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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Rata1

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    --__--__--__--__--__--__--__-Ghost Recon Future Soldier --___--__--__--__--__--
    \---------------------------------By Alek Kettenburg------------------------- /
     \--------------------------------Start Date: 6/25/12------------------------/
      \-------------------------------end Date: 6/27/12------------------------ /
       \------------------------------Type: Walkthrough------------------------/
        \-----------------------------Version 1.00--------------------------- /
         \----------------------------As of 00/00/00------------------------ /
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    --------------------------------Table Of Contents------------------------------
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    Table of Contents-----------------------------------You're Looking at it Genius
    Tips and Tricks----------------------------------------------------------[MAT1]
    Nicaragua ---------------------------------------------------------------[IL03]
    Mission 1: Nimble Guardian-----------------------------------------------[VE04]
    Mission 2: Subtle Arrow--------------------------------------------------[TR05]
    Mission 3: Noble Tempest-------------------------------------------------[AI06]
    Mission 4: Tiger Dust----------------------------------------------------[NS07]
    Mission 5: Silent Talon--------------------------------------------------[TH08]
    Mission 6: Firefly Rain--------------------------------------------------[EY09]
    Mission 7: Ember Hunt----------------------------------------------------[KI10]
    Mission 8: Deep Fire-----------------------------------------------------[LL11]
    Mission 9: Valiant Hammer------------------------------------------------[SH12]
    Mission 10: Gallant Thief------------------------------------------------[IT13]
    Mission 11: Invisible Bear-----------------------------------------------[PO14]
    Mission 12: Shattered Mountain-------------------------------------------[LO15]
    Legal Crap---------------------------------------------------------------[IS16]
    My Other Guides----------------------------------------------------------[MB18]
    Contact info-------------------------------------------------------------[AK19]
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    ------------------------------Introduction [IT01]------------------------------
    Hello and welcome to my twenty-second guide. In this guide I will explain how
    to get through each mission in the most stealthy and efficient way possible. I
    hope you enjoy the guide and thanks for reading. One last thing before I get
    onto the guide. If you find any errors or somthing I missed please E-mail me at
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Tips and Tricks  [MAT1]----------------------------
    1. Abuse Sync Shot. The only way you're going to be able to go through this
    game stealthy is using sync shot whenever there is more then one enemy in the
    2. Use your cloak at all times. Whenever you are crouched or prone your cloak
    will automatically activate. When its active you won't be seen unless you are
    directly in front of an enemy.
    3. When your screen gets red, hit the deck and let yourself heal while your
    teammates cover your but.
    4. Silencers are a must at all times. Going through this game silently is
    the way it was intended for it makes it a whole lot easier.
    5. Use the Sensors whenever you can. They will allow you to see enemies
    through walls and just know there positions in general.
    6. If a red arrow appears go prone and most likely the guard will not notice
    7. Don't leave the drone behind. If you leave the drone out for to long and
    walk to far away you won't be able to use until the next checkpoint. So
    make sure to hit the recall button whenever the engagement is over.
    8. Listen to teammates they will often give useful information such as the
    location and number of enemies in the area.
    9. Delegate. If you're pinned down start telling your men to take them out.
    Unlike other games, your teammates are very useful.
    10. Don't assume just because you see somebody that you need to kill them.
    Sometimes it's better to sneak by somebody in order to avoid a large
    /                                                                             \
    ------------------------------Walkthrough  [TAN2]------------------------------
    Well this is probably what your reading this guide for so I better stop boring
    you. There are just a few things I would like to tell you before we continue
    1. This guide is indented for Veteran difficulty only.
    2. Reload whenever possible because it really sucks when you run into a room
    with 5 guys in it and you don't have any bullets in your gun.
    3. This game is really linear. Most of the time I will just say "Continue down
    the path".
    4. I can't possibly account for the movement for every guard in the game.
    Don't always assume that they will be where I tell you they are. Be prepared
    to use your own brain.
    5. This guide is meant for people who want to use stealth whenever possible.
    Thats pretty much it. I hope you enjoy the guide.
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    -------------------------------Nicaragua [IL03]--------------------------------
    Watch the opening scenes and you will shift control to your actual character.
    The computer will automatically aim the sniper, all you need to do is
    press the button that appears on your screen. Once on the ground below take
    a moment to get acquainted with the controls before moving onto the road.
    Move down the road and pick off any targets that come up, but your allies
    will do most of the work. Walk by the cargo truck at the end of the road
    to trigger one very cool cutscene and a short vocabulary lesson.
    /                                                                             \
    --------------------------Mission 1 Nimble Guardian [VE04]---------------------
    Now you can get acquainted with the HQ Database that you will be seeing at
    the end of every mission. Here you can view the Mission briefing, Challenges,
    explanations of some of your gear along with an option to change out your
    gear and Weapons. I'm not going to go into detail with this stuff as it's
    self explanatory. Needless to say you should watch the mission briefing and
    check out different weapons to find one that best suits you. For the rest of
    the guide I will be assuming that you are using the default weapon
    unless otherwise noted. Now let's get to the mission shall we?
    After the opening scene move down the street with your team and get used to
    the cover system as it will play a major role for the rest of the game. Chuck
    a sensor in to reveal the enemies in the area. Put your scope up and head
    shot the enemy soldiers through the walls. Jump over the crates and  follow
    your teammates through the buildings. Fill up on ammo and walk dowm the stairs.
    Take cover at the low wall and chuck a sensor into the crowd. Pick off the two
    targets that initially came into the area before rotating to the adjacent wall
    to get a better view on the enemies that will be entering the area.
    (Note: You can shoot through many different surfaces, not just wood.)
     After you eliminate the soldiers on the ground level several soldiers will
    appear on the roof and the balcony in the center of the building. After that
    group is eliminated another cutscene will be triggered. Fill up on ammo.
    Take cover on the nearby wall and throw a sensor on the ground below. Start
    picking off the soldiers on the ground and in the building in the surrounding
    area. The guy you are chasing will enter a vehicle right as an enemy humvee
    appears. Snipe the Guy on the Machine gun and the car should just spontaneously
    explode. Full up on ammo again and move into the action square to move onto
    the next area.
    Head up the ladders and follow your team down the path. Throw a Sensor into
    the wooden structure where the "Gather intel" Objective is. Stand by the door
    to breach. During the breach sequence you will get 5 or 6 seconds of slow-mo
    where the enemy won't shoot back. All you need to do is kill one or two enemies
    and your team will take the rest of them out. Move through the garage door
    to enter another area.
    Sprint down the street and take cover on the concrete road blocks. Throw
    another sensor and start shooting. Move down the street for two more enemies
    on the balcony to the left. Sprint past the next objective marker and quickly
    find cover on one of the nearby buildings. Hear we will learn about the cover
    to cover option. Follow the controls the game gives you to advance your
    position. Head down to the right and snipe the gunner of the machine gun while
    he is distracted with your ally. With the car disabled you can sprint up the
    street to the right.
    (Note: from now on I will assume that you will throw a sensor anytime that
    you encounter a large group of enemies.)
    Fight your way up the street using sensors as necessary. Follow your team
    throw a series of obstacles to find the next street over. One of the kind enemy
    soldiers willclear out the trucks for you. Finish off the resistance and follow
    your squad off the streets. Grab the suppressed weapon.
    In the next open area you will not be allowed to get detected. This basically
    means head shots only and don't kill anyone that is in range of another person.
    I probably shouldn't have to say this but, throw a sensor. Start by killing
    the soldier that is alone on the right side. Move past where he was standing
    and head up the stairs. Ignore the soldiers to the left and move into the
    building to your right, kill the soldier patrolling the outside and refill
    on ammo at the crate.
    Stand by the available window for a breach sequence. Start from the right and
    move on to the enemies on the left making sure not to kill the hostage. For
    the next portion of the mission you will be restricted to the pistol and you
    have to drag around the hostage. Quickly snipe the gunner in the back of
    the truck and then kill the driver as he gets out. Take cover on the truck and
    start picking off the targets on the adjacent rooftops.
    For the final portion of the scene you need to stay with your team and simply
    kill off anyone who gets near you. Just make sure to make your shots count so
    you never find your self reloading.
    /                                                                             \
    --------------------------Mission 2 Subtle Arrow [TR05]------------------------
    Watch the briefing but more importantly pay attention to the info on your new
    gear, mainly the stealth suit. Once your done with your business, start up the
    mission. You have the option to either melee the soldier or stealth shot him.
    Take your pick and then head into the desert towards the objective marker.
    Engage your stealth and move through the far left side of the village. If you
    want, you can save the local village but it is not necessary. If you do want
    to save them, all you need to do is melee kill the soldier by the truck and
    then quickly get three headshots on the soldiers near the group of villagers.
    There should be a delay between when you kill the first soldiers and when they
    become away of your presence.
    Either choose you make, head down the road to the next portion of the village.
    When told to, stay prone in the tall grass. Wait for the vehicles to pass and
    head towards the village. Stealthy kill the soldiers at the entrance to the
    village. Head up the dirt path to the left of the truck and kill the soldier
    at the top.
    (Note: The stealth is not perfect, if you come into a 10 foot range of the
    front of a soldier he may be able to see you.)
    Now it's just a straight shot through the camp until you hit the objective at
    the end. After the cutscene we will be given another cool feature in the game.
    A "Sync Shot" is a vital tool to beating this game while still staying
    stealth like. This will come into play where there are more then one enemy
    that you can't personally headshot on your own. Mark the all the guys by
    the truck and then shoot the final one to eliminate all of them simultaneously.
    After our little leisurely ride through the camp head down left towards the
    objective. At the first open are you will notice two enemies next to each
    other to the right another one to their left and then a final one on the roof
    to the far left. Use a Sync Shot to take them all out at once. Move out with
    your team into an area full of tents. Head to the right of the tents and move
    right through the row of tents. Head directly forward past the white car to
    see a soldier harassing some civilians. Ignore them and move forward Turn
    right at the final white tent. Head towards the objective and Sync shot the
    two guards that get in your way.
    Start off by killing the soldier straight to your right. head through the tent
    to the right and kill the guard at the wooden fence. Ignore the two guards to
    your left. Move through fence and continue to follow the objective. Move across
    the road when the guards are looking the other way and follow the target down
    the path. Stay as far as possible to the edges of the available area. Sit at
    the edge of the road to trigger the next cutscene.
    Now for the moment we have all been waiting for. Do a Syn Shot on the target,
    the two guards next to him and the final soldier on the roof top behind them.
    Head off to the right and look to the right to see another group of 4 men. Sync
    shot them and then head on towards the objective.
    Start off by doing a Sync shot on the four soldiers below. Run down the right
    side of the hangerand kill off the guard by the truck. Continue down the side
    and snipe the sentry in the guard tower. Move up to the corner of the hanger
    and snipe the soldier in the tower to the far left.
    Now Start pumping as much led as you can in the engine of the plane as it
    trys to take off. Afterwards head off to the left and finish off any resistance
    you missed before. Once secure, head off into the desert. A Truck will great
    you but all you need to do is find a rock to use as cover and then start
    Turn on your goggles and start the trek into the desert. Watch for the incoming
    convoy heading for the camp. Enter the camp and hug the fence to the right.
    Kill the soldier blocking the path and head further in the camp towards the
    objective marker. Kill or avoid anyone that crosses your path. This place is
    way to complicated for me to mark out every possible target.
    (Note: For this part off the mission I will assume that you have been detected
    already. I attempted to this stealthy but I ultimately failed. The Final point
    until the objective is a heavily fortified road. Use cover and pick them off
    while watching for grenades. Move across the road and head to the new
    objective. At the crash site, mark the guards and take them out using a sync
    shot. Take the out the final two guards in the back.
    Use the Plane as cover and prepare to repel a massive assault, including
    several truck with machine guns and large amounts of infantry. You only need
    to hold it for two minutes so it shouldn't be to difficult.
    /                                                                             \
    --------------------------Mission 3 Noble Tempest  [AI06]----------------------
    Do the usual stuff check out your new gadgets, watch the briefing, and
    customize your weapon.
    Start off the mission by launching the UAV and looking at the soldiers inside
    the hut. Move up the left side of the hut and take position to breach the
    building. Watch out not to kill the guy sitting at the desk.
    Send out the UAV for another sweep and mark the 3 soldiers sitting in the
    crowd. Switch to your silenced weapon and use a sync shot on the three
    targets. Move further up the street to the next objective. You will come
    under attack from a few enemies. Head down to the right towards the next
    objective. Fight your way down the street. Move across the marsh to cause a
    cutscene to be triggered.
    Move down the street with the drone and mark the three soldiers. Wait a few
    seconds and watch the heads roll. Run down the path and start using your
    stealth when you start crossing the bridge. Throw out your UAV and watch some
    of their guard patterns. Throw down a sensor in the middle of the open area.
    Get off the other side of the bridge and head to the left following the
    ridge line. Move into the are with the storage crates and kill the guard that
    is patrolling around the crates.
    From the storages crate head up the metal ram towards the objective. Drop
    down into the area below and sync shot the two guards in the central courtyard
    and the soldier doing some welding in the balcony to the left. Advance into the
    courtyard and kill the other two guards. Now it should be safe for you to head
    to the objective inside the storage crate.
    Now for another pistol only VIP protection portion. Move forward and kill the
    soldiers that come down from the Hind and a couple that will come over the
    wall to the right. When given the opportunity use the airstrike use and guide
    the missile into the area with the helicopter. Head down the stairs at the
    far end of the structure and move through the hallways. Follow the assorted
    paths while listening to the dialogue.  We will be finally getting back to
    the action after one more pipe after the guys extraction.
    Put your cloak back on and throw out your UAV. Use caution when entering the
    village. Use sync shot as needed and avoid enemies if you see a gap in their
    movement pattern. To be perfectly honest I almost always get detected by
    this point.
    At the objective you'll be able to enter a building that looks like it hasn't
    been entered in a long time. Move down to the right and then take the first
    right into the doorway. Go prone under the crack in the wall and then keep
    moving to the second floor. Open the door with the rest of your team. Continue
    to follow your team around the area for the next couple of minutes. Once
    you can see villagers again the action will be able to start again. Throw up
    your UAV for some recon and move into the village.
    The Only real resistance will be around the Objective. Use a Sync Shot on
    the two soldiers on the ground and then the one on the roof of the building.
    Move up some more and do the same thing on the 3 soldiers behind the structure.
    After that, do the two behind them. Once you recieve the all clear a helicopter
    will come in to refresh the ranks. Use the UAV to tag targets for your team
    to kill. Move the UAV to the Gather Intel Objective and use the Sync shot to
    kill the groups soldiers that you come by.
    Make your way to the "Retrieve data" objective and stack up on the back of
    the car. Now for a long trip to the LZ. The Hind is still in the area so be
    careful to crouch walk to the ojective. The large house 130 meters away from
    the objective has 2 guards in it. Kill them and move past the large structure.
    Sync Shot the final 3 soldiers on the beach to end the mission.
    /                                                                             \
    --------------------------Mission 4 Tiger Dust [NS07]--------------------------
    (Note: Make Sure that Both your sniper rifle and your secondary weapon are
    both silenced.)
    (Note: Changing the barrel on the sniper will sometimes prevent you from
    putting on a silencer.)
    Start out by sending out the drone for some intel. Jump over the low wall and
    start by sniping the soldier to the far left on the roof of the building by
    the tower. Move over the next low wall and jump up onto the next roof over.
    Now you should be presented with four targets. Two on the roof near you and
    two more that are farther away. Use a Sync shot to take them all out at once.
    Move across the roof tops and stop when you pass the checkpoint. Kill the
    soldier patrolling the roof across the way. Move a bit farther up and the
    objective will change to a "Secure" objective. Send up your UAV for a look
    around. Sync Shot the four soldiers that are closest to you. There are three
    more on the rooftop of the building connecting the tower to the right. Along
    with one soldier who will patrol the balcony of that very building. Move up as
    close as you can and sync shot them as well. Now move across the roofs with
    your team and stop at the regroup point.
    Send in your UAV and change it into ground mode. Move down the stairs to
    listen in on the soldiers. Move towards the center of the room and activate
    the sonic pulse. This will trigger a breach sequence. Shoot the two guys
    straight ahead of you to trigger a cutscene and a change of location.
    The game will throw you straight into a gun fight. Recall your drone and
    advance up the street. Not much strategy is required here as it's a complete
    straight shot to the next objective. Make sure to watch for those civilians
    and make sure that the UAV doesn't take to much damage.
    The Truck with the Automatic machine gun can be a bit tricky. Just move cover
    to cover while taking out enemy soldiers along the way. Move cover to cover
    until you are 30 meters away where your teammates will take it out for you.
    Move to the objective to change area.
    For the first few minutes of this area we will be blasting away at some enemy
    vehicles below. Basically shoot anything that gets in your way. Make sure not
    to shoot the vehicle with the objective marker over it.
    Now for the ground portion. find some cover and start tagging targets as they
    come out of their cars near the road. A Truck with a Auto turret will drive
    up along the right of the village. It can be destroyed with a couple of
    grenades or just a whole lot of gun shots. Once the last of the enemies in
    the area have been killed you can move up to the objective to finish the
    /                                                                             \
    --------------------------Mission 5 Silent Talon [TH08]------------------------
    (Note: No need for silenced weapons for this mission)
    Approach the complex from the left and sync shot the four soldier by the truck
    and then kill the straggler That patrols around. Stay with the warhound and
    move to the next objective. Refill on any ammo that you probably didn't
    Switch to the Warhound and fire some rockets at the tank below. Use a
    combination of your gun and the Warhound to destroy the infantry and the
    vehicle reinforcements that come.
    Continue to Follow the Warhound. When prompted, use the guided missile to
    destroy the communication station. Move up to the next area and prepare to
    repel an onslaught of vehicles from both the roads to the left and the right.
    Again, abuse the Warhound as much as possible. The building ahead will allow
    you to switch out your weapon and refill and ammo, but you shouldn't have
    been doing to much shooting.
    Head up the road to the left and start wreaking havoc on the next base. Start
    by destroying the guard tower and then destroy the landed helicopter, when
    given the option. Move your way through the center of the base using the
    Warhound as both cover and an anti vehicle weapon. Stay near the edges of the
    road to avoid getting surrounded. Further down the road is another group
    of enemies and another tower that needs to be destroyed.
    Head onto the boat to take us to another area.
    Move up the bath and you'll encounter your first enemies once the path starts
    to bend. At the end of the path a fairly fortified open area. The Warhound
    Makes excellent moving cover if you need to get closer to the enemy position.
    Because of the high quantity of enemies I advice that you stay back and pick
    them off with either your gun or the Warhound.Even further down the path
    several hostile targets will approach from the catwalks to the right, again,
    the Warhound is your best friend this level. In order to take the auto
    turret you're going to need to use the Warhounds guided missiles.
    After a nive long walk of death and carnage you'll get a nice cutscene and
    a nice change of scenery, sort of. MOve up the center of the road and take
    cover behind the crates. Stay ducked and morder the crap out of them. Make
    sure to hit the towers. Now make the 50 meter run to the objective.
    When you hit the objective we will get a nice visit from the friendly Hinds.
    Nake sure your character is in cover and start firing the Warhounds Guided
    missiles. With them dead, move across the helipad and follow the trail for
    another entrenched enemy position. You should be able to crash your way through
    the road block without even firing a bullet from your gun.
    At the Regroup objective inside the following building you're going to have to
    actually use your gun for once. Of course the Russians would have a giant
    arsenal of missiles. Plant the charge on the hanging missile dead ahead and
    head back up to the surface. Take control of the Warhound and QUICKLY use the
    guided missile to shoot the Hind. Make a run for the objective to end the
    /                                                                             \
    --------------------------Mission 6 Firefly Rain [EY09]------------------------
    Turn on your NV goggles and head down the path towards the objective marker.
    Sync shot the two guards and start using your stealth. Take cover and ignore
    the armored convoy. Wait for the entire convoy and infantry to move on. Move
    down the road for 4 guards that won't move with the convoy. Sync shot them
    and move onto the objective.
    Stop at the entrance of the complex and use the drone to gain some insight on
    the guards in the complex. Start by sync shoting the soldier on the far left
    roof the guy on the far right that doesn't move, and finally the two soldiers
    who patrol together on the far right. Now just Sync shot the final four in the
    area to secure the complex. Run forward to the objective to enter the complex.
    Switch to your secondary weapon.
    Head up to the fans and pull out your UAV. Send it into the indent in the
    far right wall. Use the sonic pulse to disable the fan. Do the same thing
    with the crawl space on the left wall. move on down the tunnel for a cutscene
    at the ladder.
    Head across the runway and throw up your UAV. There are 6 guys in the courtyard
    and one on the roof top to the left. Wait a few seconds for them to disperse.
    Start by taking out just the single guy on the roof to the left. Now do the
    four guys who are around the soldier doing the pushups. Finsish the two on the
    right to clear off the area. Move further up for another large group of enemies
    to silently kill. Start by killing off the soldier on the left who is standing
    alone. Now wait for the groupd to disperse a bit before taking action. Wait for
    two of them to move towards the left of the guy on the roof of the structure
    and then sync shot the two of them along with the guy on the roof. With them
    out of the way you can sync  shot the final three soldiers in the area.
    Further up we have 5 more targets. Start by taking out the two soldiers on the
    extreme right and the extreme left. Take the last three out and advance
    towards the hanger. There are two snipers on the roof of the hanger along with
    four soldiers to the right of the hanger entrance and two to the left with 3
    inside the hanger itself. Start by taking out the soldiers on the roof of the
    hanger. Then the four on the right. Sync shot the soldiers inside the hanger
    and advance towards the objective.
    Head down the tunnels and stop at the fans. Pull out the UAV and end through
    the slot near the roof on the far right wall. Fry the panel and crawl
    underneath the fans.
    Once outside the tunnel head up the stairs and take cover by the panels on the
    catwalk. Use the UAV to plant the explosives on the plane. At this point the
    hanger doors will close and several guards will enter the area below you.
    At this point I am assuming that you are going to go guns blazing at this
    point. After you clear out the group below head down to the ground level and
    head towards the objective. A group of soldiers with shield will form a wall
    ahead of you. Wait for them to start shooting and kill them while there
    shields are up. Head outside and get inside the humvee.
    Now it's time for another gunning scene. Kill anything that gets in your
    way and you'll be fine.
    Head down the path towards the objective. Head across the bridge and fill up on
    ammo, we're not done yet. Step back and start shooting the soldiers that
    show up on the bridge above. Head into the door and follow the various tunnels.
    Once outside quickly find some cover and start chucking those sensors on the
    inbound enemy soldiers. After the initial wave, another wave will come to your
    Afte a few minutes a tank will show up. Just take cover and stay out of
    its way, after a few seconds you will be given the option to drop a bomb
    on it. Guide the bomb to the target to end the mission.
    /                                                                             \
    --------------------------Mission 7 Ember Hunt [KI10]--------------------------
    head up the path towards the objective. At the objective marker take cover
    behind the wall and send over the UAV to see a sea of enemy soldiers. This is
    definitely not going to be easy. Start sync shoting the 3 soldiers on the roofs
    of the various bunkers. Next off kill the three soldiers to the far right of
    your current position and the bunker. The next to die will be the two in the
    bunker to the far right and single soldier standing alone in the field next to
    your current position. The final bit of resistance in this area are the two
    soldiers next to the hostages and a third guy in the forest behind them.
    Head down the main road and then turn off into the forest towards the
    objective. Follow the objective markers. Once you here from your ally you
    will start to encounter some enemies. Sync shot the initial two soldiers and
    take cover at the low wall. Now it's time to fight a large amount of enemies.
    Use your cover and the elevated position to pick off the soldiers below.
    Aproach the objective building while sticking to the edges of the square. When
    you're about 50 meters from the target a flashbang will go off and many
    soldiers will arrive. Quickly find cover and prepare to receive many soldiers
    along with soldiers with shields. Use grenades for the shield guys and use your
    usual method for all the rest.
    Head through the building and then down the street. Mow down the soldiers at
    the secure objective and then move on. Refill on ammo at the crate and move on
    towards the regroup objective. Head up the stairs and prone crawl underneath
    the rubble. Head outisde. This area is clear of enemies but it seams that
    your allies will tell you that there are enemies. head up the road towards the
    No time to be stealthy here. once you get the chance, start shooting. Fight
    your way up the street, and if you can, branch off into the ally on the left
    side of the street. This will allow you to get shots on the flank of the
    enemy force. Further up the road sync shot the two soldier  in front of the
    building and the two on top of the building. Further  up the road we'll be able
    to see the structure where the hostage is being held. Move up the low wall and
    throw a sensor into the courtyard. Start shooting. When the courtyard is clear
    you'll be free to enter the structure.
    The top floor is clear of enemies. Stand outside of the objective room and
    get ready to breach. Kill the guy directly in front of you and then kill the
    guy behind the desk.
    Now for the fun part. Start by taking out the soldiers on the high ground
    before moving up to the cover where the rest of your team is. Move from
    cover to cover and keep advancing on the enemy. Once outside make a mad dash
    for the fountain. Take out the snipers on the roof across the way. Fight your
    way down the street while making sure to watch for infantry on the adjacent
    roofs and windows.
    Go through the door at the end of the road and move through the building. Once
    outside you will be rewarded with the extraction point. It's not time to leave
    just yet. Find some cover and start fighting off the enemy attack. Make sure
    to watch your flanks and rotate position to make sure you don't get surrounded.
    /                                                                             \
    --------------------------Mission 8 Deep Fire  [LL11]--------------------------
    Keep your cloak on start moving down the right path and stay as far away as
    possible from the road. Try your best to slip around the soldiers rather
    then killing them and risking detection. Stop at the edge of the ramp leading
    into the ship. Wait for the truck to pass and head into the ship. Head forward
    and then slip left into the center of the ship. At this point you will be
    allowed to make some noise. Either Stealthy or Loudly kill everyone and then
    stack up on the door to move into the next area.
    Head down the left and follow the corridor. Through the final door you'll
    be contacted by more enemies. Engage your camo and kill the soldier on the
    balcony. Go over the body, down the stairs, and kill the soldier patrolling
    the area. Head towards the other half of the room and try to spot all of the
    enemies in the room for a sync shot. Head across the room and enter the
    corridor. Refill on ammo and continue to the next large room. As far as I
    know there is no way to actually do this stealth like, but I could be wrong.
    Quickly take cover and start shooting at the enemies in the near by area. Once
    the main floor has been cleared make a mad dash up the stairs and engage the
    soldiers on the catwalk. This is going to be tight on time. Keep moving up the
    stairs and don't stop for to long. When you reach the room containing the
    objective you have to enter the room from the other side. Along side
    the objective are two more enemy soldiers. Also note that merely entering
    the room will stop the timer.
    After the cutscene, head down the catwalk towards the next objective. At the
    stairwell two guards will be intially present at the bottom of the stairs.
    Sync shot them and then Sync shot the next two guards that come down behind
    them. If you do this quick enough they will not be able to see the other dead
    Head up the stairs and ead to the left. Refill on ammo and start using your
    stealth again. Start by turning to your right and Sync shoting the snipers on
    the top of the ship. There are four men on deck so a simple single Sync shot
    will take out the initial group. Move up and kill of any stragglers. In the
    event you do get detected simply repeat these same steps. Head down to the main
    deck of the ship and either fight your way through them or Sync shot them as
    If you haven't been detected yet you will be now. Find some cover and start
    shooting/give orders to shoot. Watch out for heavy amounts of resistance on
    the catwalks on both sides of the ship. Also, the Cabins on both sides of the
    ships will also harbor large amounts of enemies.
    With The elimination of the enemy soldiers, this will be your cue to get up the
    ladder on the side of the ship nearest to the objective. Follow your team to
    the regroup point.
    Head down the right and go through the room. Go up the stairs and continue to
    follow the corridors. Take the first right that you come by that leads to the
    outside. Head to the helipad to end the mis....
    Actually we get to do another machine gunning scene. Again, basically mow down
    anything that moves that doesn't have a blue triangle around it. Now this is
    the real end to the mission.
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Mission 9 Valiant Hammer [SH12]-----------------------
    Head up to the first objective marker and head left down the road. There will
    be four guards, sync shot them and then move on. Sync shot the patrols as
    you see fit, while advancing down the road.
    At the next objective marker we will be presented with a bit more of a
    challenge. Start with the first two guys at the opening of the camp. Head into
    the camp a little more and take the two soldiers at the front of the house.
    Now quickly turn to the right and kill off the three soldiers standing
    by the tent. Now move up to the house to finish off the last two in the back.
    head up the path and move to the observation point with your team.
    Anyone else think it's a bad idea to sit in the middle of a forest for 10
    minutes? Anyway, head down the path and take the path that leads down to the
    bank of the river. Start by Sync shoting the two soldiers on the far right (the
    guy on the rooftop and the one below him). Now, Sync shot the three soldiers
    sitting at the other end of the bridge.
    The next camp down the way is just as easy. Kill the single soldier goofing
    off to the right and then simply sync shot the other four men. Move down
    to the right of the camp and repeat the process.
    Once it's all secure, head up the stairs to the building on the right and
    gather the intel from the computer. Head back outside and make a run for the
    mounted machine gun. At this point, a APC and several soldiers will enter the
    area. Get on the machine gun and start blasting away at the APC. After it
    blows up, move on to the other infantry. With the assault repelled you'll be
    able to move onto the next objective.
    Move through the house and exit through the back door. Take cover by the pile
    of wood and wait for the convoy to pass. With the convoy gone we'll be able to
    deal with the guards on the other side of the road. With so many soldiers
    patrolling I can't accurately give an order of Sync shots. Start with those
    that are far away and then deal with stragglers that are isolated off to the
    sides. If several enemies are clustered together you can just wait a few
    seconds for them to disperse.
    Move up through the small town and Sync shot as you see fit. (I can't provide
    much help as to how to go through this stealthy as I always seam to get
    detected.) Before you reach the "Destroy" Objective you will be presented
    with a downed bus with a mounted machine gun in it. Get inside and mount
    the machine gun. Prepare to repel the assault. The machine gun heats up a
    whole lot faster then the ones on the helicopter and is far less accurate.
    Focus down the truck and then shift focus to the infantry, and then the
    HEad off to the left of the bus and enter the other downed bus. Jump through
    the window and continue to follow your team. In this next area, there is a
    soldier on the roof to the right. Take him down first and then sync shot the
    remaining men on the ground.
    (Note: waiting for a few seconds for them to disperse will cause a few
    soldiers to walk off alone allowing you to take them out easier.)
    Head up to the building that needs to be breahced. As far as I know, there is
    no way of doing this without alerting the soldiers. Breach the door and take
    out anyone that may enter. Use a combination of your teammates and grenades
    to clear out the area around the artillery piece.
    Head out towards the next objective. After another wonderful conversation with
    the general we'll be right back into the action. Head outside and refill on
    ammo. Have your allies take out the snipers as you tag them with the UAV. Move
    deeper into the Yard and you'll  encounter several more snipers dead ahead.
    Take them out and continue moving towards the extraction.
    It'll take a slight detour as you'll have to take soldiers that are setting
    more artillery. Fight your way through then continue down the river toward
    the extraction point.
    It's not over yet. After a short cutscene our objective will change from the
    extraction point to eliminating the enemy reinforcements. If you know how to
    do this stealthy then please send me an e-mail because frankly, I can't seam
    to figure it out. Advance up the road while sticking to the inside of
    buildings. Auto turrets can be destroyed with either frag or EMP grenades.
    When the tank arrives all you can really do is find a corner in the church
    and pick off the infantry so they don't get a chance to flank you. After the
    air support arrives all you need to do is guide the rocket to the tank to end
    the mission.
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Mission 10 Gallant Theif [IT13]-----------------------
    Start up the mission by killing the guard directly ahead of you. Head up towards
    the objective and use the drone to do some recon in the area. There are three
    enemies in the immediate area. You can either sneak past or kill them, though
    it's probably easier to kill them. Wait for them to look away from each other
    and take them out one by one.
    From there head down the hill towards the objective. Move along the left side
    while cloaked to avoid detection and even having to kill the enemy soldiers.
    Stay along along the left side of the building and hug the wall. Once inside
    you'll have to send your UAV in ground mode into the vent.
    With the UAV, Head straight forward and take the last left at the end,
    continue forward and take the final right and then a left and continue forward
    to the objective. Disable the Computer with the objective marker over it.
    Move through the building and head outside. Head to the right and the objective
    marker will change to a point on the left side of the area. Kill the guard
    standing by the initial and start moving towards the new objective. There are
    three guys on the ground level and one on the balcony to the right with a
    spot light.
    Go prone and slip along the left side of the truck. From there, continue to go
    prone and follow the wall down the path.. HEad into the building with the open
    door and head to the other side. Watch outside for the patrol to pass and then
    head outside and enter the ally on the far left side of the adjacent building.
    Head up the road to the objective building and kill the soldier standing in
    the doorway. Its a straight shot to the next objective. That guy is definitely
    going to have a head ache when he wakes up.
    Head down the hallway and enter the first door on the right. Shoot one guy
    in the head and then quickly kill the other guy before what he realizes
    what's going on.
    (Note: You're going to have to use your better judgment if you want to kill
    everyone, sneak by, or go guns blazing and set off the alarm. There are just
    to many variables for me to take into acount in order for me to give step
    by step directions.
    Head back outside and place the beacon on the objective.
    From there, head off to the left and follow the wall. Kill the two guards
    patrolling around and creep your way over to the next objective. Head forward
    and then right for another straight shot to the objective. There is a guy
    patrolling this area so be cautious.
    From the final tank it'll be a straight 40 meter run to the entrance to the
    building. Head out of the elevator and follow the corridor. Avoid contacting
    the guards by hugging the right wall. Enter the first door you come by and
    follow that hallway to a set of stairs. Head up the stairs for the last
    objective marker for awhile. Remember to kill the guards at your own
    discretion. Head down the path at the right of the room and kill the soldeir
    in the corridor. At the end, Kill the soldier standing by the door with the
    light over it. Head over to the door and kill the soldier to the right in
    the room.
    Assuming the game isn't randomized, the objective should not be in the two
    vents next to the door. Move past the door and shoot the guard through glass.
    Turn to the left and wait for the guard to pass by before killing him. head
    down the ramp and kill the guard in the window at the end of the wall. Send
    your Drone into the vent and sonic pulse to open the door. Head back to the
    surface for the extraction point.
    At the surface there has been a massive change in scenery. Follow the president
    towards the objective. (The enemies in the area should ignore you).
    At the extraction point,Plant yourself at the top of the hill and take cover at
    the wall. Watch your flank and watch for those pesky grenades. If you run low
    on ammo there is a ammo crate to the left. When the helicopter arrives all you
    need to do is grab the president and walk to the marker to end the mission.
    /                                                                             \
    ---------------------Mission 11 Invisible Bear [PO14]--------------------------
    Head unopposed down the road to the objective. At 100 meters away from the
    objective head up the stairs on the right side of the area. Sync shot the two
    guys patrolling the area that walk the stairs in front of you. Next up, kill
    the guys standing on the elevated position above the large letters. After
    that, It'll require one final sync shot to finish them all off. With the last
    group gone you'll be open to enter the building without threat of detection.
    You heard the man, get running. Luckily for you the game will take pity on
    you and cut you off around the 10th flight. In the new location, Sync shot
    the two snipers and resupply on ammo. Grab the sniper rifle in the adjacent
    crate. Now it's time for the sniper battle of the game. The game is nice
    enough to point out the rooftoops that they show up on. Additionally, you can
    spot them by the bright red lasers that come out of their guns. When the Hinds
    show up all you need to do is run to the back of the room and they'll leave you
    After your little sniper duel we'll be able to get a slight change in scenery.
    No time for stealth here. They have the same stealth tech that you have.
    So basically there not very stealthy. You can throw some EMP grenades but
    otherwise they're not that hard to spot. No need to move up here, just sit
    at the beginning of the room and pick off targets as they come up. When it
    is time to move up, head up the stairs onto the wooden walkways. When you're
    about 50 meters away from the objective you'll be hit by another wave of
    enemies. The area with the crates at the end of the warehouse is a deathtrap
    if you haven't sufficiently drained their ranks.
    Stack up at the end of the building to get a cutscene followed by a change
    of scenery. Head outside and find some cover on the street. Throw a sensor
    on each lane of the street. There is definately know way of doing this
    stealthy, if there is. it is definately way to complicated for me to fihure
    out. Use a sync shot to get a quick set of four kills and then get killing
    on the rest of the Russian army. During your little advance up the street
    the enemy will be throwing everything at you except the kitchen sink. I'm
    talking trucks, soldiers, riot shield guys, snipers, and lots of soldiers.
    Did I mention there will tons of soldiers? Be aware and move slowly up the
    street and you'll reach the subway entrance eventually.
    At the other side of the stairs you will be met with an APC. Equip your
    grenade launcher and get shooting. Akso, EMP will temporarily disable the
    main gun on the APC.
    Head into the restraunt nearby and prepare to repel another assault. Stay
    in the center of the restaurant and let them come to you. don't forget to
    grab ammo in the back of the restaurant if you need it. The end of the normal
    infantry will be marked by the arrival of a truck. Destroy it the wave will
    end, kind of. After a few seconds a infantry carrier will crash through the
    doors of the restaurant. Use your grenade launcher to put an end to it. This
    will mark the start of another wave, this one has an APC.
    Head onto the regroup point for yet another cutscene and a change of scenery.
    (Note: if you try to use the grenade launcher on a riot shield, make sure that
    you hit the area at his feet, not his shield or else it will do no damage
    what so ever.)
    Fight your way to the other side of the room and basically do whatever the
    heck you've been doing for this entire game.
    Load up on ammo and get ready for a special breach. For the first few seconds
    of the breach you'll have unlimited ammo so go crazy.
    /                                                                             \
    ---------------------Mission 12  Shattered Mountain [LO15]---------------------
    Head up the path and sync shot the two soldiers patrolling the area. Head
    further down the road for another group of enemies. Four in total. Three on
    the ground and one on the high ground to the right. Sync shot them and move
    on down the road. Take the two guards and the one guy behind them at the
    same time.
    Let's start on the camp on the left shall we? There are two guards to the
    left of the building and one on the right side of the building along with one
    at the back. Take out the guys on the outside and then snipe the target
    through the side window. 1 DOWN 6 To go.
    Time to head out to the other camp. Approach the barn and throw a sensor in.
    Head down the left side of the barn and kill the guards around the back of
    the barn. Use two groups of sync shots to take out the guards on the right
    side of the building. At this point you'll probably get discovered, but its
    ok since most of the enemy soldiers should be dead by now. If all else fails
    you can turn on your magnetic goggles and snipe the target through the walls.
    2 DOWN 5 to go.
    Head up the road to the regroup and then up to the next objective. It seams
    that things just got a whole lot more complicated. Now we have a timer and
    have no time to fiddle around in the bushes. Hall ass down the path and
    reengage your cloak once you slider down the hell and are 100 meters from the
    objective. Sync shot the three guys on the road and the one guy on the second
    floor of the building in the distance. Follow the wall to the left of the
    building and shot the single patrol. Follow the wall down and go through the
    opening in the wall. Go prone and Sync shot the target along with the guards
    around him. 3 DOWN 4 to go.
    Take out the guy in the barn across the way and then enter the barn. Head
    up the stairs to the left and kill the guard at the top. Head outside and Sync
    shot the two guards and the other two guards in the immediate area. 5 DOWN 2 to
    go. Secure the area to advance to the next objective.
    Stay Cloaked and find cover somewhere. Some smoke grenades will go off and
    three spec op guys will head through the wall. A simple Sync shot will take
    them out quickly. Turn around and deal with four that comes towards you from
    the main entrance. After that several spec ops will come from multiple
    Once the attack has been repelled head through the swamp to the next objective.
    Now it's a all out rush to kill the final two targets. Head down the path and
    when the path splits, take the right most path. kill the guards on the low
    wall and continue to pursue the objective. Follow the objective and kill anyone
    in your way. Keep moving and stop for anything. When the truck trys to run
    you over, shoot it a few times to take it out. Charge the line of soldiers
    and shoot the target to end the mission and the game.
    Congratulations, you have beaten the game. Now you can go back and play the
    game on a higher difficulty or try out the multiplayer.
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Credits   [DU17]-----------------------------------
    1. Gamefaqs.com for making such a great site.
    2. the makers of this game, keep making these great games.
    3. My brother for playing Co-op with me.
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Legal Crap [IS16]----------------------------------
    This guide may not be reproduced or changed in any way whatsoever except for
    personal or private usage. It should not be placed on any website without my
    written permission.
    Copyright 2012 Alek Thomas Kettenburg
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