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    Walkthrough by 273342

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    G-Senjou no Maou
    This walkthrough uses multiple save points and loading for two reasons:
    1. To include Bad Ends with more CGs and different story
    2. The story is somewhat linear, with different routes branching 
    off at different times in the story.
    Because of the second reason, it is recommended that you play the routes
    in the order they are given.  It is not necessary, but I highly recommend
     Chapter 1
      Something about Kanon...
      Don't be so dramatic.
     Chapter 2
      Make up a reasonable excuse.
      I don't like this woman.
      *Save 1*
      She's telling me to let it drop.
      Investigate Usami and 'Maou'.
      Let it be.
     >Tsubaki Bad End
      *Load Save 1*
      She's asking me for help
      Get involved with Tsubaki and her family.
      Expose Eiichi's lies.
      *Save 2*
      Invest in Tsubaki.
      Devote myself to Tsubaki.
     >Tsubaki Good End
      *Load Save 2*
      Ditch her while I can.
     Chapter 3
      I can't say no to her...
      I'll go ahead and lie down.
      No doubt about it.
      *Save 3*
      I should listen to her.
      It's what I need to do.
      Embrace her, and show my affection.
      *Save 4*
      Maybe she'll feel better...
     >Kanon Bad End
      *Load Save 4*
      It'll be like running away.
     >Kanon Good End
      *Load Save 3*
      I'll avoid the subject.
     Chapter 4
      It's certainly possible.
      I should probably walk her home.
      *Save 5*
      Call the police.
      I should leave this to the police.
      *Save 6*
      To fuck Shiratori.
     >Mizuha Bad End
      *Load Save 6*
      That this isn't my path.
     >Mizuha Good End
    Haru [True]
      *Load Save 5*
      Wait for Tokita.
     >Haru Good End

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