Puzzle 9?

  1. How do i make cloth?

    User Info: darthdestruktor

    darthdestruktor - 7 years ago


  1. First... to make the pot boil, you need to put a rock on the fire. (Rocks are at the bottom of the bridge leading up to the research area) Then you need to fill the pot with salt water. There are pots at the right hand side of the screen by the ocean at the top of the beach. (if you want fresh water for stews, the pots are by the stream where the blockage is). Once the rock is hot you can bring it to the pot of water. You need to make sure you have cutting tools. (drag a villager onto the fish skeleton on the beach) The next part you need to have level 2 learning. Drag a villager onto the vines that are directly north of your campfire. The villager will then go get a cutting tool and cut some vines and bring it back to the cooking table... Once you have vines cut and on the table, and boiling salt water, you can drag a villager to the table with the vines on it to start cooking. Once it finishes, get a villager to take the cloth pulp, and set several of the pounding the pulp into cloth. They will keep trying to wander off, so watch them carefully and keep dropping them onto where the cloth is being made.

    User Info: VantheXIVth

    VantheXIVth - 7 years ago 0 2
  2. To make cloth,make a stew.boil salt water and cut vines at the top of the fire.(you need to have clothing hut.to get the clothing hut,you need lvl 2 science.)after that he/she will get a cutting tool to cut the vines.after that there are 3 herbs on the cooking table.cook it with salt water and take a villager to spread the cloth pulp.and then drag 11 villagers(it can be apply quickly or not.)then a villager who pound the last will take the cloth to the clothing hut to store.

    User Info: yellowbloo22

    yellowbloo22 - 6 years ago 0 0

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