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"Beat Hazard Ultra"

Now for an indie game that just uses music and bright lights to get a 9 sounds strange even to me especially since I can't base it on graphics/gameplay/sound ect. because this isn't that kinda game. If you want to good look just check out youtube, if you want to know why I give this game such a good score continue reading.

Originally just Beat Hazard, the game's objective is simple. You browse through music on your computer, pick a track, and that song becomes the level. Along the way your score increases your rank allowing upgrades like more score multipliers and earlier powerups but overall the game was just running in circles around bosses and dodging through microscopic gaps between enemy ships and bullets. You had normal, hardcore, insane, with suicidal being added later (where failure IS an option), and a survivor mode that plays your line up of music until you die. I had invested a good 30+ hours into the game, and kinda drifted off but always cranking it up when I got bored and wanted to listen to some music. Not to mention the game has it's own soundtrack so even if you don't have any CDs you still have something to listen to.

Over time I happened to see it being updated, a few things here and there, on Steam which I figured was minor bug updates or something. So it was to my surprise after reloading steam that I see an advertisement for Beat Hazard Ultra (a $5 addon) that drops in new bosses, enemies, powerups, and music tracks with a whole new perk system. Enemies are much more varied, with ships that try to push and pull you into harms way, and bosses with upgraded laser cannons that don't fall for the same circle around tactic as often, planting a line of death in anticipation of where you are headed. Strange new tentacle like bosses that roll up into an impenetrable ball if you get too close and deliver generous amounts of firepower when you aren't expecting it. All they while your favorite music is blasting in the background with a light show that almost gave my dog a seizure.

With these features there is a level up system where as you progress in rank you can unlock perks, then to a perk menu where you can purchase/upgrade with cash found during battles. While you can only have a certain amount active at a time, if a song is giving you a tough time you can configure what ones you want activated to help out, or get some score multiplier perks to beat your old high-score. With all these new additions there is one thing I forgot to mention, this game has co-op and head to head so you can invite your friends to chill out, as well as a list of everybody's rank including yourself so you can see where you fair at.

So there you have it, now as I pick a score for this game, next to it is a description of what the number means.

9 /10 Outstanding -very enjoyable and engrossing, almost perfect.

In my honest opinion this game is very enjoyable and engrossing, along with the dedication the people who made this game are putting into it I have to even say it is almost perfect. So if you have a few CDs on your computer you like to listen to, or just want to work on the in-game tracks, then I highly recommend this game to anyone who wants just to have some simple old-school fun and relax to good music.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/17/11

Game Release: Beat Hazard (US, 04/15/10)

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