Problem with Curses?

  1. Okey so dont ask how but i did successed in having 4 curses on me atm, i went to a healer and used dispell and only 1 got removed 3 others stayed i have :
    20 %chance to get struck by fire/ice/lightning when hitting enemies ... i tried to sleep at my house for 25 houres and went back to the healer still says N/A at curse dispelling i dont know what to do ?

    User Info: vezer1993

    vezer1993 - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It's an item in your inventory. An amulet, I can't remember the name exactly. I just picked up the quest myself but I logged out of the game for the night. It is in the area called the Deep Slumber or something like that. There is a bunch of Fae sitting around a watery area.

    To clear the amulet of the curses, you have to run through a dungeon that is in the same area. You should have a quest for it. The quest gets started from another quest. You are asked by one NPC to find the bandit who stabbed in the back and stole his mother's amulet. When you find the bandit, he tells you to take the amulet, he doesn't want it, that it is cursed. Then the bandit explains how to remove the curse, which starts the quest. Sorry I couldn't be specific about the names.

    User Info: nixxo84

    nixxo84 - 5 years ago 0 0

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