Challenges on hard mode?

  1. I recall having played through Arkham City a long time ago and I'm not sure if it was normal or hard mode.

    I remember having played the challenge maps. There were two categories I think. Brawler/predator, and another one called challenges maybe?

    I had finished all the brawler/predator, but tried the other ones and found them too hard and gave up, maybe it's just because I was a bit tired of playing that game.

    I just bought the game again on Xbox. I'm starting on hard mode. I'm a few hours in and am finding it ok, not that hard. Thing is, if I want to complete all the challenges this time, will they be hard like... incredibly hard? Maybe I should restart the game on normal mode to do all the challenges? I'd really like to 100% this game and I fear I need to play the normal campaign to be able to do it.

    Any opinions? Has any of you attempted it or finished it?


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  1. If translated correctly your question is, how do I 100% complete a game and does normal difficulty make the challenges harder? If that isn't correct then ignore this post.
    To 100% Batman Arkham City in any platform, you need beat normal and hard difficulties, collect and solve all riddler trophies and riddles, complete all side missions, and score the highest rank in all challenge mode challenges.
    Solved riddler riddles and found trophies carry over to hard mode, so I suggest you collect them all in easy mode first, since you have less harassing you in normal mode.
    It doesn't matte what gamemode you start your campaign on, the difficulty for the challenge mode challenges stays the same, so you don't have to worry about that. I hope that answered all of your questions.

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