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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

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    Version History

    1.0 - March 6, 2012

    Main Story complete and all factions complete.
    Partially done with sidequests and Lorestones

    Out of the Darkness

    When you gain control of your newly minted dead person, open your menu and unequip your clothing. Yes, both your shirt and pants. That may seem like a strange thing to hear as the first line of a guide but trust me on this one.

    Head S until you come to a small wooden doorway. You'll see a sword sticking out of it. Taking the sword will open the door. Before going through, if you run around the left side, you'll find a table with a note on it. Take the note if you like and go up the small path. There will be a skeleton glowing on the stairs near the end of the path. Check it for some gold and then head back down to the wooden door. Inspecting near the fire to the right of the door should reveal a note about proper disposal procedures.

    Go through the door and follow the turn W, then S. You'll come to a larger room with a couple of giant rats. Just be aggressive with that sword you recently found and you shouldn't have a problem with them. Continue follow the cave to the S. It will eventually wrap back around to the E and into a large room. Jump off the platform into the middle of that room.

    Fight off the two enemies here. They shouldn't pose too much of a threat. You only have the ability to swing and dodge at the moment so use those as necessary and be relentless. Knock one down, and then attack the other until he is dead. About that time the first one should be back up so finish him off.

    Talk to the gnome. Picking options on the right will move the conversation along to its conclusion while options on the left will get you more information. If you choose an upper option, it will be a good choice while a lower option will be a bad/evil choice. Middle options are usually either neutral or a persuasion option. Very Mass Effect. Continue talking to him until you get to a list of choices for conversation. Picking a blue option will be quest related while white options will give you more information.

    Finish the conversation with the gnome (Encel) and you'll be granted the Streaker achievement. You may now redress yourself so loot the bodies of your enemies and take their Worn Leggings (6 AR +5% Crit Damage) and Battered Armor (10 AR +12% Crit Damage). Break the different crates around the area which will be progress towards another Achievement but, more practically, will get you some gold. You want to leave to the S but make sure you open the chest to the left before you leave for some Old Boots (AR 3 +5% Crit Damage).

    Make your way through the cave and in the next area, you'll watch an explosion. To the west side of this area is a large gate and in front of it, on the ground, is a lever. Activate the lever to open the gate. Through the tunnel on the other side is a small room. There is a weapons rack on the W side of the room. Check it out and collect a Crude Iron Kite Shield (11 AR).

    If you hold the block button, you will mitigate the damage you receive but if you hit the Block button just as you are about to be hit, you will parry and create an opening for counter attack. Once you have your shield equipped, you'll be attacked from the South. Kill the Tuatha Soldiers that come through and head through the hole they came from.

    One of the downed enemy soldiers will have a bow on him. Loot the bow and equip it to your secondary weapon slot. Whenever you shoot you want to hold down the button to charge it up. Follow the tunnels until you are told to shoot the two enemy soldiers. Watch out for the two of them because they will return fire. Hold down the fire button and shoot. If you run out of arrows, just take cover until they regenerate. Once they are dead, continue through the tunnels to the S.

    When you get to a two leveled room, check to the right behind some boxes for a chest. In the chest are some lockpicks and tattered notes. Head up the ramp and fight the two soldiers who come down after you. Kill them and take the armor they drop, namely the Rusty Leg Plates (8 AR +5% Melee Block). Making your way back N, you will come across a body with some daggers. Take the daggers and equip them. Follow the tunnels further in and sneak towards the lone enemy. When you are close enough, you will be prompted to hit the attack button and you will kill him in one move.

    You'll see more enemies further up. You can sneak attack one of them but not both. Do just that and then kill the other with whichever other weapon you are carrying. Loot the bodies and then go through the gate to the S.

    In this new room, you'll be taught how to cast spells. Cast on one the orb in the middle of the room, then explore the room. The most important is the chest to the right of the doorway on the way out to the S. Loot it for some torn robes which will give you a boost to your mana.

    Make your way back into the tunnels and keep an eye to the left for a little split which will have a chest with Hand Wrappings. Hand Wrappings are the mage equivalent of gloves. You'll be ambushed by a giant spider. It should be no challenge. Walk past it and collect the staff from the nearby body of a mage. Equip the staff and use it to burn through the webs nearby. It will also work fantastically on the Spiders.

    On the other side of the web, test it out on three more spiders. The first swing will deal damage nearby but the second and third swings will actually increase in range and can hit multiple targets. On top of that, the first does burning damage after you stop swinging.

    After a few more spiders, you'll follow the tunnel to a rally point. There will be some gnomes here and then three supply areas. Each one will give you items for a different style of play, Might, Finesse, and Magic. Once you've geared up, exit the area through the gate to the SE. This will lead you on a somewhat linear path to see Hugues.

    After you talk to Hugues, the place will start to fall apart. Make your escape to the north and follow the tunnels. Make sure you use the Sprint button to get out of here or you might get hit by falling objects. Watch out for enemy soldiers along the way but they shouldn't be an issue. When you reach the end, you'll come to a battle with a Rock Troll and two soldiers.

    Rock Troll

    Take out the soldiers; they shouldn't be much of a threat. Try and use mostly ranged attacks on the troll or only attack after you've dodged one of his attacks. He has three main attacks. The first attack is just a normal swing that he executes if you get close. The Second attack is a charging swing that he does from a distance. Watch out for this and dodge to the side to avoid it. The last attack, and probably the biggest pain is his rock pellet attack. He will use the back end of his club to shoot a bunch of rocks your way. They spread out as they go so make sure you start dodging early.

    After you kill him, you'll end up outside. Level up and then make your way to the first Quest Marker to the S of where you are. You will bump into the man that Hugues told you to find, Agarth the Fateweaver. At this point, you'll be attacked by a few Soldiers.

    Fate Shifting

    Kill the first group and during the second, you'll use Reckoning Mode. Enter Reckoning mode and kill the three new enemies. When you have done so, hit the A button to finish them all off. This will prompt you to repeatedly press a button. If you manage to fill the entire gauge, you'll get a 100% boost to your XP.

    Once they are all dead, you'll talk to the Fateweaver again. He will point out that you have no Fate. You will then be able to choose your own Fate from a deck of cards. You will have your choice of three different Fates. You can find more Fates as you explore and each one grants certain bonuses. Fates are distributed into tiers with higher tiers granting better bonuses. You'll also be able to unlock hybrid Fates like Finesse/Sorcery. Remember that later you will be able to change just about everything so don't bother agonizing too much.

    Into the Light

    Agarth will send you to meet with another Fateweaver named Arden. Follow the Path east, collecting Reagents as you go. You'll come to a little town before long. On the way there, you will pass a giant stone on your left. This is a Lore Stone. There are many like it that you must find scattered throughout Amalur. This one is the Dalentarth Stone. There will also be a chest behind it. Open it and take what's inside. Continue on the path to Gorhart.

    You can stop here and check out the side quests and shops if you like. There's plenty to see and do here but once you are done, head N. You want to make your way N around the mountains and then hug them until you come down along the E side of the mountains. When you get to Arden's Cottage, enter to find a woman. Talk to her to find out what's going on here. Agarth will appear behind you. Talk to him and he will send you to Dellach in Ettinmere, SW of here.

    When you get to Dellach, you will be greeted by Agarth. Make sure to check the chest just before you enter on the left. He will accompany you inside as you look for a relic. You will find mostly Ettin and wolves in here. The Ettin are rather large troll like beasts. They are slow but still faster than you might think and can do a good amount of damage. The wolves are faster and do lighter damage. The trouble is managing both at the same time. I actually recommend a staff here because it's pretty good with dealing with a group of enemies and you can develop choke points in doorways. Make sure to save your Reckoning Mode for now. It is possible to get sneak attacks in here if you are careful. The first room will be the first fight. Kill the enemies in here and you'll have the choice of right or left. Go W (right) and explore that way.

    Shine and Shadow

    You'll come to a mini boss fight with two Ettin Shamans and a named enemy, Kurtorix. Watch out for their lightning attacks, they can do a decent amount of damage. You'll find a set of daggers on Kurtorix which is part of a quest from Holnstead, E of Dellach. You can take the daggers to the gnome Avicenn Etelle or keep them for yourself. Do as you like.

    After you've explored, you'll discover that you went the wrong way. Follow the other path S from the previous room. You will come to a square room with an Ettin and three wolves. Kill them and check the sides of the room for an urn. Make your way deeper into the dungeon and you'll come to a rather large, glowing door. Walk around the water in the middle of the next room and you'll come to a tunnel with some Kobolds in it.

    At the end of that tunnel is a room with a Kobold going through some junk on the ground. Sneak up behind him and take him out but do it quickly because when you are about 75% of the way there, a Kobold will jump out of the ground behind you. This will start a battle with a rather large number of Kobold. You should have been saving your Reckoning Meter. When this fight starts, activate it. You should have at least 6 Kobold left. You want to kill at least five of them before you end Reckoning Mode and you'll unlock the Reckoning Rampage Achievement.

    Make sure to loot the room and then exit the room to the S. As you cross the bridge, you'll be attacked by two more Kobold. Back up and take them out at range. Try to be further away than their bombs can reach. You'll soon come to a room with a bunch of Kobold. These Kobold have spears that they can throw so it may benefit you to use a staff again at middle range. Kill these and then head S. You may not have disturbed the three Kobold here so you can stealth kill one of them and then take out the other two quickly. When done, exit the room to the S.

    The next room will be two tiered and have to Ettin and some Kobolds. The two don't necessarily get along and might fight each other. Use this and your height to your advantage. Kill what you can from up here and then when they get close, jump down to the lower level to continue the fight. You can, if you like, run in rings and just continuously deal ranged damage.

    Exit through the big glowing door and in the tunnel beyond, you'll come to a boss fight. Too bad for Agarth that he's going to die. I highly recommend using a bow on this enemy because getting close to him is very dangerous and, unless you've bought additional spells; your lightning spell will do no damage. However, Agarth will keep him busy up close allowing you to freely shoot him. Once he's kneeling, you'll have to get close for a finisher.

    The room you come to after this fight is actually safe. There's a central area and then two smaller rooms off to either side. One room has an enchanted chest and an urn. The other hides a chest behind a tall pillar. Exit this area and in the next hallway, you'll encounter a small group of resting Kobolds. There are five of them (good time to use Reckoning again) but they sit in a circle so you can't sneak up on them. You'll get to the Theater of Fate but you'll have to cross a bridge to get inside. You'll be ambushed by four or so Kobold of varying types. Kill them and cross the bridge. Go up the ramp and in the front doors.


    Inside, go down the ramp and a few Niskaru will appear. They can be a little tough, they are very fast. Get some distance and then start marching towards them. They have a very linear path of attack so just keep swinging with your weapon of choice until they are dead. Whenever facing Niskaru, it's always useful to cover as much area as you can with your attacks because as you dodge, their line of attack will change so it is likely that you will have Niskaru attacking relentlessly from multiple directions. I find the Chakrams are incredibly useful against them.

    Once they are dead, activate the Destiny Stone in the middle of the room. You will then be attacked by a very large group of Tuatha. You should try and get some distance and build up your Reckoning meter. Once it's full, unleash it and you should be able to clear the room before it runs out.

    Head out of the room through the door to the N. In the next area, you can open the giant door with the button to the right of it. This will bring you back to the dead end from the beginning of this dungeon. Before you jump down, check the chest to your left. Now hop down and you can leave the way you came. You now have your choice of two Main Quests.

    Old Friends, New Foes or The Hunters Hunted. You can choose either but I think it's time for a break from Agarth so let's check out Old Friends, New Foes.

    Old Friends, New Foes

    I would fast travel to Arden's Cottage (unless you have something closer) and start heading N. When you get to the House of Ballads, enter the House of Accolades. Inside, talk to Alyn Shir who will tell you to talk to Glianal. He will not help you so you'll have to talk to Alyn Shir again who will send you to talk to a being called Nyralim.

    As you make your way to meet with Nyralim in the SE part of Dalentarth, you can actually stop by Didenhil too. Stop by the Three Lanterns Inn and talk to Agarth while you're there. Doing the Hunters Hunted quest is quick and painless while you're here. Skip ahead if you'd like to do that now and return when you are done.

    You will have to make your way through Glendara and either Lorca-Rane or Haxhi to get to The Sidhe. Once there, you want to travel to the SW point of this region and enter Caer Nyralim. Inside, make your way along the winding path to the top of the tree and talk to Nyralim himself. He will say that he is uncertain of whether or not he should help you and send you on an errand to see what you do. He will send you W to Haxhi to deal with a tribe of trolls. When you get close, you will have to cross a bridge. Once you do, you'll have a fight on yours hands.

    Troll Attack

    You'll come across three sprites, two boggarts, and a Rock Troll. You will see a big tree stump in front of you too. You want to stay to the S of that tree stump because if you venture N, another Rock Troll will join the fight. If you do accidentally trigger the second Rock Troll, use the tree stump to keep them away from you while you prepare to attack. Once you have kill everything outside, you will have to trigger this Rock Troll anyway but it's a lot easier fight with just one Troll at a time. Head N and kill that Troll too. Enter the Dam that just opened up.

    Inside Haxhi Dam, you'll bump into an old friend. After a chat, make your way into the Dam. The path is mostly straight but when you get to a room with waterfalls, you'll be attacked by a Troll. He'll be tough but you'll have help. While he's distracted, keep some distance and keep attacking. It seems that Trolls prioritize targets based on proximity so just be the furthest target and it should be easy.

    Continue through this tunnel and just before it turns, you'll fight some Tuatha. Doing so shouldn't be particularly hard at this point, especially with Alyn to help you. Keep killing Tuatha until you come to a larger room with some Tuatha and a Troll. If you time it right, you should be able to execute a stealth kill on one of two passing Tuatha but they frequently cross paths so you need to time it well. With one Tuatha down, the fight will be a little bit easier. Take down the other Tuatha and then the Rock Troll.

    Further along the cave, you'll come to a large encampment of Tuatha. They will be fast and aggressive. Range won't help you much here so you might want to get in close and use physical attacks and parries. Once they are dead, a Rock Troll will come through a wall to the N. Deal with this Troll like the rest and continue N.

    You'll come to a room with a sleeping Troll and a dancing Tuatha near him. There will also be a Tuatha by a Sagecrafting station. You can stealth kill one of them but as soon as you do, Alyn will attack the other so you won't be able to kill both without a fight. Kill him too and hopefully you haven't startled the Rock Troll. Either way, kill them all and make sure you check out the treasure nook to the NW for some breakables and two chests. Take the tunnel SE from here and watch for a little treasure cache in a little nook on the right. Not long after that you'll come to the boss fight so be prepared.


    Gnarsh is tough. She only has two new tricks but she does have a lot more health and hits a lot harder than any of the other Rock Trolls. In fact, her charging attack, for me, was actually a one hit kill. Watch out for her double swipe attack. When she swipes with her club, she will always swipe a second time. This applies to the stationary overhead swing as well where she may also swipe to the side after. This is of particular importance because you may need to heal if you are too close to her. If she hits with the first swipe and you can't get out of the way of the second, you'll probably die if you don't heal. However, you can use this to your advantage because if you can get out of the way for the first attack, you may be free to lay on some hurt during the second.

    Also of note in this fight are two environmental factors. Alyn is completely useless and occasionally, crabs will come out and get in your way. You actually can't run through these harmless, useless little critters so watch out for them so you don't suddenly die when you should have just simply dodged.

    She should fall and you'll get some good loot, possibly some Essence of Fate. Travel back to Nyralim and see what he has to say about this. He will now allow you into Ysa so from the Caer, head NE. You have to cross a small pond but there will be a path. Enter through the vines to get to Ysa.

    The Coming Storm

    Inside of Ysa, you will meet a member of the High King's Court. Talk to him and he will send you up to talk to the King Titarion himself. Go in and talk to the king to find out what's going on. He will task you with stopping Gadflow and possibly saving the Fae. This will actually end the quest and start two new quests, An Old Friend and the Great General. Talking to Agarth will move along An Old Friend while talking Alyn Shir will be the beginning of The Great General.

    The Hunters Hunted

    Meet up with Agarth in the Three Lanterns in Didenhil. He'll tell you his plan. Choose to go in the front door (it's simpler) and you'll set off N to the Hunter's Pit. When you get there, watch out for the two bears outside. Kill them and then go to open the gate.

    Room 1: This room is almost castle like. You'll come in and a few Tuatha will warn the others. Watch out for the archers on both sides and the soldiers coming straight up the middle. Kill them and go down the ramp to the rest of the camp. There may be some stragglers here so clean them up.

    Hallway: You'll encounter a group of three here but they shouldn't be too tough. Just be aware that dodging may be difficult because of the small amount of space on either side. After these three, clear a bridge of boxes and then two more Tuatha will come at you. Kill them as well.

    Room 2: You'll come to a fork in the path. You can go low or high. It really doesn't matter which you choose except that the high road (right) will allow you a better position for ranged attacks while the low road will get you into the thick of the fight faster if you want to charge right in. There will be a small group in the lower area (with a chest) and a couple of archers up high behind them. Take out the archers first, even if that means running right past the first group.

    Hallway: You'll come to a thin strip area with a group of four Tuatha. They appear to be primarily melee. Back up a little and you might be able to get them to line up single file, allowing you to use some spells or abilities to hit more of them at once.

    Room 3: You'll come to a room with a big red structure. In front of it are a small red crystal and a Tuatha dancing. Sneak up and perform a stealth kill. Break the red crystal and Gadflow will step out of the structure. Talk to him and when he is done, Agarth will appear and talk to you. He recommends that you talk to Alyn Shir. If you haven't already, do so to start Old Friends, New Foes. Before you leave here, you can inspect the area to the south for all sorts of goodies and plenty of breakables. There are also some monsters but they are locked up and won't harm you unless you let them out. When you are done, leave this dungeon and continue on with the Old Friends, New Foes quest.

    An Old Friend

    Talk to Agarth who will tell you about an old friend and how you might go about finding him. You will have to meet with the Templar Octienne in the Hollowlands of Detyre. You'll find him up on a high cliff overlooking the area. Make your way up to him but be careful of the enemies around here, they are quite difficult. Talk to him and he will tell you that Hugues should be in an old lab of his near here. Make your way over to the lab and enter.

    Once inside, you'll be confronted with large groups of melee enemies (Faer Grota and Son of Laz). I find that almost this entire area can be cleared quite easily with fire based Area of Effect. Chakrams, staves, or faeblades would do nicely. Here, you'll clear a few rooms of them and find some dead gnomes along the way who have keys for gates. Make sure you loot as you go because there will be plenty of chests and breakables around here. You'll eventually come to a hallway leading N that goes slightly up hill. There is a tripwire in front of it which will shoot arrows at you from the right side.

    Just after this will be another room of undead. Follow the tunnel and to the right you will find a small room. As you enter the room, there will be a lever on your right. Activate it to turn the incinerators on and then walk into the room to activate the enemies here. They'll walk over the incinerators and take massive damage. Finish them off, turn off the incinerators and then deactivate all of the traps. On the left side of the room will be a treasure chest. Return to the tunnel and proceed to the next room.

    More undead in here and then a big door. Open the door and in the next hallway will be a small room to your left. At the mouth of the room is a chest and then another in the room with a few Faer Grota. Continue down the hallways until you make it to Hugues. You will be assaulted by White Palm Assassins. You can use the same tactics you've been using for the first group but the second group will have marksmen so you'll have to watch out for them.

    Enemies in High Places

    Once you've killed the assassins, talk to Hugues. He will send you to Adessa to talk to Templar Jorielle. This will go less than well but that's the plan. Go downstairs and on your way out, you'll be stopped by her aide. Go outside and follow the Quest Marker to where Octienne is. He'll fly off in a fit of rage after a short conversation and you'll be attacked by his two guards. Kill them and then go up the hall and out the door to the balcony.


    This is a tough fight. The first part will take place on this funky walkway. Watch for the archer on the nearby building. One hit should take him out so do it. Hit Octienne a few times and he'll move far away. In the meantime he'll be casting frost spells at you. It's possible to interrupt him but not often. Keep hitting him and dodging the ice balls. When he finally moves, follow him to the end of the walkway.

    He'll be behind a magical barrier and you can't harm him. You'll have to fight a group of three assassins while he shoots fireballs at you. Thankfully these fireballs don't do much damage but they do stun you. My recommendation is to go to the SE corner of the platform because there is some scaffolding in the way that will protect you from his attacks allowing you to only fight the three assassins.

    Once they are dead, Octienne will retreat. We're going to use a little trick at this point to beat him. Stay on this platform. Eventually Octienne will come back towards you and ready a spell. Hit him with some kind of ability to knock him off balance (Just marking him with Mark of Flame was enough). This will cause him to retreat. Keep doing this until he stops coming. He will set up another shield. Go along this catwalk and there will be an archer on either side. Get rid of them and proceed to the large platform at the end.

    When you get there, you won't be able to retreat and you'll be attacked by four assassins this time. You also have no place to hide so I would recommend a Fate Shift at this point. Clear out the assassins and then pull the same trick on Octienne. Wait for him to come and cause him to teleport. Once he stops coming, go down this final path and watch for the two archers on the left. At the last platform, there will be more scaffolding on the right that you can use to protect yourself. Get behind it and then kill the assassins which will allow you to attack Octienne again. This part will go much like the first section. Knock him down and then finish him. Once he's down for good, jump down into the Forum.

    You'll talk to the Templar Jorielle again and then Hugues who will send you to Klurikon in search of Ventrinio. For now, it's better to take the Great General if you already haven't.

    the Great General

    Talk to Alyn who will tell you to meet her in Emaire. Make your way NE through the Wolds in N into the Forsaken Plain. On the W side of the Forsaken Plain will be the village you are looking for. Toward the N side of town should be the Inn. Go to the Inn and talk to Alyn Shir who is talking to a Fateweaver.

    She will tell you that the General Tilera is fated to be unsuccessful in trying to reclaim a relic. You need to go help her. From Emaire, head N and you'll come to the pass between the Forsaken Plain and the Cradle of Summer. The pass is actually a cave with a couple of bears in it. There will also be a lootable overturned cart to the right when you get to the bears. These bears are no different than any others so you shouldn't have much of a problem. Kill them and make your way into the Cradle.

    The Cradle should be no trouble. You will come across packs of wolves and spiders but that it about it. These shouldn't cause any problems for you. You may cross a wanderer named Lila Janick. Talk to her and she will give you a quest which can be finished rather easily along the way. On the way to General Tilera's camp, you will come to a waterfall to the W. If you follow the waterfall, you should come to a little nest with spiders in it. Kill the spiders and loot their cache before heading to the General's Camp. This completes the quest and it just needs to be turned in. The camp is just south of here, around a corner.

    Talk to the General and she will tell you that there are some windstones scattered around that may help open the gates. She will propose you test this theory on a windstone just S of here. Go hit the windstone and keep your eyes peeled because you are going to be attack by a Narasku immediately after. The individual shouldn't be a problem but he still pretty tough. Kill him and return to the general to find out there are four more stones to find.

    The stone NE of Mull Rane will have a couple of boggart near it and you should watch out for the various wildlife around here. There are quite a few difficult beasts and things so watch out that you don't attract them while you are dealing with the boggarts who are actually relatively simple. When you sound this chime, you'll be attacked by two Narasku

    The next stone is in Tala-Rane. Make your way to it and when you get close, you'll come across some Tuatha. If you're thinking, "Ohhh, they are paying no attention and this will be easy," then think again. Sneak attack on one and then fight the rest. After a minute, this group will be joined by a Juttun. After you kill all of these, you can hurry and use the stone. Run if you like or you'll have to fight another group of Tuatha Raiders and another Juttun.

    If you come across a man named Naihm in Tala-Rane, talk to him and take his quest because you can finish part of it on your way E to Kadrian. Go through the pass and kill the King Kobold there. You'll make your way past a camp with two quests. You can take both if you like since you'll be passing them on the way to the stone, do them if you like. When you ring the stone at the S end of Kandrian, you'll be attacked by Niskaru. When you kill them, you'll be attacked by two more. Kill them all and make your way N to the last Windstone in Galafor. There's not much here of note until you hit the Windstone.

    Niskaru Tyrant

    When you do, you'll be attacked by a Niskaru and a Niskaru Tyrant which is far worse than any Niskaru you've ever fought. In fact, I recommend that you run very far away because you might not be able to defeat him. If you want to try to kill him, he has a Fire Shot and a prolonged fire breath that both do big damage and burn damage after. He has a strange arm that can reach pretty far away and he has a rush attack that is incredibly fast and does decent damage. The charge can clear the distance between him and you in a split second and unless you are already dodging, you probably won't get out of the way in time. You definitely want to Fate Shift and use lightning attacks. Fire resistance would also make this a lot easier.

    Either way, when you are done, head back to the General to see what's changed. You will now be able to enter Urul-Tusk

    Urul-Tusk ---- I very highly recommend that you collect some electric weaponry and fire protection for this dungeon. Walk the path directly in front you and prepare for a group of three or so Niskaru. After you kill them, watch on the right for a path that leads to a small chest. Continue W until you come to a two floor room. To your left will be another small room with a chest. Go down the stairs to the right. There will be a small room to the N on the bottom floor with a Niskaru in it. Kill him and continue to the W.

    In the next room, you'll be attacked by two more Niskaru. There will be a pedestal up some stairs in here. Open it for some loot and then make your way S. You'll enter some tunnels with Giant Rats in them. They might be a little tougher than you remember. Kill this group and then there is another a little further along. The next room will be empty and exit to the E. You'll enter another two floor room. This room will have two Niskaru in it. There's plenty of room to back up and if you want, you can use the stairs and the jump off point to create a perpetual loop. Head N from here and prepare for the Boss.


    This is a pretty tough fight. You will have to fight two Niskaru on your own first. Then three more will appear and you will have to kill them too. The toughest part is how open this room is because it means they can attack from any direction as opposed to funneling them. However, you can use the hallways around the room for this or Area of Effect attacks like for the Chakrams. Once they are all dead, a Tyrant will spawn. Hopefully you haven't used your Fateshift yet. Use it on him or, if you can't, try and hit him from range. He'll use a lot of attacks including a charge but if you can keep the center platform between you it might provide some cover. Also of note, if you have the Blink Dodge ability then you can use it to do close up damage and then blink through him to the other side of him so he won't hit you But watch out for the tail. When you have killed him, Tilera will tell you it's time to set off for Rathir.

    Make sure you loot all the items in this room. I managed to get two unique items out of it plus some other pretty good loot. Exit the room to the E. When you get out, you'll be making your way to Rathir in the E.

    Breaking the Siege

    When you get to Rathir, make your way up to the upper city and talk to the King there. If you pass a persuasion check, you'll immediately persuade him to provide you with a boat. Make your way to the lower city to get to the boat.

    Get on the boat and when you land on the other side, talk to Commander Owaiglyn. He will tell you to gear up. Talk to him again when you are ready. You will start the battle up on the ramparts. Make your way to the S, towards the Quest Marker. You'll have to fight your way through a few Tuatha but that's nothing new. Keep going until you get to a room with two Tuatha Priests. Focus on one and kill him before going to the next. There are three chests in this room to loot in the corners of the room.

    When you go through the gate leading NE from this room, watch out for the traps. You'll pass a swinging axe and then at the top of the stairs, to the left is a spinning blade trap. For some reason, if you loot it, it deactivates the trap. Just beyond the next swinging axe trap are blades coming out of the floor at regular intervals on either side of the room. Pass by those and then you'll come to a hallway with spinning blade traps on either side of the hall.

    You'll pass onto a balcony. Two siege ladders will come up and Tuatha will flood the area. Thankfully, you'll have Alyn Shir who is much more useful in this battle. Get rid of the Tuatha and knock down their ladders by breaking the supports. Talk to Alyn Shir and then head towards the other door to the balcony. You'll be greeted by a worried Scout. Go through the door and down the stairs. To the right will be a couple of chests. Loot them and then head into the tunnel to the SW. There is a lone guard here and you need to take him out quietly. Make your way down the tunnel and at the end you need to take out the Tuatha either quickly or quietly. It's ok if you fail; you aren't actually penalized for it.

    After you save or don't save the prisoners, you'll come to another balcony area that is exactly the same as the previous one except instead of having Alyn Shir with you, you have a group of nameless soldiers. Clear this balcony as well and then go to the next room. This room has numerous chests and a blacksmith's station. Take the time to loot and prepare if you need to. When you are ready, take the double doors to the Ramparts.

    You'll be outside and there will be a Tuatha Priest and two Soldiers (with Faeblades, which makes them much tougher). Jump right into the fight because your allies won't last long and when they are gone, you'll have to fight them without any damage sponges. Once they are dead, run along the ramparts until a scene occurs. 0169FyusfnfQipcjb


    This fight against the Witch Knight is a real pain. He hits hard and won't be stunned by your attacks. He also casts the tornado spell, has a lunge attack and a quake attack. The Quake attack ends with him teleporting to a tower in the distance while Balor comes over for a shot at you. When this happens, Tilera will create a shield bubble that you need to get into. If you don't you'll take significant damage (On hard, you'll outright die). It is possible to take the Witch Knight down before he has a chance to teleport away but to do so you need to have a very aggressive Fate Shift and a good amount of luck. If you do, though, you'll be happier for it. Remember to keep chugging your potions.

    When the battle is over, you'll run into Agarth. He'll send you along your way to go fight Balor. You will actually visit quite a few rooms of similar style to the ones you were just in. In the first room, you'll encounter a soldier and a Priest (and Agarth). The next room will have a soldier on the bottom floor and two archers up stairs that will leave you alone if you kill the soldier in the corner of the room. Then you come to a balcony with three archers but they are shooting at Balor. Sneak up on them and kill them from behind. After that, you'll come to a room with two Tuatha and an ally.

    The room after that has two Tuatha and a Prismere Troll. It isn't a particularly hard fight once you kill the Tuatha but watching out for both attack styles can be tough. In the room immediately after the troll will be some guards. Talk to Captain Mys and choose "Balor." Then you will get a new option called "Join Me." Choose this and then you will get a persuasion opportunity. Pass that and he'll surely die. Anyway, lead him up the stairs and wait for the Balor to swing his beam from you to the far side and follow the beam about half way to the giant rock in the middle. Hide behind it and let him sweep his gaze. Wait for it to travel over you in the opposite direction and then make the run for the doorway. Just because you are inside doesn't mean that you are safe so keep moving.

    Just beyond the Balor will be a room with two Tuatha Zealots with Faeblades. Kill the two of them and in the room beyond, you will see a priest. He will summon a Niskaru Tyrant so kill him quickly so you only have to deal with the tyrant. Watch out though because you're in a tight space. Fate Shift, use electricity and kill him quickly. If that wasn't enough, it's time for a boss fight. Head back out to the Ramparts.

    Balor Round 2

    Balor is actually an easier fight than you'd think. When he starts out, he'll likely make his swipe attack. He'll pull one arm way back and then swipe with it. To avoid this, dodge all the way to the back edge of the platform. If he opens his eye, you want to dodge to the very front of the platform so that you're too close to hit. He also has a roar attack that will push you back and does a small amount of damage. You can't avoid it but you can block it. The last two attacks are attacks where he stabs downward at you with one or both of his claws. When he uses just one claw, it will always land in the same spot either slightly left or right of center depending on the arm. When he uses both claws, he will adjust his aim and you'll likely end up between them. Try to make sure that's the case. When he does either of these attacks, let rip on his arms. Remember that technically he's a Niskaru so use lightning, not fire. If you do enough damage, you'll stun him and he'll fall on the platform allowing you to hit his face. Deal as much damage as possible. When he gets back up, play defense again. You can try hitting his arms with ranged attacks if you'd like but it's probably only about a 50-50 chance of hitting because his arms sway so much. Anyway, when you've manage to bring him down his finisher will require a few button presses. The first two presses are just timed rather than something you repeat but then at the end you'll have to repeat a certain button for your XP bonus.

    Kill him and then talk to Commander Omaiglyn to start Silence Falls.

    Silence Falls

    Once outside the city, you'll meet the former Prince of the Winter Court, Cydan. He will ask you to join him at Foes' Hearth E of here. Head that way and be careful of the monsters around here. They are much tougher than most enemies you've been fighting recently.

    When you get close, you'll be stopped by Bisarane of the House of Sorrows. This will start another faction quest. This is unavoidable. Make your way into the Foes' Hearth and talk with him. Agarth will be in there too so chat with him as well if you like. You'll be asked to destroy some more of Gadflow's magic mirrors. Start with the mirror in the Keening. When you get there, you'll find a group of six or so Tuatha. They aren't really too much of a threat but watch out for the Fae Blades. You can actually just crush the three red crystals around the mirror to destroy it and leave if you like but you'll miss a chat with Gadflow.

    The next mirror is in the Drowned Forest to the W. When you get to the pass that leads there, you'll be "ambushed" by a couple of Niskaru. By ambushed I mean they will appear suddenly but they won't notice you. Kill them and continue through the pass. About half way through, you'll be ambushed again by a Niskaru and Tyrant pair. I recommend Fate Shifting for this if you can. The speed of the regular Niskaru and the strength of the Tyrant make them a deadly pair. Kill them and as you exit the pass you'll come to another Niskaru pair. Kill them too.

    To the S will be the second Chantry. Go there and just do what you did last time. Clean them all up and make your way to the last Chantry NW of here. Getting there is pretty uneventful but there will be a couple of Tuatha Priests when you get there this time. Kill them all and talk to Gadflow one last time. Fast travel back to the Foes' Hearth and talk to Cydan again.

    Echoes of the Past

    You will have to travel a little ways to the S so hopefully you hit a point of interest while you moving around down there. Make your way to the S and over to the Quest Marker to the W. When you get there, talk to Alyn Shir and then step into the giant shadow. This will teleport you to his island.

    When you get there, you'll encounter a lot of Son of Laz enemies. Remember fire and AoE attacks work well on them. Make your way to his castle and when you get inside, you'll encounter even more of these things. Kill them and make your way up stairs. You'll find some Faer Grota now too. Kill them and make your way across the upper level until Alyn Shir parts ways with you. It's a rather linear trip up to the top with no real resistance. There is a tripwire trap in a doorway a little further on but you won't encounter a real fight until you come to a large, round room drenched in green. Here you'll fight some Faer Grota and Ancient Leanashe.

    After you are done with them, continue climbing and you'll get to Ventrinio. Talk to him and you'll be attacked by more Laz and Leanashe. Kill the first wave and then when the second wave appears and things get a bit crazy, feel free to Fate Shift. Kill everything and you will be sucked out of the tower as it collapses. Talk to Ventrinio to figure out what's going on, and then head back to the mainland.

    Pride Before a Fall

    Make your to the SE corner of the Caeled Coast and talk to Agarth. After a short chat, Alyn Shir and Ventrinio will appear. You will gain a gift from Ventrinio that will protect you from Dren. You should save because you'll get two Persuasion checks here. Talk to him and you'll get your first persuasion chance early on.


    After that, you will fight him but neither of you will take damage. Don't turn off safety mode to try to hurt him because you will incur a bounty for assault despite causing no damage.

    After you fight for a moment, he'll talk to you again and you'll get your second persuasion opportunity. Immediately after, a fight will start so put some distance between the two of you. This time, it's for real. He can be aggressive with his sword and has a few spells but his melee combat is far worse than his magic. Keep your distance and play ranged, you shouldn't have a problem. Just watch out for when he teleports because he may end up behind you.

    Honestly, I found avoiding his first attack to be the toughest part of the fight.

    After you defeat him, Agarth will approach you and tell you to get into the House of Pride to remove the Tuatha there. You will have three allies but they can die. The first room isn't too difficult and is almost all soldiers. Take out the soldiers here and then make your way to the hallway to the NE. There will be a few guards patrolling this hallway and you should see if you can get them to come to you rather than chasing after them because there are a lot of Tuatha in that room including three Priests. It is definitely doable but it's going to cost you a lot of potions.

    The next room will have a Bolgar and three Tuatha in it. One of the Tuatha will be an Overlord Priest but he operates just like any other priest. The soldiers shouldn't pose a threat but the Bolgar will have a shield and the Priest will be hurling spells. Moving around a LOT is important in this room. Stay out of reach of the Bolgar and the Priest and use ranged attacks when you can.

    You'll enter a corner room and there will be on warded chest in this room. Head out of the room to the SW and you will meet a Knave of Pride. He will ask you to kill the Witch Knight Myrna. Make your way past him and you'll run right into here.


    Myrna is not a particularly difficult fight but you need to watch out. She has an attack that could kill me in a single hit (not sure what it was) and an Ice Mist that drains your health rather rapidly but isn't entirely obvious, particularly in the strange coloration of Fate Shift. However, most attacks will stun her so I would try to find something suitably fast that kept the stun on her. If you DO Fate Shift, watch for that Ice Mist and you should have no problem taking her out in that one Shift. She'll summon a Faer Grota but it isn't particularly important to this fight. Just make sure it doesn't sneak up on you and you should be fine.

    After the fight, destroy the Chantry, loot the chest in the N offshoot of the round room and talk to the Knave again to finish this quest.

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