How do I fix the audio sync?

  1. In the beginning cutscene the audio some how skips 5 seconds or so ahead of the video. The cutscene right after I shoot a portal on the moon the video lags a little in the beginning but then the audio is off again. When the turret opera scene comes up the audio keeps skipping and repeating, it'll loop a second of the song over and over but the video keeps going normally, then it will loop the part of the song the video should be synced with and it keeps going up to the very end when I get the companion cube. Then in the final cutscene with wheatley in space it does the same thing. I dont know how to fix it. please help

    User Info: kitten1323

    kitten1323 - 5 years ago

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  1. I also had this problem. Turns out my PC couldn't handle Portal 2 very well, however I also had a tsunami of others technical problens (like no light effects [roons were always all bright, without shadows], gel rarely changing the color of the surface, and a general graphic downgrade). Compare a video of gameplay on youtube with your gameplay (examples: and If you have some other problens, your PC can't handle Portal 2 and you should get a console version. If this is your only problem, then I don't know
    Sorry if bad english

    User Info: CaioNV

    CaioNV - 5 years ago 3 1

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