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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

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    Walkthrough (Continued)

    The Chase

    Head towards the exit like normal except that it's blocked. turn around and run down the hallway towards the gate. The gate is partially open but the pipes are blocking the way. You want to throw your new freeze bombs at the opening of the pipe so it blocks the pipe. Now you can just slide through. Go through the door on the other side to exit the building. Watch events unfold and go to the rescue.

    Head west but go slowly so you can see the beams from the sniper rifles. Watch for them around the crash site and then follow them back to the source. There should be two to the right and two to the left. Sneak up on them from behind and take them out before rescuing the reporter. Be careful when taking out either group because the sniping groups can see each other. However, if you are quick, they likely won't have time to get a clear shot. With them out of the way, go talk to the reporter.

    How you actually get there is up to you but you are headed for the Southwest corner of the Steel Mill. Be careful because there are guards with sniper rifles all over the place and they only get thicker once you get to the Industrial District. You can go fast or you can go slow and take out all the guards, it's really your choice. Either way, when you get close, Oracle will give you a waypoint directly to where you are going. Outside is a small stalker section. There are two snipers here, one on a really high tower and one on a lower tower. Just make sure you get the high tower sniper and then the low tower sniper.

    After that, it's a cakewalk really. Just wait for the enemies to come out of hiding and make use of your baterang and takedowns. They should fall in no time. Make your way inside. Inside, freeze the first guy and then try and take out the other two. It's a pretty simple battle but they do have access to a knife and a shield so watch for those.

    Steel Mill returns

    Look down over the railing and you'll see water. Throw a cryo bomb into the water to make a raft and then jump on. Use the batclaw to pull your raft along but make sure you let go and duck before you hit the wall. When you come out on the other side, use the bat claw to pull you towards the saws and then just jump up to the ledge above. Make a new raft on the other side and use the rings around the outside to stay away from the saw in the middle. Bring the raft to the far side and hop off again.

    Climb up and look through the window. Glide through the window to start the fight. Keep a finger on your baterangs and the other on your counters. Those will save you big in this fight. Use the baterangs on the people trying to get weapons and counter everything they throw at you, which will be a lot. And watch out for the armored guy. He's the only special type of enemy here.

    ..."And why did it end in a church!?" Best line ever!

    Go through the only door in the room and do a takedown on the unarmored guy. Then just stun the armored guy and take him down. Release the guy if you want but if you stick around for too long, he'll attack you. Blast a hole in the wall and go for a raft ride. Use the anchor points on the wall to pull yourself away from the saws and then use the other up ahead to pull yourself under the wall. On the other side of the wall, you will need to pull yourself back the way you came and off to the side. Get off the ice and onto dry land, then use the line launcher to get across to the other side.

    From there, take a right and make another raft. Climb up on the ledge ahead. This part is a little tricky. You need to throw a remote control baterang through the hole in the door ahead, have it fly through the sparking electricity in the next room and then it needs to turn around and go into the other door and strike the panel in the small caged in room. It takes a few tries and some practice. On the other side, make a raft and be on the lookout on the right for a ledge to grapple up to. Once you get there, look for a security panel. Hack that and a draw bridge will drop for you to cross. Cross the draw bridge and take a right. Head for the double doors and eventually go through them.

    Smelting Chamber

    This room is tough. You want to wait for someone to go under the gargoyle you start under. Climb up there and wait for an inverted takedown opportunity. After you get him, start hopping around. There's no real pretty way of doing this so just wait for people to separate themselves from the group before you drop down on them. Use the fire extinguishers so you can drop down and take someone out without being noticed. You'll have to use all of your tricks to get through this room.

    After you clear the room, there is a shuttered door in the Northeast. Open it and use the railings to cross to it. Go in and open the next door as well. Climb in the vent and into the next room. Go to the far end of the room and use the conveyor belt to get into the room with the guard. You can hop in one of the boxes (MGS?) and the conveyor belt will carry you around unseen. It won't take you out of the room though so ride to the end and do a silent takedown on him. Hop up on the ledge above to find Harley Quinn. Talk to her for a side mission. Then continue on behind her.

    Go under the small door into the next room and then take the door on your right. In the next room, if you can, disable the weapons of the two snipers up in the doorway. Then you can just approach and take out the three guys on the ground. Clean them up and then hop up and get rid of the snipers who will try ineffectually to shoot at you. Follow the arrows on the floor.

    Joker Boss Battle

    Punch him a few times, he's a push over. Then fight the guys who come in to help. Unfortunately, he throws every size at you. You have a one armed guy and a Titan in this battle along with little guys and the Joker. Try to clean up the little guys as best you can while staying on the move. I highly recommend using the Electric Charge on the Hammer guy. When it's just the two big guys and the Joker, go for the Titan. Hit him with the Super Stun and then attack him until you ride him. Use him to attack the one armed guy. Rinse and repeat until the Titan is dead, then take the one armed guy down and finally the Joker. Be sure to watch out for train cars coming randomly throughout the fight. They can do some decent damage.


    Climb forward and up onto the catwalk. You are headed toward Park Row. You'll find a few guys on your destination. You have an armored guard, a shielded guard, and gun guard. Focus on the guy with the gun, then the guy with the shield. The guy with the armor is easily countered whenever he strikes. Once you've dealt with them, go into the sewer. Run along the sewer, into the confiscated goods vault. Go into the next room and after she talks to herself a little, jump onto the ceiling and head into the next room. You want to find three guards and pick their pockets (not take them down).

    Head back to the control room and use the computer to unlock the door. Head back towards the vault door and clear the area. Just isolate your enemies and pick them off. Be sure to use the shortcuts in the stacks where boxes are missing.

    Head into the vault door and check the plant and the briefcases. You'll have to fight your way out. One enemy has armor and the other has a shield but otherwise they aren't anything special. There are six in total. Just make sure to use the space you have in here to your advantage.

    Now grab the briefcases and head out. When you're almost out, you'll have to decide between saving Batman and walking away with the briefcases. You get to choose. While there is a wrong choice, it is an interesting choice to make at least once and won't really set you back any effort. When you're ready, go save Batman. Crawl through the vent and you'll automatically make your way to the Steel Mill.

    Chasing Choppers

    When you regain control of Batman, make your way outside. After a long talk, start scanning choppers. Eventually you'll find the one you are looking for. Grapple up to it and steal the command code. From here, head all the way around the city to the Wonder tower. I highly recommend hitching a ride on a chopper when you can because you are pretty safe when attached to one. At Wonder tower, you want to head for the middle level (the one with the two Snipers). Deal with them as you will and then unlock the door there. Head inside.

    Processing Center

    Follow the hallway and go through the shuttered door. Drop down to the lower level and exit the far side of the room through the other shuttered door. Turn left and go through the door at the end of the hallway. Drop down and face the new enemy here.

    The stun baton enemies aren't difficult to understand but they can be a pain to deal with. Stun enemies can't be countered in any way and you can't attack them from the front or you'll be stunned. The only way to deal damage to them is by jumping over them and hitting them from behind.

    Deal with these three enemies. Once you are done with them, you'll be beat up by another group of enemies and you won't be allowed to react. Once you regain control, pay it all back. Beat them good. You've got a little bit of everything in this group so be careful. Watch for a gun, shield, and stun batons as well as occasional thrown items. When you clear this wave, the next wave will come with no weapons but one of the enemies is armored and there are plenty of weapons on the floor. Try to make quick work of them before they can get any weapons. Bounce the bozos and head through the manhole cover off to the side.

    Wonder Tower Foundation

    Head forward and drop through the hole in the ground. Eventually you'll come to a ledge. Line Launch south and at the second gap, you want to shoot at 90 degrees to the left. Put explosives on the ground to blow a hole in the ground. Drop down in there and meet the intern in the next room. She'll tell you about all the guards (that you're probably already aware of) in the open room beyond.

    This stalker area is rather brutal. If you can deactivate a couple of weapons, use it on the two snipers on either end. The prime striking points are the gargoyles in the inner ring. Use them offensively but once you've taken someone out, head back to the outer ring of gargoyles and usually you'll be fine. Do be aware that the enemies have thermal goggles. Just be patient and stay on the outer ring and you should be fine. But don't forget you can still use some of these Gargoyles offensively too. Decode the elevator when the room is clear. Be aware that it might have multiple answers but only one of them is correct.

    Wonder Tower

    Inside the elevator is another panel you need to hack to get it moving. At the top, hop through the ceiling and go outside, there will be enemies waiting to ambush you (don't take too long because they'll open the door). While the glass takedown looks great, I'd go with taking down one of the two stun baton guards because it will leave you in a better position. Just get moving around and use takedowns on the stun and armored guards and this should be a fast fight. Off to one side of the elevator is another panel to open the gate. Hack it and climb through the door. Slide around to the back of the building and from the antenna, grapple up above.

    Once you reach the landing, turn left and jump to the pipe on the side of the building. Follow that around as far as you can, and then you can grapple strait up and then you'll want to grapple again off to the side. Head back along the building and up the ladder into the elevator shaft. Run and Jump across to the far side landing (down one level). Head forward and take a right and you'll come back outside to a giant antenna again. Walk out and then tightrope walk on the wire. From about halfway along the wire, you'll be able to grapple up on top of the caged in walk way you just come from and from there you can grapple strait up above you.

    You'll be just outside of the elevator shaft now and in the back of the room, to the left will be another panel to hack. Hack that and it will open a door far above you. You have to be right under the door to reach it with the grapnel. Once up there, go through the hallway until you come to a dead end. On the right side a little ways up you will find an air vent. You want to take the lower path in the vent which will lead you outside. From here, you can get to the gargoyles.

    Observation Deck

    Start the battle by hanging off of one of the outside ledges and doing a ledge takedown. Use any neutralizing tools you may have (deactivate weapons, sonic baterangs). There are two ladders in the room, they always go up one and down the other. I found the best spot was by the ladder that goes up. If you go through the middle of the room, Dr. Strange can see you and will point you out so be mindful of that. Almost all of the dirty work will have to be done on the ground so make good use of crawl spaces and cover. If you are patient though, you should be able to catch a guard alone at that spot and do a silent takedown. However you go about it, there are five left (assuming you took out the guard by the ledge).

    When you are done, climb that ladder and go to strange's door. Hack the panel with an awesome password and then confront Dr. Strange.


    Follow the marker. Be careful when you got to about 50 meters though because there will be snipers all over the area (we're talking about ten or so). Take your time getting rid of each sniper. You want to be very mindful of the lasers and where they are pointing. For the most part start from the outside and high up and work your way in to your waypoint and down. Again, be very careful about whom you are taking out. There should be NO lasers near the enemy you are going for and you might want to wait just a moment to make sure no lasers sweep over him. If it's clear, sneak up with a silent takedown. You shouldn't do anything other than silent takedowns because everything else will draw a lot of attention and you probably won't manage to make it back to a vantage point alive. After you've unraveled almost all of the snipers, drop behind the last two by the doors and take them out. Head inside.


    Batman tells you right off what you need to do to defeat Clayface. Throw ice bombs at him. Hit RT/R2 twice to through one. Just keep tossing them at him and avoiding his attacks. He has a few attacks but they are painfully obvious when they are coming. He has a blade attack that is in close on the first swing and covers almost the entire area on the second. He also has a Hammer attack where he can squash you, an overhead leap that can cover the entire room, and an overhead swing that you can either dodge or use counter to dodge (you'll see the regular indicator above his head during this). He has one other attack where he turns into a ball which can be kind of hard to avoid if you're close to him so it's a good idea to keep your distance.

    So you'll dodge a lot. In between dodging you should just be hammering him with grenades. Eventually his life bar will run out and he'll be frozen. Go beat on him a little bit. Eventually, he'll thaw and he'll return to his attacks. He will be more aggressive and take less damage than before but he's only got one new attack this time. He will spin around and shoot little pieces of clay at your feet. Just keep dodging this and repeat what you did last time.

    Phase 3 is entirely different than the first two. Rather than fight clayface directly, you'll fight little clay creatures. You'll also notice two bars in the upper right. The orange bars are the creatures you're fighting. Once that disappears, Clayface will appear from the giant puddle of clay. You need to throw freeze blasts into his mouth. If you don't get it the first time, it will slow him down giving you a much easier time at getting it in his mouth the second time. This will lower the blue bar. But the more damage that you do to Clayface, the more minions he will send at you.

    The real tough part here is that the minions have an incredible reach so you need to be very attentive to countering. It may even by wise to do just that rather than attacking them. Drop four freeze blasts in his mouth and he's done for. <h1 style="text-align:center;">***End***=== <br/><br/><br/>

    Or is it...


    Head back to your apartment. Once you get there, drop into the cage like you did before and approach your window. Then a fight will start. They are a pretty simple group of enemies. Take them out and head to the museum. When you get to the museum, there will be a few guys, one with a shield, in front. Deal with them, head inside and deal with the group in the dinosaur exhibit. A couple of them will have knives.

    Run down the hall, through the door and into the gladiator room. There's a good number of enemies here, a couple with shields and knives and lots of hammers and thrown weapons. Thankfully there are no Titans or guns so just keep moving and using your takedowns and you should be fine.

    Go through either door, up the stairs and through the door at the top. You'll be in the torture chamber now. You want to swing under the catwalk and head right. Climb through the grate into the caged room. Then you want to pounce up to the catwalk above and follow that path around to the north wing towards the armory. You can drop down and there will be a few enemies just down the hall. Be fast because they are packing guns but thankfully there's only three of them.

    Head into the armory to start a stalker section. This section is interesting because you can't get rid of all the guards. They keep respawning. Your only real target is Two-Face. Depending on where he is, you need to sneak up on him in a different way.

    If he's on the bridge (like when he starts), you need to get over and hang on the ledge and wait for a ledge takedown. If he's by the entrance walking between the two balconies then you need to wait for a clear shot to sneak up behind him. You can also catch him on the lower level. He will walk around the Mammoth in the center. It's rather hard to catch him here but if you can get around behind him for a silent takedown, it'll make finishing the fight a lot easier.

    The best method I've managed is to go to the back of the room so you're near the Mammoth's rear end. Climb up the ledge of the bridge so you are on the right side and wait to do a ledge takedown. Once you've done it, drop down, turn 180 degrees and then run forward and left into the alcove. There should be a vent here. Climb through it, take a left and run to the end and climb up into the vent. Come out the other side and try to make your way into the room and back up to the Gargoyles. With any luck, Two-Face will go back up to the bridge and you can rinse and repeat. Feel free to use a pouncing attack if that is what is convenient (for instance, when he's on the bottom floor).

    One you've finished with him, you are back to Batman and can roam the city completing riddles and side-quests.

    Court House

    Halfway down the stairs to the holding area, turn around and look up. This statue should be above the doorway from the first floor.

    From the back door, look up and you'll see where an electrical wire is arching. Throw a remote controlled baterang through it, take a sharp left, go down the stairs, turn right at the bottom of the stairs, and head for the cell in the back corner. Go over the bars and hit the fuse box in the back. This will open the cell next to calendar man, revealing a trophy.

    row 1, Riddle 1

    Park Row - Just North East of the Courthouse is Catwoman's House. Scan her apartment.

    row 1, riddle 2

    Park Row - There is an ally west of the words "Park Row" on the map. This is also the same ally you followed the bleach trail to for Identity Theft. In this area is a bar named "The Stacked Deck" and opposite that is the Mad Hatter's house. Go inside his house and on the right corner of the table is a copy of Alice in Wonderland. Scan that.

    row 2, riddle 1

    Park Row - Standing on top of the Courthouse flag pole, activate detective mode and look south to see a question mark. Align the two parts and scan them.

    row 2, riddle 2

    Park Row - East of the courthouse is a broken bridge section. Under that, you can see where the bridge would have continued but had fallen. On one side of the gate you can see signs that mention sibsidence. Scan these.

    row 2, riddle 3

    Park Row - From the Courthouse, head south, down the street and over the gate. Just after you pass the gate, turn right and you should see a building that has a sign that reads "Strange Minds." Scan that sign.

    row 3, riddle 3

    Park Row - South of the courthouse, at the next intersection, you should see the theater if you turn East. If you turn left, on the wall beside the theater is a poster that says "The Terror" and you should scan this.

    row 4, riddle 1

    Courthouse - Go in through the back door and into the court room. Immediately to your left is a boxed in desk with a gavel and two handguns. Scan the handguns.

    row 4, riddle 3

    Park Row - There is an alley just east of the words "Ace Chemical Building" on the map. Go into that alley and you are looking for a street sign on a lamp post that says "Crime Alley" on it. Scan that.

    row 5, riddle 1

    Courthouse - Go down stairs into the holding area. In one of the two cells is Calendar Man. Scan him.

    row 5, riddle 3

    Park Row - At the very top of the Ace Chemical Building is a giant sign. Scan the Sign.

    Park Row

    Around the corner to the right of the theater is a camera. It is just on the corner to the right (as you walk away from the theater).


    You can hack and enter the first cell of the east-west hallway. Go into the cell and destroy the left wall to get into the next cell and claim your statue sitting on the cot.

    Inside the Morgue on a table to the left of the door. The statue is sitting right in plain view.

    From the stairs by the morgue (by the backdoor entrance to the GCPD), throw a remote controlled baterang through the electricity arching by the ceiling then have the baterang go down, under the gate. Have it go down this hallway and then have it take a right so it's traveling up the North-South holding cell hallway. There is only one cell in this hallway and the only way into it is through the upper right most window. Have the electrified baterang go through that window and hit the fusebox in the back of the room to open the door to the cell. Collect the trophy.

    This statue is just above the front door. You have to walk out into the hallway and then grapple up to the rafter area above the hallway. Head back above the main entrance and you'll see the statue in a cage and a button by it turn around and where the intersection is, there is a button both to the left and one to the right. You need to trigger all three without touching the ground in between. This is tough because you can't tightrope on the line launcher here so you'll have to time things well. Start with either of the other switches (not the one by the cage). Stand on it, then line launch across to the other one and drop down just a split second early so you land on the button. Then you need to line launch back the way you came and then do a second line launch at a 90 degree angle (requires the line launcher upgrade) and as soon as you start moving towards the cage and the button, hit the B button so you land on the switch. Again, this will take some practice to get the timing but once you hit all three buttons without touching the ground, you'll be able to grab the statue.

    Take the stairs from the parking lot up to the roof and walk around this level. On the front by the grates you can walk around under are a couple of destroyable walls. Destroy either and then crawl through the vent on the other side. This will take you around to a statue.

    GCPD Vehicle Access

    Head back to the front door of the GCPD and slide under the shutter as usual. Instead of heading through the door, head down the ramp and destroy the wall here to access a statue.

    From the last statue, turn left and you can see the statue from an area that you can't reach from here. If you look on the right wall of that area is a destroyable wall. Go outside and to the buildings Northwest of the GCPD. Look down from the roof and you should see the boarded up area on the wall. You need to glide into that to break through. Dive Bomb if you have to. It may take a try or two to line it up but once you're through, you can just pick the statue up.

    This is a Catwoman statue. From where you collected the last statue as Batman, Catwoman can pounce up and climb above the water to the other side and you should see the pink statue dead ahead.

    Outside the GCPD

    In the southwest area outside of the building will be a small booth and you may be able to see the trophy inside but you have to go to the building just to the west and get as close to the booth as possible. You'll have to use an upgraded Sequencer to hack the gate from here, then go back across and in the front door of the booth.

    On the east side of the building, just below the back door entrance is a little arch that doesn't lead anywhere and hanging upside down from the keystone of the arch is a trophy. Use the batclaw.

    Head west from the GCPD and under the broken bridge. Against the building to the north should be a vent and a button. Stand on the button and three question marks will light up on the building to the west. The two marks on either side are blocked by fences so you'll have to turn to get those. I recommend you get the two on either side first and then hit the middle one last. Use the Remote Controlled Baterang on all three and make liberal use of the boost function.

    From the north side of the GCPD roof, look NW and you'll see a building with a giant GOTHAM sign on it. Under that sign, in the nook is a trophy. You'll need to glide from the GCPD, under the trophy to hit the button on the wall, wall glide off of that and grapple up to the statue to collect it.

    Gotham Casino

    On the northern most part of the roof will be a shack with the trophy in it.

    On the west side of the building will be a small caged in area with a trophy. You have to slide under this caged area, causing the trophy to flip down and then you need to hit A while you are sliding to grab it mid slide.

    On the building to the west of the Gotham Casino (it appears attached to the Casino on the map) will be a button. Glide from this button to the button just north east and then turn right and glide to the last button to open the trophy cage.

    From the last trophy, you may have noticed what looked like another one of those cage mazes. Go over to it and head east. You'll walk across a fence platform and then drop down. Turn around and you'll see a flooded alley. Line launch across and then swing up to tightrope walk on it (requires upgrade). Head all the way to the end and you'll see the trophy and a generator to your right. You'll have to aim high to activate the generator. Activate it and then head back up to the top where you started.

    Drop down the east side of the building and you'll want to land on a small balcony sticking out with a boat and a payphone on it. Go inside and turn left. Stand on the button in the corner and then turn around. Line launch all the way down the hall and through two destroyable walls. You should land right next to a statue.

    Amusement Mile

    On the north side of the map is a little pocket sticking out westward beyond the green line. You can see it from the edge of the broken bridge. Stand on the bridge and use a Freeze Blast to make a raft. Jump down to it and then use the Disruptor (requires upgrade) on the turret in the room. Then just pull yourself over to the ledge with the batclaw and collect the trophy.

    This building is just north of the GCPD and has a sign on it that reads "Gotham Sea Pier". On the SW side of the roof is a girder with a Riddler button on it and a statue. If you stand on the button and look south, you should see three lit up question marks just above the water line. Get off the button to gain access to them. Create an ice raft by the question marks and put explosive gel on each one, then return to the button. While standing on it, trigger the explosive gel and then take the trophy.

    This building is just north of the GCPD and has a sign on it that reads "Gotham Sea Pier". On the highest part of the roof, you'll find another Riddler button and trophy. Just stand on the button and use the batclaw to grab the trophy.

    On the building connected to Poison Ivy's building is a billboard. Right next to the billboard is a door that would otherwise lead into the building but it's been sealed off. Use Explosive Gel to open it.

    East of where the Bridge starts leading to the industrail district, you'll find cranes. If you look down from the northern most crane, you will find a group of buttons with fencing between them and a statue. This crane is also the crane with a Augmented Reality Training on it. To do this, you need the grapnel boost. Hit the first button, then grapnel boost up to the crane and over, turn around and then dive bomb onto the next statue. It's a good idea to get some distance before you turn around. You want to try and aim almost strait down to line this up BEFORE you do the dive bomb and then when you are fairly certain that you've lined it up, dive bomb onto the next button. Do this again for the last and then collect your trophy.

    From the same crane above the buttons, use the REC to raise the hook of the crane. On the ball above the hook will be a trophy. Use the batclaw to collect it.

    Just east of the crane from the previous two statues is a little platform (it's sticking out of the water at an angle). Under the roof will be a button. Stand on it and watch the pattern that displays. When the gate opens, you need to hit the five question marks in the order indicated.

    Pattern 1: 1,3,5,2,4
    Pattern 2: 4,3,1,5,2
    Pattern 3: 3,5,2,1,4

    Above Bane's building (just north of the crane) is a vent system with a couple of question marks. The trick here is that you need to hit both switches but you have to time your Remote Control Baterang so it goes through while the vents are open. Try to throw the Baterang just before the vent opens and hit the boost so it hits the first mark. Then the vents will close but when they reopen, they'll stay open allowing you to hit the second mark at your leisure. Hit both and the cage to the left will open.

    In the room with Bane (just south of the GCPD) there will be a bunch of side rooms. As you come into the main room, immediately turn right and you will see a counter with a room beyond that you can't get into. There is a trophy there, you just need to use the batclaw.

    On the east side of Bane's building, on the outside of the building will be a small caged in area with Red Buttons. If you step on the buttons, it will actually close the cage for the trophy. You want to move just to the right a little without stepping on the buttons and line launch across. You want to aim for the legs of the crane in the distance. If you aren't getting it, move Batman around until you are close enough to hit it.

    If you look of the north side of the Bane Building, you should see a roof jutting out towards the GCPD. Throw an Freeze Blast into the water to make a raft and pull yourself under the roof with the batclaw. There is a panel off to the right side to hack. Then just pull yourself inside and grab the trophy.

    This trophy is right under the middle of the bridge heading to the industrial district. Throw a Freeze Blast under the middle of the bridge to make a raft and then aim up with your batclaw.

    Just west of the bridge will be a building with a button on the very top. If you look south, you'll see another button on the side of another building. Jump off the first button and glide into the second, then as you hit the second button, hit the glide button again to jump off and glide in the opposite direction. There is one more statue against the wall across from this one. Once you glide into this one, hit the glide button back in the opposite direction (towards button two) and use the grapnel to pull you back up to that roof. The trophy will be here but you only have 7 seconds to get it which is why you had to glide jump off of button three.

    This statue is on the same building that you started on for the last trophy except on a lower section of the roof to the south. Hop down to it. There will be a caged off area that you have to crawl through and it's filled with mines. It is possible to make it through with no extra health but make sure you know where you are going first. It's actually pretty simple, just keep taking right turns. This is a lot easier to do if you can deactivate the bombs with the disruptor but it's not necessary.

    On the northern section of the previous building, just about at the AMU in Amusement Mile will be a button puzzle. It IS as easy as it seems. You merely have to walk over the three buttons to get the trophy.

    Just east of the bridge leading to the industrial district, on top of the GCR building. On the lower section is a caged area and you need to get the ball to then end of the maze using the REC. Just step on the button beside the maze and shoot at the generator to pull the ball, then step off of the button and shoot it again. It'll get to the end and you just need to wait for the generator to shut off and the ball to roll by the green gated are.

    On the building with AMU of the Amusement Mile on it, on the corner closest to the church are a group of six question marks. You must hit them all in quick succession. Use Explosive Gel to cover the buttom three and then climb up on the building next to the church. Quick throw baterangs at the top three marks, then set off the explosive gel to get all six. Jump down and claim your prize.

    North of the Olympus and West of the GCPD is a regular building. On the roof, there is a vent area that can be hacked open. Hack it and the gate will slide open for you.

    GCR Building

    This trophy is on the Antenna of the building. It is on the level with the letter C.

    On the Northern and lower most part of the roof, is a caged trophy with a button. The button alternates Red and Green. You need to step on it while it's green to open the cage.

    Gotham City Olympus

    Approaching from the West side, there is a balcony under the glowing sign. Drop onto the balcony and break open the wall there (just punch it).

    row 1, Riddle 1

    Gotham Casino - On the east side of the building, you willl see three pieces of building sticking out. You want to look at the north side of the southern most piece which will have a giant poster for "The Flying Graysons" CANCELLED.

    row 1, riddle 2

    Just south of the GCPD is the Krank Co. Toys building. You want to scan the giant sign and bear.

    row 2, riddle 1

    SE of the Gotham Casino, you will see the Gotham City Olympus. Above the sign is a statue with a blue lightning bolt in it's hand. You want to scan the blue bolt. If you have trouble, you can scan it while gliding to get closer.

    row 3, riddle 1

    If you stand on the Gotham Casino and look south, you will see three water towers. Under the right most water tower, you will see a motor (still on the roof) above what looks like a door but with no shutter. You need to CLOSE the shutter. On this shutter is the dot for the question mark. If you look directly North of this spot, you'll see a building with a billboard. Stand just on the other side of the billboard on the small raised section of roof. On the back of the billboard is the top of the mark. Turn on detective mode and then line up the part on the billboard with the dot on the shutter in the distance.

    row 3, riddle 2

    GCPD Vehicle Access - After collecting the second statue from here, line launch across the water to where Catwoman's statue is/was. After landing, turn left and you should see a couple of parking spots. Scan James Gordon's spot.

    row 4, riddle 1

    Stand on top of the GCPD and look ENE. In the distance, you should see an island. Zoom in to see that it is Arkham Asylum with giant plant overgrowth and all. Scan this.

    row 4, riddle 2

    GCPD roof - On the north side of the roof will be the Bat Signal. Scan it.

    row 5, riddle 1

    Go to Poison Ivy's building NW of the GCPD. It is made up of two buildings connected by a catwalk. If you look in the water between them, you should see what may, at a distance, look like a bed floating in the water. It's actually a containment cell. Scan this.

    row 5, riddle 2

    On the very top of the bridge leading to the Industrial District, you will find a pile of hay and mask. Scan this.

    TYGER Computer

    If you look NW from the GCPD, you'll see Ivy's tower on the right, a water tower just to the left of that and on the same section of roof as the water tower but just to the left against a wall, you should see the computer. Hack it.

    row 3, Riddle 2

    Industrial District - By the Steel Mill's front gate (by where AR training Advanced 1 is) there will be a pay phone next to a building and a man leaning on the pay phone. The man is actually dead. Scan him.

    Subway Access

    As soon as you drop down into the subway from the Industrial District, turn left and you'll see electricity. You need to throw your baterang through the electricity, then have it do a U-turn (remember to let go of the aiming button before pressing it again). After the U-turn, have it take the first left and go all the way to the end. You will have to pass by a gate by going over it and through a small hole then angle down to hit the fuse box on the back wall. This will open the gate so you can reach the statue.

    From the industrial district entrance, head forward, over the gap and then take a left. You will come to another gap and the statue will be visible across the gap. Line Launch over to it.

    From the position of the previous statue, drop down to the bridge bellow. Climb up on the railing and create an ice raft on the water below. Jump down on the raft and under the bridge will be two statues. Use your batclaw to collect one.

    • Follow the instructions for the previous statue but instead of using the ice raft, jump up on the railing and climb down onto the bottom side of the bridge to collect the pink statue.

    From the bridge, go the only direction you can and when you get to the intersection, turn left. The wall here should be destroyable and beyond will be a door you will have to slide under. On the far side of the room are three statues and a button. Stand on the button and the door behind you will close. Throw a baterang at the dot of the Question Mark, then grab the three statues on the wall. Soon, the pipes on either side of the room will start opening up. Use the Freeze Blast quick throw on these pipes to seal them. Do so for the first two, then the next two and the move to the far side and seal the last two. Then the door will open and let you out.

    • Once you've exited back out from the area the three previous statues were in, there will be another gate to slide under directly ahead of you. You will see a pink statue on the ceiling directly ahead. You will need to be Catwoman to collect it.

    From where you can see the previous Catwoman statue, you will need to line launch twice. Line Launch once directly ahead and when you get to about where the Catwoman statue is, you want to do another Line Launch to your right and you should land right on the statue.

    Subway Terminal

    After dropping down from the Subway Access, you should see this statue to your left. Head towards the trains and turn left to see some stairs leading up. Go up them but not up the ladder. You can climb under the grate or punch through the boarded up wall. Either way, once in the (formerly) closed off area, keep heading down the stairs until you've come around behind the statue.

    Climb up on the southernmost gargoyle and then turn left with detective mode on. You should see a destroyable wall. You want to glide from the gargoyle through that wall and you'll land on the statue.

    Inside the western most subway car, you can see this statue hanging upside down from the roof. You'll need to use your batclaw to get it.

    On the northern terminal platform, go all the way to the west end but don't go up the stairs. Tucked under the stairs should be a vent through which you can see a statue. Crawl through and collect it.

    While looking at the previous statue/vent, if you look up then you should be able to see a room through a gap just below the stairs. There is a round hole in the fence here through which you can shoot your REC. Aim through the hole and try to hit the fuse box on the far wall, then go up the stairs to your left and collect your statue in that room (which is now open).

    At the west end, just below the gargoyle is a room. Enter the room and hack the panel here to get a statue.

    • This statue is just above the shutter leading towards the Subway Tunnel and can only be obtained by Catwoman.

    Go into the northern tunnel of the Subway Terminal that heads toward Wonder Tower and turn right. Open the shutter there, slide under and collect the statue.

    In the Tunnel that leads to Wonder Tower, there is a gap you have to cross. In the water under you will be a frozen statue. You can't collect this statue from range so you need to make a raft near it, fall onto the raft and collect it.

    In the tunnel that leads to Wonder Tower, there is a statue on the wall as you look north. You have to make an ice raft directly under it, then hack the panel from the ice raft (requires gadget upgrade). You then have to return to the ledge and Line Launch towards the statue and then tightrope walk to it (requires line launch upgrade).

    Subway Tunnel

    In the Southern tunnel, at the far east end is a wall you can destroy. Do so and beyond it is another Death Trap room. Slide under the door. You want to be prepared to move quickly. Hack the panel which will start a countdown and the floor will become electrified. As soon as the countdown starts, you need to use the Line Launcher and then hit RB to swing up on it to tightrope walk (requires Line Launcher upgrade). Just sit on the wire until the floor returns to normal and collect your statues.

    This is in the southern tunnel. If you come from the Subway Terminal, climb up on the cars and follow them all the way to the west as far as you can go. Eventually you'll hit a point where rubble has blocked your path and there's a small gap between you and the next car (which is burried under the rubble). In between these two cars, the statue rests on the tracks.

    In the north tunnel, on the east side (accessed through a destroyable wall), you will see a button on the tracks. Step on the button and it will light up three buttons you have to hit inside the subway car ahead. All three switches are in the ceiling of the car and once you hit the first switch, you only have 8 seconds to hit both of the other. Thankfully, you just have to hit the question mark and not the dot to activate the switch. You'll have to make good use of the Remote Baterang and it's boost to accomplish this.

    Subway Tunnel - Start in the Subway Station. In between the tracks on the east side is a panel you can hack (you must have the TYGER encryption). Hack the panel and two doors open up. Go through the door on the left and inside the train will be a statue.

    Subway Station

    On the bottom floor of the station, go through the right door on the north side. On the left, you'll pass a vent. Go through it and you'll find a statue at the end of the tunnel.

    In the vent that leads between the Subway Tunnels and the Station, you will find a statue in the Station end. It will be the only turn you can take of the main path. It's a lot easier to see in first person.

    • On the top floor, head into the room to the east. This Catwoman statue will be sitting on a desk.

    From the previous statue, turn right and you'll see a vent. Pull open the vent and crawl to the next room. Blow open a hole in the floor and drop down to collect the statue there.

    On the top floor by the south doors, there will be two small rooms. One of them is blocked. You must hack the panel to get into the room. Do so to collect your trophy

    row 1, Riddle 1

    Subway Access - From the Industrial District entrance, head forward and over the first gap. Take a left and you'll come to another gap (which has a statue on the far end if you haven't collected it). Line launch across the gap. There is a destroyable section of ground here. Destroy it and drop through the hole. On the table in this room will be a giant collar with a chain. Scan this.

    row 2, Riddle 1

    Subway Tunnels - Enter from the Subway Terminal and then head up the southern tunnel a little bit. The last train car that you can walk on can also be entered. Walk through the car and you'll notice one of the windows is still intact. In fact, it's a mirror. Turn on Detective Mode and you should see a dot on the mirror and the reflection of a question mark on the wall behind you. Line up the dot so it makes a full question mark and then scan it.

    row 3, Riddle 1

    Subway Station - On the bottom floor of the station, in the northwest corner will be a Vicki Vale Show poster. Scan the poster.

    row 4, Riddle 1

    Subway Tunnels - By the exit leading to the Subway Terminal, you should find a Titan tank. To the left of the tank you should see a giant mural on the wall of Solomon Grundy. Scan this.

    row 5, Riddle 1

    Subway Terminal - From the door that exits the area to the north, follow the wall to the left. Just before the end of the wall should be a poster that says "Visit Santa Prisca." Scan this poster.

    Subway Access

    Just as you enter from the Industrial District, hurdle over the pipe in front of you and just before the hole in the ground should be some chattering teeth.

    Continue down the previous hall and take the first left. More teeth should be on the ground before the next gap (that you'll line launch over).

    Drop down to the bridge below after the previous set of teeth and then go forward. Turn right at the intersection and slide under the gate. There should be more teeth at your feet.

    The last set of teeth in this area is the intersection just before where you drop into the Subway Terminal.

    Subway Terminal

    Just after dropping into the terminal from Subway Access, turn around and you should see the teeth by the barrels.

    On the northern platform, you will find chattering teeth by the base of the stairs on the west side of the platform.

    By the southwestern exit to this area (where you need to open a shutter with the REC), you should find a set of teeth on the ground.

    In the tunnel leading toward Wonder Tower, these teeth are located just before the door to Wonder Tower Fondation.

    Subway Tunnel

    You'll find this on top of one of the cars in the northern tunnel near some pipes you must slide under.

    This is by the western end of the southern tunnel, just before you climb through the vent into the Subway Station.

    Subway Station

    On the bottom floor, you'll find teeth at the west end, between the tracks.

    On the top floor by the doors to the south, there are two rooms. In the room to the right will be chattering teeth on the floor by a dead body.


    Across from the museum and south is a building with a maze on it. This is also the same building where you can change characters. There are two generators and a switch on the roof and a ball in the cage. Use the generators to move the ball. Since each generator can move in two directions, you can move the ball in all four directions. The switch will open two gates inside. You just need to get the ball to the other side of the maze so you can retrieve the trophy.

    From the jammer on the roof of the museum, turn north and directly ahead and above the train tracks is a statue.

    row 1, Riddle 1

    Just scan the top of Wonder Tower.

    row 1, Riddle 2

    Looking at the front door of the museum, head right and follow the wall. By the ramp leading to the subway, on the wall of the museum, you should see Wanted Posters for Bruce Wayne. There will be a bunch of them. Scan them.

    row 2, Riddle 1

    From riddle 3/1, standing in front of the hat shop, head east and then head north at the next corner. Once you go over a small bridge, turn left and you should see Sal Maroni's Italian Restaurant. Scan the sign. This is attached to the same same building as the Hat Shop as far as the map is concerned.

    row 2, Riddle 2

    From riddle 2/1, starting at Sal Maroni's Restaurant, head north until you hit the corner of the building. Turn east and look down to street level and you will see a shop that sells puppets and magic props. Scan the sign of the puppet.

    row 3, Riddle 1

    Standing on the Museum and looking east, you should see a lit up sign for "Live Nudes." Just to the right and under that sign is a "Hat Shop" sign. You can scan it from here if you zoom in.

    row 3, Riddle 2

    Along the southern wall of the city, on the street closest to the Restricted Area, you will find a news van. South of the news van, blocking the road access to the rest of Gotham is a door with the TYGER symbol and says "Inmate Behavioral Analysis Unit."

    row 4, Riddle 1

    East of "The Bowery" on the map, you'll see two buildings connected by a small bridge on the map. On the roof of the northern building will be a billboard with Quincy Sharp on it. It will be on the southern part of the building.

    row 4, Riddle 2

    Keep heading through Wonder Tower until you get to the courtyard with the giant Dr. Strange TV broadcast. There is a door to the left of the giant TV and inside is the guard that you may remember from the AC trailer. Scan his body.

    row 5, Riddle 1

    Go into Wonder Tower from the Bowery. This requires you to hack the door on the second floor with the TYGER encryption (as you would during the story). Go through that door and up the hall to the next which you have to open with the REC. On the other side, instead of dropping down, go to the gate on the opposite side of this level. You will need to hack a panel inside the room beyond to open the gate which will require the Sequencer upgrade. Open the door and look through the first window. Activate detective mode and you should see the dot on the window sill in this room and the rest of the mark on the window on the far side. Line them up.

    row 5, Riddle 2

    On the balcony just before the door you hack to enter Wonder Tower, there is a plaque. Go to the south end of the balcony and you will see a plaque that reads "Arkham City Opened by Mayor Quincy Sharp On the Novermber 19th, 1..." and the corner of the sign is broken. Scan the sign (may need to zoom in).

    row 5, Riddle 3

    Go down to the street just to the east of the Museum. Head north up the street but watch out for mines. When you get to the last section that is still under the roof, look towards the gate to the north. Up above the gate is a sign advertising "Sale On! Crazy Prices!" Scan that sign (may need to zoom in).


    Stand at the top of the Ace Chemical building and then look south. Glide down to the roof of the building in front of you and you should find a computer. Hack the computer. (It's not a destructible but you must find it and it reveals the position of all the destructibles in the area).

    Freight Elevator

    The Freight Elevator is the east door in the Loading Bay. Once through the door, immediately turn left and you will see round door on the wall. Use the Batclaw to pull it open.

    The Freight Elevator is the east door in the Loading Bay. Use your sequencer to hack the panel and open the doors. Stand above the left elevator and raise it (you can clear the enemies if you like) then head into the right shaft while the left elevator is raised and hop down under the left elevator. From here, you can grapple up to the right elevator (half of the floor is gone) and grab the statue.

    row 1, Riddle 1

    Loading Bay - Climb up to the Joker's Fun House area. From the chair the Joker was sitting in looking out of the room, turn right and there should be Harley Quinn's old costume on a dummy. Scan this.

    row 2, Riddle 1

    Assembly Line - In this area, after coming through the door from the Smelting Chamber, you will find a cell and it should have the two one armed enemies that you fought earlier. Scan them.