• Steam Achievements

    Battle kingWin 20 tactical battles without losing one ship
    BoarderSuccessfully capture 10 ships with boarding action
    Bring in the GoodsBuilt one of every tradeship type in a single game
    CanuckEstablish at least 3 colonies in area 1
    Center of Trade3 different product factories in one city
    CollectorBuilt every single ship in game
    ColonizerPlayer has more than 100,000 colonists
    ConquerorPlayer has a colony in every colony spot
    Conqueror of the AmericasConquer a total of 10 colonies
    DelraPlayer has a total of 30 tradeships, atleast 3 traderoutes with 5 stops
    DiplomatPlayer concluded the 1st diplomatic negotiations
    Emperor of the New World10 colonies founded in a single game
    Equipped like a NelsonBuilt one of every warship type in a single game
    Feed the fishesSank 40 enemy ships in a single game
    Filthy richGet 10 million in the bank
    Founding FatherEstablished 1st colony
    Getting startedCompleted the Getting Started Tutorial
    Gold Digger1000 tons of gold to home port
    Gold hoarderGet 1 Million in the bank
    Grand ArmyReached 25 000 soldiers on ships and in garrisons
    HidalgoPlayer has 5/4/3 colonies in area 4 (easy/normal/hard)
    Holiday CruiseVisit 5 ports with at least 200 colonists onboard from your homeport and then return home.
    Home MakerColonies in every territory
    Home Runner Bronze100 Trips to home port
    Home Runner Gold10000 Trips to home port
    Home Runner Silver1000 Trips to home port
    IndestructibleWon a battle without taking any damage on any ship
    Indian Warhammer50 attacks from Indians
    King of the CastlePalace level 3 built
    Leader100% colony morale achieved
    Lord of the CastlePalace level 1 built
    Master and CommanderControl 50 warships at the same time during a normal campaign
    Masters of WarAt war with all nations at once
    Naval RookieFought the 1st naval battle
    Pax AtlanticaAllies with all other nations
    Peace is our BusinessWin the game without attacking an enemy colony or fleet
    Peace maker20 years without fighting
    Pirate slayerSink 20 pirate ships
    Prince of the CastlePalace level 2 built
    Rhumsey Rhum1000 units of rum imported
    RomanticPlayed 10 tactical battles with "Sunset" as the time of day all during one campaign
    Royal Cuban Cigars1000 units of cigars imported
    SniperHit one enemy ship, range 2000 or more
    SurvivorPassed the 1st 5 years in the game
    Sweet Tooth1000 tons sugar to home port
    The ArmadaPlayer got over 100 ships
    The NavigatorDiscovered 20 empty colony spots in one game
    Trades with Wolfs1000 units of resources gotten from Indians
    Trading RookieSold 1st cargo
    WarlordDefeat 3 enemy nations
    WarmongerDeclare war 20 times

    Contributed By: Guard Master and th3l3fty.

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