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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jeppo99

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                      |SAM & MAX SEASON 3: THE DEVIL'S PLAYHOUSE|
                      | Episode Three: They Stole Max's Brain!  |
    o----------------------------FAQ/Walkthrough v1.00----------------------------o
    o-------------------------------Made By Jeppo99-------------------------------o
    o--------------------------Last updated: 28/06/2010---------------------------o
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     -Act 1......................[#10]
     -Act 2......................[#20]
     -Act 3......................[#30]
     -Act 4......................[#40]
    List of Trophies..........[PS3TPY] (Spoiler level: High)
    Version History...........[TVHOTG]
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    'Ello! Thank you for reading this guide! The first thing that should be
    mentioned is that this guide is geared towards the PlayStation 3 version of the
    game. This is because the main body includes trophies that will probably won't
    be of interest to PC users. If you are a PC user, then I suggest that you
    either look at dark52's walkthrough (also hosted by GameFAQs) or find the
    official walkthrough on Telltale Games's website.
    This walkthrough is written for PS3 users who have completed, or at least done
    a large portion of, the previous two episodes of the season. Therefore I expect
    that you pretty much know how this game works, so I haven't included a Hints &
    Tips section in this particular guide. If you want to find some hints and tips,
    take a look on my walkthrough on the Tomb of Sammun-Mak, also hosted by
    GameFAQs. The Hard Bits section is still here, so if you are clueless on how to
    beat a certain part of the game, chances are it's found there.
    The main body of this guide is the walkthrough, and what sets it apart from all
    the other walkthroughs, including the one on Telltale Games' website, is that
    if you follow it word-for-word, you will obtain all ten trophies the game has
    to offer. This is true for all the other walkthroughs I have written in this
    season. If you are looking for just one trophy in particular, just take a look
    at the List of Trophies section.
    Note that in all the walkthroughs I write, I try to keep spoilers to an
    absolute minimum. However as I want to make my guides as detailed as possible
    to prevent anyone getting lost or confused some spoilers are inevitable, so I
    apologise in advance. Therefore what I suggest you do is only read as much of
    this guide as you need to avoid disappointment.
    In this section I list some of the hardest puzzles in the game and also how to
    beat them. If you are stuck on something in particular, chances are it is one
    of these nasties. All questions are answered with minimal spoilers.
    For help on trophies, refer to the "List of Trophies" section.
    Act 1
    Q: Can you give me some tips on interrogating the witnesses?
    A: Flint Paper's tips are pretty good for starters. Choosing the same option
       may get a different reaction when chosen at different points of the
       conversation. Also take note that an option that has been chosen before at
       the same point of the conversation will be greyed out, so you don't have to
       reselect it. Also take note of the following choices:
       "You're lying!": Use when the witness has told you something and you know it
       is a lie. You need proof from the other witnesses to back your story up.
       "Tell me more!": This is your 'interrupt with a question' choice. If the
       witness says something that doesn't make sense, choose this option.
       "Threaten": Choose this option when your witness is withholding information
       and not co-operating with you and Sam will pull out his gun.
       "Noir": Choose this option if your witness is under any false allusions.
       This should knock them back a bit.
       "Hurry up!": This forces the witness to continue with the next part of their
       account. Not selecting any option has the same effect.
       "Leave": If you are not getting anywhere, or you got the information you
       need from the witness, choosing this option will cause Sam to finish
       interrogating and find another suspect.
       "Again!": This appears at the end of the witness's account, and forces them
       to state their account from the beginning. This is your 'try again' option.
    Act 2
    Q: How do you break the alliance between the two villains?
    A: If you get Max to talk to the two villains, you'll find some clues. You need
       to burn down the tapestry of Yog-Soggoth and get Sal the security guard
       assaulted by the minion guarding the door. Getting Max's body moving also
       helps. All it needs is a brain, and not necessarily Max's...
    Q: How do I burn down the tapestry?
    A: Have the Pharaoh use the Rhinoplasty on the picture of the Hindenburg on the
       upper floor of the lobby and then transform into it. When the zeppelin gets
       close to the tapestry, shoot it down.
    Q: My Future vision goggles shows Sal poking the minion in the eyes. How do I
       get him to do it?
    A: First swap Sal's headset with the tour headset found near the information
       desk, then have the Pharaoh use the Rhinoplasty on the map in the office.
       Transform into the miniature city and then talk to the minion in the lobby.
       Finally activate the tour controller and choose option 4 and then option 9,
       in that order.
    Q: But what about the skull and the pyramid? Aren't they useful?
    A: Actually no. They're red herrings. You should still transform into them to
       get the Rhinoplastastic trophy. But other than that, they're useless.
    Act 3
    Q: How do I get Frankie the Rat bet with the Pendant of Inquisition?
    A: You have to stop his source of money. Have Max transform into a credit card
       via the advertisement from the Straight and Narrow, then have him desecrate
       the corn dog pyramid in the museum. Sammun-Mak will then purge all the
       credit cards, leaving Frankie no choice but to bet with the pendant.
    Q: I keep losing the bet with the rats...
    A: Use your future vision goggles on the rats. From what they say you can work
       out what move Skun-ka'pe will use next. Consult the main walkthrough if you
       are still stuck.
    Q: How do I get Grandpa Stinky arrested?
    A: Rule number one of Sam & Max gaming: If Grandpa Stinky is nearby, you always
       have to get him into some sort of trouble. Have Max transform into a storm
       cloud by using the Rhinoplasty on the big news at the gift vault, then talk
       to Grandpa Stinky and choose "Kneel".
    Q: Sal won't let me put the toaster in the gift vault...
    A: That's because there are too many toasters in the world. You have to purge
       them out, then offer it to Sal. First get Max to desecrate the corn dog
       pyramid in the museum as a toaster, then use the console and get Sammun-Mak
       to like toasters again. Now present Sal with the toaster again.
    Act 4
    Q: How do I defeat my first opponent in the pit of contrition?
    A: First switch to Max and use the Future Vision goggles on your opponent, then
       switch back to Sam. You have to use a various amount of taunts to knock your
       opponent off-guard. Use "Age Taunt", "Mole Man Taunt" and "Getting Dumped
       Taunt" in that order. Then choose "Attack" and finally "Finish him!".
    Okey-dokey! Here it is! The full walkthrough of Sam & Max Season 3 Episode 3.
    If you follow this guide word-by-word you should finish the game with all the
    o------------------------------------Act 1------------------------------[#10]-o
    |Objective(s)                 | This first act is possibly my favourite of the
    |_|Ascertain the location of  | season so far. The whole section of this first
    |  Max's Brain                | act of the episode involves interrogating
    o-----------------------------o witnesses to find out who took Max's brain and
    where to. And when I say "interrogating" I mean shouting, slapping, threatening
    and depressing them.
    Your first victims, I mean witnesses are the mole cultists. Listen to Flint
    Paper's advice and you have the option of choosing any one of the responses
    available or wait for them to move to the next part of the story. It doesn't
    matter what you do here. Flint will then give you another piece of advice: the
    time when you interrupt them with a response is important. When the cultists
    are telling Sam that they don't remember anything else, choose "You're Lying!"
    to move the story forward. If you miss the chance or choose something else,
    choose "Again" to force the cultists to start again from the beginning.
    Before continuing, allow me to tell you about one of the trophies that you'll
    hopefully receive in this first act. The "Bad Cop/Sad Cop" trophy requires you
    to use the "Threaten" and "Noir" responses on all the witnesses. The Cultists
    aren't counted, so you only have to use these responses on the other three
    witnesses. This guide will tell you when to use them.
    You'll meet a sign spinning gorilla on the way. Choose "Threaten" on the first
    choice for the "Bad Cop/Sad Cop" trophy, then listen through the second choice.
    In the third choice, the gorilla mentions a rat. Choose "What Rat!?" and Sam
    will receive directions to your next witness.
    Once Sam tracks down Frankie the Rat, he'll mention a tourist straight off the
    the bat. Choose "Directions Where!?" and Frankie will tell him where he is.
    Sam will hear what he needs from the tourist before you even have a chance to
    choose anything, so choose "Threaten" and "Noir" for your first two choices for
    the "Bad Cop/Sad Cop" trophy, and listen to the tourist all the way to the end
    of the story. Choose "Leave" at the end. Now you get to choose which witness
    you want to go back to. Choose Frankie the Rat.
    Now that you know that Frankie is lying about giving the tourist directions to
    the museum district, tell him "You're Lying!" as soon as you are able to.
    Frankie refuses to tell you the whole story, so "Threaten" him. Now that he is
    co-operative, first get "Noir" out of the way for the "Bad Cop/Sad Cop" trophy,
    then during the second part when Frankie mentions the 'other gorilla', choose
    "Tell me more!". Finally in the third part when he mentions that the tourist
    got a souvenir, choose "Tell me more!" again. You've picked up the information
    you need from Frankie, so choose to "Leave" and go back to the sign spinner.
    When the gorilla tells Sam that he hasn't seen Skun-ka'pe, choose "You're
    Lying!". Listen through the second and third parts of the story and then when
    Sam, err, "asks" for the Rhinoplasty, choose "Noir" straight after. You will
    obtain the Rhinoplasty and a trophy for Threatening and "Noir"'ing everybody.
    Now go back to the Dark Alley.
                       |T   R   O   P   H   Y    G   E   T   !|
                       |Bronze|        Bad Cop/Sad Cop        |
                       |Threaten and "Noir" everyone you meet |
                       |        on the street in Act 1        |
    When you reach the tourist, listen through the first and second parts of his
    story, then when he mentions he left empty-handed, choose "You're Lying!".
    You'll obtain another clue, and you'll finally find the building where Max's
    brain is and you'll get a trophy for completing the first act.
                       |T   R   O   P   H   Y    G   E   T   !|
                       |Silver|      Pound the Pavement       |
                       |  Tracked Max's brain-thieves to the  |
                       |                Museum                |
    o------------------------------------Act 2------------------------------[#20]-o
    |Objective(s)                 | After that fun act is over, you'll assume 
    |_|Find Max's Brain           | normal control over Sam. Walk towards the door
    |_|Find a way to get Max's    | where the flashing lights are coming out of,
    |_ body moving                | which is the door to the planetarium. You'll
    |_|Burn down the tapestry of  | find Max and two familiar looking foes.
    |_ Yog-Soggoth                |
    |_|Get Sal assaulted by a     | After the scene Max can talk to Skun-ka'pe and
    |  gorilla                    | Papierwaite. To break this alliance you'll need
    o-----------------------------o to annoy them, and talking to these villains
    will give you clues on how Sam can do just that. I've done the hard work for
    you and listed them in the objectives box, because I'm such a nice guy.
    After speaking to everyone, return to Sam, who is in a bit of a pickle. Walk
    downstairs and you'll encounter Sal, who doesn't take too kindly to the
    lifeless rabbit body on the floor. Best get it moving. Make your way to the
    Egypt exhibit, which is to the left of the entrance to the planetarium. Near
    the entrance you'll find a brain urn. Reach into it and you'll obtain a
    Pharaoh's brain (eww). Go back to the main lobby and place the brain in Max's
    body. It's allllliiiiivvvveeeeee!!!!
    Now let's get some trophies out of the way. In the bottom-right corner of the
    lobby, to the right of the gorilla guarding the entrance, is an information
    desk. Pick up the tour headset nearby. Now delve into your inventory and
    activate the tour controller. Select all buttons from 1 through 12. You don't
    actually have to follow its directions, just listen to all of them. Once you've
    done this, you'll receive a trophy.
                       |T   R   O   P   H   Y    G   E   T   !|
                       |Bronze|        The Grand Tour         |
                       |    Explore the museum completely     |
    Let's also start a few other trophies. On the other side of the information
    desk you will see a white courtesy phone. Examine it and the Pharaoh will
    memorise the numbers within it. Before you teleport anywhere, make your way up
    the stairs towards the exhibit sign saying 'coming soon a brief history of bad
    ideas in transportation' and you'll notice a picture of the Hindenburg next to
    it. Now enter the Pharaoh's brain, who coincidentally also has psychic powers.
    Access the Rhinoplasty power and use it on the Hindenburg picture. Don't
    transform into the Hindenburg just yet, instead just keep the image on the
    Rhinoplasty and access the teleportation power. Teleport to the Upper Level,
    then the Info Desk, and then the Egypt Exhibit.
    Whilst in the Egypt Exhibit, activate the Rhinoplasty and transform into the
    Hindenburg. After you've done this, turn back into a rabbit and choose the
    Rhinoplasty again. This time use it on the picture of the pyramid. Transform
    into a pyramid, then leave the Exhibit. Back in the lobby, next to Sal, is a
    picture of a skull. Use the Rhinoplasty on this and transform into the skull.
    All this will help you get the "Blimp's Eye View", "Drop a Dime" and
    "Rhinoplastastic" trophies.
    Go back to the Hindenburg picture and use the Rhinoplasty on it again.
    Transform into the Hindenburg in this room. Make your way towards the tapestry
    of Yog-Soggoth to the right of the room. When the Zeppelin Pharaoh comes into
    view in front of the tapestry, shoot it with Sam's gun. This should heat up the
    tension between Skun-ka'pe and Papierwaite.
    You get to control Max's brain again, and you can talk to the villains if you
    wish, but you really don't have to. When you are ready, return to Sam. Go into
    the Pharaoh's mind and teleport to the Office, which is the one remaining
    location you haven't visited yet. A trophy and a cut scene awaits your arrival.
                       |T   R   O   P   H   Y    G   E   T   !|
                       |Bronze|          Drop a Dime          |
                       |Teleport to every phone in the museum |
    Enter the Pharaoh's brain and access the Rhinoplasty. You should still have the
    Hindenburg picture embedded in the Rhinoplasty so transform into the Hindenburg
    and another trophy awaits you.
                       |T   R   O   P   H   Y    G   E   T   !|
                       |Bronze|       Blimp's Eye View        |
                       |Turn into the Hindenburg in every room|
                       |   and get a bird's eye view of the   |
                       |             environment              |
    Transform back into rabbit form and then use the Rhinoplasty on the map of the
    city on Papierwaite's desk. Teleport yourself back to the info desk.
    Go to Sal and use the tour headset with him. Delve into the Pharaoh's brain
    again and transform into the miniature city. Talk to the Minion guarding the
    front and he will try to shoot the city. Activate the tour controller and you
    get to control where Sal goes. Choose option number four and Sal will walk
    towards the Pharaoh and the Minion. Now choose option number nine and watch
    hilarity ensue. Act complete!
                       |T   R   O   P   H   Y    G   E   T   !|
                       |Silver|           Saboteur!           |
                       |Foiled an evil alliance and recovered |
                       |             Max's brain              |
    o------------------------------------Act 3------------------------------[#30]-o
    |Objective(s)                 | After the scene ends, walk towards the DeSoto
    |_|Find the rebels            | to the left of the area. You are asked to find
    |_|Obtain the Pendant of      | rebels with a backhanded salute. You could go
    |_ Inquisition                | around the city asking people to do their
    |_|Obtain the Medallion of    | salute, but it would probably be quicker for me
    |_ Tithing                    | to tell you where to find them straight off.
    |_|Obtain the Ornament of     | They are the mole cultists in the Cavern of the
    |_ Fealty                     | Box, which you can get to by jumping down the
    |_|Bring the brain screw to   | manhole from the Straight & Narrow. Talk to the
    |  Sammun-Mak                 | Cultists and choose "Salute". You'll meet a
    o-----------------------------o familiar (though somewhat aged) face and you'll
    obtain the brain screw and Max will get his psychic toys back.
    In case you don't get what you have to do, you have to bring the brain screw
    to Sammun-Mak, however to get close to him you need to obtain three
    accessories: the Medallion of Tithing, the Pendant of Inquisition and the
    Ornament of Fealty. Let's get the hard one out of the way first and get hold of
    the Pendant of Inquisition.
    Make your way back outside to the Straight & Narrow. To the left of Stinkys'
    Bar you'll see an advertisement of the Meesta Card. Get Max to use the
    Rhinoplasty on the advertisement and then transform into the credit card. Enter
    the DeSoto and choose to go to the museum.
    In the museum walk towards the pyramid of corn dogs to the left of the room and
    Credit Card Max should ruin it. Now that all credit cards are to be purged,
    leave the museum and head to Frankie the Rat.
    This is where is gets difficult for FAQ/Walkthrough writers like me, because
    the next bit is different for each playthrough. The rats you see like betting
    on what move General Skun-ka'pe will use to defeat the mole men on the nearby
    radio. You have to bet on which move General Skun-ka'pe will use, which is
    different in every game. Using the future vision goggles on the radio won't
    work, as it cuts off just before the radio commentator mentions the move, but
    you can use the future vision goggles on the rats and they will give you clues
    on what move Skun-ka'pe uses in the near future.
    The first rat will tell you whether Skun-ka'pe used his hands or not. If he
    used his hands, the move will be either the Space Ape Kidney Punch, Simian
    Sucker Punch or the Gorilla Girly Slap. If he didn't use his hands, the move
    will be either the Great Ape Leg Sweep, Simian Scissor Kick or the Gorilla
    Thigh Squeeze. The second rat will tell you which type of move Skun-ka'pe
    didn't use: an Ape move, Simian move or Gorilla move. There are only two moves
    of each type and therefore should rule out another move. Finally Frankie will
    tell you which move he didn't use, which should leave one move remaining. Use
    the clues given by these three rats to work out what move Skun-ka'pe will use
    in the future.
    Once you've figured out what move he'll use, talk to the rats and choose "Place
    a bet", then choose the move that you've worked out Skun-ka'pe will use. If you
    win you should obtain the Pendant of Inquisition. Before you leave, use Max's
    Rhinoplasty on the toaster advertisement in the window and then transform into
    the toaster.
    Head back to the museum and approach the corn dog pyramid again so that Sammun-
    Mak will banish them. Now make your way to the other side of the planetarium
    and approach the console. Press the green toaster button. Go back to Max and
    transform into the toaster again and leave the museum.
    Head to the Gift Vault. You'll find the sign spinning gorilla and Sal here.
    Talk to Sal and choose "Gift" and then "Toaster". Since Max is the only
    remaining toaster in the world, you will obtain the medallion of Tithing.
    Before you go, use the Rhinoplasty with the big news to the left of the area,
    then transform into the storm cloud. Now that you have turned into every object
    in the game, you'll receive a trophy.
                       |T   R   O   P   H   Y    G   E   T   !|
                       |Silver|        Rhinoplastastic        |
                       |  Turned into every possible object   |
    Now to get another trophy. Head back to the museum and approach the corn dog
    pyramid again and Sammun-Mak will banish storm clouds! Oh the hilarity! Trophy
                       |T   R   O   P   H   Y    G   E   T   !|
                       |Bronze|        Tweenage Angst         |
                       | Have Sammunmak banish every possible |
                       |           object in Act 3            |
    There actually lies a purpose to the storm cloud aside from trophies. Head to
    the Straight & Narrow and get Max to transform into the storm cloud again. talk
    to Grandpa Stinky and choose "Kneel". You'll obtain the last accessory of
    privilege, the Ornament of Fealty.
    All that is left to do for this Act is to head back to the museum. Go past the
    console and Papierwaite will finally let you in Sammun-Mak's inner circle.
    Approach Sammun-Mak and use the brain screw on him to wrap up the act.
                       |T   R   O   P   H   Y    G   E   T   !|
                       |Silver|      All Hail Sammun-Mak      |
                       |   Infiltrated the boy-king's inner   |
                       |                circle                |
    o------------------------------------Act 4------------------------------[#40]-o
    |Objective(s)                 | During the fight with Skun-ka'pe, first choose
    |_|Defeat General Skun-ka'pe  | "Max" to switch to Max. Use the future vision
    |_|Lobotomise Sammun-Mak      | goggles on Skun-ka'pe, then switch back to Sam.
    o-----------------------------o Now choose "Taunt" and then "Age Taunt" to
    temporarily distract Sammun-Mak. Next choose "Taunt" again and then choose
    "Mole Man Taunt" to rile up the mole men. Now choose "Taunt" again and then
    "Getting Dumped Taunt". Now that the gorilla can't see, choose "Attack". You
    don't have any other choice but to "Finish him!".
    Now you are facing Sammun-Mak himself! Since Sam won't fight Sammun-Mak, you
    have to get Max to help you. Choose "Max" to switch to Max. Choose "Kneel" and
    then "Salute" in that order and you complete Act 4!
                       |T   R   O   P   H   Y    G   E   T   !|
                       | Gold |Reunited (And it Feels So Good)|
                       | Lobotomized the Pharaoh and got Max  |
                       |              his brain               |
    Congratulations! You've completed the third episode of Sam & Max Season 3 and
    obtained all of the trophies in the meantime! The next episode is "Beyond the
    Alley of the Dolls". Look out for my FAQ/Walkthrough on that instalment, if it
    is not already out yet!
    In this section I will list all the trophies obtainable in this episode, and a
    description on how to get each and every one of them. Note that this section
    will contain spoilers, so I strongly suggest that you beat the game before
    peeking in this section. You have been warned! Also, this section may or may
    not interest the guys playing the PC version of the game, since you don't have
    o-----------------------------Pound the Pavement------------------------------o
    Colour: Silver
    Act(s): 1
    Description: Tracked Max's brain-thieves to the Museum
    How to get: To get this trophy, complete the first act.
    Colour: Silver
    Act(s): 2
    Description: Foiled an evil alliance and recovered Max's brain
    How to get: To get this trophy, complete the second act.
    o-----------------------------All Hail Sammun-Mak-----------------------------o
    Colour: Silver
    Act(s): 3
    Description: Infiltrated the boy-king's inner circle
    How to get: To get this trophy, complete the third act.
    o-----------------------Reunited (And it Feels So Good)-----------------------o
    Colour: Gold
    Act(s): 4
    Description: Lobotomized the Pharaoh and got Max his brain
    How to get: To get this trophy, complete the fourth act.
    o-------------------------------Bad Cop/Sad Cop-------------------------------o
    Colour: Bronze
    Act(s): 1
    Description: Threaten and "Noir" everyone you meet on the street in Act 1
    How to get: For every person you meet on the street, you have to choose
     "Threaten" and "Noir" at least once on all of them in a single playthrough.
     The cultists don't count, as you don't meet them on the street. Remember you
     have to use "Noir" on the Sign Spinner and "Threaten" on Frankie to further
     the story anyway.
    o-------------------------------The Grand Tour--------------------------------o
    Colour: Bronze
    Act(s): 2
    Description: Explore the museum completely
    How to get: In Act 2, pick up the headset from near the information desk and
     activate the tour controller. Now select and hear all voice clips from 1
     through 12.
    o------------------------------Blimp's Eye View-------------------------------o
    Colour: Bronze
    Act(s): 2
    Description: Turn into the Hindenburg in every room and get a bird's eye view
     of the environment
    How to get: Use the Rhinoplasty on the Hindenburg picture and transform into
     the Hindenburg in every room possible in the museum. There are three locations
     in total: The lobby, the Egypt Exhibit and the Office. This must be done in a
     single playthrough.
    o-------------------------------Tweenage Angst--------------------------------o
    Colour: Bronze
    Act(s): 3
    Description: Have Sammunmak [sic] banish every possible object in Act 3
    How to get: To have Sammun-Mak banish an object, get Max to transform into the
     object via the Rhinoplasty and have him desecrate the pyramid of corn dogs in
     the museum. Two of them are items you have to banish to further the story (the
     toaster and the credit card). The other object is the storm cloud so remember
     to get Sammun-Mak to banish that too. All three must be done on a single
    o---------------------------------Drop a Dime---------------------------------o
    Colour: Bronze
    Act(s): 2
    Description: Teleport to every phone in the museum
    How to get: There are only four possible phone locations and all of these are
     obtained as soon as you examine any courtesy phone. I suggest you do this
     trophy as soon as you are able to. All four must be done in a single
    Colour: Silver
    Act(s): 2 & 3
    Description: Turned into every possible object
    How to get: You need to transform into most of these objects anyway to complete
     the game. Below is a checklist. Items that need to be transformed into to
     advance the story are marked with an asterisk. They all must be done in a
     single playthrough.
    |_|Hindenburg (Act 2, Museum Lobby) (*)
    |_|Skull (Act 2, Museum Lobby)
    |_|Pyramid (Act 2, Egypt Exhibit)
    |_|Miniature City (Act 2, Office) (*)
    |_|Credit Card (Act 3, Straight & Narrow) (*)
    |_|Toaster (Act 3, Frankie) (*)
    |_|Storm Cloud (Act 3, Gift Vault) (*)
    Version 1.00 (08/06/2010)
    - Full walkthrough: completion
    - The Hard Bits: completion
    - List of Trophies: completion
    Firstly, I would like to thank Telltale Games for creating the Sam & Max Season
    3 games. Without it, this guide could not be created. Obviously.
    I would like to thank GameFAQs for hosting this walkthrough. Cheers!
    I would also like to thank you guys for reading this guide. At least all this
    hard work wasn't in vain.
    I would also thank myself, but only weirdoes do that.
    I value all of your feedback. If you wish to contact me over anything in
    particular, whether I haven't been clear on beating a puzzle, or you want to
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