How to solve the riddle from the book of the dead?

  1. How do i solve it

    User Info: Keaze_

    Keaze_ - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    First of all crank up your gamma for this part, to see everything clearly.
    Start by navigating the moving platforms with the thin purple pillars of light. Shoot an arrow on the purple lights above (the bells) to navigate.
    There will be a pathway to the right. Grab the key from the chest.
    Back in the central room, take the path that would have been to left, from your original starting position. There will be a dead body on the floor. Put it on fire. An exploding arrow might do the trick. I think caddoc is supposed to step on the pressure plate while elara puts her arrow on fire but i couldnt get him to. It's either a bug or the pressure plate lighting the fire is there for no reason. Grab the ashes.
    Go back to the beginning platform. Use the key on the door. Have caddoc step on the pressure plate while you grab the other ashes.
    Redeem the ashes at the book.

    User Info: Keaze_

    Keaze_ - 6 years ago

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