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"A wonderful experience, that will touch you personally, and provide hours of ecstatic fun."

It wasn't a big surprise Portal 2 would end up being one of the great games to come out these years. Almost a pleasent surprise, even if just for the sake of bitterweet irony, it would've been if against all odds, the game turned out to disappoint VALVe's wide audience, which was long eagerly awaiting the release of the sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed games of this generation. Let me make one thing clear; Portal 2 is nothing like it's predecesor; a different structure of both gameplay and storytelling is implemented, and it manages to push the boundaries of the first game to surprisingly stable yet extense fields.

Portal 2 is truly a relentless experience; despite the fact that one is centered mostly around the very concept of the Portal Gun and the way it manages to interact with VALVe's state-of-the-art physics, it is very self aware regarding it's own limitations, and manages to succesfully deliver an entertaining and concise story, where although the player will be deeply concerned with the challenge at hand, the novelettes and several other compelling sets of storytelling are very diligently blotted throughout the game, in a way that makes itself clear in the way necesary, and not by saturating and eventually suffocating the personalities of the characters and core structure of the highly argumentation-based narration.

It is the intelligent management of resources that Portal 2 seamlessly orbits around, with outstanding accuracy and remarkable wit; both storywise and with the use of it's gameplay mechanics. Like previously stated, Portal 2 manages to cover ground that would've been impossible to fully encompass in it's still brilliant predecesor, and had the 2007 game attempted to do so, it would've clearly fallen flat because of the limitations of centering the game around portal puzzles. Attempting to expand Portal by adding more fill content would've killed the momentum carried over by the story with breathtaking speed (Take notes, Highway 17), and the design team for Portal 2 not only knew this, but implemented the higher budget perfectly well, in order to streamline the sparcely distributed components of this marvelous game in a way that not only delivers a more moving story than many games have, using ten times less script, but also an engaging and penetrable distribution of the many new uses for the Portal Gun, which the game still revolves around.

The many new uses of the Portal Gun are not only extremely fun to use (Many times, I couldn't help but laugh at how enjoyble it was to buzz through the air, with tremendous speed, hoping to land in my desired objective), but also an extremely very expansion of the limits of the game's main constituent, bringing a huge all-new array of amusing uses of the physics for both the players, developers and modders (Yes, there are developer tools on their way) to tinker with.

I have played plenty of good games in my life (otherwise, I wouldn't feel qualified to try to make my opinion be heard), and can easily say this has worked it's way into my list of favourite games, with it's pleasant aesthetic direction, engrossing aphorism and acute sense of humour.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/02/11

Game Release: Portal 2 (US, 04/19/11)

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