General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (X360) (HTML) 03/06/12 ExtremePhobia 1.0 153K
FAQ/Walkthrough (X360) 02/04/14 Shotgunnova 736K
FAQ/Walkthrough 03/19/12 noz3r0 1.00 453K
FAQ/Walkthrough 04/02/12 Dragonkyrie 1.00 736K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS3) 02/26/12 KOH13 1.00 85K

Maps and Charts

Alabastra: Amaura (PNG) 03/11/12 Dragonkyrie 42K
Alabastra: High Fulgen (PNG) 03/11/12 Dragonkyrie 43K
Alabastra: Shadow Pass (PNG) 03/11/12 Dragonkyrie 50K
Alabastra: Twilight Pass (PNG) 03/11/12 Dragonkyrie 44K
Dalentarth: Allestar Glade (PNG) 02/29/12 Dragonkyrie 37K
Dalentarth: East Odarath (PNG) 02/21/12 Dragonkyrie 45K
Dalentarth: Ettinmere (PNG) 03/02/12 Dragonkyrie 70K
Dalentarth: Glendara (PNG) 02/29/12 Dragonkyrie 81K
Dalentarth: Haxhi (PNG) 03/02/12 Dragonkyrie 50K
Dalentarth: Lorca-Rane (PNG) 03/02/12 Dragonkyrie 59K
Dalentarth: Summer's End (PNG) 02/24/12 Dragonkyrie 37K
Dalentarth: The Sidhe (PNG) 03/02/12 Dragonkyrie 60K
Dalentarth: Webwood (PNG) 03/02/12 Dragonkyrie 56K
Dalentarth: West Odarath (PNG) 02/23/12 Dragonkyrie 74K
Dalentarth: Windemere (PNG) 02/24/12 Dragonkyrie 37K
Dalentarth: Yolvan (PNG) 03/02/12 Dragonkyrie 47K
Detyre: Alserund (PNG) 03/08/12 Dragonkyrie 61K
Detyre: Apotyre (PNG) 03/09/12 Dragonkyrie 61K
Detyre: Menetyre (PNG) 03/09/12 Dragonkyrie 52K
Detyre: The Hollowlands (PNG) 03/08/12 Dragonkyrie 60K
Detyre: The Red Marches (PNG) 03/08/12 Dragonkyrie 41K
Erathell: Acatha (PNG) 03/07/12 Dragonkyrie 56K
Erathell: Cradle of Summer (PNG) 03/05/12 Dragonkyrie 51K
Erathell: East Forsaken Plain (PNG) 03/06/12 Dragonkyrie 56K
Erathell: Galafor (PNG) 03/06/12 Dragonkyrie 60K
Erathell: Kandria (PNG) 03/07/12 Dragonkyrie 66K
Erathell: Tala-Rane (PNG) 03/04/12 Dragonkyrie 61K
Erathell: The Wolds (PNG) 03/04/12 Dragonkyrie 61K
Erathell: Tywili Coast (PNG) 03/07/12 Dragonkyrie 58K
Erathell: West Forsaken Plain (PNG) 03/05/12 Dragonkyrie 53K
Klurikon: Caeled Coast (PNG) 03/10/12 Dragonkyrie 73K
Klurikon: Cursewood (PNG) 03/10/12 Dragonkyrie 47K
Klurikon: Drowned Forest (PNG) 03/10/12 Dragonkyrie 55K
Klurikon: The Keening (PNG) 03/10/12 Dragonkyrie 51K
Klurikon: The Midden (PNG) 03/10/12 Dragonkyrie 49K
Sagecrafting Guide (PNG) 02/22/12 lacoonoo 114K

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