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First of all, before you read my review I would like to tell you that I'm highly dislike hackers. I base my playability on the fact that you can play the game without having to worry about exploits or hackers. I believe that FPS, first person shooters, should be based on skill and not who ever has the best hacks, wins. So before I write this review, I have checked online for hacks through watching you tube videos, hacking sites, and my actual game play.

"The only game you lose, is the one you don't cheat", quote by some military person.



-Horrible detection mechanics. In World of Tanks, tanks can spot you through walls, houses, and heavy foliage. World of Tanks has some sophisticated tank detection mechanics the mechanics shouldn't allow you to see through walls. This is simply just dumb, yes it happens often, and yes I have read how the detection mechanics works.

-Unrealistic tracking mechanics. I don't know who came up with the logic that the commander can track 15 consecutive targets simultaneously in mealtime but apparently all tanks have a omnidirectional view port as well as a radioman that can talk really fast not to mention unrealistic precision. Multiple tanks tracking multiple tanks is reasonable but when you have a single tank tracking the entire enemy team, the game gets pretty unrealistic.

-Experience gain rate is slow. Free players have a fixed 50% XP and credit penalty. At first it doesn't seem that bad but as you progress the amount of research XP required is just astronomical. Players have noticed this and have come up with a solution; Join game on tank n, exit battle, join game on tank n+1, exit battle, join game on tank n+2, exit battle, repeat. You might not get much xp because you did nothing but the XP gain rate from doing nothing is a lot faster than actually fighting a battle. In fact, it's so fast that there are actually "trainers" that execute this process for you to get XP and credits while you're not actually playing.

-Training your crew is a pain. For every vehicle you get, you need a new crew. Crew training is essential to actually winning battles. The downside of this game mechanic is that some players who are actually really good, suffer because of poor crew performance. But hey, every game's got to have its time sink.

-Sometimes you get stuck in a battle that is hopeless. At first, you start with battles that are 15 tier I (the lowest/weakest tanks) vs 15 other tier I tanks. The battles are pretty even because each tank has a even chance of fighting each other. But once you get a tier III tank, you get put in battles with tier III to tier V. If you're the guy on the bottom of the totem pole you have absolutely no chance of ever hurting the opposing forces, because your shots don't have enough penetration or damage, although you can still play a strategic scouting role. The game CLAIMS to be balanced because the server tries to balance the sides with the same number of same tier tanks. But still, your chances of survival with respect to the highest tier are nil.

-Apparently, they had satellites in WWI. Not kidding! SPGs, self propelled guns, can track enemy tanks from above. Although the birds eye view of the satellite is for aiming purposes, I still think a first person view with firing tables would be more appropriate.

-Boring environment. Tank have the capability to destroy other tanks but they were also designed to breach fortifications and destroy buildings. The game has heavy fortifications and large anti-tank guns, but they do nothing. There is also no anti-tank infantry, artillery, or aerial bombardments.


-The game mechanics prevent hackers. The game would be unplayable if hackers could simply see every tank on the battlefield. The official World of Tanks Wiki article on game mechanics says that 30% of all server resources are spent on visibility detection and the server decides wither the player can see enemy tanks or not. You can further verify this by Googleing World of Tank hacks; You will only find trainers, which I talked about in the cons section.

-Tanks. The tanks in the game are based on historical World War I tanks although the actual performance of the tanks are scaled to allow for balance.

-Lots of equipment. There are lots of purchasable equipment that can improve your tank performance. Some equipment is required to actually progress the research tree. Although there is a variety of equipment for each tank, the most optimal equipment is usually the highest tier (each equipment has a tier label I - X).

-Lots of game mechanics. This game has lots of complex game mechanics that include armor thickness/ armor penetration, weak/hardpoints in all six sides of the tank, tank detection, tank camouflage, etc. Unlike FPS games like Call of Duty, World of Tanks actually fires shots, not just hit markers, so the projectiles travel realistically. The recoil, not so realistic. There will be new physics applied when version 8.0 is released. These new physics will allow tanks to roll down the small cliff that you couldn't drive down before. In theory, you could practically dive down a mountain, although that is probably not a wise idea.


I will be honest here, I did not play World of Tanks because of the graphics. Most of the time you will be either seeing the outline of the tanks and not the actual tank itself and red and green icons on your mini-map.

== SOUND ==

Don't expect any Hans Zimmer music.

== STORY ==

There is no story. In World of Tanks, random tanks are your enemy and your allies.


World of Tank is free and I have a very simple motto, "Play it, move on to the next game." Closure is knowing that there is always a better game out there.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 09/24/12

Game Release: World of Tanks (US, 04/12/11)

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