Turn around and fly into the opening across from the platform with the Autobots to find an Emblem. Return and fly through the fan blades to initiate a cinematic.

    Objective: Destroy the Shield Generator

    The ship is creating a shield around the secret entrance. First destroy the cannons on the ship. There will be three near the center, two at the front, and two at the back of the ship. Once they are all destroyed aerial Autobots will attack. Retreat, as only a true Decepticon can, to the entrance to the area where the shield generating ship was encountered. This canyon provides a perfect area to shoot at the Autobots and control numbers. Once a few aerial bots are destroyed the hatch to the shield generator opens allowing the Decepticons to enter. Once inside land and start to defeat the Autobots. Work around to the other side of the ship to interact with a console. The ship begins to destruct.

    Objective: Escape the Autobot dropship

    Return to the doorway you entered that is now sealed. Transform and raise to the upper level of the ship. This way is sealed as well. Be patient though the hull will become compromised and an opening will appear.

    Objective: Continue your search for the underground

    Go to the door that is now opened and reload/heal. At the end of the hall a cinematic shows a new Autobot or did it? Drop down toward the area where the Autobot went. The next room will have several cloaked Autobots. You can determine their location due to a slight wave in the air. Stay still and watch for them to appear then unleash a barrage of ammo at them. Once they are all disposed of get on the central platform and interact with the console.

    Objective: Deactivate the forcefield

    Through the next door and the entrance to the underground is near. There are two more barriers nearby. There is one down the hall to the right and one down the hall to the left. Destroy both to get a trophy. After the barrier for one side is down move through that hall and find the console on the platform and activate it. Repeat the process for the alternate side and the battery source for the force field will be exposed. Destroy the four batteries (marked in red).

    Objective: Destroy the armor plating

    With the force field down shoot the armor plating off the door. It will open.

    Objective: Re-route power to the Energon Bridge

    Now the task is to reroute the power to the Energon Bridge. Enter the tunnel and shoot any of those dish looking creatures that get in the way. At the end of the path is a large central cylinder. As you move to the left you will encoutner some turrets around the door and a few drones. Destroy them and enter. Go to the bottom floor and fight some of the Cloaked Autobots again. This time I threw an EMP grenade and it seemd to stun them and make them visible. Defeat them then activate the console ahead. Autobots begin to flood in across the bridge. Take them out and return to the upper level. Interact with the console and move through the clear tunnel. Fly ahead avoiding the mechanical arms and electric current. A couple of cylinders ahead will open and close. Time it right and fly through the opening to find more Autobots. Kill the few on the platform nearby then land. Use the sniper rifle to take out those do gooders in the distance.

    Fly ahead and land at the next platform. Activate the console and fire at the Autobot with his back turned on the other side of the door. There are two lower doors (one on each side of the room) where Autobots will enter from. Pick one and clear the area on the lower and upper area. Then repeat for the other side. Take note that there is a detachable turret on the upper portion of each side. Interact with one of the upper level consoles, either side is fine, and destroy the Autobots inside. The door inside this room is locked. Simply use the key (otherwise known as your gun) to open the door. Drop below and impress your teammates by activating the console. The power cells have been locked in place by the Autobots. Shoot the locks (red markers) to free them. Unfortunately, it was a trap. Follow the red glowing tubes to locate the one lower and two upper power supply for the trap and shoot them. They look just like the power supplies for the barriers earlier in the game. Now that the trap is destroyed, interact with the console to place the power cells in their proper alignment. When done find the console in the center and interact with it. The plan is working. Enter the tunnel across from the console and fly to the next area.

    Objective: Destroy the Energon Bridge Guardian

    Interact with the area below to place some Dark Energon. Unfortunately this awakes a guardian of the Energon Bridge. At first focus the attack on the energy guns to destroy them. The next phase will be avoiding a sweeping energy field by raising over the beam or lowering under it. If successful the guardian will open its core. At this time shoot everything you have at the core. It is the only way to damage it. Repeat the sequence one more time. The guardian will appear to go into a last ditch effort to save the Energon Bridge. Missiles will fire from the firey floor. Stay in jet mode and fly around to avoid them. The purple rays are back and they flow in a pattern. Watch for them to move in one direction and move in that direction in between two of the "arms". The beams will then stop, spin, and change direction. You should stop and change as well. Finally, it appears that at times the top and bottom will rotate in opposite directions. Avoid being hit by ascending and descending (when appropriate) while flying. Survive this last attack and the core opens for a final time. There are small glass cases around the base of the guardian. Some of these cases contain health regenerative cubes just in case its necessary. Finally once the core is destroyed its time to escape. Move through the ceiling and fly out avoiding the Dark Energon tentacles.

    Iacon, home of the Autobot, must fall. Megatron commands his Decepticons to attack Iacon in search of the fabled Omega Key, which will give him access to the Core of Cybertron itself!

    Objective: Enter the Stellar Galleries

    Starscream, as arrogant as ever, is charging the Autobots head on. Megatron will take a smaller group and try to flank the Autobots to get behind enemy lines. Drop below and join the fight. There is a door on either side of the area. A few Autobots will appear from behind the doors. Press forward and shoot them down. Move through the door and take out anyone left behind. The next room will have several of the cloaked Autobots hiding in the shadows. Grab the EMP grenades from behind the central structure. Toss one out to stun the cloaked enemies and destroy them. As you exit to an Autobot drop ship will fly overhead. They will not present a problem because the ship crashes.

    Proceed and grab the Null Ray Scope at the entrance to the next area. Snipers are all around even the odds by taking out a few with your rifle. When the enemies are down return to the site where you picked up the Null Ray Scope and exchange it for your standard weapon (Especially if you are controlling Soundwave). Move by the water and go up the ramp. More snipers are ahead. Shoot them down from their perch and then change your focus to the Autobots across the bridge. The door is locked but Megatron has a key (sort of). Kill the single enemy on the other side of the door. The next room has a decent security system. The red lasers can be quite damaging. Move to the console marked and interact with it to shut the security system off. With the security down move into the next hall. Destroy the turrets high on the wall to the left then take out a couple of Autobots. Megatron is relieved at how easily we've reached the Omega Key. The room has lots of ammo health and grenades, add to this that Megatron mentioned how easy the mission was and it equals potential trouble.

    Move up the ramp and interact with the console that looks like a red orb. The key case was empty. Instead we get a message from Zeta Prime. He is protecting the key personally and will not let it fall into Decepticon hands. Autobots enter the area to spring the trap. Begin down the ramp and start shooting at the Aerial Autobots. After defeating this surge of enemies, the Decepticons head for the exit. Here they encounter two enemies with Heavy Machine Guns. Focus all your fire on one. Once he is eliminated grab the weapon he drops and take out the other. Shoot down the door behind the machine gun wielders and move down the hall.

    Objective: Proceed to the lower city

    The last corridor on the right has another door. Shoot off the two clamps near the top then fire at the door itself and it will open. You should see slowly spinning fan blades. Jump onto a blade and look below. Two more set of blades await. Drop down landing on a blade then do so again. On the third set of blades wait patiently for them to rotate you to the exit.

    The ramp ahead leads to what can be considered a subway system. Kill the single Autobot guard and Megatron will order you to enter the tunnel system but shows his big heart by requesting no one be hit by the trains. Transform and drive down the tunnel but watch for the trip lasers that will activate the turrets lining the tunnel. There is enough space between the lowest and middle lasers to jump between them. At the end of the decent turn right watching for the trains and look for the next doorway across the tracks. Once away from the train tracks the next door is locked. Move away from the door and head back toward the tunnel system. Do not enter it though. Instead continue around to the back side of the door and shoot the two clamps near its top. Return to the other Decepticons and blast the door down. Drop below and fight off the cloaked Autobots. There are three console to interact with and the next door will open. Drive down the subway tunnel again to arrive at the Lower City.

    Objective: Pass through the lower city

    Fight through the Autobot resistance and watch for the Dark Energon bombers Megatron has called in. He has marked the entire area for this type of aerial attack. Ahead is a good bit of resistance but with the help of the bombing the path is cleared. Use the newly created ramp to reach the upper level. A group of Autobot are exiting a train and are unaware of the Decepticon's current location. Make them aware of your presence by destroying them all. They will receive some reinforcements in the form of a few aerial bots but it is nothing you can not handle. Jump up to the balcony and enter the next corridor. Trains will pass through here too so if you see one coming move into one of safe areas on the sides. The goal is to make it to the end of the tunnel to the door on the right. Shoot the floor and fall below.

    Objective: Approach the Iacon Vaults

    Use the console to open the door and run up the ramp. The Autobots ahead are distracted so are easy to take down. A short cinematic shows Brawl in the open area below severly out numbered. Even though he is out manned he seems to be holding his own very well for now. Continue around the corner and be prepared for a Brute attack. He has a few other Autobots with him but the Brute is the most dangerous one. I was fortunate to have some EMP grenades. They are able to stun the Brute and allow me to first eliminate his teammates then sneak behind him and shoot his power pack. If you do not have any EMP Grenades the best strategy is to wait for the Brute to attack someone else in your party then shoot his power pack. The hall leading to this area is very confined and can be a difficult place to wage the fight unless your teammates move to the forefront to initiate the fight. If they do you can stand back at a safe distance and target the Brute's weakness. The wall ahead will be destroyed and more Autobots will attack. Take them down then grab the Photon Burst Rifle with 2x scope and eliminate the snipers on the other side of the area. Drop down to Brawl's location and take out any remaining Autobots. Talk to Brawl and he reveals that Zeta Prime is just behind the door ahead. Megatron uses his master key to open the door or at least that is what he though would happen. Instead a Zeta Prime hologram pleads with Megatron to stop now or face termination. Megatron relents and gives up...No not really he calls in more Dark Energon bombers. Exit the street and head for the console indicated by the marker.

    Objective: Disable the anti-aircraft guns

    The bombers are being destroyed by the Autobots anti-aircraft weapons. Grab the sniper rifle and eliminate the enemy snipers. Switch back to your original weapon and drop below. Look for a path to the upper level on the right. One of the large anti-aircraft guns is ahead guarded by Autobot manned turrets. Defeat the bots guarding the gun and grab a turret. Proceed to the area marked to find the controls for the anti-aircraft gun. Use the console to instruct the gun to destroy the other one. Drop below and let the Dark Energon bomb do the rest.

    Objective: Defend the anti-aircraft guns

    Starscreams air support will be delayed. Defend the area from the Autobot attack. If you do not have a turret then be sure to grab one. They are powerful, fire rapidly, and conserve your ammo. The first wave goes down fairly easily. Just be sure to take out the snipers on the bridge when they are seen. Breakdown thinks it is over but Megatron knows better. The Autobots will put up more of a fight. The next wave will come from the balcony. The anti-aircraft gun can actually shield you from some of their fire. As their numbers dwindle turret carrying Autobots will enter across the short bridge below the position of the initial Autobots during this wave. Take out the turret wielders and grab the gun they drop. Now we will have to shoot some aerial bots out of the sky. As the aerial bots are defeated more turret wielders will arrive on the bridge where the snipers were located. Take them all out. The last wave is an all out onslaught from the Autobots. The attack will come from all directions. All you have to do is hold out for a short period of time to allow the bombers to fly over head. Megatron orders Brawl to hold this position while he takes a team to investigate the vault doors.

    Objective: Enter the Iacon Vaults

    As you approach, a cinematic reveals a large vault door guardian. A frontal attack would be pointless. Use the debris and Dark Energon shards as cover and work your way to the rear of the tank. Target the power cells here to cause the Autobot to transform out of tank mode. Just because he is no longer a tank that does not mean this Autobot is helpless. He still has very powerfull attacks that will put you offline quickly if not careful. Stay protected by some form of cover and shoot when he is distracted by the others. If you have a detachable turret from the anti-aircraft battle then you will not have to worry about ammo. When the giant Autobot goes down, mostly thanks to Breakdown, regroup with the team near the vault doors. Enter act with the door (or debris) and an opening will be created. Megatron shows a tiny amount of potential mercy when talking to the Zeta Prime hologram.

    Objective: Find the Omega Key

    Shoot the debris attached to the ceiling. As it comes crashing down it creates a hole in the floor. Drop below and accept the offer for a debate. A Decepticon grun has been captured by Zeta Prime. The Iacon Vault defenses are activated and the large cylinder crushes the Decepticon. Quickly move down the hall as the cylinders raise to avoid a similar fate. Megatron will open the next door and the Omega Key is visible.

    Objective: Defeat Zeta Prime

    Watch the floor and avoid the colored areas, these sites are where Zeta Prime will send large blocks crashing down in an attempt to crush you. Next Zeta will create numerous clones to do his bidding. Use a combination of weapon and melee attacks to eliminate the mini-Zetas. Once the clones are defeated the orb above Zeta will temporarily open fire at the open orb to deplete some of his health. This action only angers the Autobot. He will send the crushing blocks down regularly and quickly. Move around in a circle to avoid being crushed. Anywhere you see colored flooring is dangerous. The worst thing you can do is stand still. If you survive the mashers more clones await. Now when the clones are attacking the mashers will too. Stay on the move and defeat the clones to get another shot at the orb. Zeta will then cycle through more mashers and clones. Finally, during your last shot at the orb you will also need to be aware of your surroundings because the mashers won't stop this time. Deplete the health bar of the orb and watch the cinematic to view Zeta Prime's demise. With his last breath Zeta tells Megatron the device he now holds is not the key. It only activates the key and that the key will find him.

    Zeta Prime has been captured and Iacon inches closer to falling, but the last guardian, Omega Supreme, has awoken. Megatron must find a way to defeat him if he wishes to reach the planet's core.

    Objective: Rendezvous with the drop ship

    Exit the crash site and view the drop ship. Drop to the bridge below and head toward the Decepticon craft. Omega Supreme appears and attacks. Save your ammo because any shots fired would be like trying to clear Mount Everest with a firecracker. Instead shoot the bridge supports located on either side of the platform. Once they are destroyed Omega Supreme falls and Megatron wants to salvage the scrap for what he requires.

    Objective: Fall back to the interior

    The only problem with salvaging the scrap is that there is no scrap because Omega Supreme is back. Transform and drive back toward the beginning of the bridge. The door is locked. Megatron uses Dark Energon to open it. Inside we will find a couple of Autobots, a Brute, and a machine gun wielding enemy. Once they are defeated listen to Starscream take his "rightful" place as leader of the Decepticons. Reload on ammo and grab the turret the dead Autobot dropped.

    Objective: Ascend the chasm wall

    Proceed down the hall to the lift. View Omega Supreme on the outside if you please. The lift though has been locked down and will not take the Decepticons anywhere for the moment. Shoot the locks and the elevator will rise. The dull witted Omega Supreme returns as you approach the top. He has one goal, the complete elimination of Megatron. He fires upon the elevator and causes it to fall.

    Objective: Escape the Elevator

    The emergency brakes prevent the elevator from falling but make the Decepticons sitting ducks for Omega Supreme's attacks. Shoot the emergency brakes as they slow and stop the lift until you reach the bottom. Breakdown will display fear of becoming scrap. Run along the platforms on the perimeter until you reach the next door. Behind it will be three to four Autobots. Stand to the side using the door way as partial cover and destroy them.

    Objective: Shoot Omega's Hand

    At the end of the hall the team reunites with more Decepticons. Omega Supreme puts a quick end to the party when he busts through the wall. The Decepticons are being drawn toward Omega Supreme for destruction. Fire everything you have at his hand to try to prevent death. Once his hand is destroyed, make a right at its remnants and drop into the elevator shaft.

    Objective: Go to the bridge terminal

    Continue down the hall and shoot the locks off the door at the end. Inside will be numerous Autobots. First focus on the machine gun guys up top. You can use the doorway as partial cover to heal. Once he is gone destroy the remaining Autobots and go up the ramp. Grab the dropped turret and interact with the console. The door below opens releasing a couple of Brutes. Use the same strategy as always. Wait for them to engage the other Decepticons, then shoot the Brute in the back. With the Brutes down enter the next corridor. Megatron will attempt to open the door at the end with Black Energon. The Autobots are wise to this now and have developed sentries that will neutralize Megatron's attempt. Shoot the sentries to allow the door to be opened. Omega Supreme is on the other side tossing mines onto the road. Drive forward quickly and attempt to avoid as many of the explosives as possible. At the entrance to the next hall you will have to fight off a few Autobots. As Megatron's patience runs low move through the next door and witness the next cinematic. Starscream's air support has distracted the big guy freeing us to destroy the remaining Autobots. Grab the sniper rifle to the left and eliminate the snipers on the other side of the battle field. Now destroy the repair turrets. Two are on the lower right, one is on the lower left, and one is where the snipers where located. Now defeat the guardian below. With the guardian defeated look for a set of stairs to the left. The stairs will lead to the area where the Autobot snipers were located and an Emblem. Press forward destroying the few Autobots you see. Once back outside drive forward. The bridge terminal is just ahead. Unfortunately though Omega Supreme creates a barracade on the path.

    Objective: Find another way to the bridge

    Find the doorway to the left just before the debris and enter. It leads to a dead end. Soundwave states that there is poor structural integrity in the room. Blast the wall to create your own door. At the end of the hall take out the Autobots and look to the upper left to shoot down some snipers. Follow the path to the next doorway and blast it down. Destroy the turret in the next corridor and find an opening leading through a power conduit ahead. Breakdown has his doubts but Megatron insists. Enter and drive to the end. Quickly shoot down the door to the left and exit. Defeat a few Aerial Autobots and look for the emblem in the distance to the left. Shoot through the next door and enter the next power conduit. The door way is a little way up and across the tube. Blast through the door and exit the conduit before being destroyed. Interact with the console at the end of the hall and it opens a door. Quickly move up and to the right to blast through the final door avoiding the rapidly recharging power conduit.

    Objective: Activate the bridge

    Grab the EMP grenades and use them on the cloaked Autobots in the next room. When they are defeated interact with the console. Once the door is opened take out the Autobots and look for the machine gun enemy. Take cover and shoot him. If you are Soundwave his combination of turret and shield work well in this room. Grab the dropped machine gun and active the bridge.

    Objective: Cross the chasm bridge

    Head back toward the previous room and enter the bridge. Omega Supreme is of course nearby. Avoid the mines and drive across the bridge as quickly as possible. Towards the end there will be a big jump to safety. Once across the bridge take a left and look for the Autobot symbol. Jump up to shoot over the shield then return to your team.

    Objective: Ascend to the turret platform

    The next hall will have more of the cloaked Autobots. Once they are defeated a platform will lower. Riding on the platform will be Brute and a couple of other Autobots. Defeat the others while the Brute attacks your team then focus on the Brute. Jump on the lift and interact with its console. It raises the Decepticons to the top level

    Objective: Clear the turret platform

    Move around the platform clearing all Autobot resistance. As you start around you will immediately encounter a turret wielding enemy. He will be the tough out. Defeat him and pick up his weapon and the rest should be easier. You will face at least one more Autobot carrying a machine gun but you have one too. Eliminate each enemy at each turret and be sure to destroy the healing beam above the turrets. When most if not all of the Autobots are gone attack the guardian in the center.

    Objective: Use the turrets to defeat Omega Supreme

    Omega Supreme will maneuver around the platform. He will utilize a shield for protection. Listen to Megatron to become aware of Omega's attacks. He has a primary cannon that is very deadly. He will also fire homing missiles that are not exactly easy on the chrome. Stay on the outer portion of the platform protected by the wall. Grab a turret and detach it and attack from cover. You will be very well protected at the lower portion of the area near Omega Supreme where there is a gap in the distant wall. Once enough of the giant Autobot's health is depleted he will release some aerial bots for you to shoot down. Take them out then continue to add pressure to Omega Supreme. The turrets if removed will respawn over time so do not worry about not having enough ammo. Also on the lower left side of the map are some respawning grenades. I had the health grenades equipped and they seemed to appear regularly if needed. I'll have to confirm this to be true because using this hidden strategy caused Shockwave to receive very little damage. It may have took a little longer to defeat Omega Supreme but it was accomplished without having to retry from checkpoint.

    Omega Supreme is not so easily dispatched. He alone stands in the way of Megatron's ultimate victory. The time has come to prove the Decepticon's true might. To glory! All hail Megatron!

    Objective: Destroy Omega Supreme's turrets

    Even though you blasted Omega Supreme with the turrets at the end of the last mission. He is repairing and attacking. Take cover and listen to Soundwave. Omega Supreme's current weak spot is his turrets. The are located on the rails above his head. As long as you remain behind the walls you should be safe from his attacks. You can even target the turrets by standing back from the wall and shooting over it. Be sure you are not captured by his red beam it will pull you toward his hand for instant anhilation

    Objective: Corrupt batteries to defeat Omega Supreme.

    When the turrets are destroyed, a battery will rise from the ground. When it reaches the surface a blue marker is placed over its location. Transform and quickly drive to the battery. Interact with it and infuse it with Dark Energon before Omega Supreme can use it to recharge. When he pulls a Dark Energon infused battery to himself and utilizes it for repairs, it will make him vulnerable to attack. Unleash all your ammo on him during this time. The window for harming hiim will not last long. He makes a new set of turrets and the process repeats. From this point on though the Decepticons will also have to deal with the occassional Aerial Autobot. So the pattern is to stay behind cover and shoot the turrets. Move to the battery and infuse it with Dark Energon. Finally, shoot Omega Supreme after he uses the corrupt battery. Throughout the area be on watch for different guns, ammo stashes, and health pick ups. The can come in handy in a pinch, especially if you have an idea where to look. If you remain on the exterior you will pass the pick ups regularly.

    Objective: Destroy armor protecting Omega Supreme's chest

    Omega Supreme is down but not out. His power level is down to 49% and he is initiating repairs. He seems more dangerous at 49% than he did at full power. He will fire a barrage of homing missiles into the air that will come crashing down on your head. When he fires these missiles into the air transform and move out of the way. The real danger with Omega Supreme's attacks is when he fires the fire blast or missiles from his hand. The fire blast will be continuous and destroy any cover you may be behind. The best thing to do is to drive away fast. It is also recommended to stay away from the other Decepticons during the fight. If you can stay away from them they are likely to distract Omega Supreme and draw most of his offense. It seems that if you patrol the area at the top of the ramps where there are two battery exit points, your teammates will mostly stay away and Omega Supreme will, for the most part, leave you alone. When you fire your weapons be sure to aim for his chest. It is his only current weakspot. So stay away from the other Decepticons, fire at Omega's chest, and stay on the move to avoid his hand cannon.

    The Autobot's capital city, Iacon, lies in ruins. Their leader, Zeta Prime, has been defeated. Led by an Autbot named Optimus, they must repel the Decepticons until a plan can be made.

    Objective: Activate Planetary Guns

    Exit the elevator and listen to the Jetfire hologram. He will provide you with your first objective. Look above the hologram on the far wall for the Decepticon emblem. Exit and view the Decepticon war ship as it crashes. Head toward the crash site and shoot the one or two Decepticons you may see along the way. You may also come across a soldier that can be revived. A cinematic shows that all of the enemies were not destroyed. Fight off the wave of Decepticons and interact with the console on the lift ahead. The doors will open to more Decepticons attacking. Destroy the two enemies then activate the Planetary Guns using the console.

    Objective: Reach Iacon Speedway

    The skies are now clearing but the ground forces still need help. First we need to get communications back on line. Drop below and head toward the marker. The path will open and Aerial Decepticons will attack. Shoot them down and proceed. A cinematic reveals a survivor inside the room, that is until the Decepticon Brute smashes him. The only way to kill a Brute is to shoot the power pack on its back. Let the Brute engage a teammate then unleash you ammo at its back. The next lift will lower the team to the next area. Watch as the Decepticon War Machine makes quick work of an Autobot. Proceed down the hall defeating enemies as you go. Jetfire will warn of an impending attack from a squaron of Decepticon jets. Shoot them down then go down the path to the right to find another Autobot in need of revival.

    Catch back up to the team and when you see the non playable Autobots under fire destroy the snipers in the distance and look above their location. You should see another Decepticon emblem to shoot. Continue up the stairs to find more Autobot soldiers under fire. Enter one of the heavy turrets and take out the flying Decepticons. Enemies will also enter the battle from the bridge so keep an eye out for Decepticon activity there as well. Once enough enemies have met their demise a Decepticon war ship appears. Focus all fire on it and the war ship will come crashing down. Jetfire appreciates the help. Enter the speedway just ahead.

    Objective: Get to the Decagon

    Ride along the Speedway until you hear Soundwave. At this point portions of the road will be destroyed and the Autobots will fall to the next area. Take out some snipers and revive a fallen Autobot. Now move up the ramps to look for a way back to the Speedway. Take out a few more snipers and continue up the ramps to a message from Megatron. Proceed across the room and a cinematic shows Soundwave becoming aware of the Autobot presence. Soundwave gets away but leaves some Decepticons to fight in his absence. Defeat the minions only to have a machine gun wielding Decepticon appear at the end of the hall. Shoot him dead and take his gun. Continue forward only to be stopped by a gate of Dark Energon. Destroy it and and follow the road to the Decepticon War Machine.

    Objective: Defeat the Decepticon War Machine

    The war machine's weakness is the joints in its legs. Focus your fire on its legs. If you have the turret from the previous room it will make things easier. With the legs knocked out the central core in its chest is now open for attack. Shoot the core to destroy the War Machine.

    Objective: Get to the Decagon

    Destroy the Dark Energon blocking the path out and follow the road to the next door. Exit and the ground will fall slightly. Get on the speedway and follow it defeating the Decepticons that are in the way. When Bumblebee says the speedway is out look across the gap for a Emblem to shoot. Drop off the edge of the road and listen for Ironhide. Proceed forward and clear the corridor of enemies. Once through look for snipers on the bridges above. Take out the snipers then find the broken ramp to the console. Interact with it to open the door. Ahead will be another Decepticon War Machine. This time though do not bother with the legs, shoot it in the chest. Find the lift on the left. At the top blast away the Dark Energon and exit. Ahead you will need to shoot down the Aerial Decepticons. Continue fighting to the turnbines and jump onto one of its platforms. Ride it to the platform with all the Autobot troops then find the next turbine. On the next two turbines you will face mild resistance from a couple of Aerial Decepticons. Ride the turbines to the next piece of solid ground and take out the enemies. Follow the road until you meet up with Ironhide. Interact with the console and exit when the door opens. Fight your way up the stairs and witness a cool cinematic. The debris ahead will be lifted for you.

    Objective: Restore the Communication Grid

    The communications room is at the top of the Decagon. Fight forward dismantling any Decepticons along the way and find the lift up. The elevator is busted so jump over the rubble and down to a fight against a Brute. In the next room Ratchet believes the communication grid will be restored by realigning this device. Shoot the target on the left side of the structure hanging from the ceiling. Once the two arms are aligned with the discs below interact with the consoles to restore the grid.

    Objective: Get to the broadcast room.

    The broadcast room is on the top floor and we don't have an elevator. Ratchet believes we can take an alternate route riding Energon cubes to the top. Ride a series of cubes up to a service lift destroying the Decepticons along the way. On the third cube look for a Emblem on the central structure as you rise. Defeat the Decepticons in front of the service lift and ride it to the broadcast room. Jetfire warns that Starscream is on his way.

    Objective: Defeat Starscream

    The trouble with Starscream will not be taking too much damage. It will be hitting the Decepticon. He starts in jet form and will dash around above. Then he will transform and quickly dash around the room. Using a rapid fire weapon is your best choice. Continue firing at Starscream while trying to keep track of his location. Look for the ammo on the outer ring of the battle field and replenish when necessary.