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    Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by umbratile

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/25/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                              |                         |
                              |        SAM & MAX        |
                              |                         |
                              |      - Season 3 -       |
                              |  THE DEVIL'S PLAYHOUSE  |
                              |                         |
                              |      - Episode 4 -      |
                              |     BEYOND THE ALLEY    |
                              |       OF THE DOLLS      |
                              |                         |
                              | Spoiler Free            |
                              | Walkthrough for the PC  |
                              | version.                |
                              | Written by Fredk22      |
                              | Version 1.0 - 26.07.10  |
    Version 1.0: Released 26.07.10
            Initial release of the walkthrough.
    -----------------------------| TABLE OF CONTENTS |-----------------------------
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    words. Search for a section's keyword to go there.
            1. Introduction         [INT10]
            2. Legal Notice         [LGN20]
            3. Walkthrough          [WKT30]
                    3.1. Act 1        [WKT31]
                    3.2. Act 2        [WKT32]
                    3.3. Act 3        [WKT33]
            4. Contact Information  [CON40]
            5. Last Gasp            [LAG50]
    --------------------------------| INTRODUCTION |-------------------------------
    Welcome to the walkthrough for the PC version of Sam & Max 304! My intention
    with this walkthrough is to provide a spoiler-free guide that allows you to
    enjoy the game to its fullest without having anything spoiled if you need to
    look up something. Sometimes you may stumble upon descriptions of certain
    events to clarify something, but I make sure to never reveal any of the story!
    I hope this walkthrough will provide helpful!
    Thank you for reading,
    	- Fredk22
    --------------------------------| LEGAL NOTICE |-------------------------------
    This FAQ is only meant for GameFAQs.com and its users. It may not be featured
    anywhere else, in any way, without my personal written permission. Do not ask
    for permission.
    To claim that this document is yours - edited or not - is plagiarism. This is
    illegal and will not be tolerated.
    Any personal use (printing, quoting with reference, saving...) is of course
    For any questions, please e-mail me (see the table of contents).
    I would appreciate any reports of illegal use of this walkthrough!
    Thank you for reading this.
    --------------------------------| WALKTHROUGH |--------------------------------
    This section contains walkthroughs of each act of the game. Please use the
    table of contents at the top of the page to browse the acts.
    SPOILER-FREE GUARANTEE: If you, at any moment, feel that the guide is too
    revealing, please notify me (see the table of contents) and I will attempt to
    reformulate it. However, please remember that something is not necessarily a
    spoiler if it describes something that is not important or related to story.
    Sometimes, descriptions are necessary, but I attempt to make them as basic as
    NOTICE: As of Episode 304, The Devil's Playhouse is no longer divided into acts
    for some reason. This could make it a little harder to follow the guide, so I
    have taken the liberty to divide it in acts myself - Basically, the beginning,
    middle and end of the story.
    -----------------------------------| ACT 1 |-----------------------------------
    So your first objective is to get out! You may remember the green button behind
    the counter from episode 1. Try pressing it... But you'll need to try something
    else. Look at the radio to receive the Mind Reading power. Use it on Girl
    Stinky, then talk to her about what she just thought of. Use mind reading on
    her once more to get a hint as to what to do.
    You need to access the toaster, but there is a Samulacra arm there. Pick up a
    peanut butter ball from the counter and use it from the inventory (click the
    squaky toy icon). Check out the freezer to get a "fudgesicle", and give it to
    the Samulacra. You can now use the toaster.
    -----------------------------------| ACT 2 |-----------------------------------
    All right, now we're back to good old "free roaming" investigation. As always
    it's a good idea to talk to people, and to get a good idea of what your goals
    actually are.
    First of all you'll be able to explore this lab a bit. Look at the cloning tank
    to the right and the cooking controls to the left for two small scenes, and you
    can move on.
    Head back to Stinky's Diner again and meet with Flint Paper. Interrogate Stinky
    until she talks (Doesn't matter much what you choose to say). You need to find
    out what Grandpa Stinky wants... By reading his mind, maybe?
    Well, now we've established a goal; Find the cake. Back in the cloning lab,
    take a right. Knock on the door if you wish, but first and foremost, look in
    the trash can to find Sal's number. We'll come back to this place later, but
    for now, teleport to Sal.
    Pick up Charlie Ho-Tep. You'll want to talk to Sal, but first you need to get
    rid of the Samulacra near him. Use ventriloquism on the Bluster Blaster or the
    garage door, and talk to Sal. Ask him about the cake, and use rhinoplasty on
    the picture. Before you go, talk to the Bluster Blaster about itself and about
    Bosco, to get a letter from Bosco. Teleport back to Stinky's Diner.
    Here, use the rhinoplasty to become a cake. After the scene, head back to the
    cloning lab. There's not much to do here, so go through the left tunnel this
    time. Talk a bit if you want to, then click the gong to begin the seance.
    Now you need to trick Harry. First, talk to him. Then use ventriloquism on the
    picture he presents, but to no success. Use mind reading on Harry, and use
    ventriloquism once more on his picture.
    Now you can talk to Momma Bosco. Given that you've investigated the cloning
    pods, talk to her about this. Read her mind and confront her lie. Talk about it
    once more, ask for help and say you have an idea. You'll get a hair. This can
    be used in the clone cooking controls... But then there's the problem with the
    Return to the office door where you got Sal's number. Knock on the door and
    then read Papierwaite's mind. Click on the keypad.
    Talk about the tentacles in the cloning lab (If you approached the clone
    cooking controls - otherwise, go back and do that first) and about the Cthonic
    Destroyer. You need to somehow find that using the parchment you receive.
    Go back to Momma Bosco and look at the Dimensional Destabilizer. This thing
    can be very useful in combination with the parchment. What the machine does is
    send Sam to some strange dimension - When he returns, there will be a
    particular special effect and Sam will display three symptoms. He'll be seeing
    things (read his mind to find out what), he'll have a vision of the future
    (use future vision on him) and he'll be doing some uncontrollable gestures and
    So how does it all work? The dials change Sam's symptoms when he returns. They
    don't actually say what they do, but trial and error is sure to work. Try
    changing only one dial at a time and seeing which symptom it changes.
    If you read the parchment, you'll find that it has clues to what you want Sam's
    symptoms to be. This is the result you should end up with after turning enough
            Laughing uncontrollably
            Imagining bugs (Read Sam's mind)
            Being eaten by a monster (See Sam's future)
            Entering with a flash of light
    Did you get Sam to do all that? Good job. Go back to the lab and use the new
    Cthonic Destroyer on the tentacles, and use the hair in the clone cooking
    controls. However, it's not enough. You need more Bosco DNA! Try the letter
    from Bosco.
    Finally, you need to get to the platform. Look at it. From the close-up view,
    use your gun on the lights, then on the mug, and teleport to Stinky's Cell.
    Order the clones to go to the Toybox. After the scene changes, use
    -----------------------------------| ACT 3 |-----------------------------------
    There's nothing you can do as Max because the dancing Sams are blocking the
    way. Switch to Sam right away, and talk to Charlie Ho-Tep. Talk to him about
    Junior, and you'll be able to poke around at some things. Click the music sheet
    to change the music. There are several effects from each music piece, altering
    the statue. You need to repeat this every time you want to chagne the music.
    Here's a table of the music's effects:
                               Face         Crown        Tablet       Samulacra
        Tabula Charlie         Change       No effect    Change       Block both
        Face of Darkness       Change       No effect    No effect    Open right
        Flaming Crowns         No effect    Change       No effect    Open left
        Take 2 Tablets 4...    No effect    Change       Change       Block both
    What follows is a pretty complex puzzle. In fact, it took me two playthroughs
    to realize that some effects carry over from one song change to another. For
    example, if the statue is holding a ribcage, the ribcage doesn't go away even
    if you play Face of Darkness to make the Samulacra open up the right path. If
    you realize how the system works, it's not as hard after all!
    You see? Good! So, your goal is now to climb the statue. First, play either
    Take 2 Tablets 4 the Mind Plague or Tabula Charlie to change the tablet.
    Next, you need to actually get up to it. You may notice that if you walk into
    the Sams, you'll be smacked into the sky. Play Face of Darkness, go right, and
    walk into the Sams.
    Now, there may or may not be tentacles. If there aren't, play Flaming Crowns.
    Click the tentacle.
    For this part, switch back to Sam and change the music to Tabula Charlie. As
    Max, use mind reading on Sam, then use rhinoplasty on the picture of Charlie
    Ho-Tep. Next use ventriloquism on The Devil's Toybox and choose "Norrington
    The End!
    ----------------------------| CONTACT INFORMATION |----------------------------
    If you want to contact me, please use the following e-mail:
    I will answer any question about the guide, and I appreciate feedback as well!
    Just make sure what you're writing is actually serious, I don't want to hear
    about something completely unrelated. Also, while I hope you read the legal
    notice, I feel I must stress once more: No, you can not receive permission to
    host this document online, or to publish it anywhere else for that matter.
    ---------------------------------| LAST GASP |---------------------------------
    Well, that's another one over! I hope this one has been useful too, and I am
    especially hopeful that it doesn't spoil too much. You see, the big problem
    with this one are the complex puzzles that require some degree of description
    to make sense at all, so it's been hard to keep the unnecessary info to a
    Thanks a lot to the following people
    - GameFAQs, for their excellent FAQ/Walkthrough hosting!
    - Telltale Games (and Steam's summer sale!) for the game Sam & Max: The Devil's
    - Anyone who has read this walkthrough, and especially those of you who dropped
      me some feedback!
    With 3 Devil's Toybox walkthroughs down I have 2 to go - As usual, look for an
    episode 305 walkthrough shortly after the game's release. In the meantime, you
    can also expect a spoiler-free episode 302 walkthrough to come your way.
    Thank you, and good-bye!
    	Copyright 2010 Fredrik "Fredk22" Johannessen
    	Sam & Max copyright Telltale Games

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