Review by SpeedyBanana

"Fun at first, but quickly gets dull and annoying."

This game starts off rather fun. You get a crappy tank and you fight other crappy tanks in team death match style. Unlocking upgrades and new tanks at the lower levels is quick and the overall experience is very enjoyable. Graphics are great for a game such as this and the overall artistic style is fantastic.

Once you get to Tier 3-4+ the entire game becomes very frustrating. The match making system is ABSOLUTE GARBAGE! You will constantly get placed in games with tanks that are 3-4 tiers above you... which completely outperform you in every single way. The game is no fun when essentially all you are is cannon fodder. 75% of the games you are facing tanks with armor that you cannot penetrate... and on the rare occasion that you do, the damage is so low that it would take you 20-30 shots to kill them. On the other hand, you will die in one shot to most of these opponents.

Match making system will also place you in games where the team composition greatly favors one team to another, such as a bunch of medium tanks vs heavy tanks. Or one team with a great number of scouts and no artillery.

There is also a huge bias in this game (developed by a Russian company) towards Russian tanks, which tend to outperform the other countries in many ways. German tanks are also the worst in the game. What a coincidence...

The issue of Pay 2 Win is very much present in this game, though offset by the fact that it's a team game and one person is not necessarily going to turn the tide of battle even if his tank is a little more effective. You tend to feel like a second class citizen if you are not a paying customer.

Competitive play is also lacking and will never come close to something like League of Legends. Even if skill is a big determining factor in victor or defeat... as long as you can buy better ammunition for real money or purchase unlock-able premium tanks that cost $40-50 or more the whole game is going to leave a bad taste in your mouth if you didn't spend any money.

My advice is try the game out. Have fun in the T1 - T2 battles and once you get to T3 + and it starts to get really annoying, just leave because it just gets worse and worse.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 03/26/13

Game Release: World of Tanks (US, 04/12/11)

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