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    FAQ/Walkthrough by troa11

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    Magicka Adventure FAQ
    By Troa11
    This guide may not be copied, reproduced or reprinted without permission.
    I can be contacted via Steam or Steam forum username 'Troa11' for questions or
    How to Use This Guide................[MUSE]
    The Spell System.....................[SSYS]
    Useful Spells........................[SPLS]
      Chapter 1..........................[MC01]
      Chapter 2..........................[MC02]
      Chapter 3..........................[MC03]
      Chapter 4..........................[MC04]
      Chapter 5..........................[MC05]
      Chapter 6..........................[MC06]
      Chapter 7..........................[MC07]
      Chapter 8..........................[MC08]
      Chapter 9..........................[MC09]
      Chapter 10.........................[MC10]
      Chapter 11.........................[MC11]
      Chapter 12.........................[MC12]
    Weapon List..........................[WPNS]
    Staff List...........................[STVS]
    How to Use This Guide [MUSE]
    Please read this before you go any further.
    This guide primarily covers the single-player adventure mode of Magicka.
    Most of what is here will be relevant for multiplayer adventure, but far
    less difficult.  It will also be generally relevant in other game modes.
    If you're just here looking for that one thing you couldn't find, the guide
    is completely searchable by the tags in the table of contents.  You can also
    search the walkthrough for *MAGICK*, *MOOSE* or *SECRET AREA* to find each
    in context, or (eventually) look in the achievement for each to see a brief
    listing of them.
    If you're new to Magicka and trying to learn how to get through this, I
    highly suggest you take the time to read through the Controls, Useful Spells
    and Magicks sections before taking on the main game.
    Understand that while I offer my suggestions on what works for me in a
    situation, I've played the game for some 50+ hours and as such my reaction
    time to access spells is very low.  In many cases you're just going to need
    to practice to get better at casting what you need in a hurry.  Also,
    Magicka is a game of freedom of choice.  Feel free to experiment and mix
    things up.  You're certainly bound to discover better things than I suggest.
    Controls [CTRL]
    By default Magicka is played with a mouse and keyboard.  While it might be
    tempting to think that a gamepad would be better, trust me, it's not.  I'll
    list the default controls but won't spend a lot of time on them, as the game
    covers them in the tutorial.
    The controls are all configurable.  It is my suggestion that if you have a
    multi-button mouse, you move the "shift" modifier to an extra mouse button.
    Also if "middle mouse" means clicking on a scroll wheel for you, you may
    want to move that to a side mouse button if you can.
    Move Mouse – Turn in the direction of the cursor
    Left Click – Move in the direction of the mouse, activate
    Right Click – Cast current elements forward, or air push if none are
    Shift+Left Click – Enchant weapon with current elements or attack with
    weapon if none are conjured
    Shift+Right Click – Cast current elements in an area around caster, or air
    push if none are conjured
    Middle Click – Cast current elements on self, or use active ability of a
    staff if none are conjured
    Ctrl – Block
    Space – press at the end of a Magicka spell to activate it, use to boost
    shields or to break free from entanglement
    Q - conjure one Water element
    W – conjure one Life element
    E – conjure one Shield element
    R – conjure one Cold element
    A – conjure one Lightning element
    S – conjure one Arcane element
    D – conjure one Earth element
    F – conjure one Fire element
    The Spell System [SSYS]
    Aside from the special spells known as Magicks, this game uses a system of
    element combination.  To cast a spell, you conjure anywhere from 1 to 5
    elements and then choose one of the four casting methods (Cast, Area, Self or
    Enchant).  Depending on the elements involved, the effect of the magic will be
    different.  There's a lot of info to learn about the spells, I'll do my best to
    elaborate on it all, but really the best way to learn it all is by practice.
    Note that apart from casting a Magick, you don't have to hit the elements in
    any particular order or even wait for one before hitting the next.  For example
    to hit the All Purpose Mines in the next section you can hammer ASEF all at
    once with four fingers.
    There are 10 elements, the 8 basic elements listed, plus Steam (conjure Water
    and Fire and the two become Steam) and Ice (conjure Water and Cold and the two
    become Ice).  Each of the 8 basic elements have an opposite that causes the two
    to cancel when conjured together.  Here's the opposites:
    Fire - Cold
    Life - Arcane
    Lightning - Water
    Earth - Lightning
    Shield - Shield*
    *yes, Shield is its own opposite, you can only conjure one at a time.
    Since Steam is Water+Fire, conjuring a Cold will cancel Steam to just Water.
    In the same vein, since Ice is Water+Cold, conjuring a Fire will cancel Ice to
    just Water.
    The elements follow one of a few basic attack properties, following an order of
    dominance of whose property the attack follows.  For example, an element may be
    a spray type, but if it gets combined with a beam type, it will come out as a
    beam because beam has dominance.  In order of descending dominance, here's the
    Element Types
    Element(s): Shield
    Effects: When cast as Cast, Area or Enchant (and then use the weapon), creates
    a barrier of some kind.  The element by itself creates a forward shield as a
    Cast, a complete dome as Area or a personal shield as Self.  Each of these can
    be charged with the spacebar and reflect any beams fired.
    Combining shield with other elements produces different effects.  Standard Cast
    creates a forward semi-circle, Area creates a complete circle around the user,
    and using an enchanted weapon casts in a straight line.  In decreasing
    dominance, Projectile types cause physical barriers to be erected that enemies
    may attack instead of you.  Beam elements cause mines to be laid that detonate
    on proximity.  Spray elements cause a floating storm of the element(s).
    When cast on self, Projectile elements create armor on the user that takes
    damage before the user (except for fire damage), and makes the user immune to
    Life until the armor is dropped (except for the purpose of healing poison).
    Casting shield with any other elements will make the user immune to that
    element for a short time.  Multiples of the same element will add an aura that
    others can stand in to experience the same effect.  Shielding from elements
    will not prevent you from healing (unless you shielded from Life for some
    Element(s): Earth, Ice
    Effects: Launches forward a projectile.  Earth is a boulder, Ice shoots shards
    forward.  Charging an Earth attack increases the range and force of the attack.
    Charging Ice reduces the cone of the shard spray.  When the two are combined,
    Earth takes dominance.  Area attacks will cause a ground shock around you.
    Earth will knockdown any enemies and dislodge shields, Ice will cause Ice
    spikes to attack from the ground.  Casting either on a weapon will cause the
    weapon to have an elemental attack.  Casting either on self will just hurt you
    in the form of a projectile from the sky above you that lands on you.
    Note: If the guide says to cast a something-ball, it means to combine it with
    an Earth element.
    Element(s): Life, Arcane
    Effects: Shoots an energy beam straight forward for a limited duration as long
    as the attack button is held.  Beams can be merged to become even more
    powerful, and two beams with opposites merged will cause the death of the user.
    Beam-based area attacks will cause a shockwave of energy around the user.
    Enchants will cause elemental attacks with the weapon.  Cast on self will
    simply hit you with the element (with Life, this is okay).
    Note:  If the guide says to cast a something-beam, it means to combine it with
    one of these (usually Arcane).
    Element(s): Water, Cold, Lightning, Fire, Steam
    Effects:  Sprays a cone of the element forward at a limited range.  The
    exception is Lightning which can chain from one enemy to the next if they're
    close enough.  An area attack will function much the same as the Beams, same
    with the Enchant and Self.
    Status Effects and Elements
    Wet:  You can become wet by getting hit by any Water or Steam attack, or by
    walking through shallow water.  When wet you take double damage from Lightning
    and conjuring any Lightning will damage you.  If you are hit with Cold while
    wet, you will freeze.  When wet you can dry yourself by casting Fire on
    yourself.  If you get frozen, you can unfreeze by doing the same.  As always,
    these effects apply to any enemies as well.
    Cold:  All actions are slowed.  This can be reversed by casting Fire on
    yourself.  This effect also wears off over time.
    Fire:  When you're on fire you'll take damage over time until you put yourself
    out by casting Water on yourself.  The same is true of enemies, though enemies
    with high health will outlast the fire and it will go out over time.  Fire that
    continues and is fed consistently increases in damage per second as time goes
    on.  If fire on any character surpasses a certain damage per second threshold,
    you or they will start running about panicked.
    Poisoned:  Certain enemies can poison you.  You'll slow down and start vomiting
    regularly.  Casting Life on yourself will reverse the effect.
    Useful Spells [SPLS]
    This section could go on forever really, but I'm going to list my favorites.
    Armor (Earth+Ice+Shield + Self)
    This will increase the damage you can take, while also causing enemies who leap
    at you to take damage.  You can double up the Earth or Ice or both, but it will
    slow you down more.  In most situations a single of each is sufficient.  Keep
    watch though, you cannot heal with this armor on.  Cast a single shield on
    yourself twice to remove it, or cast the Nullify Magicka when you get it to
    remove it so you can heal with the next spell.
    Healing Mines (Life+Shield + Area or Cast) or Healing Ice (Ice+Life+Shield +
    Area or Cast)
    This will heal you faster than anything else in the game.  Cast these and step
    into them for full health.  For enemies that take damage from Life, this is
    also the most damaging attack.  If you've only taken a bit of damage, just
    casting Life on yourself is quicker.  The second combo is about as effective,
    and is easily remembered as hammering the top 4 elements all at once and
    Ice-ball (Ice+Ice+Ice+Ice+Earth + Cast)
    This, fully charged is the most damaging attack in the game.  If you have as
    much time as you need to take a shot, use it.
    Super Beam (Steam(+Steam)+Lightning(+Lightning)+Arcane + Cast or Area)
    This will wet AND lightning a target in one hit.  If you can hit them with this
    when they're going through a Cold storm it will also freeze them for more
    damage.  The full beam is the most damaging quick attack in the game, but you
    can't get too reliant on it because a number of enemies are Lightning immune,
    either by aura or when they have shields.  This beam attack will cause enemies
    to pop when they die which will cause minor explosive damage around them.  This
    is good when enemies are bunched up and distant, but as they get close you want
    to start casting this as an area so you don't get hurt too much when they die.
    The three element combo does good damage, but queue up all five when you have
    the time.  This beam really shines from a long range when you have the Daemon
    Arm staff.
    All Purpose Mines (Lightning+Arcane+Fire(+Fire)+Shield)
    This will do good damage, knock off most shields, and send most small to
    middle-size enemies flying for falling damage, plus fire damage if they're
    ignitable.  A good way to clear out a crowd bearing down on you and buy
    yourself some time.  Also useful when there are open pits nearby that enemies
    can be blasted into.  If you have the teleport Magick, you can let yourself get
    surrounded while you have good armor on, drop an area cast of these mines and
    then teleport out before they go off.
    Quick Freeze Combo
    This has a couple of options.  If enemies are bunched and long-range, use an
    Arcane Steam Earth ball to wet everyone, and then follow up with repeated Cold
    Arcane Earth balls that will do 3x damage and refreeze each time.  If the
    target is too close, or just one big one, do a quick Water beam, followed by a
    Cold beam.  Hold the Cold beam while you queue up the Super Beam or a
    Thunderbolt Magicka.
    Electrical Storms (Lightning+Shield+Cold or Fire +Cast (or Area if you can
    These are useful to either start enemies on fire (unlike a grease fire, most
    enemies will walk through these without a second thought), or to hold them in
    place and pound on the damage.  You can also launch a water attack into this
    and they'll freeze right afterward.  For the Cold variety, add in extra
    Lightning if you can, and for the Fire variety add in extra Lightning or Fire
    as you see fit.
    Exploding Electric Icebergs (Icex2+Lightning+Arcane+Shield, cast, enchant or
    area if you have teleport)
    Does some real damage but pretty dangerous to yourself.  If you don't get away
    from them quickly expect to have your armor drained.  This creates short-lived
    ice-rocks that do electric damage until they explode.  Good to shoot into
    groups or keep enchanted on your weapon when you want them
    There's others, but those are my favorites.  Anything else that is
    situationally useful I'll mention through the walkthrough.
    Magicks [MGKS]
    This is a list of all the Magicks that can be obtained and used in the normal
    Adventure mode.
    Name: Haste
    Combo: Lightning, Arcane, Fire
    Location: Chapter 1 in the tutorial section.  Can't miss it.  Automatically
    given if you skip the tutorial.
    Effect: Speeds you up for a short time.
    Notes: Memorize this.  Easiest way to get around quickly, especially when
    wearing armor and before you get Teleport.  Useful to get out quick when you
    get overwhelmed by enemies.  Deadly when combined with a double Ice armor as
    mentioned above.
    Name: Revive
    Combo: Life, Lightning
    Location: Automatically obtained at the end of the tutorial in Chapter 1.
    Effect: Revives a human in multiplayer with minimal health.
    Notes: Useless in single-player.  But you plan to go out with friends, this is
    another one you need to memorize.
    Name: Meteor Shower
    Combo: Fire, Earth, Steam, Earth, Fire
    Location: Automatically obtained after the tutorial in Chapter 1.
    Effect: Causes several highly-damaging meteors to fall from the sky.
    Notes: You get this only if you have the Wizard's Survival Kit DLC.  Extremely
    dangerous to use, especially in single player.  Does not count toward the Robe
    and Wizard Hat Achievement.
    Name: Crash to Desktop
    Combo: Lightning, Lightning, Fire, Life
    Location: Automatically obtained after the tutorial in Chapter 1.
    Effect: Instantly kills a random character on screen, including possibly you.
    Notes: Released as a free expansion, far too dangerous to use in single player.
    Doesn't count toward the Robe and Wizard Hat Achievement.
    Name: Grease
    Combo: Water, Earth, Life
    Location: At the base of the eastern tower in the first outdoor area in Chapter
    1.  Need to use Cold to cross the lake to it.
    Effect: Sprays grease in a semi-circle in front of you.  Makes the area
    slippery and can be set on fire.
    Notes: One of my favorites.  Grease fires burn for a long time, and can set any
    flammable enemy on fire.  This fire does far more damage than a normal fire
    does, it doesn't go out easily and the damage increases as time goes on.  It’ll
    also keep goblins at bay.  Worth learning well if you’re smart enough to not
    set yourself on fire, as it’ll kill you faster too.
    Name: Rain
    Combo: Water, Steam
    Location: Chapter 2, right past the beginning in a cave to the west.
    Effect: Causes it to rain for a short time which is like casting Water on
    everyone on screen.
    Notes: Not terribly useful that often, because usually it's easier to wet
    enemies by other means.  Can only be cast outside.
    Name: Nullify
    Combo: Arcane, Shield
    Location: Chapter 2, in the area where you find the goblin shaman.
    Effect: Cancels almost all magic in effect
    Notes: Removes barriers, mines, armors, damaging spells, summons and plenty
    else.  Very useful, memorize this but remember that using it will drop any
    armor you're wearing.
    Name: Thunderbolt
    Combo: Steam, Lightning, Arcane, Lightning
    Location: Chapter 3 where you battle the first two druids in the place that
    looks like Stonehenge.
    Effect: Calls down a thunderbolt at an enemy (or ally) a short distance in
    front of you for 5000 damage.
    Notes: Extremely quick and powerful, easy to learn as the combo is similar to
    the Super Beam.  When you wet a target first it will do 10,000 damage.  Armored
    targets will take 7500.  This always targets the tallest target in range.
    Unfortunately this only works outdoors.
    Name: Tornado
    Combo: Earth, Steam, Water, Steam
    Location: Chapter 4, off to the left of the start area by a crashed ship.
    Effect: Calls up a tornado that roams the battlefield sending units flying.
    Notes: Really not useful, there's more predictable means of causing chaos.
    Name: Conflagration
    Combo: Steam, Fire, Steam, Fire, Steam
    Location: Chapter 4, in the Inn that you have to go through to get around the
    Effect: Sends a wave of flame forward in a hurry.
    Notes: A nice way to take out a group of flammable enemies from a distance.
    The wave continues regardless of what it hits.  Very effective against packs of
    archers in the distance.  Note that to cast it you need to create the steams by
    hitting Fire first, then Water.
    Name: Time Warp
    Combo: Cold, Shield
    Location: Chapter 5, off to the west as you enter the battlefield
    Effect: Slows down time for a while, giving you time to react
    Notes: For starting out it could be worth learning this one well, but if you're
    having trouble reacting you might have trouble reacting to cast this.  By the
    time I learned this spell I didn’t have trouble reacting to most anything in
    time.  You may do better with it.
    Name: Blizzard
    Combo: Cold, Ice, Cold
    Location: Chapter 6 near the beginning, east across as small patch of water.
    Effect: Does with Cold what Rain does with Water.
    Notes: Can only be used outside.  I personally don't use this, though casting a
    water or cold immune on yourself and combining this with rain will freeze
    everyone but you (if they can be frozen).
    Name: Teleport
    Combo: Lightning, Arcane, Lightning
    Location: Chapter 7, at the other end of the tower bridge.  You need it to
    advance in the game.
    Effect: Teleports you about half a screen in the direction of the cursor, but
    won't land you in a pit.
    Notes: Another most useful spell ever.  Can get you out of all kinds of
    trouble.  As mentioned before, really useful when you're surrounded to cast an
    Area of mines and teleport out of the center quick.
    Name: Thunderstorm
    Combo: Steam, Steam, Lightning, Arcane, Lightning
    Location: Chapter 8 just past the statue near the beginning in a small cave in
    the cliff wall.
    Effect: Combines Rain with random Thunderbolts around the screen
    Notes: Very dangerous to use but can be used safely if you cast a Water and
    Lightning immunity on yourself first (conjure Water, Cold, Lightning, Shield,
    Fire in that order on self).  The immunity will last about as long as the storm
    itself.  Still, not usually worth the effort.
    Name: Summon Phoenix
    Combo: Life, Lightning, Fire
    Location: Chapter 8, down to the southeast just past the major bridge battle in
    a nest.
    Effect: Causes a phoenix to come and land where the player is standing when
    cast.  Does fire damage as strong as grease fire and knocks down on impact.
    Notes: More dangerous than it is useful.  Skip it.
    Name: Raise Dead
    Combo: Ice, Earth, Arcane, Cold
    Location: Chapter 9, in the church past the graveyard where you fight the three
    Effect: Raises a handful of zombies one at a time that fight for you.
    Notes: Useful to distract enemies, but a little slow and weak to do any real
    help otherwise.
    Name: Fear
    Combo: Cold, Arcane, Shield
    Location: Chapter 9, in the first room of the Count's castle to the northwest
    on a bookshelf.
    Effect: Causes all enemies around you to run away afraid for a handful of
    Notes: Doesn't last long enough to be really useful.  If you're surrounded
    teleport or mines are more effective for me.
    Name: Charm
    Combo: Life, Shield, Earth
    Location: Chapter 9, opposite end of the room from Fear, propped up against a
    Effect: Causes the enemy directly in front of you to become an ally for a short
    Notes: Very useful on very powerful enemies as it gives you a free window to
    attack them.  Very handy in chapter 11 when combined with invisibility.
    Name: Summon Death
    Combo: Arcane, Cold, Ice, Cold, Arcane
    Location: Chapter 10, given automatically after defeating Death.
    Effect: Summons Death who attacks the unit with the lowest percent of
    health...including you.
    Notes: Dangerous and more trouble than it's worth.  There's enough one-hit kill
    tactics that don't endanger your life.
    Name: Invisibility
    Combo: Arcane, Shield, Steam, Arcane
    Location: Chapter 11 to the south of the shrine entry door down a path that a
    yeti attacks from.
    Effect: Makes the caster invisible
    Notes: Breaks much of the end of the game, allows you to skip many battles that
    would be huge trouble otherwise.  Any action other than moving around will
    remove the effect.  Getting hit or touching an enemy will cause you to
    rematerialize too.  Casting this removes any armor as well.
    Name: Summon Elemental
    Combo: Arcane, Shield, Earth, Steam, Arcane
    Location: Chapter 11, behind the door guarded by a watcher that you need fire
    to open.
    Effect: Summons a dormant elemental as seen in Chapter 10.  Hit him with an
    element to activate and cause him to fight for you.
    Notes: An army of these guys can save you lots of trouble in the late game.
    You can conjure about a dozen before the originals start popping because of the
    limit on them.
    Name: Corporealize
    Combo: Arcane, Steam, Lightning, Shield, Arcane
    Location: Chapter 11, automatically given after beating Fafnir.
    Effect: Causes ethereal enemies to materialize.  Used to trigger the final boss
    battle with Assatur.
    Notes: Can be used on the daemons in chapter 6, but they can go ethereal again
    right away.  Only really useful to trigger Assatur at the right moment.
    Name: Vortex
    Combo: Ice, Arcane, Ice, Shield, Ice
    Location: Chapter 12, given automatically for beating Assatur.
    Effect: Creates a black hole that sucks in nearby enemies and objects.
    Notes: Not useful on a first playthrough, as you don't get it till the end.
    Useful on replays but mildly dangerous as you can easily get sucked in when you
    get too close.  Needs to be regularly "fed" to stay alive.  Any kind of Earth
    ball attack will keep it going.
    Hey guess what, Magicka is a game of possibilities.  These are all just what
    I’ve found good to use and even then I change things up through the game
    constantly to try new things.  So take what you like and change what works
    better for you.
    Chapter 1 – The Fancy Menace [MC01]
    Feel free to roam the castle, talking to people for a laugh and generally
    getting used to the controls.  When you are ready, head down the steps to
    the right at the first intersection.
    After the cutscene you'll begin the tutorial section of the game.
    *Note* If you've played this before or just don't want to bother, you can
    skip the tutorial by selecting "BANANA!?" from the pause menu.  If this is
    your first time through, you will miss out on an achievement by doing so,
    besides some nice practice getting used to the game mechanics.
    Click and hold on the weapon rack to go over to it and pick up your sword.
    (Note: this will be the default weapon of whatever robes you chose, not
    necessarily a sword.)  At this point you'll get the Life element (default:
    W) and are suggested to heal yourself from the fall.  Go ahead and conjure
    up a life or two and Self cast them (default: middle mouse).
    Head over to the rope-gate and attack it with your Weapon (default:
    shift+left click).  Head forward to receive the Earth element (default: D)
    and an instruction on how to cast a boulder attack.  Do like the game says
    and conjure up three (or more) Earth elements and Cast toward the wooden
    planks (default: right click, hold to charge).
    You'll receive the Fire element (default: F).  This comes out in a limited
    distance attack, so close in on the torch pedestal, conjure up a Fire and
    Cast it.
    Move on over the bridge that appears and look right over the water to see
    another torch pedestal.  You can't reach that with a standard fire spray so
    the game teaches you how to combine elements now.  Conjure one or more fire
    and earth together and Cast toward the pedestal.  You may need to give it a
    bit of a charge so it makes it over the gap.  Head over the new bridge to
    get the Lightning element (Default: A).  Cast any amount of Lightning on the
    generator here and go through the now-open door.
    Cross the water and let the game teach you about the danger of conjuring
    Lightning while wet.  This is important, forget casting with it, even
    conjuring a Lightning while wet will hurt you!  Conjure one Fire and Self
    cast to dry yourself off (that may also hurt you a touch, so heal up if you
    need to).  Now standing between the two generators, conjure a Lightning or
    five and Area cast to power them both at once.  Head through the open door
    and receive the Arcane element (default: S).
    Combine Arcane with Lightning and Cast it toward the distant generator.
    (You can't make a Lightning ball like you did with Fire because Earth and
    Lightning cancel each other.)  Head through the open gate and receive the
    Cold element (default: R).
    Wizards can't swim, so crossing anything but shallow water will drown you
    unless you freeze it first.  Conjure a cold or two and either Cast toward
    the wine pool or Area cast it as you go across.  You'll now receive the
    Water element (default: Q).  You now also have the ability to conjure the
    two "hidden" elements: Steam or Ice.  Steam can be conjured by conjuring a
    Water and a Fire together and Ice by conjuring a Water and a Cold together.
    Attack the furnace fires with Water and pass through them around the rubble.
    Pick up the book on the shelf to learn your first *MAGICK* spell: "Haste"
    (default: ASF+Space).  When the smasher is fully extended, cast Haste and
    then run through it as it retracts.
    On the other side the game will inform you that using Area cast or Cast
    without an element conjured will do a basic push attack.  This is sometimes
    handy in a pinch, but pushing either way with any number of Water conjured
    is far more effective if you have the time.
    Now's a good time to experiment with some attacks.  Refer to the Useful
    Spells section for some of the more effective ones.  Finish off these guys
    in whatever way seems best to you and move forward through the door that
    opens when they're all dead.  Hit the lever in this small room to begin a
    "boss" battle with Behold the Watcher.
    As you walk into the room the mini cutscene introduces Behold.  After it
    ends you'll be granted the final element, Shield (default: R).  The game
    also instructs you on the use of plain shields conjured with Attack or Area
    I'm not going to even list Behold as a boss, there's really no strategy
    needed.  Just hammer him with some attacks and he should go down easy.  In
    fact, it's actually possible to kill Behold from the previous room before
    his little intro with a powerful beam or boulder attack.  After he
    splatters, head up the stairs.  (You can also kill Behold in a special way
    if you read the sign in the previous room, a small nod to a certain flash
    *Note* The game resumes here if you choose BANANA!? from the menu.
    At this point you receive the "Revive" *MAGICK* (default: WA+Space) and a
    few bonus Magicka that have been added since the game was first released.
    You get "Meteor Shower" (default: FDFQDF+Space, only if you have the
    Wizard's Survival Kit DLC) and "Crash to Desktop" (default: AAFW+Space).
    Revive is useless in solo play and you really shouldn't touch either of the
    others as they have a far better chance of just killing you than anything
    (also note, you can't cast Meteor Shower indoors).  (If you skipped the
    tutorial, you'll also get "Haste" here).  Head out of the party at the south
    end of the room (or if you're bored, you can talk to or kill everyone inside
    first, up to you).
    Outside, head to the wizard standing southwest of you and use whatever
    attack you like to blast open the door next to him.  Examine the chest to
    obtain the Staff of the White Wizard and your first *SECRET AREA*.  There's
    nothing dangerous here so explore as you like and head down the stairs to
    the practice ring.  If you want to polish any skills, blast the dummies here
    (for a laugh be sure to talk to the nearby wizard afterward, if you didn't
    accidentally kill him).  Head northeast and be sure to examine the *MOOSE*
    for achievement progress.
    Head further north until you see the lake to the right and hear an explosion
    followed by a scream.  Cold your way across the lake carefully to the other
    side and pick up the "Grease" *MAGICK* (default QDF+space) book left there
    and credit for a *SECRET AREA*.
    Either head west back across the lake and then north, using Cold over the
    gap in the bridge, or just head northwest across the lake to get to the same
    point.  If you notice a Magick book high up in a tower, don't worry, you're
    not supposed to get that yet.  Hit the checkpoint and receive your new fairy
    "friend".  There's also a nearly dead wizard behind some bushes to the left
    if you want to talk to him.  Otherwise, head north.
    Take the path split west and talk to the lady here to trigger a three-goblin
    attack.  Take them out in whatever way you like best, but try not to kill
    Jofrid in the process if you can help it.
    Head west past her house and open the gate into the field.  Head through all
    the way to the end to pick up Excalibur if you want it and get credit for
    another *SECRET AREA*.  On your way back, just past the gate you can, if you
    like, pick up the rightmost branch sticking out of the ground north of you.
    This is a Staff of Life.
    Head north and see some goblins get attacked by some spiders that disappear
    by the time you get there.  When you're about in the middle of the forest
    area, the spiders will pop out and attack you.  This is a good place to
    practice using Area casts of your favorite elements.  Fire seems to be
    particularly effective on the bugs.  If you are poisoned by them (your 
    lifebar will be green), heal yourself in any way to cure it (if you grabbed
    the Staff of Life, this won't be an issue).
    Continue on north and enter the fort to trigger a cutscene that ends in a
    fight against Ygg – A Hungry Forest Troll.  You'll encounter plenty of these
    throughout the game, so this too, hardly qualifies as a boss encounter.  The
    soldiers will keep the troll plenty occupied, but annoyingly also get in the
    way of your best shots.  Any of the high powered attacks listed in the
    Useful Spells section will take him out pretty fast.  The final cutscene
    will vary depending on whether Captain Bjorn died in the fight or not.  If
    you want you can take the Captain's Axe before exiting to your right and
    ending the chapter.
    Chapter 2 – Attack of the Goblins [MC02]
    At the start of this chapter you can trigger a short cutscene with Vlad by
    examining the skeletons off to the right.  Otherwise head north and find
    three goblins in your path.  One is an archer but unless you take a week to
    kill him he can't possibly damage you enough to be a threat.  Take them down
    how you please and move on, watching your health and armor if you're using
    As you move up the path, the camera will shift to focus on a couple of
    goblins and a cave off to the northwest.  More goblins will come out of the
    cave as you fight.  Again, this shouldn't pose any serious threat to you at
    this point.  Dispatch them and when you're sure they're done coming, head
    over to the cave to claim a new *MAGICK*, "Rain" (default QQF+space).
    Head back down the main path and confront another small pack of goblins on
    the other side of a stream.  Note that if you get them to cross the stream
    to get you they'll be pre-wetted for you so lightning attacks will do double
    damage.  By the same token if you cross to get them or after you kill them
    (this one won't drown you), you'll be wet, so be sure to dry yourself off
    before you move on to the next area.
    Feel free to explore the village a bit and when you're ready for a fight
    head off to the right toward the blacksmith's.  This will be the first
    battle that might give you any trouble.  There's more goblins than you've
    faced so far, but the only real threat is the ones that throw the bombs.
    One bomb alone won't do you in, but if you kill one with enough damage that
    it pops, it'll leave behind a pile of three bombs that will end you if you
    stand in them accidentally.  Just remember to area cast as you get
    surrounded.  Water Area attacks will give you breathing room, Earth will
    knock enemies over to stun them, Cold will slow them down or freeze them if
    you already got them wet.  You don't have a lot in your Magick repertoire
    right now so refer to the General Combat or Useful Spells sections if you
    have trouble.  The only real tactic you could use if you like is to put a
    Grease fire between you and the goblins, but you really shouldn't need to at
    this point.
    Once they're all dispatched (or during the fight if you want) you can pick
    up the Warhammer off Gram's anvil in his workshop.  Head northeast into the
    forest to get a pep talk from Vlad before moving on to the next area.
    As you head north into the woods you have the option here of ignoring this
    next bit and just moving on to the east.  But if you like you can slay the
    forest troll picking at the moose carcass (a fully charged Icex4+Earth will
    kill in one hit).  Examine the *MOOSE* for some achievement progress and if
    you like you can pick up the sword Gram from the side of the tree (move the
    mouse around the right of the tree to find it, the troll body may be hiding
    it).  This sword is required for a late-game achievement, but if you don't
    mind replaying this chapter later, there's no need to carry it through the
    whole game.
    Head back to the main path and move along to the east.  You'll come across a
    checkpoint stone as the camera shifts north to show you goblins roaming in
    the woods.  If you still have your fairy, wait to hit the checkpoint until
    after you fight these guys off.  Use the same tactics you used at the boat
    before to deal with the crowd of them.  When you're done, heal up, hit the
    checkpoint and move on.  If you didn't already trigger them in that fight,
    there are a few goblin archers further up on the south side of the road.
    A tiny bit further on the camera will pan right onto Goblin Hood and a bunch
    of his archers.  Keep your distance and pelt them with some quick, long-
    range attacks.  As you see some regular goblins join them, you can throw up
    a Grease fire in front of you to keep them at bay or an electrical storm to
    harass them as they get closer.  Then pick off the archers, replenish your
    barrier of choice and take out the regular goblins as you see fit.  When
    everyone is splattered head to the north mouth of the river and Cold your
    way up it.  Enter the hollow log to the left to enter another *SECRET AREA*
    and if you want it, the Sword of the Masters.  Then head back to the bridge
    over the river and proceed east.
    Just past the river you'll be confronted by goblins and goblin archers from
    the east and the north.  A grease fire again will keep the regular goblins
    at bay if you like, or just do a powerful area cast when they get too close.
    Hit the archers with whatever you like and heal up.  Head straight east for
    a short cutscene with Vlad if you like, but either way then head north
    through the opening.
    You'll emerge in the middle of a goblin camp, but as usual they're not much
    threat.  Deal with them in whatever way seems most fun to you.  As you head
    northwest up the stairs watch for the goblins further up.  It's possible
    with flaming boulders or beams or any other long-range attack to knock off
    several of them before you get close enough that they all wake up and start
    When you get close enough you'll trigger a short cutscene with the goblin
    shaman.  His most annoying feature is his teleport staff, but it has to
    recharge between uses so keep that in mind.  Of greater annoyance is the
    mass of archers that will eventually wear you down enough if you let them.
    Best to walk in with a full complement of armor.  A Grease fire will scare
    off the shaman just like it does the regular goblins so you can use that to
    your advantage while you pick off the archers first.  Apart from
    occasionally casting a mild beam and having more health, the shaman
    shouldn't need to be dealt with any differently than the regular goblins.
    Like all goblins, he burns very well, but he is capable of extinguishing
    After you kill the shaman be sure to grab the new *MAGICK* in the northwest
    area, "Nullify" (default SE+space).  Also if you want you can grab the staff
    or weapon the shaman was using, the Rod of Emergency Teleport and the High
    Quality Goblin Dirk.  This staff will be your only means of using the
    Teleport Magick before you learn it in Chapter 7, though unlike the actual
    Magick, you cannot aim this teleport.  Move along the path to the northeast
    into the next area.
    Here you'll face a handful of goblin and goblin archers as well as a couple
    of forest trolls.  If you can get the drop on the trolls, remember that
    Earth and Icex4 will kill them instantly if fully charged.  If not, try to
    do a quick Water then Cold attack (beams work best if they're still at a
    distance, otherwise area it) to freeze them and then pound them with
    something for massive damage.  Unlike many later trolls, these are also
    flammable.  If you've got full health and armor when you walk in, you should
    be able to all but ignore the goblins until the trolls are dealt with.
    As you enter you should be able to pick off the troll to the north before
    activating a pile of goblins east of you, or at the very least get your ice
    -ball off before they become a bother.  Try not to head north as you fight
    the goblins to clean them up.  Once everyone in range has been dealt with,
    head over and inspect the *MOOSE* to the east.  As you walk north of the
    moose the camera will shift to let you know something's coming out of the
    cave.  You should be able to ice-ball this one in one-shot as well but if
    you miss use your fallback tactics to clear him up and the goblins that come
    from the northeast.
    After everyone's cleared out you can enter the cave here.  Another troll
    will be sitting unaware at the far end.  Use a one-hit kill on him and go
    forward to inspect his fridge.  Inside you'll find the Frost Staff from a
    guy who doesn't need it anymore and credit for another *SECRET AREA*.  Head
    back out of the cave and proceed along the main path northeast.
    Here you'll face one more contingent of goblins and archers, they shouldn't
    pose any kind of unique problem after all you've been through so far.  Wipe
    them up and move on down the path.
    Here Vlad will introduce you to the great serpent Jormungandr.  After he
    wakes up, the boss fight begins.
    *Boss: Jormungandr*
    As Vlad points out, the head is his weak spot.  Unfortunately he's usually
    either moving too fast or holding his head too high for you to pound it
    properly.  Whenever Jormungandr isn't poking out of the ground about to
    attack, keep yourself speedy and moving about with Haste.  When he does rear
    his head, keep your distance but line up a straight-on attack at him with
    the Earth+Icex4 attack fully charged.  If he leans forward, he'll be
    spitting poison, but if he rears back along the ground, he's low enough to
    smash with the ice-ball.  It is possible to get Jormungandr wet to increase
    electric attacks if you prefer those, but he won't slow down or freeze with
    If you're wearing armor and get poisoned here, you'll have to drop your
    armor to heal unless you still have a Staff of Life.  Life will cure the
    poison, but not repair the damage it does.  Either cast a single Shield on
    yourself twice to lose the armor or cast the Nullify Magick.
    When he's dashing about through the ground, it's possible to interrupt him
    with any kind of Shield cast.  Charge it with a little Earth and Fire or
    Arcane as well and it'll do some damage at least when he runs into it.  His
    attacks are pretty spaced out so you should have plenty of time to heal
    between if he hits you.  Just keep an eye on your health, watch for the
    openings to attack and you should do fine.  After he's dead, you'll move on
    automatically and chapter 2 will end.
    Chapter 3 – Revenge of the Tribes [MC03]
    After a brief conversation with the not-a-vampire Vlad, head northeast up
    the path.  Just past the gate in the stone wall, there is another Staff of
    Life growing off to the left if you want it.  A little ways past this one of
    the villagers will scream and you'll be set upon by your first group of
    beastmen raiders.  Beastmen like to do a jump attack on you that will knock
    you down.  Wearing armor that incorporates Ice will see to it that THEY take
    the damage from this attack.  In fact standard beastmen will kill themselves
    completely if your armor has at least two Ice elements in it.  Other than
    that, your tactics for dealing with them won't be much different than the
    goblins.  Area attack when they get close and do damage however you like
    otherwise.  Do note however, that the beastmen are not scared by a grease
    fire and will instead charge right through it, setting themselves on fire in
    the process.  They'll die from it before too long.
    In this case, note that one of the attackers has a purple aura around him.
    He, and anyone in the aura will be immune to Lightning.  However a blast of
    Water and a short prolonged Cold Beam will make short work of him and this
    Head north along the path and at the marker you'll deal with another half-
    dozen beastmen or so.  Keep your armor up and you'll do just fine.  When
    they're gone head northwest up to the windmill and if you like pick up the
    Blade of Surt along the windmill edge.
    Head back down and go northeast this time to trigger a few more beastmen in
    your path.  Dispatch them and be sure to hit the checkpoint off to your
    right as you head further north.
    As you reach the point where you have cliffs on both sides the camera will
    move forward to highlight a group of goblin pirates and one beastman.  These
    aren't really any more dangerous than they were last chapter so use whatever
    you're comfortable with to dispatch them and move on.
    After this group is down move forward for another speech from Vlad and a
    transition to your next challenge, airship defense combat.
    You'll face different assortments of goblins here, including the bomb-
    throwing kind but usually at enough range that you can splatter them before
    they get close.  Keep your armor up and heal when you have to and you
    shouldn't have any trouble here at all.  If you have the distance to not set
    yourself on fire, launch Arcane+Fire+Earth balls at the bomb-throwing
    goblins to deal with them in a hurry.  After the fourth attack Vlad will
    disembark and allow you to finish your journey alone.  You'll be assaulted
    one more time from both sides with plenty of bombers.  You can put up at
    least one grease fire on a side to scare them off some and blast as many as
    you can before they veer off finally.
    As you start the next section you'll see some beastmen straight ahead.  Go
    ahead and take care of them (remember your Ice armor) however you like.  One
    of them is a slightly more powerful variety that doesn't jump, but apart
    from doing and taking more damage, he handles the same.
    Head northeast past the bridge and speak to MacLeod for some wise advice
    before hitting him with a basic sword attack to end his life.  (If for some
    reason your sword attack doesn't kill him, a fully-charged Icex4+Earth ball
    will do it too.)  If you like, grab his sword, the Exotic Blade.
    Head back and over the bridge to be attacked by another small group of
    beastmen.  Note the one who's Lightning immune (he will drop a Skyward Spear
    when dead).  Dispatch them and move on.  The next group will be three of the
    larger beastmen including one who is Fire immune.  Hit them hard from afar
    and area when they get close.  The fire one will drop a Mace of the Molten
    Core if you want it.  Patch up your armor and hit the checkpoint after
    admiring the local wildlife.
    At this point be sure to take a detour to the east at the fork in the road
    to inspect another *MOOSE*.  Then head back to the Stonehenge formation for
    your first wizard duel.  Move forward to trigger the cutscene.
    Some notes about fighting the Druids.  They like to make it rain almost
    immediately.  This makes it impossible for you to use Lightning attacks
    without either casting a Water Shield on yourself or using Nullify to cancel
    the rain and drying yourself off.  They also like to use their staff ability
    to summon Tree Spirits.  Fire Beams work well on them, but Grease fires work
    even better.  Fire balls are not recommended as much because in this small
    area you're just as likely to set yourself on fire as well.  For the Druids
    try to rely on quick attacks that don't use Lightning, or keep yourself
    Water Shielded at all times here.  This battle is likely to tax you some if
    it's your first time through.  If you can manage to run in and grab the
    Magick Thunderbolt, use that liberally, as long as you're not wet and can
    cast it.
    When it's all done, you can grab a Druid's Gnarled Staff if you like, and
    the *MAGICK* "Thunderbolt" (default: QFASA+space).  Head north through the
    next opening.
    As you enter the next area just past the gat you'll be attacked by a handful
    of the smaller beastmen and one of the Lightning ones.  Stand firm with your
    double Ice armor and let them die if they jump at you.  Hit them with area
    attacks if they walk up and get too close.  Move on and touch the
    checkpoint.  Then head up the stairs to see what you're made of.
    One group of the beastmen with a Lightning buddy will attack from the front.
    Shortly after that another group of the same will show up, and more beastmen
    from behind.  Following them from behind will be two of the larger ones that
    don't jump, you'll have to kill them the hard way.  Next a group of beastmen
    with a Fire one will come from the front and a pair of druids from behind
    with a few more larger beastmen.
    Some overall tactics for this fight.  Keep your Ice+Earth armor going for
    the start of the fight.  Area kill anyone who gets to close, paying
    attention to any immunities that are in effect.  When it gets about time for
    the Druids to show up, try to throw a Grease fire up behind you and when
    they start casting Rain, ditch your armor and put on a Water Shield, or
    Nullify and reapply your armor immediately.  Keep an eye on your health and
    use Life Mines to heal yourself if you need it.  Nothing here should be able
    to one-hit kill you, unless you run into your own Grease fire, which will
    kill you very fast.  If you can pull it off, Thunderbolt does an excellent
    job dropping the Tree Spirits and Druids, especially when they're wet and
    you're not.  The Fairy helps, but you're probably going to have to practice
    this area enough until you're able to do what you like without having to
    think about how to cast it.
    When you emerge victorious, take whatever battlefield spoils you like and
    move on to the next area.  You'll enter the village of Dunderdaed only to
    have it suddenly come under attack by Jotunn and his minions.
    *Boss: Jotunn*
    First notice that Jotunn is Lightning immune.  No Thunderbolt and no
    superbeam here.  However he is still susceptible to freezing.  Jotunn will
    attack with a standard swing, but he also has a ground attack that he either
    does as an area effect or a straight slash out which will knock you over if
    it connects.  Do your best to focus on Jotunn, as the other beastmen will
    keep coming no matter how many you kill.  However, you get a nice reward if
    you finish the level without any of the houses being destroyed, so don't let
    them wander too far from you.  Try to keep the fight away from the town and
    keep your armor up.  Watch out for the beastmen with torches as they'll set
    you on fire if they hit you.  Fire ignores your armor so not only do you
    have to Water yourself to put yourself out, you have to Nullify your armor
    to heal.  It might be worth it for this fight to switch to an armor of
    Earth(x2), Fire and Shield.  Just be careful that you're not trying to burn
    someone else in your immunity radius.  A great spell to use if you're just
    plain overwhelmed is a combination of a few Fire and Earth done as an Area
    cast.  This will knock down most of them and set them on fire at the same
    time.  If you like it, feel free to get fancy with arcane fire mines or
    Earth barriers as well.  Jotunn also burns fast if you can get him to walk
    into and stay around a Grease fire.  There's plenty of options, you just
    have to be quick enough to carry them out.  A full ice-ball will take him
    out, but it’s difficult to actually land that hit with as fast as everyone
    If you managed to save the whole town, congratulations, you'll be rewarded
    with an M60 and either way you'll be offered a ride to Havindr.  Hop on the
    cart and move on to the next chapter.
    Chapter 4 – A New Hope [MC04]
    After you are dropped off, head into the forest to the left and pick up a
    new *MAGICK* tome for "Tornado" (default DQFQQF).  Head further up the path
    and take the branch to the west to find another *MOOSE* to inspect.  Walk
    back and approach the city gates to be let in.  Follow along until you're
    invited to spend the night at the inn.
    After waking up at the inn, inspect the closet to find a Shield Staff inside
    if you want and then head out the door to the chaos in the streets.  After
    some panicked soldiers run past you, head east down the road to face your
    first opposition.  If you got the M60 last chapter, it actually works pretty
    passably on the goblins from a distance.  Either way, target the bomb-
    throwers first (fireballs are good) and then worry about the grunts.
    As you come to a bridge you'll see your first orc.  A note about orcs, they
    can dry themselves off with a shaking animation, so don't always rely on the
    ability to freeze them.  They burn, but not as fast as goblins.  For this
    one, you can target him from a distance before he "wakes up" and take him
    out without much trouble.  Gun him down or blast him with your favorite
    ranged attack.  As you start to cross the bridge, the camera will zoom out
    and you'll face a few small waves of goblins followed by one last with an
    orc and three bombers.  A quick powerful attack should take out the orc
    before the bombers can become a threat and then attack them however you
    As you move on, you'll get some more "advice" from Vlad and reach a fork in
    the road with some goblins and an orc at the intersection.  They'll be
    pretty distracted by the townsfolk and soldiers so blast them from a
    distance.  Head north for an optional weapon or continue straight east if
    you just want to get done.
    If you go north you'll find a couple more orcs (remember to use the area
    effects if they get close).  Because of the stairs you may need to get close
    to them before your attacks will hit.  At the end of the path you'll find
    another Warhammer and a *SECRET AREA* credit, but that's hardly worth
    replacing your M60 if you have it.
    Head back to the main east path to a town circle.  Here you'll be assaulted
    from both sides by orcs, bombers and regular goblins.  Keep your head, keep
    moving and watch your health and armor.  Orcs will walk right into a Grease
    fire and die from it shortly after, so they are a good way to let you block
    one side from attack, and a spread of Flame Electric Arcane Shield mines
    will clear out a crowd in a hurry.  Just remember to step back from them as
    you lay them down.  You could also use a Cold Lightning Shield to keep
    enemies at bay, since the goblins will also walk into that.
    Once you've cleared them, you'll be attacked by a disciple and a half-dozen
    or so orcs introduced by a cutscene.  As you learned with the druids, other
    magic users in this game can be very annoying.  They have a bunch of health
    so even a super beam or ice-ball won't do the trick immediately.  The best
    way I've found to get them is to lay a grease fire right on top of them.  As
    with any fire if you can keep an enemy burning the damage per second it does
    increases over time.  If you can get him lit right away, you're free to deal
    with the orcs using your favorite area magic or mines as they try to crowd
    you.  Alternatively when it's just one, you can try to freeze them quickly
    and then a superbeam will do the trick.  The water-ball/cold-ball combo or
    beam will do it, or lay down a Lightning Cold Shield on them and hit them
    with water while they're in it.  Disciples will drop a Staff of War when
    they die if you want it.
    After this is cleared out, move on east again to the next area.  Here you'll
    be challenged to remember that water can put out fire.  Water beam, Water
    rock, Water area or water spray, your choice.  Clear the way and move
    forward.  A short cutscene will play.  The town grinder that breaks through
    is of little threat to you, pay attention instead to the orcs that come
    around its sides.  The first two will be a new kind of orc, no hair and more
    aggressive, I call them the berserker orcs.  Keep your armor up, hammer with
    the area attacks as they get close, preferably either high powered or
    stunning kind.  Mines will give you distance but watch out that you don't
    get caught in the blast as always.  Once they and the regular orcs that
    follow are done, move on down the road and put out the next bit of fire in
    your way.
    You'll come to some flaming rubble and a soldier will tell you that you need
    to detour through the inn to get by.  Go ahead and enter the inn door.
    *Note: If this is your second play-through you can skip this section by
    teleporting across the rubble.
    You will be attacked in here, of course, so you'll want to distance clear as
    much of the fire as possible so you don't accidentally light yourself while
    running around.  As you near the center of the room the camera will shift
    and the back door will be broken open by an armored orc.  Note that any
    enemy with a shield will NOT be effected by Lightning until you knock off
    his shield.  Once you do though, they take extra Lightning damage.  Shield
    or armored, they won't burn.  Any area Earth attack will make them drop the
    shield.  I prefer to mix in a little Arcane too, to add some damage.  Once
    the shield is gone you can deal with him like any regular orc with more
    health.  Do note that while armored he cannot be blasted back with mines
    like normal enemies.  If you manage to knock off his armor he'll become a
    standard orc, though with powerful enough area or beam attacks you can just
    kill him outright before that happens.
    Grab the new *MAGICK* "Conflagration" (default: FQFFQFFQ+space) and continue
    on to the far end of the room.  As you near the far end a pair of orcs will
    burst through the wall.  As long as you're still armored they shouldn't pose
    any threat.  Dispatch them, remove the fire from the exit and move on.
    Outside head down the street east to the next area.
    As you follow the curve of the road you'll see a group of goblins attacking
    some locals.  While they're distracted target the bomb throwers first from a
    distance.  Conflagration works wonders at times like this.  Watch out
    though, that whole broken lamp-post bit is cover that will block your beams
    and other attacks, but not Conflagration.  Finish off the stragglers by
    letting them come to you and then move up the curve.
    As you move north on the small S-bend, three orcs will jump down from above.
    Lay some kind of damaging barrier or mines for them to get through first.  A
    Lightning+Cold Shield, Lightning+Steam Shield or any kind of Arcane mines
    will soften them up or slow them down for you to pick off and then Area
    attack finish when they get close.
    As you approach the next T-section in the road, the camera will swing
    forward and show an orc and some goblins fighting some soldiers.  Use a
    powerful attack to kill the orc from a distance and if you manage to
    splatter him it'll take most of the goblins with him.  Pick off any of the
    goblins as they try to get you.
    See that pile of scrap wood to the northwest?  As you move forward two
    berserker orcs will leap over it.  Leave a nice trap for them in the form of
    mines or a grease fire and move forward (northeast) enough to trigger them.
    Area kill them if they get past that to you.  Continue on and hit the
    checkpoint just past the first barrier in the road.  Moving further on will
    trigger another cutscene about blowing open the door to get in the castle.
    You have two options in this section.  You can either play to get through
    it, or you can play like a man.  To play like a man and put all your combat
    skills to the test, just try to survive until the fuse blows.  Don't rule
    this out immediately because it can be a nice way to train up for the
    unskippable brutal fights that come later in the game.  The same general
    strategies apply, so be creative, resourceful and think and act fast.
    If you'd rather wuss out, which in Magicka there is no shame in, push your
    way past the soldiers (water will move them...or something more powerful)
    and blast the dynamite yourself with any kind of powerful fire attack.
    Either way once the door is open, run over to enter and trigger the next
    boss fight, The Machine.
    *Boss: The Machine*
    After a brief cutscene you'll enter the battle with the machine.  You'll
    have a limited time to take out an orc powering the machine, but you'll have
    disciples coming at you endlessly from the right, two at a time.  If you're
    fast enough, you can lay a grease fire over the door to the north which will
    keep the disciples from walking through it.  Then Haste over and do powerful
    area attacks near the orc (beam attacks won't be high enough to hit him,
    neither will any projectiles except the ones that would hurt you too).
    Three Steamx2-Lightingx2-Arcane area combos should take him down pretty
    After that you face the second half of the boss, the lead disciple himself.
    This will not stop the stream of other disciples from coming so don't waste
    your time with them except to maybe incapacitate them.  Grease fires will
    buy you some space, but they do know how to put themselves out if they need
    to.  Watch yourself too, as they like to hurl fire attacks that will damage
    you right through your armor and you'll have to drop your armor to heal.
    The disciples will follow you through any trap you lay so mines and damage
    fields are nice to wear them down with.  Alternatively you can try to knock
    him down and slow him up with an Earth-Cold area attack and then pound him
    with something potent as well.  Keep your armor up and haste going as you
    need it.  Unless he's stunned, try to avoid beams because he could launch
    one at any time that will either deflect it or worse, splatter you with
    opposites.  These magic users can be very annoying because despite all your
    precautions they can cast spells that will one hit kill you if you stand
    still too long.  Try to stay close to the machine as it affords you some
    cover usually.  Ultimately it comes down to lots of skill, some luck and
    patience.  Be ready and able to drop your armor and heal and put it back on
    anytime, or to water yourself at a moment's notice and you should do fine.
    After he's gone, a cutscene with the king will play and you'll move on to
    the next chapter.
    Chapter 5 – Havindr Strikes Back [MC05]
    A word on the packs of archers you will encounter in this chapter:
    Conflagration.  This Magick travels through everything, hits a wide stance
    and will shortly kill any goblins it hits.  Learn this one and use it.
    After the opening cutscene, push the soldier into the pit for an
    achievement, and if you're feeling particularly stupid or brave, go to the
    small camp just south east and pick up the Sausage on Stick from next to the
    black cauldron.
    Move down the camp to the northeast and have a conversation with Vlad at the
    bridge.  A short ways past that you'll see a short cutscene of the captain
    being shot down by goblins and you'll be attacked by a handful of orcs and
    goblin archers.  Shoot Conflagration at the group which should knock down
    the archers and weaken the orcs.  Finish them off with a strong area blast.
    At this point let the soldiers run off to whatever targets they like next.
    Head to the west and deal with the couple of archers here and then grab your
    new *MAGICK*, "Time Warp" (default: RE+space).  Head back the way you came
    and now hit the checkpoint and move up north.  If you stay along the
    northwest edge you can deal with a few archers here and then head back
    southwest a bit to a gap in the fencing.  There's at least one archer here
    but the real treat is the artillery troll that comes out of the fence
    opening.  Pop the archer fast and hit the troll with a quick water attack
    followed up by a cold beam and then either a high-power beam or a quick Ice
    rock.  Or even better, wet him and hit him with a Thunderbolt Magick
    instead.  He’s also one of the few types of flammable trolls if you want to
    go that route.  When he's down move along north again.
    As the path narrows prepare to lay down a grease fire as you'll be attacked
    by a trio of orcs, a disciple and some goblin archers.  The orcs will walk
    right through the grease fire and drop dead shortly thereafter.  A blast of
    Conflagration through the fire will drop the archers.  The fire will keep
    the disciple at bay and probably even from trying attacks so hit him with
    whatever you like from a distance or stand close to the fire and try to
    Thunderbolt him as well.
    As you move up to where that attack came from, you'll be attacked by an
    armored orc, trailed by a few regulars if you moved up enough.  You have
    more distance this time so any kind of Arcane ball will knock his shield
    down or area a 5x Earth spell and then you hammer him with whatever you like
    from a distance.  Deal with the other orcs in a similar fashion, remembering
    that Ice+Ground will buy you some time and Arcane mines or a Water area will
    buy you some space (except the orc still wearing armor.  As always, a grease
    fire barrier is nice for the regular orcs.  If you move fast enough on to
    the next area, you may not even need to face a three-pack of armored orcs.
    If you do, get their shields off, and Arcane mines as they get closer.  If
    you get surrounded, you can't push them away when they have armor, so use
    Cold and Earth Area attacks to keep them off balance and sneak in a Steam
    Electric Arcane Area attack between each until they are done.
    ‘Move on through the north passage to the next area.  Note that in this area
    there are bushes that goblin archers will pop out of if you get too close,
    so stay off the shrubbery.  Conflagrate any group that gets in your way, or
    if you need a faster conjure, use plain Fire-balls.  As soon as you enter a
    group of two orcs and an armored orc will come barreling down at you.  A
    powerful charged Arcane ball will knock off the armored orc's shield before
    he gets close and a grease fire in front of you will take out the two
    without armor quickly if they run through it.  Use Area attacks or mines as
    you get crowded and remember a powerful Cold area can buy you time to move
    As you move up you'll see a patch of goblin archers waiting for you.  Keep
    your armor up and you should be okay.  Conflagrate the pack of them.
    As you move on you'll come to a village under attack.  Use a one-hit kill
    shot on the orc beating on the door before he spots you.  A little further
    in you'll get another armored orc and regular.  They shouldn't be too much
    trouble at this point.  They'll be followed shortly by another ineffective
    group of goblin archers.  Deal with them same as you did before...or try
    something new!
    A couple more steps along and an armored hammer troll will burst out from
    your left.  Wet him down and Cold him up (a beam would probably be best) and
    then hit him with a powerful beam spell to knock him down fast or for a
    really fast kill whip out your Thunderbolt Magick.  Watch for that hammer.
    It’s slow but can one-hit you even through armor.  Before he's down or
    shattered a couple more goblin archers and orc(s) may come at you.  Wait
    till you deal with the troll then clean up these stragglers.
    As you head out of town and near a field you'll be attacked by one berserker
    orc who shouldn't bother you at all and then you'll see quite a few goblins
    roaming the field.  Pick them off from a distance however seem most fun for
    you.  At some point in here another orc may come running from behind outside
    the field.  Leave a grease fire for him to walk through or just put him down
    your favorite way.
    Watch the haystacks in the northwest, as goblin archers might pop out from
    there at any time.  As you move past them you'll come to a more tricky
    fight.  Two berserker orcs on a platform, an armored orc and a disciple will
    be waiting for you.  If you keep moving you can forget about the disciple
    for now.  Use mines or an Arcane attack to remove the armored orc's shield
    and then deal with the three orcs.  It only kills one at a time but remember
    you can use Thunderbolt here to one hit these guys if they're close enough,
    especially if they won’t get off the high platform.  Either Thunderbolt or
    try to Grease fire the disciple after that.  Watch your armor during this
    fight, it's possible you'll have to reapply.
    After that's over, inspect the *MOOSE* near the base of the platform and
    head on north.  Hit the checkpoint and as you near the frozen lake watch for
    about nine goblin archers to jump out of the ground near you.  Haste
    backward to give yourself some distance and use a Conflagrate or two at the
    As you come to the frozen lake the camera will zoom out and you'll face a
    few waves of enemies here.  Most of your usual techniques will apply just
    fine, just don't do any kind of Fire attack that isn't a ranged attack.  An
    Area or spray type attack will be devastating.  Best to avoid using it for
    now.  Haste to give yourself breathing room and don't be afraid to use Earth
    area attacks, that won't shatter the ice, it can only be melted.  Watch for
    the artillery troll and take him down fast, his shells will melt the ice in
    big patches where they land.  Wet him fast and Thunderbolt him for a quick
    kill.  If you can't seem to get Thunderbolt to land then at least freeze him
    for some extra time.  Most Shield type barriers won’t conjure on the ice, so
    no mines or storms while you’re there.  Move on past the river when you're
    done.  Just to the left in a raised area is the Knife of Counter-Striking.
    Not terribly useful as a weapon but grants a permanent Haste effect that
    stacks with the Haste Magick.
    As you approach the wooden bridge set up a quick Grease fire for the orcs in
    front and get ready to deal with the armored orc however you prefer.  A
    couple mines on the other side of the grease fire will blast the regular
    orcs out of the way so they can burn to death in peace while you take care
    of the one in the armor.  Cross the bridge and move on to the next area.
    Hit the switch to the left to extend the bridge and run across.  Here you
    will be shelled by an artillery troll and archer goblins and run down by
    orcs and armored orcs.  Your armor will protect you from a few shell hits
    but it will knock you down.  Blast the shields off the armored orcs and use
    the Steam Lightning Arcane combo to Area kill them.  The troll should've
    moved closer by now, get him wet and Thunderbolt him and then Conflagrate
    the archers when they get down to your level.
    Now, the rest of this fortress is crawling with orcs, armored orcs and
    goblin archers.  You know how to deal with them by now so do so as they come
    up.  Remember Thunderbolt works wonders here but takes two hits to kill an
    artillery troll if you don't get him wet first and if used on an armored orc
    will only knock his shield off on the first hit.  Also note that some of the
    armored orcs here are different, they're essentially armored berserker orcs
    but they'll drop a Thunderblade when killed.  I'll give you directions
    through here but you should be able to hold your own from this point.
    Ignore any splits in the path and continue on north until you get to a caged
    hammer troll.  After you dealt with the cage guards you can use Thunderbolt
    to eliminate him before his door opens later.  Head up to the west and hit
    the lever up there to extend a wooden bridge back to the east.  Cross over
    and head all the way east right away.  You'll see some shells coming down,
    run up to the east wall and hammer the troll firing them with two
    Thunderbolts quickly.  If you want to take out the archers in the same
    manner that's up to you.  There's no real need to hit the switch here but do
    so if you're inclined and grab the Tesla Staff from in front of the cage if
    you want it.  Now that you've cleared out everyone you can without crossing
    the bridge to the north, hit the checkpoint before moving on.
    On the other side of the bridge you'll be assaulted by two hammer trolls and
    two berserker orcs.  If you’re careful on the approach you can use 3
    Thunderbolts per cage to take out the berserker orc and troll from a
    distance before the cage opens.  Otherwise, Thunderbolt what you can before
    they get close, and try to wet or freeze the trolls as best you can.  The
    orcs are more annoying than anything, focus on the trolls and deal with them
    after if your troll attacks didn't kill them already.
    Head east and then south up the stairs and find the switch on the platform
    where the artillery troll and archers were before.  Hit the switch and watch
    as a pile of trouble heads out the gate right for you.
    Depending on your favorite tactics you may not mind having your back up
    against the wall in this little platform.  It might be better to make a
    break for it to an area you can retreat from when you need to.  Grease fires
    will eventually kill these trolls if you can dodge him long enough and
    they'll severely damage if not kill the disciples.  The main issue is the
    eight armored orcs.  Use Arcane mines or area attacks to knock off the
    shields (a little Cold mixed in might help).  Then hit them with Steam
    Electric Arcane Area blasts or of their armor drops another bout of mines
    will send them flying and give you room to breathe.  Alternatively a
    Lightningx3 Cold Shield storm will hold them in place and damage them pretty
    hard.  Watch your armor and reapply fast if you need it and you should be
    Once you've taken care of all that, a cutscene will play until you enter the
    stronghold and another when you get in there followed by the start of your
    next boss encounter.
    *Boss: Khan*
    Khan is pretty fast, does a lot of dashing and slashing as well as a jumping
    maneuver that will pound the ground and knock you over.  He also throws out
    the same explosives as the goblin bombers, and these increase in speed as he
    takes damage.  These are the most dangerous thing he does, so keep your
    Haste going to dodge them.  Little else he does is truly dangerous if you
    keep your armor going.  You can pound him with whatever you find most fun
    but the easiest way to close off the fight is to get him going with a Grease
    fire.  It burns for a long time and if you can keep him on fire the damage
    constantly increases in speed.  Otherwise the general tactics you’ve been
    using to this point apply well, so use what you’re comfortable with.
    When he's gone walk up to Vlad and finish the chapter.
    Chapter 6 – Return of the Wizard [MC06]
    At the start of this level Cold your way across the lake to the northeast
    and grab the new *MAGICK* "Blizzard" (default: RRQR+space).  Return and
    continue up the main path.  You'll see a disciple with his back to you.  Hit
    him from a distance with a good beam, wet and freeze him or wet and
    Thunderbolt him, or try to get him in a Grease fire.  All good options.
    Move up the path until you come to a stone floor section where camera will
    show you your first daemon.  These guys take damage like anyone else,
    occasionally fire a barrage of arcane projectiles and are pretty slow.
    Though if more than one of them pound you with projectiles at once it can
    get pretty dangerous, the only thing really special about them is they can
    only be hit when they aren't transparent like you first see him.  By now all
    your previous combat should've equipped you to handle these guys pretty
    easily.  If you can do it quick enough, Thunderbolt is available to you in
    the whole area.
    Once he's dead head up the stairs and watch that you don't just run off the
    edge.  At the top, listen to Vlad for a bit and then move on to the next
    Continue on the stairs here and watch at the top for a group of the
    minidaemons.  They tend to materialize as they get close and are about to
    attack.  One Steam Lightning(x2) Arcane area attack will pop any of them
    standing next to you that are solid.  Cross over to the next island and deal
    with three more of them, and then cross the gap to the northwest onto the
    next floating rock.
    As the rock travels through the void you'll be set upon by more of the
    minidaemons, pop them as before.  Cross over to the next island as they
    connect and look to the north for another set of minidaemons and one daemon.
    The one will hang back so deal with the minis like before and blast the big
    one from a distance as he materializes.
    As you go up the stairs that follow you'll encounter some more of the
    harmless minidaemons.  At the top you will have to wait for another floating
    island to drift by and hop on.  You will have to defend your back against
    more of the minis while you wait for the island to drift into position.
    When the island floats to the northwest get ready to hop onto the next rock
    when they connect.
    On this next smaller island you'll encounter one daemon.  Queue up a 
    Thunderbolt and smack him as soon as he pops into our dimension.  Ride the
    island on to the next landmass.
    Along the path here you'll have another group of minis and a regular daemon.
    Deal with them as before and move forward to hit the checkpoint.  After
    hitting the checkpoint cross the bridge and notice that one of the statues
    is holding a staff you can grab, a Staff of Deflection.  I recommend trading
    your current staff for this at least for the next minute or so.
    As soon as you get that far along the bridge the camera will shift forward
    and show a butterfly daemon waiting for you.  The deflect aura that the
    staff offers should keep you safe from his projectiles so you're free to use
    whatever high-damage attack you like when he corporealizes.  One Thunderbolt
    will severely weaken him and if you follow that up with a Steamx2
    Lightningx2 Arcane beam you should be able to make him pop nicely.  You can
    also freeze him first for maximum effect.  If you just kill him with two or
    more Thunderbolts and don't "overkill" him, he'll die and leave behind three
    daemons instead of just dying, so it’s best to finish him with the beam.
    Either way, when he dies he drops my favorite in-game staff as I tend to
    favor long-distance beam attacks.  If you want it (and why wouldn't you?),
    pick up the Daemon Arm that he leaves behind.
    As you cross over the gap toward the statue of Assatur, the island will
    break away and you'll be left to fend for yourself while it floats along.
    About four daemons will attack but it shouldn't be anything you can't
    handle.  As the island connects to the north hop over and clear out a few
    minidaemons.  Head west and inspect the *MOOSE* and then hit the checkpoint
    marker before moving on.
    The next island will also break away and rotate around as you get on it with
    a single daemon at the end.  Thunderbolt him as soon as he corporealizes and
    wait for the island to connect in the north again.
    This next island has an oval-donut shape to it.  Off to the right you can
    pull a Tyrfing sword out of the rock if you want it.  Off to the northwest
    is your exit.  The island will constantly spawn daemon and minidaemon and
    guarding your exit path is a butterfly daemon.  If your armor's up you
    should be able to ignore anyone around you and focus on freezing and beaming
    the butterfly daemon.  Then you can guard yourself there as you wait for the
    next island to swing around so you can run across it.  Haste is a good thing
    to use here and then book it across the island before it flips you over.
    Past the stairs and into the next section you'll meet up with Vlad who
    promises to get your back as you go on to see what's up with Grimnir.  As
    you get up to Grimnir he'll give you a little speech about how he's really
    just misunderstood and then he'll suck you in for a mind duel.  This is
    probably going to be your toughest fight so far (and maybe in the game!)
    *Boss – Grimnir Part 1 – Mind Duel*
    This battle is fought against a series of progressively more powerful magic
    users on small floating islands.  There's little guarding the edges of the
    islands so one of the best strategies you can use is a 5-Water area push to
    throw people off the edge.  Many of these are pairs.  If a water push takes
    care of one but not the other, freeze him as a follow up and then blast him
    with a good beam or Thunderbolt.  A good set of Arcane (et al) mines will
    also send them flying.  As was mentioned remember that since this is
    outdoors, you do have Thunderbolt at your disposal.  All of them, as usual,
    die the fastest if you can get a Grease fire going on them, but they won't
    intentionally walk through it.  As soon as the last enemy on an island is
    gone, you'll move on to the next with no time to catch your breath.  There's
    not much I can tell you to help beyond that, it's going to rely on how fast
    your wits and fingers are mostly, but I'll do my best to give you pointers
    on each section...
    A group of four goblin shamans.  Mostly harmless unless they happen to knock
    you off themselves.  Try to take time to recharge your health and armor when
    you're down to one left so you're ready for the next.
    A battle against two druids.  These fight the same as before but there is
    less room to maneuver.  Thankfully there's also more cover.  Watch out for
    the rain cast, use Nullify or Water Shield on self so you don't hurt
    yourself with Lightning conjuring but remember that drops your armor either
    A pair of disciples.  This area is probably the easiest to blast them off
    from so go for it.  You shouldn't have to fight these two head on.
    A set of goblin wizards.  You haven't encountered these yet but they don't
    fight much differently.  There's more here to stop them from going over the
    edge but keep moving and do your best.  Be sure to try to cast Haste before
    this one ends.
    This next one you'll face two necromancers and you'll start *in* water.  If
    you managed to get Haste on, dash forward between them and let loose a giant
    Water push.  If the manage to start summoning the undead, this is going to
    go south very quickly.  This is a pretty open area so hopefully you can
    manage it.  If not, Nullify may work on the zombies (while also dropping
    your armor) and otherwise Life mines are the most effective against them,
    but any zombies that die in the necromancer aura automatically resurrect.
    Remember to take a second to dry off before you move on.
    On the last island here you'll face a temple priest.  This guy will do a
    boulder attack that will splatter you straight through your armor if it
    connects.  Do your best to push him away quick and freeze him if that
    doesn't work.  Thankfully there's only the one to worry about.  If you have
    armor up, you can haste into him and just knock him over, giving you time to
    attack without him being able to let the boulder fly.
    *Boss – Grimnir Part 2*
    The second part is against Grimnir himself.  Grimnir stands still and takes
    damage just fine, but he also dishes out a number of attacks.  At times he
    will send off spirit copies to attack you from the side, throw a tornado at
    you, use Conflagration, put up rock shields or regular shields in front of
    himself.  If you get too close he may cast some other spells like Ice spikes
    from the ground.  Fortunately all the other attacks can be stopped with the
    Nullify Magicka.  So be ready to cast that whenever you need.  The only one
    that will probably still connect is the Conflagration.  Water yourself quick
    if that happens and heal up or just keep earth+fire armor going through the
    battle.  The best way to attack him is to get him wet and Thunderbolt him,
    but a Nullify will also eliminate his wet status so it may just be easier to
    Thunderbolt him twice than to try to wet first.  Good beams can work well
    too, but watch that you don't hit yourself with a reflection should he throw
    up a shield spell.  After what you just went through if you keep your
    Nullify, Life mines, and shield spells handy, this shouldn't be a problem.
    *It is possible to light a Grease fire under him for accelerating perpetual
    damage, but it will disappear the moment you have to cast your first Nullify
    (though he'll keep burning for a while).  If you can get him going and don't
    have to Nullify for a while it makes things a lot easier, but it's a gamble.
    Once he's (nearly) dead, you'll get to see who's really pulling the strings
    and Vlad will come along to "save" you...and end the chapter.
    Chapter 7 – Return to Castle Aldrheim [MC07]
    Well now we know who blew up the tower back at the beginning.  Plus more
    stuff we'll see later.  Head down the path to the west and grab the book we
    couldn't get in chapter 1, the *MAGICK* "Teleport" (default ASA+space).
    Commit this to muscle memory, it's ridiculously useful.  Also remember that
    you can't cast this when you're wet so watch for that.
    Teleport to the ground and head north.  Teleport again across the bridge.
    You can't hit the checkpoint here because you already used it 7 chapters
    ago.  Explore as much as you like but basically head on through the rest of
    the area(s) up to the fort at the end where a cutscene will divert you along
    a different route than you took last time through.  Head through the new
    gate and end the chapter.
    Chapter 8 – The Mine Sweepers [MC08]
    Let me just preface this by saying this is one of the longer chapters, and
    can get pretty brutal.
    At this point you should be pretty good at holding your own in combat.  I'll
    make a few notes about the new enemies you're going to face in this chapter
    and only pipe in with combat tips when things get really hairy.  In this
    chapter you'll be facing some new goblin types.  Most of them carry shields.
    The first thing you want to do is strip them of those shields.  A single
    Arcane and Earth attack from a distance will take the shields off of a whole
    pack of them and make them vulnerable to Fire and Lightning again.  If they
    get too close, cast the same Arcane-Earth combo as an area attack or as many
    earths as you can queue up to widen the radius.  Watch for the lead ones
    that have flags on their backs.  These have a frost saber that will freeze
    you solid.  If they do, cast a fire on yourself quickly.  Once you have the
    shields off you can deal with them as usual.  Either lay down a Grease fire
    (which they will walk through) or Conflagrate packs of them.  Without
    shields, goblins burn very well.  Aside from the leads, one Conflagration
    will drop most all of them.  Later on, in the mines, you'll come across
    goblin miners, but they act the same as any other unshielded goblin.
    The other more troublesome enemy you'll face is the new goblin archers.
    These shoot flaming arrows.  Whenever you see these you want to prioritize
    them, though unfortunately they're usually behind a group of the shielded
    ones.  It's often safer to drop your regular armor in these cases for a
    Fire-Earth-Shield self cast to make yourself immune to fire.  Watch though,
    the fire protections depletes over time and you have to restore it
    frequently.  Thankfully one well-placed Conflagration will drop packs of
    In the mines you'll run into some more of the smaller spiders from before
    but also some that are four times bigger.  Apart from poisoning you, they
    aren't much of a threat, they get in fights with the goblins and any kind of
    potent fire attack will drop them fast.
    You'll also face a couple of trolls you haven't seen before but apart from
    more health they don't fight any differently.  Freeze them as quick as you
    can and Thunderbolt or beam them.  These guys won't catch on fire.  And
    you'll meet more of the goblin wizards as well, which you treat like any
    other magic user you’ve come across.  Ready?  Onward!
    As you start, approach the bridge to get a message from Vlad.  Put your
    combat skills to the test right away with a group of four armored goblins 
    and two archers.  Cross the bridge and examine the statue on the other side.
    Move along the path until you see a cave in the wall.  Enter the cave and
    feel your way around with the mouse to find the new *MAGICK* "Thunderstorm"
    (default QFQFASA+space) which you should never cast (see the Magicks section
    for one way to safely use it).
    By now you'll have noticed a couple more armored goblins in your path.
    Clear them out from a distance.  As you get on the bridge you'll be
    assaulted from both sides.  One way that works well if you’re quick enough
    is to take out the front group's shields, lay down a Grease fire in front of
    you and then Teleport to the other side of the back group.  Ground pound
    with Arcane to drop their shields and teleport quick back to the far side of
    your grease fire.  Pick them off from a distance here.  Teleport across the
    next gap in your path or attack the gear on the bridge to lower it.  Hold
    off hitting the checkpoint until you've cleared off the three goblins on the
    bridge from a distance.  Once they're gone and you've checked in, gird your
    loins and prepare for a real battle.
    No matter what I tell you here, it's going to turn into a crapstorm pretty
    quick.  Watch your armor and keep a fire immunity mixed in.  Do your best to
    pick off the archers as fast as you can and take out the shields of the
    rest.  Mines will also blow off shields here and have the added advantage of
    possibly tossing them from the bridge for good, just don't get caught in 
    them yourself.  Use your teleport to keep moving and Haste if you need it
    too.  Keep a Grease fire going somewhere and if there's no one to walk
    across it, teleport to the other side, just be careful you don’t land in it.
    The toughest part will be when the troll shows up.  Take out the fire-
    shooters and the faster enemies first and then wet-Thunderbolt or freeze and
    beam the troll.
    Some of the tougher goblins here will drop their Frost Cleaver when they
    die, if you want it.
    At the end of the bridge, turn right first and pick up a new *MAGICK* from
    the nest there, "Summon Phoenix" (default: WAF+space) and a *SECRET AREA*
    credit (don't panic if you think you've been neglecting them, there hasn't
    been one since chapter 4).  Head back and take the north branch this time.
    At the top of the hill you'll see two trolls picking around the stream.
    Launch a full-power Ice ball at the first and then Thunderbolt them as many
    times as you need as they get close.
    Teleport over the stream, or remember to dry yourself on the other side.
    Before you hit the checkpoint walk up to the edge of the cliff and cast
    Thunderbolt on the goblin archer on the other side.  Check in at the
    checkpoint and teleport across or lower the bridge.
    This next section is going to have hoards of the various goblin types.
    Advance slowly to trigger as few of them as possible at a time.  When
    they're far off, prioritize the bomb-throwers because they can take you out
    and they can do damage to the group around them when they pop.  Conflagrate
    whenever you see them, or if you’re not quick enough for that, just a
    fireball on one of them should be sufficient if they’re not too far back in
    the ranks.  Knock off shields everywhere you can, use mines and Grease fires
    to incapacitate and hit multiple enemies, and watch yourself for flames.
    Also keep moving.  Anyone up on a high platform can be hit with a
    Thunderbolt.  If things are getting out of hand, Teleport or run back and
    throw up a Lightning(x2) Cold Shield storm.  Another good strategy is to lay
    a grease fire when you see them coming and then back up most of a screen
    away.  This will get the archers to walk through it and deal with
    After you've cleared out this area, blast the dynamite covering the mine
    door and walk in.
    Listen to Future Vlad tell you another one and head into the mines.  Deal
    with two archers right off and head up to the intersection ahead.  Face some
    miners, a bomber and some armored goblins, followed by a few more miners
    near the intersection.  Head east along the path.  Some more goblin types
    will attack you from the north, stay out of range of the one across the gap
    on the east until you've dealt with them.
    Once they're cleared out, kick on a Fire Shield and teleport over behind the
    goblin archer to the east.  Knock him down and the one north of him.  Take
    out the bridge by attacking the dynamite and kill one more archer to the
    north.  Take out everyone on the far side of the gap in safety and if you
    want it, grab the Staff of Fire on the north end.  This also counts as a
    *SECRET AREA*.  Given this staff causes fire to hurt less and has an active
    ability of repelling fire altogether, it's pretty useful for all the archers
    coming up (though I personally keep my daemon arm).
    With the other side clear teleport back over and blast open the door.  Head
    on through to the next area.
    In this next area there are a lot of open pits.  As such, water pushes and
    mines are particularly useful.  There’s no definite way to say who will
    trigger first in this area, but I’ll do my best to let you know when to
    expect what.  As you walk in, take out the archer in the distance with a
    good attack.  Move forward and when you see a tiny red light, target it with
    an electric beam to kick on a generator and some lights.  Follow the path as
    it winds west.  As you get to the next landmass some spiders will come up
    over the edge and some goblins will wake.  Fire-blast the spiders that go
    for you and mine attack whatever goblins get past the spiders.
    As you reach the south end of this strip you should see an archer start
    attacking you.  When you counter attack you'll also trigger some more
    goblins and a troll.  No Thunderbolt in here, so freeze him hard and blast
    him with the Steam Lightning Arcane beam.  Use mines on the goblins that
    follow him and shoot some electricity at the red dot across the gap to light
    more things up for yourself.
    Here you've got goblins to the west and the north.  Trigger the ones to the
    west with an attack, if you’re unlucky the archers to the north will trigger
    too.  When they start coming be sure to keep the fire shield up.
    Conflagrate or Fireball them over the gap.
    Start the base of the wooden structure on fire to get it to collapse over
    the gap for you to cross (Conflagration works well, alternatively you could
    just teleport over).  It's really dark here so conjure a few elements to
    give yourself some light.  At the end of the path north you'll see a pair of
    skeletons spooning.  Area cast fire and you'll light things up enough that
    the game will let you see one's dropped a sword you can pick up.  It's Stung
    if you want it.  This is another *SECRET AREA*.  From here teleport over to
    where the archers were before.
    A couple regular spiders and a giant spider will come up but the giant
    spider may just go straight for the goblins, so let it.  Flame the others.
    Before moving on, aim an electric beam north-northwest of where you're at
    until you can tell you've hit a generator.  Follow the path to the northeast
    and take out the goblins there that the spider didn't get.  At the next bit
    of land a bigger pack of goblins will come out including bombers.  Either
    target them quick or lay mines and get away.  Watch out to the northeast for
    the archers on the ledge there.  One Conflagration in their direction should
    catch them all quick.
    As you move northwest here a much larger group of goblins of all sorts will
    start coming.  Mine the bridge(s) at intervals and retreat as much as you
    have to.  If you lay mines with Fire in them too and you have time, throw
    some Grease overtop of the mines and the Grease will start up once the mines
    are set off.  If you've got the distance, beam attack the bomb-throwers and
    archers before they get you.  When you get onto the next platform fully some
    spiders and large spiders will come up, so it might be worth triggering that
    to cause a little in-fighting if you can.  Otherwise when you get there
    flame the spiders and look for a few archers to the southwest.  Head on over
    to the checkpoint in the northeast.
    Cross east from there and watch your step going north a bit until you can
    see the red dot of another generator.  Activate it, but don't get on the
    moving platform.  You can see plenty of goblins here but they can't hit you.
    Pick them off however you like and move along where you are to make sure the
    area's as clear as possible before you ride the lift over.  Be careful for
    some north across the gap that can hit you with arrows.  There will be at
    least one archer to the south that you couldn't get before.  Head north and
    look for an exit just east of a wooden structure.
    As soon as you come through you'll be attacked by a goblin wizard, a bunch
    of miners and a couple archers.  Run forward a bit and lay a Grease fire,
    then back up and let the wizard go through it.  If he puts himself out,
    teleport to the other side and lure him through again.  Alternatively, keep
    hammering him with Conflagration from different sides.  Blast the miners who
    don't burn themselves up with area attacks and pick off the archers.
    You'll come to a small split in the path here, either side will trigger a
    handful of goblins out of the tented areas along the walls.  Head west first
    and deal with that group and then check your *MOOSE* for the chapter there.
    Go back and take the east fork and clear out the goblins there.
    As you pass under the wooden bridge, you'll be attacked from behind and from
    the bridge ahead.  Take out the bridge ahead by blasting the dynamite then
    focus on the ones behind you.  Unless you're feeling particularly insecure,
    don't hit the checkpoint just yet.
    Head west and trigger the goblins across the stream.  Deal with them on your
    side of the stream and then cross over.  Dry yourself off quick and get
    ready to deal with a troll coming out of the cave on the left.  After he's
    shattered move up more to where the wooden bridge above you meets the wall
    of the cave.  Teleport up to the ledge it meets and follow the wooden bridge
    all the way back to just above the checkpoint to claim your Staff of
    Invisibility (if you want it) and another mark on your *SECRET AREA* tally.
    Teleport down to the ground, don't jump.  It’s further than it looks and
    could kill you.  Trigger the checkpoint and teleport across the gap left by
    the bridge you destroyed.
    In this section you face an unending stream of goblins and trolls until you
    destroy the lock on the door.  Before you trigger the event, cast Haste, and
    then run all the way up to about two steps before the door.  Grease the door
    and set it on fire.  The door should break in a matter of seconds, you don't
    even really need to attack anyone here if you have armor and keep moving.
    When the door health meter is gone, cast Nullify to get rid of the fire and
    then reapply your armor if you need it.  Re-cast Haste and run up the stairs
    to the next boss fight.
    *Boss: The Aristocrats*
    This is basically an endurance match against a dozen or more goblin wizards,
    ending with the high aristocrat goblin.  The same techniques for fighting
    them apply as always...Grease fires.  If you want to take them with just
    your wizardry skills, go right ahead.  But the easiest, simplest way is to
    rush the center and lay a grease fire, and then keep laying grease in
    patterns around that.  Keep your armor up so you can take the stray attack
    and Haste around to keep the fire going from the various sides.  Do keep an
    eye out in case one of them sets you on fire and whatever you do don't step
    in your own fire or you'll have about 1-2 seconds to put yourself out before
    you die.  If you can multitask well, then keep reapplying Fire-Earth(x2)
    armor at intervals to stay extra safe.  As with all magic users, beams are
    dangerous in case you end up mixing opposites.  If you want to help hold
    them in place while they burn, Lightning storms will accomplish this.  If
    you’re feeling daring you can also try Icex2 Lightning Arcane Shield as a
    weapon enchant and swing in a straight line for big damage on groups.  Just
    back up fast from it and redo your armor.
    When you're finally victorious you can claim the Aristostaff if you want it
    and exit to the next chapter.
    Chapter 9 – Symphony of the Twilight [MC09]
    In the swamp here you'll face mostly new enemies.  The first is a ghoul who
    runs on all fours, can throw rocks from a distance and chew you apart up
    close.  A minefield of Lightning Arcane Fire (x2 if you can manage it)
    Shield will usually kill them in one hit, and if not, the falling and fire
    damage fallout will.  Watch out for the variant carrying a lantern, he
    explodes fire when he dies and will light you up.  You can teleport now so
    if you get really surrounded drop those mines in a full circle and teleport
    out immediately for a really big bang.
    The next type is a tree monster.  These guys can be very very dangerous
    except for one thing.  If you have Earth armor on they will completely
    ignore you.  It doesn't have to be just Earth armor either, it can be Earth
    and Ice, but Earth has to be part of it.  As a tree they are fire
    susceptible so a grease fire or a steady fire beam will end them quickly.
    Next we have an assortment of the undead.  Zombies, skeletons and skeleton
    warriors all take damage from Life and heal from Arcane.  Other elemental
    attacks will damage them fine.  The best bet with zombies and skeletons is
    to use Life Shield mines, as this will do nearly a thousand damage and one-
    hit kill them.  Note that the zombies are capable of poisoning you and the
    skeletons can throw bones as a ranged attack.  The skeleton warriors are a
    different matter, they take a ton of damage, but they move very slowly.  I’d
    suggest a full Ice ball on each and if they leave a regular skeleton behind
    deal with them appropriately.  Don't let them get too close as their attack
    is devastating.  These drop a Cursed blade when they die.
    Lastly, not a "new" enemy but the first time in his natural habitat is the
    necromancer.  Like all magic users, they can be rapidly killed if you can
    set them on fire and keep them that way.  I go with a combination of Grease
    fire and Conflagration or even mix it up with an electric fire shield.  The
    hordes of zombies they will conjure up can be a huge pain, but are also
    dealt with by the same kind of fire.
    Feeling set?  Let's head into the swamp.
    Future Vlad will set you on your way.  Armor up and head on in.  Be ready to
    drop the mines mentioned earlier (ASEF+right click) when the ghouls start
    coming your way.  The first one will charge you from the northwest as you
    come to the bend in the road, and another from the north as you near the
    wooden fence.  Just past the fence one will come from behind and when you
    pass the cabin a lantern one will come from the cabin at the same time one
    comes from above.
    There's a tree monster waiting in the middle of the mud pit ahead, so be
    sure your armor is up.  Light it on fire or just ignore it and move on.  As
    you approach the checkpoint a ghoul will come from the north and he'll take
    some falling damage as he lands.  While he's trying to right himself, lay
    the mines right on him.  Hit the checkpoint then and move on.
    Here you'll have your first bout with the zombies.  You can try to Life-beam
    them from afar, but it takes too long in my opinion.  Rush up to a group and
    lay Life mines (or if you still have your M60, it makes short work of them).
    Head on further northeast, dealing with the zombies as you go.  As you near
    the end of the trail where it starts to widen out you'll be jumped by two
    ghouls, one from either side.  A front spread of mines could catch them both
    but if not just back up and hit the one you missed with more.
    As you come to the more open area you'll see a necromancer cutscene.  He'll
    raise a semi-circle of skeletons around you.  Raise a circle of Life mines
    around you to deal with the lot of them at once.  Move on to the next area.
    Check your armor again here, the next little island in the swamp has two
    tree monsters on it, one to the west and one in the northeast.  Deal with
    the few zombies there and then light up the trees.  Move on to the northwest
    along the bridge.
    Hit the checkpoint along the path and come out in the graveyard.  The
    necromancer will raise several more friends for you to play with including
    four of the skeleton knights.  Prioritize the weaker enemies as the skeleton
    knights won't even move until you get too close or attack them.  Then
    Iceball the knights and clean up their skeletons.  If you need more time,
    frost them down to slow them up even more.
    Blast the door of the church open.  Once that's open, oddly, you can now
    enter the tomb to the left.  Go down there for a *SECRET AREA* credit and a
    Scepter of the Troll King staff if you like.  As you come back out of the
    tomb you have a choice to make.  The battle in the church is optional, but
    it is the only way to obtain a new Magick spell.  It's also pretty brutal.
    If this is your second time through and you don't feel like testing yourself
    or you just want to wuss out, head to the northeast corner of the graveyard
    and teleport over to the back exit of the church.  Otherwise walk on in with
    a swagger.
    Inside you'll be assaulted from the front, the right and behind by a
    necromancer and a skeleton knight or two each, followed almost immediately
    by a couple of ghouls through the windows to the left.  Light a grease fire
    in front of you and to the side or behind if you have time before the ghouls
    catch you.  Mine the ghouls and then get back to tending your fires or
    conflagrating groups.  Haste helps here as well.  Iceball the knights if you
    can.  Though it won’t help you with the necromancers, dropping healing mines
    will not only recover you when your armor is down, it will also clear out at
    lot of the mess they make.  You’ll have to decide when and which mines (life
    or arcane) to use based on who’s around you.  When it's all over, pick up
    the new *MAGICK* "Raise Dead" (default: QRDSR+space).  You can also loot a
    Morgul Blade or Staff of the Dead from the necromancers.
    *Note:  You can also do this very...very cheaply if you get frustrated.  As
    soon as the fight starts, Teleport/Haste your way out the right side door.
    Once outside, head southwest to the wall and teleport back into the
    graveyard and re-enter the church from the front door.  Everyone will be
    gone and the Magick yours to claim.
    Head out the east door of the church and follow the path further on.  Vlad
    will interrupt you before you leave the area.
    As you move forward deal with the lantern ghoul and the zombies that get in
    your path.  A little further on you'll have some skeletons, including a few
    with swords.  Life mine them when they get close and look past them to deal
    with another necromancer.  Should be a pretty open fight so use your
    usual/favorite tricks on him.  At this distance it's actually pretty easy to
    wet and freeze him and blast him with something strong.
    By the time he's dead a couple of skeleton knights will probably have
    wandered on which you'll have plenty of room to take out.  Past them look
    out for up to four ghouls to assault you from various sides.  Keep your mine
    fingers ready there.  There will also be a skeleton or zombie or two around
    Past them as the path bends east you'll see the occasional zombie but what
    you need to watch out for is where the path suddenly turns north.  Right
    there and beyond it for a ways are a number of tree monsters that will
    appear suddenly.  Be sure your Earth armor is working and pass them by or
    burn them as you like.
    As you follow the road around just past the 2nd tree monster watch for two
    ghouls to jump out from the north.  Then two tree monsters side by side
    along the path.  Past that an assortment of skeletons, zombies and ghouls
    will come at you but spaced out enough that if you don't charge forward you
    should be able to deal with each as they appear.  Continue east and cross
    over to the village.
    Speak to the people if you like, but to gain their trust all you have to do
    is cast some kind of Life on them.  Go ahead with the Life mines.  When
    everyone has been healed, a cutscene will play and you'll be left in front
    of the "count's" castle.  Head on in.
    This first room has quite a bit in it to do.  Examine the *MOOSE* head over
    the fireplace to the left, and just next to that grab the "Fear" *MAGICK*
    off the shelf (default: RSE+space).  More importantly, on the other end of
    the room in the south east, grab the *MAGICK* "Charm" propped up against the
    northeast side of the far couch (default WED+space).  Head up the stairs,
    listen to Vlad's advice and go through the door to the boss battle.
    *Boss – Vlad*
    You knew this was coming right?
    Vlad fights like a combination between a weaker Khan and any usual magic
    user.  He's light and mines will send him flying (and sometimes out of the
    level for an instant kill).  Grease fires will work their usual magic as
    well but he will cast Nullify sometimes to put it out (and strip your
    armor).  Keep the flames on him, watch your armor/health and you should be
    okay.  When he's defeated, you'll be sent to the next chapter.
    Chapter 10 – A Grim Tango [MC10]
    Like all good heroes, it's time to escape the underworld.  This chapter is a
    bit different, as it's more about tactics than casting speed and skill.  In
    this chapter you'll face two new main types of enemies, both of which are
    elemental based.
    First off is the elemental itself.  These float curled up until you either
    get too close, or blast them with an element.  After 3 seconds up close they
    will awaken as a random element, or they will awaken as the element you
    blast them with.  This means if you move slow and spot them quickly, you can
    control what they awake as.  My personal favorite is to hit them with
    Arcane.  They do minimal damage per swing and you can easily blast them with
    Life mines that heal you at the same time.
    The second is the elemental skeleton.  These will come out charged with an
    element based on the color they're glowing.  They can be Water, Fire,
    Lightning, Arcane or Cold based.  They'll throw attacks based on their
    element, and if they get close hit you with a blast that can send you
    flying.  It won't do much damage if you're shielded, but it can toss you off
    a cliff.  Throwing up a good immunity shield on yourself is key (it's
    possible to immune to Lightning, Arcane and Cold or Fire all at once) and
    then blasting them with their elemental opposite.  Lightning vs Water and
    vice versa, Use Water on Fire, Fire on Cold and Life on the Arcane.  In
    particular use a Fire attack on the Cold that will ignite, like a fireball,
    they'll burn out faster than a Fire beam.  The only really tricky part is
    reacting to shield yourself when they come out and then telling the
    difference between Arcane and Fire (one's red, one's orange).  If you find
    yourself running out of reaction time to guard yourself, just throw up a
    regular shield in front of you to give yourself more time to react.  Now
    onto the chapter itself...
    You'll come in near a torch and get a talking-to from Future Vlad.  If you
    want it, you can pick up Vlad's Gauntlet on the ground here (it counts as a
    staff).  This area is full of elementals, but as mentioned above none of
    them should give you a problem if you're careful.  If you want a Ring of the
    Phantom head straight north to a small rocky area, look to the left of the
    rocks.  Head back to the starting torch.
    From here head straight east, past some piles of skulls until you run head
    on into another rocky part in your way.  To the east of the rocks along
    their edge is a *MOOSE* skeleton to inspect.  It may be hard to see, so
    conjure some elements to give some light and move your mouse around to try
    to highlight it.  From there head straight north to find the exit bridge
    from this area.  It’s also possible to Haste this whole area and leave the
    elementals trailing you till you exit.
    In the next area you'll start facing sets of the elemental skeletons.  My
    advice is to keep up a Lightning Arcane Fire Shield at all times (by a nice
    coincidence, these are also my favorite mines, so if you've been using those
    you're used to the key combination, now you just have to cast it on
    yourself).  Cold and Water won't really hurt you, unless you manage to get
    both at the same time and then you can always thaw yourself.  Blast the
    elemental opposites (mix the sprays like Fire and Electric into Arcane for
    distance, it'll still work).
    You shouldn't have too much trouble with these tactics, but watch out when
    you reach the bridge, you'll be assaulted from ahead and behind.  Don't let
    any behind you get close enough to blast you far away or you'll probably go
    in the pit.  Launch a Fireball at the two cold ahead and then Teleport until
    you're behind the ones in back of you.  Reapply your shield and then go to
    town on them.
    Deal with a few more past the bridge area and move on to the next area.
    Future Vlad will give you some instruction and then you can move on and face
    the boss of the chapter.
    *Boss – Death*
    Death is pretty simple.  He has three basic maneuvers.  First off he'll come
    at you from a side, corporealize and attack you.  Second he'll stay off to
    the side and summon elemental skeletons.  Lastly he'll surround you in a
    circle of copies and attack you one by one until the real one attacks.  Only
    the real attack will hurt you and only he can be hurt.  The only problem
    with death is that he only needs to land one blow to kill you.  Keep your
    wits about you and this will be pretty easy.
    Whenever Death appears solo to the side, lay Life mines.  If he charges,
    he'll set them off for huge damage.  If he summons elemental skeletons, cast
    Nullify to remove them and the mines right away.  Then wait for his next
    If he surrounds you with the copies, conjure up five Life elements and be
    ready.  As soon as the real one goes to attack, the rest of the copies will
    disappear and you'll have 1-2 seconds before his attack lands.  Area blast
    the Life elements to interrupt his attack.  This isn't as damaging as a Life
    beam, but you don't have to aim and die because you missed.  Mines don't
    work here because the copies keep setting them off.
    Eventually Death will be done and you'll get the end cutscene as well as the
    new *MAGICK* "Summon Death" (default: SRRQRS+space).
    Chapter 11 – Raiders of the Lost Ruins [MC11]
    This chapter can go a couple of ways depending on how manly about this you
    want to be.  First off, if you want the boss battle to be over in no time
    AND want the "Stuff of Legends" achievement, you should exit the game now
    and replay chapter 2, making sure to end with the Gram sword in your
    possession.  Then exit from there and reselect Chapter 11 to start with it.
    No matter what, hang on to that sword until the end of the level.
    Secondly, you'll learn the "Invisibility" Magick shortly.  This can be used
    to bypass all kinds of crazy fights and even just be used in fighting for
    sneaky tactics.  It'll be up to you how much you want to use it.
    You'll face mostly new enemies again this time.  First off is the yeti, or
    snow troll.  These guys are fast, do a ton of damage and have an instant
    kill move where they pick you up and bite you in half (I believe they’ve
    been a little nerfed since this was originally written).  The first thing
    you need to do to them is incapacitate them.  Wet and Cold them fast or even
    better wait until they get close and Charm them.  If you get them just wet
    you can Thunderbolt them in one hit while you're still outside.  Once you
    get inside I recommend freezing them and then using a full-power Steamx2
    Lightningx2 Arcane beam on them from a short distance.  That should kill
    them before they thaw if you shoot it right away (you can queue it up while
    you're still hitting them with the Cold beam).
    Next you'll face two kinds of dwarven warriors.  Both armored, some with
    shields.  You deal with them in mostly the same way you have been dealing
    with these kinds of enemies, except that these guys can teleport and they do
    hefty damage so you need to be more careful about being hit.  Mines will
    give you breathing room once the shields are gone and you can chill and
    knock them down as well.  The Steam Lightning Arcane beam works well on them
    once the shields are gone and it is also effective as an area hit.
    You'll also re-encounter the dwarven priest that we haven't seen since
    chapter 6.  As before, watch out for the massive Earth ball they like to
    throw or you'll be done for.  If you can turn invisible and get out of the
    way before they throw it, they'll automatically target someone else nearby
    instead of you once they've started charging it up!  Deal with them like any
    magic user, try to set them on fire and failing that, try to freeze them.
    Don't go head on with beams unless they're incapacitated, they'll either
    beam you back or blast you with the rock through it.
    You'll also come across some full grown watchers in this chapter.  These
    guys are dangerous.  When you see them but before they activate, try to
    clear off everyone else from the area first.  Self-shield with Lightning and
    Cold to ward off their attacks.  Summon elementals when you have them,
    otherwise Raise Dead just to give them something to be distracted by.  Then
    wet, freeze and Steam Lightning beam them as fast as you can.
    Lastly, you'll also come across some fire lizards.  As soon as you see one,
    fire shield yourself and blast them with a cold beam at your leisure.  They
    can't hurt you with a Fire shield up and they pop fast from the cold.
    That should be enough to get us started, so let's head on.  As you land
    here, Vlad will scold your social skills and give you specific directions
    for this section.  Head on forward and watch the short cutscene that shows
    how brutal the yeti are.  As you step forward, one will rush you from
    behind.  Charm him quick and then get him wet and Thunderbolt him.  Move
    forward carefully as another will pop out of the woods from behind you as
    you come out of the curve in the path.  A few more steps just as you reach
    the torch in the road will come one more from the south path.
    Follow the path he came out of to the end and pick up the new, priceless
    *MAGICK* "Invisibility" (default: SEQFS+space).  This is also a *SECRET
    AREA*.  Now, we're going to use this heavily to finish the chapter easily,
    but if you'd rather have a fight on your hands, feel free to drop it at any
    time and test your skills.
    Go invisible and head back up the path you came.  Continue northeast up the
    stairs until you come to a large circular plate in the ground.  Conjure up
    five Fire elements and area blast it from the center of the plate to be let
    Make yourself invisible again and move along to the northwest to find a yeti
    picking at a moose corpse.  You can't inspect the moose without dropping
    your invisibility so get close and charm the yeti then wet him, freeze him
    and beam him.  Inspect the *MOOSE* and go back invisible.
    Zigzag through the ruins, ignore the yetis climbing in from the side and
    dodge the watcher coming down the stairs (you lose your invisibility if
    you're touched by others as well).  Move on to the next area.
    Walk past the group waiting for you inside, up the stairs to the northeast
    and then over to the west above.  Watch out for more dwarven soldiers coming
    from the southwest.  Where the path splits follow it northwest over the
    chasm and get up close to the watcher here.  Wait for the soldiers behind
    you to have mostly moved on.  Charm the watcher from behind, then Teleport
    to the other side of him and let off a quick Fire area blast to open the
    door.  Head on through before anyone can complain.
    Inside you'll find another new *MAGICK* "Summon Elemental" (default:
    SEDQFS+space) (you'll notice this is almost exactly the same as
    Invisibility, just with an Earth in the middle, try to keep them separate).
    This also counts for a *SECRET AREA*.  Go invisible again and head out the
    way you came in.
    If you're fortunate, the battle outside should've left it so you can get
    across the bridge without touching anyone.  If not, teleport past them to
    the south and keep teleporting south until you've crossed into the next
    area, and then go invisible again.
    A couple yeti will pop out as you go through this short bit but as long as
    you don't touch them you should be fine.  Move on through the next door.
    In this section move forward until you have a cutscene with Vlad then do
    what any sensible person would do and duck into the side room to the right
    to wait for the army to go past.  After Vlad congratulates you on your
    combat skills, you have a couple of options here.
    First off, you can just stay invisible and walk through the far door,
    weaving between the enemies that are left.  This works but you will miss a
    secret area.
    Alternatively you can fight your way through the watcher, priest, dwarven
    heavy and dwarven soldiers until all of them are cleared out, then electrify
    the gears along the northeast wall and go through the gate.  An army of
    elementals can help with this, at the very least keeping the enemies
    One other trick to try instead of a full-on fight is to invisible to the
    center of the room, and then charm the three heavy hitters in the middle
    quick and run over and electrify the panel while everyone's distracted (it
    may help to put on some armor after you drop your invisibility) and charge
    through the gate.
    Now, once you've made it through the gate and back and received your new
    sword, and credit for the last *SECRET AREA* you have to decide if you want
    to keep it.  It's powerful, but if you went to the effort to bring Gram
    along you've lost it now.  You can get through the gate to get the
    achievement credit, then kill yourself before you leave the hall and start
    over in this area with Gram and still have the achievement.  Otherwise, if
    you left enemies in the hall and want to carry on with the new sword, just
    make a mad teleporting dash for the open door in back.  It's all up to you.
    This next area is going to be tough.  You can't sneak through the whole area
    because many of the narrow bridges have enemies on them.  Again, an army of
    elementals going with you can provide a lot of cover.  You'll come first to
    a pair of dwarf soldiers and a priest.  Mostly just watch out for the
    priest's Earth attack, but it's easy enough to stand clear and let the
    elementals mostly handle it.
    Coming across the bridge you'll want to fire immune and then pop the fire
    lizards on the other side.  Beyond them you'll trigger a larger pack of the
    dwarves, go invisible and let your army deal with them.  Hang back and
    conjure more if you need them.
    At this point, once the second landmass is clear your elementals will
    probably automatically move on and start clearing out the next.  Let them.
    When that one's clear they'll probably suicide trying to cross the lava to
    get to the next enemies.  Hit the checkpoint here and be ready for trouble.
    Here you're going to need to keep up a Fire shield on yourself while area
    Colding your way across this lava field.  It can get a little confusing
    because there's a land mass to the north of the checkpoint you don't need to
    go to.  Head northeast across the lava and then northwest when the lava
    opens up there.  Continue to follow it northwest until you hit another land
    mass.  If you keep your fire shield up you can ignore the fire lizards but
    if you don't like them poking holes in your walkway, stop to take them out.
    If you want too, you can stop on the eastern most land bit by the blue torch
    and loot an Arcane Saber off a skeleton there.
    When you get to the landmass to the north, teleport up and try to charm the
    dwarf priest before he can hit you with anything big.  Hopefully that should
    keep everyone else distracted that you can get out of the fire lizard's line
    of fire and go invisible again.  While charmed the priest should take out
    the two fire lizards.  Hit him hard and fast to knock him out and go back
    invisible in case the enemies to the west saw it.
    If you're mostly in the clear then, start spawning more elementals and have
    them clear out the western end.  Then follow them when they start heading
    down the bridge.  Be extra careful here as it's pretty easy to just
    accidentally walk off the edge.  There's a fire lizard and a priest on the
    bridge, but you shouldn't have to face them.
    Keep advancing letting your troops go before you until you get to some
    rubble you need to teleport across.  Vlad will give you another speech and
    then you can enter the chamber to face Fafnir.
    *Boss – Fafnir*
    If you've still got the Gram with you, wait for Fafnir to expose his golden
    belly and then run up and smack him in it.
    If not, you're in for a good fight.  The belly is still the weak spot but
    it's going to take a lot more to take him down.  Keep a fire shield going on
    yourself at all times.  The safest place to be is between his tail and his
    belly.  When you're running around he can shoot fireballs at you that blast
    you back, a fire beam that will set you going.  As his health drops he'll
    put holes in the area that you can fall through.  Even worse he can cast a
    confusion spell that reverses your controls and confuses your element keys.
    He can also flap his wings to try to blast you back...but if you're on the
    other side of his tail you won't go anywhere.
    Try to stay between his belly and tail and damage him with iceballs or
    powerful Steam Lightning beams.  If you have the Holy Divider that works
    well too, as well as the M60 if you managed to hold on to it all this time.
    When he's finally gone, Vlad will intervene and you'll get the new *MAGICK*
    "Corporealize" (default: SQFAES+space) and be sent on to the next chapter.
    Chapter 12 – At the Mountains of Madness [MC12]
    At the start of the chapter you'll be attacked by Vlad from Chapter 6 when
    he said he'd watch your back before.  He doesn't fight any different than he
    did in Chapter 9, so use the same tactics to defeat him again.
    Head forward to see yourself being tossed back in time and get ready for the
    last battle.
    You'll face Grimnir again.  He doesn't fight any different from before
    either.  Refer back and use the same tactics again.  This time though when
    you get him down to the point where Assatur appears behind him cast
    Corporealize to start the real boss battle.
    *Boss – Assatur*
    Assatur will flip the island you're on and face you from behind it.  He has
    a few different attacks.  Whenever you see him rear up to do something, get
    ready to Nullify.  Hang out on the right side of the island in case he casts
    Vortex.  Keep some Earth armor on in case he casts an energy bolt attack.
    Be sure to reapply it after each time you get hit or cast Nullify.
    Basically do your best to stay alive and hammer him with Thunderbolt every
    chance you get.  Compared to some other battles, this shouldn't be that
    At this point you'll learn the last *MAGICK* "Vortex" (default:
    After the short cutscene, watch the credits until a *MOOSE* corpse lands in
    front of you and then go and inspect it.
    Congratulations, you've beaten Magicka solo.  No mean feat!
    Weapon List [WPNS]
    *Note: This lists only what can be obtained in-game with the default robes.
    Blunt Blade
    All blades in the Order of Magick have been blunted, so as to avoid
    Damage Type: Low Physical
    Special: None
    The famous sword in the stone – complete with stone.
    Damage Type: Medium Physical
    Special: Slow, Knockdown
    Captain's Axe
    An axe of good quality, at least in comparison with the blunt blades of the
    Wizard Order.
    Damage Type: Medium Physical
    Special: None
    A powerful hammer of the dark and gritty sort.
    Damage Type: Medium Physical
    Special: Pushes target back
    A well-crafted sword, perfect for slaying dragons… Wonder if there are any
    Damage Type: Medium Physical
    Special: Dragon Slayer
    *Note: Will kill Fafnir in chapter 11 in 1 hit.
    Sword of the Masters
    Known by some as "The Bane of Evil" – an ancient sword which contains arcane
    Damage Type: Medium Physical
    Special: Shoots Arcane when wielder is at full health
    High Quality Goblin Dirk
    Goblin crafted equipment generally isn't worth bothering with.  There are 
    however some exceptions, like these fine pieces, prized by goblin
    Damage Type: Low Physical
    Special: Fast
    Blade of Surt
    What kind of fantasy game would this be if it didn't include a flaming
    Damage Type: Medium Physical & Fire Damage
    Special: Ignites target
    Exotic Blade
    A curved exotic blade from the far east.  The words "There can be only one"
    are inscribed on its hilt.
    Damage Type: Medium Physical
    Special: Fast, Armor Piercing
    Skyward Spear
    A sparkling spear enchanted with the power of thunder, by the druids of
    Halondin in the days of yore
    Damage Type: Medium Physical and Lightning
    Special: None
    Mace of the Molten Core
    A heavy mace enchanted with the power of searing flame, by the druids of
    Halondin in the days of yore
    Damage Type: High Physical
    Special: Slow, Sets target on fire
    A strange contraption with several moving parts.  Far too advanced to be
    part of a fantasy game.
    Damage Type: Low Physical
    Special: Fast, Ranged
    Sausage on Stick
    At first glance, it just looks like an ordinary stick.  But this baby comes
    equipped with a very tasty looking sausage.
    Damage Type: Low Physical
    Special: Fast, Makes enemies more likely to attack you.
    A simple blade infused with the power of lightning.  A token of trust, given
    to the orcs by the warlocks.
    Damage Type:  Medium Physical and Lightning
    Special: None
    Knife of Counter Striking
    The Knife of Counter-Striking is a finely crafted combat knife. Though,
    oddly, is it better at getting out of fights rather than into them.
    Damage Type: Low Physical
    Special: Fast, Increases Movement Speed
    A sword that, according to legend, always hits its target.
    Damage Type: Medium Physical
    Special: Always hits
    A masterly crafted elven blade.
    Damage Type: Medium Physical
    Special: Fast, Glows when enemies are near
    Cursed Blade
    A blade ridden with disease, and a wicked conscience of its own.
    Damage Type: Medium Physical and Poison
    Special: Slow, Poisons on hit
    Morgul Blade
    A magical dagger forged by Men in times long forgotten.
    Damage Type: Low Physical
    Special: Poison
    Ring of the Phantom
    A skull-shaped ring.  This puppy could really leave a mark if it were used
    in a fist fight.
    Damage Type: Low Physical Damage
    Special: Knockdown
    Holy Divider
    A blade which can cleave a man in two, forged by a very tenacious dwarf.
    Given away for no apparent reason.
    Damage Type: High Physical
    Special: Slow, Armour Piercing
    Arcane Saber
    It is very light, can be swung very quickly, and burns through almost any
    Damage Type: High Arcane
    Special: Fast
    Staff List [STVS]
    *Note: This lists only what can be obtained in-game with the default robes.
    Staff of the White Wizard
    The white wizard was once a different color, but returned to Midgard once
    again to aid his fellow wizards in their quest.  Then subsequently died.
    Passive Ability: Increased light radius
    Active Ability: Fear causing light
    Staff of Life
    The staff of life is a peculiar item: it seems to spontaneously grow in
    Passive Ability: Regeneration Aura
    Active Ability: Revive
    Rod of Emergency Teleport
    Useful in emergency situations, when anywhere is better than where you
    currently are.
    Passive Ability: None
    Active Ability: Teleports the user to a random location
    Frost Staff
    Side effects may include frostburn, hypothermia, and the common cold.
    Passive Ability: Cold Immunity Aura
    Active Ability: None
    Gnarled Staff
    The herbalist's wet dream
    Passive Ability: Makes the owner immune to poison
    Active Ability: Summon Tree Spirit
    Shield Staff
    Sometimes a good defense is the best defence.
    Passive Ability: Increase the rate at which shields are boosted
    Active Ability: Immediately casts a self shield
    Staff of War
    The staff was specially crafted for warfare, and is designed to help the
    wielder survive just a little bit longer.
    Passive Ability: Physical Resistance Aura
    Passive Ability: Double wielder's maximum hit points
    Active Ability: Arcane Bolt
    Tesla Staff
    Lightning staves are rarely used in the field, due to their haphazardous
    Passive Ability: Increased lightning range
    Active Ability: Lightning bolt
    Staff of Deflection
    A staff specially devised for combating enemies who favor missile weapons
    Passive Ability: None
    Active Ability: Deflect Aura
    Daemon Arm
    The severed arm of a daemon lord.  It holds unlimited arcane power.
    Passive Ability: Beam spells have unlimited duration
    Active Ability: None
    Staff of Fire
    "Through the fire and the flames" – 100% guaranteed. (The staff, that is.)
    Passive Ability: Fire Resistance
    Active Ability: Fire Immunity Aura
    Staff of Invisibility
    Many have seen a use in being invisible.  Once upon a time, the oldest and
    greediest wizards of the Order crafted this staff in secrecy.
    Passive Ability: None
    Active Ability: Invisibility
    The goblin lord kept this relic safe for many a year; until it finally
    slipped from his grasp... his cold, dead grasp.
    Passive Ability: Resistance to all elements
    Active Ability: Teleport
    Scepter of the Troll King
    The long-lost scepter of the ancient and charming troll king.
    Passive Ability: Makes enemies less likely to attack the wielder
    Active Ability: Charm target
    Staff of the Dead
    With the staff of the dead you don't have to worry about killing your
    Passive Ability: Calls up undead friends
    Active Ability: None
    Vlad's Gauntlet
    It grants the wearer almost vampiric powers!
    Passive Ability: Inverses damage taken from Life
    Passive Ability: Arcane Immunity
    Active Ability: Restore life by draining whoever is closest
    Righteous Rod of Runes
    A staff used by the dwarven priests of Galdrholl.
    Passive Ability: Lightning Immunity Aura
    Active Ability: Lightning Damage Aura

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